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100 Meters
1.11Kamau Carlisle11.01 PR (2.1)May 5WBAL Trials
2.10Suvrat Gowda11.62 PR (2.1)May 5WBAL Trials
3.11JT Williamson11.63 PR (.1)Mar 10TKA Invitational
4.12Ben Arledge11.80 PR (2.1)May 5WBAL Trials
5.10Samuel Bek11.97 PRMay 5WBAL Trials
6.10Timmy Wada12.00 PR (3.0)May 5WBAL Trials
7.10Zach Lalwani12.14 PR (3.0)May 5WBAL Trials
8.12Jensen Donley12.16 PR (3.0)May 5WBAL Trials
9.9Christian Durand12.37 PR (.1)Mar 10TKA Invitational
10.10Mak Moussa12.41 PR (3.0)May 5WBAL Trials
11.10Caleb Epps12.65 PRMar 14WBAL 1B
12.10Benjamin Lee12.96 PRMay 5WBAL Trials
10Jordan Chiang12.96 PR (.2)Mar 10TKA Invitational
14.10Tristan Tran13.01 PR (-.2)Mar 10TKA Invitational
15.9Michael Taylor13.14 PRApr 24WBAL 3A
16.12Peter Hoo13.33May 5WBAL Trials
17.9David Nguyen13.36 PR (.2)Mar 10TKA Invitational
18.9David Giani13.39 PR (2.5)Mar 3Dan Gabor Invitational
19.9David Song13.61 PR (.2)Mar 10TKA Invitational
20.10Charles Jones13.69 PR (.4)Mar 10TKA Invitational
21.9Cale Myers15.68 PRApr 24WBAL 3A
200 Meters
1.11Kamau Carlisle22.27 PR (.9)May 5WBAL Trials
2.11JT Williamson23.57 PR (.4)Mar 10TKA Invitational
3.12Ben Arledge23.86 PRMay 5WBAL Trials
4.10Suvrat Gowda24.03 PRMay 5WBAL Trials
5.10Zach Lalwani24.84 PR (1.1)May 5WBAL Trials
6.12Jensen Donley24.87 PR (1.1)May 5WBAL Trials
7.10Timmy Wada25.25 PRMay 5WBAL Trials
8.10Samuel Bek25.54 PRMay 5WBAL Trials
9.9Christian Durand25.71 PR (.0)Mar 10TKA Invitational
10.10Caleb Epps25.94 PRMay 5WBAL Trials
11.10Mak Moussa26.08 PRMay 5WBAL Trials
12.10Tristan Tran26.19 PRMay 5WBAL Trials
13.10Jordan Chiang26.41 PR (.7)Mar 10TKA Invitational
14.9David Nguyen26.48 PRMay 5WBAL Trials
15.10Benjamin Lee26.76 PRMay 5WBAL Trials
16.9Michael Taylor26.83 PRApr 24WBAL 3A
17.9David Song28.03 PR (.3)Mar 10TKA Invitational
18.10Charles Jones28.18 PRMar 14WBAL 1B
19.12Peter Hoo28.51 (-.3)Mar 10TKA Invitational
20.9Cale Myers35.52 PR (.3)Mar 10TKA Invitational
400 Meters
1.11JT Williamson52.65 PRApr 24WBAL 3A
2.10Suvrat Gowda55.32 PRMar 17Saint Francis Invitational
3.12Jeremy Miller55.48 PRApr 10WBAL 2B
4.9Christian Durand56.46 PRMar 17Saint Francis Invitational
5.10Jordan Chiang57.55 PRMay 5WBAL Trials
6.10Tristan Tran58.42 PRMay 5WBAL Trials
7.10Timmy Wada59.39Mar 3Dan Gabor Invitational
8.10Caleb Epps59.61 PRApr 10WBAL 2B
9.10Zach Lalwani59.88 PRMar 3Dan Gabor Invitational
10.9Michael Taylor1:00.21 PRApr 10WBAL 2B
11.9David Giani1:00.53 PRMay 5WBAL Trials
12.9David Nguyen1:00.65 PRApr 24WBAL 3A
13.10Mak Moussa1:02.80 PRApr 10WBAL 2B
14.10Samuel Bek1:04.05Mar 3Dan Gabor Invitational
15.10Charles Jones1:05.24 PRMar 14WBAL 1B
16.10Benjamin Lee1:06.66 PRMar 14WBAL 1B
17.9David Song1:07.09 PRMar 3Dan Gabor Invitational
