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100 Meters
1.12Kyle LeBlanc10.88aMar 29Mt. Carmel Track Invitational
2.11Arric Trammell11.11aMay 1Cathedral Catholic vs UC
3.11Jacob Williams11.30awMay 24CIF San Diego Section Prelims
4.11Jesston Williams11.54cMar 13LJCD,Clairemont,Point Loma,UC
5.10Joseantonio Roacho11.74cMar 27UC vs Serra
6.9Erik Johnson11.84cMar 13LJCD,Clairemont,Point Loma,UC
7.11Dominic Lewis12.04aApr 24University City @ La Jolla
8.10Sheldon Williams12.06aApr 24University City @ La Jolla
9.10Adrian Wind12.34aMay 1Cathedral Catholic vs UC
10.10To'mustomias Pollard12.41aMar 20Del Norte , Mira Mesa, UC
11.9Reid Speicher12.44cMar 13LJCD,Clairemont,Point Loma,UC
12.10Josh Martinez12.50aMay 1Cathedral Catholic vs UC
13.10Ben Lam12.74cMar 13LJCD,Clairemont,Point Loma,UC
14.10Ricardo Garcia13.54cMar 27UC vs Serra
200 Meters
1.11Arric Trammell22.67aMay 1Cathedral Catholic vs UC
2.11Jesston Williams23.90aMay 1Cathedral Catholic vs UC
3.10Joseantonio Roacho24.28aApr 24University City @ La Jolla
4.9Angel Leon24.84cMar 13LJCD,Clairemont,Point Loma,UC
5.10To'mustomias Pollard24.94aApr 24University City @ La Jolla
6.12Christen Cromer25.01aMay 8LJCD,Parker,UC
7.9Erik Johnson25.04cMar 13LJCD,Clairemont,Point Loma,UC
8.10Adrian Wind25.09aMay 1Cathedral Catholic vs UC
9.10Alec Judlin25.74cMar 27UC vs Serra
10.10Enrique Sanchez25.94cMar 13LJCD,Clairemont,Point Loma,UC
11.9Steven Verschoor26.04cMar 13LJCD,Clairemont,Point Loma,UC
12.9Reid Speicher26.14cMar 13LJCD,Clairemont,Point Loma,UC
13.10Youssef Iraqi26.44cMar 13LJCD,Clairemont,Point Loma,UC
14.11Ahmad Adawi26.54cMar 13LJCD,Clairemont,Point Loma,UC
15.10Sheldon Williams26.77aMar 15Irvine/Asics Track and Field Invitational
16.9Andrew Milles27.34cMar 27UC vs Serra
17.10Ricardo Garcia28.54cMar 27UC vs Serra
18.10Alex Lopez30.94cMar 27UC vs Serra
19.9Leoncio Morel31.14cMar 27UC vs Serra
400 Meters
1.12Will Trammell51.26aApr 123rd ANNUAL WILLIE BANKS INVITATIONAL
2.11Jesston Williams52.41aMay 13Western League Prelims
3.10Allen Siegler53.18aApr 16St Augustine/OLP/UC
4.9Angel Leon54.11aMar 20Del Norte , Mira Mesa, UC
5.10Alec Judlin55.84cMar 27UC vs Serra
6.11Ahmad Adawi58.48aMar 20Del Norte , Mira Mesa, UC
7.10Youssef Iraqi59.10aMay 1Cathedral Catholic vs UC
8.10Enrique Sanchez59.12aApr 24University City @ La Jolla
9.10Keegan Dirks59.20aMay 8LJCD,Parker,UC
10.9Andrew Milles60.05aMay 1Cathedral Catholic vs UC
11.10Ben Lam60.85aApr 16St Augustine/OLP/UC
12.9Leoncio Morel64.00aMar 8Marauder Frosh-Soph
13.10Ricardo Garcia67.23aMar 20Del Norte , Mira Mesa, UC
14.10Alex Lopez69.59aApr 24University City @ La Jolla
800 Meters
1.12Ryan Najera2:00.55aMay 19Western / Central League Finals
2.10Allen Siegler2:01.34aApr 24University City @ La Jolla
3.12Victor Bennett2:03.20Mar 13LJCD,Clairemont,Point Loma,UC
4.11Luke Grover2:03.31aMay 24CIF San Diego Section Prelims
5.10Niko Chapman2:03.48aMay 1Cathedral Catholic vs UC
6.12Juan Pacheco-Garcia2:04.19aMay 24CIF San Diego Section Prelims
7.11Grady Watkins2:04.40Mar 13LJCD,Clairemont,Point Loma,UC
8.11Quinn Stofan2:05.21aMay 2Escondido Invitational
9.12Tyler Culp2:08.87aApr 16St Augustine/OLP/UC
10.9Liam Maxwell2:09.94aMay 1Cathedral Catholic vs UC
11.11Hayden Stone2:10.55aMar 8Mt. Carmel Field and Distance Invite
12.10Sebastian Rodriguez2:11.90Mar 13LJCD,Clairemont,Point Loma,UC
