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100 Meters
1.12Ryan Reed10.98 PRCASequoiaMay 04PAL Championships - Varsity
2.12Nick Anderson11.15 PRCAMenlo-AthertonMay 04PAL Championships - Varsity
3.10Francisco Sanchez11.19 PRCAAragonMay 04PAL Championships - Varsity
4.12Michael Schultz11.24 PRCAMillsMay 04PAL Championships - Varsity
5.12Elliot MacDonald11.37 PRCAMenlo-AthertonMay 04PAL Championships - Varsity
6.9Jack Norton11.50CACarlmontMay 05PAL Championships - Frosh/Soph
7.12John Tan11.53CACarlmontMay 04PAL Championships - Varsity
8.11Jermaine Minamin11.63 PRCAWestmoorMay 04PAL Championships - Varsity
9.12Jose Corpus11.78CASequoiaMay 04PAL Championships - Varsity
10.10Jonaven Kuhn11.80 (-1.8)CACarlmontApr 18Menlo Atherton @ Carlmont
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200 Meters
1.12Ryan Reed22.40 PRCASequoiaMay 04PAL Championships - Varsity
2.12Elliot MacDonald22.84 PRCAMenlo-AthertonMay 04PAL Championships - Varsity
3.12Nick Anderson23.20 PR (1.9)CAMenlo-AthertonApr 18Menlo Atherton @ Carlmont
4.12Michael Schultz23.65CAMillsApr 11Aragon vs. Mills
5.12Tanner Anderson23.67 (1.9)CACarlmontApr 18Menlo Atherton @ Carlmont
6.12John Tan23.84 PRCACarlmontMay 04PAL Championships - Varsity
7.9Daniel Rose23.94 PRCAAragonMay 05PAL Championships - Frosh/Soph
8.12Louis La Grill24.06 PRCACarlmontMay 04PAL Championships - Varsity
9.10Francisco Sanchez24.14 PRCAAragonApr 25Menlo-Atherton vs. Aragon
10.10Bryce Riedel24.18 PRCACarlmontMay 05PAL Championships - Frosh/Soph
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400 Meters
1.12Tanner Anderson50.03 PRCACarlmontMay 04PAL Championships - Varsity
2.12Ryan Wilson51.30CACarlmontApr 18Menlo Atherton @ Carlmont
3.10Jonaven Kuhn51.74 PRCACarlmontMay 05PAL Championships - Frosh/Soph
4.9Ian Koe51.89 PRCAAragonMay 05PAL Championships - Frosh/Soph
5.12Karl Zahlhaas- Liebner52.68 PRCAMenlo-AthertonMar 21Westmoor @ Menlo-Atherton
6.12Xander Posten53.53 PRCASequoiaApr 04Menlo Atherton at Sequoia
12Elliot MacDonald53.53 PRCAMenlo-AthertonMar 21Westmoor @ Menlo-Atherton
8.12Eli Rodriguez53.68CASequoiaApr 04Menlo Atherton at Sequoia
9.11Caleb Ahn53.80 PRCACarlmontMay 04PAL Championships - Varsity
10.12Scott Macdonald53.87 PRCAMenlo-AthertonApr 04Menlo Atherton at Sequoia
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800 Meters
1.12Tanner Anderson1:53.04 PRCACarlmontJun 02CIF State Championship Finals
2.12Ryan Wilson1:54.92CACarlmontMar 31Stanford Invitational
3.12Karl Zahlhaas- Liebner1:58.67 PRCAMenlo-AthertonMay 19CIF-CCS Track and Field Trials
4.11Luke Scandlyn1:59.36 PRCAMenlo-AthertonMay 04PAL Championships - Varsity
5.11Justin Hsu1:59.54 PRCACarlmontApr 18Menlo Atherton @ Carlmont
6.12Xander Posten2:01.21 PRCASequoiaMay 04PAL Championships - Varsity
7.10Caleb Metzler2:01.48 PRCACarlmontMar 10Kiwanis Bellarmine K-Bell Track & Field Classic
8.11Nicholas Hafer2:02.36CAMenlo-AthertonApr 14Serra Top 7 Invitational
