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NIRCA Nationals

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Unofficial Sat, Nov 12, 2016 Nov 12, 2016Parkview Cross Country Course

Mens 8,000 Meters Freshman/Sophomore

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1.-Andrew Hanna27:33Penn State University Club
2.SoLeonel Rodriguez27:45University of Illinois Club
3.-Levi Upham27:55Penn State University Club
4.-Matthew Balogh28:05Penn State University Club
5.-Christian Schreckhise28:06Penn State University Club
6.-Jeremy Levine28:06University of Virginia Club
7.-Bryan Moon28:10Penn State University Club
8.-Raymond Friend28:12Penn State University Club
9.-Isaac Martinez28:13Princeton University Club
10.-Zach Napholz28:18Ohio State University Club
11.-Noah Mcfoy28:25University of Pittsburgh Club
12.SoJustin Shim28:33University of Illinois Club
13.-Travis Moe28:39University of Virginia Club
14.SoAdam Bruyere28:41University of Illinois Club
15.-Ben Porter28:46Purdue University Club
16.FrCody Lund28:49University of Illinois Club
17.-Alex Wall28:50North Carolina State University Club
18.FrPatrick Foster28:52Purdue University Club
19.-JR Edmondson29:05Purdue University Club
20.-Luke Michels29:06Penn State University Club
21.-Mark Stein29:07Virginia Tech Club
22.-William Nolan29:13Princeton University Club
23.-Jake Whealen29:14UC Davis Club
24.-Lucas Watson29:14Penn State University Club
25.FrAlec Reily29:16Michigan State University Club
26.FrMatt Patsy29:17University of Maryland Club
27.-Ryan Carter29:17University of North Carolina Club
28.13-14Devin Stevens29:22University of Michigan (Ann Arbor) Club
29.-Benjamin Yang29:23Penn State University Club
30.-Matt Ridlinger29:24University of Cincinnati Club
31.-Riley Turk29:26Purdue University Club
32.FrMichael Lochary29:28University of Maryland Club
33.-Tyler Azbell29:29Purdue University Club
34.-Mo Mohammed29:30University of Georgia Club
35.SoArturo Woodward-Montes29:31University of Illinois Club
36.-Victor Arahirwa29:32University of North Carolina Club
37.SoDario Potter29:33University of Michigan (Ann Arbor) Club
38.SoRuy Barretto29:36UC Davis Club
39.-Praveen Vulimiri29:37University of Pittsburgh Club
40.-Alex Pheneger29:38Virginia Tech Club
41.-Matt Dabiero29:39Penn State University Club
42.FrRyan Canna29:41Michigan State University Club
43.SoDavid Keller29:41University of Minnesota Club
44.Grant Newman29:42Penn State University Club
45.SoRyan Horwitz29:43University of Michigan (Ann Arbor) Club
46.SoDaniel Briggs29:44University of Maryland Club
47.-Nick Bergen29:45Indiana University Club
48.-Noah Winstead29:48University of North Carolina Club
49.-Jonathan Lee29:50University of Virginia Club
50.-Mike Catanzaro29:51Binghamton University Club
51.-Andrew Grimes29:51University of Pittsburgh Club
52.Cameron Champion29:53University of North Carolina Club
53.-Chris Wigle29:55Virginia Tech Club
54.-Jacques du Plessis29:57University of Georgia Club
55.SrSpencer Husen29:59North Carolina State University Club
56.Matt Sowles30:02Michigan State University Club
57.-Jacob Townsend30:04North Carolina State University Club
58.Ryuji Mano30:06Purdue University Club
59.-Eric Egeli30:09Virginia Tech Club
60.-Patrick Stuff30:09Purdue University Club
61.Isaac Mortimer-Lotke30:09University of Virginia Club
62.Brendan Coffey30:10Virginia Tech Club
63.FrJacob Broman30:10Michigan State University Club
64.-Jeremy Ambrosio30:11Indiana University Club
65.-Owen Little30:12University of Virginia Club
66.-Troy Rogerson30:12University of Virginia Club
67.Colin Crusoe30:20Michigan State University Club
68.-Bryce McGuire30:21University of Cincinnati Club
69.-Christian Averill30:21Virginia Tech Club
70.SoJacob Hyman30:21University of Maryland Club
