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100 Meters
1.11Camren Kovarik11.21 PRMay 7Butte Invite
2.10Blake Linsted11.40 PRMay 21Western AA Divisional
3.12Collin Fischer11.46 PRApr 22Swede Dahlberg Invitational
4.11Mark Macklin11.51 PRMay 21Western AA Divisional
5.10Caden Ingraham11.57 PRMay 21Western AA Divisional
6.11Trevor Duvall11.63 PRMay 7Butte Invite
7.12Alec Steele11.79 PRApr 28Missoula Triangular
8.10Caden Messer11.84 PRApr 28Missoula Triangular
9.10Joryn Lawson11.91May 7Butte Invite
10.10Brendan Thompson11.94 PRMay 7Butte Invite
11.10Caleb Jensen11.95May 7Butte Invite
12.12Jory Breen11.99May 7Butte Invite
13.10Nick Germer12.10May 7Butte Invite
14.10Hudson Shermer12.11Apr 28Missoula Triangular
15.9Brendon Hill12.18 PRApr 21Helena Freshman Invitational
10William Stump12.18 PRMay 7Butte Invite
17.11Conner Crawford12.23 PRApr 28Missoula Triangular
18.12David Gazzo12.30 PRApr 28Missoula Triangular
19.10Brandon Morley12.35May 7Butte Invite
20.12Anders Conwell12.50 PRMay 7Butte Invite
21.10Justin Campbell12.54May 7Butte Invite
22.9Blaise Meriwether12.59Apr 21Helena Freshman Invitational
23.9Rylan Ortt12.60Apr 21Helena Freshman Invitational
24.9Nathan Holzer12.71May 7Butte Invite
25.9Cal Gibson12.79 PRMay 7Butte Invite
26.9Jack Colyer12.83 PRMay 7Butte Invite
27.10Tyler Kendall13.20 PRMay 7Butte Invite
28.10Jacob Peterson13.33 PRMay 7Butte Invite
29.9Noah Gilder13.58 PRApr 30Western AA Freshman Meet
30.12Tanner Garrett14.23 PRApr 28Missoula Triangular
31.9Sam Severson15.17 PRApr 30Western AA Freshman Meet
200 Meters
1.10Blake Linsted23.04May 28MHSA Class AA and C Championships
2.10Hudson Shermer23.35May 21Western AA Divisional
3.11Camren Kovarik23.56 PRApr 28Missoula Triangular
4.12Collin Fischer23.63 PRMay 21Western AA Divisional
5.11Mark Macklin23.92May 21Western AA Divisional
6.11Connor Rauckhorst24.00 PRMay 21Western AA Divisional
7.11Trevor Duvall24.24May 7Butte Invite
8.10Joryn Lawson24.39 PRMay 7Butte Invite
9.10Caden Messer24.73 PRMay 7Butte Invite
10.10William Stump24.79 PRMay 7Butte Invite
11.10Caden Ingraham24.97Apr 16MCPS Invite
12.10Nick Germer25.02May 7Butte Invite
13.10Caleb Jensen25.15Mar 31Mssoula JV Tri
14.12Anders Conwell25.38Mar 31Mssoula JV Tri
15.9Brendon Hill25.60 PRMar 31Mssoula JV Tri
16.9Rylan Ortt26.07 PRMay 7Butte Invite
17.10Justin Campbell26.36Mar 31Mssoula JV Tri
18.9Blaise Meriwether26.60 PRMar 31Mssoula JV Tri
19.9Lamar Rhoades26.73Apr 30Western AA Freshman Meet
20.9Jack Colyer27.06 PRApr 30Western AA Freshman Meet
21.9Noah Gilder27.20 PRApr 30Western AA Freshman Meet
22.9Alec Conwell29.20 PRApr 30Western AA Freshman Meet
23.10Ashton Warneke29.29 PRMay 7Butte Invite
24.9Rory McLaverty33.16Apr 28Missoula Triangular
400 Meters
1.11Camren Kovarik51.32Apr 16MCPS Invite
2.10Caleb Jensen53.75May 12Greg Rice
3.11Mark Macklin54.67 PRMay 21Western AA Divisional
4.9Elias Dewaters55.08Apr 12Missoula Quad