13.10John Kidman2:12.30Mar 27UC vs Serra
14.11Kyle Christe2:12.44aMay 9City Conference JV Invitational
15.9Alex Volk2:14.10Mar 27UC vs Serra
16.11Matthew Larsen2:15.80aMar 15Irvine/Asics Track and Field Invitational
17.10Jacob DeMille2:19.17aMay 9City Conference JV Invitational
18.10Jay Jay Kegler2:19.37aMar 22Triton-Asics Invitational (San Clemente)
19.10Adam Timms2:19.50Mar 27UC vs Serra
20.9Noa Nambu2:20.29aMay 9City Conference JV Invitational
21.10John Nover2:21.65aMar 15Irvine/Asics Track and Field Invitational
22.12Jack Allbritton2:22.50Mar 27UC vs Serra
23.12Christen Cromer2:24.16aApr 5Arnie Robinson Invitational
10Jack Gallegos2:24.16aMay 1Cathedral Catholic vs UC
25.9Ryan Kueker2:28.10Mar 27UC vs Serra
1500 Meters
1.12Ryan Najera4:15.62aApr 123rd ANNUAL WILLIE BANKS INVITATIONAL
2.10Jack Gallegos4:44.01aApr 123rd ANNUAL WILLIE BANKS INVITATIONAL
3.10John Nover4:51.55aApr 123rd ANNUAL WILLIE BANKS INVITATIONAL
11Grady Watkins4:51.55aApr 123rd ANNUAL WILLIE BANKS INVITATIONAL
1600 Meters
1.10Allen Siegler4:22.25aMay 31CIF San Diego Section Finals
2.12Victor Bennett4:25.10aApr 4Trabuco Hills Invitational
3.10Niko Chapman4:29.42aMay 13Western League Prelims
4.11Hayden Stone4:29.80aMay 24CIF San Diego Section Prelims
5.11Luke Grover4:32.18aMay 2Escondido Invitational
6.12Ryan Najera4:33.95aApr 4Trabuco Hills Invitational
7.11Grady Watkins4:39.03aMar 20Del Norte , Mira Mesa, UC
8.12Tyler Culp4:39.50aApr 4Trabuco Hills Invitational
9.10Sebastian Rodriguez4:40.74aMay 24CIF San Diego Section Prelims
10.12Juan Pacheco-Garcia4:43.70aApr 4Trabuco Hills Invitational
11.11Quinn Stofan4:44.41aMar 20Del Norte , Mira Mesa, UC
12.9Liam Maxwell4:45.24aMay 3Dick Wilkins Frosh-Soph Invite
13.10John Kidman4:46.24aApr 4Trabuco Hills Invitational
14.9Alex Volk4:47.40aApr 4Trabuco Hills Invitational
15.11Matthew Larsen4:56.76aApr 4Trabuco Hills Invitational
16.11Kyle Christe4:58.11aApr 4Trabuco Hills Invitational
17.12Jack Allbritton4:59.30Mar 27UC vs Serra
18.10Alec Judlin5:02.91aMay 8LJCD,Parker,UC
19.10Jack Gallegos5:04.95aApr 4Trabuco Hills Invitational
20.10John Nover5:06.10Mar 27UC vs Serra
21.10Jacob DeMille5:09.59aApr 4Trabuco Hills Invitational
22.10Adam Timms5:11.77aApr 4Trabuco Hills Invitational
23.10David Berard5:12.80Mar 27UC vs Serra
24.9Noa Nambu5:18.80Mar 27UC vs Serra
25.10Jay Jay Kegler5:20.97aApr 4Trabuco Hills Invitational
26.9Ryan Kueker5:22.21aMar 20Del Norte , Mira Mesa, UC
3000 Meters
1.12Tyler Culp9:23.50aApr 123rd ANNUAL WILLIE BANKS INVITATIONAL
2.11Luke Grover9:25.66aApr 123rd ANNUAL WILLIE BANKS INVITATIONAL
3.11Matthew Larsen10:14.40aApr 123rd ANNUAL WILLIE BANKS INVITATIONAL
12Jack Allbritton10:14.40aApr 123rd ANNUAL WILLIE BANKS INVITATIONAL
3200 Meters
1.12Victor Bennett9:35.55aMar 29Mt. Carmel Track Invitational
2.10Niko Chapman9:39.50aMar 29Mt. Carmel Track Invitational
3.12Ryan Najera9:49.14aMay 2Escondido Invitational
4.12Tyler Culp9:59.97aMar 15Irvine/Asics Track and Field Invitational
5.10Allen Siegler10:00.37aMar 20Del Norte , Mira Mesa, UC
6.11Luke Grover10:12.67aMay 1Cathedral Catholic vs UC
7.11Hayden Stone10:14.16aMar 20Del Norte , Mira Mesa, UC
8.10John Kidman10:23.58aMay 3Dick Wilkins Frosh-Soph Invite
9.9Alex Volk10:26.23aApr 16St Augustine/OLP/UC
