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100 Meters
1.12Andrew Smith11.51aMay 11Central League Prelims
2.12Adan Santin11.93aApr 15Coronado vs Crawford
3.9John Scales12.33aMar 13Central League Challenge
4.9Jack Gold12.57aApr 15Coronado vs Crawford
5.11Bobby Mansueto12.67aApr 22Coronado vs Hoover
200 Meters
1.12Andrew Smith22.80Apr 15Coronado vs Crawford
2.12Adan Santin24.81aMay 11Central League Prelims
3.9John Scales25.00Apr 15Coronado vs Crawford
400 Meters
1.11Michael Cerdinio68.1Apr 29Lincoln vs Clairemont vs Coronado
2.9Kyle Schaff1:22.80Apr 15Coronado vs Crawford
800 Meters
1.11Aryan Shay1:58.64aMay 29San Diego CIF Finals
2.10William Funk2:17.45Mar 18Christian vs. Coronado
3.9Jack Gold2:19.40Apr 15Coronado vs Crawford
4.9Carlos Montes2:30.20Mar 18Christian vs. Coronado
5.9Kyle Schaff3:05.60Mar 18Christian vs. Coronado
1600 Meters
1.11Aryan Shay4:42.6Apr 29Lincoln vs Clairemont vs Coronado
2.10William Funk4:57.73aMay 14City Conference Finals
3.9Carlos Montes5:23.30Apr 22Coronado vs Hoover
4.9Jack Gold5:25.0May 6Madison vs Coronado
5.12Lucas Hemp5:27.20Apr 22Coronado vs Hoover
6.12Joseph Bruno5:28.20Apr 22Coronado vs Hoover
7.11Austin Von Pohl5:33.6Apr 29Lincoln vs Clairemont vs Coronado
8.11Michael Cerdinio5:50.18aMay 14City Conference Finals
9.9Kyle Schaff6:17.20Apr 22Coronado vs Hoover
3200 Meters
1.11Aryan Shay11:02.48Mar 18Christian vs. Coronado
2.9Carlos Montes12:23.16Mar 18Christian vs. Coronado
3.11Michael Cerdinio13:30.08Mar 18Christian vs. Coronado
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.11Nate Ferraco18.50aApr 22Coronado vs Hoover
2.10Steven Mansueto19.18aApr 22Coronado vs Hoover
3.11Julian Martinez21.57Mar 18Christian vs. Coronado
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.9Jack Gold48.15aApr 10Calvin Christian Invite
2.11Nate Ferraco48.5Apr 29Lincoln vs Clairemont vs Coronado
3.10William Funk50.04Mar 18Christian vs. Coronado
4.10Steven Mansueto53.72Mar 18Christian vs. Coronado
11Julian Martinez53.78Mar 18Christian vs. Coronado
4x100 Relay
1.-Jack Gold
Adan Santin
John Scales
Andrew Smith
47.76aApr 10Calvin Christian Invite
2.-Relay Team 47.68Apr 15Coronado vs Crawford
3.-Andrew Smith
Adan Santin
John Scales
Jack Gold
48.20Apr 22Coronado vs Hoover
4x400 Relay
1.-Relay Team 4:15.04Mar 18Christian vs. Coronado
Shot Put - 12lb
1.9Stavros Markakis38-02.00May 1Frosh-Soph Championships
2.10Jorge Rodriguez30'07.00Mar 18Christian vs. Coronado
11Freddy Smith30'07.00Apr 22Coronado vs Hoover
Discus - 1.6kg
1.10Jorge Rodriguez96'00Apr 15Coronado vs Crawford
2.9Stavros Markakis91'5Apr 15Coronado vs Crawford
3.11Freddy Smith90-10May 6Madison vs Coronado
High Jump
1.11Austin Von Pohl5'00.00Apr 15Coronado vs Crawford
11Will Bartsch5'00.00Apr 15Coronado vs Crawford
Pole Vault
1.11Will Bartsch14-00.00May 29San Diego CIF Finals
2.9Jack Gold9-06.00May 6Madison vs Coronado
3.10William Funk8'06.00Apr 15Coronado vs Crawford
4.9Carlos Montes7-04.00May 6Madison vs Coronado
Long Jump
1.12Andrew Smith19-08.50May 11Central League Prelims
2.12Adan Santin17-09.50May 11Central League Prelims
3.9John Scales17-07.00Apr 10Calvin Christian Invite
4.11Austin Von Pohl14-11.50Apr 29Lincoln vs Clairemont vs Coronado


100 Meters
1.9Samantha Kirk13.53aApr 15Coronado vs Crawford
2.10Lauren Bower13.76aApr 15Coronado vs Crawford
3.12Briana Giorgione14.02aMay 11Central League Prelims
4.10Olivia Lillegraven14.60aApr 22Coronado vs Hoover
5.9Nadine Monzon14.86aApr 15Coronado vs Crawford
6.11Danielle Swanson15.03aApr 22Coronado vs Hoover
7.9Shiloe Parsons15.30aApr 15Coronado vs Crawford
200 Meters
1.9Samantha Kirk27.32aApr 15Coronado vs Crawford
2.10Lauren Bower27.61aApr 15Coronado vs Crawford
3.11Sadie Gimber28.02aApr 10Calvin Christian Invite
4.9Shiloe Parsons30.82Mar 18Christian vs. Coronado
5.9Nadine Monzon31.40aApr 15Coronado vs Crawford
6.11Yvonne Wood31.80aApr 22Coronado vs Hoover
400 Meters
1.11Sadie Gimber58.99aMay 14City Conference Finals
2.9Elise Umansky1:03.56aApr 15Coronado vs Crawford
3.11Annie Lovering64.9Apr 29Lincoln vs Clairemont vs Coronado
4.9Ashley Engelman1:07.86aApr 10Calvin Christian Invite
5.9Natalia Romero70.7Apr 29Lincoln vs Clairemont vs Coronado
800 Meters
1.12Sallie Privett2:18.97aApr 24High School Marks at the UC San Diego Triton Invitation..