5.10Blake Linsted55.45Apr 22Swede Dahlberg Invitational
6.12Anders Conwell55.78 PRMay 12Greg Rice
7.12Stirling Ewing57.85 PRApr 28Missoula Triangular
8.12Damian Croft58.23 PRApr 28Missoula Triangular
9.9Alec Conwell1:03.72 PRApr 30Western AA Freshman Meet
10.9Rory McLaverty1:18.40Apr 30Western AA Freshman Meet
800 Meters
1.10Franki Baldwin2:06.59May 12Greg Rice
2.11Marshall Beatty2:09.65Apr 12Missoula Quad
3.11Grant Wyland2:10.56May 7Butte Invite
4.11Matt Holter2:13.83 PRMay 21Western AA Divisional
5.12Garrett Morris2:16.48 PRMay 21Western AA Divisional
6.12Stirling Ewing2:17.58Apr 16MCPS Invite
7.10Brian Jakubowski2:18.04Mar 31Butte/Big Sky/Sentinel
8.9Otto MacDonald2:18.20Apr 28Missoula Triangular
9.9Noah Gilder2:19.58 PRMar 31Butte/Big Sky/Sentinel
10.9Kegan Morris2:19.81Apr 28Missoula Triangular
11.12Damian Croft2:20.68 PRApr 28Missoula Triangular
12.11Shaun Brodie2:26.65Apr 16MCPS Invite
13.9Gabe Mazur2:32.92 PRApr 28Missoula Triangular
14.9Jack Person2:45.81 PRApr 28Missoula Triangular
15.9Rory McLaverty2:51.20 PRApr 21Helena Freshman Invitational
16.12Tanner Garrett2:54.97 PRApr 28Missoula Triangular
1600 Meters
1.11Marshall Beatty4:26.84May 21Western AA Divisional
2.10Franki Baldwin4:48.37 PRMay 21Western AA Divisional
3.12Damian Croft4:48.39 PRMay 12Greg Rice
4.9Kegan Morris4:51.96May 12Greg Rice
5.9Otto MacDonald4:58.16May 12Greg Rice
6.11Grant Wyland5:14.03Apr 28Missoula Triangular
7.11Matt Holter5:14.44 PRApr 28Missoula Triangular
8.12Stirling Ewing5:19.82May 7Butte Invite
9.11Shaun Brodie5:32.37May 7Butte Invite
10.12Garrett Morris5:38.16 PRMar 31Butte/Big Sky/Sentinel
11.12Tanner Garrett5:56.29 PRMay 7Butte Invite
12.9Rory McLaverty6:12.10 PRApr 30Western AA Freshman Meet
13.9Gabe Mazur6:13.04 PRApr 21Helena Freshman Invitational
14.9Jack Person6:13.24 PRApr 21Helena Freshman Invitational
15.9Zayne Sharrard6:13.75 PRApr 28Missoula Triangular
3200 Meters
1.11Marshall Beatty9:33.47May 28MHSA Class AA and C Championships
2.9Otto MacDonald10:41.62Apr 30Western AA Freshman Meet
3.12Damian Croft10:46.98 PRApr 16MCPS Invite
4.9Kegan Morris10:49.55Apr 16MCPS Invite
5.12Tanner Garrett12:09.01 PRApr 16MCPS Invite
6.9Gabe Mazur12:57.28 PRApr 30Western AA Freshman Meet
7.9Jack Person13:00.84 PRApr 30Western AA Freshman Meet
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.10Brendan Thompson15.57May 21Western AA Divisional
2.12David Gazzo16.89 PRMay 12Greg Rice
3.12Tanner Garrett23.49 PRApr 28Missoula Triangular
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.12Collin Fischer41.42 PRMay 12Greg Rice
2.12Alec Steele42.00May 21Western AA Divisional
3.12Josh Deshner43.02 PRMar 31Butte/Big Sky/Sentinel
4.11Connor Rauckhorst43.05 PRMay 21Western AA Divisional
5.12David Gazzo43.74 PRMay 12Greg Rice
6.10Brendan Thompson44.37Apr 16MCPS Invite
7.9Lamar Rhoades46.65Apr 30Western AA Freshman Meet
8.9Noah Gilder51.54 PRApr 30Western AA Freshman Meet
9.12Tanner Garrett56.36 PRApr 28Missoula Triangular
