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Meet List
PR Kickoff Invitational
Monroe Parker Invitational
Oatlands Invitational
Glory Days Invitational
Third Battle Invitational
VHSL 5A Conference 13
VHSL 5A North Region
VHSL 5A State XC Championships
Battle of The Potomac
NXR Southeast Regional Championships
Race Distances
12 Miles
22.98 Miles
33 Miles
45,000 Meters
All Years
Mens Womens
AthleteAug 25Sep 10Sep 17Oct 8Oct 15Oct 26Nov 2Nov 12Nov 19Nov 26
12Nathan Abiy12:58.0119:25.03 19:55.54
10Natan Addis 23:04.0422:49.44
11Silas Andrews 21:04.0420:19.0419:15.34 21:18.04
10Jonathan Aquino Escobar15:11.01 22:50.0421:39.44
12Ashenafi Ashenafi 19:24.0320:15.04
12Mazin Bakhit13:34.01 20:05.0419:27.44
11Brandon Baumgartner11:24.0117:46.03 17:57.0417:06.9416:46.0217:10.0217:27.04 18:18.14
12Keren Berhane
12Nathan Bernard
11Emil Bissoondharry11:23.0117:25.0318:07.04 17:26.1416:39.0217:03.0217:46.04
11Dagnachew Bizuwerk
10Patrick Brown12:25.01 19:28.0418:51.0418:10.64 19:13.04
10Evan Charlton
10Jonathan Chesky
11Brandon Dakessian11:51.0118:06.0320:50.0418:51.0417:53.8417:14.02 18:39.74
10Mitch Davenport13:33.01 20:17.0420:01.0418:37.04 19:19.74
9Edward Disy16:11.0122:48.0323:43.0423:27.0421:42.34
12Gavin Gagner
11Jacob Gardner
12Jhonie Geffa14:00.01 21:50.04 21:01.44
11Evan Goldstein
12Mario Henriques da Silva 16:25.0317:27.0417:29.0416:54.6416:13.0216:38.0217:20.04 17:38.74
11Matthew Himes14:36.01
11Sebastian Jacobs12:20.01 20:19.0419:09.0418:47.84
11Juan Jasso13:11.01 21:15.0420:56.0420:08.74
9Fred Jenkins15:45.0124:11.0323:55.0423:24.0421:40.54
9Chase Johnson17:22.0125:29.03 26:42.0427:20.94
9Aidan Judge14:13.0121:22.0321:00.04 20:21.74
11Alexander Judge13:50.01 21:12.0422:21.0420:35.84
9Colin Klempner13:05.01 20:51.0420:41.0419:32.14
11Drew Knoedler
12Joshua Lakey
11Gregory Lawrence12:33.01 19:31.0419:08.0417:56.84 17:33.0218:32.04 17:53.94
11David Lazo14:05.01
9Robel Leule 22:03.0324:06.04 19:25.64
12Joseph McAlister 21:25.0423:24.64
11Robert McCarty13:43.01 20:34.04
9Rhorick McCaster 24:44.0423:20.94
9Christian Mejia20:32.0130:18.03 30:52.04
11Yared Mekonnen 16:31.0416:31.0415:37.7415:16.0215:42.0215:43.04 15:52.14
9Matthew Miranda15:03.0124:05.0324:03.0422:35.0421:54.54
11Misikir Mohammed15:04.01 21:57.0421:39.0420:04.24
9Christopher Murn13:21.0120:54.0321:01.0420:07.0419:15.34
12Mikel Murray
9Nicholas Natal15:29.0122:36.0322:36.0422:34.0421:01.54
11James Overton14:24.01 21:46.0421:31.0420:29.14
9Paul Pantaleo14:11.0122:15.03
11Sebastian Peterson
10Kyle Pinkney12:13.01 20:09.0419:08.0418:20.84 20:51.04
10Timothy Polovchik13:52.01 20:30.04
12Roen Riehl
12Andy Rodgers
12George Schulz
12Joshua Stopyra
11Michael Taylor12:04.0118:03.03 19:26.0417:39.74
12Matthew Van Heesewijk
9Liam Wallace15:56.0122:12.0325:26.0421:04.0420:32.84
10Spencer Weinstein14:11.01 21:56.04 20:35.04
9Adam Wells 22:05.84
11Theodore Wetzler 17:25.04 17:23.8416:28.0216:38.0217:03.04 16:58.24
12Caleb Yonas 17:01.03 18:28.0417:02.1416:12.0216:24.0216:42.04 17:03.54
12Nicolas Zenteno13:49.01 21:58.0421:35.04

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