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Luc Anderson - Senior
400 Meters53.62aMar 14Joe Peyton Invitational
400m Hurdles - 36"58.33aApr 25NWC Championships
Greg Bailey - Senior
Discus - 2kg39.69m Apr 11Luau Meet
Hammer - 16lb55.17m Apr 25NWC Championships
Isaac Blum - Senior
100 Meters11.39awMar 7Puget Sound Tri
200 Meters22.73aApr 25NWC Championships
Long Jump5.91m Apr 11Luau Meet
Andrew Bonica - Junior
1500 Meters4:27.31aMar 26Buc Scoring Invite and Multi Event
5000 Meters15:38.82aApr 4Shotwell Invitational
10,000 Meters32:27.47aMar 7Puget Sound Tri
Cameron Butler - Junior
1500 Meters4:13.51aApr 4Shotwell Invitational
3000 Meters9:50.92aMar 7Puget Sound Tri
5000 Meters16:42.94aMar 26Buc Scoring Invite and Multi Event
Daniel Clarke - Freshman
100 Meters12.09aApr 18Spike Arlt Invitational
200 Meters24.71aApr 18Spike Arlt Invitational
Nick Cronenwett - Senior
Pole Vault4.00m Apr 4Shotwell Invitational
Alec DiMario - Freshman
Long Jump6.47m Apr 25NWC Championships
Triple Jump12.39m Apr 25NWC Championships
Andrew Galvin - Senior
100 Meters11.68awMar 7Puget Sound Tri
200 Meters23.69awMar 26Buc Scoring Invite and Multi Event
Jimmy Ivory - Junior
Long Jump5.05m Mar 7Puget Sound Tri
Triple Jump11.89m Mar 7Puget Sound Tri
Unknown Karlen - ?
200 Meters24.68aApr 18Spike Arlt Invitational
Ben Mangrum - ?
10,000 Meters32:21.03aMar 7Puget Sound Tri
AJ Middleton - Senior
Shot Put - 16lb15.22m Apr 18Spike Arlt Invitational
Hammer - 16lb47.92m Apr 18Spike Arlt Invitational
Alverno Middleton - Senior
Shot Put - 16lb15.62m May 2Pacific Twilight
Hammer - 16lb46.86m Mar 14Joe Peyton Invitational
Cam Nakano - Junior
800 Meters2:01.52aMar 26Buc Scoring Invite and Multi Event
1500 Meters4:31.63aMar 7Puget Sound Tri
Danny O'Brien - Junior
Javelin - 800g35.28m Mar 7Puget Sound Tri
Chris Pierce-Wright - Sophomore
100 Meters12.09awMar 7Puget Sound Tri
200 Meters24.67aApr 4Shotwell Invitational
Wiley Putnam - Freshman
100 Meters11.77aMar 26Buc Scoring Invite and Multi Event
200 Meters23.26aApr 25NWC Championships
400 Meters52.40aApr 18Spike Arlt Invitational
Francis Reynolds - Junior
1500 Meters4:09.45aApr 11Luau Meet
3000 Meters9:01.54aMar 7Puget Sound Tri
5000 Meters15:10.10aApr 11Luau Meet
10,000 Meters30:55.46aApr 25NWC Championships
Karlen Rothenbueler - Freshman
400 Meters58.14aMar 7Puget Sound Tri
Andy Schulz - Freshman
Pole Vault3.65m Mar 26Buc Scoring Invite and Multi Event
David Skolnik - Sophomore
200 Meters25.49aMar 14Joe Peyton Invitational
Long Jump5.70m Mar 14Joe Peyton Invitational
Zach Small - Freshman
800 Meters2:25.34aMar 7Puget Sound Tri
1500 Meters4:38.10aApr 4Shotwell Invitational
5000 Meters18:15.40aApr 11Luau Meet
Robert Snowden - Freshman
800 Meters2:00.13aApr 25NWC Championships
1500 Meters4:27.17aMar 26Buc Scoring Invite and Multi Event
Frank Speetjens - Junior
100 Meters12.03awApr 14NWC Multi-Events
400 Meters56.06aApr 14NWC Multi-Events
1500 Meters4:41.95aApr 14NWC Multi-Events
110m Hurdles - 42"20.23aApr 14NWC Multi-Events
400m Hurdles - 36"62.72aApr 18Spike Arlt Invitational
Shot Put - 16lb9.43m Apr 14NWC Multi-Events
Discus - 2kg27.31m Apr 11Luau Meet
Javelin - 800g45.04m Apr 4Shotwell Invitational
High Jump1.62m Apr 4Shotwell Invitational
Pole Vault3.55m Apr 18Spike Arlt Invitational
Long Jump5.63m Mar 7Puget Sound Tri
Decathlon Score4583Apr 14NWC Multi-Events
Darrell Stewart - Sophomore
100 Meters11.15awMar 7Puget Sound Tri
