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2017 Results Grid 

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Meet List
The Dam Run-Invitational
Community School and Wood River Invite
Canyon Ridge Run
Bob Firman Invitational XC
Rob Campbell Invitational
Mountain Home Invitational
Burley Hope Run
4A District IV Championship
IHSAA State XC Championships
NXR Northwest Regional Championships
Race Distances
15,000 Meters
Show: All Years
Mens Womens
AthleteAug 31Sep 8Sep 13Sep 23Sep 29Oct 6Oct 11Oct 18Oct 28Nov 11
11Ben Anderson 24:48.01 125:31.21
12Hunter Barrow20:24.0121:52.61 19:41.31 20:36.71
12Easton Beck22:46.0124:28.21
10Sayler Beck
11Christian Bothwell20:45.0123:23.0119:44.01 18:24.1119:16.6118:24.2119:10.11
10Anthony Corrales19:26.0120:39.0119:24.0118:47.91 18:56.31
12Carter Gerringa 23:07.01
10Isaac Gonzales 21:18.3119:41.0119:05.91 19:22.9119:10.21
10Jose Gonzalez22:25.0124:40.0121:16.01 24:01.21
10Jake Gorham 21:30.81
10Chase Groll 29:48.9128:06.0123:46.81
9Dylan Heyrend19:50.0120:22.8119:15.0118:33.8118:24.01 18:31.91
9Lance Heyrend19:24.0119:45.1118:33.0117:59.7118:09.31 18:02.21
12Mason Johnson21:03.0122:05.1121:22.0119:44.71 21:12.8120:05.9121:54.71
10Chase Jones 27:57.21 23:58.61
12Liam Jones 22:29.81 21:59.9124:01.01
12Jorgen Lawrence23:06.0124:02.5121:12.01 20:40.6121:44.2122:01.9121:16.61
12Mike Marquez 21:35.4121:42.8121:40.11
11Will McGonigal17:54.0118:05.3117:33.0117:09.8117:06.71 17:59.11 17:37.71
11Colby Nance 24:48.7122:40.01 22:40.21 26:16.01
12Evan Oleary 25:56.7123:01.01 22:02.2121:57.1121:54.6121:12.51
11Landon Paschall 21:04.81
12Stephen Roth19:51.0121:28.3120:31.0119:00.7119:45.11 18:56.7119:27.21 19:33.21
9Zach Sabina24:09.0124:24.8123:00.0121:03.1120:52.71 21:51.51
12Victor Saldiva22:00.01 21:33.01
10Davey Schrader28:17.0127:30.5124:49.0122:17.41 23:10.51 24:16.41
12Gabe Smith-Nilsen17:20.0118:11.7116:54.0118:20.0116:51.91 16:43.4116:53.0116:44.0116:59.41
12Dane Thompson19:27.0120:09.2119:25.0118:45.51 19:26.0119:18.1119:16.91
12Jon Jon Watson 19:22.01 18:26.81 19:39.31
11Sebastian Zavalla31:45.0133:31.8131:08.01 28:54.5128:34.2125:27.9126:15.61

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