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Kanto Duals #5


Official Thu, Oct 4, 2018 Oct 4, 2018Tama Hills

Suddenly, with results for Kanto and Okinawa posted for Thursday October 4, we have a new king of the hill and a major shuffling of super powers. MC Perry boys have been demoted to a distant 5th when compared to Kanto schools, and the girls to an even more distant 4th (most likely ISSH would also be ahead of them now, making the Samurai 5th in Kanto). The Kadena boys have also snuck in ahead of Perry and the the Kadena girls are right on the Perry heels (well, not so close if you take out the Panther 7th graders).  ASIJ now has 6 boys between Perry #1 and #2 and seven girls ahead of Perry #2. Seisen has 7 in before Perry #4. Looks like the Samurai will have to bring their top runners to Far East after all.

The Yokota team gives us a clue as to the course difficulty. Last week they ran 5000 at Edgren; and today's boys times for the varsity were quite evenly balanced between those that were a few seconds faster and those that were a few (or more) seconds slower. However the entire Panther girls squad was 30 to 60 seconds slower. Nearly every boy and girl set a PR Thursday afternoon, except those who ran earlier in the season at Iwakuni or Edgren, suggesting that this Kanto course is more difficult.

Seisen front 5 took just under 6 minutes longer on the 5k course compared with last week's Upper Tama 4.4k hilly course, Kinnick front 5 girls took a combined 7:40 longer and Zama girls took 9:40 longer. Three of ASIJ front five did not compete last week.  Kinnick first 5 boys took 5:34 longer this week, ASIJ 6:23 , Zama 7:00, and St. Mary's 7:43.  

Far East Qualifying 
5000m      individuals: Boys - 18:30   Girls - 22:15;          TEAM average: Boys - 20:30;     Girls - 24:00   (counting 4 runners) 

The first 24 boys "qualified" for Far East as individuals, but likely 6 ASIJ boys will have to stay home, unless ASIJ is authorized to send the B and C sets of 5 (or 4 sets of 4) who also qualified. Is there a rule against sending every individual who qualifies? Why can’t ASIJ send 11 boys and 7 girls? Kinnick would be able to send 3 teams of 4 boys who can make the claim to justify their participation by posting qualifying team averages today. St Mary's and Yokota could send two teams based on today. Zama boys also met the qualifying standard.

The first 15 girls also qualified as individuals, Emily Flochel of Seisen missing by just 1.1 seconds. ASIJ could also send three girls teams of 5 to Far East and Seisen could send 2. Kinnick could send 2 teams of 4 based on today. Zama also met the requirement, but not Yokota (lead runner Aiko Galvin did not run today). 

Of course, only 1 team from each school will be invited, which only be fair in that Kadena (based on today's race in Okinawa) would have qualified only 2 boys teams and only 1 girls team. No other girls teams in Okinawa have even 1 girl to reach the team average qualifying mark.  Kubasaki boys (first runner was after Kadena #6) did qualify. OCSI boys barely met the standard today, but not Zion.

Next week, will we see St. Maur, CAJ and YIS girls qualify? Wouldn't it be a kick if K-IST's first ever team of boys also qualified?

No word from Korea if they are even contesting the sport this season. If no one from Korea qualifies, there are some good Guam teams that could expand the field.

Individual qualifiers - the unofficial list to date

Based on 5k 18:30, 22:15

boys (31) - ASIJ 11, Kinnick 6, St. Mary’s 4, Perry 3, Yokota 3, Kadena 3, Edgren 1, ALL other schools 0
girls (17) -  ASIJ 7,  Kinnick 4,  Seisen 3, Perry 2, Zama 1, Kadena 0, ALL other schools 0

The 5k standard has made way for more athletes than those who earned their way via weekly 4.4k races in Kanto.

What happens if we reinstate for this year the rules that will be in place for next year.  Based on 5k only, 18:30, 22:15, twice, each time on different course

boys (9) - ASIJ 0, Kinnick 0, St. Mary’s 0, Perry 3, Yokota 3, Kadena 3, Edgren 0, ALL other schools 0
girls (2) - ASIJ 0, Kinnick 0, Seisen 0, Perry 1, Zama 1, Kadena 0, ALL other schools 0

OCSI boys and Edgren boys would join all the Kanto schools except Yokota boys as ineligible for Far East. Far East then would become a boys three-way  Kadena vs Perry vs Yokota and a Kadena vs Perry girls race.

<<compiled by Bruce Carrick.  "Not available in any other news media"®>> Thursday Oct 4, 2018.

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