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100 Meters
1.11Tyler Granado11.24cMay 3RBR/RFH
2.10Mack Byrne11.49aApr 5Matawan/SJV
3.11Jordan Pisano11.55aMay 26NJSIAA Sectionals - Central - Group 2
4.11Matthew Sapienza11.84aMay 10Monmouth County Championships
5.10Jason Zheng11.98aApr 5Matawan/SJV
6.10Anthony Lu12.04cMay 3RBR/RFH
7.10Ryan Day12.09aApr 5Matawan/SJV
8.9Nick Bauman12.31awMay 20Shore Conference Championships
9.9Derek Chan12.35aMay 17Monmouth County Frosh/Soph
10.9Daniel Tobengauz12.52aMar 28Mater Dei Scrimmage
11.10Kevin Stone12.68aMay 20Shore Conference Championships
12.10David Wu12.69aApr 12Shore Regional
11Christian Hu12.69aMar 28Mater Dei Scrimmage
14.10Tarek Ani12.79aApr 22Georgian Court HS Challenge
15.9Jason Ng12.84aApr 12Shore Regional
16.11Eric Cheah12.88aApr 12Shore Regional
17.11Yanis Amirat12.91aMar 28Mater Dei Scrimmage
9Douglas Chan12.91aMay 17Monmouth County Frosh/Soph
19.10Alok Malhotra13.07awMay 20Shore Conference Championships
20.11Elliot Goldin13.08aMar 28Mater Dei Scrimmage
21.10Jason Feng13.09aMar 28Mater Dei Scrimmage
22.9Ajay Movva13.12aMay 17Monmouth County Frosh/Soph
11James Lepore13.12aMar 28Mater Dei Scrimmage
24.10Jonathan Wang13.25aMar 28Mater Dei Scrimmage
25.9Tom Sui13.28aMar 28Mater Dei Scrimmage
26.9Anas Ani13.39aApr 12Shore Regional
27.9Byron Ng13.75aMay 17Monmouth County Frosh/Soph
28.9Connor Ledo14.34aMar 28Mater Dei Scrimmage
29.10Ryan Hong14.97aMay 17Monmouth County Frosh/Soph
200 Meters
1.10Mack Byrne22.71awJun 2NJSIAA Group 2 Championships
2.11Tyler Granado23.50aMay 26NJSIAA Sectionals - Central - Group 2
3.11Jordan Pisano23.89aMay 26NJSIAA Sectionals - Central - Group 2
4.12Danyal Malik24.32awMay 20Shore Conference Championships
5.12Vincent Vitielo24.54cMay 3RBR/RFH
6.11Alex Longo24.57aMay 10Monmouth County Championships
7.10Jason Zheng24.63aApr 5Matawan/SJV
8.11Marcello Pinnero24.64aMar 28Mater Dei Scrimmage
9.10Ryan Day24.66aMay 17Monmouth County Frosh/Soph
10.11Matthew Sapienza25.13aMar 28Mater Dei Scrimmage
11.11Lucas Werner25.50aMar 28Mater Dei Scrimmage
12.10Sam Lakritz25.69aMay 17Monmouth County Frosh/Soph
10Anthony Lu25.69aMay 17Monmouth County Frosh/Soph
14.9Douglas Chan25.70aMay 17Monmouth County Frosh/Soph
15.9Derek Chan25.89aMay 17Monmouth County Frosh/Soph
16.9Nick Bauman26.02aMay 17Monmouth County Frosh/Soph
17.10Jason Feng26.11aMar 28Mater Dei Scrimmage
18.11Yanis Amirat26.47aMar 28Mater Dei Scrimmage
19.11Eric Cheah26.59aMar 28Mater Dei Scrimmage
20.10Tarek Ani26.65aMar 28Mater Dei Scrimmage
9Mark Walier26.65aMar 28Mater Dei Scrimmage
22.10Alok Malhotra26.85aMay 17Monmouth County Frosh/Soph
23.11Christian Hu26.91aMar 28Mater Dei Scrimmage
10David Wu26.91aMay 17Monmouth County Frosh/Soph
25.9Ajay Movva27.09aApr 12Shore Regional
26.11James Lepore27.20aMar 28Mater Dei Scrimmage
27.9Daniel Tobengauz27.28aMar 28Mater Dei Scrimmage
28.10Jonathan Wang27.38aMar 28Mater Dei Scrimmage
29.9Tom Sui28.47aMar 28Mater Dei Scrimmage
30.9Connor Ledo28.59aMay 17Monmouth County Frosh/Soph
31.9Renato Azambuja28.77aMar 28Mater Dei Scrimmage
32.9Byron Ng30.29aMar 28Mater Dei Scrimmage
33.9Aidan Choo30.96aMar 28Mater Dei Scrimmage
34.9Jason Ng31.32aMar 28Mater Dei Scrimmage
35.10Ryan Hong32.08aMay 17Monmouth County Frosh/Soph
400 Meters
1.10Mack Byrne53.24aApr 22Georgian Court HS Challenge
2.11Alex Longo53.93aMay 26NJSIAA Sectionals - Central - Group 2
