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2018 Results Grid 

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Meet List
Silver Lake v. Scituate
Silver Lake v. Hingham
Silver Lake v. Pembroke
Duxbury @ Silver Lake
Silver Lake v. Plymouth North
Silver Lake v. Whitman Hanson
Silver Lake v. Plymouth South
Silver Lake v. Quincy/North Quincy
Patriot League Championship
Frank Mooney MSTCA Invitational
EMASS MIAA Championships
Race Distances
12.65 Meters
21.7 Miles
33,000 Meters
42 Miles
52.5 Miles
62.65 Miles
72.7 Miles
82.8 Miles
95,000 Meters
Show: All Years
Mens Womens
AthleteSep 7Sep 12Sep 18Sep 25Oct 2Oct 9Oct 16Oct 23Oct 27Nov 3Nov 10
12Tristan Arendt15:45.0517:43.0817:06.0718:13.0816:27.0623:22.09
12Jacob Belcher16:43.0520:23.08 20:10.08 21:14.0919:34.0813:03.0421:26.69
10Josh Berlo
11Cross Boudreau 24:50.08
11Conner Burgess
9McKale Cargill 19:53.0723:16.08 28:05.0922:09.08
12Steve Cervantes
9Tommy Condon16:03.0518:40.08 19:18.08 21:40.0919:19.08 11:55.23
9Ethan Cunningham15:37.0517:31.0817:21.0718:54.0817:04.06 18:57.0812:46.0419:50.0911:33.63
10Sebastian Cunningham 22:06.09
12Jack Donovan
12Ethan Duran 20:48.08 20:05.08 22:29.09 13:22.0421:58.39
10Sam Erdogan
10DJ Ford 31:04.0823:59.07 23:45.0629:29.0925:14.08
10Richie Greene 30:25.07 25:15.0633:14.0930:50.0818:43.04
10Joel Harvey19:41.05 20:30.08 24:51.0919:56.0813:05.0421:32.39
10Trevor Harvey 19:17.07
10Trevor LeBarre 22:06.08
11Ethan Levesque
11Ryan McCarthy14:26.0516:31.0817:06.0716:41.0815:24.0618:03.0916:35.0811:40.04 18:10.89
10Scott McKee 20:22.08 22:07.08 22:56.0919:56.0813:30.0421:20.59
12Joseph Mirisola17:01.0519:54.0818:55.0720:04.08 21:41.0919:51.0813:09.0421:31.1920:26.1920:14.99
12Mike Nesseralla
12Ashton Newton
10Mark Piccirilli16:51.0519:21.0818:23.0719:21.0817:11.0620:46.0918:50.0812:32.0419:51.19 19:50.29
10Matt Piccirilli16:27.0519:35.0817:51.0719:56.0817:26.0621:07.0919:20.0812:34.0420:29.89 20:12.09
12Kody Robinson 20:47.0819:54.0721:15.0821:00.0624:04.0921:29.0814:06.04
12Owen Roche
11Graham Shea 24:04.08 15:13.04
12Brian Sherry15:49.0517:52.08 12:39.0420:23.69 19:53.79
9Grady Sullivan
12Ryan Sullivan
11Erik Teunis
11Christopher Tilton14:24.0516:37.0816:26.0717:10.0815:33.0618:21.0916:46.0811:36.0418:19.1917:45.0918:02.99
9Christen Trott
10Ryan Vautrinot14:27.0517:22.08 18:11.08 20:15.99 18:41.49
10Joseph Wennemer19:01.0524:27.0824:24.0726:28.0821:55.0626:20.0922:08.0814:52.0423:48.49

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