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100 Meters
1.11Jareme DiLorenzo11.54cMay 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
2.10Greg Waters11.74cMay 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
3.10Jack Barry11.84cMay 9Mansfield vs King Philip
12Jack Olsen11.84cMay 2Mansfield vs Franklin
5.12Cameron MacIntyre11.90aJun 6MSTCA South Decathlon
6.10Connor Walsh11.94cApr 27Mansfield vs Attleboro
7.11Colin Eutsay12.04cApr 27Mansfield vs Attleboro
11Dan Medeiros12.04cApr 27Mansfield vs Attleboro
9.9Dan McCarthy12.14cMay 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
9James O'Sullivan12.14cMay 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
11.11Jordan Thevenot12.24cMay 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
9Ethan Thevenot12.24cMay 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
10Ryan Driscoll12.24cApr 27Mansfield vs Attleboro
14.10Muhammed Jamous12.34cMay 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
11Kyle Haley12.34cApr 11Taunton vs Mansfield
16.12Max Gurnon12.44cMay 9Mansfield vs King Philip
9Raffi Marzella12.44cApr 27Mansfield vs Attleboro
18.9Thomas Rozelle12.54cMay 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
9Ben Ierardo12.54cMay 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
12Jonathan Williams12.54cApr 11Taunton vs Mansfield
9Jared Dickmann12.54cApr 27Mansfield vs Attleboro
22.12Jayson Richwine12.64cApr 11Taunton vs Mansfield
9Nate Flanders12.64cMay 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
24.12Ben Kablik12.74cMay 9Mansfield vs King Philip
25.11Matt Buiser12.81aApr 18Speed Classic
26.9Jaden Sardella13.14cApr 11Taunton vs Mansfield
10Chris Copponi13.14cApr 27Mansfield vs Attleboro
28.9Sam Bolduc13.34cMay 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
9Dan Reith13.34cMay 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
30.9Chris Verros13.44cApr 11Taunton vs Mansfield
10Kyle Griffin13.44cApr 27Mansfield vs Attleboro
11Nick Menz13.44cMay 2Mansfield vs Franklin
33.11Sam Conte13.54cMay 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
34.9Paul Quinn14.14cMay 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
35.10Piyush Makkapati14.94cMay 9Mansfield vs King Philip
36.12Ben Ragazzo15.14cMay 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
37.10Ben Conte15.84cMay 2Mansfield vs Franklin
200 Meters
1.12Kyle Amerantes22.94cMay 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
2.11Mike Shannon23.24cApr 11Taunton vs Mansfield
3.11Nick Horn23.36aMay 21Hockomock Championships
4.12Ryan Corning23.94cMay 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
11Colin Eutsay23.94cMay 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
6.10Dan Knight24.04cMay 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
7.11Dan Medeiros24.14cMay 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
8.11Kevin Crawford24.24cMay 9Mansfield vs King Philip
9.10Greg Waters24.44cMay 2Mansfield vs Franklin
10Connor Walsh24.44cMay 2Mansfield vs Franklin
11.12Jonathan Williams24.74cMay 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
12.11Jareme DiLorenzo24.80aApr 18Speed Classic
13.9Jared Dickmann24.84cMay 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
14.11Matt Buiser24.94cMay 2Mansfield vs Franklin
15.9James O'Sullivan25.04cMay 9Mansfield vs King Philip
16.12Matt Kassler25.14cMay 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
10Tyler King25.14cMay 9Mansfield vs King Philip
18.12Jayson Richwine25.24cApr 11Taunton vs Mansfield
9Raffi Marzella25.24cMay 2Mansfield vs Franklin
20.9Ethan Thevenot25.34cApr 11Taunton vs Mansfield
21.10Kevin Murley25.44cMay 2Mansfield vs Franklin
12Ben Kablik25.44cMay 2Mansfield vs Franklin
23.11John Cooney25.54cMay 9Mansfield vs King Philip
9Dan McCarthy25.54cMay 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
25.11Nick Ferraz25.62aApr 18Speed Classic
26.12Jack Olsen25.86aApr 18Speed Classic
27.10Ryan Driscoll26.04cApr 11Taunton vs Mansfield
10James Ricci26.04cMay 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
29.9Ben Ierardo26.14cMay 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
30.9Jaden Sardella26.44cMay 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
12Cameron MacIntyre26.44aApr 18Speed Classic
32.9Thomas Rozelle26.54cMay 2Mansfield vs Franklin
33.12Max Gurnon26.69aApr 18Speed Classic
34.10Muhammed Jamous26.74cMay 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
35.9Nate Flanders26.84cMay 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
36.9Chris Verros26.94cApr 11Taunton vs Mansfield
37.11Jack Sheahan26.99aApr 18Speed Classic
38.12James Chotkowski27.24cApr 27Mansfield vs Attleboro
39.10Kyle Griffin27.44cMay 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
40.9Sam Bolduc27.84cMay 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
