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2018 Results Grid 

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Meet List
Sehome Invitational
Arlington, Glacier Peak, Shorewood @ Marysville-Pilchuck
40th South Whidbey - Carl Westling Invitational
Cedarcrest / Shorecrest / Shorewood (host) at Hamlin Park
Race Distances
12 Miles
25,000 Meters
Show: All Years
Mens Womens
AthleteSep 8Sep 12Sep 15Sep 19
10Hanad Adam 26:21.5228:03.22
12Reed Adjibly11:17.81218:39.12
10John Beres 21:54.1221:09.72
9Anton Britten 23:35.02 24:01.72
9Alex Chalcraft14:24.3121:48.0221:58.6221:17.32
11Jeffrey Coe34:30.0154:08.0257:35.0254:38.92
12Marcus Collins15:28.9124:23.0224:40.1226:25.02
10Will Copeland14:00.8122:58.0225:04.7224:11.62
10Owen Curtis-Knox 33:33.9233:44.72
9Ryan Dang 33:56.4222:34.42
10Joshua Fahey11:20.0117:43.0218:16.5218:17.42
9Everett Farrand 25:29.8225:06.42
9Luca Fenlason11:43.31 19:09.7218:54.52
12Jose Luis Gandara11:58.9117:41.0218:06.2218:12.22
9Hyrum Garten 29:43.32
10Julien Goldstick12:08.7119:29.0219:28.22
11Jay (Josh) Gray16:37.3129:35.0226:42.2232:13.52
9Esteban Guerrero16:29.3127:23.0225:56.1230:12.22
12Ben Heagler10:31.4116:47.0217:02.3218:13.12
11Eros Herrera-McAlpin
9Will Hiett12:05.31 20:45.92
12Cameron Highet12:15.6119:23.0219:38.82
12Lucas Kleyn11:00.0117:26.0217:04.02
10Alex Krasnoselsky14:14.0123:26.0223:10.1224:04.22
9Alexander Kwon 32:57.02 33:09.42
9Anton Labore 25:04.0224:28.4225:45.42
9Quincy Laflin13:31.8121:34.0221:24.6221:10.92
9Julian Larson13:32.2121:24.0221:26.5221:08.82
10Hayden Lauritzen15:49.6124:44.0222:46.0222:58.72
11Devin Leach
10Quincy Lewis
9Liam Loschky12:41.0120:44.02 23:07.22
12Nick Lotz
11Max Luthy13:34.21 21:34.72
9Anthony Mao 32:22.02 33:47.02
10Niklas Mueller13:25.1120:56.0220:39.82
12Stefan Mueller10:48.5117:14.02 18:13.02
12Kaito Nasu
9Drew Nelson14:47.0122:43.0223:50.8223:39.92
11Karsten Nye11:54.8118:45.02 19:03.82
12Sten Nyssen12:13.4119:19.0219:16.1219:20.62
11Aidan Orcutt17:40.1126:07.0227:16.4228:05.62
9Henry Osborne14:16.4120:29.0220:49.32
9Alex Panteleeff 18:08.0218:14.82
10David Phillips11:16.3117:59.0218:44.12
10Nicola Rice12:22.2119:49.0220:20.2219:53.22
11Perrin Rich-Martinez 29:16.02 28:04.92
11Ethan Saito14:20.31 25:18.0223:40.62
9Jesse Shoop14:30.01 23:59.7223:13.52
12Edwin Snethen 19:54.02 20:50.02
10Isaac Trull12:10.1118:39.0218:52.5219:16.62
10Eric Van Duyse12:40.2119:41.0220:25.8219:33.42
12Brandon Ward21:16.7133:28.0231:31.8235:33.92
12Matthew Wilcox
11Caleb Wilkins13:49.9122:39.0224:16.6223:58.42

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