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100 Meters
1.8Zachary Guthrie11.34awMay 25Oregon Middle School Meet of Champions
2.8Mikiyas Brewer12.32aMay 12Central Oregon Mid-Major District
3.7Triston Fischer12.48aMay 25Oregon Middle School Meet of Champions
4.7Kevin Arroyo13.04cMay 2La Pine MS #2
5.8Hogan Smith13.14cMay 2La Pine MS #2
6.8Trevyn Smith13.34cMay 2La Pine MS #2
7.8Kevin Sanchez Villagomez13.50aApr 25CCMS MEET #2
8.8Austin Rochelle13.54cMay 2La Pine MS #2
9.7Gavin McLean13.84cMay 2La Pine MS #2
10.8Connor Marleau14.11aApr 12CCMS Meet #1
11.6Eric Walker14.24cMay 2La Pine MS #2
7Joshua Knight14.24cMay 2La Pine MS #2
13.7Kayden York14.55aApr 12CCMS Meet #1
14.6Tyler Lange14.64cApr 18EGMS
15.7Bennie Fall14.84cApr 18EGMS
6Joeden Nelson14.84cMay 2La Pine MS #2
17.8Ian Mansur15.15aApr 12CCMS Meet #1
18.7Grey Shinkle15.34cApr 18EGMS
8Gonzalez Zachary15.34cMay 2La Pine MS #2
20.6Hayden Shaw15.62aApr 12CCMS Meet #1
21.8Azariah Becker15.74cMay 2La Pine MS #2
22.7Preston Madison15.84cMay 2La Pine MS #2
23.6Cainen Smith16.14cApr 18EGMS
24.6Wyatt Hammack16.74cMay 2La Pine MS #2
25.6Austin Tibbets17.04cMay 2La Pine MS #2
26.6Isaac Anderson18.86aApr 25CCMS MEET #2
200 Meters
1.7Triston Fischer25.48aMay 25Oregon Middle School Meet of Champions
2.8Mikiyas Brewer25.69aMay 25Oregon Middle School Meet of Champions
3.7Kevin Arroyo27.51aMay 2La Pine MS #2
4.8Alden Day27.87aMay 12Central Oregon Mid-Major District
5.7Gavin McLean28.79aApr 25CCMS MEET #2
6.8Logan Nichol29.50aApr 25CCMS MEET #2
7.6Westley Ossenkop30.35aMay 2La Pine MS #2
8.6Eric Walker31.14cApr 18EGMS
9.8Ian Mansur31.94aMay 2La Pine MS #2
10.8Gonzalez Zachary32.74cApr 18EGMS
11.6Joeden Nelson32.84cApr 18EGMS
12.7Kevin Chu33.05aMay 2La Pine MS #2
13.7Grey Shinkle33.49aMay 2La Pine MS #2
14.6Jesse Wood33.68aApr 12CCMS Meet #1
15.6Brad Mclean34.34aApr 25CCMS MEET #2
16.6Austin Tibbets37.45aMay 2La Pine MS #2
17.7Dylan Hedge38.97aApr 12CCMS Meet #1
400 Meters
1.7Triston Fischer56.10aMay 25Oregon Middle School Meet of Champions
2.8Trevyn Smith61.49aMay 12Central Oregon Mid-Major District
3.8Jacobey Hale63.45aMay 2La Pine MS #2
4.8Connor Marleau64.91aMay 12Central Oregon Mid-Major District
5.8Alden Day65.64aMay 2La Pine MS #2
6.8Alec Carne68.54cApr 18EGMS
7.8Cayden Lowenbach72.15aApr 25CCMS MEET #2
8.7Kevin Chu75.89aMay 2La Pine MS #2
9.6Austin Tibbets1:33.18aMay 12Central Oregon Mid-Major District
400 Meters - Relay Split
1.7Triston Fischer56.00May 15Blue and Gold Meet
2.8Trevyn Smith61.50May 15Blue and Gold Meet
3.8Jacobey Hale63.50May 15Blue and Gold Meet
4.8Alec Carne67.00May 15Blue and Gold Meet
800 Meters
1.8Connor Marleau2:25.27aMay 12Central Oregon Mid-Major District
2.8Alec Carne2:28.77aMay 12Central Oregon Mid-Major District
3.8Alexander Rodriguez2:30.40aMay 12Central Oregon Mid-Major District
4.8Cayden Lowenbach2:41.60Apr 18EGMS
5.7Mason Coffer2:43.20May 2La Pine MS #2
6.6Hayden Shaw3:00.90Apr 18EGMS
7.6Aiden Morton3:03.30Apr 18EGMS
8.7Grey Shinkle3:06.20Apr 25CCMS MEET #2
9.6Gabe Rothenbucher3:14.46aMay 12Central Oregon Mid-Major District
10.6Cainen Smith3:15.20Apr 18EGMS
11.6Alexander Feliz3:17.10May 2La Pine MS #2
12.8Azariah Becker3:26.90Apr 12CCMS Meet #1
13.6Austin Tibbets3:29.90Apr 12CCMS Meet #1
1500 Meters
1.8Alexander Rodriguez4:55.31aMay 12Central Oregon Mid-Major District
