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55 Meter Dash
1.11Kyle Pohlman7.17aMar 20UNK Class D indoor Meet
2.11Jacob Bourge7.45aMar 20UNK Class D indoor Meet
3.9Michael Neiman7.47aMar 20UNK Class D indoor Meet
100 Meters
1.11Kyle Pohlman11.64cMar 27NPSt Pats/Hershey Inv.
2.9Michael Neiman12.44cMar 27NPSt Pats/Hershey Inv.
11Jacob Bourge12.44cApr 22Brady/Gothenburg JV Invite
4.10Russel Miller12.54cMar 27NPSt Pats/Hershey Inv.
5.11Christian Arterburn12.74cMar 30Cozad JV Quad.
6.9Bryley Roper12.94cMay 7Stapleton Inv.
200 Meters
1.10Russel Miller25.44cApr 9Cardinal Invite
2.11Dalton Riedel25.64cApr 9Cardinal Invite
3.9Michael Neiman25.84cMar 27NPSt Pats/Hershey Inv.
4.9Bryley Roper26.84cMay 7Stapleton Inv.
5.11Jacob Bourge27.18aMar 20UNK Class D indoor Meet
6.9Zach Mann28.24cMay 12Districts
10Ryan Porter28.24cApr 9Cardinal Invite
400 Meters
1.10Russel Miller55.64cApr 22Brady/Gothenburg JV Invite
2.9Michael Neiman56.44cApr 1Elwood Invitational
3.11Christian Arterburn58.24cApr 22Brady/Gothenburg JV Invite
4.9Bryley Roper61.54cMay 12Districts
5.9Zach Mann64.44cApr 29Sandhills Conference Track Meet
400 Meters - Relay Split
1.10Russel Miller55.50Apr 22Brady/Gothenburg JV Invite
2.9Michael Neiman57.20May 12Districts
3.11Christian Arterburn58.40Apr 16Sutherland Invite
4.9Preston Franzen59.00May 12Districts
5.9Bryley Roper62.04cMay 7Stapleton Inv.
6.10Tyrel Grasz62.34cMay 7Stapleton Inv.
7.10Cole Viter65.30Mar 30Cozad JV Quad.
8.9Zach Mann67.04cMay 7Stapleton Inv.
800 Meters
1.10Lincoln Blede2:14.50Apr 29Sandhills Conference Track Meet
2.10Tyrel Grasz2:21.87aMar 20UNK Class D indoor Meet
3.10Cole Viter2:23.10Apr 16Sutherland Invite
4.11Dalton Riedel2:25.00May 7Stapleton Inv.
5.9Zach Mann2:27.90Apr 16Sutherland Invite
6.9Michael Neiman2:28.90Apr 9Cardinal Invite
800 Meters - Relay Split
1.10Lincoln Blede2:12.00Apr 29Sandhills Conference Track Meet
2.10Tyrel Grasz2:13.90Apr 1Elwood Invitational
3.11Dalton Riedel2:14.00Apr 16Sutherland Invite
4.10Cole Viter2:18.30Apr 16Sutherland Invite
5.9Zach Mann2:29.20May 7Stapleton Inv.
1600 Meters
1.10Lincoln Blede4:51.70May 12Districts
2.11Dalton Riedel5:13.90Apr 22Brady/Gothenburg JV Invite
3.10Cole Viter5:16.40Apr 29Sandhills Conference Track Meet
4.10Micah Most5:58.10Apr 16Sutherland Invite
5.9Marc Kramer-Davis5:58.60Mar 27NPSt Pats/Hershey Inv.
6.9Kaleb Arterburn6:22.70Mar 30Cozad JV Quad.
7.11Ethan Callahan6:53.23aMar 20UNK Class D indoor Meet
3200 Meters
1.11Dalton Riedel11:04.00May 12Districts
2.9Kaleb Arterburn12:14.00Apr 9Cardinal Invite
3.9Marc Kramer-Davis12:15.70May 7Stapleton Inv.
