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100 Meters
1.10Jacob Stewart11.70aMar 26Calvin Christian Small Schools Invitational
2.9Dillon Calhoun11.87aMar 26Calvin Christian Small Schools Invitational
3.9Nicholas Dunn11.86Apr 21Coronado @ Clairemont
4.12Alex-John Caliguiran12.26Mar 24Christian vs Coronado
9Shane Alihan12.27Mar 24Christian vs Coronado
6.11Alex Cheever12.34Apr 14Crawford vs Coronado
7.10Tomas Braniff Marti12.41Mar 24Christian vs Coronado
8.10Lance Lorentz12.65Apr 28Coronado at Madison
9.10Ivan Castenrda13.00Apr 21Coronado @ Clairemont
9Jared Viola12.92Apr 14Crawford vs Coronado
11.11Caleb Evans13.22Mar 24Christian vs Coronado
10Robert Pinski13.25Apr 14Crawford vs Coronado
12Michael Luppi13.24Mar 24Christian vs Coronado
14.10Eric Scheurer13.41Apr 28Coronado at Madison
15.9Caden Foege13.95Apr 14Crawford vs Coronado
16.12Tommy Hardy14.21Mar 24Christian vs Coronado
17.9Zakaree Kevicki14.38Mar 24Christian vs Coronado
200 Meters
1.10Jacob Stewart24.04Mar 24Christian vs Coronado
2.9Dillon Calhoun24.50Apr 21Coronado @ Clairemont
3.12Tallon Hannus25.17Apr 14Crawford vs Coronado
4.10Lance Lorentz25.25Apr 28Coronado at Madison
5.10Ivan Castenrda26.10Apr 21Coronado @ Clairemont
6.12Michael Luppi26.39Apr 14Crawford vs Coronado
7.10Eric Scheurer26.71aMay 13City/Central League Finals
8.12Tommy Hardy26.49Mar 24Christian vs Coronado
9.10Robert Pinski27.19Apr 14Crawford vs Coronado
10.11Adrian Anderson29.54Apr 14Crawford vs Coronado
400 Meters
1.10Charles Winn53.50Apr 28Coronado at Madison
2.10Ian Hurlburt53.97Mar 24Christian vs Coronado
3.12Michael Luppi58.37aMay 13City/Central League Finals
400 Meters - Relay Split
1.10Charles Winn56.69Apr 14Crawford vs Coronado
2.10Tomas Braniff Marti57.19Apr 14Crawford vs Coronado
3.10Ian Hurlburt57.55Apr 14Crawford vs Coronado
4.9Nicholas Dunn59.47Apr 14Crawford vs Coronado
5.9Luke Klingenberg59.69Apr 14Crawford vs Coronado
6.12Michael Luppi60.40Apr 14Crawford vs Coronado
7.9Dillon Calhoun61.66Apr 14Crawford vs Coronado
8.10Lance Lorentz61.90Apr 14Crawford vs Coronado
800 Meters
1.10Charles Winn1:56.53aMay 28CIF San Diego Section Finals
2.10Ian Hurlburt2:01.13aMay 21CIF San Diego Section Prelims
3.9Luke Klingenberg2:04.56aMay 13City/Central League Finals
4.9Karl Mulvehill2:31.42Apr 28Coronado at Madison
1600 Meters
1.9Luke Klingenberg4:26.61aMay 21CIF San Diego Section Prelims
2.10Ian Hurlburt4:47.72aMay 13City/Central League Finals
3.9Spencer Busby4:48.20aMay 13City/Central League Finals
4.10Tomas Braniff Marti4:53.77Apr 21Coronado @ Clairemont
5.9Karl Mulvehill5:25.90Mar 24Christian vs Coronado
6.10Eric Scheurer5:29.77Apr 14Crawford vs Coronado
3200 Meters
1.9Spencer Busby10:42.00Apr 28Coronado at Madison
2.9Luke Klingenberg12:06.00Apr 14Crawford vs Coronado
10Charles Winn12:06.00Apr 14Crawford vs Coronado
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.11Ahmad Xallen16.49Apr 21Coronado @ Clairemont
2.12Alex-John Caliguiran18.02Mar 24Christian vs Coronado
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.11Ahmad Xallen41.15Apr 28Coronado at Madison
2.12Alex-John Caliguiran46.42aMay 13City/Central League Finals
4x100 Relay
1.Relay Team 46.62aMay 13City/Central League Finals
4x400 Relay
1.Relay Team 3:29.72aMay 21CIF San Diego Section Prelims
2.Charles Winn
Ahmad Xallen
Ian Hurlburt
Tomas Braniff Marti
3:31.15aMay 28CIF San Diego Section Finals
Shot Put - 12lb
1.12Ian Bayer30'09.00Apr 14Crawford vs Coronado