71.-Ian Adams30:23Penn State University Club
72.Jack Palagruto30:24University of North Carolina Club
73.-Justin Dubik30:25Virginia Tech Club
74.-Thomas McCarthy30:26Indiana University Club
75.SoJacob Shames30:27University of Michigan (Ann Arbor) Club
76.-Collin Mann30:28Virginia Tech Club
77.SoTom Brettschneider30:30Michigan State University Club
78.-Ethan Jones30:32University of Virginia Club
79.FrConnor Todd30:32University of Michigan (Ann Arbor) Club
80.-Jared Franz30:32Penn State University Club
81.-Samuel Calello30:33University of Connecticut Club
82.-Juan Guzman30:33Binghamton University Club
83.Josh Stead30:36College of William and Mary
84.-Bailey Klein30:36Penn State University Club
85.FrTyler Cook30:37Michigan State University Club
86.-Dylan Rusek30:38University of Cincinnati Club
87.-Matt Brodman30:38University of Pittsburgh Club
88.-Alex Alberti30:39Villanova University Club
89.-Kyle Forst30:41Virginia Tech Club
90.FrSean Frintner30:43University of Illinois Club
91.-Drew McGlynn30:47Northeastern University Club
92.-Nick Bastian30:47Penn State University Club
93.-Andrew Smith30:48Ohio State University Club
94.-Luke Curran30:52Georgetown University Club
95.-Daniel Goodman30:52Ohio State University Club
96.SoTyler Anderson30:53University of Minnesota Club
97.-John Stout30:55Virginia Tech Club
98.Michael Dudash30:55University of North Carolina Club
99.-Ryan Broerman30:56University of Cincinnati Club
100.-Elvis Vega30:56North Carolina State University Club
101.-Brendan Varsarhelyi30:56North Carolina State University Club
102.Matthew Caffrey30:57Cornell University Club
103.-Zachary Zydonik30:58Penn State University Club
104.FrOwen Webb30:58University of Michigan (Ann Arbor) Club
105.-Alex Art30:59Ohio State University Club
106.FrNicky Monroe30:59Delaware University Club
107.FrMichael Rettschlag31:02Michigan State University Club
108.FrMatthew Clewley31:04University of Maryland Club
109.FrRohit Kumar31:04University of Illinois Club
110.Andrew Ford31:05University of Pittsburgh Club
111.-Matt Koch31:06Purdue University Club
112.SoBrett Roginski31:06Michigan State University Club
113.-Jesse Tylec31:07University at Buffalo Club
114.-Matthew DelVecchio31:08Virginia Tech Club
115.-Nate Bolon31:10University of Virginia Club
116.SoJacob Tanner31:10University of Michigan (Ann Arbor) Club
117.Dan Meehan Meehan31:10University of Pittsburgh Club
118.-Vincent King31:10University of Cincinnati Club
119.FrGreg Antonini31:11Ohio State University Club
120.-Christian Dickens31:13University of North Carolina Club
121.-Michael Whitmore31:15Princeton University Club
122.-Austin Sperl31:16Penn State University Club
123.Ethan Parsley31:19Indiana University Club
124.FrJohnathan Yang31:19University of Michigan (Ann Arbor) Club
125.Nicholas Slater31:21James Madison University Club
126.Jose Robles31:22University of North Carolina Club
127.Jacob Grove31:27Virginia Tech Club
128.-Matthew Slominski31:28University at Buffalo Club
129.-Matt Welage31:28Ohio State University Club
130.-Joe Pavao31:29Virginia Tech Club
131.-Jacob Anderson31:31University of Illinois Club
132.-Alex Washesky31:31Penn State University Club
133.-Craig Skvoretz31:32North Carolina State University Club
134.-Martin Gonzalez31:37Ohio State University Club
135.FrJarod Meyer31:37University of Illinois Club
136.-Stephen Porter31:38Penn State University Club
137.-David Rose31:41Ohio State University Club
138.-John Wehmeyer31:42Delaware University Club
139.SoMuneeb Ansari31:42University of Illinois Club
140.FrAlex Hanskat31:45University of Illinois Club
141.Lukas Morgan31:47Northeastern University Club
142.Dylan Abate31:48University of Connecticut Club
143.Matt Coalmer31:50University of Cincinnati Club
144.-Zachary MacAdam31:50University of Illinois Club
