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100 Meters
1.11Jacob Moon11.01 PRMar 24Amarillo Relay Meet of Champions
2.12Austin Fuentes11.04 PRMar 16Wildcat Relays
3.10Malik Phillips11.79 PRMar 24Amarillo Relay Meet of Champions
4.10Darion Morgan11.8h PRMar 29Hereford Invitational
5.9C. J. Gutierrez12.32 PRMar 8Bulldog Relays
6.12Robert Chancey12.34 PRMar 16Wildcat Relays
7.10Kris Byrd12.62 PRMar 8Bulldog Relays
200 Meters
1.11Montez Wright22.40 PRMar 24Amarillo Relay Meet of Champions
2.12Austin Fuentes23.02Mar 24Amarillo Relay Meet of Champions
3.11Jacob Moon23.2hMar 29Hereford Invitational
4.12Seth Lopez23.4hMar 29Hereford Invitational
5.10Brandon Mason23.73 PRMar 24Amarillo Relay Meet of Champions
6.10Malik Phillips24.96 PRMar 8Bulldog Relays
7.10Darion Morgan25.64 PRMar 16Wildcat Relays
8.10Kris Byrd25.87 PRMar 8Bulldog Relays
9.12Robert Chancey26.14 PRMar 16Wildcat Relays
400 Meters
1.12Austin Fuentes51.2h PRMar 29Hereford Invitational
2.10Josiah Lombrana53.34Mar 24Amarillo Relay Meet of Champions
3.10Skyler Segura54.02 PRMar 24Amarillo Relay Meet of Champions
4.10Malik Phillips55.25 PRMar 8Bulldog Relays
5.10Brandon Mason55.71 PRMar 8Bulldog Relays
6.9Guadalupe Meza55.97 PRMar 8Bulldog Relays
7.9Ethan Culliver56.16 PRMar 8Bulldog Relays
8.12Robert Chancey59.3h PRMar 29Hereford Invitational
9.10Darion Morgan1:02.14 PRMar 16Wildcat Relays
800 Meters
1.11Jon Fuentes2:02.6h PRMar 29Hereford Invitational
2.11David Santarosa2:13.0h PRMar 29Hereford Invitational
3.11Elias Calderon2:20.42 PRMar 24Amarillo Relay Meet of Champions
4.11Raymond Garcia2:30.78Mar 8Bulldog Relays
5.9Diego Ramirez2:42.29 PRMar 8Bulldog Relays
6.9Darrell Lewis3:05.40 PRMar 8Bulldog Relays
7.10Cole Carlton3:10.20 PRMar 8Bulldog Relays
1600 Meters
1.11Jon Fuentes4:38.04 PRMar 24Amarillo Relay Meet of Champions
2.9Jerrick Maldonado4:38.4h PRMar 29Hereford Invitational
3.11Jose Salas4:57.79 PRMar 24Amarillo Relay Meet of Champions
4.12Dominic Moreno5:12.04 PRMar 16Wildcat Relays
5.11David Santarosa5:15.34Mar 16Wildcat Relays
6.11Caleb Carlton5:40.52 PRMar 8Bulldog Relays
7.9Jose Porras5:55.71 PRMar 8Bulldog Relays
8.9Conrad Aguilar6:25.16 PRMar 8Bulldog Relays
3200 Meters
1.9Jerrick Maldonado10:01.9h PRMar 29Hereford Invitational
2.FrBryce Lentz10:24.9h PRMar 29Hereford Invitational
3.11Jon Fuentes10:55.14Mar 16Wildcat Relays
4.12Dominic Moreno11:10.82 PRMar 24Amarillo Relay Meet of Champions
5.11David Santarosa11:40.34Mar 16Wildcat Relays
6.11Ayden Martin12:15.00 PRMar 8Bulldog Relays
7.9Colten Wolf12:22.24 PRMar 16Wildcat Relays
8.12Kevin Deeley12:25.84Mar 16Wildcat Relays
9.9Damian Santarosa14:08.40 PRMar 8Bulldog Relays
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.12Burgin Foster15.94 PRMar 24Amarillo Relay Meet of Champions
2.10Kris Byrd16.7h PRMar 29Hereford Invitational
3.9Jazz Ford21.44 PRMar 16Wildcat Relays
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.11Montez Wright42.1h PRMar 29Hereford Invitational
2.12Burgin Foster42.84 PRMar 16Wildcat Relays
3.10Skyler Segura45.2h PRMar 29Hereford Invitational
4.10Kris Byrd47.74 PRMar 16Wildcat Relays
5.9Jazz Ford49.14 PRMar 16Wildcat Relays
6.12Justin Manilla49.19 PRMar 24Amarillo Relay Meet of Champions
4x100 Relay
1.Relay Team 42.74Mar 16Wildcat Relays
