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Kanto Duals #2 & Invitational


Official Sat, Sep 15, 2018 Sep 15, 2018Tama Hills

Accomplishments in Week 2

Best first time runners (did not run last week): Freshman Matthew Inamine, St. Mary's, tenth; Freshman Asako Ishibashi, ASIJ, seventh.
All-time Course Rankings - Annabell Stafford, Kinnick, is now ranked #9 in the 4417m course history. Nana Richter is 15th based on today. Saga Wihman and Marina Ten Have are #1 and #4 from last year's marks.

Welcome to K. International, the new addition to Kanto League. Perhaps their top 7 boys, who ran well in in the JV heat in their inaugural race, can move up to varsity. They will mix very well with CAJ, YIS, St. Maur and Nishimachi.

Welcome back ASIJ and St. Mary's. Are the ASIJ girls as good as last year? Last year by Sept 16 they had 5 in the top 12. This year on Sept 15, they have 6 in the top 12. Are the ASIJ boys better than last year? They have progressed from 3 in the top 15 last year to 6 in the top 15 this year. So also St. Mary's - they have improved from 1 in the top 10 last year at this date to 3 in the top 10, but are weaker in the next three positions.

Looking at each team's top 7, which teams at today's distance have the most runners who ran faster last year (an indication of potential this year): 
Boys:  St. Mary's 5, Kinnick 4, CAJ 4, Yokota 3, ASIJ 3, St. Maur 3, Edgren 2, YIS 2, St. Maur 2. (6 of ASIJ's 10 ran faster last year).    Girls:  ASIJ 4, YIS 3, ISSH 3, Yokota 1, CAJ 1, Seisen 1, St. Maur 1, Kinnick 0, Edgren 0.

Far East Qualifying time, 5000m, for individuals is:  Boys - 18:30   Girls - 22:15. For a team to qualify, the team must average:  Boys - 20:30; Girls - 24:00. These marks must be met twice, on different courses, by Oct 15! Watch this space; new standards are waiting to be approved:  4417m, for individuals:  Boys - 16:30   Girls - 20:00. For a team to qualify, the team must average:  Boys - 18:30; Girls - 22:00. This new standard would mean the top 8 boys and the top 5 girls would have qualified on Sept 15 as individuals.  It looks like ASIJ, St. Mary's, Kinnick, CAJ, Edgren and Yokota boys, and ASIJ, Seisen, ISSH, and Kinnick girls meet this proposed standard. Edgren girls would only need to average about 10 seconds faster.  Kadena, Zama and MC Perry boys and Perry girls qualified elsewhere.

Does anyone know if schools in Korea are doing cross country this year?


Back to our league and Saturday's race:

The Spread #1-#5 

The spread is a measure of team compactness. A narrower spread can mean that teammates are able to encourage each other; this is sometimes called "pack running". It also helps us focus on how important the #4 and #5 runners are, because they have an incredible impact on the team score. The larger the meet, the more negative impact a wide spread has, because those #4 and #5 runners are in the "crowd" and every second they drop back from the team leader can inflate the team score. Of course, if your lead runner is getting better, then to narrow the spread the #5 runner needs to improve even more - which often happens.
Boys:  St. Maur improved their spread by 40 seconds (due to Yuki Hodo moving from #6 to #4 and Takashi Kitao moving from #7 to #5 and improving by 84 seconds); YIS by 39 seconds, CAJ by 31, Yokota by 5. On the other hand, Kinnick boys widened the spread by 10, Edgren by 41 (the result of lead runner Jun Royster's outstanding PR; CAJ's improvement is mostly by the return of #2 who did not run last week and #5 Go Hino's 42 second PR).
Girls (comparing last week's 3305m race and this week's 4417m race): YIS widened by only 1 second (and the spread could narrow substantially in the future because while the 3 leading girls are setting PRs this year, #4 and #5 @ 4417m were 50 to 80 seconds slower than last year, indicating that these two girls can close the gap); Seisen by 29 seconds, Edgren by 30 seconds, ISSH by 37 seconds, Kinnick by 41 seconds, St. Maur by 61 seconds, CAJ by 3:31. Note that Seisen was without last week's #3, Kinnick was without last week's #4 runner, ISSH without #4, so these three teams might have had a narrower gap today. 

