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Skyler Ahrens - Sophomore
100 Meters10.98awMay 9Iowa Conference Championships
200 Meters22.44awMay 9Iowa Conference Championships
400 Meters53.21aApr 4Wartburg Multi & Select
Long Jump6.70m May 9Iowa Conference Championships
Mike Alcaraz - Freshman
400 Meters52.59aApr 18Dick Young Classic
Luke Appelton - Junior
800 Meters1:58.95aMay 9Iowa Conference Championships
1500 Meters4:08.00aApr 18Dick Young Classic
Ben Brannaman - Senior
100 Meters11.87aApr 24Kip Janvrin Simpson College Open
200 Meters23.57aApr 30Wartburg/Luther Dual
400 Meters52.02aApr 30Wartburg/Luther Dual
Brian Chenoweth - Senior
800 Meters2:01.60aApr 4Wartburg Multi & Select
1500 Meters3:58.33aApr 4Wartburg Multi & Select
5000 Meters14:19.29aMay 15Gregory Invitational
10,000 Meters30:07.34aApr 18Meet of Champions
Ryan DeSanti - Senior
1500 Meters4:59.94aApr 10Platteville Invite
5000 Meters19:27.38aApr 4Wartburg Multi & Select
Joel Francis - Junior
1500 Meters4:26.44aApr 10Platteville Invite
3200 Meters10:28.51aApr 30Wartburg/Luther Dual
5000 Meters16:50.96aApr 4Wartburg Multi & Select
Drew Frees - Freshman
800 Meters2:05.96aApr 10Platteville Invite
Mike Gurius - Junior
Shot Put - 16lb14.17m May 9Iowa Conference Championships
Discus - 2kg45.41m May 9Iowa Conference Championships
Hammer - 16lb45.08m May 9Iowa Conference Championships
Ben Hackbart - Sophomore
800 Meters2:00.23aApr 30Wartburg/Luther Dual
Russell Harris - Junior
100 Meters11.51awMay 2Iowa Conference Multi-Event Championships
400 Meters52.73aMay 2Iowa Conference Multi-Event Championships
1500 Meters5:05.97aMay 2Iowa Conference Multi-Event Championships
110m Hurdles - 42"14.69awMay 14UW-La Crosse Last Chance
400m Hurdles - 36"58.95aApr 10Platteville Invite
Shot Put - 16lb9.78m May 2Iowa Conference Multi-Event Championships
Discus - 2kg23.16m May 2Iowa Conference Multi-Event Championships
Javelin - 800g38.12m May 2Iowa Conference Multi-Event Championships
High Jump1.85m May 2Iowa Conference Multi-Event Championships
Pole Vault3.05m May 2Iowa Conference Multi-Event Championships
Long Jump6.33m May 2Iowa Conference Multi-Event Championships
Decathlon Score5668.00May 2Iowa Conference Multi-Event Championships
Kale Holst - Freshman
Discus - 2kg34.62m May 9Iowa Conference Championships
Javelin - 800g37.53m Apr 4Wartburg Multi & Select
Cody Iverson - Freshman
Shot Put - 16lb13.68m May 9Iowa Conference Championships
Discus - 2kg43.12m May 9Iowa Conference Championships
Hammer - 16lb38.69m May 9Iowa Conference Championships
Drew Johnson - Senior
100 Meters11.09awMay 9Iowa Conference Championships
200 Meters22.22awMay 9Iowa Conference Championships
400 Meters52.10aApr 4Wartburg Multi & Select
David Kelly - Senior
800 Meters2:05.60aApr 30Wartburg/Luther Dual
Chris Keninger - Freshman
200 Meters24.26aApr 10Platteville Invite
400 Meters51.57aApr 30Wartburg/Luther Dual
Long Jump6.18m Apr 30Wartburg/Luther Dual
Triple Jump13.44m May 9Iowa Conference Championships
Michael Koehler - Freshman
200 Meters25.42awApr 30Wartburg/Luther Dual
400m Hurdles - 36"55.16aApr 30Wartburg/Luther Dual
John Kuckelman - Senior
Shot Put - 16lb13.55m May 9Iowa Conference Championships
Discus - 2kg46.39m Apr 11Jim Duncan Invitational
Hammer - 16lb52.63m Apr 25Loras Open
Karch Landers - Freshman
110m Hurdles - 42"16.15awMay 9Iowa Conference Championships
400m Hurdles - 36"63.57aApr 4Wartburg Multi & Select
