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100 Meters
1.12Colton Silveria10.90 PRCACentral ValleyMay 28NSCIF Championships
2.11Derick Seward10.93CAWheatlandApr 23Colfax Invitational
12Marcial Lawson10.93 PRCAFoothill (Palo Cedro)May 07Sweet Elite District Meet
4.12Jerrick Wallace10.94c PRCAPleasant ValleyMay 05Red Bluff/Oroville at PV
5.11Sean Sabo11.06 PRCAPleasant ValleyMay 21Division I Championships
6.12Nick Sloggy11.14c PRCAChicoApr 28Chico/Foothill at Red Bluff
12Carlos Gutierrez11.14c PRCAColusaMar 17 SVL League
8.11Daniel Hodge11.23 PRCADurhamMay 13SVL north league championships
9.11Jeffrey Foster11.24c PRCARed BluffApr 28Chico/Foothill at Red Bluff
11Clay Cavender11.24c PRCAShastaApr 28PV/Shasta/Enterprise
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200 Meters
1.12Marcial Lawson22.09 PR (.6)CAFoothill (Palo Cedro)May 28NSCIF Championships
2.11Derick Seward22.14cCAWheatlandMar 31Tri-Meet Wheatland, Sutter, Gridley
3.11Kaleb Allen22.37CALive OakMay 13SVL north league championships
4.11Daniel Hodge22.42 PRCADurhamMay 13SVL north league championships
5.12Colton Silveria22.51 (.6)CACentral ValleyMay 28NSCIF Championships
6.12Jerrick Wallace22.52 PR (.6)CAPleasant ValleyApr 23West Valley/Chico Invitational
7.12Ben Dressel22.90 PR (.6)CACentral ValleyMay 28NSCIF Championships
8.12Brett Patheal22.93 PRCADurhamMay 13SVL north league championships
9.11Jeffrey Foster23.04c PRCARed BluffApr 21Red Bluff
10.11Austin Herrick23.07 PRCAMt ShastaMay 21Division 3 Championships
12Brian Tofflemire23.07 PR (1.0)CAEnterpriseApr 23West Valley/Chico Invitational
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400 Meters
1.11Daniel Hodge49.62 PRCADurhamMay 28NSCIF Championships
2.12Anthony Williams49.68 PRCAEnterpriseMay 01Sterling Bank Invitational
3.12Kyle Fales50.04 PRCADurhamMay 28NSCIF Championships
4.12Ben Dressel50.94 PRCACentral ValleyMay 07Nevada Union Invitational
5.11Austin Lamkin50.95CAEnterpriseMay 28NSCIF Championships
6.12Joseph Fanton51.07 PRCAShastaMay 14EAL Championships
7.11Dillon Dow51.17CAYrekaMay 28NSCIF Championships
8.12Brett Patheal51.18 PRCADurhamMay 13SVL north league championships
9.12Shane Hunsaker51.36 PRCABig ValleyMay 28NSCIF Championships
10.11Alex Evanoff51.42 PRCAWintersMay 14B.V.L Championship Meet-Orland host
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800 Meters
1.12Kevin Jorgensen1:54.19 PRCAYrekaJun 04California State Meet Prelims
2.12Daniel Parker1:56.15CAChicoMay 01Meet of Champions
3.11Jordan Wright1:59.28 PRCAOrovilleApr 23West Valley/Chico Invitational
4.12Zach Kaylor1:59.39 PRCAEnterpriseApr 17Bill Kearney Invitational
5.12Chas Burton1:59.43 PRCAChicoMay 14EAL Championships
6.12Devin Shoop1:59.72 PRCARed BluffApr 17John Frank Invitational
7.12Kyle Fales2:00.74 PRCADurhamApr 16Woody Wilson Invitational
8.12Jose Torres2:01.35CACorningMay 14Northern Athletic League Finals
9.11Domenic D'Acquisto2:02.2hCAEnterpriseMay 05Paradise/Chico/Enterprise
10.10Eric Neill2:02.37CAYrekaMay 14Northern Athletic League Finals
11Garrett Cloney2:02.37 PRCAFoothill (Palo Cedro)Apr 23West Valley/Chico Invitational
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1600 Meters
1.12Daniel Parker4:16.38 PRCAChicoMay 28NSCIF Championships