18.12Peter Hoo1:08.56 PRMar 3Dan Gabor Invitational
19.9Cale Myers1:13.13 PRMar 3Dan Gabor Invitational
800 Meters
1.12Jeremy Miller1:59.64 PRMar 14WBAL 1B
2.12Ryan Negrette2:05.50 PRApr 14Serra Top 7 Invitational
3.11Caleb Pethtel2:15.03 PRMar 10TKA Invitational
4.10Jordan Chiang2:18.89 PRApr 24WBAL 3A
5.10Robbie Ridder2:24.06 PRMar 10TKA Invitational
6.10Peter Quantz2:29.66 PRMar 10TKA Invitational
7.12John Fox2:39.17 PRMar 10TKA Invitational
8.12Mason Clarke2:52.75 PRMar 14WBAL 1B
1600 Meters
1.12Jeremy Miller4:22.46 PRApr 21CCS Top 8
2.12Ryan Negrette4:37.95 PRMay 19CIF-CCS Track and Field Trials
3.11Kyle Bergstedt4:40.02 PRMay 5WBAL Trials
4.11Trey Kenyon4:53.91 PRApr 24WBAL 3A
5.10Tyler Hartley5:06.99 PRMar 10TKA Invitational
6.10Robbie Ridder5:13.15 PRMar 10TKA Invitational
7.11Caleb Pethtel5:14.14 PRMar 17Dublin Distance Fiesta
8.11Micah Jensen5:18.94Mar 17Dublin Distance Fiesta
9.10Peter Quantz5:32.19 PRMar 17Dublin Distance Fiesta
10.12Zachary Okamura5:43.67 PRMar 10TKA Invitational
11.12John Fox5:53.36Mar 10TKA Invitational
12.12Mason Clarke6:45.39 PRMar 10TKA Invitational
3200 Meters
1.12Jeremy Miller9:59.58 PRApr 14Serra Top 7 Invitational
2.11Kyle Bergstedt10:01.91 PRMay 5WBAL Trials
3.12Ryan Negrette10:57.27 PRApr 10WBAL 2B
4.11Trey Kenyon11:10.32 PRMay 5WBAL Trials
5.10Tyler Hartley11:39.00 PRApr 24WBAL 3A
6.10Peter Quantz12:44.60 PRMar 14WBAL 1B
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.11JT Williamson16.61 PR (.8)May 5WBAL Trials
2.11Micah Jensen18.47 PR (.8)May 5WBAL Trials
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.11JT Williamson40.97 PRMay 5WBAL Trials
2.11Micah Jensen44.31 PRMay 5WBAL Trials
4x100 Relay
1.Suvrat Gowda
Ben Arledge
JT Williamson
Kamau Carlisle
43.66May 5WBAL Trials
Relay Team 43.66May 11WBAL Finals
3.Ben Arledge
Suvrat Gowda
JT Williamson
Kamau Carlisle
44.72Mar 17Saint Francis Invitational
4.Samuel Bek
Jensen Donley
Timmy Wada
Zach Lalwani
46.95May 5WBAL Trials
5.Zach Lalwani
Samuel Bek
Christian Durand
Timmy Wada
47.07Mar 17Saint Francis Invitational
4x400 Relay
1.Suvrat Gowda
JT Williamson
Caleb Pethtel
Ryan Negrette
3:34.93May 5WBAL Trials
Relay Team 3:34.93May 11WBAL Finals
3.Jordan Chiang
Timmy Wada
Caleb Epps
Trey Kenyon
3:50.42May 5WBAL Trials
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m - [12-4-8-16]
1.Relay Team 12:42.56Mar 10TKA Invitational
Shot Put - 10lb
1.10Matthew Wnorowski40' 2.25 PRMay 5WBAL Trials
Shot Put - 12lb
1.12Stefan Fiandeiro37' 6.5 PRMar 3Willow Glen Track and Field Invitational
2.12Tim Aslan37' 1 PRMay 19CIF-CCS Track and Field Trials
3.10Matthew Wnorowski34' 9.5 PRMar 3Willow Glen Track and Field Invitational