145.-Kevin Weldon31:52University of Pittsburgh Club
146.SoMichael Howell31:52Purdue University Club
147.-Logan Meeter31:53Indiana University Club
148.-Thomas Jackson31:54Virginia Tech Club
149.SoDavid Csordas31:55University of Connecticut Club
150.-James Tatter31:55University of North Carolina Club
151.Michael Weaver31:56University of North Carolina Club
152.-John Cassidy31:57University of Connecticut Club
153.-Colin Pritchard31:58Binghamton University Club
154.-Connor Riisen32:02University of Pittsburgh Club
155.-Aaron Finley32:04Indiana University Club
156.FrDixon Atkins32:06University at Buffalo Club
157.Aneesh Rahanydale32:08Georgetown University Club
158.FrNathan Shay32:10University of Michigan (Ann Arbor) Club
159.Roark McLean32:11University of North Carolina Club
160.Benjamin Rakowski32:12University of Connecticut Club
161.-Joshua Lam32:13Penn State University Club
162.-Kyle Nameth32:13Northeastern University Club
163.-Dan McTeague32:14Villanova University Club
164.Matthew Casne32:15Penn State University Club
165.Zach Margiotta32:15Binghamton University Club
166.-Christopher Preston32:17Penn State University Club
167.Ryan Andes32:18Penn State University Club
168.-Roman Szewczak32:19University of Connecticut Club
169.FrRyan Grotenrath32:20Michigan State University Club
170.Jake Strauss32:21University of North Carolina Club
171.Jamison Mercurio32:22Princeton University Club
172.-Adam Simonson32:22Penn State University Club
173.Cameron Tracy32:23University of Connecticut Club
174.FrReed Yalisove32:24University of Michigan (Ann Arbor) Club
175.FrJoel Turk32:24Delaware University Club
176.Chris Mills32:26Georgetown University Club
177.Nick Barber32:27Villanova University Club
178.Robert Johns32:27Penn State University Club
179.Mitchell Smith32:28Michigan State University Club
180.Raul Mehta32:29University of North Carolina Club
181.-Daniel Hu32:29Purdue University Club
182.Andrew Vaughn32:32Cornell University Club
183.Gallin Zach32:36Georgetown University Club
184.-Brennan Booker32:42University of Michigan (Ann Arbor) Club
185.-Matt Denecke32:43University of Virginia Club
186.-Nathan Hohulin32:45University of Cincinnati Club
187.-Kyle Kuchynsky32:48Ohio State University Club
188.-Joseph Wanat32:48Penn State University Club
189.-Mark Dellefave32:50Cornell University Club
190.Noah Berens32:52University of North Carolina Club
191.-Andrew Woodman32:58Penn State University Club
192.Bailey Choy33:00Binghamton University Club
193.Jacob Powell33:03Ball State University Club
194.-Michael DePiero33:08Ohio State University Club
195.-Joey Finucan33:10Ohio State University Club
196.-Michael Ashburn33:20North Carolina State University Club
197.-Peyton Brooks33:23University of Virginia Club
198.Brad Houska33:23University of Virginia Club
199.Ben Durkee33:27Lehigh University Club
200.FrMatt Wholihan33:31Michigan State University Club
201.SoSacha Heymann33:31University of Michigan (Ann Arbor) Club
202.-Jack Lin33:32University of North Carolina Club
203.-Alex Laurel33:39Towson University Club
204.-Hunter Wood33:40Virginia Tech Club
205.Justin Caspar33:42Lehigh University Club
206.Andrew Shedlock33:44Virginia Tech Club
207.-Joseph Politano33:48George Washington University Club
208.FrAJ Darling33:53Binghamton University Club
209.-Tim Bouchard33:56Delaware University Club
210.FrCameron Sims33:58Virginia Tech Club
211.FrKevin Hall33:59University of Maryland Club
212.John Paul Thomas34:07Ball State University Club
213.FrBrendan Warren34:10University of Michigan (Ann Arbor) Club
214.-Connor Welborn34:13Northeastern University Club
215.FrMatt Eichstaedt34:16Michigan State University Club
216.-Aaron Slater34:17Michigan State University Club
217.-Robert Frants34:21Georgetown University Club
218.-Tyler McGee34:24University of Pittsburgh Club
