NSCHSAA League Championship
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NSCHSAA League Championship


Official Sun, Nov 1, 2015 Nov 1, 2015Sunken Meadow State Park

Mens 1.5 Mile Frosh A

Charts & Hypothetical Scores
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1.9Matthew Payamps7:39.31St Anthony's
2.9Jack Kehrli7:44.29Chaminade
3.9Evan Brady7:45.80Chaminade
4.9Michael Barbaro-Barnett7:50.43St Anthony's
5.9Philip Polo7:56.09St Anthony's
6.9Joshua Michel8:02.91Kellenberg Memorial
7.9Brendan Dearie8:03.59St Anthony's
8.9Nicholas DeMeo8:04.00Chaminade
9.9Brendan Nicholas8:04.46Chaminade
10.9Hunter Vierling8:05.94St Anthony's
11.9Harshil Patel8:16.90Holy Trinity
12.9Zachary Lazo8:22.07Kellenberg Memorial
13.9Lucas Mullaney8:23.76St John The Baptist
14.9Paul Samson8:26.97Kellenberg Memorial
15.9John Connelly8:30.85St Anthony's
16.9Erik Brown8:36.58Kellenberg Memorial
17.9Ramos Ronaldo8:41.09Kellenberg Memorial
18.9Nathaniel Mompoint8:44.07Kellenberg Memorial
19.9Brian Willman8:44.61Chaminade
20.9Brendon Hobbes8:48.44Chaminade
21.9Joseph Suhovsky8:49.08Kellenberg Memorial
22.9Johnny Barry8:49.56Holy Trinity
23.9Luke Gunsel8:57.84St Anthony's
24.9Matt Smith9:09.18St John The Baptist
25.9Tom Vierling9:13.36St John The Baptist
26.9Christopher Tarasco9:15.67St Dominic
27.9Christian Roes9:22.36Holy Trinity
28.9Owen Murphy9:26.69Chaminade
29.9Matt Manzalillo9:31.03St John The Baptist
30.9Eric Szydlowski9:32.33St Dominic
31.9Brandon Ferraro10:01.48St John The Baptist
32.11Milano Gregory10:07.00Holy Trinity
33.12Matthew Elenio10:33.02Holy Trinity
34.9Nicholas Reid11:04.22St John The Baptist
35.9Steven Portillo11:16.54Holy Trinity
36.9Andre Dunn12:11.49Holy Trinity
37.9Spencer Chan12:50.41St Dominic
38.9Tyler Poelker12:59.79St Dominic