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100 Meters
1.8Carson Gay11.74c PRILQuincyMar 27Payson/Unity
2.8Deondre Mcneal11.75 PRILHenry H. NashJun 02*CPS ESSP Championships
3.7Derreontae Jackson11.78 PRILHoweJun 02*CPS ESSP Championships
4.8JacAnthony Childress11.87 PRILWashington (Springfield)May 05Falcon Invite
5.8Dante McWilliams11.94c PRILBeardstownMay 122A Sectionals
6.8Tony Williams12.08 PRILWashington (Springfield)May 05Falcon Invite
7.8John Espinoza12.14c PRILBeardstownMay 122A Sectionals
8.8Rylan Scheiter12.16 PRILCentral (Camp Point)May 122A Sectionals
9.8Gino Townsend12.24cILMcPhersonApr 26Jordan vs McPherson
10.8Cameron Gay12.34c PRILQuincyMar 30West Prairie
8Joshua Castle12.34c PRILQuincyMar 27Payson/Unity
8Hani Qurash12.34c PRILMacombMay 122A Sectionals
8Caleb Cook12.34c PRILMacombMay 122A Sectionals
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200 Meters
1.8Carson Gay23.74c PRILQuincyMay 122A Sectionals
2.8Rick Dour23.94c PRILBeardstownMay 122A Sectionals
3.8Deondre Mcneal24.74c PRILHenry H. NashJun 02*CPS ESSP Championships
4.8Hani Qurash25.14c PRILMacombMay 122A Sectionals
5.8Spencer Ferguson25.34c PRILDallas CityApr 217 & 8 Hancock County
6.8Michael Pitts25.44c PRILBethune ElementaryJun 02*CPS ESSP Championships
7.8Rylan Scheiter25.54c PRILCentral (Camp Point)May 15Big 5
8.8Max Obasiolu25.64c PRILGeorge Armstrong - International StudiesJun 02*CPS ESSP Championships
9.8Tony Williams25.75 PRILWashington (Springfield)Apr 26City Track meet
10.8Jacob Sours25.84c PRILPleasant PlainsMay 122A Sectionals
8Joshua Castle25.84c PRILQuincyApr 24Payson/Unity/Brown County
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400 Meters
1.8Jamon Williams55.44 PRILHoweJun 02*CPS ESSP Championships
2.8Will Schoonover55.64c PRILHavanaMay 122A Sectionals
3.8Donald McFAdden55.82 PRILBurleyJun 02*CPS ESSP Championships
4.8Blake Carlino56.94c PRILRivertonApr 17WMS, SCS, Talyorville Visonary
5.7Terrance Bolden57.14c PRILDodgeMay 29*CPS Super Regional #4
8Luke Beeler57.14c PRILWarsawApr 217 & 8 Hancock County
7.8Tyler Craddock57.44c PRILTurnerMay 122A Sectionals
8.8Daniel McQueen57.64c PRILWarsawApr 217 & 8 Hancock County
9.7Nicholas Triplett57.75ILUniversity of Chicago WoodsonJun 02*CPS ESSP Championships
10.8Josh Cook58.24c PRILMacombMay 122A Sectionals
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800 Meters
1.8Eric Rodriguez2:11.4h PRILBeardstownMay 122A Sectionals
2.8Donald Wetterling2:12.0h PRILMacombMay 122A Sectionals
3.8Jacob Meyer2:15.0h PRILUniversity of Chicago LaboratoryApr 25SW Christian
4.8Kyle Adams2:15.1h PRILWarsawApr 217 & 8 Hancock County
5.8Brendan Kroeger2:16.3h PRILQuincyMay 122A Sectionals
6.8Connor Marlow2:17.2h PRILPetersburg PORTAMay 122A Sectionals
7.8Austin Phillips2:18.02 PRILCarthageMay 05BPC JHS Class A Sectional
8.8Wendell Bias2:19.2h PRILQuincyApr 19Colt Invitational
9.8Vince Lanier2:19.3h PRILRivertonMay 01Sang. Area Invite
10.8Brady Cook2:20.0h PRILLibertyMay 05Virginia Sectional
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1600 Meters
1.8Donald Wetterling5:03.2h PRILMacombMay 122A Sectionals
2.7Keduse Worku5:05.16 PRILWhitney Young Academic CenterJun 02*CPS ESSP Championships
3.8Jacob Meyer5:07.0h PRILUniversity of Chicago LaboratoryMay 21ISL Championships
