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Far East XC Championships


Official Mon, Nov 5, 2018 Nov 5, 2018Gosser Memorial Golf Course

API Guam Oct 20
Kanto Tokyo Oct 27
OAAC Okinawa Oct 26
ISB Invite Thailand Sept 14 IASAS Kuala Lumpur Oct 19         APAC Hong Kong Oct 18  
Dec 23  69th annual All Japan High School Ekiden Championships in Kyoto
article Kamimura Gakuen Girls Win First-Ever National High School Ekiden Title, Kurashiki Boys Make it Two Japan Running Nes
video highlights by NHK complete results in Japanese
Girls - Top Individual Stage Performances
First Stage (6.0 km) - Ririka Hironaka (3rd yr., Nagasaki Shogyo H.S.) - 19:01
Second Stage (4.0975 km) - Rebecca Mwangi (2nd yr., Kojokan H.S.) - 12:32
Third Stage (3.0 km) - Saho Aoki (3rd yr., Osaka Kunei Joshi Gakuin H.S.) - 9:38
Fourth Stage (3.0 km) - Matsuri Kohara (2nd yr., Nagano Higashi H.S.) - 9:26
Fifth Stage (5.0 km) - Tabitha Kamau (3rd yr., Kamimura Gakuen H.S.) - 15:06
Boys - Top Individual Stage Performances
First Stage (10.0 km) - Tetta Shiratori (2nd yr., Saitama Sakae H.S.) - 29:16
Second Stage (3.0 km) - Takuya Kozasu (3rd yr., Gakuho Ishikawa H.S.) - 8:12
Third Stage (8.1075 km) - Philemon Kiplagat (2nd yr., Kurashiki H.S.) - 22:55
Fourth Stage (8.0875 km) - John Mwaniki (1st yr., Sera H.S.) - 22:32 - CR tie
Fifth Stage (3.0 km) - Ryosuke Otsuka (3rd yr., Gakuho Ishikawa H.S.) - 8:36
Sixth Stage (5.0 km) - Toki Miyauchi (3rd yr., Saku Chosei H.S.) - 14:21
Seventh Stage (5.0 km) - tie  Shun Ida (3rd yr., Kurashiki H.S.)  Maro Imamura (3rd yr., Kyushu Gakuin H.S.) - 14:21
Dec 16 26th annual All Japan Junior High Ekiden Championships in Shiga-ken
Katsura the first school in event history to take both the boys' and girls' titles. The champion teams from each of Japan's 47 prefectures took part, with hosts Shiga fielding two teams to make in a field of 48 teams in both the boys' and girls' races.

The 2018 boys winning team was Kyoto Public Katsura Junior High, in 56:33 (6 runners averaging about 9:28 for 3k). Second was Nakanajo Junior High in Gunma, 56:40. Each of 6 boys runs 3k in the relay. The 2018 Far East Track boys champion (3200m)at Yokota ran a 3000m pace of 9:22. The combined times of the top 6 FE T&F high school boys finishers in 2018 (converted to 3k equals 57:28) would have placed 8th in this junior high race.

The 2018 girls winning team was Kyoto Public Katsura Junior High, in 41:34. Shizuoka City Public Junior High was second, 41:37.  32 (of 48) teams broke 44:00 (3k pace of 11:00). The 5 relay members run in this pattern: 3k 2k 2k 2k 3k. Of the 96 girls who ran the two 3k legs, 70 girls ran between 9:51 and 11:00The top 2 girls at 2018 Far East Track championships (3200m) at Yokota ran with a 3000m pace of 11:10, which would approximate the performance of the two girls on the 40th place team..

Dec 8 USATF National Junior Olympic Cross Country
Akimanzi Siibo would have placed 2nd out of 245 (5k age 15-18). Top 8 (eight) FE boys would have placed in the top 5 (five) of the USATF boys race.  Marina Ten Have could have been 5th out of 155, Angelique Armijo 11th, Stafford & Wihman could have been 13th, Katie Clark 22nd, Leah Fahey 28th. ASIJ boys would have won (of 19 teams), with as many as 6 or 7 boys ahead of So. Cal Roadrunners' 2nd boy. ASIJ girls would have been 3rd (of 12 teams).
Dec. 1 2018 Nike USA National High School Cross Country Championships
Glendoveer Golf Course Portland Oregon  video link above right
Champions: Boys - Loudoun Valley Vikings - Purcellville, VA;  Girls - Summit Storm, Bend, Oregon
In case you are not familiar with Nike Nationals, it is the only high school national school-based team championship sport in the USA. There are 7 regional (plus New York and California)  qualifying events. From these 9 regions, 22 school teams and 50 individuals for each gender can qualify. NFHS rules actually prohibit this  kind of post-season school competition, which is why school teams are renamed with fake club names. If you look at the results, the individual qualifiers dominate the first 50 places; after that, the finishers are from the 22 qualifying teams. In such a big race (200 per gender), you can figure the last 10 or so athletes are running injured or sick. So for any of our (Pacific) region's elite runners to make the varsity (top 7) of at least 1 of the competing schools, they would need a golf-course (hilly grass) time that would place them at least ahead of the 190th runner at the Portland race.  Using Far East golf course times Siibo would have been 155, McAuliffe 156, Trevor Williams 165, Owen Young 183, Hayden Bills 187, Mickey Galvin 188.  Marina Ten Have would have been 186; Angelique Armijo 192, Annabel Stafford 193, Saga Wihman 194.