2.11Ryan Bayer28-07.00Mar 24Christian vs Coronado
3.12Max Clausen27-03.00Mar 24Christian vs Coronado
4.12Andrew Mathas23-10.00Mar 24Christian vs Coronado
High Jump
1.11Ahmad Xallen5-00.00Apr 28Coronado at Madison
10Kobuk Van Houten5-00.00Mar 24Christian vs Coronado
3.11Eric Siefert4-10.00Mar 24Christian vs Coronado
Pole Vault
1.11Dakota Summers12-00.00May 21CIF San Diego Section Prelims
12Nathan Thomas12-00.00May 13City/Central League Finals
3.11Alex Cheever11-06.00May 13City/Central League Finals
4.12Alex Schiaffino11-00.00May 21CIF San Diego Section Prelims
Long Jump
1.12Tallon Hannus19-06.00May 13City/Central League Finals
2.12Sam Davies17-08.00Apr 14Crawford vs Coronado
3.11Dakota Summers16-06.00Apr 14Crawford vs Coronado
4.10Kobuk Van Houten15-08.00Mar 24Christian vs Coronado
5.9Zakaree Kevicki15-06.50Mar 24Christian vs Coronado
6.9Karl Mulvehill15-05.00Apr 28Coronado at Madison
7.11Eric Siefert15-04.50Apr 21Coronado @ Clairemont
8.9Caden Foege15-00.00Apr 14Crawford vs Coronado
Triple Jump
1.12Sam Davies39-10.00May 10City/ Central League Prelims
2.12Tallon Hannus39-03.00May 10City/ Central League Prelims


100 Meters
1.9Alysah Hickey12.02aMay 28CIF San Diego Section Finals
2.9Madison Shanks13.25Apr 14Crawford vs Coronado
3.10Gabby Mueller13.68aMay 13City/Central League Finals
4.10Sophia Quast13.82Apr 14Crawford vs Coronado
5.9Savanna Schwartz13.96Apr 28Coronado at Madison
6.9Daniela Rassvetaieff14.37aMay 13City/Central League Finals
7.10Heather Nagey14.42aMay 13City/Central League Finals
8.9Kiana Rippey14.13Mar 24Christian vs Coronado
9Avery Dozier14.11Apr 14Crawford vs Coronado
10.9Samantha Williams14.70aMay 13City/Central League Finals
11.9Ashlyn Heintzelman14.41Mar 24Christian vs Coronado
12.11Kierra McLaughlin14.54Apr 14Crawford vs Coronado
13.9Sophie Esquer14.73Apr 21Coronado @ Clairemont
14.10Grace Shoemaker14.99Mar 24Christian vs Coronado
15.10Madison Steel15.01Apr 14Crawford vs Coronado
16.12Giulia Busanca16.10Apr 14Crawford vs Coronado
200 Meters
1.9Alysah Hickey25.72aMay 28CIF San Diego Section Finals
2.10Sophia Quast27.20Apr 14Crawford vs Coronado
3.9Madison Shanks27.48Apr 14Crawford vs Coronado
4.9Teresa Perez27.52Apr 28Coronado at Madison
10Gabby Mueller27.52Apr 28Coronado at Madison
6.9Ashlyn Heintzelman29.41Mar 24Christian vs Coronado
7.9Savanna Schwartz29.58Apr 21Coronado @ Clairemont
8.9Daniela Rassvetaieff30.32Apr 14Crawford vs Coronado
9.10Heather Nagey31.14Mar 24Christian vs Coronado
400 Meters
1.9Teresa Perez59.91aMay 13City/Central League Finals
2.9Madison Shanks1:00.27aApr 30Dick Wilkins Frosh-Soph Invite
3.11Renee Phillips1:04.02Apr 21Coronado @ Clairemont
4.9Sydney Zoehrer1:04.24Mar 24Christian vs Coronado
5.11Michelle Dykstra1:04.49Mar 24Christian vs Coronado
6.10Natalya Gomez1:07.28Mar 24Christian vs Coronado
400 Meters - Relay Split
1.11Michelle Dykstra65.21Apr 14Crawford vs Coronado
2.9Teresa Perez65.38Apr 14Crawford vs Coronado
3.9Sydney Zoehrer65.55Apr 14Crawford vs Coronado
4.9Madison Shanks67.23Apr 14Crawford vs Coronado
5.10Gabby Mueller67.95Apr 14Crawford vs Coronado
6.10Sophia Quast68.37Apr 14Crawford vs Coronado
7.11Kerry Desmond68.47Apr 14Crawford vs Coronado
8.9Kiana Rippey72.85Apr 14Crawford vs Coronado
800 Meters
1.11Renee Phillips2:23.23aMay 28CIF San Diego Section Finals
2.9Teresa Perez2:25.57aApr 30Dick Wilkins Frosh-Soph Invite
3.9Sydney Zoehrer2:27.61Apr 28Coronado at Madison
4.11Jasmine Rippey2:30.91aMar 12Bronco Invitational