4.10Micah Most13:23.00Apr 9Cardinal Invite
55m Hurdles - 39"
1.10Tyrel Grasz10.02aMar 20UNK Class D indoor Meet
2.9Preston Franzen10.12aMar 20UNK Class D indoor Meet
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.10Tyrel Grasz18.64cMay 12Districts
2.9Preston Franzen19.24cMay 12Districts
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.10Tyrel Grasz45.94cMay 7Stapleton Inv.
2.9Preston Franzen46.04cApr 22Brady/Gothenburg JV Invite
4x100 Relay
1.-Kyle Pohlman
Russell Miller
Christian Arteburn
Brad Ward
46.64cApr 29Sandhills Conference Track Meet
2.-Nathan Montoya
Levi Widick
Ryan Kleinow
Jake Warren
57.34cMar 30Cozad JV Quad.
4x100 Relay - Throwers
1.-Nathan Montoya
Jake Warren
Jeff Simants
Ryan Porter
51.94cApr 22Brady/Gothenburg JV Invite
4x400 Relay
1.-Preston Franzen
Michael Neiman
Christian Arteburn
Russell Miller
3:51.80May 12Districts
2.-Russell Miller
Preston Franzen
Christian Arteburn
Michael Neiman
4:00.20Apr 9Cardinal Invite
-Preston Franzen
Russell Miller
Christian Arteburn
Michael Neiman
4:00.20Mar 20UNK Class D indoor Meet
4.-Christian Arteburn
Cole Viter
Russell Miller
Michael Neiman
4:03.00Mar 30Cozad JV Quad.
5.-Preston Franzen
Zach Mann
Bryley Roper
Tyrel Grasz
4:11.30May 7Stapleton Inv.
4x800 Relay
1.-Tyrel Grasz
Cole Viter
Lincoln Blede
Dalton Riedel
8:58.00Apr 29Sandhills Conference Track Meet
2.-Tyrel Grasz
Cole Viter
Zach Mann
Dalton Riedel
9:35.60May 7Stapleton Inv.
Shot Put - 12lb
1.12Corbin Blede52' 1.00May 4Best of the Midwest
2.11Jeff Simants37' 8.00Mar 27NPSt Pats/Hershey Inv.
3.10Tyler Egenberger37' 3.00May 7Stapleton Inv.
4.10Ryan Porter36' 8.00May 12Districts
5.12Nathan Montoya36' 6.00Mar 30Cozad JV Quad.
6.9Matt Litzenberger34' 11.75Apr 1Elwood Invitational
7.10Jake Warren33' 10.00Mar 30Cozad JV Quad.
8.10Levi Widick28' 3.50Mar 30Cozad JV Quad.
Discus - 1.6kg
1.12Corbin Blede128' 11.75May 12Districts
2.11Jeff Simants112' 7.25May 12Districts
3.10Levi Widick109' 5.00Apr 22Brady/Gothenburg JV Invite
4.11Jacob Bourge109' 0.00May 12Districts
5.12Nathan Montoya92' 5.00Mar 30Cozad JV Quad.
6.10Jake Warren73' 11.00Mar 30Cozad JV Quad.
7.10Ryan Kleinow66' 7.00Mar 30Cozad JV Quad.
High Jump
1.11Brad Ward6' 4.00Mar 27NPSt Pats/Hershey Inv.
2.9Zach Mann4' 10.00Mar 20UNK Class D indoor Meet
10Cole Viter4' 10.00Mar 30Cozad JV Quad.
9Bryley Roper4' 10.00Mar 30Cozad JV Quad.
5.10Lincoln Blede0'Mar 27NPSt Pats/Hershey Inv.
Pole Vault
1.10Lincoln Blede11' 0.00Apr 16Sutherland Invite
Long Jump
1.11Brad Ward21' 1.75Apr 29Sandhills Conference Track Meet
2.11Kyle Pohlman20' 10.50Mar 27NPSt Pats/Hershey Inv.