2.10Nicole Davies2:24.72aMay 1Frosh-Soph Championships
3.12Adie Davies2:25.18Apr 22Coronado vs Hoover
4.11Stephanie Hamilton2:37.99Apr 22Coronado vs Hoover
5.9Ashley Engelman2:41.80Apr 15Coronado vs Crawford
6.11Sadie Gimber2:43.76Mar 18Christian vs. Coronado
7.11Cristinia DeScisciolo2:53.39Apr 22Coronado vs Hoover
1500 Meters
1.12Adie Davies4:56.76aApr 24High School Marks at the UC San Diego Triton Invitation..
2.11Meg Sweeney5:07.96aApr 24High School Marks at the UC San Diego Triton Invitation..
1600 Meters
1.12Sallie Privett5:14.44aApr 10Calvin Christian Invite
2.12Adie Davies5:17.11aMay 14City Conference Finals
3.12Adrianna Davies5:21.32aMay 22San Diego CIF Prelims
4.11Annie Lovering5:23.1Apr 29Lincoln vs Clairemont vs Coronado
5.11Meg Sweeney5:26.45aMay 14City Conference Finals
6.9Ashley Engelman5:52.5Mar 18Christian vs. Coronado
7.11Stephanie Hamilton5:53.70Apr 15Coronado vs Crawford
8.11Cristinia DeScisciolo6:26.45aMay 14City Conference Finals
1 Mile
1.12Sallie Privett5:19.14aMar 207th Annual Elmer Runge Classic
2.12Adrianna Davies5:31.93aMar 207th Annual Elmer Runge Classic
3200 Meters
1.12Adie Davies11:43.0hMay 11Central League Prelims
2.12Adrianna Davies11:44.65aMay 22San Diego CIF Prelims
3.11Meg Sweeney11:49.3hMay 11Central League Prelims
4.12Sallie Privett11:58.24aApr 10Calvin Christian Invite
5.10Nicole Davies12:20.46Mar 18Christian vs. Coronado
6.9Ashley Engelman12:49.7hMay 11Central League Prelims
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.11Madalyn Danielson16.91aMay 29San Diego CIF Finals
2.11Cassie Callahan17.18aMay 11Central League Prelims
3.10Olivia Lillegraven18.23aMay 11Central League Prelims
11Danielle Swanson18.23aApr 15Coronado vs Crawford
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.11Madalyn Danielson47.22aMay 29San Diego CIF Finals
2.11Cassie Callahan47.6Apr 29Lincoln vs Clairemont vs Coronado
3.11Danielle Swanson54.3Apr 29Lincoln vs Clairemont vs Coronado
4.11Meg Sweeney57.9May 6Madison vs Coronado
400m Hurdles - 30"
1.11Madalyn Danielson67.07aApr 24High School Marks at the UC San Diego Triton Invitation..
4x100 Relay
1.-Relay Team 53.68Mar 18Christian vs. Coronado
2.-Madalyn Danielson
Cassie Callahan
Briana Giorgione
Lauren Bower
55.25Apr 22Coronado vs Hoover
4x400 Relay
1.-Relay Team 4:21.39aApr 10Calvin Christian Invite
Shot Put - 4kg
1.10Alexandra Evans30'01.00Apr 15Coronado vs Crawford
Discus - 1kg
1.10Alexandra Evans72'07Apr 15Coronado vs Crawford
High Jump
1.12Briana Giorgione4'06.00Apr 22Coronado vs Hoover
11Britanny Hallawell4-06.00Apr 29Lincoln vs Clairemont vs Coronado
Pole Vault
1.12Briana Giorgione9-09.00May 22San Diego CIF Prelims
2.10Alexandra Evans7-09.00May 22San Diego CIF Prelims
Long Jump
1.11Cassie Callahan15-00.50May 11Central League Prelims
2.10Olivia Lillegraven14'04.50Apr 22Coronado vs Hoover
3.10Lauren Bower14'4Apr 15Coronado vs Crawford
11Stephanie Hamilton14'04.00Apr 22Coronado vs Hoover
5.11Yvonne Wood14-03.00May 11Central League Prelims
6.10Alexandra Evans14'00.00Apr 22Coronado vs Hoover
7.9Samantha Kirk13'5Mar 18Christian vs. Coronado
8.9Shiloe Parsons13'01.00Apr 15Coronado vs Crawford
9.9Nadine Monzon12'02.00Apr 15Coronado vs Crawford
11Britanny Hallawell12'02.00Apr 15Coronado vs Crawford
Triple Jump
1.11Cassie Callahan30'06.00Apr 22Coronado vs Hoover
2.10Olivia Lillegraven30-00.00Apr 29Lincoln vs Clairemont vs Coronado
3.11Yvonne Wood29-10.50May 11Central League Prelims
4.11Stephanie Hamilton28'10.00Apr 22Coronado vs Hoover

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