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100 Meters
1.SrJames Fowler10.44 PR (2.2)KYUnion (KY)Mar 27Emory Classic
2.SrArmond Smith10.47 PR (2.2)KYUnion (KY)Mar 27Emory Classic
3.SoMike Ezike11.25 PR (.3)TNMilliganMar 27Beynon Sports Surfaces Catamount Classic
4.SrScotty Barnes11.32 (2.0)KYUnion (KY)Mar 27Emory Classic
5.SrMarekus Smith11.43 (-2.5)KYUnion (KY)May 14Cardinal Twilight
6.FrJosh Ball11.58 PR (-3.1)TNBryanApr 16WCU Invitational
7.SoCorey Niebel11.87 (2.0)KYUnion (KY)Mar 27Emory Classic
8.FrAndrew Johnston12.63 PRKYUnion (KY)May 08Yellow Jacket Multi-Event Meet
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200 Meters
1.SrArmond Smith20.99 PR (2.0)KYUnion (KY)May 29NAIA Outdoor Championships
2.SrJames Fowler21.32 PR (4.3)KYUnion (KY)May 08Tennessee Invitational
3.SrSantraz Andrews22.12 PRKYUnion (KY)Apr 16WCU Invitational
4.SrMarekus Smith22.19 PRKYUnion (KY)Apr 16WCU Invitational
5.FrJosh Ball22.70 PRTNBryanApr 30McCallie Mid-South Invitational
6.SoMike Ezike22.88 PR (.2)TNMilliganApr 10Lenoir-Rhyne PowerSox Invitational
7.FrBilly Parker25.63 PR (.5)NCMontreatMar 2049er Classic
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400 Meters
1.SrSantraz Andrews49.16 PRKYUnion (KY)Apr 16WCU Invitational
2.SoMike Ezike49.17 PRTNMilliganApr 16WCU Invitational
3.SrMarekus Smith50.81 PRKYUnion (KY)Apr 16WCU Invitational
4.SrAaron Wood51.09TNMilliganMay 08Tennessee Invitational
5.SrScotty Barnes51.90KYUnion (KY)Mar 27Emory Classic
6.FrJosh Ball53.24 PRTNBryanApr 30McCallie Mid-South Invitational
7.JrAndrew Gouge56.30 PRTNMilliganApr 16WCU Invitational
8.JrMichael Kaal57.34 PRTNMilliganMar 27Beynon Sports Surfaces Catamount Classic
9.FrNoah Hall59.63 PRNCMontreatMar 2049er Classic
10.FrAndrew Johnston1:04.80 PRKYUnion (KY)May 08Yellow Jacket Multi-Event Meet
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800 Meters
1.SrAaron Wood1:52.94TNMilliganMay 29NAIA Outdoor Championships
2.SoBryson Harper1:56.84TNBryanApr 16WCU Invitational
3.FrAlex Stephens1:57.70TNBryanApr 30McCallie Mid-South Invitational
4.JrColby Smith1:58.47TNBryanApr 30McCallie Mid-South Invitational
5.SoDwayne Jordan1:58.56TNMilliganApr 16WCU Invitational
6.FrWalter Hendrickson2:02.45 PRTNMilliganApr 10Lenoir-Rhyne PowerSox Invitational
7.SrDaniel Kual2:02.74KYUnion (KY)Mar 27Emory Classic
8.FrNoah Hall2:03.57 PRNCMontreatApr 10Lenoir-Rhyne PowerSox Invitational
9.SoWill Musto2:05.14 PRNCMontreatApr 10Lenoir-Rhyne PowerSox Invitational
10.JrEric Kinman2:16.09 PRKYUnion (KY)Mar 27Emory Classic
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4x100 Relay
1.-Marekus Smith
James Fowler
Armond Smith
Santraz Andrews
40.41KYUnion (KY)May 29NAIA Outdoor Championships
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4x400 Relay
1.-Relay Team3:17.11KYUnion (KY)Apr 16WCU Invitational
2.-Relay Team3:24.45TNMilliganApr 16WCU Invitational
3.-Relay Team3:31.44TNBryanMar 27Vanderbilt Black and Gold
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Javelin - 800g
1.SrMarekus Smith162' 8.25 PRKYUnion (KY)Apr 16WCU Invitational
2.SoTanner Payne147' 7.75 PRTNMilliganApr 16WCU Invitational
3.SrScotty Barnes145' 8.75KYUnion (KY)Apr 16WCU Invitational
4.-Justin Westerman128' 7.25TNMilliganApr 10Lenoir-Rhyne PowerSox Invitational
5.FrAndrew Johnston109' 3.75 PRKYUnion (KY)May 08Yellow Jacket Multi-Event Meet
6.SrJared Ford61' 0.25 PRKYUnion (KY)Apr 16WCU Invitational
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High Jump
1.FrChristian White6' 4 PRKYUnion (KY)Mar 27Emory Classic
2.SrArmond Smith6' 1.5 PRKYUnion (KY)Apr 16WCU Invitational
3.FrBilly Parker5' 11.5NCMontreatApr 16WCU Invitational
4.SrMarekus Smith5' 5.75 PRKYUnion (KY)Apr 16WCU Invitational
5.SrScotty Barnes5' 5.75KYUnion (KY)Feb 19ERAU Last Chance
6.SoCorey Niebel5' 5KYUnion (KY)Mar 27Emory Classic
7.FrJosh Ball5' 3.75 PRTNBryanApr 16WCU Invitational
JrBryce McGuire5' 3.75 PRTNBryanApr 16WCU Invitational
9.FrAndrew Johnston4' 7 PRKYUnion (KY)May 08Yellow Jacket Multi-Event Meet
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Pole Vault
1.SrScotty Barnes13' 3.5 PRKYUnion (KY)Apr 16WCU Invitational
FrAndrew Johnston13' 3.5 PRKYUnion (KY)Apr 16WCU Invitational
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Long Jump
1.SrMarekus Smith19' 11 (.9)KYUnion (KY)Apr 16WCU Invitational
2.FrBilly Parker19' 5NCMontreatApr 16WCU Invitational
3.SrScotty Barnes19' 1.5 PR (-.3)KYUnion (KY)Mar 27Emory Classic
4.SoCorey Niebel18' 9.25KYUnion (KY)Mar 27Emory Classic
5.FrChristian White18' 6.75 PR (.9)KYUnion (KY)Mar 27Emory Classic
6.FrJosh Ball17' 8.25 PRTNBryanApr 16WCU Invitational
7.JrBryce McGuire17' 2 PRTNBryanApr 16WCU Invitational
8.FrNoah Hall16' 10.75 PR (-1.1)NCMontreatApr 10Lenoir-Rhyne PowerSox Invitational
9.FrAndrew Johnston15' 8.5 PRKYUnion (KY)May 08Yellow Jacket Multi-Event Meet
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Triple Jump
1.SrMarekus Smith42' 9.5 PR (.7)KYUnion (KY)Apr 16WCU Invitational
2.FrChristian White40' 2.25 PR (-.6)KYUnion (KY)Apr 10Univ. of the Cumberlands Invitational
3.JrBryce McGuire38' 7 PR (-1.4)TNBryanApr 16WCU Invitational
4.FrJosh Ball36' 11.75 PR (-.4)TNBryanApr 16WCU Invitational
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