High Jump1.77m Apr 10Platteville Invite
Nick Lee - Sophomore
1500 Meters4:16.46aApr 24Kip Janvrin Simpson College Open
3200 Meters10:02.15aApr 30Wartburg/Luther Dual
5000 Meters15:59.82aApr 18Dick Young Classic
10,000 Meters34:27.36aMay 9Iowa Conference Championships
Tanner Linden - Freshman
1500 Meters4:28.58aApr 10Platteville Invite
3k Steeplechase10:28.36aMay 9Iowa Conference Championships
Damoan Lott - Senior
Long Jump6.38m Apr 30Wartburg/Luther Dual
Triple Jump13.82m May 14UW-La Crosse Last Chance
Ben Lubben - Freshman
100 Meters11.38awApr 30Wartburg/Luther Dual
200 Meters23.45awApr 30Wartburg/Luther Dual
Long Jump6.18m Apr 30Wartburg/Luther Dual
Triple Jump12.36m Apr 10Platteville Invite
John Matthiesen - Freshman
400m Hurdles - 36"60.64aApr 10Platteville Invite
Tim McKenna - Senior
800 Meters2:02.29aApr 10Platteville Invite
1500 Meters4:01.48aMay 9Iowa Conference Championships
5000 Meters15:30.85aApr 18Dick Young Classic
Steven Minneweather - Freshman
100 Meters12.36aApr 18Dick Young Classic
200 Meters24.25aApr 10Platteville Invite
400 Meters53.15aApr 24Kip Janvrin Simpson College Open
Aaron Monroe - Freshman
800 Meters2:07.24aApr 18Dick Young Classic
1500 Meters4:36.46aApr 24Kip Janvrin Simpson College Open
Matt Moore - Freshman
800 Meters2:01.38aApr 10Platteville Invite
1500 Meters4:10.55aApr 4Wartburg Multi & Select
Matt Mostek - Freshman
400m Hurdles - 36"65.97aApr 18Dick Young Classic
Javelin - 800g44.81m May 9Iowa Conference Championships
Jeff Murray - Freshman
800 Meters2:17.76aApr 18Dick Young Classic
Nicholas Ohrt - Freshman
800 Meters2:02.80aApr 4Wartburg Multi & Select
1500 Meters4:30.65aMay 9Iowa Conference Championships
3k Steeplechase10:51.50aApr 10Platteville Invite
Nick Ohrt - Freshman
1500 Meters4:18.62aApr 18Dick Young Classic
Darian Patterson - Freshman
400m Hurdles - 36"58.20aApr 24Kip Janvrin Simpson College Open
Jordan Paulus - Junior
800 Meters2:02.37aApr 4Wartburg Multi & Select
Derek Peth - Senior
200 Meters22.55aMay 9Iowa Conference Championships
400 Meters49.99aMay 9Iowa Conference Championships
400m Hurdles - 36"56.12aMay 14UW-La Crosse Last Chance
Ryan Putz - Junior
High Jump2.00m May 15Augustana Twilight
Michael Ramaeker - ?
110m Hurdles - 42"16.40awMay 9Iowa Conference Championships
400m Hurdles - 36"59.81aMay 9Iowa Conference Championships
Mike Ramaeker - Freshman
110m Hurdles - 42"18.00aApr 18Dick Young Classic
400m Hurdles - 36"61.90aApr 18Dick Young Classic
Joel Rasmussen - Senior
1500 Meters4:19.54aApr 30Wartburg/Luther Dual
5000 Meters15:41.94aApr 10Platteville Invite
3k Steeplechase9:52.69aApr 18Dick Young Classic
Timothy Reisner - Freshman
1500 Meters4:34.64aApr 10Platteville Invite
Terrance Roberts - Freshman
100 Meters12.01aApr 18Dick Young Classic
Long Jump5.97m Apr 18Dick Young Classic
Triple Jump12.78m Apr 30Wartburg/Luther Dual
Heath Rost - Junior
100 Meters11.47awApr 30Wartburg/Luther Dual
200 Meters23.11aApr 30Wartburg/Luther Dual
400 Meters52.60aApr 4Wartburg Multi & Select
Long Jump6.38m Apr 10Platteville Invite
Steven Salinas - Senior
Javelin - 800g56.55m Apr 4Wartburg Multi & Select
Jordan Sathoff - Freshman
High Jump2.05m May 15Augustana Twilight
John Schulz - Freshman
800 Meters1:59.46aApr 30Wartburg/Luther Dual
Drew Shradel - Freshman
110m Hurdles - 42"15.58awMay 9Iowa Conference Championships
400m Hurdles - 36"56.90aApr 24Kip Janvrin Simpson College Open