4.8Sam Wischnewsky5:09.00 PRILWhitney Young Academic CenterJun 02*CPS ESSP Championships
5.8Eric Rodriguez5:10.6h PRILBeardstownMay 122A Sectionals
6.8Michael Rodriguez5:11.20 PRILNewberryJun 02*CPS ESSP Championships
7.7Matt Kadus5:11.98 PRILEbingerJun 02*CPS ESSP Championships
8.7Cory Miller5:15.0hILUnity (Mendon)May 01Warsaw
9.7Conner O'Neil5:16.0hILLibertyApr 17Pittsfield
10.8Nate Fierstos5:16.1h PRILPleasant PlainsMay 122A Sectionals
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110m Hurdles - 30"
1.8Spencer Ferguson16.14c PRILDallas CityApr 10Warsaw
2.6Connor Artman16.82ILCarthageMay 12IESA Class A State 5/11-5/12
3.8Devon Boyer16.84c PRILWest PrairieMay 01Warsaw
4.8Chance Cooper16.94c PRILHamiltonMay 01Warsaw
5.8Matt Blackledge17.24c PRILWest PrairieMay 01Warsaw
8Reed Wolfmeyer17.24c PRILLibertyApr 03Pittsfield (practice meet)
7.8Noah James17.34c PRILTurnerApr 09Camp Point
8.7Deven Smith17.54c PRILQuincyApr 28Illini West
9.8Aron Koehler17.64c PRILWarsawApr 217 & 8 Hancock County
10.8Logan Freiburg18.04c PRILQuincyMar 31Hannibal HF Relay
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4x100 Relay
1.8Cameron Gay
Joshua Castle
Joe Lindsay
Carson Gay
47.54cILQuincyApr 28Illini West
2.-Relay Team50.20ILHoweJun 02*CPS ESSP Championships
3.-Relay Team50.54cILWashington (Springfield)Apr 24Rochester vs WMS
4.-Relay Team50.80ILDePriestJun 02*CPS ESSP Championships
5.-Relay Team50.90ILL. WardJun 02*CPS ESSP Championships
-Relay Team51.04cILHavanaMay 122A Sectionals
-Relay Team51.04cILLibertyMay 05Virginia Sectional
8.-Relay Team51.14cILPetersburg PORTAMay 122A Sectionals
9.-Relay Team51.50ILNewberryJun 02*CPS ESSP Championships
10.-Relay Team51.60ILTanner ElementaryJun 02*CPS ESSP Championships
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4x200 Relay
1.-Relay Team1:41.3hILBeardstownMay 122A Sectionals
2.8JacAnthony Childress
Carl Ghess
Jeremiah Owens
Tony Williams
1:42.2hILWashington (Springfield)May 05Falcon Invite
3.-Relay Team1:42.4hILTurnerMay 122A Sectionals
4.8Kyle Adams
Luke Beeler
Daniel McQueen
Jacob Lowman
1:42.7hILWarsawMay 01Warsaw
5.8Blake Carlino
Cody Donley
Ryan Roscetti
Josh Gabriel
1:43.8hILRivertonMar 31Rochester Invite
6.-Relay Team1:45.2hILQuincyMay 122A Sectionals
7.-Chance Cooper
Damyen Mills
Jeremy Hostetler
Jared Dedey
1:46.8hILHamiltonMar 27Warsaw
8.-Relay Team1:48.6hILMacombMay 122A Sectionals
9.-Relay Team1:49.3hILPleasant PlainsMay 122A Sectionals
10.8Nick Greenslaugh
Lucas Potter
Christian Peacock
Grant Roth
1:50.72ILCarthageMay 05BPC JHS Class A Sectional
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4x400 Relay
1.-Relay Team3:56.9hILTurnerMay 122A Sectionals
2.8Daniel McQueen
Jacob Lowman
Kyle Adams
Luke Beeler
3:57.0hILWarsawApr 12Warsaw Bobcat Relays
3.-Relay Team4:00.1hILBeardstownMay 122A Sectionals
4.-Relay Team4:01.9hILQuincyMay 122A Sectionals
5.-Relay Team4:02.3hILLibertyMay 05Virginia Sectional
6.-Relay Team4:04.4hILPleasant PlainsMay 122A Sectionals
7.-Relay Team4:06.2hILHavanaMay 122A Sectionals
8.8Dan Reed
Decory Stamps
Jeremiah Owens
Carl Ghess
4:08.0hILWashington (Springfield)Apr 26City Track meet
9.-Relay Team4:08.4hILMacombMay 122A Sectionals
10.-Relay Team4:11.8hILSchuyler IndustryMay 122A Sectionals
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Shot Put - 4kg
1.8Montel Haynes48' 7.5 PRILWashington (Springfield)Apr 26City Track meet