3.12Danyal Malik54.34cMay 3RBR/RFH
4.11Tyler Granado54.55aApr 22Georgian Court HS Challenge
5.12Vincent Vitielo54.64aMay 26NJSIAA Sectionals - Central - Group 2
6.11Matthew Sapienza56.47aApr 22Georgian Court HS Challenge
7.11Yanis Amirat56.56aApr 5Matawan/SJV
8.10Jason Feng58.80aApr 29Lion Invitational
9.10David Wu61.05aApr 12Shore Regional
10.10Amad Zarak61.34cMay 3RBR/RFH
11.9Byron Ng61.56aMay 17Monmouth County Frosh/Soph
12.9Connor Ledo61.57aApr 26Raritan
13.10Alok Malhotra62.58aApr 29Lion Invitational
14.11Elliot Goldin63.16aMar 28Mater Dei Scrimmage
15.9Anas Ani63.60aApr 29Lion Invitational
16.9Tom Sui64.26aMar 28Mater Dei Scrimmage
17.9Renato Azambuja66.28aMar 28Mater Dei Scrimmage
18.9Aidan Choo70.29aMar 28Mater Dei Scrimmage
19.9Daniel Tobengauz70.44aMar 28Mater Dei Scrimmage
20.10Ryan Hong73.97aMay 17Monmouth County Frosh/Soph
800 Meters
1.12Joseph Barbaro1:59.79aMay 26NJSIAA Sectionals - Central - Group 2
2.11Srithanay Parvataneni1:59.80aMay 26NJSIAA Sectionals - Central - Group 2
3.11Daniel Rafla2:07.45aMay 26NJSIAA Sectionals - Central - Group 2
4.11Jacob Snodgrass2:08.29aMar 28Mater Dei Scrimmage
5.11Ean Jaffe2:08.66aMar 28Mater Dei Scrimmage
6.10Andrew Cruz2:12.30aMar 28Mater Dei Scrimmage
7.12Cedric Noel2:16.30aMar 28Mater Dei Scrimmage
8.10Kevin Silvergold2:21.49aApr 5Matawan/SJV
9.10Colin Hansen2:21.63aApr 5Matawan/SJV
10.9Declan Jackman2:22.48aApr 26Raritan
11.10Sam Jackson2:25.77aApr 5Matawan/SJV
1600 Meters
1.12Joseph Barbaro4:27.71aMay 18Royal Rumble
2.11Ean Jaffe4:36.42aMay 31Holmdel Twilight Season Ender
3.11Srithanay Parvataneni4:39.24aMay 18Royal Rumble
4.12Cedric Noel4:39.60aMay 31Holmdel Twilight Season Ender
5.11Jacob Snodgrass4:43.41aMay 18Royal Rumble
6.10Andrew Cruz4:47.36aMay 18Royal Rumble
7.10Arun Movva4:47.90aMay 31Holmdel Twilight Season Ender
8.11Daniel Rafla4:54.02aMay 18Royal Rumble
9.10Lucas Sharp4:54.20aMay 31Holmdel Twilight Season Ender
10.-Jonathan Marty4:56.81aMay 18Royal Rumble
11.10Kevin Silvergold4:58.96aMay 18Royal Rumble
12.9William Valenzuela4:59.60aApr 29Lion Invitational
13.10Colin Hansen5:05.68aApr 12Shore Regional
14.12David Valer5:06.68aMar 28Mater Dei Scrimmage
15.9Declan Jackman5:09.03aMay 31Holmdel Twilight Season Ender
16.10Sam Jackson5:45.90aMay 18Royal Rumble
3200 Meters
1.11Ean Jaffe9:53.24aMay 10Monmouth County Championships
2.12Joseph Barbaro9:56.18aMay 6Holmdel Twilight Series - Night of 3200s
3.11Jacob Snodgrass10:05.97aMay 10Monmouth County Championships
4.12Cedric Noel10:08.19aMay 10Monmouth County Championships
5.11Srithanay Parvataneni10:12.87aMay 6Holmdel Twilight Series - Night of 3200s
6.10Andrew Cruz10:16.10aMay 10Monmouth County Championships
7.10Lucas Sharp10:24.06aMay 10Monmouth County Championships
8.10Arun Movva10:35.00aMay 6Holmdel Twilight Series - Night of 3200s
9.-Jonathan Marty10:38.73aApr 26Raritan
10.9William Valenzuela10:47.31aMay 6Holmdel Twilight Series - Night of 3200s
11.10Colin Hansen10:57.66aMar 28Mater Dei Scrimmage
12.10Kevin Silvergold11:07.47aMay 6Holmdel Twilight Series - Night of 3200s
13.11Daniel Rafla11:16.35aMay 6Holmdel Twilight Series - Night of 3200s
14.9Declan Jackman11:32.92aMay 6Holmdel Twilight Series - Night of 3200s
15.10Sam Jackson13:25.60aMay 6Holmdel Twilight Series - Night of 3200s
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.11Marcello Pinnero14.73aMay 10Monmouth County Championships