11Sam Conte27.84cMay 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
42.11Jordan Thevenot28.00aApr 18Speed Classic
43.10Jack Miller28.04cMay 2Mansfield vs Franklin
44.10Chris Copponi28.94aApr 18Speed Classic
45.9Dan Reith29.44aApr 18Speed Classic
46.9Paul Quinn30.44cMay 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
47.10Ben Conte32.24cMay 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
48.12Ben Ragazzo32.64cApr 27Mansfield vs Attleboro
49.10Piyush Makkapati32.74cMay 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
400 Meters
1.12Kyle Amerantes49.96aMay 27MIAA Eastern D-1 Championship
2.11Mike Shannon50.62aMay 21Hockomock Championships
3.11Nick Horn51.01aJun 3MIAA All-State Outdoor Championships
4.11Kevin Crawford51.84cMay 9Mansfield vs King Philip
5.11Nick Hyland53.10aMay 21Hockomock Championships
6.12Nick Rispoli54.49aApr 18Speed Classic
7.10Dan Knight54.64cMay 9Mansfield vs King Philip
8.11Kyle Haley55.23aApr 18Speed Classic
9.11Sean Lanzillo55.47aApr 18Speed Classic
10.12Arjun Sonti55.84cMay 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
11.12Matt Kassler56.34cApr 27Mansfield vs Attleboro
12.10Tyler King56.54cMay 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
13.12Ryan Corning56.94cMay 9Mansfield vs King Philip
14.12Brendan Haley57.24cMay 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
11John Cooney57.24aApr 18Speed Classic
16.10Ryan Driscoll57.72aMay 6MSTCA Frosh/Soph
17.11Matt Buiser57.74cMay 9Mansfield vs King Philip
18.10Kevin Murley57.94cApr 11Taunton vs Mansfield
19.9James O'Sullivan58.14cMay 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
20.12James Chotkowski58.34cMay 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
11Jack Sheahan58.34cMay 9Mansfield vs King Philip
22.10Ben Thibeault58.45aApr 18Speed Classic
23.10James Ricci58.84cMay 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
24.9Chris Verros58.94cMay 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
25.10Peter Sullivan59.14aApr 18Speed Classic
26.12Jonathan Williams59.96aApr 18Speed Classic
27.9Thomas Rozelle60.84cMay 9Mansfield vs King Philip
28.12Cameron MacIntyre63.78aJun 6MSTCA South Decathlon
29.10Jack Miller63.94cMay 9Mansfield vs King Philip
30.9Conor McCarthy64.74cMay 2Mansfield vs Franklin
31.10Kyle Griffin65.14cMay 9Mansfield vs King Philip
32.9Sam Bolduc67.64cMay 2Mansfield vs Franklin
33.9Paul Quinn69.64cMay 2Mansfield vs Franklin
400 Meters - Relay Split
1.12Kyle Amerantes48.90Jun 10New England Championship
2.11Kevin Crawford49.40Jun 10New England Championship
3.11Mike Shannon49.70Jun 10New England Championship
4.11Nick Horn50.60Jun 3MIAA All-State Outdoor Championships
5.11Nick Hyland53.80Apr 27Mansfield vs Attleboro
6.12Nick Rispoli54.20Apr 11Taunton vs Mansfield
7.12Arjun Sonti56.40May 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
10Tyler King56.40May 2Mansfield vs Franklin
10Dan Knight56.40Apr 27Mansfield vs Attleboro
10.11Jackson Murphy56.80May 9Mansfield vs King Philip
11.10Patrick Heavey57.30May 9Mansfield vs King Philip
12.10Ben Thibeault57.50May 9Mansfield vs King Philip
13.11Matt Buiser57.60May 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
12Ben Kablik57.60May 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
15.12Brendan Haley58.00May 2Mansfield vs Franklin
16.11Jack Sheahan58.70Apr 27Mansfield vs Attleboro
17.12Matt Kassler59.10May 2Mansfield vs Franklin
18.10Paxton Howard59.50May 9Mansfield vs King Philip
19.10Kevin Murley60.20May 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
20.10Cole DiForte60.40May 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
21.12James Chotkowski60.60May 2Mansfield vs Franklin
22.10Peter Sullivan61.00May 9Mansfield vs King Philip
23.9Paden Palanza63.20May 2Mansfield vs Franklin
800 Meters
1.11Kevin Crawford1:55.10aMay 27MIAA Eastern D-1 Championship
2.11Mike Shannon2:02.60aApr 18Speed Classic
3.11Jackson Murphy2:03.22aMay 21Hockomock Championships
4.11Kalin Petrov2:04.30May 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
5.12Nick Rispoli2:05.10Apr 11Taunton vs Mansfield
6.11John Cooney2:05.60aMay 21Hockomock Championships
7.11Nick Horn2:06.00May 9Mansfield vs King Philip
8.11Sean Lanzillo2:07.50Apr 11Taunton vs Mansfield
9.10Patrick Heavey2:08.63aApr 18Speed Classic
10.10Paxton Howard2:12.53aMay 6MSTCA Frosh/Soph
11.10Ben Thibeault2:12.70May 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
12.11Collin Rice2:12.98aApr 18Speed Classic
13.12Arjun Sonti2:14.80May 9Mansfield vs King Philip
14.10Justin Miller2:16.15aMay 6MSTCA Frosh/Soph
15.12CJ Biedermann2:16.80Apr 27Mansfield vs Attleboro
16.10Cole DiForte2:19.80May 9Mansfield vs King Philip
17.10Connor Eames2:20.40May 2Mansfield vs Franklin
18.10Peter Sullivan2:20.90May 2Mansfield vs Franklin
19.12Brendan Haley2:20.97aApr 18Speed Classic
20.12James Chotkowski2:21.50May 9Mansfield vs King Philip