4x100 Relay
1.Mark Macklin
Blake Linsted
Alec Steele
Caden Ingraham
43.29May 28MHSA Class AA and C Championships
2.Mark Macklin
Collin Fischer
Alec Steele
Caden Ingraham
43.67May 21Western AA Divisional
3.Collin Fischer
Caden Ingraham
Camren Kovarik
Alec Steele
43.90Apr 22Swede Dahlberg Invitational
Mark Macklin
Collin Fischer
Caden Ingraham
Alec Steele
43.90May 12Greg Rice
5.Collin Fischer
Camren Kovarik
Caden Ingraham
Alec Steele
44.01Apr 16MCPS Invite
6.Relay Team 44.21Apr 12Missoula Quad
4x400 Relay
1.Collin Fischer
Blake Linsted
Alec Steele
Camren Kovarik
3:36.61May 28MHSA Class AA and C Championships
2.Relay Team 3:36.97Apr 28Missoula Triangular
3.Collin Fischer
Caleb Jensen
Blake Linsted
Alec Steele
3:38.10May 21Western AA Divisional
4.Collin Fischer
Camren Kovarik
Blake Linsted
Alec Steele
3:39.48Apr 16MCPS Invite
Shot Put - 12lb
1.12Jory Breen48' 7 PRApr 22Swede Dahlberg Invitational
2.12Josh Deshner42' 1 PRMay 21Western AA Divisional
3.9Nathan Holzer39' 11May 21Western AA Divisional
4.11Ryan Findley39' 6Mar 31Butte/Big Sky/Sentinel
5.11Josh Modlin36' 7 PRMar 31Butte/Big Sky/Sentinel
6.9Jack Person26' 10 PRMay 12Greg Rice
7.9Rory McLaverty24' 1.5Apr 30Western AA Freshman Meet
8.9Jordan Zavarelli24' 1Apr 30Western AA Freshman Meet
9.9Cannon Kay23' 11Apr 21Helena Freshman Invitational
10.9Brendon Hill21' 11 PRApr 28Missoula Triangular
Discus - 1.6kg
1.12Jory Breen149' 6 PRApr 28Missoula Triangular
2.11Josh Modlin132' 10 PRApr 28Missoula Triangular
3.10Blake Linsted122' 10Apr 16MCPS Invite
4.11Ryan Findley118' 6Apr 12Missoula Quad
5.10Bridger Deaton112' 8 PRApr 28Missoula Triangular
6.9Alec Conwell105' 10Apr 21Helena Freshman Invitational
7.12Josh Deshner97' 9 PRApr 28Missoula Triangular
8.9Nathan Holzer92' 2Apr 28Missoula Triangular
9.9Cannon Kay78' 6Apr 28Missoula Triangular
10.9Sam Severson76' 3 PRApr 30Western AA Freshman Meet
11.9Jordan Zavarelli71' 2Apr 30Western AA Freshman Meet
12.9Rory McLaverty69' 5Apr 28Missoula Triangular
13.9Christopher Croft48' 10 PRApr 21Helena Freshman Invitational
Javelin - 800g
1.12Josh Deshner163' 2May 21Western AA Divisional
2.11Connor Rauckhorst162' 10 PRApr 16MCPS Invite
3.10Brandon Morley148' 9May 21Western AA Divisional
4.9Rylan Ortt146' 3May 12Greg Rice
5.10Trey Kolb142' 6 PRMay 21Western AA Divisional
6.10Brian Jakubowski139' 4Apr 28Missoula Triangular
7.10Bridger Deaton139' 0 PRMay 21Western AA Divisional
8.9Gavin Muzzana111' 8Apr 28Missoula Triangular
9.9Sam Severson104' 11 PRApr 21Helena Freshman Invitational
10.9Jack Colyer102' 9 PRApr 28Missoula Triangular
11.9Brendon Hill98' 7 PRApr 21Helena Freshman Invitational
12.11Daniele Raisarda72' 5 PRApr 28Missoula Triangular
13.9Rory McLaverty66' 4Apr 30Western AA Freshman Meet
14.9Christopher Croft34' 9 PRApr 21Helena Freshman Invitational
High Jump
1.12Stirling Ewing5' 5 PRMay 7Butte Invite
2.12Hayden Tarver5' 3 PRMay 7Butte Invite
