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100 Meters
1.10Chris Haas11.46aMay 1Coronado @ Madison
2.12Matthew Helmstetter11.68aMay 1Coronado @ Madison
3.12Ryno Botha12.34aApr 17Crawford vs Coronado
11Ben White12.34aApr 17Crawford vs Coronado
5.11Aaron Loeffler12.39aMar 2211th Annual Elmer Runge Classic
6.10Ian Thorleifson12.65aApr 17Crawford vs Coronado
7.11Owen Heidenreich12.71aApr 17Crawford vs Coronado
8.9Tommy Hardy12.85aMay 1Coronado @ Madison
9.9Killian Haller12.88aMay 1Coronado @ Madison
10.11Connor Lewis12.93aMar 2211th Annual Elmer Runge Classic
11.9Diego Cue13.07aMay 1Coronado @ Madison
12.11Michael Hardy13.10aMay 1Coronado @ Madison
13.12Sterling Henken13.31Apr 3Christian @ Coronado
14.9Jordan Fields13.66aMay 1Coronado @ Madison
200 Meters
1.10Chris Haas23.27aMay 24CIF San Diego Section Prelims
2.11Erik Armes23.70aMay 1Coronado @ Madison
3.11Ben White24.60aApr 24Coronado @ Clairemont
4.12Trevor Boyd25.29aMay 1Coronado @ Madison
5.11Aaron Loeffler25.38aMar 2211th Annual Elmer Runge Classic
6.9Killian Haller25.54Apr 17Crawford vs Coronado
7.10Ian Thorleifson25.90aApr 24Coronado @ Clairemont
8.12Sterling Henken26.23aApr 24Coronado @ Clairemont
9.9Tommy Hardy26.50aMay 1Coronado @ Madison
10.11Connor Lewis26.65aMar 2211th Annual Elmer Runge Classic
11.9Diego Cue27.93aMay 1Coronado @ Madison
12.9Jordan Fields28.32aApr 24Coronado @ Clairemont
13.11Michael Hardy28.69Apr 3Christian @ Coronado
400 Meters
1.11Erik Armes51.96aMay 1Coronado @ Madison
2.12Trevor Boyd52.58aMay 19Western / Central League Finals
3.11Ben White55.90Apr 24Coronado @ Clairemont
4.12Sterling Henken59.10Apr 24Coronado @ Clairemont
800 Meters
1.11Erik Armes1:56.70aMay 24CIF San Diego Section Prelims
2.12Trevor Boyd2:06.65aMar 8Mt. Carmel Field and Distance Invite
3.12Chris Leary2:07.86aMay 13Central/City League Prelims
4.11Ben White2:10.49aApr 5Arnie Robinson Invitational
5.12Kingston DeLaurentis2:19.01Apr 3Christian @ Coronado
6.10Jason Leary2:19.45aMay 13Central/City League Prelims
7.11Brett McKim2:22.08Apr 3Christian @ Coronado
1600 Meters
1.11Erik Armes4:13.67aMay 31CIF San Diego Section Finals
2.10Jason Leary4:42.07aMay 3Dick Wilkins Frosh-Soph Invite
3.12Kingston DeLaurentis5:01.27Apr 17Crawford vs Coronado
4.9Collin Curtin05:19.6aMay 19Western / Central League Finals
1 Mile
1.11Erik Armes4:14.70aApr 12Arcadia Invitational Day 2
3200 Meters
1.11Erik Armes10:18.85aMay 16City Conference Finals
2.10Jason Leary10:35.15Apr 3Christian @ Coronado
3.9Collin Curtin11:48.20Apr 24Coronado @ Clairemont
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.11Brett McKim16.57aMay 1Coronado @ Madison
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.11Brett McKim44.00Apr 24Coronado @ Clairemont
2.12Trevor Boyd46.44aMay 19Western / Central League Finals
3.11Michael Hardy48.81aMay 19Western / Central League Finals
4x100 Relay
1.-Ryno Botha
Ben White
Chris Haas
Ian Thorleifson
46.37aMay 19Western / Central League Finals
2.-Relay Team 46.38aMay 24CIF San Diego Section Prelims
3.-Ian Thorleifson
Chris Haas
Tommy Hardy
Killian Haller
47.11Apr 17Crawford vs Coronado
4x400 Relay
1.-Relay Team 3:32.82aMay 24CIF San Diego Section Prelims
2.-Ian Thorleifson
Chris Haas
Trevor Boyd
Chris Leary
03:35.3aMay 19Western / Central League Finals
-Chris Haas
Ben White
Chris Leary
Trevor Boyd
3:35.30aMay 19Western / Central League Finals
4.-Ben White
