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100 Meters
1.SrClint Allen10.34 (3.3)MIEastern MichiganMay 14MAC Championships
2.JrPrinceton Bryson10.50 (3.3)OHKent StateMay 14MAC Championships
3.SoNathaniel Scales10.51 PR (3.3)OHKent StateMay 14MAC Championships
4.FrRoss Parsons10.52 PR (3.3)MICentral MichiganMay 14MAC Championships
5.SoDominique Watson10.61 PR (4.8)OHAkronMay 14MAC Championships
6.FrRyan Brooks10.62 PR (4.8)MICentral MichiganMay 14MAC Championships
7.SrBrian Smith10.64 (3.3)NYBuffaloMay 14MAC Championships
8.SoGreg Knaus10.70 (3.3)MICentral MichiganMay 14MAC Championships
9.SoJairus Saunders10.71 (4.8)MIEastern MichiganMay 14MAC Championships
10.FrDontell Higgins10.73 PR (4.8)OHKent StateMay 14MAC Championships
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200 Meters
1.SrBrian Smith21.11 (3.3)NYBuffaloApr 23Upstate Challenge
2.JrPrinceton Bryson21.15 PR (6.0)OHKent StateMay 14MAC Championships
3.SrClint Allen21.29 PR (6.0)MIEastern MichiganMay 14MAC Championships
4.FrRoss Parsons21.33 PR (6.0)MICentral MichiganMay 14MAC Championships
5.FrChris Scott21.48 PR (6.0)MIEastern MichiganMay 14MAC Championships
6.FrRyan Brooks21.50 PR (5.1)MICentral MichiganMay 14MAC Championships
7.SoGreg Knaus21.59 PR (5.1)MICentral MichiganMay 14MAC Championships
8.SoBrandon Bailey21.62 (6.0)OHKent StateMay 14MAC Championships
9.SoNathaniel Scales21.63 PR (1.3)OHKent StateApr 24Jesse Owens Classic
10.SoJairus Saunders21.74 PR (3.0)MIEastern MichiganApr 30Gina Relays
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400 Meters
1.FrBrycen Spratling46.65 PRMIEastern MichiganMay 14MAC Championships
2.SoBrandon Bailey47.38 PROHKent StateApr 16Sea Ray Relays
3.FrJaquil Hargrove47.68OHMiami (OH)May 14MAC Championships
4.SoWillie Brown48.03 PROHAkronMay 07Campbell/Wright Invitational
5.JrPrinceton Bryson48.07 PROHKent StateApr 24Jesse Owens Classic
6.FrChris Scott48.14 PRMIEastern MichiganMay 07U-M/Len Paddock Invitational
7.SrMatt Moffett48.18 PROHKent StateApr 16Sea Ray Relays
8.SrJustinn Eddie48.27 PROHMiami (OH)Apr 30RedHawk Invitational
9.SoJavon Walker48.43 PROHKent StateApr 16Sea Ray Relays
10.SoRyan Thomas48.55 PROHKent StateMay 07Campbell/Wright Invitational
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800 Meters
1.SoWillie Brown1:45.91 PROHAkronJun 08NCAA Division I Outdoor Track and Field Championships (Day 1)
2.SrMax Hiltner1:50.50 PROHAkronApr 24Jesse Owens Classic
3.SrShaun Brummert1:51.07NYBuffaloMay 07Jim Thorpe Outdoor Open
4.FrGabriel Genovesi1:52.26 PROHAkronApr 24Jesse Owens Classic
5.SoJarrod Eick1:52.48OHMiami (OH)May 06Billy Hayes Invitational
6.SoJack Spilman1:52.74 PROHMiami (OH)May 06Billy Hayes Invitational
7.JrColin Pettiford1:53.19OHKent StateMar 26Raleigh Relays
8.SrRyan Zillmann1:53.24 PRNYBuffaloMay 07Jim Thorpe Outdoor Open
9.JrAustin Hendrix1:53.25 PRMIEastern MichiganMay 07U-M/Len Paddock Invitational
10.FrWade Coffin1:53.35OHMiami (OH)May 06Billy Hayes Invitational
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300m Hurdles - 36"
1.SrKC Lacross37.89 PROHAkronApr 02Northeast Ohio Quad
2.SrMichael Schober39.75 PROHKent StateApr 02Northeast Ohio Quad
3.FrJohn Budzyn41.42 PROHAkronApr 02Northeast Ohio Quad
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4x100 Relay
1.-Steve McLean
Princeton Bryson
Dontell Higgins
Nathaniel Scales
40.58OHKent StateApr 30WSU Invitational
2.-Marcus Ferguson
Tyshaun Peoples
Collister Fahie
Dominique Watson
40.78OHAkronMay 14MAC Championships
3.-Chris Scott
Clint Allen
Jairus Saunders
Brycen Spratling
40.94MIEastern MichiganMay 14MAC Championships
4.-Ryan Brooks
Greg Knaus
Renaldo Powell
Ross Parsons
41.59MICentral MichiganMay 14MAC Championships
5.-Andre Britton
Brian Smith
Brian Archie
Andrew Omoregie
41.71NYBuffaloMay 14MAC Championships
6.-Reggie Mitchell
Sam Spallinger
Josh Rees
Justinn Eddie
41.78OHMiami (OH)May 06Billy Hayes Invitational
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4x400 Relay
1.-Princeton Bryson
Matt Moffett
Javon Walker
Brandon Bailey
3:09.71OHKent StateApr 24Jesse Owens Classic
2.-Clay Holman
Parker Scott
Christopher Thomas
Ross Parsons