21.9Mike Mullahy2:24.64aApr 18Speed Classic
22.11Matt Weiner2:25.25aApr 18Speed Classic
23.9Peter Oldow2:25.37aApr 18Speed Classic
24.9Paden Palanza2:26.68aApr 18Speed Classic
25.11Devin Chatterjee2:26.88aApr 18Speed Classic
26.10Cullen Lancaster2:30.10May 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
27.9Anthony Cardosa2:32.00May 2Mansfield vs Franklin
28.10Matt Whalen2:34.89aApr 18Speed Classic
29.10Robbie Saquet2:38.00Apr 27Mansfield vs Attleboro
30.10Matthew Katz2:39.00May 2Mansfield vs Franklin
31.9Conor McCarthy2:39.50May 9Mansfield vs King Philip
32.9Orion Hallowell2:40.20May 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
33.9Matt Connelly2:40.30Apr 27Mansfield vs Attleboro
34.9Mike Peel2:43.51aApr 18Speed Classic
35.9Jake DeSilva2:44.00May 9Mansfield vs King Philip
800 Meters - Relay Split
1.12Nick Rispoli2:00.20May 27MIAA Eastern D-1 Championship
2.11Kalin Petrov2:01.30Jun 3MIAA All-State Outdoor Championships
11Kevin Crawford2:01.30May 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
4.11Jackson Murphy2:01.40Jun 3MIAA All-State Outdoor Championships
5.11Sean Lanzillo2:04.20May 27MIAA Eastern D-1 Championship
6.10Patrick Heavey2:04.50Jun 3MIAA All-State Outdoor Championships
1500 Meters
1.12Cameron MacIntyre6:15.71aJun 6MSTCA South Decathlon
1 Mile
1.12Nick Rispoli4:33.03aMay 21Hockomock Championships
2.11Kalin Petrov4:33.53aMay 68th Annual GNB Sunset Invitational
3.10Patrick Heavey4:35.55aMay 6MSTCA Frosh/Soph
4.11Sean Lanzillo4:38.57aMay 21Hockomock Championships
5.11Kevin Crawford4:44.90Apr 27Mansfield vs Attleboro
6.11Jackson Murphy4:48.00May 2Mansfield vs Franklin
7.11Collin Rice4:50.80May 2Mansfield vs Franklin
8.10Paxton Howard4:53.78aMay 21Hockomock Championships
9.11John Cooney4:54.00May 2Mansfield vs Franklin
10.12CJ Biedermann4:56.30May 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
11.10Justin Miller4:59.50May 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
12.10Ben Thibeault5:01.60May 2Mansfield vs Franklin
13.10Connor Eames5:02.60May 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
14.9Mike Mullahy5:05.20May 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
15.10Cullen Lancaster5:10.20May 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
16.10Peter Sullivan5:14.00May 9Mansfield vs King Philip
17.11Matt Weiner5:20.00May 9Mansfield vs King Philip
18.9Peter Oldow5:20.40May 2Mansfield vs Franklin
19.9Paden Palanza5:27.20May 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
20.11Devin Chatterjee5:28.20May 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
21.9Anthony Cardosa5:35.00May 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
22.10Matt Whalen5:43.00Apr 27Mansfield vs Attleboro
10Robbie Saquet5:43.00May 9Mansfield vs King Philip
24.10Matthew Katz5:51.00May 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
25.9Matt Connelly5:51.90May 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
26.9Mike Peel5:54.30May 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
27.9Jake DeSilva6:10.00May 2Mansfield vs Franklin
28.9Conor McCarthy6:31.20May 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
29.12Cameron MacIntyre6:31.50May 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
2 Miles
1.10Patrick Heavey9:42.68aMay 21Hockomock Championships
2.11Kalin Petrov9:51.87aMay 27MIAA Eastern D-1 Championship
3.12Nick Rispoli10:06.30Apr 27Mansfield vs Attleboro
4.11Collin Rice10:23.00May 9Mansfield vs King Philip
5.11Sean Lanzillo10:46.00May 9Mansfield vs King Philip
6.10Paxton Howard10:50.20May 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
7.10Peter Sullivan10:58.89aMay 6MSTCA Frosh/Soph
8.10Cullen Lancaster11:02.00May 9Mansfield vs King Philip
9.10Justin Miller11:09.00May 9Mansfield vs King Philip
10.11Matt Weiner11:09.30May 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
11.9Mike Mullahy11:14.81aMay 6MSTCA Frosh/Soph
12.10Connor Eames11:22.50Apr 27Mansfield vs Attleboro
13.9Peter Oldow11:47.34aMay 6MSTCA Frosh/Soph
14.11Devin Chatterjee11:55.00May 2Mansfield vs Franklin
15.10Matthew Katz12:28.00May 9Mansfield vs King Philip
16.9Anthony Cardosa12:36.00May 9Mansfield vs King Philip
17.10Matt Whalen12:45.00May 9Mansfield vs King Philip
18.9Mike Peel12:54.00May 9Mansfield vs King Philip
19.9Orion Hallowell13:03.00May 9Mansfield vs King Philip
9Matt Connelly13:03.00May 9Mansfield vs King Philip
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.11Jareme DiLorenzo15.14cMay 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
2.12Cameron MacIntyre15.57aMay 21Hockomock Championships
3.11Nick Ferraz16.44cMay 2Mansfield vs Franklin
4.11Matt Buiser18.94cApr 11Taunton vs Mansfield
5.12Max Gurnon19.14cApr 11Taunton vs Mansfield
6.11Jordan Thevenot19.44cMay 2Mansfield vs Franklin
7.9Dan Reith21.74cApr 27Mansfield vs Attleboro
400m Hurdles - 36"
1.11Mike Shannon56.64aMay 27MIAA Eastern D-1 Championship
