Alabama High School 2022 Outdoor Track & Field

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100m12Charlie Sexton10.15 (4.2)PRALAuburnMay 07AHSAA State Track Championships (4A-5A-6A-7A)
200m12Charlie Sexton20.93 (-.1)PRALAuburnMay 07AHSAA State Track Championships (4A-5A-6A-7A)
400m12Braylyn Farrington47.40PRALCaleraApr 16Mountain Brook Invitational
800m11Alex Leath1:52.09PRALVestavia HillsApr 16Mountain Brook Invitational
1600m11Mac Conwell4:09.76PRALSt. Paul's EpiscopalMay 07AHSAA State Track Championships (4A-5A-6A-7A)
1mile11Mac Conwell4:12.20ALSt. Paul's EpiscopalApr 16Mountain Brook Invitational
3200m11 (16)Evan Hill9:01.74PRALScottsboroMay 07AHSAA State Track Championships (4A-5A-6A-7A)
2miles11 (16)Evan Hill9:05.20PRALScottsboroApr 16Mountain Brook Invitational
110mH-39"12Patrick Daves13.70 (.0)PRALBayside AcademyApr 02Mobile Challenge of Champions Invitational
300mH-36"12Patrick Daves37.09PRALBayside AcademyApr 09Angelo Harris Invitational
400mH-36"9Richard Whitehead1:08.50PRALPaul W BryantApr 09All American Track Classic 2022
4x100mCarson Yancy
Amory DJ Witcher
Jaden Walker
Charlie Sexton
41.49ALAuburnApr 30AHSAA Smiths Station Sectional (1A, 7A)
4x200mRelay Team1:31.80ALEscambia AcademyMar 29Escambia Academy Meet #2
4x400mRelay Team3:15.54ALHooverApr 30AHSAA Mountain Brook Sectional (5A-6A-7A)
4x800mRex Green
Reese Bell
Zach Avenel
Stephen Jones
7:45.57ALScottsboroApr 30AHSAA Scottsboro Sectional (1A, 3A, 6A)
SprintMed1124Relay Team1:39.21ALOak MountainFeb 26Jaguar Relays
SprintMed2248-[2-2-4-8]Relay Team3:51.86ALNorthridgeFeb 26Jaguar Relays
DistMed12,4,8,16-[12-4-8-16]Maxwell Hardin
Thomas Parnell
Bailey Wade
Charlie Sexton
10:38.30ALAuburnFeb 26Adonica Ferguson Smiths Station Panther Open
Shot-12lb12 (19)Tanveer Raza59' 4.75PRALHewitt-TrussvilleMay 07AHSAA State Track Championships (4A-5A-6A-7A)
Discus-1.6kg11 (16)Connor Owens163' 4PRALSt JamesApr 30AHSAA Beauregard Sectional (2A-3A-4A-5A)
Javelin-800g11Matthew Coleman189' 2PRALHaleyvilleMay 07AHSAA State Track Championships (4A-5A-6A-7A)
HJ12Jaggerd Moore6' 10PRALHewitt-TrussvilleApr 30AHSAA Mountain Brook Sectional (5A-6A-7A)
PV11 (16)Maddox Hamm18' 1PRALScottsboroMar 04Husky March Classic
LJ11Ashton Mitchell23' 9.25PRALOxfordApr 22Hewitt-Trussville Invitational
TJ11 (17)Jay Avery49' 1.5 (3.3)PRALHooverMay 07AHSAA State Track Championships (4A-5A-6A-7A)
100m11Shonedra Richardson11.58 (2.6)PRALDemopolisMay 07AHSAA State Track Championships (4A-5A-6A-7A)
200m11Shonedra Richardson24.20 (.1)PRALDemopolisMay 07AHSAA State Track Championships (4A-5A-6A-7A)
400m11Tia Acker55.65PRALSt. MichaelMay 07AHSAA State Track Championships (4A-5A-6A-7A)
800m10Lucy Benton2:10.90PRALMountain BrookMay 07AHSAA State Track Championships (4A-5A-6A-7A)
1600m11 (16)Reagan Riley4:51.82PRALMountain BrookMay 07AHSAA State Track Championships (4A-5A-6A-7A)
1mile12Crawford West4:54.51PRALVestavia HillsApr 16Mountain Brook Invitational
3200m12Crawford West10:43.66ALVestavia HillsMay 07AHSAA State Track Championships (4A-5A-6A-7A)
2miles11Mary Mac Collins10:50.22PRALNorthridgeApr 16Mountain Brook Invitational
100mH-33"12Rashni Walker14.26 (1.0)ALNorthridgeMay 07AHSAA State Track Championships (4A-5A-6A-7A)
300mH-30"9Janie Ford43.02PRALSt. Paul's EpiscopalApr 09Angelo Harris Invitational
4x100mRelay Team46.69ALHooverApr 16Mountain Brook Invitational
4x200mJoye Anderson
Aniyah Kitt
Makayla Bass
Jaziya Watkins
1:47.82ALEnterpriseFeb 25Enterprise Invitational #1
4x400mRelay Team3:50.78ALHooverApr 30AHSAA Mountain Brook Sectional (5A-6A-7A)
4x800mRelay Team9:11.18ALMountain BrookApr 09All American Track Classic 2022
SprintMed1124Relay Team1:57.41ALPaul W BryantFeb 26Jaguar Relays
SprintMed2248-[2-2-4-8]Relay Team4:37.91ALNorthridgeFeb 26Jaguar Relays
DistMed12,4,8,16-[12-4-8-16]Audrey Erath
Reese Dodgen
Linnea Cox
Sarah Tole
13:34.15ALAuburnFeb 26Adonica Ferguson Smiths Station Panther Open
Shot-4kg12Iyana Johnson41' 9PRALW. P. DavidsonMar 26Hornet Lion Invitational
Discus-1kg-Jammaya Williams127' 7PRALMadison AcademyApr 02Mobile Challenge of Champions Invitational
Javelin-600g12Rashni Walker141' 3PRALNorthridgeMay 07AHSAA State Track Championships (4A-5A-6A-7A)
HJ12Dorsey Parker5' 8ALUMS Wright PrepApr 12Mobile County 1A-5A Championships
PV12Lennon Ibsen12' 8PRALFort PayneApr 16King of the East Invitational
LJ11Morgan Davis19' 5 (-.1)PRALSaralandMay 07AHSAA State Track Championships (4A-5A-6A-7A)
TJ12Iyana Johnson41' 1.25 (2.2)PRALW. P. DavidsonMay 07AHSAA State Track Championships (4A-5A-6A-7A)

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