2.11Matthew Sapienza15.20aMay 26NJSIAA Sectionals - Central - Group 2
3.11Derek Vander Woude15.44cMay 3RBR/RFH
4.10Anthony Prestigiacomo15.68aMay 17Monmouth County Frosh/Soph
5.11Lucas Werner15.84cMay 3RBR/RFH
6.9Mark Walier16.66aMay 17Monmouth County Frosh/Soph
7.10Tarek Ani17.70aApr 12Shore Regional
8.12Danyal Malik19.42aMar 28Mater Dei Scrimmage
9.10Kevin Stone20.14aMay 10Monmouth County Championships
10.10Joe Arena20.25aApr 26Raritan
11.10Jason Feng20.58aMay 17Monmouth County Frosh/Soph
12.9Anas Ani21.37aApr 26Raritan
13.9Aidan Choo21.95aApr 12Shore Regional
400m Hurdles - 36"
1.11Matthew Sapienza58.69aMay 10Monmouth County Championships
2.11Lucas Werner59.97aMay 10Monmouth County Championships
3.11Alex Longo60.46aMay 10Monmouth County Championships
4.12Danyal Malik60.51aApr 12Shore Regional
5.11Marcello Pinnero61.56aApr 26Raritan
6.10Sam Lakritz62.98aMar 28Mater Dei Scrimmage
7.12Robert Malek63.19aApr 15East Brunswick Invitational
8.10Tarek Ani67.59aMay 17Monmouth County Frosh/Soph
9.10Jason Feng68.88aMay 17Monmouth County Frosh/Soph
10.9Aidan Choo78.89aMay 17Monmouth County Frosh/Soph
4x100 Relay
1.Relay Team 44.00aMay 31Holmdel Twilight Season Ender
2.Mac Byrne
Matthew Sapienza
Tyler Granado
Jordan Pisano
44.07aJun 2NJSIAA Group 2 Championships
3.Jordan Pisano
Matthew Sapienza
Eddie Granado
Mac Byrne
44.46aApr 27The 123rd Penn Relays
4.Mac Byrne
Tyler Granado
Jordan Pisano
Matthew Sapienza
44.49aMay 4Monmouth County Relays
5.Jordan Pisano
Matthew Sapienza
Tyler Granado
Mac Byrne
44.66aApr 13Holmdel Twilight Series - Penn Qualifier
6.Jordan Pisano
Jason Zheng
Tyler Granado
Mac Byrne
46.30aApr 8Husky Relays
4x200 Relay
1.Relay Team 1:36.10aApr 1Rocket Relays
2.Mac Byrne
Tyler Granado
Jordan Pisano
Jason Zheng
1:36.20aApr 8Husky Relays
3.Mac Byrne
Ryan Day
Tyler Granado
Marcello Pinnero
1:38.59aMay 4Monmouth County Relays
4.Yanis Amirat
Anas Ani
Joe Arena
Nick Bauman
1:44.71aMay 4Monmouth County Relays
5.Derek Chan
Ryan Day
Jason Feng
Ryan Hong
1:47.18aMay 4Monmouth County Relays
6.Christian Hu
James Lepore
Anthony Lu
Robert Malek
1:50.07aMay 4Monmouth County Relays
4x400 Relay
1.Danyal Malik
Derek Vander Woude
Mac Byrne
Srithanay Parvataneni
3:29.45aApr 27The 123rd Penn Relays
2.Relay Team 3:33.64aApr 26Raritan
3.Srithanay Parvataneni
Tyler Granado
Alex Longo
Derek Vander Woude
3:35.58aMay 26NJSIAA Sectionals - Central - Group 2
4.Mac Byrne
Tyler Granado
Danyal Malik
Srithanay Parvataneni
3:40.84aMay 10Monmouth County Championships
5.Mac Byrne
Derek Chan
Douglas Chan
Ryan Day
3:43.80aMay 17Monmouth County Frosh/Soph
6.Tarek Ani
Douglas Chan
Tyler Granado
Sam Lakritz
3:48.18aApr 22Georgian Court HS Challenge
7.Yanis Amirat
Robert Malek
Danyal Malik
Marcello Pinnero
4:01.37aApr 8Husky Relays
8.Anas Ani
Nick Bauman
Derek Chan
Douglas Chan
4:04.55aMay 17Monmouth County Frosh/Soph
4x800 Relay
1.Joseph Barbaro
Srithanay Parvataneni
Daniel Rafla
Jacob Snodgrass
8:14.47aMay 26NJSIAA Sectionals - Central - Group 2
2.Relay Team 8:23.76aApr 13Holmdel Twilight Series - Penn Qualifier
3.Colin Hansen
Jonathan Marty
Arun Movva
Kevin Silvergold
9:46.88aApr 8Husky Relays
4x1600 Relay
1.Joseph Barbaro
Ean Jaffe
Srithanay Parvataneni
Jacob Snodgrass
19:24.41aApr 8Husky Relays
SMR 100-100-200-400m
1.Relay Team 1:40.10aApr 15East Brunswick Invitational