Preview of Far East 2018 Post Race 2018
Hypothetical boys race against 64 overseas schools         Hypothetical girls race against 54 overseas schools
@@@ As of Nov 27, includes many more DoDDs Europe meet results, But nearly nothing from Korea. @@@ 
Of course, with such different course difficulties and inaccurately measured distances, talk of "fastest time in the region" and "hypothetical meets" is amusingly imprecise chatter. However, one can reasonably compare differences in team depth, team spread, boys vs girls on same course, etc.
Far East Commentary        Far East 2017      DoDDS Europe 2018      more Europe.
ASIJ's #2, #3 & #5 boys were replaced by Kentaro, Grady, & Joey #6, #8, #9 on the team's depth chart, making it mostly ASIJ's "B" team. The ASIJ girls quintet replaced their #3 with their #7.  The ASIJ girls and boys would have had a great chance to defeat Stuttgart girls and Ramstein boys in the Euro Championships.    •It appears that DoDDs Europe allows more than 5 team members at the Euro championships; Stuttgart had 6 girls in top 25. Why are we limited to 5?  •If you want to qualify for Far East next year, do NOT run at Camp Humphreys or Gyeonggi Suwon. In late season (October) races, Humphreys front 4 boys at Camp Humphreys course averaged 57 seconds slower than Far East, and at Gyeonggi Suwon course they were 100 seconds SLOWER!!!! Instead, go to Kizuna Park in Iwakuni where the boys of Perry, Edgren and EJ King averaged a blazing pace of 44 seconds faster than they ran at Far East.

Don't try to qualify at API at JFK High School either. The 5 ASIJ girls at API  averaged 40 seconds slower than at Far East; St. Mary's 4 boys averaged 35 seconds slower (excluding Ryusei). 

Race time at Far East (vs prior Season Bests) 5000 meters
  Boys Girls
non-kanto in Top 10 of D1 & D2 the 6 boys averaged 28 seconds slower than their SB the 5 girls averaged 53 seconds slower than their SB - why such a big difference????
How much slower or faster were teams at Far East? Team average
Each team's Top 4 FE finishers, comparing that individual's Season Best before FE
MC Perry the 4 boys averaged 27 seconds slower at FE
would have beaten Kubasaki
the 4 girls averaged 52 seconds slower  Why so much slower??
would have beaten Humphreys and Kadena
EJ King 70 seconds slower.
Why so much??
Edgren 69 seconds slower.
Why so much??
51 seconds slower Why so much??
Kadena 18 seconds slower 76 seconds slower Why so much??
Kubasaki 21 seconds slower --dnq--
OCSI 21 seconds slower --dnq--
ASIJ   4 seconds FASTER! 20 seconds slower
but 40 seconds faster than at API !
Yokota  8 seconds slower 24 seconds FASTER!
Kinnick 10 seconds slower 21 seconds slower
Zama  8 seconds slower 64 seconds slower; but would have beaten Kadena
St. Maur  1 second FASTER!  --dnq--
St. Mary's  3 seconds FASTER!
35 seconds faster than at API !
(excluding Ryusei who was 11th last year and 3:13 off his best this year)
Seisen qualified and would have placed between ASIJ and Kinnick, but chose not to attend.
Anyone from Korea total 95% mystery; only 1 team and 1 individual qualified total 99% mystery; only 1 team qualified

What does this tell us about qualifying marks on various courses in the Pacific? Why are some teams penalized (not invited) because they run on difficult courses? At least a half dozen girls teams might have had a better chance to qualify  if they could have run on one of the fast courses (you can guess which courses those are).
• Notice how much more difficult a "cross country style" course was for girls compared to their qualifying road races. Speculations as to why?
Note - KAIAC did not make public any season results, so we don't know if any athletes from KAIAC improved or not at Far East; so despite being marked below as a PR, we really have no idea what they ran during the season or how they achieved a qualifying mark.  

•Overall, notice the huge imbalance of boys vs girls achieving the qualifying marks. Is this an issue worth discussion?