Total Time #1-#5

Boys (more reduction is better): Edgren improved by 4:39, CAJ 3:58, YIS 3:00, St. Maur 2:11, Yokota 1:59, Kinnick 0:44.
Girls (less is better for the additional 1,112 meters): Seisen's team time grew by only 24:40, ISSH 25:34, YIS 26:43, Edgren 28:08, Kinnick 28:15, St. Maur 29:17, CAJ 34:35. 

Those Crucial 4th and 5th runners (and the "middle child" #3 runners):

Boys PRs - (listed by finish order) Yokota #3 Colin Sadler set a PR by 46.2, Yokota #4 Riley Scarberry by 24.7, CAJ #4 Ko Fleming 2.3 sec; these people moved up relative to Kinnick #4 & #5.  Edgren #3 Sam Squires by 56.5; CAJ #5 Go Hino by 42.0, Edgren #4 Jonah Kim by 50.0, Edgren #5 Cody Dettman by 29.7; St. Maur #4 Yuki Hodo by 74.3, YIS #5 Charlie Ellison by 74.1.  Best: Charlie Ellison.
Boys Moving Up Within Team - Yokota Riley Scarberry, CAJ Stephen Suzuki, St. Maur Yuki Hodo & Takashi Kitao, YIS Kai Wilson (first race)
Girls Moving Up Within Team - Kinnick Elizabeth Davis, Seisen Siona Lee & Emily Flochel, ISSH Molly Wedel, Edgren Maya Smith.

As athletes can miss a meet, etc. and affect team placement, let's look at whose #4 and #5 positions actually improved the most. This is the position's improvement, not the runner's improvement.

Boys Position #4 CAJ improved by 51.7, Edgren 50,  Yokota 25.5, St. Maur 17, Kinnick 0.2.  YIS  0.  Way to go Koh Fleming and Sam Squires.
Boys Position #5 - YIS improved by 74.4, St. Maur 66.3, CAJ 46.4, Edgren 30,  Yokota 24.5, Kinnick 8.0.  Way to go Charlie Ellison, Takashi Kitao and Go Hino.

Girls - really hard to measure with the distance difference

My philosophy - let Stripes fill the internet with articles and pictures of the race winners; there are other runners who are more important.

<<compiled by Bruce Carrick.  "Not available in any other news media"®>> updated Thursday Sept 20, 2018.