Swedish 100-200-300-400m
1.Relay Team 2:09.47aMay 6Holmdel Twilight Series - Night of 3200s
SMR 200-200-400-800m - [2-2-4-8]
1.Relay Team 4:10.62aApr 15East Brunswick Invitational
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m
1.Relay Team 11:27.36aApr 1Rocket Relays
2.Andrew Cruz
Cedric Noel
Daniel Rafla
Vincent Vitielo
11:52.88aApr 8Husky Relays
3.Colin Hansen
William Valenzuela
Lucas Werner
Arun Movva
12:17.36aApr 22Georgian Court HS Challenge
4x110 Shuttle Hurdles - 39"
1.Marcello Pinnero
Anthony Prestigiacomo
Matthew Sapienza
Derek Vander Woude
61.76aMay 4Monmouth County Relays
2.Relay Team 62.65aApr 15East Brunswick Invitational
3.Derek Vander Woude
Tarek Ani
Matthew Sapienza
Marcello Pinnero
66.53aApr 8Husky Relays
Shot Put - 12lb
1.11Christopher Lawrence46' 1.00Jun 2NJSIAA Group 2 Championships
2.11Ryan Kaminski41' 1.75May 10Monmouth County Championships
3.12John Slotwinski40' 4.00May 26NJSIAA Sectionals - Central - Group 2
4.10Len Huang35' 11.00Apr 26Raritan
5.10Andrew Schiappa33' 10.25Mar 28Mater Dei Scrimmage
6.9Anthony Saporito33' 8.00Apr 5Matawan/SJV
7.-Alex Schiappa33' 4.50Apr 5Matawan/SJV
8.10Jack Lowry28' 0.50Mar 28Mater Dei Scrimmage
9.10Richard Bekiyants26' 3.00Mar 28Mater Dei Scrimmage
Discus - 1.6kg
1.11Christopher Lawrence140' 9.00May 10Monmouth County Championships
2.10Len Huang114' 7.00May 17Monmouth County Frosh/Soph
3.12Luke Bartow112' 1.00May 10Monmouth County Championships
4.9Andrew Guaragno90' 4.75Apr 12Shore Regional
5.10Nick Vesely76' 10.50Apr 12Shore Regional
6.11Ryan Kaminski75' 1.00Mar 28Mater Dei Scrimmage
7.9Anthony Saporito70' 0.00May 17Monmouth County Frosh/Soph
8.11Kane D'Mello67' 0.50Mar 28Mater Dei Scrimmage
9.10Jack Lowry58' 7.25Mar 28Mater Dei Scrimmage
10.10Haadi Marashi54' 7.00Mar 28Mater Dei Scrimmage
11.10Zander Hary40' 0.00Mar 28Mater Dei Scrimmage
Javelin - 800g
1.11Christopher Lawrence137' 10.00May 26NJSIAA Sectionals - Central - Group 2
2.12Luke Bartow137' 8.00Apr 5Matawan/SJV
3.10Nick Skamarak136' 2.00May 26NJSIAA Sectionals - Central - Group 2
4.10Andrew Schiappa125' 1.00May 10Monmouth County Championships
5.-Alex Schiappa117' 3.00Apr 5Matawan/SJV
6.9Anthony Saporito95' 3.00May 17Monmouth County Frosh/Soph
7.12Vincent Vitielo93' 1.00Apr 15East Brunswick Invitational
8.11Eric Cheah87' 0.00Apr 12Shore Regional
9.11Ryan Kaminski86' 2.00Apr 15East Brunswick Invitational
10.10Aidan Raheb81' 3.00Apr 5Matawan/SJV
High Jump
1.11Derek Vander Woude6' 4.00Apr 22Georgian Court HS Challenge
2.10Sam Lakritz5' 4.00May 4Monmouth County Relays
9Ajay Movva5' 4.00May 31Holmdel Twilight Season Ender
11Matthew Sapienza5' 4.00Apr 5Matawan/SJV
10John Rappa5' 4.00Mar 28Mater Dei Scrimmage
6.10Anthony Prestigiacomo5' 2.00Apr 5Matawan/SJV
Pole Vault
1.10Anthony Prestigiacomo11' 0.00May 17Monmouth County Frosh/Soph
2.12Robert Malek10' 6.00Apr 29Lion Invitational
3.11Derek Vander Woude10' 0.00May 26NJSIAA Sectionals - Central - Group 2
4.10Joe Arena9' 0.00Apr 29Lion Invitational
Long Jump
1.10Ryan Day19' 10.25May 17Monmouth County Frosh/Soph
2.9Mark Walier19' 5.75May 20Shore Conference Championships
3.11Derek Vander Woude19' 5.00Apr 5Matawan/SJV
4.9Derek Chan18' 5.50May 17Monmouth County Frosh/Soph
5.9Nick Bauman18' 1.50May 17Monmouth County Frosh/Soph
6.11Jordan Pisano17' 9.50Apr 15East Brunswick Invitational
7.10Kevin Stone17' 8.00May 17Monmouth County Frosh/Soph
