100 MetersCompare top 10
1.12Javel Temple11.34cPRCAMadisonApr 27Dual Coronado
10Lawerence Walker11.34cPRCAChristianApr 06Dual
3.12Brian Danh11.35PRCACrawfordMay 20CIF San Diego Section Prelims
4.12Bobby Tran11.49 (2.8)PRCAHoover (SD)May 20CIF San Diego Section Prelims
5.11Alvino Duncan11.64cPRCAMadisonMar 30Hoover Dual
6.11Ronnie Childs11.84cPRCAHoover (SD)May 04Dual meet with Hoover
7.11Aaron Shelby11.94cPRCAMadisonMar 30Hoover Dual
11John Marczynski11.94cPRCAClairemontApr 20Clairemont vs Hoover
9.11Mandy Ross12.04cPRCAChristianMay 09Central League Prelims
10.11Phillip Ost12.07CAClairemontMar 23Otay Ranch/southwest/Clairemont Tri
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200 MetersCompare top 10
1.12Javel Temple22.37 (2.8)PRCAMadisonMay 27CIF San Diego Section Finals
2.11Gary Lee23.03 (1.8)CAHoover (SD)May 20CIF San Diego Section Prelims
3.11Alvino Duncan23.54cPRCAMadisonMar 30Hoover Dual
12Matt Emmel23.54cPRCAClairemontApr 20Clairemont vs Hoover
5.11Phillip Ost23.87CAClairemontApr 01Elmer Runge Classic
6.11John Marczynski24.24cPRCAClairemontApr 20Clairemont vs Hoover
7.12Brian Danh24.44cPRCACrawfordMay 04Christian vs Crawford
8.-Todd Doxy24.66PRCAHoover (SD)Apr 01Elmer Runge Classic
9.10Torrance Birdner24.74cCAHoover (SD)May 04Dual meet with Hoover
10.10Drew Stacy25.14cPRCACoronadoMay 04Dual meet with Hoover
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400 MetersCompare top 10
1.12Javel Temple50.39PRCAMadisonApr 28Escondido Invitational
2.12Matt Emmel50.83CAClairemontMay 27CIF San Diego Section Finals
3.12Eric Wilkenson51.97PRCAClairemontApr 01Elmer Runge Classic
4.11Rodney Cooper53.36PRCAMadisonApr 28Escondido Invitational
5.11Alvino Duncan54.53PRCAMadisonMar 09Madison
6.11Jeremiah Wallace56.44cCAHoover (SD)May 04Dual meet with Hoover
7.12Jason Thomas56.60PRCAMadisonMar 09Madison
8.10Marcelis Tucker56.64cPRCACrawfordMay 04Christian vs Crawford
9.10Drew Stacy57.84cPRCACoronadoMay 04Dual meet with Hoover
10.9Derek Douk58.74cPRCAHoover (SD)May 04Dual meet with Hoover
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800 MetersCompare top 10
1.12Bernardo Bahena2:03.43CAClairemontMay 20CIF San Diego Section Prelims
2.11Erick Martinez2:08.0hPRCAMadisonApr 28Escondido Invitational
3.12John Rickert2:09.0hPRCAMadisonApr 28Escondido Invitational
4.11Eric Cabrera2:09.20PRCAMadisonMay 20CIF San Diego Section Prelims
5.12Nahun Leiva2:13.32PRCAHoover (SD)Apr 01Elmer Runge Classic
6.11Rodney Cooper2:14.0hPRCAMadisonMar 09Madison
7.12James Banks2:15.77PRCAChristianApr 15Jaguar Invitational
8.9Nick Pradel2:17.6hCAClairemontApr 20Clairemont vs Hoover
9David Grimes2:17.6hCACoronadoMay 04Dual meet with Hoover
10.10Quintilio Rose2:19.52CAChristianApr 15Jaguar Invitational
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1600 MetersCompare top 10
1.12Bernardo Bahena4:30.99CAClairemontMay 27CIF San Diego Section Finals
2.11Eric Cabrera4:43.88PRCAMadisonMay 20CIF San Diego Section Prelims
3.11Erick Martinez4:44.0hPRCAMadisonApr 28Escondido Invitational
4.12Kasey Zapatka4:44.16PRCACoronadoApr 01Elmer Runge Classic
5.12Nahun Leiva4:47.46PRCAHoover (SD)Apr 01Elmer Runge Classic
6.11Spencer Winston4:50.35CAChristianMay 20CIF San Diego Section Prelims