2.11Domenic D'Acquisto4:17.94CAEnterpriseMay 28NSCIF Championships
3.12Zach Kaylor4:18.49CAEnterpriseApr 03Hornet Invitational
4.12Kevin Jorgensen4:28.94CAYrekaApr 23West Valley/Chico Invitational
5.12Forrest McBride4:29.16 PRCAWest ValleyApr 23West Valley/Chico Invitational
6.10Dylan Chamberlen4:29.54CAParadiseApr 23West Valley/Chico Invitational
7.11Russell Brandt4:30.41 PRCAOrovilleMay 28NSCIF Championships
8.12Tom Dowdin4:32.3h PRCAChicoMar 31Paradise
9.11Ryan O'Toole4:32.62CAUniversity PrepMay 14MVL League Championship
10.12Scott Minor4:32.63 PRCAHayforkMay 14MVL League Championship
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3200 Meters
1.12Zach Kaylor9:19.13 PRCAEnterpriseJun 05California State Meet Finals
2.11Domenic D'Acquisto9:20.83CAEnterpriseApr 09Arcadia Invitational Day 1
3.12Daniel Parker9:40.2h PRCAChicoMar 11Chico High VS Yuba City
4.12Tom Dowdin9:42.8h PRCAChicoMay 05Paradise/Chico/Enterprise
5.12Scott Minor9:56.21 PRCAHayforkMay 28NSCIF Championships
6.12Anthony Moore9:57.12 PRCAShastaApr 23West Valley/Chico Invitational
7.12Forrest McBride10:01.19 PRCAWest ValleyMay 28NSCIF Championships
8.12Payton Laurie10:05.02 PRCAPleasant ValleyMay 07Nevada Union Invitational
9.11Ryan Teesdale10:11.08 PRCAFoothill (Palo Cedro)Apr 03Hornet Invitational
10.12Kevin Jorgensen10:12.67 PRCAYrekaMay 14Northern Athletic League Finals
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110m Hurdles - 39"
1.12Anthony Williams14.63 PR (1.2)CAEnterpriseMay 28NSCIF Championships
2.11Bryston Potillor14.85 PRCAEnterpriseMay 07Sweet Elite District Meet
3.12Corrie Emmons15.14 PR (1.2)CAChicoMay 28NSCIF Championships
4.11Chris Nicolas15.21 (-1.7)CAWheatlandMay 21Division 2 Championships-Wheatland host
5.12Taylor Hickson15.52 PRCARed BluffApr 17John Frank Invitational
6.12Chase Shirley15.53 PR (1.2)CAPortola (Northern)May 28NSCIF Championships
7.11Jessep MacFarlane15.77 PRCAGridleyMay 05Winters/Orland/Wheatland
8.12Brad Memmott15.85 PR (1.2)CALassenMay 28NSCIF Championships
9.10Andre Williams15.94c PRCAChicoMay 05Paradise/Chico/Enterprise
10.12Wes Schanuth16.14 PRCAWest ValleyApr 21Corning vs. West Valley
10Trevor Wright16.14 (-1.8)CAWintersMay 21Division 2 Championships-Wheatland host
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300m Hurdles - 36"
1.12Anthony Williams38.44 PRCAEnterpriseApr 23West Valley/Chico Invitational
2.12Corrie Emmons39.50 PRCAChicoMay 01Sacramento MOC's
3.10Derrick Booth39.61 PRCAPleasant ValleyMay 28NSCIF Championships
4.10Derek Booth40.32 PRCAPleasant ValleyMay 01Meet of Champions
5.11Jason Weinrich40.38CAChicoMay 28NSCIF Championships
6.12Taylor Hickson40.79 PRCARed BluffApr 23West Valley/Chico Invitational
7.11Chris Nicolas41.28CAWheatlandMay 14B.V.L Championship Meet-Orland host
8.11Jessep MacFarlane41.31 PRCAGridleyMay 14B.V.L Championship Meet-Orland host
9.12Chase Shirley41.42 PRCAPortola (Northern)May 28NSCIF Championships
10.12Ruben Torrez41.44 PRCALassenApr 23West Valley/Chico Invitational
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4x100 Relay
1.-Robby Taylor
Marcial Lawson
Tyler Halverson
Mark Rothwell
43.66CAFoothill (Palo Cedro)May 28NSCIF Championships
2.-LaCarlis Moore
Derick Seward
Chris Nichols
David Quezada
43.71CAWheatlandMay 14B.V.L Championship Meet-Orland host