8.11Christian Hu17' 6.00Mar 28Mater Dei Scrimmage
9.10David Wu16' 11.00Apr 5Matawan/SJV
10.10Amad Zarak16' 9.00Mar 28Mater Dei Scrimmage
11.12Robert Malek16' 7.75Mar 28Mater Dei Scrimmage
12.10Joe Arena15' 11.50Mar 28Mater Dei Scrimmage
13.10John Rappa15' 10.00Mar 28Mater Dei Scrimmage
14.11Tyler Granado15' 9.00Mar 28Mater Dei Scrimmage
15.9Renato Azambuja13' 10.00Mar 28Mater Dei Scrimmage
16.11Eric Cheah13' 3.00Mar 28Mater Dei Scrimmage
17.9Aidan Choo11' 9.75Apr 26Raritan
Triple Jump
1.10Ryan Day41' 5.25May 17Monmouth County Frosh/Soph
2.9Mark Walier40' 8.75Jun 16New Balance Nationals Outdoor
3.10Mack Byrne40' 3.00May 17Monmouth County Frosh/Soph
4.9Douglas Chan36' 11.25May 17Monmouth County Frosh/Soph
5.9Derek Chan36' 8.00May 17Monmouth County Frosh/Soph
6.10Joe Arena35' 0.00Mar 28Mater Dei Scrimmage
7.11Christian Hu34' 8.00Apr 5Matawan/SJV
8.10Kevin Stone34' 3.50May 17Monmouth County Frosh/Soph
9.9Anas Ani33' 11.50Apr 26Raritan
10.10John Rappa32' 5.25Apr 12Shore Regional
11.9Nick Bauman32' 4.00Mar 28Mater Dei Scrimmage
12.11James Lepore30' 8.25Apr 12Shore Regional
13.10Jonathan Wang29' 11.00Mar 28Mater Dei Scrimmage


100 Meters
1.10Jade Brand13.16aMay 16Girls Frosh/Novice
2.11Lara Cashman13.41aMay 10Monmouth County Championships
3.9Ava Vakili13.44cApr 5Matawan/SJV
4.12Isabella Pinnero13.51aApr 26Raritan
5.9Alexandra McCarthy13.64cApr 5Matawan/SJV
6.9Paige Tulenko13.98aMar 28Mater Dei Scrimmage
7.9Nicole Sportelli14.11aApr 22Georgian Court HS Challenge
8.9Gabriella Porchetta14.20aMay 16Girls Frosh/Novice
9.10Gabriela Kelly14.33aMay 16Girls Frosh/Novice
10.10Nicole Puiu14.37aMar 28Mater Dei Scrimmage
11.10Juliana Snodgrass14.54aMar 28Mater Dei Scrimmage
12.9Sara Donnelly14.59aMar 28Mater Dei Scrimmage
13.9Arshpreet Behl14.62aMay 16Girls Frosh/Novice
14.9Carine Gallo14.64aMay 16Girls Frosh/Novice
15.10Alice Huang14.87aMay 16Girls Frosh/Novice
16.-Hope Funcheon14.99aMay 16Girls Frosh/Novice
17.9Joanna Yip15.02aApr 22Georgian Court HS Challenge
18.9Gemma Giller15.03aApr 29Lion Invitational
19.10Gina Primerano15.31aMar 28Mater Dei Scrimmage
20.12Julianna Montella15.68aMar 28Mater Dei Scrimmage
21.9Nicole Secondino15.80aMar 28Mater Dei Scrimmage
22.9GoEun Wang18.00aApr 12Shore Regional
100 Meters - Relay Split
1.10Nicole Puiu12.50Apr 8Husky Relays
2.9Alexandra McCarthy12.70Apr 8Husky Relays
3.11Lara Cashman13.50Apr 8Husky Relays
4.10Jade Brand13.60Apr 8Husky Relays
5.9Joanna Yip14.10Apr 8Husky Relays
6.-Selena Lubrano14.30Apr 8Husky Relays
10Julia Hall14.30Apr 8Husky Relays
10Juliana Snodgrass14.30Apr 8Husky Relays
9.10Alice Huang14.40Apr 8Husky Relays
10.10Gabriela Kelly14.50Apr 8Husky Relays
9Sara Donnelly14.50Apr 8Husky Relays
9Nicole Sportelli14.50Apr 8Husky Relays
13.10Gina Primerano14.70Apr 8Husky Relays
9Paige Tulenko14.70Apr 8Husky Relays
15.9Ava Vakili14.80Apr 8Husky Relays
16.9Kayla Way14.90Apr 8Husky Relays
10Eva Jaroszewski14.90Apr 8Husky Relays
18.11Elizabeth Cai15.20Apr 8Husky Relays
19.9Gemma Giller15.50Apr 8Husky Relays
20.9Carine Gallo16.00Apr 8Husky Relays
21.9Claire Hu16.60Apr 8Husky Relays
22.-Hope Funcheon16.70Apr 8Husky Relays
23.9GoEun Wang18.70Apr 8Husky Relays
200 Meters
1.9Paige Tulenko26.90aMay 20Shore Conference Championships
2.12Isabella Pinnero27.12aMay 20Shore Conference Championships
3.11Lara Cashman27.58aMay 10Monmouth County Championships