 •A more interesting and cost-effective race might have been to have Kadena, Perry and Humphreys enter the Kanto Finals.

Euro vs Far East: Comparing Boys vs Girls on same course

5000 meters Rolling Hills Golf Course Gosser Golf Course Compare
  Europe 14 schools represented
complete teams 9 boys, 8 girls
Pacific 15 schools represented
complete teams 13 boys, 8 girls
Euro & Pac
Boys First Place 16:16 16:44 Pacific 26 slower
Boys 25th Place 18:12 18:16 similar
Girls First Place 19:01 2:45 behind 1st Euro boy 20:14 3:30 behind 1st Pac boy Pacific 73 slower
Girls 25th Place 22:16 4:04 behind 25th Euro boy 23:12 4:56 behind 25th Pac boy Pacific 56 slower


5000 meters - Girls, Boys -ASIJ vs Europe 
A bit "iffy" because Europe (like Korea) does not bother to publicize runners' results during the season. Also, we have no information about the Euro championships beyond the top 25.

ASIJ girls season best
team ranking

ASIJ boys season best
team ranking

1 19:24.5 20:14.7 (19:57.2)ran@FE 16:16.7 16:41.7 16:41.7  ran@FE
2 20:45.7 20:42.4 (19:57.2)ran@FE 17:20.8 17:41.4 (17:11.7)
3 21:39.1 21:10.8 (20:58.4 17:23.0 17:42.6 (17:16.7)
4 21:41.9 21:22.8 (21:03.3)ran@FE 17:47.3 17:48.7 (17:24.6) ran@FE
5 21:57.0 22:08.4 (21:15.9)ran@FE 17:49.5 18:02.5 (17:38.8)
6 22:14.0   (21:16.2)     (17:40.5)ran@FE
7     (21:26.2)ran@FE     (17:42.6)
8     (22:28.5)     (17:47.1)ran@FE
9     (22:41.2)     (17:48.7)ran@FE


Stripes' All-Pacific cross country

-- Akimanzi Siibo, senior, Nile C. Kinnick, Pacific season-best 16:08.3, won DODEA-Japan, Kanto Plain and Far East Division I titles.
-- Patrick Seong, senior, Korea International, personal best 18:18, Korean-American Interscholastic Activities Conference boys champion.
-- Trevor McAuliffe, senior, American School In Japan, personal best 16:47.1, Asia-Pacific Invitational champion, Far East D-I runner-up.
-- Owen Young, junior, Matthew C. Perry, personal best 16:25, DODEA-Japan runner-up, Far East Division II champion.
-- Trevor Williams, senior, Kadena, personal best 16:19.1, Okinawa island champion, third place in Far East Division I.

to the Stripes listing, an honorable mention should be added:

Shaamer Kumar, junior ASIJ, consistently on McAuliffe's shoulder in every race all season, 0:00.3 back at Kanto Finals; by performance comparisons would likely have been 3rd at Far East, ahead of Williams and Young (and even Seong if he had run); highest ranking returnee for next year.

Shintaro Okubo ASIJ 3rd API, 5th Kanto, likely would have been 5th-7th at FE
Hayden Bills, Kadena 5th FE, ever the runnerup in OAAC.


-- Angelique Armijo, junior, Matthew C. Perry, DODEA Pacific-best time of 19:44; won DODEA-Japan and Far East Division II titles.
-- Annabel Stafford, senior, Nile C. Kinnick, personal-best 19:58.8, won Kanto Plain finals, took third in DODEA-Japan and Far East Division I.
-- Mikaela Domingo, senior, St. Paul Christian, Guam, Pacific-best 18:57.0, Guam all-island champion. see note below
-- Marina Ten Have, sophomore, American School In Japan, Far East Division I champion, personal-best 19:57.2.
-- Jenny Lee, senior, Korea International, Korean-American Interscholastic Activities Conference regular-season champion.

to the Stripes listing, an honorable mention should be added:
Saga Wihman, sophomore ASIJ, successfully defended her title as API champion, the biggest race in the Pacific.
Nana Richter, Seisen, 3rd API, 2nd Kanto
Noore Farag, senior, Chadwick, who beat Jenny Lee by 39 seconds at KAIAC championships
Melissa Martin, junior Humphreys, top KAIAC girl at FE.
Jenna Han, St. Johns, All Guam champion but 19th at API.
Some fact checking needs to be done on Domingo, who did not compete at Guam finals & API, and did not travel with team to Kanto Invite.


Comparative Event Pacific Boys Pacific Girls
DoDDs championships parity with Europe outperformed by Europe
Nike Nationals Pacific boys would place higher than the girls
USAT&F Jr Olympics Pacific boys would place higher than the girls
Japan Jr High Ekiden Pacific HS boys would place higher than the HS girls

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