2.Burgin Foster
Austin Fuentes
Seth Lopez
Montez Wright
43.3hMar 29Hereford Invitational
3.Burgin Foster
Jacob Moon
Skyler Segura
Seth Lopez
43.91Mar 24Amarillo Relay Meet of Champions
4x200 Relay
1.Relay Team 1:28.68Mar 24Amarillo Relay Meet of Champions
2.Jacob Moon
Seth Lopez
Montez Wright
Austin Fuentes
1:30.70Mar 24Amarillo Relay Meet of Champions
3.Jacob Moon
Seth Lopez
Skyler Segura
Montez Wright
1:32.4hMar 29Hereford Invitational
4x400 Relay
1.Relay Team 3:30.45Mar 24Amarillo Relay Meet of Champions
2.Skyler Segura
Josiah Lombrana
Montez Wright
Austin Fuentes
3:33.79Mar 24Amarillo Relay Meet of Champions
3.Josiah Lombrana
Skyler Segura
Justin Manilla
Jacob Moon
3:37.0hMar 29Hereford Invitational
SMR 200-200-400-800m - [2-2-4-8]
1.Relay Team 3:39.04Mar 16Wildcat Relays
Shot Put - 12lb
1.12Josiah Thomas47' 9 PRMar 24Amarillo Relay Meet of Champions
2.11Stephen Acosta43' 5 PRMar 16Wildcat Relays
3.11Daniel Mendoza40' 0 PRMar 24Amarillo Relay Meet of Champions
4.9Isaiah Jaramillo38' 2 PRMar 8Bulldog Relays
5.9Phillip Taylor37' 9 PRMar 8Bulldog Relays
6.9Jaden Phillips35' 10 PRMar 8Bulldog Relays
7.9Chance Marshall32' 2 PRMar 8Bulldog Relays
Discus - 1.6kg
1.12Josiah Thomas149' 4 PRMar 16Wildcat Relays
2.11Daniel Mendoza125' 9 PRMar 29Hereford Invitational
3.10Bryce Cabledue116' 5 PRMar 29Hereford Invitational
4.9Isaiah Jaramillo93' 0 PRMar 8Bulldog Relays
5.9Marcos Dominguez89' 11 PRMar 8Bulldog Relays
6.9Phillip Taylor77' 2 PRMar 8Bulldog Relays
7.9Jaden Phillips69' 4.5 PRMar 8Bulldog Relays
Javelin - 800g
1.12Rheal Kuchta154' 10Mar 16Wildcat Relays
2.12Jonathan Avila152' 6 PRMar 16Wildcat Relays
3.12Brandt Davis141' 5 PRMar 16Wildcat Relays
4.9Jaylen Mason128' 2 PRMar 16Wildcat Relays
High Jump
1.10Kris Byrd6' 2 PRMar 16Wildcat Relays
2.12Burgin Foster5' 10 PRMar 24Amarillo Relay Meet of Champions
Pole Vault
1.12Burgin Foster16' 0 PRMar 24Amarillo Relay Meet of Champions
2.12Justin Manilla12' 0Mar 24Amarillo Relay Meet of Champions
3.9Pacer Hill11' 6 PRMar 16Wildcat Relays
Long Jump
1.11Montez Wright21' 8 PRMar 16Wildcat Relays
2.10Malik Phillips21' 3.5 PRMar 8Bulldog Relays
3.10Brandon Mason20' 0.5 PRMar 8Bulldog Relays
4.10Darion Morgan19' 6.5 PRMar 24Amarillo Relay Meet of Champions
5.10Skyler Segura19' 3Mar 16Wildcat Relays
6.11Jacob Moon19' 0 PRMar 29Hereford Invitational
7.12Robert Chancey16' 4 PRMar 29Hereford Invitational
8.9Reymundo Madrid14' 0 PRMar 8Bulldog Relays
Triple Jump
1.10Malik Phillips43' 5 PRMar 16Wildcat Relays
2.10Brandon Mason42' 7.5 PRMar 16Wildcat Relays
3.11Montez Wright42' 2 PRMar 16Wildcat Relays
4.10Darion Morgan41' 1 PRMar 16Wildcat Relays


100 Meters
1.11Antanishwa Molett13.0h PRMar 29Hereford Invitational
2.9Kiara Cox13.74 PRMar 16Wildcat Relays
3.8Shataiah Simpson14.0h PRMar 29Hereford Invitational
4.9Camryn Baros14.33 PRMar 8Bulldog Relays
5.10Annette Soto14.89 PRMar 8Bulldog Relays
6.9Gianni Roland15.45 PRMar 8Bulldog Relays
7.10Unique McClendon15.94 PRMar 16Wildcat Relays
200 Meters
1.10Kiyrha Lilly28.6hMar 29Hereford Invitational
2.12Mariah Loya29.1h PRMar 29Hereford Invitational
3.9Camryn Baros30.27 PRMar 8Bulldog Relays
4.9Megan Autrey31.27 PRMar 8Bulldog Relays
5.8Shataiah Simpson31.1hMar 29Hereford Invitational
6.10Annette Soto31.35 PRMar 8Bulldog Relays