219.-Gareth Keene34:26Penn State University Club
220.Evan Behringer34:28Purdue University Club
221.John Brown34:30Ball State University Club
222.Jack Moody34:34University of North Carolina Club
223.Bryson Kotas34:34Central Michigan University Club
224.-Rory Ronan34:36Georgetown University Club
225.Andrew Crane34:37Georgetown University Club
226.FrBrendan Pearl34:40Delaware University Club
227.Jordan Arnold34:44Central Michigan University Club
228.William Grisales34:48Penn State University Club
229.FrCody Zorn34:50Michigan State University Club
230.-Andres Pinedo34:54Northeastern University Club
231.SoTanner Kurtul34:56Binghamton University Club
232.Alex Huburt34:56Maryland-Baltimore County Club
233.-Brady Walter35:00Purdue University Club
234.Michael Schwartz35:03James Madison University Club
235.-Austin Pizzella35:08Binghamton University Club
236.Beau Baiocchi35:12George Washington University Club
237.-Gerry Wagner35:13Villanova University Club
238.Richard Bimmer35:14James Madison University Club
239.-Brandon Borgemenke35:21Ohio State University Club
240.Jacob Glenshaw35:22Syracuse University Club
241.Ben Levy35:22Binghamton University Club
242.-Justin Perry35:25Ohio State University Club
243.-Barry Seng35:30University of North Carolina Club
244.Nick Smith35:37Cornell University Club
245.-Noah Pritt35:38Duke University Club
246.Bryan Karas35:50Georgetown University Club
247.-Brent Kavaler35:53Binghamton University Club
248.-Benjamin Beddoes35:55Virginia Tech Club
249.-Ryan DeKorte35:56University of Pittsburgh Club
250.Zach Adler35:58University of Connecticut Club
251.-Eric Goldhorn36:03University of Pittsburgh Club
252.SoSteven Smith36:21Michigan State University Club
253.-Jahmani Smith36:22University of Georgia Club
254.-Joseph Adler36:35Binghamton University Club
255.Matt Castele36:41University of Cincinnati Club
256.Josh Goldstein36:46Georgetown University Club
257.-Michael Marsh36:46Georgetown University Club
259.-Jaden Vaught36:50Michigan State University Club
260.-Jason Schuler36:52Maryland-Baltimore County Club
261.Adam Chang36:58Princeton University Club
262.-Jared Scherer37:19University at Buffalo Club
263.Dave Alcana37:28Binghamton University Club
264.-Josh Nowak37:33University at Buffalo Club
265.Joshua Factor37:35University of Connecticut Club
266.Hui Lin37:50University at Buffalo Club
267.-Kyle Wojciechowski37:52Lehigh University Club
268.SoEric Hyames37:56Michigan State University Club
269.Justin Drew37:58Maryland-Baltimore County Club
270.Kevin Hook37:59Ball State University Club
271.Jack Winterhalter38:05University of Virginia Club
272.Zachary Gafford38:09Virginia Tech Club
273.SoNich Hoffman38:10Syracuse University Club
274.JrAl Shoopman38:16Michigan State University Club
275.FrTyler Tudor38:28Central Michigan University Club
276.Matthew Mann38:49Cornell University Club
277.FrWill Sollish39:00University of Michigan (Ann Arbor) Club
278.-Jack Spehn39:05Michigan State University Club
279.-William Taylor39:08University of Pittsburgh Club
280.-Will Buccella39:10Virginia Tech Club
281.Joseph Hall39:11Ball State University Club
282.Evan Wallace39:22Binghamton University Club
283.Andrew Zhan39:37Georgetown University Club
284.FrBenjamin Anderson40:17University of Michigan (Ann Arbor) Club
285.Oliver Probst40:32George Washington University Club
286.Keith Ferguson40:36Maryland-Baltimore County Club
287.Kevin Berning40:37Georgetown University Club
288.-Josh Kressel40:46Towson University Club
289.Brent Trauner40:48Ball State University Club
290.Chad Davis43:56Georgetown University Club
291.Chris Daly44:21Delaware University Club
292.-Darren Florin46:01Penn State University Club
293.-Mohit Jain48:50University of Pittsburgh Club
294.Shane Bradford50:30Ohio State University Club