10.10Sebastian Rodriguez10:36.85aMar 20Del Norte , Mira Mesa, UC
11.12Jack Allbritton10:41.19aMar 20Del Norte , Mira Mesa, UC
12.12Juan Pacheco-Garcia10:42.59aMay 1Cathedral Catholic vs UC
13.11Grady Watkins10:49.58aApr 24University City @ La Jolla
14.11Kyle Christe10:51.29aMar 20Del Norte , Mira Mesa, UC
15.11Matthew Larsen10:51.69aMar 20Del Norte , Mira Mesa, UC
16.10Jack Gallegos10:51.83aApr 24University City @ La Jolla
17.10David Berard10:55.95aMay 9City Conference JV Invitational
18.9Ryan Kueker11:06.06aMay 9City Conference JV Invitational
19.10John Nover11:07.17aMar 20Del Norte , Mira Mesa, UC
20.10Jacob DeMille11:18.86aMay 9City Conference JV Invitational
21.9Noa Nambu13:17.85aMay 1Cathedral Catholic vs UC
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.12Quinn Skillin15.11aMay 8LJCD,Parker,UC
2.12Arvin Poblete18.04aMay 19Western / Central League Finals
3.11Jacob Williams18.38aApr 16St Augustine/OLP/UC
4.12Christen Cromer18.75aMar 22Triton-Asics Invitational (San Clemente)
5.10Keegan Dirks19.14aApr 24University City @ La Jolla
6.10Nick Colangelo21.94cMar 27UC vs Serra
7.12Rashad Anderson22.84aMar 20Del Norte , Mira Mesa, UC
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.12Quinn Skillin40.37aMay 31CIF San Diego Section Finals
2.11Jacob Williams43.04cMar 27UC vs Serra
3.12Christen Cromer44.68aMar 20Del Norte , Mira Mesa, UC
4.12Arvin Poblete45.68aMay 19Western / Central League Finals
5.10Keegan Dirks45.99aApr 24University City @ La Jolla
6.11Tyler Selby50.08aMar 22Triton-Asics Invitational (San Clemente)
7.10Nick Colangelo51.74cMar 27UC vs Serra
4x100 Relay
1.-Jesston Williams
Will Trammell
Kyle LeBlanc
Marcus Avelino
44.34cMar 27UC vs Serra
2.-Relay Team 44.39aMar 20Del Norte , Mira Mesa, UC
3.-Arric Trammell
Christen Cromer
Kyle LeBlanc
Dominic Lewis
44.42aMay 8LJCD,Parker,UC
4.-Christen Cromer
Jacob Williams
Jesston Williams
Arric Trammell
45.19aMay 1Cathedral Catholic vs UC
5.-To'mustomias Pollard
Sheldon Williams
Joseantonio Roacho
Jesston Williams
45.72aApr 24University City @ La Jolla
6.-Joseantonio Roacho
To'mustomias Pollard
Sheldon Williams
Reid Speicher
7.-Jacob Williams
Dominic Lewis
Arric Trammell
Angel Leon
46.04cMar 27UC vs Serra
8.-Joseantonio Roacho
Josh Martinez
Erik Johnson
To'mustomias Pollard
47.28aMay 1Cathedral Catholic vs UC
9.-Joseantonio Roacho
Sheldon Williams
Adrian Wind
Tomustomias Pollard
47.37aMar 8Marauder Frosh-Soph
10.-Reid Speicher
Erik Johnson
Sheldon Williams
Joseantonio Roacho
47.44cMar 27UC vs Serra
11.-Ahmad Adawi
Steven Verschoor
Adrian Wind
Youssef Iraqi
50.94aMay 1Cathedral Catholic vs UC
12.-Enrique Sanchez
Ahmad Adawi
Adrian Wind
Youssef Iraqi
51.02aApr 24University City @ La Jolla
13.-Adrian Wind
Andrew Milles
Ahmad Adawi
Enrique Sanchez
53.24cMar 27UC vs Serra
4x200 Relay
1.-Relay Team 1:34.29aMar 22Triton-Asics Invitational (San Clemente)
4x400 Relay
1.-Relay Team 3:32.43aMay 24CIF San Diego Section Prelims
2.-Christen Cromer
Jacob Williams
Allen Siegler
Jesston Williams
3:32.51aMay 19Western / Central League Finals
3.-Quinn Skillin
Jacob Williams
Jesston Williams
Allen Siegler
3:34.27aMay 31CIF San Diego Section Finals
4.-Quinn Skillin
Angel Leon
Jesston Williams
Allen Siegler
3:34.43aMay 1Cathedral Catholic vs UC
5.-Jacob Williams
Jesston Williams
Quinn Skillin
Kyle LeBlanc
3:38.50Mar 27UC vs Serra