9.10Owen Dodge2:02.50 PRCAAragonApr 21CCS Top 8
10.12Andrew Luna2:02.93 PRCACarlmontMay 04PAL Championships - Varsity
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1600 Meters
1.12Ryan Wilson4:17.07 PRCACarlmontMay 19CIF-CCS Track and Field Trials
2.11Luke Scandlyn4:21.16 PRCAMenlo-AthertonApr 14Serra Top 7 Invitational
3.11Justin Hsu4:24.75 PRCACarlmontMar 17Dublin Distance Fiesta
4.12Scott Macdonald4:25.37 PRCAMenlo-AthertonMay 19CIF-CCS Track and Field Trials
5.12Karl Zahlhaas- Liebner4:26.32 PRCAMenlo-AthertonApr 21CCS Top 8
6.11Cole Mediratta4:27.01 PRCAMenlo-AthertonMay 19CIF-CCS Track and Field Trials
7.10Caleb Metzler4:33.29 PRCACarlmontMar 17Dublin Distance Fiesta
8.11Noah Vauclair4:36.00 PRCASequoiaMay 04PAL Championships - Varsity
9.11Noah Strause4:38.54 PRCAAragonApr 28Mills Invitational
10.10Thomas Burt4:38.76 PRCASequoiaMay 05PAL Championships - Frosh/Soph
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3200 Meters
1.11Justin Hsu9:33.20 PRCACarlmontMay 19CIF-CCS Track and Field Trials
2.12Ryan Wilson9:38.97 PRCACarlmontApr 18Menlo Atherton @ Carlmont
3.10Alonso Gonzales9:51.01 PRCASequoiaApr 21CCS Top 8
4.12Scott Macdonald9:51.82CAMenlo-AthertonMar 03Rustbuster
5.10Ethan Mimeles9:53.64 PRCAMenlo-AthertonApr 21CCS Top 8
6.12Amaury Avat9:53.84 PRCACarlmontMay 04PAL Championships - Varsity
7.11Luke Scandlyn9:54.13CAMenlo-AthertonMar 03Rustbuster
8.11Eric Jackson9:56.55 PRCACarlmontMay 04PAL Championships - Varsity
9.11Cole Mediratta10:02.47 PRCAMenlo-AthertonApr 04Menlo Atherton at Sequoia
10.12Karl Zahlhaas- Liebner10:12.95 PRCAMenlo-AthertonMar 21Westmoor @ Menlo-Atherton
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110m Hurdles - 39"
1.12Nick Anderson14.48 PR (3.4)CAMenlo-AthertonJun 01CIF State Championship Prelims
2.11Enrico Cruz16.07 PRCAMillsMay 04PAL Championships - Varsity
3.12Erik Huisman17.05 PRCASequoiaMay 04PAL Championships - Varsity
4.10Tatafu Mahoni17.32 PRCAMenlo-AthertonMay 05PAL Championships - Frosh/Soph
5.12Matthew Kyi17.46 PRCAWestmoorMay 04PAL Championships - Varsity
6.10Nathan Chu17.92 PRCAAragonApr 25Menlo-Atherton vs. Aragon
7.9Brevan Rohde18.49 PRCAWestmoorMay 05PAL Championships - Frosh/Soph
8.10Eugene LI18.66 PRCAWestmoorApr 25Westmoor at Sequoia
9.10Cameron Ong18.80 PRCAAragonMay 05PAL Championships - Frosh/Soph
10.11Robert Vergara19.14 PRCAWestmoorMay 04PAL Championships - Varsity
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300m Hurdles - 36"
1.12Erik Huisman42.99 PRCASequoiaMay 04PAL Championships - Varsity
2.10Nathan Chu43.23 PRCAAragonMay 05PAL Championships - Frosh/Soph
3.11Enrico Cruz43.77CAMillsMay 04PAL Championships - Varsity
4.11Caleb Ahn43.83 PRCACarlmontMay 04PAL Championships - Varsity
5.10Tatafu Mahoni44.31 PRCAMenlo-AthertonApr 25Menlo-Atherton vs. Aragon
6.12Nick Anderson44.55 PRCAMenlo-AthertonApr 04Menlo Atherton at Sequoia
7.9Brevan Rohde45.02 PRCAWestmoorMay 05PAL Championships - Frosh/Soph
