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Kanto Duals #1


Official Sat, Sep 8, 2018 Sep 8, 2018Tama Hills

Hot from the start

Returning high school athletes starting the year with blazing PRs: (in order of finish) Girls - Jainey Alfini (improvement 1:46.3 Kinnick), Madison Derber (1:05.3 Yokota), Ariana Cobler  (0:37.5 Kinnick), Moera Hirose (0:28.7 ISSH). Boys - Carlos Mobely (improvement 1:14.6 Kinnick),  Go Hino (0:43 CAJ), Sam Squires (0:31 Edgren), Bryant Woodbury (1:29 Edgren),  Haruhito Suzuki (1:28 St. Maur) .
Colin Sadler (Yokota) and Kaarina Sirrka (Seisen)  picked up where they left off last season.

Most teams posted slower top 5 total times, compared to last year's opening meet, with Edgren boys and Zama girls the shining exceptions.

Notable new faces

Highest placing new juniors and seniors (in top 30): Boys - Jason Giles (20 Zama), Kai Sullivan (26 Kinnick); Girls - Annabel Stafford (1 Kinnick), Jainey Alfini (12 Kinnick), Elizabeth Davidson (20 Kinnick), Kayesha McNeil (30 Zama).

Outstanding new 9th and 10th grade runners (in top 30): Boys - AJ Merrill (8 Kinnick), Kai Sakata (27 Zama),  Jonah Kim (28 Edgren); Girls - Aubrey Giles (3 Zama), Ellie Fuller (5 Kinnick), Jesse Stovall, (7 Kinnick), Isabell Pomill (15 Edgren), Ester Labuda (18 ISSH).

Team Comments - Kinnick boys and girls, Zama boys and girls and Yokota girls feature many new runners in their top 7. On the other hand, mostly veteran teams include CAJ and Yokota boys and the girls of Seisen and ISSH. 

Edgren’s 2018 team is larger, and has 6 returning boys but only returning 2 girls. These veterans from last year are leading both teams.
Last year BOYS top five were 1:36:45 ; this year 1:33:53 (1:52 faster). GIRLS last year 1:15:33  this year 1:16:18 (:45 slower)

Kinnick fielded a much smaller boys team, but featured three experienced seniors out front. Two freshmen and two new juniors are following the new senior on the girls team.  Last year BOYS top five were 1:25:23 ; this year 1:26:00 (0:37 slower).. GIRLS last year 1:15:33  this year 1:16:18 (0:45 slower)

Zama team size is down from last year. Five of the 6 girls are new, 3 of the first 7 boys are new.  There is only 1 senior boy and 1 senior girl on the team.
Last year BOYS top five were 1:36:17 ; this year 1:36:37 (0:20 sec slower). GIRLS last year 1:27:47  this year 1:27:39 (0:00.08 faster)

Yokota ran fewer boys on Saturday than last year, but they were mostly returning veterans; more than half of the girls team are new, but of them, the 3 ninth graders moving up from middle school replaced the three lost to graduation and are now are leading the high school. Last year BOYS top five were 1:26:45  This year 1:28:28 (1:53 slower) ; GIRLS last year 1:15:32  this year 1:18:32 (3:00 slower)

Seisen has drawn in two freshmen to replace one graduated senior. No seniors in the front 8. GIRLS last year 1:15:33  this year 1:16:18 (0:45 slower)

CAJ has only a fraction of the numbers of last year’s roster. No juniors. Last year BOYS top five were 1:20:56; this year 1:30:14 (a whopping 10:00 slower) . GIRLS last year 1:28.57  this year 1:31.36 (2:39 slower)

ISSH has no seniors in the top 9.

YIS has a large team but only 1 senior.

St. Maur also has a large but mostly new team, but has several seniors.


This first meet hints at a reversal of fortunes, with the international schools in decline and the DODDs schools in ascendancy. It remains to be seen how many athletes are added to rosters in the following weeks. From being a Far East powerhouse, St. Maur seems to have regressed almost as much as CAJ.

<<compiled by Bruce Carrick.  "Not available in any other news media"®>> updated Thursday Sept 13, 2018.