Derek Stephens - Senior
400 Meters53.60aApr 18Dick Young Classic
800 Meters2:08.43aApr 10Platteville Invite
Marquis Stephens - Junior
100 Meters11.20awApr 30Wartburg/Luther Dual
200 Meters23.14aApr 30Wartburg/Luther Dual
400 Meters57.74aApr 4Wartburg Multi & Select
Jon Stover - Sophomore
1500 Meters4:12.44aApr 30Wartburg/Luther Dual
5000 Meters15:22.36aApr 10Platteville Invite
3k Steeplechase9:43.52aApr 18Dick Young Classic
Jonathan Strum - Freshman
800 Meters2:05.03aApr 4Wartburg Multi & Select
1500 Meters4:11.82aApr 10Platteville Invite
3k Steeplechase10:27.25aMay 9Iowa Conference Championships
Jon Sturm - Freshman
1500 Meters4:13.61aApr 18Dick Young Classic
Sam Sturtz - Freshman
1500 Meters4:09.50aApr 10Platteville Invite
5000 Meters16:28.15aApr 24Kip Janvrin Simpson College Open
Pangji Sunday - Sophomore
200 Meters23.17aApr 4Wartburg Multi & Select
400 Meters51.11aApr 18Dick Young Classic
Brendan Thompson - Freshman
1500 Meters4:18.83aApr 10Platteville Invite
3200 Meters9:57.08aApr 30Wartburg/Luther Dual
5000 Meters16:14.08aApr 18Dick Young Classic
Nate Vaughn - Sophomore
800 Meters1:58.46aApr 18Dick Young Classic
Mike Veenendaal - Senior
100 Meters11.94awMay 2Iowa Conference Multi-Event Championships
400 Meters55.38aMay 2Iowa Conference Multi-Event Championships
1500 Meters5:07.49aApr 4Wartburg Multi & Select
110m Hurdles - 42"19.88aMay 2Iowa Conference Multi-Event Championships
Shot Put - 16lb9.21m May 2Iowa Conference Multi-Event Championships
Discus - 2kg27.94m May 2Iowa Conference Multi-Event Championships
Javelin - 800g41.31m Apr 10Platteville Invite
High Jump1.52m Apr 4Wartburg Multi & Select
Pole Vault3.09m May 9Iowa Conference Championships
Long Jump5.27m May 2Iowa Conference Multi-Event Championships
Decathlon Score4571.00May 2Iowa Conference Multi-Event Championships
Robert Warner - Freshman
Javelin - 800g44.95m Apr 30Wartburg/Luther Dual
Nate Wiley - Sophomore
400 Meters51.66aApr 30Wartburg/Luther Dual
800 Meters2:21.74aApr 10Platteville Invite


Akeya Aimable - Senior
100 Meters12.81aApr 18Kansas Relays
200 Meters26.22aApr 11Jim Duncan Invitational
Triple Jump12.16m May 23NCAA Division III National Championships
Rachael Andresen - Freshman
Discus - 1kg38.66m May 9Iowa Conference Championships
Javelin - 600g27.73m Apr 21Wartburg Twilight
Hammer - 4kg37.32m Apr 30Wartburg/Luther Dual
Amber Axon - Freshman
High Jump1.61m May 9Iowa Conference Championships
Hannah Baker - Junior
200 Meters25.12awMay 9Iowa Conference Championships
400 Meters54.89aMay 9Iowa Conference Championships
800 Meters2:14.85aMay 15Augustana Twilight
Long Jump5.35m May 9Iowa Conference Championships
Megan Baker - Sophomore
Long Jump5.03m Apr 30Wartburg/Luther Dual
Triple Jump10.46m Apr 30Wartburg/Luther Dual
Ashley Benda - Sophomore
100 Meters13.64awApr 4Wartburg Multi & Select
Pole Vault2.20m Apr 30Wartburg/Luther Dual
Heidi Bursch - Junior
Javelin - 600g28.17m Apr 30Wartburg/Luther Dual
Hammer - 4kg34.67m Apr 30Wartburg/Luther Dual
Faith Burt - Freshman
100 Meters12.07awMay 9Iowa Conference Championships
200 Meters24.76aMay 9Iowa Conference Championships
400 Meters57.02aMay 14UW-La Crosse Last Chance
Nicole Calebrese - Senior
800 Meters2:14.54aApr 30Wartburg/Luther Dual
1500 Meters4:45.44aApr 18Dick Young Classic
Kaitlyn Carlson - Freshman
400m Hurdles - 30"72.11aApr 10Platteville Invite
Stephanie Carroll - Sophomore
