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2017 Results Grid 

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Meet List
Normal West Invitational
Charleston Invitational
Mahomet-Seymour Tri Meet
First to the Finish Invitational
Decatur MacArthur Mini Invitational
Edwardsville Invitational
East Peoria Invitational
Normal West JV Invite
Peoria High Invitational
Twin City Championships
MacArthur Quad Meet
Runnin' Red Invitational
Big 12 Championships
IHSA 2A Metamora Regional
IHSA 2A Normal University High XC Sectional
Race Distances
12 Miles
22.94 Miles
32.95 Miles
43 Miles
55,000 Meters
Show: All Years
Mens Womens
AthleteAug 26Sep 2Sep 5Sep 9Sep 14Sep 16Sep 23Sep 28Sep 30Oct 3Oct 5Oct 7Oct 14Oct 21Oct 28
9Elizabeth Asmussen25:37.9424:40.7424:41.0424:21.7426:24.5425:08.8524:43.03 25:09.7425:21.0424:54.0423:21.6223:44.9422:14.42
10Sofia Brown17:44.21 27:53.0426:03.74 30:19.73 25:58.04 25:59.92
9Kira Canales22:09.3421:24.9422:16.0421:15.3421:50.7423:08.1521:25.73 20:38.5421:36.04
11Jeeyoon Chun 23:30.8425:30.0423:06.94 26:41.14
11Esther Chung 27:46.0427:49.8427:09.64 27:08.04 28:36.04
10Leah Fields28:19.1425:57.94 26:03.74 28:23.9525:59.7324:45.04 25:16.0425:02.0423:28.0226:14.3423:17.92
12Dahlia Hensley 32:17.14 32:41.04 34:24.04
9Jocelyn Kwok16:46.1126:26.8427:15.0426:57.7427:38.2428:53.6525:43.5324:46.04 25:36.0425:18.0424:06.4225:51.2423:20.82
9Denisse Macedo 27:51.24
12Lisset Macedo 27:13.94
11Kristen Massey24:30.7424:12.44
10Alyssa Odom 24:24.8424:17.0422:54.0423:11.6425:05.9522:25.03 21:46.1422:08.0424:06.0421:31.2222:19.6420:58.12
11Jayla Reed 30:46.7433:04.3433:32.2534:37.4332:22.04 30:15.0429:39.04
11Maria Reynoso27:20.0425:58.2429:07.04 27:14.8428:32.0526:43.5326:07.04 28:01.04
11Grace Rispoli24:48.4424:17.5424:38.0423:58.8425:05.0427:07.1526:21.33 23:24.3226:16.14
12Grace Shirley25:59.4424:30.5424:21.0423:56.2424:41.04 24:36.73 23:42.3424:53.0424:10.0425:23.2224:55.4424:14.12
11Shannon Tang21:45.8421:25.5422:13.0421:02.3421:50.8422:34.0521:19.03 20:18.9420:55.0421:15.0420:11.6221:33.7419:46.4220:52.34
9Ally Welty Peachey25:37.6424:40.8424:39.0424:35.5426:22.8427:07.1525:41.13 24:48.9425:21.0424:52.0423:38.6225:23.2423:46.32

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