5.10Natalya Gomez2:32.42Apr 21Coronado @ Clairemont
6.11Kerry Desmond2:34.58Apr 28Coronado at Madison
7.9Gabriella Ryan2:40.22Mar 24Christian vs Coronado
8.9Madden Hundley2:45.81Apr 14Crawford vs Coronado
1600 Meters
1.11Renee Phillips5:08.65aMay 28CIF San Diego Section Finals
2.9Sydney Zoehrer5:16.88aMay 13City/Central League Finals
3.11Jasmine Rippey5:19.06aMay 13City/Central League Finals
4.9Madden Hundley5:31.60aMay 21CIF San Diego Section Prelims
5.9Teresa Perez5:41.36aMar 26Calvin Christian Small Schools Invitational
6.10Naya Tamariz5:54.87Apr 14Crawford vs Coronado
7.9Laura Valades6:14.82aMay 13City/Central League Finals
8.11Kerry Desmond6:17.50Apr 28Coronado at Madison
3000 Meters
1.11Renee Phillips10:27.95aApr 1Stanford Invitational
3200 Meters
1.11Jasmine Rippey11:13.65aMay 28CIF San Diego Section Finals
2.11Renee Phillips11:14.99Apr 29Escondido Invitational
3.9Teresa Perez12:06.46aApr 2Arnie Robinson Invitational (High School Only)
4.10Naya Tamariz12:22.26aMay 21CIF San Diego Section Prelims
5.9Gabriella Ryan14:42.70Mar 24Christian vs Coronado
9Laura Valades14:42.70Mar 24Christian vs Coronado
11Kerry Desmond14:42.70Mar 24Christian vs Coronado
10Natalya Gomez14:42.70Mar 24Christian vs Coronado
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.9Ruthie Grant-Williams15.88aApr 30Dick Wilkins Frosh-Soph Invite
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.9Ruthie Grant-Williams48.80aMay 13City/Central League Finals
2.11Christine Wastila50.49aMay 21CIF San Diego Section Prelims
4x100 Relay
1.Relay Team 49.26aMay 13City/Central League Finals
2.Ruthie Grant-Williams
Madison Shanks
Gabby Mueller
Alysah Hickey
49.28aMay 28CIF San Diego Section Finals
3.Avery Dozier
Ruthie Grant-Williams
Alysah Hickey
Rileah Ramirez
53.52aApr 2Arnie Robinson Invitational (High School Only)
4x400 Relay
1.Relay Team 4:17.78aMay 21CIF San Diego Section Prelims
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m
1.Relay Team 13:01.40aApr 30Dick Wilkins Frosh-Soph Invite
Shot Put - 4kg
1.11Alli McKee20-00.00Apr 14Crawford vs Coronado
2.10Christie Parr19-10.00Mar 24Christian vs Coronado
3.11Claire Callahan17-07.50Apr 14Crawford vs Coronado
High Jump
1.9Alysah Hickey5-06.00Mar 5Mt. Carmel Field and Distance
2.11Rileah Ramirez5-04.00Apr 28Coronado at Madison
3.12Maegen Sutton5-03.00Mar 24Christian vs Coronado
4.9Ruthie Grant-Williams5-02.00Apr 28Coronado at Madison
Pole Vault
1.11Kelli Law9-06.00Mar 24Christian vs Coronado
Long Jump
1.9Alysah Hickey15-08.25Mar 12Bronco Invitational
12Maegen Sutton15-08.25Mar 24Christian vs Coronado
3.9Ruthie Grant-Williams15-05.00Mar 12Bronco Invitational
4.11Christine Wastila15-04.00May 13City/Central League Finals
5.11Skye Pearson15-01.50May 13City/Central League Finals
6.11Bree Humphrey14-06.00Apr 21Coronado @ Clairemont
7.9Avery Dozier14-03.00Mar 5Mt. Carmel Field and Distance
8.12Roisin Lyons13-00.00Apr 28Coronado at Madison
10Madison Steel13-00.00Mar 24Christian vs Coronado
10.9Jen Kacher12-04.00Apr 14Crawford vs Coronado
11.12Giulia Busanca11-11.00Apr 14Crawford vs Coronado
Triple Jump
1.11Skye Pearson32-03.00May 10City/ Central League Prelims
2.11Bree Humphrey32-00.50May 10City/ Central League Prelims
3.11Christine Wastila31-04.00May 10City/ Central League Prelims
4.12Roisin Lyons29-00.50Mar 26Calvin Christian Small Schools Invitational
5.10Madison Steel25-09.00Mar 24Christian vs Coronado

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