8.10Eugene LI45.83 PRCAWestmoorMay 05PAL Championships - Frosh/Soph
9.10Cameron Ong46.31 PRCAAragonMay 05PAL Championships - Frosh/Soph
10.12Matthew Kyi47.01 PRCAWestmoorApr 25Westmoor at Sequoia
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4x100 Relay
1.Jacob Chavez
Nick Anderson
Julian Verbo
Elliot MacDonald
43.79CAMenlo-AthertonMay 04PAL Championships - Varsity
2.Jose Corpus
Eli Rodriguez
Nate Burrill
Ryan Reed
43.95CASequoiaMay 19CIF-CCS Track and Field Trials
3.Relay Team44.87CACarlmontMay 05PAL Championships - Frosh/Soph
4.Danny Williams
Mitchell Yee
Nicholas Wilcox
Francisco Sanchez
45.36CAAragonMay 04PAL Championships - Varsity
5.Ronnie Saw
Matthew Kyi
Jermaine Minamin
Calvin Ng
45.52CAWestmoorMay 04PAL Championships - Varsity
6.Relay Team46.59CAMillsApr 11Aragon vs. Mills
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4x400 Relay
1.Jonaven Kuhn
Caleb Ahn
Ryan Wilson
Tanner Anderson
3:21.71CACarlmontJun 01CIF State Championship Prelims
2.Relay Team3:29.48CAMenlo-AthertonMar 31Stanford Invitational
3.Eli Rodriguez
Xander Posten
Noah Vauclair
Ryan Reed
3:33.69CASequoiaApr 04Menlo Atherton at Sequoia
4.Ronnie Saw
Jermaine Minamin
Carlos Sierra Gutierrez
Calvin Ng
3:41.36CAWestmoorMay 04PAL Championships - Varsity
5.Johnny Sargbah
Jacky Au-Yeung
Carson Eschen
Luca DiMaio
3:44.15CAMillsMay 04PAL Championships - Varsity
6.Ryan Chan
Nathan Chu
Daniel Rose
Owen Dodge
3:48.64CAAragonApr 18Aragon at Sequoia
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Shot Put - 12lb
1.12Sione Langi51' 11 PRCAMillsApr 28Mills Invitational
2.12Elias Uai50' 5 PRCAMillsApr 28Mills Invitational
3.12Ian Tapueluelu49' 10 PRCAAragonMay 04PAL Championships - Varsity
4.12Michael Skyriotis49' 7 PRCAMillsMay 19CIF-CCS Track and Field Trials
5.11Liam Laughlin47' 5 PRCAAragonApr 28Mills Invitational
6.10Songi Eke46' 5 PRCAMenlo-AthertonApr 04Menlo Atherton at Sequoia
7.11Noah Ngalu43' 5 PRCAMenlo-AthertonMar 21Westmoor @ Menlo-Atherton
8.11David Tafuna42' 7 PRCAMenlo-AthertonMay 04PAL Championships - Varsity
9.12Jacob Tonga42' 4 PRCAMillsApr 28Mills Invitational
10.11Khalid Shatrat41' 7 PRCAWestmoorApr 25Westmoor at Sequoia
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Discus - 1.6kg
1.12Michael Skyriotis154' 5 PRCAMillsApr 14Serra Top 7 Invitational
2.12Sione Langi148' 2CAMillsMay 25CCS Track and Field Finals
3.12Ian Tapueluelu146' 7 PRCAAragonMay 25CCS Track and Field Finals
4.11Liam Laughlin145' 9 PRCAAragonApr 11Aragon vs. Mills
5.11Noah Ngalu144' 2CAMenlo-AthertonApr 18Menlo Atherton @ Carlmont
6.12Elias Uai142' 0 PRCAMillsApr 11Aragon vs. Mills
7.11Khalid Shatrat138' 4 PRCAWestmoorMay 04PAL Championships - Varsity
8.12Jacob Tonga137' 0 PRCAMillsMay 04PAL Championships - Varsity
9.11Andre Poon133' 7 PRCAMillsApr 11Aragon vs. Mills
10.10Raphael Antiporda128' 0 PRCAAragonApr 28Mills Invitational
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High Jump
1.12Simon Montrose6' 0 PRCASequoiaMar 21Sequoia vs. Mills