7.10Michael Davies4:52.12PRCACoronadoApr 01Elmer Runge Classic
8.-Andrew Zogby4:54.74PRCAClairemontApr 01Elmer Runge Classic
9.12John Rickert4:56.0hPRCAMadisonApr 28Escondido Invitational
10.9Nick Pradel4:57.30CAClairemontApr 01Elmer Runge Classic
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3200 MetersCompare top 10
1.12Daniel Crotty10:25.26PRCAClairemontApr 01Elmer Runge Classic
2.12Nahun Leiva10:25.49PRCAHoover (SD)Apr 01Elmer Runge Classic
3.12Bernardo Bahena10:38.0hCAClairemontApr 20Clairemont vs Hoover
4.9Nick Pradel10:51.0hCAClairemontApr 20Clairemont vs Hoover
5.9David Grimes11:23.0hCACoronadoMay 04Dual meet with Hoover
6.12Joe Bost11:31.79PRCAChristianApr 15Jaguar Invitational
7.10Ben Enowitz11:39.0hCACoronadoMay 04Dual meet with Hoover
8.12Fransisco Angel11:41.0hPRCAMadisonApr 27Dual Coronado
9.11Erick Martinez11:49.0hPRCAMadisonMar 30Hoover Dual
10.10Thadeus Mc Combs12:06.6hPRCACrawfordMay 04Christian vs Crawford
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110m Hurdles - 39"Compare top 8
1.12Trevor Fulkerson15.50PRCAChristianMay 20CIF San Diego Section Prelims
2.12Daniel Davis16.30PRCAHoover (SD)Apr 01Elmer Runge Classic
3.12Avery Akers16.86PRCAClairemontMay 20CIF San Diego Section Prelims
4.12Jerrel Bell17.54cPRCAClairemontApr 20Clairemont vs Hoover
5.11Martin Sillas18.94cPRCAHoover (SD)May 04Dual meet with Hoover
6.11Josh Carrasco19.34cPRCAMadisonApr 20Dual Crawford
11James Beauchamp19.34cCAClairemontApr 20Clairemont vs Hoover
8.9Caleb Farrel20.03CAChristianApr 15Jaguar Invitational
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300m Hurdles - 36"Compare top 8
1.12Trevor Fulkerson41.15PRCAChristianMay 20CIF San Diego Section Prelims
2.12Jerrel Bell42.93PRCAClairemontMay 20CIF San Diego Section Prelims
3.12Daniel Davis45.57PRCAHoover (SD)Apr 01Elmer Runge Classic
4.11Josh Carrasco45.74cPRCAMadisonMar 30Hoover Dual
5.10Renzo Balistreri45.94cPRCAClairemontApr 20Clairemont vs Hoover
6.11James Beauchamp46.82CAClairemontApr 01Elmer Runge Classic
7.11Martin Sillas49.44cPRCAHoover (SD)May 04Dual meet with Hoover
8.12Jason Thomas51.34cCAMadisonMar 30Hoover Dual
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4x100 RelayCompare top 4
1.-Relay Team44.09CAClairemontMay 20CIF San Diego Section Prelims
2.-Rodney Cooper
Javel Temple
Alvino Duncan
Aaron Shelby
44.63CAMadisonApr 28Escondido Invitational
3.-Relay Team44.87CAHoover (SD)Apr 01Elmer Runge Classic
4.-Relay Team48.24cCACrawfordMay 04Christian vs Crawford
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4x400 RelayCompare top 2
1.-Relay Team3:28.19CAClairemontMay 27CIF San Diego Section Finals
2.-Relay Team3:36.45CAMadisonMay 20CIF San Diego Section Prelims
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Shot Put - 12lbCompare top 10
1.12Jericho Maxwell50' 2PRCACrawfordMay 04Christian vs Crawford
2.12Levi Lozano42' 11.5PRCACoronadoMay 20CIF San Diego Section Prelims
3.12Dalid Chaidy40' 9.5PRCAHoover (SD)Apr 01Elmer Runge Classic
4.11Skylar Andrews39' 10CAMadisonApr 20Dual Crawford
5.12Avery Akers39' 5PRCAClairemontApr 20Clairemont vs Hoover
6.11Viktor Asaciovas38' 9PRCAChristianMar 30Clairemont vs Christian
7.11Steve Miller38' 4.5PRCACrawfordMay 04Christian vs Crawford
