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Meet List
Lake County Invitational (Lake Forest)
Warren Invite
James "J.T." Taylor Invitational
Zion Benton at Lake Forest
Race Distances
12 Miles
23 Miles
35,000 Meters
Show: All Years
Mens Womens
AthleteSep 3Sep 20Sep 27Sep 29
11Crystal Adamos23:15.2223:33.4323:55.52
11Rachel Armstrong
10Rebecca Battisfore 25:25.1324:57.0225:22.92
12Vanessa Cocom 18:02.91
12Gabriela Cruz 25:22.3141:11.12
11Cynthia Davila 23:59.4223:47.62
12Becca Dickson 21:18.21
11Mary Dillow 31:47.12
12Heather Dugan22:59.0222:54.1322:44.3221:39.82
10Mary Feeney 28:00.7227:24.62
10Sarah Feeney 27:05.6319:15.11
11Lisa Fitzgibbons23:00.3225:39.6321:56.1221:45.52
11Jasmine French 25:04.9324:39.8224:18.42
11Leslie Gaytan 16:23.31 26:16.62
9Brianna Haskell 29:23.8228:43.42
10Maggie Holland 28:43.0329:13.4228:07.72
9Jackie Keith 21:21.61
9Fatima Khan 17:08.2126:30.4227:12.52
9Bailey Lippeth 21:04.7320:56.7220:53.42
11Alysia Luevano23:21.7222:34.7323:05.1222:36.32
12Edmy Magana 17:19.3125:54.0226:09.42
9Karen Matkovich 17:49.2128:52.4228:43.12
11Kalie May 24:20.0323:58.1223:34.32
11Deanna Miceli 16:17.0125:55.0225:56.02
10Melissa Munji 21:57.0136:32.22
9Emily Myers 18:09.9127:44.6228:21.02
9Malorie Newman 24:31.63
9Michelle Pacheo 28:23.3227:21.32
10Katie Parker 25:20.8325:50.9225:09.02
12Kirstillyn Pohlman20:51.1221:12.8320:21.02
11Cynthia Ramirez 22:30.1132:16.8232:42.52
12Sofy Ramirez 22:22.1140:35.82
10Lorie Reid22:33.5221:14.4320:50.8221:04.22
10Jackie Rodriguez 32:55.32
10Christina Rojas22:33.0221:15.6321:58.6222:03.12
11Ryleigh Sears22:07.62 22:53.2222:15.32
12Alysa Sowers 28:00.72
11Kaitlin Spaeth23:20.3222:48.33
9Madison Thompson 25:22.4324:40.0224:16.32
12Cocom Vanessa 26:15.82
12Sabrina Villarreal 15:57.1123:16.2222:32.92
11Kristen Whiteside23:27.7223:26.6322:54.5222:44.52

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