200 Meters22.52aApr 11Luau Meet
110m Hurdles - 42"17.08aApr 18Spike Arlt Invitational
Jeffrey Uslan - Junior
800 Meters2:29.02aMar 7Puget Sound Tri
Casey Wall - Freshman
800 Meters2:06.30aApr 4Shotwell Invitational
1500 Meters4:12.97aApr 11Luau Meet
3000 Meters9:58.11aMar 7Puget Sound Tri
5000 Meters16:39.13aMar 14Joe Peyton Invitational


Maddy Bassett - Sophomore
800 Meters2:32.30aApr 11Luau Meet
1500 Meters5:31.69aMar 26Buc Scoring Invite and Multi Event
Madeline Brennemen - Freshman
400 Meters83.39aMar 14Joe Peyton Invitational
Karen Chase - Senior
Shot Put - 4kg12.26m Apr 18Spike Arlt Invitational
Jenni Denekas - Sophomore
1500 Meters6:57.62aMar 7Puget Sound Tri
Nika Evans - Freshman
400 Meters63.64aApr 18Spike Arlt Invitational
800 Meters2:21.85aApr 25NWC Championships
1500 Meters5:16.94aMar 7Puget Sound Tri
3000 Meters11:46.17aMar 7Puget Sound Tri
Melissa Fritts - Freshman
Shot Put - 4kg10.16m Apr 18Spike Arlt Invitational
Discus - 1kg27.18m Mar 26Buc Scoring Invite and Multi Event
Hammer - 4kg28.83m Apr 11Luau Meet
Marnie Hazlehurst - Freshman
5000 Meters20:19.65aMar 14Joe Peyton Invitational
10,000 Meters42:25.73aApr 25NWC Championships
Maya Heck - Freshman
100 Meters14.04awMar 7Puget Sound Tri
200 Meters29.36aApr 4Shotwell Invitational
Pole Vault2.75m Apr 25NWC Championships
Emily Herr - Junior
Pole Vault2.75m Apr 11Luau Meet
Samantha King - Freshman
High Jump1.48m Mar 7Puget Sound Tri
Maggie Klee - Freshman
Discus - 1kg28.77m Apr 4Shotwell Invitational
Hammer - 4kg32.14m Apr 18Spike Arlt Invitational
Erin Larkin - Freshman
400 Meters68.19aApr 18Spike Arlt Invitational
800 Meters2:39.02aMar 14Joe Peyton Invitational
1500 Meters5:47.26aMar 7Puget Sound Tri
Andrea Leiken - Freshman
200 Meters27.21aApr 18Spike Arlt Invitational
400 Meters61.48aApr 18Spike Arlt Invitational
Caitlin McGrane - Junior
200 Meters26.56awApr 14NWC Multi-Events
800 Meters2:21.18aMar 20Northridge Multi's
100m Hurdles - 33"14.97aApr 25NWC Championships
Shot Put - 4kg9.84m Mar 7Puget Sound Tri
Javelin - 600g32.22m Apr 4Shotwell Invitational
High Jump1.42m Apr 4Shotwell Invitational
Long Jump4.79m Mar 26Buc Scoring Invite and Multi Event
Heptathlon Score4409Apr 14NWC Multi-Events
Brooke Peaden - Freshman
800 Meters2:51.36aApr 11Luau Meet
1500 Meters5:40.95aApr 11Luau Meet
5000 Meters20:29.37aApr 4Shotwell Invitational
10,000 Meters43:35.80aMar 26Buc Scoring Invite and Multi Event
Tamika Smith - Senior
800 Meters2:36.64aApr 11Luau Meet
1500 Meters5:09.23aApr 11Luau Meet
5000 Meters18:48.66aMay 2Pacific Twilight
10,000 Meters39:38.91aApr 25NWC Championships
Bailey Stiever - Freshman
Pole Vault2.40m Apr 4Shotwell Invitational
Hayley Walker - Freshman
1500 Meters5:04.54aMar 14Joe Peyton Invitational
5000 Meters18:50.06aMar 26Buc Scoring Invite and Multi Event
10,000 Meters40:11.22aMar 7Puget Sound Tri
Juliette Witous - Freshman
200 Meters30.34awMar 7Puget Sound Tri
400 Meters65.74aMar 7Puget Sound Tri
Mary Wolfe - Sophomore
Pole Vault2.21m Mar 7Puget Sound Tri
Ili Wong - Sophomore
200 Meters29.70awApr 14NWC Multi-Events
800 Meters3:12.53aApr 14NWC Multi-Events
100m Hurdles - 33"17.53awApr 14NWC Multi-Events
Shot Put - 4kg7.67m Apr 14NWC Multi-Events
Javelin - 600g24.97m Apr 14NWC Multi-Events
High Jump1.43m Mar 7Puget Sound Tri
Long Jump4.74m Mar 14Joe Peyton Invitational
Triple Jump10.30m Apr 25NWC Championships
Heptathlon Score3004Apr 14NWC Multi-Events