2.11Matt Buiser63.04cMay 2Mansfield vs Franklin
3.12Ryan Corning63.34cApr 27Mansfield vs Attleboro
4.10Kevin Murley65.44cMay 9Mansfield vs King Philip
5.9Raffi Marzella68.64cMay 2Mansfield vs Franklin
6.10Jack Miller71.44cMay 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
7.10Kyle Griffin73.54cMay 9Mansfield vs King Philip
8.9Paul Quinn1:34.64cApr 11Taunton vs Mansfield
4x100 Relay
1.Jack Barry
Kyle Haley
Cameron MacIntyre
Jareme DiLorenzo
45.24cMay 2Mansfield vs Franklin
2.Kyle Haley
Nick Horn
Cameron MacIntyre
Jareme DiLorenzo
45.34cApr 11Taunton vs Mansfield
3.Jack Barry
Greg Waters
Kyle Haley
Dan Knight
45.54cMay 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
4.Jack Barry
Jack Olsen
Cameron MacIntyre
Jareme DiLorenzo
46.44cApr 27Mansfield vs Attleboro
5.Jack Barry
Greg Waters
Colin Eutsay
Dan Knight
46.70aMay 21Hockomock Championships
6.Jack Barry
Greg Waters
Connor Walsh
Dan Knight
46.79aMay 6MSTCA Frosh/Soph
7.Colin Eutsay
Greg Waters
Connor Walsh
Dan Medeiros
47.54cMay 9Mansfield vs King Philip
8.Ethan Thevenot
Jared Dickmann
Raffi Marzella
Ryan Driscoll
49.00aApr 18Speed Classic
9.Chris Copponi
Ryan Driscoll
Jared Dickmann
Raffi Marzella
49.64cApr 11Taunton vs Mansfield
10.Nick Ferraz
Max Gurnon
Ben Kablik
Ben Ragazzo
51.14cMay 2Mansfield vs Franklin
11.Nick Ferraz
Max Gurnon
Jonathan Williams
Ben Ragazzo
51.24cMay 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
4x400 Relay
1.Nick Horn
Kyle Amerantes
Kevin Crawford
Mike Shannon
3:18.76aJun 10New England Outdoor Track and Field Championships
2.Nick Horn
Kyle Amerantes
Mike Shannon
Kevin Crawford
3:20.22aJun 3MIAA All-State Outdoor Championships
3.Nick Horn
Kyle Amerantes
Nick Hyland
Mike Shannon
3:32.64aMay 21Hockomock Championships
4.Dan Knight
Nick Horn
Nick Hyland
Kyle Amerantes
3:36.40Apr 27Mansfield vs Attleboro
5.Nick Horn
Kyle Amerantes
Nick Hyland
Kevin Crawford
3:36.50May 2Mansfield vs Franklin
6.Nick Rispoli
Jackson Murphy
Patrick Heavey
Arjun Sonti
3:45.00May 9Mansfield vs King Philip
7.Nick Rispoli
Nick Hyland
Kevin Murley
Kevin Crawford
3:48.20Apr 11Taunton vs Mansfield
8.Tyler King
Matt Kassler
John Sheahan
Arjun Sonti
3:51.70May 2Mansfield vs Franklin
9.Brendan Haley
Tyler King
Ryan Corning
Kevin Murley
3:54.15aApr 18Speed Classic
10.Arjun Sonti
Matt Buiser
Nick Hyland
Nick Horn
3:54.20May 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
11.Ben Thibeault
Paxton Howard
Peter Sullivan
Cole DiForte
3:58.00May 9Mansfield vs King Philip
12.John Sheahan
Tyler King
Kevin Murley
Brendan Haley
4:00.50Apr 27Mansfield vs Attleboro
13.Tyler King
Matt Kassler
Kevin Murley
Brendan Haley
4:01.90May 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
14.Paden Palanza
James Chotkowski
Cole DiForte
Brendan Haley
4:02.90May 2Mansfield vs Franklin
15.Ben Kablik
Cole DiForte
John Sheahan
James Chotkowski
4:07.70May 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
4x800 Relay
1.Jackson Murphy
Patrick Heavey
Kalin Petrov
Nick Rispoli
8:08.92aJun 3MIAA All-State Outdoor Championships
2.Jackson Murphy
Sean Lanzillo
Kalin Petrov
Nick Rispoli
8:12.88aMay 27MIAA Eastern D-1 Championship
3.Jackson Murphy
Sean Lanzillo
Nick Rispoli
Kevin Crawford
8:16.50May 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
4.Nick Rispoli
Kalin Petrov
Sean Lanzillo
Kevin Crawford
8:22.27aMay 21Hockomock Championships
5.Patrick Heavey
Kevin Crawford
Jackson Murphy
Nick Rispoli
8:47.27aApr 18Speed Classic
6.Relay Team 9:38.86aMay 6MSTCA Frosh/Soph
7.Ben Thibeault
Matt Weiner
Justin Miller
Devin Chatterjee
9:48.18aApr 18Speed Classic
Shot Put - 12lb
1.10Colbey Eason48' 7.00Apr 11Taunton vs Mansfield
2.11Kevin McCree47' 1.00Apr 20Feehan Field Day
3.11Ted Harrington37' 1.25May 21Hockomock Championships
4.11Juan Targa-Sanchez36' 6.00Apr 27Mansfield vs Attleboro
5.12Cameron MacIntyre35' 9.50May 9Mansfield vs King Philip
6.10Jostil Willis33' 9.00May 6MSTCA Frosh/Soph
7.11Jordan Thevenot33' 7.00Apr 27Mansfield vs Attleboro
8.12Derek Degeis30' 8.00Apr 27Mansfield vs Attleboro
9.9Sam Hutton30' 3.00May 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
10.9Austin Risotti25' 4.00May 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
Discus - 1.6kg
1.11Kevin McCree125' 4.00Apr 20Feehan Field Day
2.11Juan Targa-Sanchez102' 2.00May 21Hockomock Championships
3.12Derek Degeis92' 6.50Apr 11Taunton vs Mansfield
4.12Cameron MacIntyre91' 7.00Jun 6MSTCA South Decathlon
5.10Colbey Eason89' 3.50Apr 11Taunton vs Mansfield
6.11Ted Harrington78' 0.00May 9Mansfield vs King Philip
7.9Austin Risotti71' 6.00May 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
8.10Jostil Willis62' 0.00May 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
9.9Sam Hutton59' 8.00May 2Mansfield vs Franklin
Javelin - 800g
1.12Jayson Richwine137' 7.00Apr 27Mansfield vs Attleboro