6.-Ahmad Adawi
To'mustomias Pollard
Alec Judlin
Keegan Dirks
7.-Quinn Stofan
Tyler Culp
Niko Chapman
Sebastian Rodriguez
3:48.06aApr 24University City @ La Jolla
8.-Liam Maxwell
Kyle Christe
Hayden Stone
Ryan Najera
3:50.48aApr 24University City @ La Jolla
9.-Adam Timms
Victor Bennett
Juan Pacheco-Garcia
Grady Watkins
3:56.52aApr 24University City @ La Jolla
10.-Niko Chapman
Tyler Culp
Hayden Stone
Quinn Stofan
4:00.40Mar 27UC vs Serra
11.-Jacob DeMille
Sebastian Rodriguez
Tyler Selby
Kyle Christe
4:01.76aMay 1Cathedral Catholic vs UC
12.-Luke Grover
Jack Allbritton
John Kidman
Allen Siegler
4:02.60aApr 24University City @ La Jolla
13.-Jay Jay Kegler
Jack Gallegos
Ryan Kueker
Noa Nambu
4:18.40Mar 27UC vs Serra
4x800 Relay
1.-Relay Team 8:21.90aMar 22Triton-Asics Invitational (San Clemente)
2.-Luke Grover
Liam Maxwell
Sebastian Rodriguez
Alex Volk
3.-David Berard
Quinn Stofan
Allen Siegler
John Kidman
8:44.32aMar 8Mt. Carmel Field and Distance Invite
4.-Luke Grover
Jay Jay Kegler
Tyler Selby
Matthew Larsen
9:10.14aMar 8Mt. Carmel Field and Distance Invite
4x1600 Relay
1.-Victor Bennett
Niko Chapman
Ryan Najera
Allen Siegler
17:49.60aApr 19Mt. SAC Relays - Day 2
-Relay Team 17:49.60aApr 19Mt. SAC Relays - Day 2
3.-Allen Siegler
Victor Bennett
Niko Chapman
Hayden Stone
18:13.31aApr 11Arcadia Invitational Day 1
SMR 100-100-200-400m
1.-Will Trammell
Sheldon Williams
Jesston Williams
Jacob Williams
2.-Adrian Wind
Alec Judlin
Leoncio Morel
Sheldon Williams
1:49.49aMar 8Marauder Frosh-Soph
3.-Relay Team 1:50.28aMar 22Triton-Asics Invitational (San Clemente)
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m
1.-Relay Team 11:15.16aMar 22Triton-Asics Invitational (San Clemente)
2.-John Nover
Luke Grover
Jacob DeMille
Jack Gallegos
12:23.62aMar 8Mt. Carmel Field and Distance Invite
Shot Put - 12lb
1.12Josh Bender47' 2.00May 1Cathedral Catholic vs UC
2.10Francisco Echavarria39' 5.00Mar 8Marauder Frosh-Soph
3.11Andres Zamuro36' 9.00May 1Cathedral Catholic vs UC
4.12Carlos Orozco35' 4.50May 13Western League Prelims
5.10Josh Martinez34' 9.50Apr 16St Augustine/OLP/UC
6.12Kyle LeBlanc34' 2.00May 8LJCD,Parker,UC
7.10Justin Puente33' 3.50Mar 8Marauder Frosh-Soph
8.10Max Win32' 7.50May 1Cathedral Catholic vs UC
9.10Tammer Moheize31' 1.00May 1Cathedral Catholic vs UC
10.10Colton Fox29' 9.00Mar 27UC vs Serra
11.11Justin Montes29' 5.00Mar 20Del Norte , Mira Mesa, UC
12.12Arvin Poblete26' 6.00May 8LJCD,Parker,UC
Discus - 1.6kg
1.12Josh Bender116' 10.00May 1Cathedral Catholic vs UC
2.11Justin Montes96' 1.00Apr 16St Augustine/OLP/UC
3.10Max Win95' 0.00May 13Western League Prelims
4.11Andres Zamuro94' 4.00Apr 16St Augustine/OLP/UC
5.12Carlos Orozco87' 1.00May 1Cathedral Catholic vs UC
6.10Colton Fox82' 5.00Apr 16St Augustine/OLP/UC
7.10Francisco Echavarria77' 11.00May 9City Conference JV Invitational
8.10Justin Puente71' 9.00Apr 24University City @ La Jolla
9.10Tammer Moheize71' 5.00May 1Cathedral Catholic vs UC
High Jump
1.12Quinn Skillin6' 3.00May 19Western / Central League Finals
2.12Marcus Avelino6' 0.00Apr 16St Augustine/OLP/UC
3.10To'mustomias Pollard5' 6.00Mar 20Del Norte , Mira Mesa, UC
12Will Trammell5' 6.00Apr 123rd ANNUAL WILLIE BANKS INVITATIONAL
5.9Steven Verschoor5' 4.00Apr 16St Augustine/OLP/UC
6.10Alec Judlin5' 2.00Mar 8Marauder Frosh-Soph