3.-Logan Valencia
Sean Wolcott
Jerrick Wallace
Gary Hemmingsen
43.73CAPleasant ValleyApr 23West Valley/Chico Invitational
4.-Jeffrey Foster
Taylor Hickson
Grant Blaser
Colin Dahlberg
43.74cCARed BluffMar 19North State Relays
5.-Michael Beaudette
Mike Prazenica
Ben Dressel
Colton Silveria
43.84cCACentral ValleyMar 12Central Valley vs Shasta
6.-Christian Dobbins
CJ Hanna
Nick Sloggy
Eli Penick
44.14CAChicoMay 28NSCIF Championships
7.-Vincent Allen
Jose Huerta
Eduardo Diaz
Jordan Butterfield
44.25CAOrlandMay 14B.V.L Championship Meet-Orland host
8.-Brian Tofflemire
Todd August
Eric Parsons
Ian Williams
44.50CAEnterpriseApr 17Bill Kearney Invitational
9.-Jake Gibbins
Jake Morales
Peyton Peltier
Clayton Christensen
44.66CAWest ValleyApr 21Corning vs. West Valley
10.-Joseph Fanton
Cody Lunsford
Austin Mello
Clay Cavender
44.86CAShastaMar 26Eagle Classic Relays
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4x400 Relay
1.-Austin Lamkin
Brian Tofflemire
James Williams
Ian Williams
3:22.81CAEnterpriseMay 28NSCIF Championships
2.-Joshue Cherrington
Corrie Emmons
Nick Sloggy
Daniel Parker
3:23.32CAChicoMay 28NSCIF Championships
3.-Aaron Patheal
Brett Patheal
Daniel Hodge
Kyle Fales
3:23.96CADurhamMay 28NSCIF Championships
4.-Relay Team3:28.09CAPleasant ValleyApr 23West Valley/Chico Invitational
5.-Jonah McInnis
Grant Blaser
Devin Shoop
Zach Iverson
3:29.68CARed BluffMay 07Nevada Union Invitational
6.-Jordan Dalton
Dan Putman
Robby Taylor
Garrett Cloney
3:30.97CAFoothill (Palo Cedro)May 28NSCIF Championships
7.-Jake Morales
John Hollmer
Peyton Peltier
Forrest McBride
3:34.96CAWest ValleyApr 17John Frank Invitational
8.-Relay Team3:35.0hCAShastaMar 12Central Valley vs Shasta
9.-Zack Davis
Joseph Passwaters
David Salem
Patrick Vice
3:35.13CALassenMay 14Northern Athletic League Finals
10.-Jordan Butterfield
Jose Huerta
Eduardo Diaz
Luis Hernandez
3:36.73CAOrlandMay 14B.V.L Championship Meet-Orland host
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Shot Put - 12lb
1.12Dallas Wilson53' 5 PRCACentral ValleyApr 23West Valley/Chico Invitational
2.12Zach Miller53' 0 PRCAWest ValleyApr 03Hornet Invitational
3.11Tyler Wolf50' 9CAYrekaMay 21Division I Championships
4.11Kobbie Harper50' 1CAWest ValleyMay 21Division I Championships
5.11Tyler Ashurst Fagan48' 11.25CAShastaMay 28NSCIF Championships
6.11Cole Whaley48' 0.5 PRCATrinityMay 28NSCIF Championships
7.11Alex Thompson47' 6CAOrovilleMay 05Red Bluff/Oroville at PV
8.12Kevin Landavazo47' 4.5 PRCACorningMay 07Gary Burton Invitational
9.11George Romero47' 1.75CALas PlumasMay 14B.V.L Championship Meet-Orland host
10.12Luis Piseno46' 10CACorningMay 07Gary Burton Invitational
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Discus - 1.6kg
1.12Europa Mataia170' 11 PRCAAndersonMay 14Northern Athletic League Finals
2.12Dallas Wilson164' 7 PRCACentral ValleyMay 14Northern Athletic League Finals
3.11Tyler Lamott159' 6CAChicoMar 26Eagle Classic Relays
4.11Cody Ramage150' 1CAShastaMay 28NSCIF Championships
5.11Trevor Crain149' 8 PRCAWheatlandApr 23Colfax Invitational
6.12Kevin Jenkins145' 3 PRCAOrovilleMay 14EAL Championships
7.12Zach Miller145' 1 PRCAWest ValleyApr 03Hornet Invitational
8.12Jesse Miranda142' 4 PRCAEnterpriseMay 14EAL Championships
