100 MetersCompare top 10
1.1710Joseph Hylton10.82CAHartMay 04Foothill League Finals
2.12Steven Arrington10.93PRCACanyon (Canyon Country)May 04Foothill League Finals
3.12Henry Sojico11.09 (3.3)PRCAHartMay 13CIF-SS Division 2 Prelims
4.11Troy Chairez11.10 (2.4)PRCACanyon (Canyon Country)Apr 20EMT Golden Valley v Canyon
11Tanner Berney11.10CAValencia (Valencia)May 04Foothill League Finals
6.12Hasani Fields11.18PRCAGolden Valley (SS)May 04Foothill League Finals
7.12Amir Bishop11.22PRCASaugusApr 20Saugus & West Ranch
8.12Cliff Alvarez11.23PRCASaugusMay 04Foothill League Finals
9.1610Isaiah Turner11.30PRCAValley United Track ClubJun 25USATF Region 15 Junior Olympic Championships
10.11Taylor Tepesano11.37 (2.4)PRCACanyon (Canyon Country)Apr 20EMT Golden Valley v Canyon
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200 MetersCompare top 10
1.12Steven Arrington21.84 (3.6)PRCACanyon (Canyon Country)May 13CIF-SS Division 2 Prelims
2.12Joshua Pikes21.88 (3.5)PRCAValencia (Valencia)May 13CIF-SS Division 1 Prelims
3.11Troy Chairez22.00PRCACanyon (Canyon Country)May 04Foothill League Finals
4.11Gabe Halekakis22.35PRCAHartMay 04Foothill League Finals
5.12Hasani Fields22.44PRCAGolden Valley (SS)May 04Foothill League Finals
6.10Deven Mendez22.64PRCAGolden Valley (SS)May 04Foothill League Finals
12Amir Bishop22.64PRCASaugusMay 04Foothill League Finals
8.11Taylor Tepesano22.80PRCACanyon (Canyon Country)May 04Foothill League Finals
9.9Adan Prado22.91CAValencia (Valencia)May 04Foothill League Finals
10.1711Chris Sorensen22.92CAHartMay 04Foothill League Finals
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400 MetersCompare top 10
1.12Sam Pica48.08PRCAValencia (Valencia)May 04Foothill League Finals
2.11Gabe Halekakis49.65PRCAHartMay 04Foothill League Finals
11Taylor Tepesano49.65PRCACanyon (Canyon Country)May 04Foothill League Finals
4.11Troy Chairez50.56CACanyon (Canyon Country)May 04Foothill League Finals
5.12Joshua Pikes50.82PRCAValencia (Valencia)May 04Foothill League Finals
6.12Steven Arrington51.27PRCACanyon (Canyon Country)Apr 20EMT Golden Valley v Canyon
7.11Blake Bruner51.33PRCAHartMay 04Foothill League Finals
8.10Deven Mendez51.36PRCAGolden Valley (SS)May 04Foothill League Finals
9.10Khalil Woodard51.38CAGolden Valley (SS)May 04Foothill League Finals
10.10Kai Wingo51.73CAValencia (Valencia)Apr 13EMT Golden Valley v Valencia
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800 MetersCompare top 10
1.11Juan Enciso1:57.24PRCASaugusMar 25Meet of Champions
2.12Justin Sherfey1:57.48CAWest RanchMar 11Redondo Nike Track Festival (Day 2)
3.11Jake Rochford1:58.55PRCASaugusMay 13CIF-SS Division 2 Prelims
4.12Jake Carver1:59.94CAWest RanchApr 07Tiger Invite
5.12Jack Arnold2:00.27PRCAWest RanchApr 20Saugus & West Ranch
6.12CJ Westenhofer2:00.40PRCASaugusMay 04Foothill League Finals
7.11Britain Reynolds2:00.42CAValencia (Valencia)Apr 13EMT Golden Valley v Valencia
8.12Jaime Calderon2:00.95PRCAGolden Valley (SS)Mar 25Meet of Champions
9.10Kevin Stone2:01.52PRCACanyon (Canyon Country)May 04Foothill League Finals
10.11Timothy Sterkel2:01.66CAWest RanchMar 18California Relays
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1600 MetersCompare top 10