3:16.74MICentral MichiganMay 14MAC Championships
3.-Chris Scott
Kyle Fortin
Jairus Saunders
Brycen Spratling
3:17.74MIEastern MichiganMay 14MAC Championships
4.-Brian Smith
John Bauman
Shaun Brummert
Eugene Kennedy
3:18.42NYBuffaloMay 14MAC Championships
5.-KC Lacross
Tyshaun Peoples
Gabriel Genovesi
Willie Brown
3:18.68OHAkronMay 14MAC Championships
6.-Jordan Goffena
Jack Spilman
Jaquil Hargrove
Justinn Eddie
3:18.73OHMiami (OH)May 14MAC Championships
7.-Kyler Miller
Tyler Cantley
Joseph Cherico
Paul Pettiford
3:34.57OHOhioApr 16All-Ohio Championships
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Javelin - 800g
1.SrTyler Sweet214' 6.5OHAkronMar 26LSU Relays
2.FrKyle Smith203' 5MICentral MichiganMay 14MAC Championships
3.JrBjorn Johansson199' 11.5 PROHAkronMay 14MAC Championships
4.SrNick Erdesky198' 8.75OHAkronApr 23Triton Invitational
5.JrJohn Brockman197' 6.75OHMiami (OH)Mar 26Black & Gold Invitational
6.FrBryan Jones195' 10.5 PROHAkronMay 14MAC Championships
7.JrMatt Rudin187' 2.5OHMiami (OH)Mar 26Black & Gold Invitational
8.FrJamey Robson182' 4.25 PROHAkronMay 14MAC Championships
9.SrRay Kaplin179' 3.25 PROHKent StateApr 16Sea Ray Relays
10.JrDean Wood175' 2.25OHKent StateMay 14MAC Championships
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High Jump
1.JrDean Wood7' 0.25 PROHKent StateMay 28NCAA Division I - East Preliminary
2.SoKenneth Agee6' 11OHKent StateMay 28NCAA Division I - East Preliminary
SrMichael McCall6' 11OHAkronMay 14MAC Championships
4.SrDavid Serrano6' 8.75OHMiami (OH)Mar 26Black & Gold Invitational
SoJakob Leon6' 8.75 PROHAkronApr 02Northeast Ohio Quad
6.SrEugene Kennedy6' 8.25 PRNYBuffaloMay 01Big Red Invitational
7.JrRuben Belen6' 8OHKent StateApr 08Miami Invitational
8.SrPeter Bligh6' 7.5NYBuffaloApr 02Toledo Collegiate Challenge
SrMichael Schober6' 7.5OHKent StateApr 16Sea Ray Relays
10.SoAndrew Kruskamp6' 6.75MICentral MichiganMar 26Black & Gold Invitational
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Pole Vault
1.SrMichael Uhle17' 0.75OHAkronApr 09Texas Relays
2.JrMatt Rudin16' 8.75 PROHMiami (OH)May 06Billy Hayes Invitational
3.JrJoe Wesley16' 7.5OHAkronMar 26LSU Relays
4.SrKenny Owens16' 7.25OHAkronMay 14MAC Championships
5.FrMax Babits16' 4.75MIEastern MichiganMay 28NCAA Division I - East Preliminary
6.JrDaniel Garret16' 3.25OHAkronMay 14MAC Championships
7.FrAdam Hume16' 1 PRNYBuffaloMay 07Jim Thorpe Outdoor Open
JrBjorn Johansson16' 1OHAkronJun 09NCAA Division I Outdoor Track and Field Championships (Day 2)
SoJoey Tesner16' 1MIEastern MichiganApr 30Gina Relays
JrDerek Hopkins16' 1 PROHKent StateApr 24Jesse Owens Classic
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Long Jump
1.SrCollister Fahie25' 11.5 PR (1.9)OHAkronApr 09Texas Relays
2.JrTyshaun Peoples25' 2.75 PR (2.9)OHAkronMay 14MAC Championships
3.JrChris Davis24' 5.75 PR (4.3)NYBuffaloMay 07Jim Thorpe Outdoor Open
4.SoDaryl Baptiste24' 4.25 (3.4)OHAkronMay 14MAC Championships
5.JrRob Falchi24' 2.5 PR (4.4)OHKent StateMay 14MAC Championships
6.SrMichael McCarty24' 0.5 (1.8)OHMiami (OH)May 06Billy Hayes Invitational
7.SoBrian Archie23' 11.5 PR (3.5)NYBuffaloApr 23Upstate Challenge
8.FrSam Spallinger23' 11 PR (4.7)OHMiami (OH)May 14MAC Championships
9.JrJonathan Alexis23' 9.75 PR (2.1)NYBuffaloMay 01Big Red Invitational
10.FrBryan Jones23' 9.5 (1.3)OHAkronMar 26LSU Relays
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Triple Jump
1.JrRob Falchi51' 8.75 PR (6.7)OHKent StateMay 14MAC Championships
2.FrDonald Scott50' 8.25 (1.4)MIEastern MichiganApr 23EMU Twilight
3.SrCollister Fahie49' 2.5 (4.6)OHAkronMay 14MAC Championships
4.FrDouglas Hannon47' 1.25 PR (1.3)NYBuffaloApr 23Upstate Challenge
5.SrAndrew Linebarger47' 1 PR (6.9)OHKent StateMay 14MAC Championships
6.SoTomarris Bell46' 9.5 (4.3)NYBuffaloMay 14MAC Championships
7.SrMichael Carroll46' 8.25 PR (4.4)OHKent StateMay 14MAC Championships
8.SoJohn Cantwell46' 1.5 PROHMiami (OH)Apr 02Oliver Nikoloff Open
9.SoAnthony Bradley45' 10.75 PR (4.7)MIEastern MichiganMay 14MAC Championships
10.SrMichael Schober45' 4 (2.5)OHKent StateApr 30WSU Invitational
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