11Marwan Hassan5' 2.00Mar 13LJCD,Clairemont,Point Loma,UC
Pole Vault
1.11Grady Watkins13' 1.00May 19Western / Central League Finals
2.10Adam Timms12' 8.00May 19Western / Central League Finals
3.12Kevin Bingham12' 6.00Mar 13LJCD,Clairemont,Point Loma,UC
4.10Cole Bingham10' 2.00May 13Western League Prelims
5.9Walter Watkins10' 1.00May 3Dick Wilkins Frosh-Soph Invite
Long Jump
1.12Kyle LeBlanc22' 11.25Mar 29Mt. Carmel Track Invitational
2.11Jesston Williams19' 5.00May 19Western / Central League Finals
12Marcus Avelino19' 5.00Apr 16St Augustine/OLP/UC
12Christen Cromer19' 5.00May 2Escondido Invitational
5.11Dominic Lewis19' 1.00Apr 16St Augustine/OLP/UC
6.12Malik Vidarsson18' 6.00Apr 16St Augustine/OLP/UC
7.10To'mustomias Pollard18' 5.00Apr 24University City @ La Jolla
8.9Steven Verschoor18' 2.00May 9City Conference JV Invitational
9.10Keegan Dirks17' 5.00Apr 24University City @ La Jolla
10.9Reid Speicher17' 0.00Apr 5Arnie Robinson Invitational
11.11Marwan Hassan16' 5.00Mar 13LJCD,Clairemont,Point Loma,UC
Triple Jump
1.12Christen Cromer42' 7.00May 24CIF San Diego Section Prelims
2.12Malik Vidarsson41' 3.00May 13Western League Prelims
3.12Quinn Skillin36' 2.00Mar 20Del Norte , Mira Mesa, UC
4.9Steven Verschoor31' 10.00Mar 27UC vs Serra


100 Meters
1.12Riri Shibata13.00aMay 1Cathedral Catholic vs UC
2.12Adryahna Pace13.06aMay 1Cathedral Catholic vs UC
3.12Christina Cromer13.23aMar 22Triton-Asics Invitational (San Clemente)
4.10Kaitlin Saythong13.54aMay 1Cathedral Catholic vs UC
5.9Ashlee Watkins13.64cMar 27UC vs Serra
6.9Elyssa Navarro13.68aMar 20Del Norte , Mira Mesa, UC
7.11Mackenzie Mason13.74cMar 13LJCD,Clairemont,Point Loma,UC
8.11Dominique Viloria14.23aApr 123rd ANNUAL WILLIE BANKS INVITATIONAL
9.10Rhiana Riley14.37aMar 15Irvine/Asics Track and Field Invitational
10.10Sydney Francavilla14.55aMar 20Del Norte , Mira Mesa, UC
11.10Emily McIntyre14.59aApr 16St Augustine/OLP/UC
12.9Madison Balagtas14.89aMar 20Del Norte , Mira Mesa, UC
13.12Sarah Peavy15.06aMay 1Cathedral Catholic vs UC
14.10Camile Cudaback15.16aMar 20Del Norte , Mira Mesa, UC
15.10Alexa Wing15.43aMar 8Marauder Frosh-Soph
16.10Mariel Gomez15.56aMay 1Cathedral Catholic vs UC
17.9Bailey Evergin15.83aApr 5Arnie Robinson Invitational
18.10Danella Fish16.34cMar 13LJCD,Clairemont,Point Loma,UC
19.10Sarah Kousba16.69aMar 20Del Norte , Mira Mesa, UC
20.10Lindsay Martinez17.94cMar 27UC vs Serra
200 Meters
1.12Christina Cromer26.58aApr 24University City @ La Jolla
2.12Riri Shibata26.62aMay 31CIF San Diego Section Finals
3.12Adryahna Pace26.97aMay 8LJCD,Parker,UC
4.10Rhiana Riley28.00aMay 1Cathedral Catholic vs UC
5.9Ashlyn Omahen28.08aApr 24University City @ La Jolla
6.11Ann Kelly28.13aMar 20Del Norte , Mira Mesa, UC
7.12Aspyn Hoskins28.64aApr 24University City @ La Jolla
8.11Mackenzie Mason28.74aMay 8LJCD,Parker,UC
9.9Elyssa Navarro28.92aMay 1Cathedral Catholic vs UC
10.10Kaitlin Saythong29.13aApr 16St Augustine/OLP/UC
11.10Emily McIntyre29.45aApr 16St Augustine/OLP/UC
12.10Alexa Wing30.45aApr 24University City @ La Jolla
13.10Camile Cudaback30.84aApr 16St Augustine/OLP/UC
14.12Sarah Peavy31.60aMay 1Cathedral Catholic vs UC
15.10Nicole Garcia31.69aApr 24University City @ La Jolla
16.10Audrey Kinshofer32.15aMar 20Del Norte , Mira Mesa, UC
17.12Breanna Curry33.63aApr 123rd ANNUAL WILLIE BANKS INVITATIONAL