2.12Cameron MacIntyre136' 0.00May 21Hockomock Championships
3.11Kyle Haley134' 0.00May 21Hockomock Championships
4.11Nick Menz123' 7.00Apr 11Taunton vs Mansfield
5.11Dan Medeiros122' 7.00May 9Mansfield vs King Philip
6.12Max Gurnon117' 4.00Apr 11Taunton vs Mansfield
7.10Ben Thibeault106' 9.00May 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
8.10Chris Copponi105' 8.50Apr 20Feehan Field Day
9.9Jaden Sardella99' 10.00May 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
10.9Conor McCarthy91' 0.00May 2Mansfield vs Franklin
11.-Matt Medeiros88' 0.50Apr 20Jump Throw Classic
High Jump
1.12Jack Olsen5' 10.00Apr 20Feehan Field Day
2.12Max Gurnon5' 8.00Apr 27Mansfield vs Attleboro
3.12Cameron MacIntyre5' 7.00Apr 11Taunton vs Mansfield
4.9Ethan Thevenot5' 1.00Apr 11Taunton vs Mansfield
5.10Jack Miller5' 0.00Apr 27Mansfield vs Attleboro
Long Jump
1.11Jareme DiLorenzo21' 1.00May 9Mansfield vs King Philip
2.12Jonathan Williams20' 10.50May 21Hockomock Championships
3.11Kyle Haley19' 11.50May 68th Annual GNB Sunset Invitational
4.11Nick Ferraz19' 6.00May 21Hockomock Championships
5.12Cameron MacIntyre18' 6.00May 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
6.9Jared Dickmann18' 5.50Apr 20Jump Throw Classic
7.10Dan Knight17' 10.50Apr 20Feehan Field Day
8.11Jordan Thevenot17' 2.00May 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
9.12Ryan Corning16' 4.50Apr 11Taunton vs Mansfield
10.10Jack Barry16' 4.00Apr 20Feehan Field Day
11.9Dan Reith16' 2.00Apr 27Mansfield vs Attleboro
12.11Dan Medeiros15' 7.50May 2Mansfield vs Franklin
13.10Greg Waters15' 6.00Apr 27Mansfield vs Attleboro
14.11Griffin Milas14' 5.00Apr 20Jump Throw Classic
15.9James O'Sullivan12' 3.50Apr 27Mansfield vs Attleboro
Triple Jump
1.11Jareme DiLorenzo43' 2.00Apr 11Taunton vs Mansfield
2.11Kyle Haley42' 5.50Apr 11Taunton vs Mansfield
3.11Jordan Thevenot37' 9.00May 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
4.12Cameron MacIntyre37' 1.75Jun 6MSTCA South Decathlon
5.12Jack Olsen36' 6.00Apr 20Feehan Field Day
6.12Jonathan Williams35' 0.00May 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
7.10Muhammed Jamous34' 7.50Apr 20Feehan Field Day
8.10Greg Waters34' 5.00May 2Mansfield vs Franklin
9James O'Sullivan34' 5.00May 2Mansfield vs Franklin
10.12Ryan Corning33' 9.00Apr 20Feehan Field Day
Decathlon Score
1.12Cameron MacIntyre4704Jun 6MSTCA South Decathlon


100 Meters
1.11Julia Harrison12.39aMay 21Hockomock Championships
2.10Amanda Mangano12.86aMay 21Hockomock Championships
3.12Jordan Brill-Cass12.94cMay 2Mansfield vs Franklin
4.11Angela Corkery13.14cMay 2Mansfield vs Franklin
5.9Emily Quitzau13.24cMay 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
6.10Alexis Kiyanda13.43aMay 13MSTCA Girls Invitational
7.12Olivia Horn13.64cApr 11Taunton vs Mansfield
8.10Julia Hill13.74cApr 11Taunton vs Mansfield
9Jennifer Healy13.74cMay 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
10.10Mikaela Maughn13.84cMay 2Mansfield vs Franklin
9Rylie Baum13.84cMay 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
11Megan Kuras13.84cMay 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
9Kelly Doherty13.84cMay 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
14.10Cassidy McMahon13.94cMay 2Mansfield vs Franklin
15.9Olivia Fernando14.04cMay 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
16.12Sarah Clayman14.14cMay 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
17.9Megan Krone14.24cApr 27Mansfield vs Attleboro
10Samantha Hindman14.24cMay 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
19.10Riley Duffin14.44cMay 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
20.9Amanda Gordon14.54cMay 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
9Rachel Faber14.54cMay 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
10Emma Cottage14.54cMay 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
23.10Zoe Plante14.60aApr 18Speed Classic
24.10Chloe Baum14.74cMay 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
25.12Emma Hanley14.84cApr 11Taunton vs Mansfield
26.9Farah Makram15.04cMay 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
27.11Audrey Martin15.05aApr 18Speed Classic
28.9Julia MacDonald15.24cMay 2Mansfield vs Franklin
11Emma Neary15.24cMay 2Mansfield vs Franklin
30.10Isabelle Hanley15.44cMay 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
9Maria Papoulidis15.44cMay 2Mansfield vs Franklin
9Lauren Breitenstein15.44cMay 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
33.10Molly Dimarino15.46aApr 18Speed Classic
34.10Colleen Cooney15.64cMay 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
9Hannah Olsen15.64cApr 27Mansfield vs Attleboro
9Mia Shahood15.64cMay 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
37.9Elissia Jimenez15.67aApr 18Speed Classic
38.9Julia Buiser16.38aApr 18Speed Classic
39.10Serena Dunlap16.63aApr 18Speed Classic