4.10Jade Brand28.04aMay 26NJSIAA Sectionals - Central - Group 2
5.9Alexandra McCarthy28.40aMay 16Girls Frosh/Novice
6.9Ava Vakili28.53awMay 20Shore Conference Championships
7.10Nicole Puiu29.35aMay 16Girls Frosh/Novice
8.9Sara Donnelly30.14cMay 3RBR/RFH
9.9Carine Gallo30.44aApr 29Lion Invitational
10.9Arshpreet Behl30.63aMay 16Girls Frosh/Novice
11.9Joanna Yip30.68aApr 26Raritan
12.11Corrine Dimino30.81aApr 26Raritan
13.9Nicole Secondino31.18aApr 29Lion Invitational
14.10Alice Huang31.20aApr 12Shore Regional
15.9Nicole Sportelli31.26aMar 28Mater Dei Scrimmage
16.12Julianna Montella31.27aMar 28Mater Dei Scrimmage
17.-Selena Lubrano31.42aMay 16Girls Frosh/Novice
18.10Juliana Snodgrass31.74cApr 5Matawan/SJV
19.11Cassandra Thakker32.02aMar 28Mater Dei Scrimmage
20.9Kayla Way32.28aMay 16Girls Frosh/Novice
21.10Eva Jaroszewski32.38aMar 28Mater Dei Scrimmage
22.-Hope Funcheon33.16aApr 12Shore Regional
400 Meters
1.9Alexandra McCarthy63.29aMay 10Monmouth County Championships
2.11Cassandra Thakker65.88aApr 12Shore Regional
3.11Corrine Dimino66.35aMay 26NJSIAA Sectionals - Central - Group 2
4.9Joanna Yip68.97aApr 26Raritan
5.10Alice Huang69.01aMay 16Girls Frosh/Novice
6.9Nicole Sportelli70.04cApr 5Matawan/SJV
7.9Claire Hu70.50aMay 16Girls Frosh/Novice
8.11Elizabeth Cai70.86aApr 26Raritan
9.9Nicole Secondino71.83aApr 22Georgian Court HS Challenge
9Ava Vakili71.83aApr 22Georgian Court HS Challenge
400 Meters - Relay Split
1.12Isabella Pinnero60.90Apr 22Georgian Court HS Challenge
2.9Paige Tulenko63.50Apr 5Matawan/SJV
3.9Alexandra McCarthy63.90Apr 22Georgian Court HS Challenge
4.11Corrine Dimino66.70Apr 22Georgian Court HS Challenge
5.9Melisa Uyar67.00Apr 5Matawan/SJV
6.11Cassandra Thakker69.00Apr 5Matawan/SJV
800 Meters
1.9Melisa Uyar2:29.02aMay 10Monmouth County Championships
2.11Katie Wolff2:29.82aMay 16Girls Frosh/Novice
3.9Emily Levonas2:31.20aMar 28Mater Dei Scrimmage
4.9Megan Schier2:32.22aMay 26NJSIAA Sectionals - Central - Group 2
5.11Catherine Buzzerio2:35.20aMar 28Mater Dei Scrimmage
6.9Alexa Blasiak2:38.46aApr 12Shore Regional
7.9Natalie Barbarino2:39.78aApr 22Georgian Court HS Challenge
8.9Nicole Sportelli2:42.68aApr 26Raritan
9.11Corrine Dimino2:43.84aApr 29Lion Invitational
10.9Anne Zou2:46.51aMar 28Mater Dei Scrimmage
11.11Elizabeth Cai2:51.22aMar 28Mater Dei Scrimmage
12.9Natasha Gandhi2:55.00Apr 5Matawan/SJV
13.9Natasha Ghandi2:58.00May 3RBR/RFH
1600 Meters
1.9Emily Levonas5:25.34aMay 18Royal Rumble
2.11Catherine Buzzerio5:32.50aMay 31Holmdel Twilight Season Ender
3.9Alexa Blasiak5:36.21aApr 22Georgian Court HS Challenge
4.9Megan Schier5:40.94aMay 18Royal Rumble
5.9Anne Zou5:43.28aMay 31Holmdel Twilight Season Ender
6.9Melisa Uyar5:44.00Apr 5Matawan/SJV
7.11Katie Wolff5:46.31aMay 18Royal Rumble
8.11Annie Zou6:00.00Apr 5Matawan/SJV
9.9Natalie Barbarino6:05.38aMay 31Holmdel Twilight Season Ender
10.9Natasha Gandhi6:18.80aMay 31Holmdel Twilight Season Ender
3200 Meters
1.9Emily Levonas11:17.84aMay 10Monmouth County Championships
2.11Catherine Buzzerio11:51.44aMay 10Monmouth County Championships
3.9Alexa Blasiak11:55.88aMay 10Monmouth County Championships
4.9Megan Schier12:07.05aMay 6Holmdel Twilight Series - Night of 3200s
5.11Annie Zou12:59.00May 3RBR/RFH
6.9Anne Zou13:00.93aApr 12Shore Regional
7.11Katie Wolff13:25.97aMay 6Holmdel Twilight Series - Night of 3200s