18.10Sarah Kousba36.74cMar 13LJCD,Clairemont,Point Loma,UC
400 Meters
1.11Ann Kelly60.62aApr 16St Augustine/OLP/UC
2.9Ashlyn Omahen63.32aMar 15Irvine/Asics Track and Field Invitational
3.12Christina Cromer63.71aApr 24University City @ La Jolla
4.10Rhiana Riley65.11aApr 16St Augustine/OLP/UC
5.12Aspyn Hoskins66.58aApr 24University City @ La Jolla
6.12Danielle Westerlund67.54cMar 13LJCD,Clairemont,Point Loma,UC
7.10Kennedy Wilson68.04cMar 27UC vs Serra
8.10Kaitlin Saythong68.27aApr 16St Augustine/OLP/UC
9.9Ryan Hallisey68.40aMay 9City Conference JV Invitational
10.9Elyssa Navarro69.54cMar 13LJCD,Clairemont,Point Loma,UC
11.10Alexa Wing71.58aApr 24University City @ La Jolla
12.10Nicole Garcia72.14cMar 27UC vs Serra
800 Meters
1.11Ann Kelly2:14.42aMay 24CIF San Diego Section Prelims
2.10Kennedy Wilson2:25.17aMay 24CIF San Diego Section Prelims
3.10Bailey Stone2:26.74aMay 24CIF San Diego Section Prelims
4.11Tiffany Tran2:31.97aMay 24CIF San Diego Section Prelims
5.9Amy Sovinsky2:38.33aMay 9City Conference JV Invitational
6.10Jayce Bjelland2:39.60Mar 27UC vs Serra
7.10Caitlin Fish2:43.81aApr 16St Augustine/OLP/UC
8.9Ryan Hallisey2:49.73aMar 15Irvine/Asics Track and Field Invitational
9.9Cynthia Smith2:51.50Mar 13LJCD,Clairemont,Point Loma,UC
1500 Meters
1.10Jayce Bjelland5:41.44aApr 123rd ANNUAL WILLIE BANKS INVITATIONAL
2.10Caitlin Fish5:55.05aApr 123rd ANNUAL WILLIE BANKS INVITATIONAL
3.9Ryan Hallisey5:57.71aApr 123rd ANNUAL WILLIE BANKS INVITATIONAL
1600 Meters
1.11Ann Kelly5:00.64aMay 19Western / Central League Finals
2.12Shilah Stanford5:33.08aMay 19Western / Central League Finals
3.10Kennedy Wilson5:38.15aApr 4Trabuco Hills Invitational
4.11Tiffany Tran5:46.69aApr 4Trabuco Hills Invitational
5.9Amy Sovinsky5:50.81aApr 4Trabuco Hills Invitational
6.12Aubrey Omahen5:51.00aMar 15Irvine/Asics Track and Field Invitational
7.10Jayce Bjelland5:51.17aMar 15Irvine/Asics Track and Field Invitational
8.10Bailey Stone5:54.90Mar 13LJCD,Clairemont,Point Loma,UC
9.10Caitlin Fish5:58.89aApr 4Trabuco Hills Invitational
10.9Dana Bjelland6:05.86aMay 9City Conference JV Invitational
11.9Ryan Hallisey6:21.00Mar 13LJCD,Clairemont,Point Loma,UC
12.9Cynthia Smith6:46.66aMar 20Del Norte , Mira Mesa, UC
3000 Meters
1.11Ann Kelly10:37.17aApr 123rd ANNUAL WILLIE BANKS INVITATIONAL
2.12Shilah Stanford13:04.15aApr 123rd ANNUAL WILLIE BANKS INVITATIONAL
9Dana Bjelland13:04.15aApr 123rd ANNUAL WILLIE BANKS INVITATIONAL
3200 Meters
1.12Shilah Stanford11:54.22aMay 13Western League Prelims
2.12Aubrey Omahen12:14.90Mar 27UC vs Serra
3.11Ann Kelly12:28.55aMar 8Mt. Carmel Field and Distance Invite
4.10Jayce Bjelland12:47.31aMay 3Dick Wilkins Frosh-Soph Invite
5.10Kennedy Wilson12:58.00aApr 16St Augustine/OLP/UC
6.11Tiffany Tran13:05.10aApr 16St Augustine/OLP/UC
7.9Amy Sovinsky13:09.49aApr 16St Augustine/OLP/UC
8.10Bailey Stone13:17.58aMar 20Del Norte , Mira Mesa, UC
9.9Ryan Hallisey14:09.74aApr 16St Augustine/OLP/UC
10.9Dana Bjelland14:12.43aApr 16St Augustine/OLP/UC
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.9Ashlee Watkins17.94aMay 3Dick Wilkins Frosh-Soph Invite
2.9Katie Gomez17.98aMay 1Cathedral Catholic vs UC
3.10Emily McIntyre18.38aMay 13Western League Prelims
4.9Madison Balagtas19.35aMay 9City Conference JV Invitational
