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2018 Season Bests

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1.12Spencer Cochran10:33.0Aug 17Run on The Green
2.12Tristan King10:49.0 PRAug 17Run on The Green
3.12Cameron Anderson10:53.0 PRAug 17Run on The Green
4.12Damian King10:56.0Aug 17Run on The Green
5.10Bruce Marlatt11:03.0 PRAug 17Run on The Green
6.11Cody Harlow11:05.0Aug 17Run on The Green
7.12Zachary Conwell11:09.0Aug 17Run on The Green
8.9Gilbert Sanchez11:10.0 PRAug 17Run on The Green
9.9Sean Lacey11:12.0 PRAug 17Run on The Green
10.10Connor Harrod11:16.0Aug 17Run on The Green
11.11Jacob Crummett11:31.0Aug 17Run on The Green
12.10Ashton Cobabe11:35.0 PRAug 17Run on The Green
13.10Alex Wooden11:38.0Aug 17Run on The Green
11Jamie Hawkins11:38.0Aug 17Run on The Green
15.10Stephan Delagrande11:45.0Aug 17Run on The Green
16.11Will Buckerfield11:47.0 PRAug 17Run on The Green
17.9Harrison Low11:48.0 PRSep 15DLS Nike Invitational
18.10Jack Wilson11:51.2Sep 15DLS Nike Invitational
19.11Diego Vargas11:54.0Aug 17Run on The Green
20.11Evan Manley11:55.0Aug 17Run on The Green
21.11Jeremy LaPorte11:57.2Sep 15DLS Nike Invitational
22.12Nicholas Kopitske12:05.0Aug 17Run on The Green
12Sean Bradford12:05.0Aug 17Run on The Green
24.10Ben LaRoe12:05.4Sep 15DLS Nike Invitational
25.9Zander Nevin12:07.5 PRSep 15DLS Nike Invitational
26.9Matteo Persiani12:13.7 PRSep 15DLS Nike Invitational
27.10Jacob Norton12:27.7Sep 15DLS Nike Invitational
28.11Holden Thibideau12:29.5Sep 15DLS Nike Invitational
29.10Ethan Henning12:32.3 PRSep 15DLS Nike Invitational
30.9Ethan Black12:45.0 PRAug 17Run on The Green
31.10Evan Hymas12:46.0 PRSep 15DLS Nike Invitational
32.10William Lorence12:47.6 PRSep 15DLS Nike Invitational
33.10Kevin Sunzeri12:54.5Sep 15DLS Nike Invitational
34.11Bryan Albor12:55.7Sep 15DLS Nike Invitational
35.9Tony Gudkov13:00.5 PRSep 15DLS Nike Invitational
36.10Ethan Briseno13:01.0Aug 17Run on The Green
37.9Lucas Hayes13:14.3 PRSep 15DLS Nike Invitational
38.10Aaron Li13:28.2 PRSep 15DLS Nike Invitational
39.9Michael Kopitske13:30.4 PRSep 15DLS Nike Invitational
40.11Gary Howard13:31.2 PRSep 15DLS Nike Invitational
41.9Samuel Blankenburg13:45.3 PRSep 15DLS Nike Invitational
42.10Andrew Lane13:45.5 PRSep 15DLS Nike Invitational
43.12Andrew Payne13:45.8Sep 15DLS Nike Invitational
44.12James Brennan13:49.0Aug 17Run on The Green
45.11Austin Parks13:53.2Sep 1Lagoon Valley Classic
46.12Jacob Kopitske13:55.0 PRAug 17Run on The Green
47.12Joshua Ford14:21.0Aug 17Run on The Green
48.11Keith Campbell14:21.5Sep 15DLS Nike Invitational
49.10Parsa Ahmadi14:51.4 PRSep 15DLS Nike Invitational
50.9Jaxon Barry14:59.0 PRAug 17Run on The Green
51.10Connor Yep15:59.0Sep 1Lagoon Valley Classic
52.9Dylan Born17:38.9 PRSep 15DLS Nike Invitational