2.8Zak Spiker42' 0 PRILWest CentralApr 03Warsaw
3.7Tre Augusta41' 5ILMacombMay 122A Sectionals
4.8Manning Plater41' 3 PRILSchuyler IndustryMay 122A Sectionals
5.8Alex Barnard40' 8.5 PRILLibertyApr 26Pcc At Pittsfield
-Marlon Llyod40' 8.5 PRILCarnegieJun 02*CPS ESSP Championships
7.8Nick Howard40' 8 PRILSchuyler IndustryMay 122A Sectionals
8.8Devin Prost39' 4 PRILQuincyMar 31Hannibal HF Relay
9.8Jacob Cronsiter39' 2 PRILPleasant PlainsMay 122A Sectionals
10.8Zach Hunter39' 1 PRILWashington (Springfield)Apr 24Rochester vs WMS
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Discus - 1kg
1.8Manning Plater135' 6 PRILSchuyler IndustryMay 122A Sectionals
2.8Ron Thongsithavong130' 5 PRILPleasant PlainsMay 122A Sectionals
3.8Gabe Williams128' 10 PRILSchuyler IndustryMay 122A Sectionals
4.8Reggie Dickerson118' 11 PRILWashington (Springfield)Apr 26City Track meet
5.8Jensen Corzatt114' 9 PRILDallas CityApr 217 & 8 Hancock County
6.7Austin Owen112' 1ILSoutheastern (Bowen)May 01Warsaw
7.8Devin Prost111' 2 PRILQuincyMay 122A Sectionals
8.8Jon Swanson109' 7 PRILWarsawApr 10Warsaw
9.8Matt Blackledge108' 11 PRILWest PrairieApr 217 & 8 Hancock County
10.8Zach Hunter108' 5 PRILWashington (Springfield)May 02WMS vs Mt. Zion
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High Jump
1.8Cameron Gay5' 8 PRILQuincyApr 24Payson/Unity/Brown County
2.8Josh Gabriel5' 6 PRILRivertonMar 27Warrensburg/Latham
8Reed Wolfmeyer5' 6 PRILLibertyMar 31Huck Finn/Molly Brown Relays
4.8Tanner Ashburn5' 5 PRILPittsfieldMay 122A Sectionals
5.8Ryan Roscetti5' 4 PRILRivertonMar 21Little Flower, North Mac, New Burlin
7Alex Kettering5' 4 PRILSchuyler IndustryMay 122A Sectionals
7.8Donovan Schwanke5' 3 PRILWesternApr 26Pcc At Pittsfield
8Chance Cooper5' 3 PRILHamiltonApr 10Warsaw
8Adam Donley5' 3 PRILUnity (Mendon)Apr 217 & 8 Hancock County
10.8Jacob Poore5' 2 PRILMacombMay 122A Sectionals
8Hunter Smith5' 2 PRILHavanaMay 122A Sectionals
8Luke Beeler5' 2 PRILWarsawApr 10Warsaw
7Deven Smith5' 2ILQuincyApr 28Illini West
7Jace Norman5' 2ILCarthageApr 24Carthage
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Long Jump
1.8Carson Gay20' 0 PRILQuincyMar 31Hannibal HF Relay
2.8Jamon Williams18' 2 PRILHoweJun 02*CPS ESSP Championships
3.8Rick Dour18' 0 PRILBeardstownMay 122A Sectionals
8Cameron Gay18' 0 PRILQuincyApr 28Illini West
5.8Spencer Ferguson17' 9.25 PRILDallas CityApr 12Warsaw Bobcat Relays
6.8Colton Boyd17' 9 PRILSchuyler IndustryMay 122A Sectionals
7.8Caleb Cook17' 7 PRILMacombMay 122A Sectionals
8.8Deondre Mcneal17' 6 PRILHenry H. NashJun 02*CPS ESSP Championships
9.8JacAnthony Childress17' 5 PRILWashington (Springfield)Apr 19WMSvs JMS,BSSA
10.6Connor Artman17' 4.5ILCarthageMay 05BPC JHS Class A Sectional
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Triple Jump
1.7Benji Wittenbrink25' 10 PRILUniversity of Chicago LaboratoryMay 09SW Christian
2.7Bryce Klingle25' 5 PRILLibertyMar 31Huck Finn/Molly Brown Relays
3.8Nathan Ruxlow8' 3 PRILQuincyApr 24Payson/Unity/Brown County
4.8Logan Freiburg8' 0 PRILQuincyMar 30West Prairie
5.7Caleb Smith5' 0 PRILQuincyApr 24Payson/Unity/Brown County
7Cameron Woodard5' 0 PRILQuincyApr 24Payson/Unity/Brown County
8Wyatt Wollaston5' 0 PRILQuincyApr 24Payson/Unity/Brown County
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