5.10Sydney Francavilla20.54cMar 13LJCD,Clairemont,Point Loma,UC
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.12Breanna Curry44.80aApr 16St Augustine/OLP/UC
2.9Ashlee Watkins48.73aMay 1Cathedral Catholic vs UC
3.9Katie Gomez51.74aMay 3Dick Wilkins Frosh-Soph Invite
4.10Emily McIntyre52.33aMar 15Irvine/Asics Track and Field Invitational
5.12Christina Cromer52.74cMar 13LJCD,Clairemont,Point Loma,UC
6.10Bailey Stone55.75aApr 16St Augustine/OLP/UC
7.9Madison Balagtas57.73aMay 9City Conference JV Invitational
8.10Nicole Garcia57.94cMar 13LJCD,Clairemont,Point Loma,UC
9.10Sydney Francavilla58.04cMar 13LJCD,Clairemont,Point Loma,UC
10.10Audrey Kinshofer59.64cMar 13LJCD,Clairemont,Point Loma,UC
4x100 Relay
1.-Christina Cromer
Breanna Curry
Riri Shibata
Adryahna Pace
49.72aMay 19Western / Central League Finals
2.-Riri Shibata
Christina Cromer
Adryahna Pace
Kaitlin Saythong
49.84cMar 27UC vs Serra
3.-Relay Team 49.96aMay 24CIF San Diego Section Prelims
4.-Christina Cromer
Adryahna Pace
Riri Shibata
Mackenzie Mason
51.20aMar 22Triton-Asics Invitational (San Clemente)
5.-Ashlee Watkins
Christina Cromer
Riri Shibata
Breanna Curry
51.43aApr 24University City @ La Jolla
6.-Rhiana Riley
Ashlee Watkins
Emily McIntyre
Elyssa Navarro
53.34cMar 13LJCD,Clairemont,Point Loma,UC
7.-Emily McIntyre
Rhiana Riley
Ashlee Watkins
Riri Shibata
8.-Rhiana Riley
Ashlee Watkins
Emily McIntyre
Kaitlin Saythong
54.51aMar 22Triton-Asics Invitational (San Clemente)
9.9Madison Balagtas
Alyssa Navarro
Ashlyn Omahen
Ashlee Watkins
54.61aMar 8Marauder Frosh-Soph
10.-Sydney Francavilla
Camile Cudaback
Madison Balagtas
Kaitlin Saythong
54.94cMar 13LJCD,Clairemont,Point Loma,UC
-Elyssa Navarro
Ashlee Watkins
Rhiana Riley
Emily McIntyre
54.94cMar 27UC vs Serra
12.-Camile Cudaback
Rhiana Riley
Emily McIntyre
Elyssa Navarro
55.65aMay 1Cathedral Catholic vs UC
13.-Ashlee Watkins
Bailey Evergin
Rhiana Riley
Camile Cudaback
56.93aApr 5Arnie Robinson Invitational
14.-Sydney Francavilla
Emily McIntyre
Rhiana Riley
Alexa Wing
56.95aMar 8Marauder Frosh-Soph
4x400 Relay
1.-Christina Cromer
Ann Kelly
Rhiana Riley
Ashlyn Omahen
4:03.79aMay 31CIF San Diego Section Finals
2.-Relay Team 4:05.91aMay 24CIF San Diego Section Prelims
3.-Ashlyn Omahen
Ann Kelly
Breanna Curry
Christina Cromer
4:07.17aApr 19Mt. SAC Relays - Day 2
4.-Ann Kelly
Aspyn Hoskins
Breanna Curry
Ashlyn Omahen
4:23.01aApr 24University City @ La Jolla
5.-Ashlee Watkins
Ashlyn Omahen
Emily McIntyre
Rhiana Riley
4:24.50Mar 27UC vs Serra
6.-Kaitlin Saythong
Ashlee Watkins
Ashlyn Omahen
Rhiana Riley
4:26.17aApr 5Arnie Robinson Invitational
7.-Bailey Evergin
Sydney Francavilla
Ashlyn Omahen
Katie Gomez
8.-Amy Sovinsky
Ryan Hallisey
Kennedy Wilson
Cynthia Smith
4:45.09aApr 24University City @ La Jolla
9.-Alexa Wing
Nicole Garcia
Kaitlin Saythong
Danielle Westerlund
4:51.30Mar 27UC vs Serra
10.-Tiffany Tran
Dana Bjelland
Jayce Bjelland
Bailey Stone
4:51.45aApr 24University City @ La Jolla
4x800 Relay
1.-Ann Kelly
Kennedy Wilson
Shilah Stanford
Amy Sovinsky
2.-Relay Team 10:30.67aMar 29Mt. Carmel Track Invitational
4x1600 Relay
1.-Kennedy Wilson
Shilah Stanford
Tiffany Tran
Amy Sovinsky
22:55.74aApr 19Mt. SAC Relays - Day 2
-Relay Team 22:55.74aApr 19Mt. SAC Relays - Day 2
SMR 100-100-200-400m
1.-Relay Team 2:01.18aMar 22Triton-Asics Invitational (San Clemente)