3.10Hudson Shermer5' 1May 12Greg Rice
Pole Vault
1.12Hayden Tarver13' 0 PRApr 16MCPS Invite
2.10Justin Campbell9' 6May 7Butte Invite
10Jason Shooshtari9' 6 PRMay 7Butte Invite
10Caden Messer9' 6May 12Greg Rice
5.10Brian Jakubowski9' 0 PRMay 7Butte Invite
6.9Gabe Mazur7' 6 PRApr 30Western AA Freshman Meet
7.12Damian Croft6' 6 PRApr 21Helena Freshman Invitational
Long Jump
1.11Camren Kovarik21' 6.5Apr 16MCPS Invite
2.9Elias Dewaters20' 10Apr 12Missoula Quad
3.10Jason Shooshtari20' 6.5 PRApr 16MCPS Invite
4.12Alec Steele20' 5Apr 12Missoula Quad
5.10Joryn Lawson19' 11 PRApr 16MCPS Invite
6.10Caden Ingraham19' 0Mar 31Butte/Big Sky/Sentinel
7.10Brendan Thompson17' 11 PRMar 31Butte/Big Sky/Sentinel
8.12Josh Deshner16' 10.5 PRApr 28Missoula Triangular
9.9Blaise Meriwether16' 8.5 PRApr 12Missoula Quad
10.10Jacob Peterson16' 0.5 PRApr 28Missoula Triangular
11.11Daniele Raisarda15' 5 PRApr 28Missoula Triangular
12.10Tyler Kendall14' 11 PRApr 28Missoula Triangular
Triple Jump
1.10Caden Ingraham42' 6.75Apr 22Swede Dahlberg Invitational
2.10Jason Shooshtari38' 2May 21Western AA Divisional
3.10Joryn Lawson38' 0Apr 28Missoula Triangular


100 Meters
1.9Shelby Schweyen12.60May 7Butte Invite
2.10Allie Baldwin-Case12.67 PRMay 7Butte Invite
3.11Jenn Mickelson12.96 PRMay 21Western AA Divisional
4.11Syd Steele12.98May 7Butte Invite
5.12Olivia Burgad13.05May 21Western AA Divisional
6.10Jordyn Schweyen13.68 PRApr 16MCPS Invite
7.11Jessica Norris13.80 PRMay 7Butte Invite
8.9Ashley McElmurry13.83Apr 12Missoula Quad
9.10Sarina Moreno14.17 PRApr 28Missoula Triangular
10.10Grace Stayner14.40 PRMay 7Butte Invite
11.10Aly Druyvestein14.62 PRApr 28Missoula Triangular
12.9Jada Barham14.66 PRApr 30Western AA Freshman Meet
13.10December Jackson14.70 PRApr 12Missoula Quad
14.9Chanelle Paulson14.82May 7Butte Invite
15.11Haley Burckhard14.84 PRApr 12Missoula Quad
16.9Madison Martinez15.26 PRMay 7Butte Invite
17.11Anne Brummett15.36 PRMar 31Mssoula JV Tri
18.9Audrey Fero15.38 PRApr 21Helena Freshman Invitational
19.9Jenna Swanson15.49 PRApr 21Helena Freshman Invitational
20.9Keidon Reynolds15.71Apr 12Missoula Quad
200 Meters
1.9Shelby Schweyen25.84 PRMay 28MHSA Class AA and C Championships
2.12Olivia Burgad26.17 PRMay 28MHSA Class AA and C Championships
3.11Syd Steele26.59May 28MHSA Class AA and C Championships
11Jenn Mickelson26.59 PRMay 21Western AA Divisional
5.10Allie Baldwin-Case27.06May 21Western AA Divisional
6.11Haley Burckhard28.81May 7Butte Invite
7.10Lauren Bingham29.13 PRApr 16MCPS Invite
8.9Jada Barham29.17 PRMay 7Butte Invite
10.9Brooklyn Leiby29.82 PRApr 21Helena Freshman Invitational
11.9Keidon Reynolds30.77 PRApr 21Helena Freshman Invitational
12.9Chanelle Paulson32.70 PRApr 21Helena Freshman Invitational
13.9Jenna Swanson33.65 PRApr 30Western AA Freshman Meet
400 Meters
1.11Madeline Hamilton59.11May 28MHSA Class AA and C Championships
2.12Olivia Burgad59.36May 28MHSA Class AA and C Championships
