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2018 Results Grid 

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Meet List
Highlander Invite
Tracy Walters Invitational
GSL1 Ferris, University, NorthCentral
GSL2 NorthCentral, CentralValley, MtSpokane
Race Distances
12.5 Miles
23 Miles
35,000 Meters
Show: All Years
Mens Womens
AthleteSep 8Sep 8Sep 12Sep 19
9Jonah Aden 18:48.03
9Farooq Alzuabidi
9Abdul Azizi
9Jack Bacon 30:07.03
9Kaie Bailey 20:45.5220:55.03
9Jonathan Barker 21:25.0319:03.2220:52.03
12Dylan Barnufsky 19:05.82
10Joseph Boucher 20:28.02
11Micah Brauhn 18:12.0317:25.6217:35.03
10James Byrnes 18:15.0317:46.1218:19.03
11Nathan Carter 17:36.0315:26.9216:13.03
9Dylan Carver
12Silas Chapman 16:55.0316:08.1216:41.03
12Jamie Christner 17:53.0316:55.5217:55.03
9Scotty Crimps 22:50.3224:09.03
10Luke Cronin 18:52.0318:03.72
12John Dorr 17:33.0316:07.1217:05.03
10Manny Dorr 21:43.03
12Seth Farmer 17:22.0316:19.1217:34.03
11Dalton Feist 18:17.0317:08.8217:37.03
10Koby Frandsen 20:13.0318:33.2219:38.03
10Konner Frandsen 20:13.0318:23.5219:28.03
11Bill-Lee Gravetter 27:48.03
9Ethan Greiner 20:42.0319:34.5223:07.03
9Jimmy Guerrero 26:36.03
9Soulheib Hassan
9David Johnson 25:55.0323:48.1224:11.03
12Alec Kness 18:02.0316:36.2217:48.03
9Zach Kness 19:15.0319:00.6219:29.03
9Sam Kushnerchuk 18:51.0318:05.9218:53.03
12Dallin Larson 17:19.0316:25.7217:42.03
11Kyle Leaming 18:45.0317:15.7217:40.03
10Lucas Lewis 25:56.2227:39.03
10Hassan Mahamat
10Lars McDermott 17:27.0316:23.6217:18.03
9Kenndyl Mobley 19:52.0319:00.0220:17.03
11Isaac Morris 17:03.0316:06.9216:43.03
10Kamron Murphy 18:27.0317:30.5218:51.03
10Imran Mushwani
9Nafea Nafea 23:42.03
10Prince Nizeyimana
9Byron Phillips 24:21.9226:00.03
9Koshi Schunter 17:26.0316:55.9217:27.03
9Gabe Simpson 21:11.92
9Jordan Steinhart 20:14.0318:41.5219:42.03
10Caleb Stewart
10Cameron Stout 24:26.03
10Leif Swanson 16:42.0217:10.03
12Ryley Vandergriend 18:04.0316:10.7216:59.03
9Jackson White 19:52.1221:41.03

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