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Official Sat, Sep 22, 2018 Sep 22, 2018Tama Hills

Far East preview below has been significantly updated and corrected as of Monday afternoon.

Best PRs today (not merely season bests)

Among 3rd position finishers In order of finish - GirlsEllie Fuller 10th set PR by 29.2 seconds; Ester Labuda ISSH 14th 24.2 seconds; Momone Ishibashi Seisen 16th 49.4 seconds; Maya Smith Edgren 41st 5.3 seconds; Misha Pires YIS 47th 47.2 seconds; Moe Onishi St. Maur 50th 24.6 seconds. - BoysLeo Watson ASIJ 5th 28.9 seconds; Matthew Inamine St. Mary's 14th 7.0 seconds; Jonah Kim Edgren 35th 34.1 seconds; Ryan Green Zama 41st 15.5 seconds; Jan Jaroscak St. Maur 47th 53.9 seconds.

Among 4th position finishersIn order of finish - Girls - Jainey Alfini Kinnick 15th set PR by 46.9 seconds; Nicole King ISSH 29th First race; Maya Royster Edgren 42nd 46.0 seconds; Hana Vogeley Yokota 49th First Race. - Boys Take Zoot ASIJ 11th 43.5 seconds; Koh-William Fleming CAJ 30th 21.7 seconds; Kai Sakata Zama 50th 30.8 seconds; Yuki Hodo St. Maur 57th 30.1 seconds.

Among 5th position finishersIn order of finish - Girls - Dayja Jenkins Kinnick 17th set PR by 48.6 seconds; Mia Kamikubo Seisen 25th 21.0 seconds; Chihiro Huang ISSH 32nd 18.1 seconds; Elizabeth Johnston Edgren 43rd 77.1 seconds; Destiny Bushnell Zama 53rd First Race. - BoysShintaro Okubo ASIJ 12th 26.7 seconds;  Go Hino CAJ 38th 2.4 seconds; Nick Acevedo Zama 51st Zama 46.7 seconds; Jackie Belnap Edgren 52nd First Race; David Martin Calalang St. Maur 58th 51.1 seconds.

Improvement in Team Time - 3rd, 4th & 5th Positions

Comparing last week's total time and this week's total time of the 3rd through 5th positions. Zama was not here last week. Yokota and CAJ have had incomplete girls teams.

Boys 3rd+4th+5th Positions

 Team  last week - today = improvement
St. Maur   59:02 54:07 improved 4:55
St. Mary’s 52:50 51:08 improved 1:42
ASIJ    50:09  48:39 improved 1:30
Kinnick 52:50  51:43 improved 1:07
CAJ     53:28  52:37 improved 0:51
Edgren  55:58  55:21 improved 0:37
Yokota  52:54  52:37 improved 0:17

Girls 3rd+4th+5th Positions 

Kinnick  1:04:48 1:02:57 improved 1:51
St. Maur 1:14:35 1:13:14 improved 1:21
ISSH    1:06:14 1:05:34  improved 0:40

ASIJ slowed by 44 seconds, Seisen by 48 seconds and Edgren by 03 seconds. It should be noted that ASIJ's top 2 girls did not run today.

(Updated and corrected Monday afternoon) Far East Qualifying time - 5000m, individuals:  Boys - 18:30   Girls - 22:15; Boys Team - 20:30; Girls Team - 24:00. For 4417m, individuals:  Boys - 16:30  Girls - 20:00. For a team to qualify, the team must average:  Boys - 18:30; Girls - 22:00.  The first 14 boys and 3 girls would be individual qualifiers. Based on today's meet, all boys teams except YIS would unofficially be qualified for Far East (but there is still a stipulation that we must also run a 5000 meter race). St Maur makes it with 35 seconds total to spare. 

Yokota girls team needs to improve about 60 seconds (average 15) to qualify; Zama girls [who met the qualifying mark in Iwakuni] are about 90 seconds total (average 23 seconds) short of qualifying at Tama; Edgren girls are about 2:40 (average 40 seconds) short; St. Maur girls need 90 seconds each and CAJ about 2 minutes each. Had Samantha Hendrickson been in today's race, Edgren would have made it. If Yokota girls could get their top 4 to run well on the same day they would qualify too. 

By way of comparison, the Humphreys girls (based on a meet reported in Strioes) need to drop about 6 minutes and Kubasaki girls over 7 minutes team time to qualify by averaging 24:00 for 5000m.  OCSI, Zion, King have incomplete girls squads and no runners even meeting the team average requirement. The first Osan girl is about 3 minutes off the team average standard; no other runners are reported. No word on whether Daegu is fielding a team this year.
DID YOU KNOW - Interesting Factoid - Kadena girls, Kubasaki boys and OCSI boys all qualified on the Kubasaki course Sept 14, but have twice failed to qualify on the Kadena course (Sept 7, 21).  Courses matter. 

MC Perry girls are by far the highest ranked team among the Far East potential teams at 5000 meters, and based on published results, MC Perry is the only school to qualify both boys and girls twice, meeting the original standards.   Trivia Pursuit: MC Perry has 6 girls ahead of Kadena's second girl. Singapore American has 6 girls ahead of Perry's second runner in the Pacific rankings. Using the Zama-Perry dual meet as a basis, it looks like ASIJ has 8 girls ahead of Perry #2. Perry #2 boy would project to finish in the low 20s at a Kanto meet, behind ASIJ #9. From this we can deduce that qualifying on some 5k courses has no meaning whatsoever.

If these standards had been in place last year, besides eliminating Kubasaki, no D2 girls teams would have been invited. The standards on the boys side would have only eliminated OCSI, Kubasaki and Humphreys. What a fine Title IX conundrum this turning out to be! If the original standards are reinstated next year ("meeting the standard twice on 2 different 5k courses"), Far East could devolve into a dual Kadena-Perry meet, particularly if the Kanto schools can't find alternate 5000 meter courses or if they decide the Far East meet is too small to warrant any interest.

Comparing Zama 5k times on the 15th and 4.4k times on the 22nd, the boys seem about 1:10 to 2:00 faster on the shorter Tama course [they qualified on both courses but by a narrower margin at Tama]; the girls range from 0:30 to 1:20 faster. The adjusted required marks for 4.4k course represent a 2:00 reduction in time from the 5k standard. The Zama girls while easily qualifying in Iwakuni would need a Tama PR of 23 seconds from each girl.  Let's see if this pattern is confirmed on the Tama Lower 5k course in October.

Hopefully this information will somewhat augment Stripes' extensive race coverage of Saturday's meet featuring 290 high school athletes from 11 high schools at Tama Hills. 

<<compiled by Bruce Carrick.  "Not available in any other news media"®>> updated Monday Sept 24, 2018.

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