1.11Timothy Sterkel4:18.23CAWest RanchMar 25Meet of Champions
2.11Preston Pope4:21.62PRCAWest RanchMay 04Foothill League Finals
3.12Justin Sherfey4:24.91CAWest RanchMay 04Foothill League Finals
4.10Ethan Danforth4:26.05CACanyon (Canyon Country)May 04Foothill League Finals
5.11Britain Reynolds4:27.22CAValencia (Valencia)Mar 11Redondo Nike Track Festival (Day 2)
6.12Jack Arnold4:28.81CAWest RanchMar 18California Relays
12CJ Westenhofer4:28.81PRCASaugusMar 25Meet of Champions
8.10Alexis Romero4:29.27CAGolden Valley (SS)Mar 25Meet of Champions
9.10Isaiah Seidman4:29.40CAWest RanchMar 11Redondo Nike Track Festival (Day 2)
10.1711Collin Werth4:30.21CASaugusMay 04Foothill League Finals
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3200 MetersCompare top 10
1.11Preston Pope9:13.75PRCAWest RanchMay 13CIF-SS Division 1 Prelims
2.11Britain Reynolds9:17.58CAValencia (Valencia)Apr 08Arcadia Invitational (Fri/Sat)
3.12Justin Sherfey9:19.80PRCAWest RanchMar 18California Relays
4.12Jack Arnold9:23.44PRCAWest RanchApr 15Mt SAC Relays
5.10Isaiah Seidman9:27.49CAWest RanchMar 25Meet of Champions
6.10Ethan Danforth9:27.91CACanyon (Canyon Country)Mar 25Meet of Champions
7.11Boon Andrews9:43.44PRCASaugusMar 04Don Green Memorial Track Meet
8.11Patrick King9:46.90CACanyon (Canyon Country)Apr 22Burbank Backwards Meet
9.10Alexis Romero9:51.87PRCAGolden Valley (SS)May 04Foothill League Finals
10.12Luke Wilke9:52.68PRCASaugusMar 10Redondo Nike Distance & Throws Carnival (Day 1)
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110m Hurdles - 39"Compare top 10
1.12Joshua Pikes15.48 (1.9)PRCAValencia (Valencia)Mar 11Redondo Nike Track Festival (Day 2)
2.10Cole Shirakata15.73 (2.8)CAHartMay 13CIF-SS Division 2 Prelims
3.11Elijah Loreto15.75 (1.9)CAGolden Valley (SS)Mar 08Golden Valley vs Lancaster
4.10Mya Davis15.99CAWest RanchMay 04Foothill League Finals
5.10Edward Lee16.54PRCAValencia (Valencia)May 04Foothill League Finals
6.11Drake Carter16.55PRCAHartMay 04Foothill League Finals
7.11Drake Carter-Nelson16.60 (-.8)CAHartApr 07Tiger Invite
8.11Andres Zedan16.63PRCASaugusApr 20Saugus & West Ranch
9.10Julian Obusan16.65CAValencia (Valencia)May 04Foothill League Finals
10.12Michael Sorensen16.72PRCAWest RanchMay 04Foothill League Finals
11Austin Caplan16.72PRCAWest RanchMay 04Foothill League Finals
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300m Hurdles - 36"Compare top 10
1.12Andre Rivera40.80PRCAGolden Valley (SS)May 13CIF-SS Division 2 Prelims
2.10Mya Davis40.86CAWest RanchMay 04Foothill League Finals
3.10Cole Shirakata41.73CAHartMay 04Foothill League Finals
4.11Drake Carter-Nelson42.79CAHartApr 07Tiger Invite
5.11Jimmie Horton43.22CACanyon (Canyon Country)May 04Foothill League Finals
6.12Jordan Parks43.38PRCASaugusMay 04Foothill League Finals
7.11Drake Carter43.46PRCAHartMay 04Foothill League Finals
8.10Edward Lee43.51CAValencia (Valencia)May 04Foothill League Finals
9.11Alex Giesler43.53CACanyon (Canyon Country)May 04Foothill League Finals
10.12Michael Sorensen43.63CAWest RanchMay 04Foothill League Finals
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4x100 RelayCompare top 6
1.Tanner Berney
Chris Kojin
Sam Pica
Joshua Pikes