40.9Paige Tang16.84cMay 9Mansfield vs King Philip
41.9Sarah Podolske17.64cMay 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
42.10Grace Adams18.84cMay 2Mansfield vs Franklin
43.9Katie Neary19.24cApr 27Mansfield vs Attleboro
200 Meters
1.11Julia Harrison25.84cMay 2Mansfield vs Franklin
2.12Jordan Brill-Cass26.24cMay 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
3.10Alexis Kiyanda26.84cMay 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
4.10Mikaela Maughn27.94cMay 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
5.11Emma Oldow28.09aMay 68th Annual GNB Sunset Invitational
6.9Emily Quitzau28.14cMay 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
7.11Megan Kuras28.34cMay 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
8.10Cassidy McMahon28.54cApr 11Taunton vs Mansfield
9.11Elizabeth Rowe28.74cMay 9Mansfield vs King Philip
10Julia Hill28.74cMay 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
10Lindsey Golden28.74cMay 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
12.11Emily Penta28.94cMay 9Mansfield vs King Philip
9Rylie Baum28.94cMay 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
14.12Caitlin Whitman28.95aApr 18Speed Classic
15.9Jennifer Healy29.24cMay 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
16.9Megan Krone29.34cMay 2Mansfield vs Franklin
17.11Angela Corkery29.72aJun 5MSTCA South Heptathlon
18.10Lindsey Corning29.74cMay 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
19.9Kelly Doherty29.84cMay 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
20.9Amanda Gordon30.14cMay 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
21.9Olivia Fernando30.34cApr 11Taunton vs Mansfield
10Samantha Hindman30.34cApr 27Mansfield vs Attleboro
23.10Riley Duffin30.44cApr 27Mansfield vs Attleboro
24.10Emma Cottage30.74cMay 9Mansfield vs King Philip
25.11Audrey Martin30.79aApr 18Speed Classic
26.9Elissia Jimenez30.84cMay 2Mansfield vs Franklin
27.9Julia MacDonald31.14cMay 2Mansfield vs Franklin
10McKenzie Johnston31.14cMay 9Mansfield vs King Philip
29.9Farah Makram31.24cMay 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
30.10Isabelle Hanley32.34cMay 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
11Emma Neary32.34cMay 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
32.9Hannah Olsen32.54cMay 2Mansfield vs Franklin
33.9Maria Papoulidis32.64cMay 2Mansfield vs Franklin
34.9Julia Buiser32.74cApr 27Mansfield vs Attleboro
35.9Mia Shahood33.94cApr 11Taunton vs Mansfield
36.9Sarah Podolske37.44cMay 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
400 Meters
1.12Caitlin Whitman60.14aMay 21Hockomock Championships
2.11Emma Oldow62.11aMay 21Hockomock Championships
3.11Audrey Martin63.74cMay 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
4.10Cassidy McMahon64.49aMay 6MSTCA Frosh/Soph
5.10Mikaela Maughn64.74cMay 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
6.10Alexis Kiyanda65.24cApr 27Mansfield vs Attleboro
7.9Erin Dooling65.84cMay 2Mansfield vs Franklin
8.12Emily Gerraughty66.14cMay 2Mansfield vs Franklin
9.11Emily Penta66.54cMay 2Mansfield vs Franklin
10.10Lindsey Golden69.54cMay 2Mansfield vs Franklin
11.9Rylie Baum70.14cApr 27Mansfield vs Attleboro
12.11Megan Kuras71.54cApr 27Mansfield vs Attleboro
13.10McKenzie Johnston71.64cMay 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
14.9Kelly Doherty74.84cApr 27Mansfield vs Attleboro
400 Meters - Relay Split
1.12Caitlin Whitman60.90May 2Mansfield vs Franklin
2.11Emma Oldow62.90May 2Mansfield vs Franklin
3.11Audrey Martin64.00May 2Mansfield vs Franklin
4.10Cassidy McMahon64.50May 2Mansfield vs Franklin
5.11Elizabeth Rowe65.60May 27MIAA Eastern D-1 Championship
6.10Mikaela Maughn65.80May 27MIAA Eastern D-1 Championship
7.10Erin Daniel65.90May 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
8.10Bryn Anderson66.00May 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
9.12Emily Gerraughty66.70May 9Mansfield vs King Philip
10.10Alexis Kiyanda66.90May 27MIAA Eastern D-1 Championship
11.11Emily Penta68.90Apr 27Mansfield vs Attleboro
12.10Valaree Buonora69.90Apr 11Taunton vs Mansfield
13.10Lindsey Golden73.10Apr 18Speed Classic
14.11Nicole Berluti75.00Apr 18Speed Classic
15.9Julia Miller75.10Apr 11Taunton vs Mansfield
16.10Lindsey Corning75.40Apr 18Speed Classic
17.10McKenzie Johnston77.10Apr 18Speed Classic
800 Meters
1.12Caitlin Whitman2:28.00May 9Mansfield vs King Philip
2.10Bryn Anderson2:29.70aMay 6MSTCA Frosh/Soph
3.12Lauren Duggan2:31.00May 9Mansfield vs King Philip
4.11Emma Oldow2:32.00May 9Mansfield vs King Philip
5.10Valaree Buonora2:33.17aApr 18Speed Classic
6.10Erin Daniel2:33.40May 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
7.9Erin Dooling2:39.78aMay 21Hockomock Championships
8.9Julia Miller2:43.52aApr 18Speed Classic
9.9Grace Doyle2:43.54aApr 18Speed Classic
10.12Olivia Horn2:49.17aApr 18Speed Classic
