Event Records

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100 Meters
1.12Austin Hernandez11.34PRApr 21Canyon @ Castaic
2.11Dylan Roof11.44PRApr 28West Ranch @ Canyon
3.12Brandon Hill11.89PRApr 28West Ranch @ Canyon
4.10Logan Brady12.12PRMay 12Saugus @ Canyon
5.10Casey Jimenez12.27PRApr 21Canyon @ Castaic
6.12Porter Lawler12.39Apr 28West Ranch @ Canyon
7.11Cameron Hernandez12.85PRApr 21Canyon @ Castaic
8.10Caleb Sparks14.18PRApr 21Canyon @ Castaic
9.9Dane Lawler14.33PRApr 21Canyon @ Castaic
10.9Ryan Runyan15.49PRApr 21Canyon @ Castaic
200 Meters
1.12Austin Hernandez22.36 (4.8)PRMar 24Canyon @ Valencia
2.11Dylan Roof23.17PRMay 21Foothill League Finals
3.12Brandon Hill24.01PRMay 5Canyon @ Hart
4.10Logan Brady25.09PRMay 21Foothill League Finals
5.11Ethan Elias25.38PRMay 5Canyon @ Hart
6.9Ryan Runyan25.43PRApr 28West Ranch @ Canyon
7.11Luis Antonio25.60PRMay 5Canyon @ Hart
8.12Porter Lawler25.62May 5Canyon @ Hart
9.12Felo Ibrahim25.79PRMay 5Canyon @ Hart
10.11Cameron Hernandez26.25PRApr 21Canyon @ Castaic
11.9Dane Lawler28.52PRMay 5Canyon @ Hart
400 Meters
1.11Heath Arceneaux55.37PRMay 21Foothill League Finals
2.11Luis Antonio55.66PRMay 21Foothill League Finals
3.11Ethan Elias56.51PRMay 5Canyon @ Hart
4.11Cameron Hernandez56.86PRApr 14Golden Valley @ Canyon HS
5.12Felo Ibrahim59.10PRApr 21Canyon @ Castaic
6.9Dane Lawler1:03.72PRMay 5Canyon @ Hart
7.9Ryan Runyan1:17.14PRMay 5Canyon @ Hart
800 Meters
1.11Sam Regez2:00.92PRMay 21Foothill League Finals
2.12Jayson Velarde2:04.35PRApr 21Canyon @ Castaic
3.11Mason Williams2:08.16PRMay 12Saugus @ Canyon
4.12Kyle Stevens2:08.67PRApr 28West Ranch @ Canyon
5.12Louis Luna2:12.27May 5Canyon @ Hart
6.9Adrian Rodriguez2:12.65PRMay 5Canyon @ Hart
7.11Heath Arceneaux2:14.65PRApr 21Canyon @ Castaic
8.9Kristian Gutierrez2:16.15PRMay 12Saugus @ Canyon
9.11Luis Antonio2:19.14PRMar 24Canyon @ Valencia
10.10Alexander Reyes2:26.36PRApr 21Canyon @ Castaic
11.9Elijah Ko2:32.54PRMar 24Canyon @ Valencia
12.10Daniel Carrillo2:34.09PRApr 21Canyon @ Castaic
1600 Meters
1.12Kyle Stevens4:28.05PRMay 8Irvine Distance Carnival
2.11Mason Williams4:28.23PRMay 21Foothill League Finals
3.12Jayson Velarde4:30.77PRApr 28West Ranch @ Canyon
4.11Jacob Brown4:44.09PRApr 14Golden Valley @ Canyon HS
5.9Elijah Ko4:45.25PRMay 21Foothill League Finals
6.9Adrian Rodriguez4:59.67PRMar 24Canyon @ Valencia
7.9Kristian Gutierrez4:59.71PRMay 8Irvine Distance Carnival
8.10Alexander Reyes5:14.92PRMar 24Canyon @ Valencia
9.12Louis Luna5:16.21PRMar 24Canyon @ Valencia
10.10Daniel Carrillo5:41.00Apr 14Golden Valley @ Canyon HS
11.12Max Watkins5:52.54Mar 24Canyon @ Valencia
3200 Meters