8.9Natalie Barbarino13:35.07aMay 6Holmdel Twilight Series - Night of 3200s
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.12Isabella Pinnero15.65awJun 2NJSIAA Group 2 Championships
2.10Jade Brand16.20aMay 26NJSIAA Sectionals - Central - Group 2
3.10Eva Jaroszewski17.05aMay 26NJSIAA Sectionals - Central - Group 2
4.9Paige Tulenko17.65aApr 29Lion Invitational
5.10Nicole Puiu18.95aMay 10Monmouth County Championships
6.12Julianna Montella19.25aMar 28Mater Dei Scrimmage
7.9Sara Donnelly19.44cMay 3RBR/RFH
8.10Julia Hall19.46aApr 26Raritan
9.10Gina Primerano20.09aMay 16Girls Frosh/Novice
10.9Nicole Sportelli20.74aMar 28Mater Dei Scrimmage
11.9Carine Gallo20.75aMay 16Girls Frosh/Novice
12.9Kayla Way20.95aMay 16Girls Frosh/Novice
13.10Juliana Snodgrass21.31aMar 28Mater Dei Scrimmage
14.9Ava Vakili21.36aMar 28Mater Dei Scrimmage
15.9Arshpreet Behl22.43aMar 28Mater Dei Scrimmage
16.9Joanna Yip22.56aMar 28Mater Dei Scrimmage
17.10Alice Huang23.13aMar 28Mater Dei Scrimmage
18.9Gabriella Porchetta24.41aMar 28Mater Dei Scrimmage
19.9Nicole Secondino25.83aMar 28Mater Dei Scrimmage
400m Hurdles - 30"
1.12Isabella Pinnero65.14aMay 10Monmouth County Championships
2.9Paige Tulenko70.18aMay 16Girls Frosh/Novice
3.9Nicole Sportelli73.86aMay 10Monmouth County Championships
4.10Alice Huang86.57aMar 28Mater Dei Scrimmage
5.9Claire Hu89.24cApr 5Matawan/SJV
4x100 Relay
1.Relay Team 51.08aMay 31Holmdel Twilight Season Ender
2.Lara Cashman
Nicole Puiu
Paige Tulenko
Jade Brand
51.16aJun 2NJSIAA Group 2 Championships
3.Jade Brand
Alexandra McCarthy
Isabella Pinnero
Nicole Puiu
52.67aMay 4Monmouth County Relays
4.Alexandra McCarthy
Isabella Pinnero
Nicole Puiu
Paige Tulenko
52.83aApr 22Georgian Court HS Challenge
5.Alexandra McCarthy
Nicole Puiu
Paige Tulenko
Isabella Pinnero
53.37aApr 27The 123rd Penn Relays
6.Lara Cashman
Nicole Puiu
Juliana Snodgrass
Jade Brand
55.76aApr 8Husky Relays
4x200 Relay
1.Jade Brand
Sara Donnelly
Carine Gallo
Alexandra McCarthy
1:52.73aMay 4Monmouth County Relays
2.Relay Team 2:02.50aApr 15East Brunswick Invitational
3.Elizabeth Cai
Gabriella Porchetta
Gina Primerano
Juliana Snodgrass
2:03.99aMay 4Monmouth County Relays
4.Sara Donnelly
Carine Gallo
Nicole Secondino
Kayla Way
2:04.50aMay 4Monmouth County Relays
5.Gemma Giller
Claire Hu
Alice Huang
Gabriela Kelly
2:05.24aMay 4Monmouth County Relays
6.Corrine Dimino
Eva Jaroszewski
Nicole Puiu
Juliana Snodgrass
2:06.34aApr 8Husky Relays
7.Arshpreet Behl
Hope Funcheon
Selena Lubrano
Joanna Yip
2:06.66aMay 4Monmouth County Relays
4x400 Relay
1.Alexandra McCarthy
Melisa Uyar
Nicole Sportelli
Paige Tulenko
4:16.35aMay 16Girls Frosh/Novice
2.Alexandra McCarthy
Isabella Pinnero
Corrine Dimino
Paige Tulenko
4:16.40aApr 22Georgian Court HS Challenge
3.Alexandra McCarthy
Melisa Uyar
Corrine Dimino
Paige Tulenko
4:18.02aMay 26NJSIAA Sectionals - Central - Group 2
4.Paige Tulenko
Corrine Dimino
Cassandra Thakker
Alexandra McCarthy
4:18.69aMay 10Monmouth County Championships
5.Alexandra McCarthy
Corrine Dimino
Paige Tulenko
Isabella Pinnero
4:20.58aApr 27The 123rd Penn Relays
6.Alice Huang
Nicole Puiu
Cassandra Thakker
Melisa Uyar
4:24.47aApr 8Husky Relays
7.Relay Team 4:25.21aApr 13Holmdel Twilight Series - Penn Qualifier
8.Melisa Uyar
Paige Tulenko
Corrine Dimino
Cassandra Thakker
4:28.00Apr 5Matawan/SJV
9.Melisa Uyar
Corrine Dimino
Alice Huang
Cassandra Thakker
