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100 Meters
1.12David Juan11.33 PRApr 28Bloomfield Invitational
2.10Dion Dotson12.49 PRMay 5District 1AAAA Championships
3.12Sean Kinsel14.02 PRMar 31Wingate Shash Invitational
4.9Anfernee Becenti14.32 PRApr 13Pegasus Invite
5.9Kai Lucio14.67 PRMay 5District 1AAAA Championships
6.9Logan Chischilly14.80 PRApr 21Mark Shumate Invite
7.11Lucas Lucio, jr15.02 PRMay 5District 1AAAA Championships
200 Meters
1.12David Juan23.44 PRMay 5District 1AAAA Championships
2.10Dion Dotson25.30 PRMay 5District 1AAAA Championships
3.9Anfernee Becenti26.23 PRApr 13Pegasus Invite
4.9Cody Ramone30.14c PRApr 11Pecos Invitational
5.12Sean Kinsel30.54 PRMar 31Wingate Shash Invitational
6.9Logan Chischilly31.29 PRApr 21Mark Shumate Invite
7.9Kai Lucio31.34 PRApr 21Mark Shumate Invite
400 Meters
1.10Dion Dotson1:04.14c PRMar 3Zuni Scrimmage
2.9Anfernee Becenti1:06.75 PRApr 28Bloomfield Invitational
3.9Logan Chischilly1:09.54c PRApr 11Pecos Invitational
4.9Davarylle Kee1:12.36 PRMay 5District 1AAAA Championships
5.9Kai Lucio1:16.95 PRMay 5District 1AAAA Championships
800 Meters
1.9Reshawn Begay2:25.24 PRApr 21Mark Shumate Invite
2.9Trent Kee2:27.22Apr 28Bloomfield Invitational
3.9Cody Ramone2:30.9h PRApr 11Pecos Invitational
4.12Sean Kinsel2:39.03 PRApr 28Bloomfield Invitational
5.9Davarylle Kee2:48.37 PRApr 28Bloomfield Invitational
1600 Meters
1.9Trent Kee5:31.00 PRApr 21Mark Shumate Invite
2.9Reshawn Begay5:35.57 PRMay 5District 1AAAA Championships
3.9Cody Ramone5:44.39 PRApr 7Shiprock Invitational
4.12Sean Kinsel6:09.12 PRApr 13Pegasus Invite
5.9Davarylle Kee6:19.09 PRMay 5District 1AAAA Championships
3200 Meters
1.9Trent Kee11:49.36 PRApr 21Mark Shumate Invite
2.9Reshawn Begay12:34.92 PRApr 28Bloomfield Invitational
3.9Davarylle Kee13:58.0h PRMar 31Wingate Shash Invitational
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.10Dion Dotson20.61 PRMay 5District 1AAAA Championships
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.10Dion Dotson47.79 PRApr 28Bloomfield Invitational
2.9Davarylle Kee57.51 PRApr 13Pegasus Invite
4x100 Relay
1.Sean Kinsel
Demetri Gilmore
Dion Dotson
David Juan
52.24cMar 3Zuni Scrimmage
2.Cody Ramone
Anfernee Becenti
Kai Lucio
Logan Chischilly
53.90Mar 31Wingate Shash Invitational
3.Anfernee Becenti
Logan Chischilly
Reshawn Begay
Cody Ramone
54.06Apr 28Bloomfield Invitational
4.Relay Team 55.03Mar 10Rehoboth Track and Field Meet
5.Trent Kee
Logan Chischilly
Lucas Lucio, jr
Kai Lucio
57.54May 5District 1AAAA Championships
6.Anfernee Becenti
Logan Chischilly
Kai Lucio
Cody Ramone
57.94Apr 6Shiprock Quad
7.Anfernee Becenti
Logan Chischilly
Cody Ramone
Kai Lucio
59.24cApr 11Pecos Invitational
4x200 Relay
1.Relay Team 1:44.19May 5New Mexico District 1-4A Championships
Dion Dotson
Demetri Gilmore
David Juan
Cody Ramone
1:44.19May 5District 1AAAA Championships
3.Dion Dotson
Cody Ramone
Demetri Gilmore
David Juan
1:48.04Apr 28Bloomfield Invitational
4.Dion Dotson
Demetri Gilmore
Cody Ramone
David Juan
1:48.4hApr 11Pecos Invitational
4x400 Relay
1.Reshawn Begay
Sean Kinsel
Davarylle Kee
Trent Kee
4:32.74Mar 31Wingate Shash Invitational
Shot Put - 12lb
1.12Demetri Gilmore32' 11 PRMay 5District 1AAAA Championships
2.9Logan Chischilly27' 9 PRApr 21Mark Shumate Invite
3.9Anfernee Becenti27' 5.5 PRMar 31Wingate Shash Invitational
4.9Harold Williams27' 1 PRApr 28Bloomfield Invitational
5.10Matthew Thompson26' 3 PRMay 5District 1AAAA Championships
6.9Ethan Young25' 9 PRMar 31Wingate Shash Invitational
7.11Lucas Lucio, jr25' 6.5 PRMay 5District 1AAAA Championships
8.9Sebastian Peterson23' 2 PRApr 21Mark Shumate Invite
Discus - 1.6kg
1.12Demetri Gilmore86' 2 PRMar 31Wingate Shash Invitational