1.12Kyle Stevens9:33.68PRApr 24Meet of Champions
2.11Jacob Brown9:56.96PRMay 8Irvine Distance Carnival
3.11Mason Williams9:59.57PRMay 21Foothill League Finals
4.12Jayson Velarde10:26.29Apr 14Golden Valley @ Canyon HS
5.9Elijah Ko11:15.92PRMay 12Saugus @ Canyon
6.9Kristian Gutierrez11:20.27PRApr 21Canyon @ Castaic
7.9Adrian Rodriguez11:26.94PRApr 21Canyon @ Castaic
8.10Alexander Reyes12:27.05PRApr 14Golden Valley @ Canyon HS
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.12Austin Hernandez14.60PRMay 21Foothill League Finals
2.11Cameron Hernandez19.88PRMay 5Canyon @ Hart
3.11Heath Arceneaux21.98PRApr 21Canyon @ Castaic
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.11Cameron Hernandez46.71PRMar 24Canyon @ Valencia
2.11Heath Arceneaux51.96PRMar 24Canyon @ Valencia
4x100 Relay
1.*Dylan Roof
Brandon Hill
Austin Hernandez
Paul Sekyi-Appiah
43.50Jun 12CIFSS Division 2 Finals 2021
2.Austin Hernandez
Brandon Hill
Dylan Roof
Porter Lawler
44.25May 21Foothill League Finals
3.Austin Hernandez
Casey Jimenez
Brandon Hill
Dylan Roof
44.40Apr 21Canyon @ Castaic
4.Brandon Hill
Dylan Roof
Felo Ibrahim
Porter Lawler
45.61May 12Saugus @ Canyon
5.Brandon Hill
Dylan Roof
Porter Lawler
Felo Ibrahim
45.64Apr 28West Ranch @ Canyon
6.Brandon Hill
Dylan Roof
Logan Brady
Porter Lawler
46.12May 5Canyon @ Hart
7.Ethan Elias
Cameron Hernandez
Brandon Hill
Gavin Millhench
48.52Mar 24Canyon @ Valencia
4x400 Relay
1.Austin Hernandez
Jayson Velarde
Heath Arceneaux
Cameron Hernandez
3:42.17Apr 21Canyon @ Castaic
2.Cameron Hernandez
Ethan Elias
Heath Arceneaux
Sam Regez
3:44.95May 5Canyon @ Hart
3.Cameron Hernandez
Ethan Elias
Heath Arceneaux
Luis Antonio
3:44.98May 21Foothill League Finals
4.Heath Arceneaux
Luis Antonio
Louis Luna
Sam Regez
3:45.37May 12Saugus @ Canyon
5.Relay Team 3:46.74Apr 21Canyon @ Castaic
6.Sam Regez
Ethan Elias
Heath Arceneaux
Luis Antonio
3:50.87Mar 24Canyon @ Valencia
7.Louis Luna
Cameron Hernandez
Kristian Gutierrez
Luis Antonio
3:51.66Apr 28West Ranch @ Canyon
8.Luis Antonio
Ethan Elias
Heath Arceneaux
Sam Regez
4:06.23Apr 14Golden Valley @ Canyon HS
9.Kristian Gutierrez
Elijah Ko
Alexander Reyes
Adrian Rodriguez
4:07.42Mar 24Canyon @ Valencia
Shot Put - 12lb
1.12Travis Dyson43' 7.5May 21Foothill League Finals
2.11Derek Gonzalez41' 6May 21Foothill League Finals
3.10Westin Brombart39' 9PRApr 28West Ranch @ Canyon
4.10Ismael Bernal37' 0PRMay 12Saugus @ Canyon
5.12Lauro Franco36' 1.5PRApr 21Canyon @ Castaic
9Gavin Millhench36' 1.5PRApr 14Golden Valley @ Canyon HS
7.12Hyrum Vega35' 7.25May 12Saugus @ Canyon
8.11Daniel Ceja32' 10PRMay 5Canyon @ Hart