7.10Unique McClendon34.14 PRMar 16Wildcat Relays
8.12Debrinna Butler35.02 PRMar 16Wildcat Relays
400 Meters
1.10Sidney Stratton1:03.94Mar 16Wildcat Relays
2.9Gracie Rollins1:06.14 PRMar 16Wildcat Relays
3.9Megan Autrey1:08.57 PRMar 8Bulldog Relays
4.11Jerrica Gonzales1:12.5hMar 29Hereford Invitational
5.10Talya Caldwell1:13.2hMar 29Hereford Invitational
6.10Unique McClendon1:33.48 PRMar 8Bulldog Relays
800 Meters
1.10Sofia Rico2:39.9h PRMar 29Hereford Invitational
1600 Meters
1.10Avery Arnett6:06.04 PRMar 16Wildcat Relays
2.10Analyse Hamlette6:15.9h PRMar 29Hereford Invitational
3.9Lesley Bustillos7:21.53 PRMar 8Bulldog Relays
3200 Meters
1.10Analyse Hamlette13:34.4h PRMar 29Hereford Invitational
2.10Alexia Garcia14:15.54Mar 16Wildcat Relays
3.9Allison Tree16:00.95 PRMar 8Bulldog Relays
4.9Lesley Bustillos16:19.21 PRMar 8Bulldog Relays
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.9Kameron Kelly16.9h PRMar 29Hereford Invitational
2.9Kasey Cabledue18.14 PRMar 16Wildcat Relays
3.9Madison Harmon19.44 PRMar 16Wildcat Relays
4.9Katelyn Hawkins21.04 PRMar 16Wildcat Relays
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.11Morgan Edwards51.7h PRMar 29Hereford Invitational
2.9Kameron Kelly52.8h PRMar 29Hereford Invitational
3.9Kasey Cabledue55.34 PRMar 16Wildcat Relays
4.9Kaci Cabledue58.3h PRMar 29Hereford Invitational
5.9Katelyn Hawkins1:00.34 PRMar 16Wildcat Relays
6.9Madison Harmon1:06.29 PRMar 8Bulldog Relays
4x100 Relay
1.Kiyrha Lilly
Tajvionna Johnson
Ahna Haskins
Antanishwa Molett
51.9hMar 29Hereford Invitational
2.Relay Team 55.49Mar 8Bulldog Relays
4x200 Relay
1.Mariah Loya
Antanishwa Molett
Morgan Edwards
Mikyla Harlkey
1:51.5hMar 29Hereford Invitational
2.Relay Team 2:00.44Mar 16Wildcat Relays
4x400 Relay
1.Gracie Rollins
Talya Caldwell
Sidney Stratton
Mikyla Harlkey
4:15.1hMar 29Hereford Invitational
SMR 200-200-400-800m - [2-2-4-8]
1.Relay Team 4:56.64Mar 16Wildcat Relays
Shot Put - 4kg
1.11Kianna Chappell36' 0 PRMar 16Wildcat Relays
2.11Izahney Hayes32' 4.5 PRMar 16Wildcat Relays
3.9Kayla Sanders30' 8 PRMar 16Wildcat Relays
4.11Zamaurie Spillman29' 9.25Mar 29Hereford Invitational
5.9Skyler Jordan25' 0 PRMar 8Bulldog Relays
6.9Tenley Rubio24' 0 PRMar 8Bulldog Relays
7.9Angelica Gutierrez20' 9 PRMar 8Bulldog Relays
Discus - 1kg
1.11Zamaurie Spillman109' 5Mar 29Hereford Invitational
2.11Kianna Chappell96' 2 PRMar 29Hereford Invitational
3.8Meghan Emerich81' 8 PRMar 29Hereford Invitational
4.9Skyler Jordan71' 4.5 PRMar 8Bulldog Relays
5.11Fatima Fuentes51' 1 PRMar 8Bulldog Relays
6.10Nia Obiorah43' 4Mar 8Bulldog Relays
Javelin - 600g
1.9Tenley Rubio45' 10 PRMar 8Bulldog Relays
2.10Nia Obiorah44' 3 PRMar 8Bulldog Relays
3.9Alena Domanski37' 11 PRMar 8Bulldog Relays
4.9Angelica Gutierrez37' 8 PRMar 8Bulldog Relays
High Jump
1.9Kiara Cox4' 10 PRMar 8Bulldog Relays
2.9Gracie Rollins4' 8 PRMar 16Wildcat Relays
3.9Avery Annino4' 4 PRMar 8Bulldog Relays
Long Jump
1.9Mikyla Harlkey16' 9.5 PRMar 29Hereford Invitational
2.11Antanishwa Molett16' 1.5 PRMar 29Hereford Invitational
3.11Tajvionna Johnson15' 7.75Mar 29Hereford Invitational
Triple Jump
1.9Mikyla Harlkey34' 4 PRMar 29Hereford Invitational
2.10Ahna Haskins29' 0Mar 29Hereford Invitational

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