4.11paul Mcbirney29' 0.75 PRMay 5WBAL Trials
Discus - 1.6kg
1.10Matthew Wnorowski103' 2.5 PRMar 10TKA Invitational
2.10Charles Jones89' 10 PRApr 10WBAL 2B
3.12Stefan Fiandeiro81' 7 PRApr 10WBAL 2B
4.12Tim Aslan73' 9 PRMar 10TKA Invitational
5.11paul Mcbirney69' 5 PRMay 5WBAL Trials
High Jump
1.12Tim Aslan5' 10 PRMar 10TKA Invitational
2.9Christian Durand5' 8 PRMay 19CIF-CCS Track and Field Trials
3.12Ben Arledge5' 2 PRMay 5WBAL Trials
4.9Cale Myers4' 4 PRMar 14WBAL 1B
Long Jump
1.11Kamau Carlisle23' 3.5 PRMay 5WBAL Trials
2.9Christian Durand19' 0.25 PRMay 5WBAL Trials
3.11JT Williamson17' 7.5 PRMar 14WBAL 1B
4.9David Nguyen17' 2.5 PRMay 5WBAL Trials
5.10Samuel Bek17' 1.5May 5WBAL Trials
6.9David Giani16' 8.25 PRApr 24WBAL 3A
7.9Cale Myers14' 1.25 PRApr 24WBAL 3A
8.9David Song13' 5 PRMar 14WBAL 1B
Triple Jump
1.9Christian Durand36' 3 PRMay 5WBAL Trials


100 Meters
1.10Kelaiah Moore13.17 PR (1.1)Mar 10TKA Invitational
2.10Janice Ngai13.34c PR (.0)Mar 17Saint Francis Invitational
3.10Hailey Richey13.58 PRMay 5WBAL Trials
4.9Molly Clarke13.60 PRMay 5WBAL Trials
5.9Isabelle Ho14.63 PRMay 5WBAL Trials
6.9Molara Mabogunje14.67 PRMay 5WBAL Trials
10Bethany Chum14.67May 5WBAL Trials
8.10Annalise Vargas14.87 PR (.4)Mar 10TKA Invitational
9.9Joanna Yu14.98 PRMar 14WBAL 1B
10.12Bonnie Chu15.12Mar 14WBAL 1B
11.9Haley Park15.17 PR (.0)Mar 10TKA Invitational
12.11Allison Nguyen15.47 PRMar 14WBAL 1B
13.9Victoria Hamblin15.83 PR (.0)Mar 10TKA Invitational
14.9Jenny Tseng16.14 PR (2.2)Mar 3Dan Gabor Invitational
200 Meters
1.10Kelaiah Moore27.06 PRMay 5WBAL Trials
2.9Molly Clarke28.51 PRMay 5WBAL Trials
3.10Hailey Richey28.60 PR (.2)Mar 10TKA Invitational
4.10Janice Ngai29.28 PRMar 14WBAL 1B
5.10Bethany Chum30.09 PRMay 5WBAL Trials
6.10Annalise Vargas31.11 PRMay 5WBAL Trials
7.9Isabelle Ho31.59 PR (.1)Mar 10TKA Invitational
8.9Haley Park31.75 PR (.5)Mar 10TKA Invitational
9.9Joanna Yu31.79 PRMar 14WBAL 1B
10.9Molara Mabogunje32.08 PR (.0)Mar 10TKA Invitational
11.9Victoria Hamblin32.71 PRMay 5WBAL Trials
12.9Jenny Tseng33.95 PR (.1)Mar 10TKA Invitational
400 Meters
1.10Kelaiah Moore1:00.87 PRApr 24WBAL 3A
2.10Anna Mokkapati1:03.56 PRApr 24WBAL 3A
3.10Hailey Richey1:08.34 PRMar 17Saint Francis Invitational
4.10Janice Ngai1:08.50 PRApr 10WBAL 2B
5.10Annalise Vargas1:11.63 PRApr 10WBAL 2B
6.9Victoria Hamblin1:11.75 PRMay 5WBAL Trials
7.10Bethany Chum1:11.90Mar 3Dan Gabor Invitational
8.9Isabelle Ho1:14.59 PRMar 3Dan Gabor Invitational
9.9Molara Mabogunje1:15.44 PRApr 24WBAL 3A
10.9Molly Clarke1:15.54 PRMar 3Dan Gabor Invitational
11.9Jenny Tseng1:24.54 PRMar 3Dan Gabor Invitational
800 Meters
1.10Anna Mokkapati2:20.26 PRApr 14Serra Top 7 Invitational
2.9Sydney Lee2:48.29 PRMay 5WBAL Trials
