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Kayla O'Mara Invitational


Official Sat, Oct 12, 2019 Oct 12, 2019Goodrich Middle School

Kayla O'Mara invitational #12,

Thank you all for coming and your excellent sportsmanship. The tent areas were almost spotless thanks to all of you, As we look back on what we planned, we also look forward to identify what needs to change. PARKING!

As you all know this is a self-prepared and self-funded meet except for the music, officials and shirt sales. Everything else including: lawn mowing, parking collection, concession purchases and sales, course lining, flag placement, course tear down and cleanup is preformed by our parents and runners.

We believe the pace of the meet went well, the scoring was excellent with quick and accurate results. Hopefully you were pleased with the course preparation; we could have done without the 2 inches of rain Friday night. We did run out of hot chocolate and will correct in 2020.

We ran out of shirts, expected I guess with over 750 runners. If you need more they are available through Hilton Screeners in Davison. I do know tha Kearsley has placed an order. 810-653-0711 (Jenny McKenzie) is the point of contact and i receive Zero for the sales.

The Award ceremony was a bit of a disaster. Many teams left for Homecoming as did Goodrich and the presenter, myself, was missing his right thumb. I dropped as many medals as I handed out. I will do better next year, promise,

I still have 2 top 7 medals. If you have a runner who finished in the top 7 let me know so I can get them to you.

