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NIRCA: Cavalier Invitational


Official Sat, Sep 20, 2014 Sep 20, 2014University of Virginia

Mens 8,000 Meters Men

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1.JrChristopher Steenkamer27:35.70University of Maryland Club
2.SrDaniel Ebanks27:38.39Princeton University Club
3.SrBradley Gorsline27:53.41Princeton University Club
4.FrPatrick Hanley28:03.69University of Maryland Club
5.FrPatrick Cardel28:04.33Duke University Club
6.JrMyles Anderson28:19.83University of Virginia Club
7.JrCallum Weinberg28:21.78University of Virginia Club
8.-Cooper Eben28:34.11Duke University Club
9.SrGabriel Noronha28:39.95University of Virginia Club
10.FrChris Chang28:49.55Duke University Club
11.FrDennis McDuffie28:50.97University of Virginia Club
12.-Bert Jacoby28:51.40University of Virginia Club
13.-Jeff Mumford28:57.16University of Virginia Club
14.SoCharlie Moran28:57.80University of Maryland Club
15.-Yeshwant Chillakuru29:07.05George Washington University Club
16.JrKevin Marshall29:07.59University of Virginia Club
17.JrDylan Hernandez29:07.97University of Maryland Club
18.-Jacob Aronson29:11.48University of Virginia Club
19.JrSteven Zeller29:12.47University of Virginia Club
20.JrMike Danielczuk29:17.25Princeton University Club
21.FrZartosht Ahlers29:33.27Princeton University Club
22.-James Ferguson29:34.61Duke University Club
23.-Connor Daughton29:38.93University of Virginia Club
24.SoAidan Lee29:43.07University of Virginia Club
25.SrZack Poelker29:46.75James Madison University Club
26.FrJake Britton29:54.76University of Maryland Club
27.-Alex Sciacca29:55.19James Madison University Club
28.JrMatt Westfall29:57.39Duke University Club
29.FrBrandon Von Kannewurff29:59.99University of Virginia Club
30.SrPaul Fanto30:02.97Princeton University Club
31.JrMike Borton30:07.77University of Virginia Club
32.JrJacob Zucker30:09.56Princeton University Club
33.-Kevin Chen30:18.41Georgetown University Club
34.SrIain Tartal30:19.03University of Maryland Club
35.SoForrest Kidwell30:26.50University of Virginia Club
36.-Thomas Lane30:29.69George Washington University Club
37.-Richard Knav30:36.99James Madison University Club
38.-Jose Escamilia30:38.50Princeton University Club
39.-Jordan Lang30:44.00James Madison University Club
40.JrArjun Pundarika30:44.97University of Virginia Club
41.SoCaleb Peckham30:46.47Princeton University Club
42.SoRobert Kramer30:52.51University of Maryland Club
43.-Alex Byrd30:54.08James Madison University Club
44.-Tyler James31:07.56George Washington University Club
45.-Cullen Oliver31:20.27James Madison University Club
46.SoJordan Shimer31:32.53George Mason University Club
47.-Daniel Sausen31:35.28University of Virginia Club
48.-Culin King31:46.78University of Maryland Club
49.-Ben Connelly31:50.37University of Virginia Club
50.JrAndrew Sinegra31:51.45University of Virginia Club
51.-Tavo Loaiza31:53.43Duke University Club
52.JrEric Wallace32:02.94University of Maryland Club
53.-Juan Luis Garzon32:10.58George Mason University Club
54.FrWill Furlow32:13.63James Madison University Club
55.-Matt Baron32:16.03University of Virginia Club
56.SrChad Hilla32:18.40James Madison University Club
57.-Stewart Sackson32:39.72University of Virginia Club
58.-Chris Cantone32:45.66University of Virginia Club
60.-Zach Tarok32:57.96James Madison University Club
61.-Biran Keohane33:33.78Duke University Club
62.-Bobby Versprille33:44.34University of Virginia Club
63.FrEthan Burbridge33:48.72University of Maryland Club
64.-Seth Gold33:51.92George Washington University Club
65.JrDaniel Russo33:54.53University of Maryland Club
66.-Nick Milkovich34:12.14University of Virginia Club
67.-Mac Outlaw34:13.90James Madison University Club
68.-Thomas Marshall34:22.80Duke University Club
69.-Ibrahim Pashdei34:31.91George Mason University Club
70.-Rowen Perry34:37.44James Madison University Club
71.-Connor Maham34:39.91James Madison University Club
72.SrJosiah Horn34:52.76James Madison University Club
73.-John Bolster35:00.11University of Maryland Club
74.-Christopher Kalloo35:12.83George Washington University Club
75.-Ryan Humphrey35:23.87Duke University Club
76.-Michael Rossi35:29.19University at Buffalo Club
77.-Noah White35:33.66Duke University Club
78.FrAndrew Parker35:37.87James Madison University Club
79.JrRamiz Ahmad35:52.98University of Maryland Club
80.-Gabriel Maslen36:00.33University of Maryland Club
81.-Nick Walden36:11.17University of Maryland Club
82.SrJay Larue36:14.23University of Virginia Club
83.-Connor Muldowney36:16.63George Washington University Club
84.-Zack Schuhmacher36:18.81James Madison University Club
85.SrAlex Richards36:22.92James Madison University Club
86.-Luke Soltero36:48.57University of Virginia Club
87.-Allyn Letourneau36:56.24James Madison University Club
88.FrJeremy Schimmel37:06.18George Mason University Club
89.-Zach Liebold37:43.52George Washington University Club
90.-Frank Carmody37:48.18George Washington University Club
91.-Michael Young38:03.09University of Virginia Club
92.-Isaac Gritz38:18.74George Washington University Club
93.FrAndrew Uliana38:46.85James Madison University Club
94.SoZherqian Chen38:51.38University of Virginia Club
95.SrMatt Fesko39:07.81James Madison University Club
96.-Tirik Ford40:25.91George Mason University Club
97.-David Swisher41:26.52Old Dominion University Club
98.-Kian Pritchett41:41.53James Madison University Club
99.-Jason Haun46:22.24George Mason University Club