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2018 Results Grid 

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Meet List
Keystone Icebreaker
Salem Earlybird Invitational
Green Bulldog Invite
Wooster High School Cross Country Invite
Boardman Spartan Invitational
Andrews Osborne Invitational
OHSAA D1 Region 1
OHSAA D1 State XC Championships
Race Distances
15,000 Meters
Show: All Years
Mens Womens
AthleteAug 20Aug 25Aug 25Sep 8Sep 15Oct 6Oct 27Nov 10
9Ben Alvarico 20:20.0119:03.1120:11.2119:23.11
12Andrew Beichner20:04.81 19:23.0119:35.9120:01.7118:56.21
10Frank Bero17:27.61 17:19.0116:46.8117:53.21
9Jake Blazina27:45.91 26:14.0123:31.71 23:03.51
10Sal Buonamici
9Daniel Chiaberta 22:03.0123:08.5122:38.71
9Aiden Chunn 23:12.7124:46.8123:25.61
9Josh Cubarrubia27:57.21 26:18.0124:13.0125:43.7123:25.41
11Alan Cuevas21:28.31 21:14.0120:04.6120:49.6120:10.51
9Trey DePietro23:33.21 22:12.0119:29.7125:17.0121:33.41
11Mitchel Dunham16:40.81 16:41.0116:20.3117:06.6116:28.7116:49.9116:50.71
11Mitchell Dunham
11River Flatley19:04.11 18:21.0117:43.01 21:14.51
10Johnny Gabrielle20:59.81 21:13.0119:58.5121:35.3120:25.61
10Beau Gorby19:40.81 19:46.0118:44.3119:36.2118:53.91
9Jack Graff 22:21.01 22:03.9120:49.51
10Michael Halchuck21:09.11 20:11.0119:47.6123:34.5119:26.71
11Dom Hollis
10Jason Lagese21:05.51 20:42.0119:22.7121:40.7121:25.91
11Jackson Lipka 19:11.0118:54.3120:02.51
12Cameron Maloney20:54.71 21:10.0119:06.2120:28.4119:02.01
10Justin Maloney18:55.11 18:38.0118:06.9119:14.5118:47.61
10Anthony Marshall19:19.41 18:59.0118:02.8120:00.1118:28.71
11Steven Moradian20:56.01 20:17.0119:11.6120:12.6119:12.01
10Cayden Newberry19:30.31 18:38.0118:17.9119:04.0118:48.51
10Brandon Noel
10Christian Ortiz22:19.91 20:45.0119:29.8120:03.61
10TaJuan Richards21:06.51 21:44.0121:07.5123:02.8124:30.41
10Justin Sayles
11Zander Schobel 22:02.0120:02.0121:18.7120:31.11
9Noah Shurell30:47.41 24:01.0122:53.4123:45.3122:36.21
12Miles Spearman
12Payton Torres19:41.11 20:01.0119:29.4122:03.2119:54.51
12Matthew Welton

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