8.10Scot Allen38' 4PRCAChristianApr 06Dual
9.10Ben Miranda38' 1CAHoover (SD)May 04Dual meet with Hoover
10.11Adam Perkins37' 11PRCAMadisonMar 30Hoover Dual
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Discus - 1.6kgCompare top 10
1.12Jericho Maxwell149' 8PRCACrawfordMay 04Christian vs Crawford
2.11Oscar Mercado128' 6PRCAHoover (SD)Apr 01Elmer Runge Classic
3.12DJ Epati124' 10PRCAMadisonApr 27Dual Coronado
4.12Roger Wanayama124' 2CAMadisonApr 28Escondido Invitational
5.12Dalid Chaidy119' 11PRCAHoover (SD)Apr 01Elmer Runge Classic
6.11Jorge Reyes119' 7CAMadisonApr 28Escondido Invitational
7.12Alex Ledgerwood119' 6PRCAChristianApr 15Jaguar Invitational
8.12Levi Lozano118' 3PRCACoronadoMay 04Dual meet with Hoover
9.11Alex Mccarthy116' 0CAClairemontMar 23Otay Ranch/southwest/Clairemont Tri
10.11Skylar Andrews114' 5CAMadisonMar 18Sweetwater Relay
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High JumpCompare top 10
1.12Kenny Welch6' 2PRCAClairemontMay 27CIF San Diego Section Finals
2.12Derek Larsen5' 10PRCAChristianMar 30Clairemont vs Christian
11Viktor Asaciovas5' 10PRCAChristianMar 30Clairemont vs Christian
4.11Robert Fukushima5' 8CAHoover (SD)Apr 01Elmer Runge Classic
12Jonathon Parker5' 8PRCAClairemontMay 20CIF San Diego Section Prelims
12Jason Thomas5' 8PRCAMadisonApr 28Escondido Invitational
9John Jacques5' 8CACrawfordMay 04Christian vs Crawford
8.12Alfredo Quinonez5' 6PRCAHoover (SD)May 04Dual meet with Hoover
9.12Delaney Alomar5' 4PRCAMadisonMar 09Madison
10.9Nate Robertson5' 0PRCAMadisonMar 30Hoover Dual
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Long JumpCompare top 10
1.11Gary Lee22' 9.25CAHoover (SD)Jun 0288th CIF State T&F Champs Prelims 2006
2.12Jarod Stuts20' 1 (-1.8)PRCACrawfordMay 20CIF San Diego Section Prelims
3.11Alvino Duncan19' 10PRCAMadisonApr 28Escondido Invitational
4.11Viktor Asaciovas19' 7.5PRCAChristianApr 15Jaguar Invitational
5.10Phillip Fowler18' 11CAMadisonApr 28Escondido Invitational
6.11Phillip Ost18' 10.5PRCAClairemontMar 23Otay Ranch/southwest/Clairemont Tri
7.12Derek Larsen18' 9PRCAChristianApr 08Titan Track Fest
8.12Jonathon Parker18' 8.5PRCAClairemontApr 20Clairemont vs Hoover
9.12William Daniels18' 7.5PRCACrawfordMay 04Christian vs Crawford
10.12Kenny Welch18' 1PRCAClairemontApr 20Clairemont vs Hoover
9Derek Douk18' 1PRCAHoover (SD)May 04Dual meet with Hoover
12Delaney Alomar18' 1PRCAMadisonMar 09Madison
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Triple JumpCompare top 10
1.11Gary Lee45' 1 (3.2)CAHoover (SD)May 20CIF San Diego Section Prelims
2.12Kenny Welch41' 11.75 (2.1)PRCAClairemontMay 27CIF San Diego Section Finals
3.11Aaron Shelby40' 11PRCAMadisonApr 28Escondido Invitational
4.12Delaney Alomar39' 0PRCAMadisonMar 30Hoover Dual
5.12Trevor Fulkerson38' 7PRCAChristianApr 15Jaguar Invitational
6.12William Daniels38' 2PRCACrawfordMay 04Christian vs Crawford
7.12Derek Larsen38' 0PRCAChristianApr 15Jaguar Invitational
8.10Phillip Fowler37' 1CAMadisonApr 28Escondido Invitational
9.12Jonathon Parker35' 9PRCAClairemontApr 20Clairemont vs Hoover
10.12Avery Akers35' 6.5PRCAClairemontMar 09Clairemont vs Pt. Loma
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