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2018 Results Grid 

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Meet List
Birdville Early Bird Invitational
Gingerbread Jamboree
Fossil Ridge Run of the Panther
McNeil Invitational
Haltom District Warm-up
Ponder Invitational
UIL 6A District 05 XC Championship
Race Distances
13,200 Meters
25,000 Meters
Show: All Years
Mens Womens
AthleteAug 16Aug 25Aug 30Sep 7Sep 15Sep 29Oct 2Oct 3Oct 11
10Paolo Alcendra14:56.2122:46.4222:27.1221:41.3223:10.52 23:44.72 20:15.02
11MarcAnthony Arvizu 23:00.8223:12.4222:44.8222:01.22
9Hunter Baker 20:44.22
12Barrett Braun 22:07.0221:45.6220:47.8219:54.12 21:00.92 18:34.82
9Alejandro Coloti
9Jaden Daoheuang
12Jakob Davis12:00.8118:52.7218:53.6218:30.02 17:49.12 17:50.62
12Isaiah Fleming
12Ethan Inskeep Neustel
9Roberto Jimenez13:08.4123:36.6222:33.9221:59.7222:28.62 21:04.42 19:40.52
10James Kaboneza12:26.0119:41.8218:59.7220:35.5218:16.6217:58.62 17:37.32
11Noe Kabongo 20:05.2219:34.6219:26.12 19:19.72 17:56.12
12Daniel Krohl
9Henry Lopez
12Akem Malone
12Brenden Marquez
10Carlos Martinez
11Reece Matthews
12Berk McClelland
12Guy Ntoti
12Joseph O'Halloran11:05.9117:50.0217:54.6218:04.5217:55.3217:28.12 16:50.22
12Elias Oliver
10Carlos Ortiz12:47.1119:00.12 18:15.2218:05.2217:55.42 17:53.12
12Jose Ortiz11:56.3118:00.0218:15.1218:43.7217:18.6217:07.32 17:00.02
9Javier Pacheco13:20.3121:32.3221:27.4220:58.5220:31.72 20:28.42 19:28.32
10Alain Phanavanh 23:39.3224:03.92 22:48.42 21:18.42
9Caleb Plaissance 21:58.8222:17.2221:08.6223:10.32 23:45.82 20:38.92
12Diego Pureco
9Erick Quiroz11:36.2118:22.1217:57.7218:22.2217:25.1217:15.92 17:07.92
11Leonardo Rangel 23:07.0221:21.52
10Michael Roberts
9Benjamin Rotter13:51.7120:48.5221:09.6220:33.4220:26.82 20:48.42 18:57.62
11Michael Solis13:05.2120:20.7219:44.6219:48.5219:13.82
10Rafey Syed
11Ryan Sykes17:22.41 24:47.02 22:28.02
11Marc Vongsavath 24:17.82 21:12.82 21:44.52
10Alex Welborn13:00.5120:03.0219:32.32 21:42.02

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