3.11Jacob Bourge18' 11.25Apr 29Sandhills Conference Track Meet
4.10Russel Miller18' 2.00Mar 30Cozad JV Quad.
5.9Michael Neiman17' 10.00Mar 30Cozad JV Quad.
6.11Christian Arterburn17' 3.50Mar 30Cozad JV Quad.
7.9Zach Mann16' 0.00Apr 9Cardinal Invite
Triple Jump
1.11Brad Ward42' 0.00May 12Districts
2.11Kyle Pohlman41' 10.00May 4Best of the Midwest
3.9Preston Franzen38' 9.00Apr 29Sandhills Conference Track Meet
4.9Bryley Roper34' 2.00Mar 30Cozad JV Quad.
5.9Kaleb Arterburn26' 5.00Mar 30Cozad JV Quad.


55 Meter Dash
1.10Megan Polt8.22aMar 20UNK Class D indoor Meet
2.11Taina Taullie8.65aMar 20UNK Class D indoor Meet
3.11Amanda Lunkwitz9.23aMar 20UNK Class D indoor Meet
100 Meters
1.10Megan Polt13.64cApr 16Sutherland Invite
2.11Taina Taullie14.74cApr 22Brady/Gothenburg JV Invite
3.9Krystan Hood15.04cMar 27NPSt Pats/Hershey Inv.
4.10Mikaela Eckholt15.14cMar 27NPSt Pats/Hershey Inv.
5.11Erin Smith15.84cApr 29Sandhills Conference Track Meet
200 Meters
1.10Megan Polt28.04cMay 7Stapleton Inv.
2.11Taina Taullie30.74cApr 9Cardinal Invite
3.11Jessica Schrad31.99aMar 20UNK Class D indoor Meet
4.10Mikaela Eckholt32.24cApr 1Elwood Invitational
10Brittney Christophersen32.24cMar 30Cozad JV Quad.
6.10Shelby McClellen34.94cApr 29Sandhills Conference Track Meet
400 Meters
1.10Megan Polt64.34cMay 12Districts
2.10Courtney Widick70.34cMar 27NPSt Pats/Hershey Inv.
3.10Molly Hannon71.94cApr 22Brady/Gothenburg JV Invite
4.10Mikaela Eckholt84.74cApr 9Cardinal Invite
400 Meters - Relay Split
1.10Courtney Widick63.50Apr 1Elwood Invitational
2.10Megan Polt64.50May 4Best of the Midwest
3.9Dakota Terry67.91aMay 22Nebraska Class D State Championship Day 2
4.10Brittney Christophersen68.03aMay 22Nebraska Class D State Championship Day 2
800 Meters
1.10Courtney Widick2:32.50May 12Districts
2.9Dakota Terry2:52.50Apr 29Sandhills Conference Track Meet
3.11Taina Taullie3:05.30May 12Districts
4.11Amanda Lunkwitz3:16.00May 12Districts
5.11Natasha Walter3:18.00May 12Districts
800 Meters - Relay Split
1.11Taina Taullie3:05.00Apr 29Sandhills Conference Track Meet
2.11Amanda Lunkwitz3:13.80Apr 29Sandhills Conference Track Meet
3.10Mikaela Eckholt3:18.30Apr 29Sandhills Conference Track Meet
4.11Natasha Walter3:21.10Apr 29Sandhills Conference Track Meet
1600 Meters
1.10Molly Hannon6:12.20Apr 22Brady/Gothenburg JV Invite
2.10Courtney Widick6:15.40Apr 29Sandhills Conference Track Meet
3.9Dakota Terry6:23.00Apr 1Elwood Invitational
3200 Meters
1.10Molly Hannon13:35.50Apr 29Sandhills Conference Track Meet
2.11Amanda Lunkwitz15:56.00Apr 1Elwood Invitational
3.11Shelby Diehl16:48.80Apr 9Cardinal Invite
55m Hurdles - 33"
1.11Jessica Schrad10.41aMar 20UNK Class D indoor Meet
2.10Molly Hannon10.55aMar 20UNK Class D indoor Meet
3.10Brittney Christophersen11.12aMar 20UNK Class D indoor Meet
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.11Jessica Schrad17.84cMay 12Districts
2.10Molly Hannon18.24cMay 7Stapleton Inv.