100m Hurdles - 33"15.49awMay 9Iowa Conference Championships
400m Hurdles - 30"66.05aApr 30Wartburg/Luther Dual
Amanda Conrad - Freshman
Shot Put - 4kg12.00m Apr 21Wartburg Twilight
Discus - 1kg41.19m Apr 21Wartburg Twilight
Hammer - 4kg35.77m Apr 30Wartburg/Luther Dual
Emily Cory - Freshman
Shot Put - 4kg12.03m Apr 30Wartburg/Luther Dual
Discus - 1kg35.70m Apr 21Wartburg Twilight
Hammer - 4kg39.71m May 9Iowa Conference Championships
Emily Eimers - Freshman
400 Meters63.21aApr 21Wartburg Twilight
800 Meters2:20.56aApr 18Dick Young Classic
Becca Fagerlind - Freshman
200 Meters27.94aMay 2Iowa Conference Multi-Event Championships
800 Meters2:20.98aApr 18Dick Young Classic
100m Hurdles - 33"16.69aApr 4Wartburg Multi & Select
400m Hurdles - 30"65.12aApr 10Platteville Invite
Shot Put - 4kg7.73m May 2Iowa Conference Multi-Event Championships
Javelin - 600g18.27m May 2Iowa Conference Multi-Event Championships
High Jump1.46m May 2Iowa Conference Multi-Event Championships
Long Jump4.30m May 2Iowa Conference Multi-Event Championships
Heptathlon Score3601.00May 2Iowa Conference Multi-Event Championships
Cynithia Fleming - Freshman
100 Meters13.34awApr 30Wartburg/Luther Dual
200 Meters27.88aApr 30Wartburg/Luther Dual
Alicia Ford - Junior
High Jump1.61m Apr 30Wartburg/Luther Dual
Jen Ganshirt - Sophomore
100 Meters12.94awMay 9Iowa Conference Championships
200 Meters26.80aApr 30Wartburg/Luther Dual
400 Meters61.45aApr 24Kip Janvrin Simpson College Open
800 Meters2:45.14aApr 4Wartburg Multi & Select
Laura Gehring - ?
800 Meters2:34.27aApr 4Wartburg Multi & Select
1500 Meters5:16.33aApr 10Platteville Invite
Carmen Goedken - Freshman
100 Meters14.52awApr 21Wartburg Twilight
200 Meters30.14awApr 30Wartburg/Luther Dual
100m Hurdles - 33"18.12awApr 30Wartburg/Luther Dual
Stephanie Haberer - Freshman
100 Meters14.04aApr 10Platteville Invite
100m Hurdles - 33"15.18awMay 9Iowa Conference Championships
400m Hurdles - 30"66.31aApr 30Wartburg/Luther Dual
Elissa Hageman - Freshman
5000 Meters20:08.61aApr 10Platteville Invite
Sarah Hoffman - Freshman
Shot Put - 4kg13.38m Apr 30Wartburg/Luther Dual
Discus - 1kg44.23m May 9Iowa Conference Championships
Hammer - 4kg39.84m May 9Iowa Conference Championships
Chelsey Jacobs - Junior
200 Meters25.40aMay 15Augustana Twilight
400 Meters55.72aMay 9Iowa Conference Championships
Megan Kingery - Sophomore
Pole Vault2.29m May 9Iowa Conference Championships
Jenny Kordick - Junior
100 Meters12.35awApr 30Wartburg/Luther Dual
200 Meters25.65awMay 9Iowa Conference Championships
400 Meters57.18aMay 9Iowa Conference Championships
Anna Kraayenbrink - Junior
800 Meters2:27.65aApr 18Dick Young Classic
1500 Meters4:49.95aApr 18Dick Young Classic
3000 Meters10:16.46aApr 30Wartburg/Luther Dual
5000 Meters17:03.79aMay 15Gregory Invitational
10,000 Meters39:09.34aMay 9Iowa Conference Championships
Amanda Kuiken - Junior
800 Meters2:17.02aApr 4Wartburg Multi & Select
1500 Meters4:42.51aApr 4Wartburg Multi & Select
Jennifer Kuiken - Junior
800 Meters2:18.72aApr 4Wartburg Multi & Select
1500 Meters4:42.30aApr 4Wartburg Multi & Select
Brittany Melloy - Sophomore
200 Meters27.15aMay 2Iowa Conference Multi-Event Championships
800 Meters2:21.48aApr 18Dick Young Classic
100m Hurdles - 33"17.09awMay 2Iowa Conference Multi-Event Championships
400m Hurdles - 30"63.76aMay 9Iowa Conference Championships
Shot Put - 4kg9.18m Apr 4Wartburg Multi & Select
