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100 Meters
1.11Anthony Schwartz10.37aMar 11Kowboy Invitational
2.11Tyson Campbell10.91aFeb 17Louie Bing Classic
3.10Tyler Jones11.78aMar 11Kowboy Invitational
4.12Will Allen11.92aFeb 25Big Blue Invitational
5.10Nicolas Knight12.21aFeb 25Big Blue Invitational
200 Meters
1.11Anthony Schwartz20.69aMar 3Sam Burley Hall of Fame I..
2.10Monte Parker21.80awMar 3Sam Burley Hall of Fame I..
3.12Marco Wilson22.77aFeb 25Big Blue Invitational
4.8Jaden Mcburrows22.88awMar 3Sam Burley Hall of Fame I..
5.12Matthew Solomon23.36aFeb 25Big Blue Invitational
400 Meters
1.10Monte Parker48.88aFeb 17Louie Bing Classic
2.11Miles Jones50.79aFeb 25Big Blue Invitational
3.12Jason Heinstkill51.32aFeb 17Louie Bing Classic
4.11Anthony Schwartz51.77aFeb 25Big Blue Invitational
5.8Jaden Mcburrows53.73aMar 11Kowboy Invitational
6.10Nicolas Knight56.58aFeb 25Big Blue Invitational
800 Meters
1.12Jose Penalver1:56.21aMar 11Kowboy Invitational
2.11Isaiah Petit-Jeune1:57.22aMar 11Kowboy Invitational
3.12Jason Heinstkill2:01.68aMar 11Kowboy Invitational
4.11Matthew Bermudez2:05.48aFeb 17Louie Bing Classic
5.12Michael Hicks2:14.26aFeb 17Louie Bing Classic
6.10Nicolas Knight2:26.57aFeb 17Louie Bing Classic
1600 Meters
1.12Jose Penalver4:45.52aMar 3Sam Burley Hall of Fame I..
2.11Matthew Bermudez4:59.34aFeb 17Louie Bing Classic
3.11Andrew Bass5:19.32aMar 11Kowboy Invitational
4.8Quinton Burkett5:47.61aFeb 25Big Blue Invitational
3200 Meters
1.11Andrew Bass11:58.80aMar 11Kowboy Invitational
2.8Quinton Burkett12:22.37aFeb 25Big Blue Invitational
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.10Monte Parker39.90aFeb 25Big Blue Invitational
2.11Joshua Alexander46.53aMar 3Sam Burley Hall of Fame I..
4x100 Relay
1.Relay Team 40.59aFeb 17Louie Bing Classic
2.Matthew Solomon
Jaden Mcburrows
Dyllion Lester
Tyler Jones
44.45aFeb 25Big Blue Invitational
4x200 Relay
1.Relay Team 89.86aMar 3Sam Burley Hall of Fame I..
4x400 Relay
1.Relay Team 3:19.75aFeb 17Louie Bing Classic
4x800 Relay
1.Relay Team 8:06.98aMar 11Kowboy Invitational
2.Isaiah Petit-Jeune
Jason Heinstkill
Jose Penalver
Michael Hicks
8:11.22aFeb 25Big Blue Invitational
Swedish 100-200-300-400m
1.Relay Team 1:59.16aFeb 17Louie Bing Classic
Shot Put - 12lb
1.11Abraham Alce39' 5.00Feb 25Big Blue Invitational
Discus - 1.6kg
1.11Abraham Alce108' 2.00Feb 25Big Blue Invitational
High Jump
1.11Cameron Smith5' 9.69Mar 11Kowboy Invitational
2.11Nicholas Baran5' 8.00Feb 25Big Blue Invitational
Long Jump
1.12Matthew Solomon22' 6.47Mar 11Kowboy Invitational
11Dyllion Lester22' 6.47Feb 17Louie Bing Classic
3.12Marco Wilson21' 6.27Mar 3Sam Burley Hall of Fame I..
4.12Will Allen19' 4.28Feb 17Louie Bing Classic
Triple Jump
1.12Matthew Solomon41' 5.24Mar 3Sam Burley Hall of Fame I..
2.12Michael Hicks40' 8.58Feb 17Louie Bing Classic


100 Meters
1.10Morgan Rhett12.01aMar 3Sam Burley Hall of Fame I..
2.8Mryka Cadet12.23awMar 3Sam Burley Hall of Fame I..
3.12Jada James12.35aMar 3Sam Burley Hall of Fame I..
4.8Zahra Kelsey13.08aFeb 17Louie Bing Classic
200 Meters
1.9Danielle Bess24.24awMar 3Sam Burley Hall of Fame I..
2.8Mryka Cadet24.92aMar 3Sam Burley Hall of Fame I..
3.10Morgan Rhett25.08aMar 11Kowboy Invitational
4.11Kori Collins25.71aMar 3Sam Burley Hall of Fame I..
5.8Kenya Thompson26.03aMar 11Kowboy Invitational
6.8Zahra Kelsey27.03aFeb 25Big Blue Invitational
400 Meters
1.9Danielle Bess56.13aFeb 17Louie Bing Classic
2.8Kenya Thompson57.32aMar 3Sam Burley Hall of Fame I..
3.11Kori Collins61.00aMar 11Kowboy Invitational
4.11Asia Mcmillon63.21aFeb 25Big Blue Invitational
5.12Garcelle Lawson65.86aMar 11Kowboy Invitational
800 Meters
1.11Veroneeka Dorval2:25.60aFeb 17Louie Bing Classic
2.10Gina Heintskill2:31.92aMar 11Kowboy Invitational
3.12Gabrielle Lawson2:46.55aFeb 25Big Blue Invitational
1600 Meters
1.10Gina Heintskill5:50.29aMar 11Kowboy Invitational
2.10Olivia Lloyd5:57.45aMar 11Kowboy Invitational
3.10Sammie Goldberg6:09.83aFeb 17Louie Bing Classic
4.12Gabrielle Lawson6:22.10aMar 11Kowboy Invitational
5.11Emersyn Zintsmaster6:56.97aMar 3Sam Burley Hall of Fame I..
3200 Meters
1.10Olivia Lloyd13:01.12aMar 11Kowboy Invitational
2.11Emersyn Zintsmaster15:34.88aMar 3Sam Burley Hall of Fame I..
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.11Asia Mcmillon15.39aFeb 17Louie Bing Classic
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.11Asia Mcmillon43.94aFeb 17Louie Bing Classic
4x100 Relay
1.Relay Team 47.05aMar 11Kowboy Invitational
2.Morgan Rhett
Danielle Bess
Mryka Cadet
Jada James
47.72aFeb 25Big Blue Invitational
4x400 Relay
1.Relay Team 3:49.25aFeb 17Louie Bing Classic
4x800 Relay
1.Relay Team 9:56.70aMar 11Kowboy Invitational
2.Gina Heintskill
Kenya Thompson
Veroneeka Dorval
Olivia Lloyd
10:15.02aFeb 25Big Blue Invitational
High Jump
1.11Kori Collins5' 1.81Mar 11Kowboy Invitational
Pole Vault
1.12Sidney Lampert10' 5.98Feb 17Louie Bing Classic
Long Jump
1.8Zahra Kelsey16' 1.00Feb 25Big Blue Invitational
2.11Emma Gellman12' 6.00Mar 11Kowboy Invitational

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