42.41CAValencia (Valencia)May 04Foothill League Finals
2.Gabe Halekakis
Chris Sorensen
Joe Hylton
Henry Sojico
42.54CAHartMay 20CIF-SS Division 2 Finals
3.Amir Bishop
Nate Eldridge
TJ Johnson
Isaiah Turner
43.20CASaugusMay 04Foothill League Finals
4.Quinn Melssen
Steven Arrington
Taylor Tepesano
Jeremiah Finley
43.75CACanyon (Canyon Country)May 04Foothill League Finals
5.Hasani Fields
Deven Mendez
Brandon Sabelis
Khalil Woodard
43.88CAGolden Valley (SS)May 04Foothill League Finals
6.Relay Team45.34CAWest RanchMar 23West Ranch vs Golden Valley
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4x400 RelayCompare top 6
1.Tanner Berney
Sam Pica
Joshua Pikes
Kai Wingo
3:19.03CAValencia (Valencia)May 13CIF-SS Division 1 Prelims
2.Troy Chairez
Steven Arrington
Taylor Tepesano
Micah Adeyemo
3:22.39CACanyon (Canyon Country)Apr 08Arcadia Invitational (Fri/Sat)
3.Gabe Halekakis
Chris Sorensen
Joe Hylton
Blake Bruner
3:25.07CAHartMay 13CIF-SS Division 2 Prelims
4.Khalil Woodard
Deven Mendez
Hasani Fields
Jaime Calderon
3:25.66CAGolden Valley (SS)May 04Foothill League Finals
5.Justin Robert
Nate Eldridge
Trevor Allor
Matt Sayer
3:31.49CASaugusMay 04Foothill League Finals
6.Relay Team3:34.70CAWest RanchApr 20Saugus & West Ranch
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Shot Put - 12lbCompare top 10
1.12Gabriel Coronado55' 10PRCAGolden Valley (SS)Apr 20EMT Golden Valley v Canyon
2.12Blake Walkowiak54' 0PRCASaugusApr 20Saugus & West Ranch
3.1710Jacob Lopez53' 0.75CACanyon (Canyon Country)Mar 10Redondo Nike Distance & Throws Carnival (Day 1)
4.11Danny Bryant52' 6CAWest RanchApr 20Saugus & West Ranch
5.12John Elam50' 6.5CACanyon (Canyon Country)May 04Foothill League Finals
6.10Bryce Valles48' 0CAWest RanchMay 04Foothill League Finals
7.1610Nathan Tripp47' 3CASaugusMay 04Foothill League Finals
8.11CJ (Clifford) McMullen46' 8CAHartMar 18Maurice Green Invite
9.1610Noah Bultman45' 6CAWest RanchApr 07Tiger Invite
11Luis Vargas45' 6CACanyon (Canyon Country)Apr 20EMT Golden Valley v Canyon
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Discus - 1.6kgCompare top 10
1.12Gabriel Coronado176' 4PRCAGolden Valley (SS)May 26CIF Southern Section Masters Meet
2.12Blake Walkowiak172' 2PRCASaugusMay 13CIF-SS Division 2 Prelims
3.1710Jacob Lopez162' 5CA Canyon (Canyon Country)Jan 28Simi Valley All Comers #2 (Winter Qualifier)
4.12John Elam156' 5CACanyon (Canyon Country)Apr 08Arcadia Invitational (Fri/Sat)
5.12Mark Gray149' 7PRCAValencia (Valencia)Mar 04Trevor Habberstab Memorial Invitational
6.11Danny Bryant148' 2CAWest RanchMar 18California Relays
7.11Tyler Yost142' 1PRCAValencia (Valencia)May 04Foothill League Finals
8.12Philip Carillo131' 1PRCACanyon (Canyon Country)Mar 10Redondo Nike Distance & Throws Carnival (Day 1)
9.11Max Barnett130' 9PRCAValencia (Valencia)Mar 10Redondo Nike Distance & Throws Carnival (Day 1)
10.12Ryan Forletta126' 2PRCACanyon (Canyon Country)Apr 20EMT Golden Valley v Canyon
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High JumpCompare top 10
1.9Eugene Park6' 4PRCAWest RanchMar 04Bishop Amat Relays
2.1711Max Wright6' 3CACanyon (Canyon Country)Apr 20EMT Golden Valley v Canyon
3.12Noah Turner6' 2CASaugusMar 02Saugus at Ventura