Flag Counter

Mens 3,305 Meters Middle School

1.8Manzi Siibo13:10.4Yokosuka Middle
2.8Conner Ewens13:23.1Yokota
3.8Justin Minimo13:35.5Yokosuka Middle
4.8Ken Belt13:47.4Yokosuka Middle
5.7Logan Hamilton13:59.4Yokosuka Middle
6.8Justice Rose14:11.1Yokosuka Middle
7.8Genesis Reed14:22.3Yokota
8.8Jun Johnson14:23.1St Maur Middle International
9.8Ryan Sheehan14:31.3Yokota
10.6Johnny Stull14:34.7Yokota
11.7Dylan McArty14:40.2Yokota
12.8Zach Bittner14:41.4Yokosuka Middle
13.8Davin McArty14:45.6Yokota
14.6Eiichiro Ishibashi15:04.1Nishimachi Middle International
15.8David Hurtado lll15:05.4Yokosuka Middle
16.8Jhavin Maniebo15:07.3Yokosuka Middle
17.8Brody Choate15:12.6Yokota
18.6Aley Auna15:19.8Yokota
19.8Billy Stull15:38.6Yokota
20.8Sebastian Taylor15:52.2Yokosuka Middle
21.7Kegan Benson15:52.3Yokota
22.7Conor Hogan16:11.0Nishimachi Middle International
23.6GyungWon Kim16:11.3CAJ (Middle)
24.8Ryo Abekawa16:18.9Yokohama Middle International
25.7Raiden Urena16:27.1Yokosuka Middle
26.8Ja'Quan Odom16:29.2Yokosuka Middle
27.7Leighton Hill16:31.7Yokosuka Middle
28.8Michael Lozano16:31.8Yokosuka Middle
29.6Hinckley Frost16:38.1Yokota
30.8Tora Veazey16:49.5Yokota
31.7Charles Boutard16:53.6St Maur Middle International
32.8Noah Crowell16:55.9Yokota
33.6Brian Cobler17:04.1Yokosuka Middle
34.7Jacob Pollard17:04.6Yokosuka Middle
35.7Go Nakamaru17:07.2St Maur Middle International
36.7Kai Patton17:16.8Yokota
37.7Lucas Root17:19.4Nishimachi Middle International
38.8Mathias Harris17:30.2Yokosuka Middle
39.7Ethan Rhim17:31.5Yokota
40.8Ryu Custodio17:35.6Yokosuka Middle
41.8Jacek Ratajczak18:01.8St Maur Middle International
42.8Keishirou Yamada18:05.1Yokohama Middle International
43.7Kale Wiegand18:10.7Yokota
44.8Will Lisbon18:22.3Yokosuka Middle
45.6Kotaro Fujinaga18:23.4Yokohama Middle International
46.8Teandre Nash18:24.5Yokosuka Middle
47.6Ethan Osborne18:34.4Yokota
48.7Kotarou Muramatsu18:46.4St Maur Middle International
49.6Kai Hicks18:54.1Yokohama Middle International
50.6Noe Marteau19:07.1Yokohama Middle International
51.7Alan Wiegand19:08.8Yokota
52.6Aiden Gilmore19:17.5Yokota
53.6Ethan McClintic19:18.9Yokota
54.7Aydan Fisher19:29.1Yokota
55.6Tristin Redfield19:36.5Yokota
56.7Lukas Adams19:37.3Yokota
57.8Yamil Cisneros19:50.6St Maur Middle International
58.6Nathan Frazee20:15.7Yokota
59.6Jai Bailey20:35.8Yokota
60.7Devlin Stammler20:40.5Yokota
61.7Chengkai Ding20:40.8St Maur Middle International
62.7HeeSoo Jung20:45.5St Maur Middle International
63.8Zac Strauss21:15.5Yokohama Middle International
64.6Yuken Ishiyama21:21.3Nishimachi Middle International
65.6Nigel Root21:22.4Nishimachi Middle International
66.8Riley Jones21:26.1Zama Middle
67.7Van Beeson21:28.4Zama Middle
58.8Masato Kimura21:55.7St Maur Middle International
68.6Hippolyte Boutard22:14.2St Maur Middle International
69.6Shoma Ise22:18.7Yokohama Middle International
70.6Jianyi Xu22:19.5St Maur Middle International
71.8Justin Allen24:11.2Zama Middle