2.10Matthew Thompson73' 1.5 PRApr 11Pecos Invitational
3.11Lucas Lucio, jr60' 5May 5District 1AAAA Championships
4.9Harold Williams58' 2 PRApr 21Mark Shumate Invite
5.9Sebastian Peterson47' 8 PRMar 31Wingate Shash Invitational
6.9Ethan Young42' 5 PRMar 31Wingate Shash Invitational
Javelin - 800g
1.12Demetri Gilmore95' 5 PRApr 6Shiprock Quad
2.9Trent Kee92' 1 PRMar 16Bobcat Invitational
3.9Logan Chischilly90' 4 PRApr 6Shiprock Quad
4.9Harold Williams86' 10.5 PRMay 5District 1AAAA Championships
5.9Cody Ramone78' 3 PRMar 10Rehoboth Track and Field Meet
6.9Anfernee Becenti75' 3 PRMay 5District 1AAAA Championships
7.10Matthew Thompson64' 9 PRApr 21Mark Shumate Invite
8.9Ethan Young62' 8 PRMay 5District 1AAAA Championships
9.9Sebastian Peterson46' 0.5 PRApr 21Mark Shumate Invite
High Jump
1.10Dion Dotson5' 8 PRMay 5District 1AAAA Championships
2.12David Juan5' 2 PRMar 3Zuni Scrimmage
Long Jump
1.12David Juan17' 7 PRApr 21Mark Shumate Invite
2.10Dion Dotson16' 4Apr 11Pecos Invitational
3.9Reshawn Begay14' 5 PRApr 11Pecos Invitational
4.12Sean Kinsel12' 4Apr 21Mark Shumate Invite
Triple Jump
1.12David Juan34' 0.75 PRMar 3Zuni Scrimmage
2.10Dion Dotson31' 1.5 PRMar 3Zuni Scrimmage


100 Meters
1.10Danielle Yazzie14.94c PRMar 3Zuni Scrimmage
2.9Sheridan Kinsel15.87 PRMay 5District 1AAAA Championships
200 Meters
1.10Danielle Yazzie32.64 PRApr 28Bloomfield Invitational
2.9Sheridan Kinsel34.24c PRMar 3Zuni Scrimmage
400 Meters
1.10Octivia Long1:09.82 PRMay 5District 1AAAA Championships
2.9Jewels Leslie1:15.14c PRMar 3Zuni Scrimmage
3.10Danielle Yazzie1:15.98 PRApr 21Mark Shumate Invite
4.11Marcella Kee1:16.81 PRApr 28Bloomfield Invitational
5.9Sheridan Kinsel1:21.42 PRApr 21Mark Shumate Invite
800 Meters
1.11Latisha Lopez2:34.61 PRMay 5District 1AAAA Championships
2.10Octivia Long2:43.08 PRMay 5District 1AAAA Championships
3.9Jewels Leslie2:49.37 PRMay 5District 1AAAA Championships
4.11Marcella Kee2:59.79 PRApr 21Mark Shumate Invite
1600 Meters
1.11Latisha Lopez5:59.94May 5District 1AAAA Championships
2.10Octivia Long6:10.58 PRMay 5District 1AAAA Championships
3.9Jewels Leslie6:17.25 PRApr 7Shiprock Invitational
4.11Marcella Kee6:52.64Mar 16Bobcat Invitational
3200 Meters
1.11Latisha Lopez12:49.77 PRApr 21Mark Shumate Invite
2.9Jewels Leslie13:34.50 PRApr 21Mark Shumate Invite
3.10Octivia Long14:53.21 PRApr 13Pegasus Invite
4x100 Relay
1.Sheridan Kinsel
Marcella Kee
Jewels Leslie
Latisha Lopez
1:00.76Apr 28Bloomfield Invitational
2.Relay Team 1:01.31May 5New Mexico District 1-4A Championships
3.Rose Nez
Sheridan Kinsel
Ashika Wagner
Danielle Yazzie
1:03.82Mar 31Wingate Shash Invitational
4.Latisha Lopez
Rose Nez
Marcella Kee
Ashika Wagner
1:04.12Mar 16Bobcat Invitational
5.Rose Nez
Sheridan Kinsel
Henrianna Shorty
Danielle Yazzie
1:06.14cMar 3Zuni Scrimmage
SMR 200-200-400-800m - [2-2-4-8]
1.Relay Team 4:54.00May 5New Mexico District 1-4A Championships
Danielle Yazzie
Octivia Long
Latisha Lopez
Jewels Leslie
4:54.00May 5District 1AAAA Championships
3.Rose Nez
Octivia Long
Latisha Lopez
Jewels Leslie
5:12.5hApr 11Pecos Invitational
4.Rose Nez
Jewels Leslie
Octivia Long
Latisha Lopez
5:39.0hMar 3Zuni Scrimmage
Shot Put - 4kg
1.10Clarissa Sam22' 7 PRMar 31Wingate Shash Invitational
Discus - 1kg
1.10Clarissa Sam64' 3 PRMay 5District 1AAAA Championships
Javelin - 600g
1.11Marcella Kee72' 11 PRApr 21Mark Shumate Invite
2.10Clarissa Sam44' 0 PRMay 5District 1AAAA Championships
Long Jump
1.10Octivia Long11' 8Mar 10Rehoboth Track and Field Meet
2.10Danielle Yazzie11' 7 PRMar 3Zuni Scrimmage
3.11Latisha Lopez11' 1Mar 10Rehoboth Track and Field Meet

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