11.9Brinly Meelia2:50.20Apr 27Mansfield vs Attleboro
12.10Margaret Riley2:51.21aApr 18Speed Classic
13.11Angela Corkery2:51.89aJun 5MSTCA South Heptathlon
14.9Katherine Rispoli2:52.00May 9Mansfield vs King Philip
9Jessica Alestock2:52.00May 9Mansfield vs King Philip
16.11Anna Morrill2:53.13aApr 18Speed Classic
17.10Nicole Penney2:54.61aApr 18Speed Classic
18.11Abigail O'Brien2:56.20May 2Mansfield vs Franklin
19.12Erica Brangwynne2:58.32aApr 18Speed Classic
20.11Megan Kuras3:00.00aJun 5MSTCA South Heptathlon
21.9Kasey Staples3:01.16aApr 18Speed Classic
22.9Cailin Fitzpatrick3:05.49aApr 18Speed Classic
23.9Kareana Sylvain3:08.00May 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
24.9Bhargavi Ramesh3:10.00Apr 27Mansfield vs Attleboro
25.10Amy Johnson3:11.00May 9Mansfield vs King Philip
26.10Julia Leifer3:12.00May 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
27.9Angela Burnham3:12.30May 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
28.9Ailish McBride3:16.40Apr 27Mansfield vs Attleboro
29.11Madison Haughey3:18.00May 9Mansfield vs King Philip
30.11Emma Swansburg3:20.00May 2Mansfield vs Franklin
31.11Amanda MacDonald3:29.50aApr 18Speed Classic
800 Meters - Relay Split
1.12Lauren Duggan2:23.80May 27MIAA Eastern D-1 Championship
2.12Caitlin Whitman2:26.70May 27MIAA Eastern D-1 Championship
3.10Erin Daniel2:30.40May 27MIAA Eastern D-1 Championship
4.10Bryn Anderson2:31.00Apr 18Speed Classic
5.11Emma Oldow2:31.40May 27MIAA Eastern D-1 Championship
6.12Julie Romano2:38.60Apr 18Speed Classic
7.9Grace Doyle2:40.60May 6MSTCA Frosh/Soph
8.10Valaree Buonora2:52.50May 6MSTCA Frosh/Soph
1 Mile
1.12Julie Romano5:36.10May 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
2.10Bryn Anderson5:43.60May 9Mansfield vs King Philip
3.12Lauren Duggan5:48.00Apr 27Mansfield vs Attleboro
4.9Grace Doyle5:56.01aMay 21Hockomock Championships
5.9Julia Miller6:00.23aMay 13MSTCA Girls Invitational
6.10Erin Daniel6:03.70May 9Mansfield vs King Philip
7.10Margaret Riley6:04.70May 9Mansfield vs King Philip
8.10Valaree Buonora6:08.80Apr 11Taunton vs Mansfield
9.11Anna Morrill6:20.20May 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
10.10Nicole Penney6:22.00Apr 27Mansfield vs Attleboro
11.9Jessica Alestock6:22.60May 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
12.9Katherine Rispoli6:24.40May 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
13.11Abigail O'Brien6:33.10May 9Mansfield vs King Philip
14.12Erica Brangwynne6:34.90Apr 27Mansfield vs Attleboro
15.9Cailin Fitzpatrick6:52.90Apr 27Mansfield vs Attleboro
16.9Kasey Staples6:58.80May 2Mansfield vs Franklin
17.9Bhargavi Ramesh7:08.90May 9Mansfield vs King Philip
18.10Julia Leifer7:13.70May 2Mansfield vs Franklin
19.11Emma Swansburg7:13.80Apr 27Mansfield vs Attleboro
20.9Ailish McBride7:15.20May 2Mansfield vs Franklin
21.10Amy Johnson7:17.80Apr 27Mansfield vs Attleboro
22.9Angela Burnham7:23.90May 2Mansfield vs Franklin
23.11Amanda MacDonald9:03.10Apr 11Taunton vs Mansfield
2 Miles
1.12Julie Romano11:57.33aMay 27MIAA Eastern D-1 Championship
2.12Lauren Duggan12:07.16aMay 21Hockomock Championships
3.10Nicole Penney13:06.00May 9Mansfield vs King Philip
4.10Margaret Riley13:18.86aMay 6MSTCA Frosh/Soph
5.9Grace Doyle14:05.00Apr 27Mansfield vs Attleboro
6.11Anna Morrill14:18.00May 2Mansfield vs Franklin
7.9Brinly Meelia14:54.00May 9Mansfield vs King Philip
8.10Julia Leifer15:25.00May 9Mansfield vs King Philip
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.11Madison Haughey16.04cMay 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
2.9Lily Goulding17.16aMay 21Hockomock Championships
3.10Molly Dimarino18.05aMay 21Hockomock Championships
4.10Chloe Baum19.04cApr 11Taunton vs Mansfield
5.10Serena Dunlap19.44cMay 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
6.10Zoe Plante19.54cApr 27Mansfield vs Attleboro
7.9Julia Buiser20.04cMay 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
8.11Megan Kuras20.87aJun 5MSTCA South Heptathlon
9.9Elissia Jimenez21.14cMay 2Mansfield vs Franklin
10.11Angela Corkery21.27aJun 5MSTCA South Heptathlon
400m Hurdles - 30"
1.12Caitlin Whitman71.24cApr 27Mansfield vs Attleboro
2.11Nicole Berluti74.84cApr 27Mansfield vs Attleboro
3.11Elizabeth Rowe75.30aMay 21Hockomock Championships
4.11Lauren Weinstein77.64cMay 2Mansfield vs Franklin
5.10Lindsey Corning80.44cApr 27Mansfield vs Attleboro
4x100 Relay
1.Jordan Brill-Cass
Julia Harrison
Angela Corkery
Amanda Mangano
49.36aMay 27MIAA Eastern D-1 Championship
2.Jordan Brill-Cass
Julia Harrison
Angela Corkery
Alexis Kiyanda
50.25aMay 21Hockomock Championships
3.Olivia Horn
Julia Harrison
Angela Corkery
Alexis Kiyanda
50.64cApr 11Taunton vs Mansfield
4.Emily Quitzau
Olivia Horn
Angela Corkery
Alexis Kiyanda
52.54cMay 2Mansfield vs Franklin
5.Jordan Brill-Cass
Madison Haughey
Angela Corkery
Olivia Horn
52.90aApr 18Speed Classic