Flag Counter

Mens 3,305 Meters Middle School

1.8Manzi Siibo12:45.3Yokosuka Middle
2.7Parker Hendrickson12:59.3Edgren
3.7William Beardsley13:05.9St Mary's (Middle) International
4.8Justin Minimo13:10.1Yokosuka Middle
5.8Ken Belt13:11.1Yokosuka Middle
6.8Conner Ewens13:18.1Yokota
7.8Shunsuke Matsubayashi13:18.6St Mary's (Middle) International
8.8Kai Hyodo13:23.1American (Middle) School in Japan
9.8Jun Johnson13:27.9St Maur Middle International
10.7Nathan Johnston13:35.8Edgren
11.8Takumi Harima13:39.1American (Middle) School in Japan
12.7Oliver Burkes13:45.4Yokohama Middle International
13.8Justice Rose13:48.1Yokosuka Middle
14.7Logan Hamilton13:48.2Yokosuka Middle
15.8Hinoto Tanaka13:53.2American (Middle) School in Japan
16.7Eigen Schinaman13:59.4American (Middle) School in Japan
17.8Ryan Sheehan14:04.2Yokota
18.8Genesis Reed14:06.1Yokota
19.6Franklin Richter14:08.5St Mary's (Middle) International
20.8Davin McArty14:17.5Yokota
21.8Jhavin Maniebo14:19.7Yokosuka Middle
22.7Louis Avondet14:27.7American (Middle) School in Japan
23.8David Hurtado lll14:29.6Yokosuka Middle
24.8Luke Raffone14:35.2American (Middle) School in Japan
25.8Daiya Kaneko14:37.9American (Middle) School in Japan
26.8Muku Nomura14:38.3St Mary's (Middle) International
27.8Kairi Mano14:48.2St Mary's (Middle) International
28.8Brody Choate14:51.7Yokota
29.8Ralph Francolini14:52.9St Mary's (Middle) International
30.7Dylan McArty14:53.8Yokota
31.7Raiden Urena14:53.9Yokosuka Middle
32.7Leighton Hill14:58.2Yokosuka Middle
33.6Eiichiro Ishibashi15:03.8Nishimachi Middle International
34.8Shion Fujita15:10.1St Mary's (Middle) International
35.8Billy Stull15:11.2Yokota
36.6Ryogo Otsuka15:17.6St Mary's (Middle) International
37.7Thomas Vogely15:29.2Yokota
38.6GyungWon Kim15:32.7CAJ (Middle)
39.6Findlay Thomas15:33.4St Maur Middle International
40.7Daiki Nielsen15:34.3K. (Middle) International School
41.8Ja'Quan Odom15:40.2Yokosuka Middle
42.7Tatsuto Ara15:42.2K. (Middle) International School
43.8Zach Bittner15:42.8Yokosuka Middle
44.6Brian Cobler15:47.1Yokosuka Middle
45.8Mason Macek15:48.8American (Middle) School in Japan
46.7Bryce Hartz15:50.1American (Middle) School in Japan
47.8Satoki Minami15:51.2St Mary's (Middle) International
48.8Sebastian Taylor15:57.6Yokosuka Middle
49.7Aska Emery16:03.3American (Middle) School in Japan
50.6Hinckley Frost16:04.1Yokota
51.6Aley Auna16:04.3Yokota
52.7Vincent Hong16:07.3American (Middle) School in Japan
53.7Ethan Rhim16:10.5Yokota
54.8Guy Wenzel16:10.7Yokosuka Middle
55.6Kellen Clark16:10.9American (Middle) School in Japan
56.7Conor Hogan16:12.1Nishimachi Middle International
57.7Kaito Hayashi16:12.6K. (Middle) International School
58.7Kian Sime16:17.3American (Middle) School in Japan
59.8Ryu Custodio16:17.5Yokosuka Middle
60.8Noah Crowell16:17.5Yokota
61.8Teandre Nash16:21.2Yokosuka Middle
62.7Jacob Pollard16:28.3Yokosuka Middle
63.8Mathias Harris16:32.3Yokosuka Middle
64.6Jay McMaster16:34.9American (Middle) School in Japan
65.7Charles Boutard16:35.1St Maur Middle International
66.8Leon Miller16:35.1American (Middle) School in Japan
67.8Tora Veazey16:41.3Yokota
68.7Martim Maia16:42.5American (Middle) School in Japan
69.7Kai Patton16:51.1Yokota
70.8Kevin Lyu16:51.1St Mary's (Middle) International
71.6Zenon Oullette16:53.8Yokohama Middle International
72.8Luke Pender17:20.4St Mary's (Middle) International