2.-Elyssa Navarro
Rhiana Riley
Riri Shibata
Ashlyn Omahen
3.-Camile Cudaback
Kaitlin Saythong
Rhiana Riley
Danella Fish
2:14.66aMar 8Marauder Frosh-Soph
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m
1.-Relay Team 13:37.58aMar 22Triton-Asics Invitational (San Clemente)
Shot Put - 4kg
1.11Amanda Whitney40' 1.00May 31CIF San Diego Section Finals
2.12Valencia Morris28' 9.50Apr 24University City @ La Jolla
3.11Michelle Miller26' 10.00May 8LJCD,Parker,UC
4.12Christina Cromer24' 8.50Mar 13LJCD,Clairemont,Point Loma,UC
5.12Ariana Shorter23' 6.00Apr 123rd ANNUAL WILLIE BANKS INVITATIONAL
6.10Alexa Wing23' 4.00Apr 24University City @ La Jolla
Discus - 1kg
1.11Amanda Whitney117' 9.00Mar 27UC vs Serra
2.12Valencia Morris94' 1.00Mar 27UC vs Serra
3.11Michelle Miller77' 5.00Mar 13LJCD,Clairemont,Point Loma,UC
4.12Ariana Shorter57' 8.00Mar 27UC vs Serra
High Jump
1.12Breanna Curry5' 6.00Apr 16St Augustine/OLP/UC
2.12Danielle Westerlund4' 8.00Mar 8Mt. Carmel Field and Distance Invite
3.10Nicole Garcia4' 4.00Mar 13LJCD,Clairemont,Point Loma,UC
10Audrey Kinshofer4' 4.00Mar 13LJCD,Clairemont,Point Loma,UC
12Christina Cromer4' 4.00Mar 8Mt. Carmel Field and Distance Invite
6.10Emily McIntyre4' 0.00Apr 16St Augustine/OLP/UC
Pole Vault
1.12Madison Agnew10' 1.00May 24CIF San Diego Section Prelims
2.11Mackenzie Mason9' 2.00May 31CIF San Diego Section Finals
3.12Megan Hempsey9' 1.00Apr 24University City @ La Jolla
4.10Alaris Dayzie8' 7.00Apr 16St Augustine/OLP/UC
5.10Alicia Tan8' 6.00May 8LJCD,Parker,UC
Long Jump
1.12Christina Cromer18' 5.00Apr 16St Augustine/OLP/UC
2.12Adryahna Pace14' 9.00Mar 15Irvine/Asics Track and Field Invitational
3.9Ashlee Watkins14' 8.00Mar 13LJCD,Clairemont,Point Loma,UC
4.10Emily McIntyre14' 6.50Apr 24University City @ La Jolla
5.12Bailey Ellis13' 5.00Mar 20Del Norte , Mira Mesa, UC
10Sydney Francavilla13' 5.00Mar 20Del Norte , Mira Mesa, UC
7.11Monica Arellano13' 1.25May 8LJCD,Parker,UC
8.10Nicole Garcia13' 0.00Mar 13LJCD,Clairemont,Point Loma,UC
10Audrey Kinshofer13' 0.00Mar 27UC vs Serra
10.9Katie Gomez12' 10.25May 1Cathedral Catholic vs UC
11.11Dominique Viloria12' 9.50Mar 13LJCD,Clairemont,Point Loma,UC
12Danielle Westerlund12' 9.50Mar 8Mt. Carmel Field and Distance Invite
13.10Alexa Wing12' 8.75May 1Cathedral Catholic vs UC
14.9Madison Balagtas12' 6.50May 1Cathedral Catholic vs UC
15.10Kaitlin Saythong12' 3.00Mar 20Del Norte , Mira Mesa, UC
16.10Rhiana Riley12' 0.00Mar 20Del Norte , Mira Mesa, UC
17.9Ashlyn Omahen11' 9.00Mar 8Marauder Frosh-Soph
18.10Danella Fish11' 4.00Mar 20Del Norte , Mira Mesa, UC
19.10Mariel Gomez11' 3.50May 1Cathedral Catholic vs UC
20.12Ariana Shorter11' 1.00Mar 13LJCD,Clairemont,Point Loma,UC
21.10Camile Cudaback10' 9.00Mar 20Del Norte , Mira Mesa, UC
22.10Lindsay Martinez10' 6.00Mar 27UC vs Serra
23.10Estefany Sandoval10' 5.00Apr 24University City @ La Jolla
24.9Fatema Albaghdadi8' 11.00Mar 20Del Norte , Mira Mesa, UC
Triple Jump
1.12Breanna Curry33' 9.00Apr 16St Augustine/OLP/UC
2.11Dominique Viloria30' 11.00Apr 16St Augustine/OLP/UC
3.11Monica Arellano30' 0.00May 1Cathedral Catholic vs UC
4.12Bailey Ellis28' 10.50May 13Western League Prelims
5.10Alexa Wing28' 5.50May 8LJCD,Parker,UC
6.10Audrey Kinshofer27' 8.00Apr 24University City @ La Jolla

*Recent improvement