9.10Jayden Mendibles27' 9.75PRMay 5Canyon @ Hart
Discus - 1.6kg
1.12Lauro Franco119' 0PRMay 21Foothill League Finals
2.12Hyrum Vega113' 2PRMay 12Saugus @ Canyon
3.12Travis Dyson99' 4PRMar 24Canyon @ Valencia
4.10Westin Brombart93' 0PRMay 12Saugus @ Canyon
5.10Ismael Bernal91' 2PRMay 12Saugus @ Canyon
6.11Daniel Ceja85' 10PRMay 21Foothill League Finals
7.11Derek Gonzalez85' 6PRApr 28West Ranch @ Canyon
8.10Jayden Mendibles74' 7PRMay 12Saugus @ Canyon
High Jump
1.12Austin Hernandez6' 7Apr 14Golden Valley @ Canyon HS
2.11Dylan Roof5' 6PRApr 28West Ranch @ Canyon
3.12Brandon Hill5' 4Apr 14Golden Valley @ Canyon HS
4.9Gavin Millhench5' 0PRApr 21Canyon @ Castaic
5.11Heath Arceneaux4' 9PRApr 14Golden Valley @ Canyon HS
6.10Casey Jimenez4' 7PRApr 21Canyon @ Castaic
Pole Vault
1.11Hamilton Davis11' 0PRMay 5Canyon @ Hart
Long Jump
1.12Austin Hernandez22' 6.5PRMay 21Foothill League Finals
2.10Logan Brady18' 10PRMay 5Canyon @ Hart
3.12Felo Ibrahim18' 8PRMay 21Foothill League Finals
4.12Porter Lawler18' 7PRMay 21Foothill League Finals
5.11Dylan Roof17' 5Apr 21Canyon @ Castaic
6.10Casey Jimenez17' 3PRApr 21Canyon @ Castaic
7.9Gavin Millhench17' 1.25PRApr 14Golden Valley @ Canyon HS
8.11Cameron Hernandez17' 0PRMay 5Canyon @ Hart
9.11Hamilton Davis15' 11PRMay 5Canyon @ Hart
10.12Brandon Hill15' 6Apr 21Canyon @ Castaic
Triple Jump
1.12Felo Ibrahim40' 10PRMay 21Foothill League Finals
2.12Porter Lawler40' 7PRMay 12Saugus @ Canyon
3.9Gavin Millhench33' 5PRApr 14Golden Valley @ Canyon HS
4.11Hamilton Davis31' 3PRMar 24Canyon @ Valencia
5.11Cameron Hernandez31' 0.75PRMar 24Canyon @ Valencia
6.9Dane Lawler30' 9PRMay 5Canyon @ Hart


100 Meters
1.12Isabella Mata13.32PRMay 5Canyon @ Hart
2.10Madison Desvarieux13.34PRMay 5Canyon @ Hart
3.9Briana Bartone13.61 (3.3)PRMar 24Canyon @ Valencia
4.11Caitlyn Leao13.69May 12Saugus @ Canyon
200 Meters
1.10Madison Desvarieux27.49PRMay 5Canyon @ Hart
2.12Isabella Mata28.07PRMay 5Canyon @ Hart
3.9Cayden Panariello28.24PRMay 12Saugus @ Canyon
4.9Briana Bartone28.76 (.0)PRMay 7Tiger Invitational
5.11Caitlyn Leao29.19 (-1.4)May 7Tiger Invitational
6.10Emily Viramontes29.68 (-.8)PRApr 14Golden Valley @ Canyon HS
400 Meters
1.9Cayden Panariello1:04.72PRMay 21Foothill League Finals
2.10Emily Viramontes1:08.13PRMay 5Canyon @ Hart
3.10Rowen Devoe1:19.01PRMar 24Canyon @ Valencia
800 Meters
1.9Cynthia Herrera2:27.55PRApr 14Golden Valley @ Canyon HS
2.11Kayla Young2:29.81May 12Saugus @ Canyon
3.10Jasmine Padilla2:41.75PRMay 12Saugus @ Canyon
1600 Meters
1.9Cynthia Herrera5:23.62PRMay 21Foothill League Finals
2.11Kayla Young5:40.79PRApr 28West Ranch @ Canyon
3.10Jasmine Padilla5:50.99PRMay 21Foothill League Finals
