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2017 Results Grid 

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Meet List
Canby Invitational
Canby, Lake Oswego @ St. Mary's
Tualatin & Canby @ Sherwood
Race Distances
13,000 Meters
25,000 Meters
Show: All Years
Mens Womens
AthleteAug 30Sep 13Sep 20
10Zach Adams12:43.81 21:58.62
12Marcos Altamiano 19:22.42
9Ben Bailey11:24.3118:59.0218:32.82
11Lincoln Bangs18:54.9218:48.0218:22.32
9Kaden Boyd 24:03.0223:02.72
12Jake Brawner18:27.7218:22.0217:51.22
11Mitchell Brost22:58.82 21:32.22
9Caleb Chupp12:43.0121:11.0220:46.02
9Maddax Clark14:26.4124:12.0224:11.42
10Darian Crawford13:55.7122:45.02
10Drew Dawson-Hurley11:39.01 19:43.22
12Will Eaton 22:38.92
11Riley Esmay 29:45.02
9Tyler Gile15:29.7125:22.0222:38.02
9Natanael Gonzalez 24:05.0222:33.82
10Sinjin Groat22:14.4220:47.0220:20.82
11Kobe Gustafson18:45.6218:31.0218:06.52
12Djeryd Hawkins 26:08.0226:24.02
9Erik Hawkins 32:14.0230:25.92
10Robert Hestand22:37.2222:21.0221:09.62
10James Hook13:50.0122:45.02
12Nathan Hopkins 20:14.0218:54.92
9Blake Ingram14:06.7120:14.0221:49.72
11Ross Iverson 21:47.12
10Kevin Jarvie 22:42.0220:43.62
10Isaiah Kimmel11:40.5119:44.0219:30.12
12Ty Leder19:20.6219:09.0218:58.92
11Gage Lemuz
9Jared Moon
12Mika Morhard
10Levi Nissly 23:39.0222:48.12
9Lucas Nissly 28:27.0226:53.82
12Tristan Oakes17:16.8216:57.0216:39.92
11Michael Ovchinnikov 19:41.0219:36.22
10Adam Peterson19:51.3218:58.0218:46.62
9Caden Peterson13:52.3123:15.0223:55.12
9Riley Pittman12:12.3119:36.0219:27.22
9Zack Polzel11:41.0119:46.0219:02.82
10Matthew Powell17:52.6217:23.0217:11.02
9Gabriel Rodgers 20:38.0219:43.82
12Michael Rondeau19:49.2219:02.0218:48.52
11Jedediah Smith 22:18.92
11Trevor Taylor17:49.7217:21.0217:07.52
11Cole Thomas16:40.6216:18.0216:12.02
9Andrew Viter12:24.7120:02.0219:42.62

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