3.10Brittney Christophersen18.94cApr 1Elwood Invitational
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.10Molly Hannon54.94cApr 9Cardinal Invite
2.11Jessica Schrad55.54cApr 1Elwood Invitational
10Brittney Christophersen55.54cMay 7Stapleton Inv.
4x100 Relay
1.-Jessica Schrad
Amanda Lunkwitz
Dakota Terry
Taina Taullie
59.14cApr 22Brady/Gothenburg JV Invite
2.-Jessica Schrad
Amanda Lunkwitz
Erin Smith
Taina Taullie
60.14cMay 12Districts
3.-Jessica Schrad
Amanda Lunkwitz
Dakota Terry
Mikaela Eckholt
61.34cMar 27NPSt Pats/Hershey Inv.
4x100 Relay - Throwers
1.-Erin Smith
Krystan Hood
Krista Kleinow
Shelby McClellen
60.14cApr 22Brady/Gothenburg JV Invite
4x400 Relay
1.-Megan Polt
Brittney Christophersen
Dakota Terry
Courtney Widick
4:26.427aMay 22Nebraska Class D State Championship Day 2
2.-Courtney Widick
Brittney Christophersen
Dakota Terry
Megan Polt
4:38.44aMar 20UNK Class D indoor Meet
4x800 Relay
1.-Dakota Terry
Amanda Lunkwitz
Natasha Walter
Taina Taullie
12:32.10May 12Districts
2.-Natasha Walter
Mikaela Eckholt
Amanda Lunkwitz
Taina Taullie
12:58.00Apr 29Sandhills Conference Track Meet
Shot Put - 4kg
1.10Shelby McClellen31' 0.00Apr 9Cardinal Invite
2.9Krystan Hood28' 7.50May 12Districts
3.11Erin Smith25' 4.50Apr 16Sutherland Invite
4.9Krista Kleinow19' 9.00Apr 29Sandhills Conference Track Meet
Discus - 1kg
1.10Shelby McClellen95' 7.75Apr 29Sandhills Conference Track Meet
2.11Erin Smith81' 6.00Apr 16Sutherland Invite
3.9Krystan Hood78' 10.00May 7Stapleton Inv.
4.9Krista Kleinow59' 10.00Apr 22Brady/Gothenburg JV Invite
High Jump
1.11Natasha Walter4' 7.00Mar 27NPSt Pats/Hershey Inv.
10Brittney Christophersen4' 7.00Mar 27NPSt Pats/Hershey Inv.
3.10Mikaela Eckholt4' 6.00Mar 27NPSt Pats/Hershey Inv.
Pole Vault
1.11Taina Taullie7' 0.00May 7Stapleton Inv.
Long Jump
1.10Courtney Widick15' 8.00Mar 27NPSt Pats/Hershey Inv.
2.11Jessica Schrad12' 10.50Apr 29Sandhills Conference Track Meet
3.10Brittney Christophersen12' 8.50Mar 27NPSt Pats/Hershey Inv.
4.11Amanda Lunkwitz12' 7.25Apr 29Sandhills Conference Track Meet
5.9Krystan Hood11' 11.25Mar 27NPSt Pats/Hershey Inv.
Triple Jump
1.9Dakota Terry31' 10.50Apr 29Sandhills Conference Track Meet
2.10Shelby McClellen28' 10.75Mar 27NPSt Pats/Hershey Inv.
3.11Amanda Lunkwitz26' 7.75Apr 29Sandhills Conference Track Meet
4.11Natasha Walter26' 0.00Apr 9Cardinal Invite

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