4.11Cody Falkenborg6' 0PRCAWest RanchMar 23West Ranch vs Golden Valley
5.1710Adam West5' 11PRCAValencia (Valencia)May 04Foothill League Finals
6.11Lucas Corbin5' 10CACanyon (Canyon Country)Feb 25Burbank Relays
10Joel De Santiago Espinoza5' 10CASaugusMar 02Saugus at Ventura
10Micah Adeyemo5' 10PRCACanyon (Canyon Country)Mar 11Simi Valley Invitational
12Andrew Mercado5' 10PRCAWest RanchMay 04Foothill League Finals
10.11Mariano Murray5' 8PRCACanyon (Canyon Country)Feb 25Burbank Relays
9Joel Esponoza5' 8PRCASaugusMar 15Saugus Vs Golden Valley
159Tyler Cash5' 8CACanyon (Canyon Country)May 04Foothill League Finals
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Pole VaultCompare top 10
1.12Nelson Campbell14' 0PRCAHartMay 04Foothill League Finals
12John Campbell14' 0PRCAHartMay 13CIF-SS Division 2 Prelims
3.12Nick Amendola13' 0PRCAHartMay 04Foothill League Finals
4.10Christian Kay12' 3CAValencia (Valencia)Apr 13EMT Golden Valley v Valencia
5.12Josh Kimmer12' 0PRCACanyon (Canyon Country)Feb 25Burbank Relays
12Michael Sorensen12' 0CAWest RanchApr 07Tiger Invite
12Gary Bojorquez12' 0PRCASaugusMay 04Foothill League Finals
11Lucas Corbin12' 0CACanyon (Canyon Country)May 04Foothill League Finals
9.1710Adam West11' 6CAValencia (Valencia)Apr 13EMT Golden Valley v Valencia
12Ryan Stevens11' 6PRCAGolden Valley (SS)Apr 20EMT Golden Valley v Canyon
9Hunter Potrykus11' 6PRCASaugusApr 20Saugus & West Ranch
11Mariano Murray11' 6PRCACanyon (Canyon Country)May 04Foothill League Finals
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Long JumpCompare top 10
1.12Sam Pica22' 11PRCAValencia (Valencia)May 04Foothill League Finals
2.12Cliff Alvarez22' 5.75PRCASaugusMay 04Foothill League Finals
3.12Andrew Mercado21' 4.5PRCAWest RanchMay 04Foothill League Finals
4.11Tanner Berney21' 1.5CAValencia (Valencia)Mar 11Redondo Nike Track Festival (Day 2)
5.12Andre Rivera20' 11.75PRCAGolden Valley (SS)May 04Foothill League Finals
6.12Camden Apsey20' 7.75PRCACanyon (Canyon Country)May 04Foothill League Finals
7.1610Brandon Sabelis20' 3CAGolden Valley (SS)May 04Foothill League Finals
8.9Joel Esponoza19' 11PRCASaugusMar 15Saugus Vs Golden Valley
9.10Joel De Santiago Espinoza19' 10.5CASaugusMay 04Foothill League Finals
10.9Maximiliano Gabriel19' 9.25CAGolden Valley (SS)May 04Foothill League Finals
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Triple JumpCompare top 10
1.11Tanner Berney45' 2.75CAValencia (Valencia)Mar 04Trevor Habberstab Memorial Invitational
2.10Kai Wingo44' 9.25 (2.3)PRCAValencia (Valencia)Mar 18California Relays
3.12Camden Apsey42' 11.5PRCACanyon (Canyon Country)May 04Foothill League Finals
4.12Michael Brooks42' 6.5PRCASaugusMar 04Don Green Memorial Track Meet
5.11Cody Falkenborg41' 9PRCAWest RanchMar 23West Ranch vs Golden Valley
6.11Cameron Scott41' 8.5PRCASaugusMay 04Foothill League Finals
7.1610Brandon Sabelis40' 4CAGolden Valley (SS)May 04Foothill League Finals
8.12George Anumba39' 8PRCAValencia (Valencia)May 04Foothill League Finals
9.9Maximiliano Gabriel38' 11.25CAGolden Valley (SS)May 04Foothill League Finals
10.9Joel Esponoza38' 9PRCASaugusMar 15Saugus Vs Golden Valley
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