4.12Chandler Bietsch6:11.23May 12Saugus @ Canyon
5.11Reagan Evans6:18.56Apr 28West Ranch @ Canyon
6.10Cheyenne Tsuang6:19.43PRApr 14Golden Valley @ Canyon HS
7.11Emily Cruz6:32.23May 5Canyon @ Hart
8.10Rowen Devoe7:09.58PRMay 12Saugus @ Canyon
3200 Meters
1.9Cynthia Herrera11:40.42PRMay 21Foothill League Finals
2.10Jasmine Padilla13:17.27May 21Foothill League Finals
3.11Reagan Evans14:18.74PRApr 28West Ranch @ Canyon
4.10Cheyenne Tsuang14:26.77Mar 24Canyon @ Valencia
5.11Kayla Young14:31.40PRApr 21Canyon @ Castaic
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.11Kayla Young17.77PRMay 12Saugus @ Canyon
2.10Emma Franco20.46PRMay 21Foothill League Finals
3.9Savannah Holcombe20.87PRApr 21Canyon @ Castaic
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.11Kayla Young49.85PRMay 21Foothill League Finals
2.9Savannah Holcombe56.20PRApr 21Canyon @ Castaic
3.10Emma Franco59.05PRMay 5Canyon @ Hart
4x100 Relay
1.Isabella Mata
Madison Desvarieux
Caitlyn Leao
Cayden Panariello
50.87Jun 5CIFSS Division 2 Prelims 2021
2.Isabella Mata
Cayden Panariello
Madison Desvarieux
Briana Bartone
51.97May 5Canyon @ Hart
3.Briana Bartone
Madison Desvarieux
Isabella Mata
Cayden Panariello
52.44Mar 24Canyon @ Valencia
4.Isabella Mata
Emily Viramontes
Cayden Panariello
Madison Desvarieux
59.55Apr 28West Ranch @ Canyon
4x400 Relay
1.Cynthia Herrera
Emily Viramontes
Emma Franco
Savannah Holcombe
4:36.71Apr 21Canyon @ Castaic
2.Kayla Young
Chandler Bietsch
Cynthia Herrera
Jasmine Padilla
4:38.51May 5Canyon @ Hart
3.Cayden Panariello
Emily Viramontes
Chandler Bietsch
Kayla Young
4:44.50May 12Saugus @ Canyon
4.Isabella Mata
Cayden Panariello
Emily Viramontes
Savannah Holcombe
4:45.02Mar 24Canyon @ Valencia
Shot Put - 4kg
1.10Ebony Lubin27' 11.25PRMay 5Canyon @ Hart
2.9Jayah May27' 8PRMay 21Foothill League Finals
3.12Chandler Bietsch19' 8PRMay 5Canyon @ Hart
Discus - 1kg
1.9Jayah May79' 0PRMay 21Foothill League Finals
2.10Ebony Lubin67' 9PRMay 5Canyon @ Hart
3.12Chandler Bietsch45' 10.5PRMay 5Canyon @ Hart
High Jump
1.9Briana Bartone4' 2PRMay 5Canyon @ Hart
2.9Savannah Holcombe4' 0PRMay 12Saugus @ Canyon
3.10Madison Desvarieux3' 0PRMar 24Canyon @ Valencia
Long Jump
1.12Isabella Mata15' 9.5PRMay 5Canyon @ Hart
2.9Cayden Panariello15' 6.5PRMay 5Canyon @ Hart
3.9Briana Bartone12' 9PRApr 14Golden Valley @ Canyon HS
10Emily Viramontes12' 9PRMar 24Canyon @ Valencia
Triple Jump
1.10Madison Desvarieux30' 5PRMay 21Foothill League Finals
2.10Emily Viramontes29' 11PRMay 21Foothill League Finals
3.10Emma Franco23' 9PRApr 14Golden Valley @ Canyon HS

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