Javelin - 600g33.96m May 2Iowa Conference Multi-Event Championships
High Jump1.50m Apr 18Dick Young Classic
Long Jump4.52m Apr 4Wartburg Multi & Select
Heptathlon Score4116.00May 2Iowa Conference Multi-Event Championships
Erika Menning - Freshman
400 Meters63.73aApr 4Wartburg Multi & Select
800 Meters2:24.56aApr 10Platteville Invite
Molly Meyer - Senior
Shot Put - 4kg11.77m Apr 4Wartburg Multi & Select
Discus - 1kg40.66m Apr 21Wartburg Twilight
Hammer - 4kg35.63m Apr 21Wartburg Twilight
Sarah Moon - Senior
1500 Meters5:13.06aApr 4Wartburg Multi & Select
5000 Meters19:13.43aApr 10Platteville Invite
10,000 Meters42:10.12aMay 9Iowa Conference Championships
Nevada Morrison - Freshman
100 Meters12.44awApr 21Wartburg Twilight
200 Meters25.20awMay 9Iowa Conference Championships
400 Meters55.05aMay 23NCAA Division III National Championships
Skye Morrison - Freshman
100 Meters12.66awMay 9Iowa Conference Championships
Long Jump5.56m Apr 30Wartburg/Luther Dual
Triple Jump11.72m Apr 21Wartburg Twilight
Angie Mullenbach - Sophomore
Discus - 1kg37.89m Apr 21Wartburg Twilight
Javelin - 600g35.31m Apr 30Wartburg/Luther Dual
Nikki Newbrough - Junior
1500 Meters5:30.60aApr 30Wartburg/Luther Dual
5000 Meters20:15.48aApr 10Platteville Invite
3k Steeplechase13:03.78aMay 9Iowa Conference Championships
Amanda Paige - Junior
5000 Meters19:39.76aApr 10Platteville Invite
Erin Pilcher - Sophomore
100 Meters13.87awApr 21Wartburg Twilight
100m Hurdles - 33"16.42awMay 9Iowa Conference Championships
Triple Jump9.66m Apr 21Wartburg Twilight
Sarah Ritchie - Freshman
1500 Meters5:40.17aApr 21Wartburg Twilight
5000 Meters20:14.97aApr 10Platteville Invite
Pam Rodgers - Senior
Shot Put - 4kg12.55m Apr 18Dick Young Classic
Discus - 1kg34.69m Apr 30Wartburg/Luther Dual
Hammer - 4kg42.54m May 9Iowa Conference Championships
Trish Rodgers - Senior
Shot Put - 4kg11.90m Apr 21Wartburg Twilight
Discus - 1kg35.40m Apr 30Wartburg/Luther Dual
Hammer - 4kg38.02m Apr 30Wartburg/Luther Dual
Laura Sigmund - Freshman
800 Meters2:23.57aApr 10Platteville Invite
1500 Meters4:55.58aApr 10Platteville Invite
3000 Meters10:29.85aApr 30Wartburg/Luther Dual
5000 Meters18:22.78aApr 24Kip Janvrin Simpson College Open
Kelsey Steffens - Senior
100 Meters12.42aApr 10Platteville Invite
200 Meters25.65awApr 21Wartburg Twilight
100m Hurdles - 33"14.44awApr 21Wartburg Twilight
400m Hurdles - 30"62.63aMay 14UW-La Crosse Last Chance
Brittany Thomas - Sophomore
100 Meters12.23awMay 9Iowa Conference Championships
200 Meters26.59awApr 21Wartburg Twilight
100m Hurdles - 33"14.27awMay 9Iowa Conference Championships
400m Hurdles - 30"66.47aApr 30Wartburg/Luther Dual
Lori Tlach - Sophomore
1500 Meters5:05.78aApr 10Platteville Invite
5000 Meters18:28.49aApr 4Wartburg Multi & Select
10,000 Meters39:53.73aMay 9Iowa Conference Championships
Emily VanOosbree - Senior
800 Meters2:23.34aApr 21Wartburg Twilight
1500 Meters4:45.95aApr 18Dick Young Classic
5000 Meters19:30.83aMay 9Iowa Conference Championships
Audrey Weidman - Freshman
800 Meters2:23.08aMay 9Iowa Conference Championships
1500 Meters5:02.59aMay 9Iowa Conference Championships
Brendelyn White - Junior
5000 Meters19:40.68aApr 4Wartburg Multi & Select
3k Steeplechase12:06.08aMay 9Iowa Conference Championships
Kylie Wrede - ?
800 Meters2:37.61aApr 4Wartburg Multi & Select
Hanne Wuertz - Junior
Javelin - 600g33.86m Apr 4Wartburg Multi & Select