9.12Greg Dohmen141' 7 PRCARed BluffApr 28Chico/Foothill at Red Bluff
10.11Zak Stroing138' 7CARed BluffMar 24Red Bluff vs. West Valley
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High Jump
1.12Anthony Williams6' 10 PRCAEnterpriseMay 28NSCIF Championships
2.12Aaron Patheal6' 5 PRCADurhamMar 19North State Relays
3.11Jovon Cunningham6' 4CAEnterpriseApr 17Bill Kearney Invitational
12Taylor Hickson6' 4 PRCARed BluffApr 28Chico/Foothill at Red Bluff
5.9Connor Low6' 3 PRCAWest ValleyApr 03Hornet Invitational
12Scott Harrison6' 3 PRCAHayforkMay 21Division 4 Championships
7.12Robert Schatz6' 2 PRCARed BluffMar 11Red Bluff/Corning Scrimmage
12Ryan Hicks6' 2 PRCAEtnaMar 16Yreka Pre-Season Scrimmage
10Jonah McInnis6' 2 PRCARed BluffMar 24Red Bluff vs. West Valley
12Mark Rothwell6' 2 PRCAFoothill (Palo Cedro)Apr 03Hornet Invitational
12Ty Nichols6' 2 PRCAGridleyMar 19North State Relays
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Pole Vault
1.11Nathan McFarlane13' 3 PRCAEnterpriseMay 14EAL Championships
12Chris Watanabe13' 3 PRCATrinityMay 21Division 3 Championships
3.12Garrett Moore13' 0CAEnterpriseMar 17Enterprise vs. West Valley
4.12Mario Gomez12' 9 PRCAWheatlandMay 21Division 2 Championships-Wheatland host
5.11Justin Gildemeister12' 6CASutterMay 28NSCIF Championships
10John Hollmer12' 6CAWest ValleyMay 01Meet of Champions
10Jayson Warren12' 6CAWest ValleyMay 14Northern Athletic League Finals
12Dylan Weddle12' 6 PRCAYrekaMay 21Division I Championships
12Jacob Hymas12' 6 PRCATrinityMay 14Shasta Cascade League Championships
10.11Devon McClaflin12' 0CAYrekaMay 14Northern Athletic League Finals
11Dillon Dow12' 0CAYrekaMay 14Northern Athletic League Finals
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Long Jump
1.12James Williams22' 10.5 PRCAEnterpriseApr 23West Valley/Chico Invitational
2.11Jovon Cunningham22' 4.25 PRCAEnterpriseMay 01Sterling Bank Invitational
3.12Ed Latimer21' 11 PRCAWintersMay 14B.V.L Championship Meet-Orland host
4.12Taylor Hickson21' 9 PRCARed BluffApr 28Chico/Foothill at Red Bluff
5.12Nick Sloggy21' 7.5 PRCAChicoMay 21Division I Championships
6.11Colin Dahlberg21' 2CARed BluffMar 11Red Bluff/Corning Scrimmage
7.11Todd August20' 11 PRCAEnterpriseMay 01Sterling Bank Invitational
12Aaron Patheal20' 11 PRCADurhamMay 21Division 2 Championships-Wheatland host
9.11Sarome Eng20' 10CAYrekaMay 14Northern Athletic League Finals
10.12Michael Coleman20' 9.5 PRCAOrlandMar 26Eagle Classic Relays
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Triple Jump
1.11Jovon Cunningham50' 8.25 PR (2.1)CAEnterpriseJun 05California State Meet Finals
2.12James Williams48' 8 PRCAEnterpriseMay 01Sterling Bank Invitational
3.11Todd August45' 0.5 PRCAEnterpriseApr 17Bill Kearney Invitational
4.11Bryston Potillor43' 2 PRCAEnterpriseMay 28NSCIF Championships
5.11Dan Putman42' 5.5CAFoothill (Palo Cedro)Apr 23West Valley/Chico Invitational
6.10Javone Bradford42' 5CAOrlandMay 14B.V.L Championship Meet-Orland host
7.11Sarome Eng42' 4CAYrekaApr 03Hornet Invitational
8.12Corrie Emmons42' 1.5 PRCAChicoMar 31Paradise
9.11Dreu Depaoli41' 10 PRCAFoothill (Palo Cedro)May 07Sweet Elite District Meet
10.12Nick Wright41' 8.25 PRCASutterMay 14B.V.L Championship Meet-Orland host
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