12Ryan Lim6' 0 PRCAWestmoorMar 21Westmoor @ Menlo-Atherton
3.12Julius Adkins5' 10CAMillsMay 04PAL Championships - Varsity
11Phoenix Pagaduan5' 10 PRCAWestmoorMar 17Don Christopher's "Garlic Classic"
11John Utecht5' 10 PRCASequoiaApr 14Bearcat Invitational
6.12Connor Hong5' 8 PRCAAragonApr 11Aragon vs. Mills
11Tyler Kanoho5' 8CAMillsMay 04PAL Championships - Varsity
8.10Ethan Lin5' 6 PRCACarlmontMay 05PAL Championships - Frosh/Soph
10Owen Dodge5' 6 PRCAAragonMar 21Aragon @ Carlmont
9Matthew Kwok5' 6 PRCAAragonApr 25Menlo-Atherton vs. Aragon
10Isaiah Hand5' 6 PRCASequoiaMay 05PAL Championships - Frosh/Soph
10Sean Shitamoto5' 6CACarlmontMar 21Aragon @ Carlmont
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Pole Vault
1.10John Horan13' 3 PRCASequoiaMay 25CCS Track and Field Finals
2.12Christian Irineo11' 6 PRCAWestmoorMar 21Westmoor @ Menlo-Atherton
3.12Derek Bautista11' 0CAWestmoorMar 17Don Christopher's "Garlic Classic"
12Shivneel Chand11' 0 PRCAMillsApr 11Aragon vs. Mills
12Keanu Villa11' 0 PRCAWestmoorMar 31Don Bell Quicksilver Classic
10Dawson TAM11' 0 PRCAWestmoorMay 05PAL Championships - Frosh/Soph
12Isaiah Keanu Villa11' 0 PRCAWestmoorMar 28Westmoor vs Aragon
8.12Charles Ringham10' 6 PRCASequoiaApr 18Aragon at Sequoia
12William Lin10' 6 PRCAWestmoorApr 25Westmoor at Sequoia
10.10Bradley Parmer10' 1 PRCASequoiaApr 28Mills Invitational
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Long Jump
1.12Nick Anderson22' 6.5 PR (2.3)CAMenlo-AthertonMay 25CCS Track and Field Finals
2.12Myo Min Saw21' 0.5 PRCAWestmoorMay 04PAL Championships - Varsity
3.11John Utecht20' 6.25 PRCASequoiaMay 04PAL Championships - Varsity
4.10Jonaven Kuhn20' 1.5 PRCACarlmontMay 05PAL Championships - Frosh/Soph
5.11Phoenix Pagaduan20' 0.75 PRCAWestmoorMay 04PAL Championships - Varsity
6.11Shoh Mollenkamp19' 10.25 PRCAMillsMay 04PAL Championships - Varsity
7.11Quin Bura19' 10 PRCAMillsMar 28Mills at Menlo-Atherton
8.11Allen Huang19' 4.5 PRCAMillsApr 28Mills Invitational
9.12Nate Burrill19' 4.25 PRCASequoiaMay 04PAL Championships - Varsity
10.11Tyler Kanoho19' 4 PRCAMillsApr 11Aragon vs. Mills
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Triple Jump
1.11Shoh Mollenkamp42' 3 PRCAMillsMay 04PAL Championships - Varsity
11John Utecht42' 3 PRCASequoiaMay 04PAL Championships - Varsity
3.11Adrian Tran42' 0.25 PRCAMillsMay 04PAL Championships - Varsity
4.12Ronnie Saw41' 9.5 PRCAWestmoorMay 04PAL Championships - Varsity
5.12Nate Burrill41' 7.5 PRCASequoiaMay 04PAL Championships - Varsity
6.12Jose Corpus41' 6 PRCASequoiaMay 04PAL Championships - Varsity
7.11Andre Amante41' 1.5 PRCAWestmoorMay 04PAL Championships - Varsity
8.11Caleb Ahn40' 2.75 PRCACarlmontMar 28Sequoia @ Carlmont
9.12Myo Min Saw40' 0 PRCAWestmoorMar 07Serra/Westmoor/Notre Dame Belmont/Mercy Burlingame/Oceana
10.12Shivneel Chand39' 7 PRCAMillsMay 04PAL Championships - Varsity
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