73.8Ikki Minamikawa17:20.9St Mary's (Middle) International
74.7Shimon Suzuki17:21.5St Mary's (Middle) International
75.7Liam Emery17:37.4American (Middle) School in Japan
76.8Jamie Matsuzaki17:44.4St Mary's (Middle) International
77.8Jacek Ratajczak17:45.7St Maur Middle International
78.8Luke Medeiros17:48.9St Mary's (Middle) International
79.8Alex Volkov17:53.8American (Middle) School in Japan
80.6Jai Bailey18:03.3Yokota
81.6Ethan McClintic18:04.6Yokota
82.7Kotarou Muramatsu18:10.1St Maur Middle International
83.7Hugo Wayner18:11.5American (Middle) School in Japan
84.7Jack Snyder18:11.9American (Middle) School in Japan
85.8Pol Mateu18:12.6Yokohama Middle International
86.6Noe Marteau18:14.8Yokohama Middle International
87.8Jung Heon Lee18:24.1St Mary's (Middle) International
88.6Frank Petty18:27.3Yokota
89.8Masaya Toyokawa18:29.5St Mary's (Middle) International
90.6Tomohisa Sun18:32.4Yokohama Middle International
91.6Nigel Root18:33.3Nishimachi Middle International
92.7Aydan Fisher18:41.1Yokota
93.6Kai Hicks18:42.9Yokohama Middle International
94.7Kale Wiegand18:50.6Yokota
95.8Tomoki Ishikawa18:52.2American (Middle) School in Japan
96.7Jasper Harris-Edwards18:56.2American (Middle) School in Japan
97.8Tate Moench18:57.6St Mary's (Middle) International
98.6Akshay Dattaguru18:57.8American (Middle) School in Japan
99.6Henrie Mancia18:58.5St Mary's (Middle) International
100.6Ken Wakabayashi18:59.9St Mary's (Middle) International
101.7Zephen Woo19:01.4Yokota
102.7Devlin Stammler19:05.9Yokota
103.7Lukas Adams19:13.3Yokota
104.7Chengkai Ding19:17.9St Maur Middle International
105.7Toshihiro Odaira19:22.1American (Middle) School in Japan
106.6Aiden Gilmore19:24.4Yokota
107.6Vir Coelho19:24.8American (Middle) School in Japan
108.7Hugo Suzuki19:27.4St Mary's (Middle) International
109.7Gio Park19:32.3American (Middle) School in Japan
110.6Joshua Heo19:34.2St Mary's (Middle) International
111.8Shin Okuno19:44.1American (Middle) School in Japan
112.7Kazu Morita20:07.2American (Middle) School in Japan
113.8Yamil Cisneros20:09.9St Maur Middle International
114.8Daniel Curtis20:12.3St Maur Middle International
115.7Jayden Royster20:15.8Edgren
116.7Alan Wiegand20:17.6Yokota
117.6Kento Nanbu20:18.5Yokohama Middle International
118.7Richard Clairmont20:25.6St Maur Middle International
119.7Alvin Fink20:34.5American (Middle) School in Japan
120.7HeeSoo Jung20:42.5St Maur Middle International
121.6Gautam Chivukula21:13.1St Mary's (Middle) International
122.6Jianyi Xu21:18.9St Maur Middle International
123.7Mutsuki Tanabe21:21.2American (Middle) School in Japan
124.7Lucas Gonzalez21:25.7American (Middle) School in Japan
125.6Tristin Redfield21:45.6Yokota
126.6Shoma Ise21:45.8Yokohama Middle International
127.6Nathan Frazee21:57.8Yokota
128.6Gunnar Allen22:48.1Yokota
129.6Cyprian Kane23:12.2St Maur Middle International
130.6Corbin Bratcher23:42.7American (Middle) School in Japan
131.7Daniel Kamper24:07.7St Mary's (Middle) International
132.8Matthew Araya24:11.8St Mary's (Middle) International
133.6Hippolyte Boutard24:26.8St Maur Middle International
134.7Aamir Abdulla24:29.2American (Middle) School in Japan
135.6Maurya Choudhary24:39.0St Mary's (Middle) International
137.6Pyay Phyoe25:04.1St Mary's (Middle) International
138.6Daiki Harito26:04.2St Mary's (Middle) International
139.6Kangwoo Jung30:52.9St Mary's (Middle) International