Once again thank you and your comments are always welcome

Aj Warden

Goodrich Cross country

No body sits the bench



Mens 5,000 Meters Varsity Large & Small

1.12Tyler Buchanan15:55.61Linden
1.12Jackson Turnbow16:33.45Grand Blanc
2.10Gabe Trudeau16:35.04Goodrich
3.10Nathan Lott16:36.53Webberville
2.12Cameron Smith16:45.16Swartz Creek
3.11Jordan Buckner16:47.11Flushing
4.12Jack Carter16:52.09Flint Carman-Ainsworth
5.12Adam Jesse16:53.27Fenton
4.10River Meckstroth16:54.60Linden
6.12Logan Canada16:58.86Fenton
7.12Connor Krueger16:59.81Hartland
5.9Kyle Eberhard17:01.14Linden
8.9Benjamin Smith17:01.78Hartland
9.12Johnathan Buck17:02.22Grand Blanc
10.12Cade Kaighen17:03.19Hartland
6.12Drew Himmelspach17:04.29Goodrich
11.11Samuel Cox17:09.54Fenton
12.12Gabe Sanchez17:10.29Holly
7.11Lucas Oberle17:11.14Goodrich
13.10Blake Chipman17:12.62Flushing
14.12Ethan Beres17:15.49Hartland
15.9Marcelino Juarez17:19.28Grand Blanc
16.11Nolan Weisdorfer17:21.03Holly
17.12Hunter Markel17:21.82Flushing
8.11Matthew Hart17:25.68Flint Powers Catholic
18.9Sam Kromberg17:26.92Hartland
19.12Micah Dekraker17:29.94Fenton
20.12Caleb Kawa17:36.43Swartz Creek
21.10Josh Maier17:39.46Fenton
22.10Michael Crane17:39.84Fenton
23.11Gage Bond17:40.28Fenton
9.10Lucas Danic17:41.31Flint Powers Catholic
24.10Kielin Thompson17:43.72Flint Carman-Ainsworth
25.10Charles Powers17:44.09Grand Blanc
10.12River Jannette17:45.49Ortonville Brandon
11.10Chase Dietrich17:46.94Flint Powers Catholic
26.12Antonio Aguilar17:47.28Flushing
27.10Mason Rosa17:49.51Holly
28.11Remington Stapp17:49.79Fenton
29.12Noah Barney17:50.25Swartz Creek
12.12Carter Owens17:50.64Flint Powers Catholic
13.12Liam Sack17:51.20Linden
14.9Simon Dicks17:51.78Linden
30.9Zachery Sandin17:55.04Hartland
31.11Ryan Melen17:56.02Swartz Creek
32.12Bradley Baxter17:56.36Holly
15.11Nicholas Mammel17:58.01Flint Powers Catholic
33.12Ben Gietek17:58.34Hartland
34.12Nick Errer17:58.64Hartland
35.9Brandon Rohrer17:58.96Hartland
16.12Bryan Jackson18:02.40Clio
36.12Griffen Rose18:03.56Holly
17.11Andrew Farrer18:04.31Flint Powers Catholic
18.11Russell Rozenbaum18:04.62Ortonville Brandon
37.10Aidan Brzezinski18:06.53Fenton
19.9Ryan Blackwood18:06.96Linden
38.10Bryce Meredith18:08.60Flushing
20.9Caleb Howard18:10.37Webberville
39.11Matthew Crosby18:12.21Flushing
21.12Tony Duby18:13.97Clio
22.12Charlie Ballmer18:15.03Goodrich
40.10Braeden Tunnicliff18:15.57Flushing
41.12Ryan Mixon18:16.13Flushing
42.12Nate Statly18:17.13Hartland
23.12Colin Zelley18:17.61Flint Powers Catholic
24.11Ian Burke18:18.33Ortonville Brandon
25.9Hayden Bradfield18:20.27Linden
26.12Jonah Gulledge18:21.03Genesee Christian Academy
27.12Grant Maxheimer18:21.29Linden
28.10Gabriel Phillips18:21.57Clio
29.12Luke Giza18:22.00Goodrich
30.12Ethan Freel18:24.36Flint Powers Catholic
31.10Landen Andre18:29.04Goodrich
43.11Jon Linton18:31.35Flushing
44.12Roger Reppuhn18:31.77Holly
32.11Tom Powell18:33.25Clio
45.9Jack Roy18:33.72Flint Carman-Ainsworth
33.12Tristan Riggs18:37.71Richmond
34.10Dillon Stacy18:39.34Flint Powers Catholic
35.10Andrew Polcik18:41.46Clio
46.11Malachi Kingen18:43.10Swartz Creek
36.10Avery McCarthy18:43.79Flint Powers Catholic
37.10Matthew Gunn18:44.32Rochester Hills Lutheran NW
38.10Garrett Goodwin18:45.42Webberville
47.10Zachary Rockafellow18:45.89Holly
39.11Casey Cohen18:47.50Linden
40.11Lucas Bliesner18:50.23Webberville
48.12Ben Oles19:00.84Swartz Creek
49.11Hunter Wheeler19:02.29Fenton
50.11Brian Simpson19:03.20Grand Blanc
41.10Evan Green19:08.11Richmond
51.11William Mitchell19:10.37Swartz Creek
42.11Dayton Mills19:10.64Burton-Bendle
43.10Brendan Peckens19:12.60Webberville
44.10Carsen Gradowski19:19.63Clio
45.12Kade Frizzelle19:24.64Durand
46.10Treavor Capoferi19:25.09Rochester Hills Lutheran NW
47.10Connor Germain19:27.10Richmond
48.9Tyler Heath19:27.53Clio
52.11Dalero McNeal19:30.18Flint Carman-Ainsworth
49.11Joey Francis19:32.44Goodrich
50.10Logan Brown19:33.06Webberville
51.12Conner LaFave19:34.45Durand
52.12Andrew McDonald19:35.24Linden
53.11Max Drummelsmith19:39.04Rochester Hills Lutheran NW
53.9Christopher Holt19:48.88Flushing
54.10Tristan Sutcliffe19:52.10Flint Kearsley
55.10Tyler Csintyan20:05.74Flint Kearsley
56.12Mitchell Howell20:07.62Flint Kearsley
57.11Josiah Keller20:16.39New Life Christian Academy
58.10Joshua Nelson20:18.23New Life Christian Academy
59.11Brendan Pehlke20:20.34Rochester Hills Lutheran NW
60.10Grant Rasmussen20:23.08Genesee Christian Academy
61.9Ben Schmaltz20:23.73Ortonville Brandon
62.11Landen Stamper20:26.63Ortonville Brandon
63.11Mike Clancy20:30.53Ortonville Brandon
54.9Christopher Lengyel20:30.99Grand Blanc
64.9Ben Keller20:35.66New Life Christian Academy
65.9Cody Ballmer20:41.27Genesee Christian Academy
66.9Isaiah Dunn20:41.91Goodrich
67.11Parker Dayton20:46.77Rochester Hills Lutheran NW
68.9Max Vollmert20:47.75Rochester Hills Lutheran NW
69.11Ben Nebo20:53.44Durand
70.9Eddy Mullen21:00.82Richmond
55.9Caleb Rodgers21:05.31Flint Carman-Ainsworth
71.12Austin Frizzelle21:15.08Durand
72.10Mario Wells21:16.06Flint Kearsley
73.11Josh Mulcahey21:20.50Ortonville Brandon
74.11Owen Myers21:22.26Rochester Hills Lutheran NW
75.12Evan Fisher21:31.43Rochester Hills Lutheran NW
76.10Ben Voorheis21:42.13Burton-Bendle
77.12Jayden Compton21:46.08Burton-Bendle
78.9Olin Mastin22:00.47Ortonville Brandon
79.9Phoenix Leverette22:07.00Flint Kearsley
80.11Brandon Smith22:15.78Webberville
56.12Ian Wickham22:18.36Flint Carman-Ainsworth
81.9Douglas Gauthier22:33.83Burton-Bendle
82.12Wesley Kimball22:57.02Burton-Bendle
57.9Zion Clingman23:25.61Flint Carman-Ainsworth
83.10Braden Thane23:26.05Genesee Christian Academy
84.11Sidney Papenfus23:28.33Genesee Christian Academy
58.10Alex Wickham24:06.15Flint Carman-Ainsworth
85.12Brandon Putnam24:27.71Durand
86.10Christopher Cunnington29:09.25Genesee Christian Academy
87.12Daniel Alcorn30:59.28New Life Christian Academy