6.Emily Quitzau
Kelly Doherty
Olivia Fernando
Jennifer Healy
57.52aApr 18Speed Classic
4x400 Relay
1.Caitlin Whitman
Emma Oldow
Audrey Martin
Cassidy McMahon
4:12.30May 2Mansfield vs Franklin
2.Lauren Whitman
Audrey Martin
Bryn Anderson
Erin Daniel
4:17.90May 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
3.Caitlin Whitman
Mikaela Maughn
Cassidy McMahon
Emma Oldow
4:19.80Apr 11Taunton vs Mansfield
4.Caitlin Whitman
Emma Oldow
Audrey Martin
Emily Gerraughty
4:21.40May 9Mansfield vs King Philip
5.Elizabeth Rowe
Alexis Kiyanda
Mikaela Maughn
Audrey Martin
4:25.07aMay 27MIAA Eastern D-1 Championship
6.Cassidy McMahon
Emily Penta
Mikaela Maughn
Caitlin Whitman
4:27.90Apr 27Mansfield vs Attleboro
7.Caitlin Whitman
Emma Oldow
Audrey Martin
Mikaela Maughn
4:32.60aMay 21Hockomock Championships
8.Bryn Anderson
Erin Daniel
Julia Miller
Valaree Buonora
4:42.30Apr 11Taunton vs Mansfield
9.Nicole Berluti
Lindsey Corning
Lindsey Golden
McKenzie Johnston
5:00.77aApr 18Speed Classic
4x800 Relay
1.Caitlin Whitman
Emma Oldow
Lauren Duggan
Erin Daniel
9:52.41aMay 27MIAA Eastern D-1 Championship
2.Lauren Duggan
Bryn Anderson
Julie Romano
Erin Daniel
10:21.26aApr 18Speed Classic
3.Bryn Anderson
Lauren Duggan
Erin Daniel
Julie Romano
10:38.29aMay 21Hockomock Championships
4.Relay Team 10:50.07aMay 6MSTCA Frosh/Soph
Shot Put - 4kg
1.11Sophia Madonna-Lendvai27' 11.00May 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
2.11Nicole Berluti24' 3.00May 2Mansfield vs Franklin
3.10Serena Dunlap23' 6.00Apr 27Mansfield vs Attleboro
4.10Nicole Brown22' 11.00May 2Mansfield vs Franklin
5.9Rachel Faber22' 9.00Apr 27Mansfield vs Attleboro
6.9Emily Quitzau22' 3.00Apr 20Jump Throw Classic
7.10Samantha Barrasso21' 2.00Apr 11Taunton vs Mansfield
8.11Angela Corkery19' 11.75Jun 5MSTCA South Heptathlon
9.9Samantha Borasari19' 6.00May 2Mansfield vs Franklin
10.11Megan Kuras19' 2.00Jun 5MSTCA South Heptathlon
11.9Madison Ali18' 10.00May 2Mansfield vs Franklin
Discus - 1kg
1.11Sophia Madonna-Lendvai75' 11.25Apr 11Taunton vs Mansfield
2.10Nicole Brown56' 8.00May 9Mansfield vs King Philip
3.10Colleen Cooney52' 0.00May 21Hockomock Championships
4.9Madison Ali49' 0.00Apr 11Taunton vs Mansfield
5.10Samantha Barrasso45' 2.00Apr 27Mansfield vs Attleboro
6.9Rachel Faber43' 6.00Apr 20Jump Throw Classic
7.9Samantha Borasari43' 5.00May 9Mansfield vs King Philip
Javelin - 600g
1.9Lily Goulding100' 4.00May 27MIAA Eastern D-1 Championship
2.11Angela Corkery87' 3.00May 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
3.12Olivia Horn68' 11.00Apr 27Mansfield vs Attleboro
4.9Rachel Faber63' 2.00May 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
5.12Sarah Clayman61' 5.00May 2Mansfield vs Franklin
6.11Megan Kuras56' 4.00Jun 5MSTCA South Heptathlon
7.10Valaree Buonora55' 2.00May 9Mansfield vs King Philip
8.10Nicole Penney52' 0.00Apr 27Mansfield vs Attleboro
9.12Emma Hanley47' 0.00Apr 11Taunton vs Mansfield
10.10Serena Dunlap46' 4.00Apr 27Mansfield vs Attleboro
11.10Margaret Riley41' 5.50Apr 20Jump Throw Classic
12.10Isabelle Hanley40' 10.00Apr 27Mansfield vs Attleboro
High Jump
1.11Madison Haughey5' 1.00Apr 11Taunton vs Mansfield
2.10Amanda Mangano4' 9.00Apr 11Taunton vs Mansfield
3.10Lindsey Golden4' 4.00May 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
4.10Lindsey Corning4' 2.00Apr 20Jump Throw Classic
5.11Megan Kuras3' 8.75Jun 5MSTCA South Heptathlon
Long Jump
1.11Madison Haughey15' 10.00May 21Hockomock Championships
2.11Angela Corkery15' 6.50Apr 11Taunton vs Mansfield
3.10Lindsey Golden15' 6.00May 21Hockomock Championships
4.10Zoe Plante15' 2.00Apr 20Jump Throw Classic
10Alexis Kiyanda15' 2.00May 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
6.10Molly Dimarino15' 0.00May 6MSTCA Frosh/Soph
7.11Megan Kuras14' 10.00May 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
8.12Sarah Clayman14' 8.50Apr 20Jump Throw Classic
9.12Olivia Horn14' 3.75May 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
10.10Riley Duffin13' 10.50May 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
11.9Elissia Jimenez13' 7.00May 9Mansfield vs King Philip
12.10Samantha Hindman13' 3.25May 2Mansfield vs Franklin
13.9Julia Buiser12' 6.00Apr 27Mansfield vs Attleboro
14.9Lauren Breitenstein11' 1.75May 16Oliver Ames vs Mansfield
Triple Jump
1.11Angela Corkery33' 10.00May 27MIAA Eastern D-1 Championship
2.10Julia Hill33' 6.25May 27MIAA Eastern D-1 Championship
3.11Madison Haughey32' 6.00Apr 11Taunton vs Mansfield
4.12Olivia Horn31' 3.00Apr 11Taunton vs Mansfield
5.9Grace Doyle30' 10.50May 9Mansfield vs King Philip
6.10Emma Cottage27' 10.00May 6MSTCA Frosh/Soph
7.12Emma Hanley25' 9.50Apr 20Jump Throw Classic
8.9Lauren Breitenstein25' 7.00Apr 27Mansfield vs Attleboro
Heptathlon Score
1.11Angela Corkery2258Jun 5MSTCA South Heptathlon
2.11Megan Kuras2152Jun 5MSTCA South Heptathlon

*Recent improvement