3.12Madison Liechty59.68 PRMay 28MHSA Class AA and C Championships
4.11Haley Burckhard1:04.67May 12Greg Rice
5.11Jessica Norris1:07.13Apr 28Missoula Triangular
7.9Keidon Reynolds1:09.12 PRMay 7Butte Invite
8.9Audrey Fero1:11.82 PRApr 12Missoula Quad
9.9Jada Barham1:12.58 PRApr 21Helena Freshman Invitational
10.9Chanelle Paulson1:12.64 PRApr 30Western AA Freshman Meet
400 Meters - Relay Split
1.12Madison Liechty59.7h PRApr 28Missoula Triangular
2.11Madeline Hamilton1:00.4h PRApr 28Missoula Triangular
3.11Syd Steele1:04.2h PRApr 28Missoula Triangular
4.11Haley Burckhard1:05.0h PRApr 28Missoula Triangular
800 Meters
1.11Madeline Hamilton2:11.40 PRMay 28MHSA Class AA and C Championships
2.12Madison Liechty2:12.21 PRMay 28MHSA Class AA and C Championships
3.11Molly MacDonald2:21.25 PRApr 28Missoula Triangular
4.9Brooklyn Leiby2:24.85 PRApr 26Russ Pilcher Top 10
5.10Kelsey Mueller2:34.89 PRApr 28Missoula Triangular
6.10Taylor Leistiko2:40.00May 21Western AA Divisional
7.10Lindsey Roosa2:48.62 PRApr 28Missoula Triangular
8.10Grace Stayner2:48.74 PRMay 7Butte Invite
9.10Markie Kimerly2:50.72 PRMay 12Greg Rice
10.9Chanelle Paulson2:53.05 PRApr 16MCPS Invite
11.10Brittney Baldwin3:06.32May 7Butte Invite
1600 Meters
1.11Madeline Hamilton5:03.31 PRMay 28MHSA Class AA and C Championships
2.12Madison Liechty5:04.28 PRMay 28MHSA Class AA and C Championships
3.11Molly MacDonald5:05.55 PRMay 12Greg Rice
4.10Kelsey Mueller5:37.42May 12Greg Rice
5.9Brooklyn Leiby5:40.08 PRApr 28Missoula Triangular
3200 Meters
1.11Molly MacDonald11:06.47 PRMay 28MHSA Class AA and C Championships
2.11Madeline Hamilton11:30.66 PRApr 28Missoula Triangular
4.10Kelsey Mueller12:18.71Apr 16MCPS Invite
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.10Lauren Bingham16.10May 21Western AA Divisional
2.9Ashley McElmurry16.62May 21Western AA Divisional
3.11Sydnee Lindquist16.80 PRMay 7Butte Invite
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.11Syd Steele46.18May 28MHSA Class AA and C Championships
2.9Ashley McElmurry48.33May 12Greg Rice
3.10Lauren Bingham50.09May 12Greg Rice
4.10Jordyn Schweyen52.20 PRMay 7Butte Invite
5.11Sydnee Lindquist53.26May 7Butte Invite
6.9Kaelyn Reynolds54.30 PRApr 30Western AA Freshman Meet
7.9Jada Barham54.35 PRMar 31Butte/Big Sky/Sentinel
4x100 Relay
1.Syd Steele
Olivia Burgad
Allie Baldwin-Case
Shelby Schweyen
48.69May 28MHSA Class AA and C Championships
2.Relay Team 49.60May 7Butte Invite
3.Allie Baldwin-Case
Olivia Burgad
Syd Steele
Shelby Schweyen
50.24Apr 16MCPS Invite
4.9Audrey Fero
Kaelyn Reynolds
Jada Barham
Ashley McElmurry
56.47Mar 31Mssoula JV Tri
4x400 Relay
1.Syd Steele
Olivia Burgad
Madeline Hamilton
Madison Liechty
3:59.22May 28MHSA Class AA and C Championships
2.Relay Team 4:07.36Apr 26Russ Pilcher Top 10
3.Syd Steele
Madeline Hamilton
Olivia Burgad
Madison Liechty
4:07.99May 12Greg Rice
4.Syd Steele
Olivia Burgad
Madison Liechty