1.12Jordyn Centerwall13:57.0 PRAug 17Run on The Green
2.10Sydney Wooden14:04.0Aug 17Run on The Green
3.9Leila Swenson14:10.0 PRAug 17Run on The Green
4.10Audrey Brenner14:17.0 PRAug 17Run on The Green
5.12Abigail Rasmussen14:23.9Sep 15DLS Nike Invitational
6.9Isabelle Rasmussen14:34.5 PRSep 15DLS Nike Invitational
7.9McKenzie Childs14:43.0 PRAug 17Run on The Green
8.9Kyra Manley14:49.3 PRSep 15DLS Nike Invitational
9.10Vicki Gallegos14:49.4 PRSep 15DLS Nike Invitational
10.11Emily Alderman14:50.0 PRAug 17Run on The Green
11.9Chloe Baade14:53.4 PRSep 15DLS Nike Invitational
12.11Haley Bartlett14:55.0 PRAug 17Run on The Green
13.10Christina Behan15:09.1 PRSep 15DLS Nike Invitational
14.11Natalie Dinin15:14.0Aug 17Run on The Green
15.12Samantha Cutts15:17.6Sep 15DLS Nike Invitational
16.9Shaelyn Crichton15:18.0 PRAug 17Run on The Green
17.12Jordan Grafton15:25.0Aug 17Run on The Green
18.9Lucia Hernandez15:29.1 PRSep 15DLS Nike Invitational
19.9Audriana Daniels15:37.5 PRSep 15DLS Nike Invitational
20.12Jaime Mabbutt15:45.0Aug 17Run on The Green
21.10Rachel Radcliff15:46.0 PRAug 17Run on The Green
22.12Hannah Gow15:56.4Sep 15DLS Nike Invitational
23.10Antonina Perekopskiy16:19.1Sep 15DLS Nike Invitational
24.11Alissa Macloon16:29.1 PRSep 15DLS Nike Invitational
25.9Danielle Hann16:35.0 PRSep 15DLS Nike Invitational
26.10Priya Shah16:37.8 PRSep 1Lagoon Valley Classic
27.11Faith Kidd17:09.1Sep 15DLS Nike Invitational
28.10Riley Centerwall18:08.5Sep 15DLS Nike Invitational
29.10Sierra Vicze18:09.6 PRSep 15DLS Nike Invitational
30.12Alexis Rosenberg18:29.0 PRAug 17Run on The Green
31.11Ashleigh Mitchell19:15.0 PRAug 17Run on The Green
32.11Jacy Lovins19:48.2Sep 15DLS Nike Invitational

4,000 Meters show... | Show only


1.12Tristan King12:54.2 PRAug 25Oakmont Invitational
2.10Bruce Marlatt13:22.1 PRAug 25Oakmont Invitational
3.10Connor Harrod13:30.5 PRAug 25Oakmont Invitational
4.9Sean Lacey13:41.2 PRAug 25Oakmont Invitational
5.11Cody Harlow13:42.8 PRAug 25Oakmont Invitational
6.11Jamie Hawkins13:52.0 PRAug 25Oakmont Invitational
7.11Jacob Crummett13:55.8 PRAug 25Oakmont Invitational
8.9Gilbert Sanchez13:56.3 PRAug 25Oakmont Invitational
9.11Diego Vargas13:58.4 PRAug 25Oakmont Invitational
10.11Will Buckerfield14:06.0 PRAug 25Oakmont Invitational
11.10Stephan Delagrande14:06.2 PRAug 25Oakmont Invitational
12.10Alex Wooden14:06.3 PRAug 25Oakmont Invitational
13.10Jack Wilson14:07.6 PRAug 25Oakmont Invitational
14.11Evan Manley14:20.5 PRAug 25Oakmont Invitational
15.10Ethan Henning14:23.0 PRAug 25Oakmont Invitational
16.11Jeremy LaPorte14:32.9 PRAug 25Oakmont Invitational
17.9Matteo Persiani14:36.6 PRAug 25Oakmont Invitational
18.9Zander Nevin14:40.1 PRAug 25Oakmont Invitational
19.10Ben LaRoe14:41.8 PRAug 25Oakmont Invitational
20.10Kevin Sunzeri14:46.3 PRAug 25Oakmont Invitational
21.12Sean Bradford14:47.4 PRAug 25Oakmont Invitational
22.9Lucas Hayes15:22.2 PRAug 25Oakmont Invitational
23.9Tony Gudkov15:23.8 PRAug 25Oakmont Invitational
24.10Jacob Norton15:25.4 PRAug 25Oakmont Invitational
25.10Ethan Briseno15:26.2 PRAug 25Oakmont Invitational
26.9Samuel Blankenburg15:43.5 PRAug 25Oakmont Invitational
27.10William Lorence15:50.3 PRAug 25Oakmont Invitational
28.11Holden Thibideau15:57.7 PRAug 25Oakmont Invitational
29.10Andrew Lane16:07.7 PRAug 25Oakmont Invitational
30.9Michael Kopitske16:11.6 PRAug 25Oakmont Invitational
31.11Austin Parks16:16.2 PRAug 25Oakmont Invitational
32.10Evan Hymas16:21.4 PRAug 25Oakmont Invitational
33.12Andrew Payne16:26.8 PRAug 25Oakmont Invitational
34.10Aaron Li16:36.0 PRAug 25Oakmont Invitational
35.11Gary Howard16:39.6 PRAug 25Oakmont Invitational
36.12Joshua Ford17:17.3 PRAug 25Oakmont Invitational
37.11Keith Campbell17:45.0 PRAug 25Oakmont Invitational
38.10Parsa Ahmadi18:07.5 PRAug 25Oakmont Invitational
39.10Connor Yep19:03.1 PRAug 25Oakmont Invitational