4:36.00May 3RBR/RFH
4x800 Relay
1.Relay Team 10:06.82aApr 13Holmdel Twilight Series - Penn Qualifier
2.Megan Schier
Nicole Sportelli
Melisa Uyar
Katie Wolff
10:14.35aMay 26NJSIAA Sectionals - Central - Group 2
3.Alexa Blasiak
Catherine Buzzerio
Emily Levonas
Anne Zou
10:42.54aApr 8Husky Relays
4x1600 Relay
1.Alexa Blasiak
Catherine Buzzerio
Emily Levonas
Melisa Uyar
23:01.05aApr 8Husky Relays
SMR 100-100-200-400m
1.Isabella Pinnero
Paige Tulenko
Jade Brand
Lara Cashman
1:51.09aMay 18Royal Rumble
2.Relay Team 2:05.43aApr 15East Brunswick Invitational
Swedish 100-200-300-400m
1.Relay Team 2:26.23aMay 6Holmdel Twilight Series - Night of 3200s
SMR 200-200-400-800m - [2-2-4-8]
1.Jade Brand
Corrine Dimino
Sara Donnelly
Alexandra McCarthy
4:53.45aMay 4Monmouth County Relays
2.Relay Team 4:53.97aApr 15East Brunswick Invitational
3.Jade Brand
Corrine Dimino
Alice Huang
Nicole Puiu
4:59.53aApr 8Husky Relays
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m
1.Relay Team 13:45.38aApr 1Rocket Relays
2.Natalie Barbarino
Elizabeth Cai
Cassandra Thakker
Katie Wolff
15:06.63aApr 8Husky Relays
Shot Put - 4kg
1.10Sarianne White27' 0.50Apr 26Raritan
2.10Liz Savarese24' 7.00Apr 12Shore Regional
3.10Abbey Sadler24' 0.00Mar 28Mater Dei Scrimmage
4.10Tanya Wladika23' 11.00May 16Girls Frosh/Novice
5.10Amy Wang16' 0.00Mar 28Mater Dei Scrimmage
6.11Mariam Habek15' 9.00Mar 28Mater Dei Scrimmage
Discus - 1kg
1.10Eva Jaroszewski79' 1.00May 10Monmouth County Championships
2.10Ananya Siddabathula65' 3.00May 10Monmouth County Championships
3.10Juliana Snodgrass62' 0.00May 26NJSIAA Sectionals - Central - Group 2
4.11Mariam Habek52' 2.00May 3RBR/RFH
5.10Julia Hall50' 5.00May 10Monmouth County Championships
6.10Amy Wang47' 2.00May 16Girls Frosh/Novice
7.11Julianna Bergamotto33' 10.00Apr 5Matawan/SJV
Javelin - 600g
1.10Gabriela Kelly92' 7.00May 26NJSIAA Sectionals - Central - Group 2
2.10Nicole Puiu81' 2.00May 4Monmouth County Relays
3.10Gina Primerano75' 3.50May 3RBR/RFH
4.10Tanya Wladika72' 11.00Apr 15East Brunswick Invitational
5.12Julianna Montella63' 7.00Mar 28Mater Dei Scrimmage
6.9Kayla Way61' 8.00May 10Monmouth County Championships
7.9Sara Donnelly55' 10.00Apr 15East Brunswick Invitational
8.10Ananya Siddabathula53' 4.00Mar 28Mater Dei Scrimmage
9.10Juliana Snodgrass43' 8.00Mar 28Mater Dei Scrimmage
High Jump
1.9Alexandra McCarthy4' 10.00May 16Girls Frosh/Novice
2.12Isabella Pinnero4' 4.00Mar 28Mater Dei Scrimmage
10Jade Brand4' 4.00Apr 26Raritan
11Katie Wolff4' 4.00Apr 29Lion Invitational
5.10Gabriela Kelly4' 2.00Mar 28Mater Dei Scrimmage
6.9Gabriella Porchetta4' 0.00Mar 28Mater Dei Scrimmage
Pole Vault
1.9Sara Donnelly8' 0.00May 16Girls Frosh/Novice
2.9Kayla Way6' 6.00May 16Girls Frosh/Novice
Long Jump
1.12Isabella Pinnero17' 9.25May 20Shore Conference Championships
2.10Gabriela Kelly15' 1.00May 16Girls Frosh/Novice
3.9Megan Schier14' 5.25May 16Girls Frosh/Novice
4.9Ava Vakili14' 1.75Apr 5Matawan/SJV
5.9Alexandra McCarthy13' 9.75May 3RBR/RFH
6.-Selena Lubrano12' 11.50May 16Girls Frosh/Novice
7.9Alexa Blasiak10' 10.00Mar 28Mater Dei Scrimmage
Triple Jump
1.12Isabella Pinnero36' 3.25May 20Shore Conference Championships
2.9Alexandra McCarthy30' 11.75May 16Girls Frosh/Novice
3.10Gabriela Kelly29' 8.25May 10Monmouth County Championships
4.9Ava Vakili29' 4.00Mar 28Mater Dei Scrimmage

*Recent improvement