Madeline Hamilton
5.Olivia Burgad
Madison Liechty
Syd Steele
Madeline Hamilton
4:16.27Apr 16MCPS Invite
Shot Put - 4kg
1.10Emily Malone35' 6.5May 28MHSA Class AA and C Championships
2.10Madi Arneson32' 8Apr 12Missoula Quad
3.12August Stack32' 1.5 PRMay 7Butte Invite
4.10Kylie Frohlich31' 8 PRMay 12Greg Rice
5.10Aaliyah Woods27' 10Apr 12Missoula Quad
Discus - 1kg
1.10Emily Malone119' 2May 7Butte Invite
2.10Madi Arneson118' 0May 21Western AA Divisional
3.12August Stack110' 7 PRMay 7Butte Invite
4.10Kylie Frohlich106' 6May 12Greg Rice
5.12Claire Bohnsack105' 1 PRMay 12Greg Rice
6.12Arianna Bigart86' 0Mar 31Butte/Big Sky/Sentinel
7.10Amy Ostertag85' 6Apr 12Missoula Quad
8.12Jade Bearmedicine85' 2Apr 28Missoula Triangular
Javelin - 600g
1.10Kylie Frohlich135' 9May 28MHSA Class AA and C Championships
2.10Emily Malone125' 9Apr 26Russ Pilcher Top 10
3.11Sara Michell90' 9May 21Western AA Divisional
4.11Sara Shooshtari87' 10May 21Western AA Divisional
5.12Arianna Bigart84' 7Mar 31Butte/Big Sky/Sentinel
6.9Audrey Fero71' 1 PRApr 12Missoula Quad
7.10Samantha Litle59' 1Apr 12Missoula Quad
8.9Madison Martinez53' 5Apr 21Helena Freshman Invitational
High Jump
1.9Shelby Schweyen5' 5Apr 21Helena Freshman Invitational
2.10Jordyn Schweyen5' 4 PRApr 16MCPS Invite
3.10Elsa Godwin4' 11 PRApr 28Missoula Triangular
10Cassie North4' 11 PRApr 28Missoula Triangular
5.9Sara Schatz4' 7 PRApr 28Missoula Triangular
6.9Olivia Earling3' 11 PRMar 31Butte/Big Sky/Sentinel
Pole Vault
1.10Lindsey Roosa9' 0May 12Greg Rice
2.11Sara Shooshtari8' 0 PRMay 12Greg Rice
3.12Tollie Nielson7' 6 PRApr 12Missoula Quad
9Olivia Earling7' 6May 7Butte Invite
5.9Keidon Reynolds7' 0Apr 21Helena Freshman Invitational
6.9Jada Barham6' 9 PRApr 21Helena Freshman Invitational
7.10Natalie Eileraas6' 0Mar 31Butte/Big Sky/Sentinel
Long Jump
1.9Ashley McElmurry17' 5May 28MHSA Class AA and C Championships
2.9Shelby Schweyen17' 3.25 PRMay 28MHSA Class AA and C Championships
3.10Allie Baldwin-Case16' 6 PRMar 31Butte/Big Sky/Sentinel
4.10Lauren Bingham16' 0.5May 7Butte Invite
5.12Claire Bohnsack16' 0 PRMay 7Butte Invite
6.10Grace Stayner15' 0 PRMay 7Butte Invite
7.11Jessica Norris14' 8 PRApr 28Missoula Triangular
8.10Elsa Godwin14' 7 PRApr 12Missoula Quad
9.10Cassie North14' 5.5 PRApr 12Missoula Quad
10.11Haley Burckhard14' 5Apr 28Missoula Triangular
11.10Sarina Moreno14' 3 PRApr 28Missoula Triangular
12.11Sydnee Lindquist14' 1.5 PRMar 31Butte/Big Sky/Sentinel
13.9Olivia Earling13' 8 PRApr 30Western AA Freshman Meet
14.9Keidon Reynolds13' 6.75 PRApr 21Helena Freshman Invitational
15.9Kaelyn Reynolds13' 3 PRApr 21Helena Freshman Invitational
16.10Aly Druyvestein12' 9.5 PRMar 31Butte/Big Sky/Sentinel
17.12Tollie Nielson12' 7Apr 12Missoula Quad
Triple Jump
1.9Ashley McElmurry36' 4Apr 21Helena Freshman Invitational
2.12Claire Bohnsack34' 6.5 PRMay 7Butte Invite
3.10Jordyn Schweyen34' 1 PRApr 12Missoula Quad

*Recent improvement