3.10Ava Minami2:59.62 PRMar 10TKA Invitational
4.10Viktoria Gonzales3:01.56 PRMar 10TKA Invitational
5.9Anna Black3:01.72 PRMar 10TKA Invitational
6.10Chloe Johnson3:02.25 PRMar 10TKA Invitational
7.10Lydia Kim3:12.55 PRMar 10TKA Invitational
8.11Corina Chen3:16.76 PRMar 10TKA Invitational
9.9Victoria Lee3:19.79 PRApr 24WBAL 3A
10.9Tiffany Wong3:25.02 PRMar 10TKA Invitational
1500 Meters
1.10Anna Mokkapati5:00.16 PRApr 7Arcadia Invitational
1600 Meters
1.10Anna Mokkapati5:04.39 PRMay 19CIF-CCS Track and Field Trials
2.9Sophia Lee5:53.14 PRMay 5WBAL Trials
3.9Anna Black6:07.11 PRMay 5WBAL Trials
4.10Ava Minami6:19.89 PRApr 24WBAL 3A
5.9Sydney Lee6:31.03 PRMar 10TKA Invitational
6.10Chloe Johnson6:46.63Mar 10TKA Invitational
7.10Viktoria Gonzales6:51.59 PRMay 5WBAL Trials
8.10Lydia Kim7:04.54 PRMay 5WBAL Trials
9.11Corina Chen7:07.17 PRMar 10TKA Invitational
10.9Victoria Lee7:13.56 PRMay 5WBAL Trials
11.9Tiffany Wong7:28.02 PRMar 10TKA Invitational
1 Mile
1.10Anna Mokkapati5:21.36 PRApr 7Arcadia Invitational
3200 Meters
1.10Anna Mokkapati10:47.91 PRMay 25CCS Track and Field Finals
2.9Sophia Lee12:51.54 PRMar 14WBAL 1B
3.10Ava Minami14:18.46 PRApr 24WBAL 3A
4.9Anna Black14:18.50 PRMay 5WBAL Trials
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.10Kelaiah Moore15.51 PR (-.4)May 25CCS Track and Field Finals
2.9Jenny Tseng19.72 PR (3.4)May 5WBAL Trials
4x100 Relay
1.Janice Ngai
Hailey Richey
Molly Clarke
Kelaiah Moore
51.98May 5WBAL Trials
Relay Team 51.98May 11WBAL Finals
3.Kelaiah Moore
Molly Clarke
Hailey Richey
Janice Ngai
52.45Apr 14Serra Top 7 Invitational
4x400 Relay
1.Relay Team 4:29.28Apr 24WBAL 3A
2.Sydney Lee
Sophia Lee
Ava Minami
Anna Black
5:03.04May 5WBAL Trials
Shot Put - 4kg
1.11Kai Qi Chee25' 7.5 PRMay 5WBAL Trials
2.9Elizabeth Wilcox23' 10.5 PRMar 10TKA Invitational
Discus - 1kg
1.11Kai Qi Chee89' 10 PRMay 5WBAL Trials
2.9Elizabeth Wilcox53' 5 PRMay 5WBAL Trials
High Jump
1.12Bonnie Chu4' 0Mar 14WBAL 1B
2.11Allison Nguyen3' 10 PRMar 14WBAL 1B
Pole Vault
1.9Joanna Yu11' 1 PRMay 5WBAL Trials
2.11Allison Nguyen8' 6May 5WBAL Trials
3.11Corina Chen7' 9 PRMay 5WBAL Trials
12Bonnie Chu7' 9Mar 17Saint Francis Invitational
Long Jump
1.10Kelaiah Moore16' 10 PRMay 5WBAL Trials
2.10Hailey Richey16' 3.25 PR (-.2)Apr 14Serra Top 7 Invitational
3.9Molly Clarke15' 8 PRMay 5WBAL Trials
4.10Annalise Vargas14' 5 PRMay 5WBAL Trials
5.10Bethany Chum14' 3.75 PRApr 24WBAL 3A
6.12Bonnie Chu13' 11.25 PRApr 24WBAL 3A
7.11Allison Nguyen13' 8 PRApr 10WBAL 2B
8.9Victoria Hamblin13' 3.5 PRApr 10WBAL 2B
9.9Isabelle Ho13' 2.5 PRMay 5WBAL Trials
10.9Jenny Tseng12' 8 PRApr 24WBAL 3A
11.9Molara Mabogunje12' 4 PRMar 14WBAL 1B

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