Chris Leary
Jason Leary
Trevor Boyd
3:39.40aMar 2211th Annual Elmer Runge Classic
5.-Chris Leary
Ryno Botha
Trevor Boyd
Jason Leary
3:50.13Apr 17Crawford vs Coronado
4x800 Relay
1.-Relay Team 8:39.15aMar 15Bronco Invite
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m
1.-Kingston DeLaurentis
Ben White
Chris Leary
Jason Leary
11:23.19aApr 19Jaguar Morning Session
2.-Chris Leary
Ben White
Jason Leary
Kingston DeLaurentis
11:28.43aMar 8Mt. Carmel Field and Distance Invite
Shot Put - 12lb
1.12Morgan Laughlin33-01.00Apr 24Coronado @ Clairemont
2.10Max Clausen27-09.75Apr 3Christian @ Coronado
3.9Ryan Bayer24-08.75Apr 3Christian @ Coronado
4.10Ian Bayer23-10.00Apr 3Christian @ Coronado
Discus - 1.6kg
1.12Morgan Laughlin80-00Apr 24Coronado @ Clairemont
2.10Max Clausen65-08Apr 17Crawford vs Coronado
3.9Ryan Bayer60-00Apr 24Coronado @ Clairemont
4.10Ian Bayer58-06Apr 24Coronado @ Clairemont
High Jump
1.11Brett McKim6-01.00May 19Western / Central League Finals
2.10Jarret Osmialowski5-04.00Apr 17Crawford vs Coronado
Pole Vault
1.12Matthew Helmstetter13-00.00Apr 5Arnie Robinson Invitational
2.12Ryno Botha8-06.00Apr 3Christian @ Coronado
11Aaron Loeffler8-06.00Apr 24Coronado @ Clairemont
4.9Dakota Summers8-00.00Apr 17Crawford vs Coronado
Long Jump
1.12Matthew Helmstetter19-09.00May 1Coronado @ Madison
2.10Chris Haas19-07.75May 3Dick Wilkins Frosh-Soph Invite
3.12Ryno Botha18-10.00May 19Western / Central League Finals
4.11Owen Heidenreich18-09.00Apr 17Crawford vs Coronado
5.10Sam Davies17-01.00May 1Coronado @ Madison
6.10Jesse Gross14-06.50Apr 3Christian @ Coronado
Triple Jump
1.11Brett McKim40-06.00May 1Coronado @ Madison
2.10Sam Davies34-09.50Apr 24Coronado @ Clairemont


100 Meters
1.12Alejandra Bruyere13.39aMay 1Coronado @ Madison
2.12Kendall Cromartie13.78aMay 1Coronado @ Madison
3.10Imani Ware13.96aMay 1Coronado @ Madison
4.9Sarah Matney14.12aMay 1Coronado @ Madison
5.9Michelle Dykstra14.30aMay 1Coronado @ Madison
6.11Meghan Lorenz14.20Apr 17Crawford vs Coronado
7.12Vanessa Tortolero14.61aMay 1Coronado @ Madison
8.10Sophie Dore14.63Apr 17Crawford vs Coronado
9.10Maggie Dutch15.81Apr 3Christian @ Coronado
10.10Alexa Alvord17.02Apr 3Christian @ Coronado
200 Meters
1.12Alejandra Bruyere27.88aMay 13Central/City League Prelims
2.9Michelle Dykstra29.00aApr 24Coronado @ Clairemont
3.9Charlotte Wampler29.63Apr 17Crawford vs Coronado
4.-Aldora Krantzberg32.81Apr 3Christian @ Coronado
5.9Miranda Diaz34.54Apr 3Christian @ Coronado
400 Meters
1.11Hannah Downey1:04.00Apr 24Coronado @ Clairemont
2.11Meghan Lorenz1:06.00Apr 24Coronado @ Clairemont
3.9Renee Phillips1:07.19May 1Coronado @ Madison
4.11Lauren Rocheleau1:12.00Apr 24Coronado @ Clairemont
400 Meters - Relay Split
1.11Hannah Downey64.9Mar 8Mt. Carmel Field and Distance Invite
800 Meters
1.9Kayla Bierschbach2:29.20Apr 24Coronado @ Clairemont
2.9Kerry Desmond2:31.34aMay 24CIF San Diego Section Prelims
3.9Jasmine Rippey2:31.42aMay 24CIF San Diego Section Prelims
4.12Rachel Steffen2:34.59aMar 2211th Annual Elmer Runge Classic
5.11Aeron Yim2:43.23Apr 3Christian @ Coronado
800 Meters - Relay Split
1.9Kayla Bierschbach2:28.4Mar 15Bronco Invite
1200 Meters - Relay Split
1.11Aeron Yim4:05.3Mar 8Mt. Carmel Field and Distance Invite
1500 Meters
1.12Rachel Steffen5:04.18aApr 26UCSD Triton Invite
1600 Meters
1.12Rachel Steffen5:14.88aMay 31CIF San Diego Section Finals
2.11Aeron Yim05:29.8aMay 19Western / Central League Finals
3.9Jasmine Rippey5:34.43aMay 31CIF San Diego Section Finals
4.9Kayla Bierschbach5:34.45aMar 2211th Annual Elmer Runge Classic
5.9Kerry Desmond05:39.1aMay 19Western / Central League Finals
6.9Renee Phillips5:39.24aMay 24CIF San Diego Section Prelims
7.11Emily Breay5:57.20Apr 17Crawford vs Coronado
1600 Meters - Relay Split
1.12Rachel Steffen5:33.4Mar 8Mt. Carmel Field and Distance Invite
1 Mile
1.12Rachel Steffen5:28.54aMar 2211th Annual Elmer Runge Classic
3200 Meters
1.12Rachel Steffen11:56.89aMay 24CIF San Diego Section Prelims
2.11Aeron Yim12:00.46aMay 24CIF San Diego Section Prelims
3.9Jasmine Rippey12:45.00Apr 3Christian @ Coronado
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.10Imani Ware17.46aMay 24CIF San Diego Section Prelims
2.11Hannah Downey17.30Apr 24Coronado @ Clairemont
3.12Danielle Simmons17.98Apr 17Crawford vs Coronado
4.9Julia Holden19.25Apr 3Christian @ Coronado
5.9Michelle Dykstra19.35Apr 3Christian @ Coronado
6.9Sarah Matney19.72Apr 3Christian @ Coronado
7.11Lavanya Mittal21.63aMay 1Coronado @ Madison
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.11Hannah Downey49.20Apr 24Coronado @ Clairemont
2.9Julia Holden55.75Apr 3Christian @ Coronado
3.12Danielle Simmons59.04aMay 19Western / Central League Finals
4.11Lavanya Mittal59.70Apr 24Coronado @ Clairemont
4x100 Relay
1.-Relay Team 53.60Apr 24Coronado @ Clairemont
2.-Kendall Cromartie
Meghan Lorenz
Charlotte Wampler
Michelle Dykstra
54.7aMay 19Western / Central League Finals
-Imani Ware
Sarah Matney
Michelle Dykstra
Abigail Callahan
54.70aMay 19Western / Central League Finals
4.-Charlotte Wampler
Michelle Dykstra
Sarah Matney
Imani Ware
55.96Apr 17Crawford vs Coronado
4x400 Relay
1.-Relay Team 4:28.00Apr 24Coronado @ Clairemont
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m
1.-Relay Team 13:11.06aMar 15Bronco Invite
2.-Aeron Yim
Hannah Downey
Kayla Bierschbach
Rachel Steffen
13:11.93aApr 19Jaguar Morning Session
Shot Put - 4kg
1.10Sarah Beauchamp27-08.25Apr 3Christian @ Coronado
2.10Daly Brister26-11.00Apr 24Coronado @ Clairemont
3.12Katharine Munning22-04.00Apr 3Christian @ Coronado
4.12Caitlin Martinez19-02.00Apr 24Coronado @ Clairemont
Discus - 1kg
1.10Sarah Beauchamp78-00May 16City Conference Finals
2.10Daly Brister71-09May 16City Conference Finals
3.12Katharine Munning64-04May 1Coronado @ Madison
4.12Caitlin Martinez61-07May 1Coronado @ Madison
High Jump
1.12Abigail Callahan5-05.50May 1Coronado @ Madison
2.11Irlanda Goulding5-02.00Apr 17Crawford vs Coronado
3.12Sierra Smith5-01.00May 31CIF San Diego Section Finals
4.10Maegen Sutton4-10.00May 19Western / Central League Finals
Pole Vault
1.12Lauren Bartsch11-07.00May 1Coronado @ Madison
2.9Kelli Law8-01.00May 24CIF San Diego Section Prelims
Long Jump
1.12Madeline Hopson17-04.00May 1Coronado @ Madison
2.10Maegen Sutton14-08.25May 19Western / Central League Finals
3.12Abigail Callahan14-08.00Apr 3Christian @ Coronado
4.12Sierra Smith14-03.00Apr 3Christian @ Coronado
5.10Sarah Beauchamp13-10.00Apr 3Christian @ Coronado
6.12Vanessa Tortolero13-08.00May 1Coronado @ Madison
7.12Katharine Munning12-04.00Apr 24Coronado @ Clairemont
Triple Jump
1.12Madeline Hopson36-00.00May 16City Conference Finals
2.10Sarah Beauchamp30-09.50Apr 3Christian @ Coronado

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