2.8Alec Carne4:57.70aMay 12Central Oregon Mid-Major District
3.6Wyatt Gray5:34.00Apr 18EGMS
4.7Mason Coffer5:40.40May 2La Pine MS #2
5.7Kaden Ritter5:55.10May 2La Pine MS #2
6.6Cainen Smith6:21.21aMay 12Central Oregon Mid-Major District
7.6Aiden Morton6:39.00Apr 12CCMS Meet #1
3000 Meters
1.8Alexander Rodriguez11:01.01aMay 15Blue and Gold Meet
2.8Alec Carne11:13.26aMay 15Blue and Gold Meet
100m Hurdles - 30"
1.8Trevyn Smith16.63aMay 25Oregon Middle School Meet of Champions
110m Hurdles - 30"
1.8Trevyn Smith18.79aApr 12CCMS Meet #1
2.7Kayden York20.38aMay 12Central Oregon Mid-Major District
3.8Craig Puckett21.50aApr 12CCMS Meet #1
4.8Hogan Smith21.75aApr 12CCMS Meet #1
5.6Jesse Wood21.78aApr 25CCMS MEET #2
6.8Connor Marleau21.89aApr 12CCMS Meet #1
7.7Kevin Chu21.96aMay 12Central Oregon Mid-Major District
8.7Nathaniel Littrell22.54aMay 2La Pine MS #2
9.8Logan Nichol22.63aApr 12CCMS Meet #1
10.7Cameron Whitney22.76aApr 12CCMS Meet #1
11.8Gonzalez Zachary23.00aApr 12CCMS Meet #1
12.6Brad Mclean23.43aApr 25CCMS MEET #2
13.8Ian Mansur24.29aApr 12CCMS Meet #1
14.6Cainen Smith24.50aMay 2La Pine MS #2
15.7Julian Kutsev24.54cApr 18EGMS
16.6Isaac Anderson27.23aApr 25CCMS MEET #2
110m Hurdles - 33"
1.8Trevyn Smith17.64aMay 12Central Oregon Mid-Major District
2.8Logan Nichol20.93aMay 12Central Oregon Mid-Major District
3.8Connor Marleau21.48aMay 12Central Oregon Mid-Major District
4.8Craig Puckett21.94cApr 18EGMS
8Hogan Smith21.94cApr 18EGMS
6.8Gonzalez Zachary23.04cApr 18EGMS
4x100 Relay
1.Mikiyas Brewer
Zachary Guthrie
Logan Nichol
Hogan Smith
47.85aApr 25CCMS MEET #2
2.Zachary Guthrie
Mikiyas Brewer
Trevyn Smith
Hogan Smith
48.00aMay 12Central Oregon Mid-Major District
3.Zachary Guthrie
Mikiyas Brewer
Trevyn Smith
Austin Rochelle
48.84cMay 2La Pine MS #2
4.Zachary Guthrie
Mikiyas Brewer
Hogan Smith
Logan Nichol
49.64cApr 18EGMS
5.Triston Fischer
Nathaniel Littrell
Gavin McLean
Cameron Whitney
52.26aMay 12Central Oregon Mid-Major District
6.Triston Fischer
Gavin McLean
Nathaniel Littrell
Cameron Whitney
54.87aApr 12CCMS Meet #1
7.Wyatt Gray
Westley Ossenkop
Eric Walker
Cainen Smith
57.94cMay 2La Pine MS #2
8.Wyatt Gray
Westley Ossenkop
Cainen Smith
Eric Walker
58.34cApr 18EGMS
9.Westley Ossenkop
Cainen Smith
Eric Walker
Wyatt Gray
59.39aApr 12CCMS Meet #1
10.Hogan Smith
Logan Nichol
Lonnie Belz
Edgar Gonzales
59.94cMay 2La Pine MS #2
4x200 Relay
1.Triston Fischer
Joshua Knight
Gavin McLean
Kayden York
1:54.50Apr 25CCMS MEET #2
2.Triston Fischer
Joshua Knight
Kayden York
Gavin McLean
1:55.90Apr 18EGMS
3.Austin Rochelle
Jacobey Hale
Logan Nichol
Isaac Reyes
1:58.00aMay 12Central Oregon Mid-Major District
4.Joshua Knight
Triston Fischer
Gavin McLean
Kayden York
1:59.32aApr 12CCMS Meet #1
5.Austin Rochelle
Isaac Reyes
Jacobey Hale
Logan Nichol
2:01.05aApr 12CCMS Meet #1
6.Azariah Becker
Ian Mansur
Jacobey Hale
Logan Nichol
2:07.30Apr 18EGMS
7.Westley Ossenkop
Cainen Smith
Eric Walker
Wyatt Gray
2:08.93aMay 12Central Oregon Mid-Major District
8.Hayden Shaw
Brad Mclean
Cainen Smith
Joeden Nelson
2:15.20May 2La Pine MS #2
9.Hayden Shaw
Jesse Wood
Cainen Smith
Joeden Nelson
2:21.20Apr 25CCMS MEET #2
4x400 Relay
1.Alec Carne
Jacobey Hale
Trevyn Smith
Triston Fischer
04:07.45aMay 15Blue and Gold Meet
Shot Put - 8lb
1.8Mikiyas Brewer39' 1.00Apr 18EGMS
2.8Lonnie Belz37' 6.00May 12Central Oregon Mid-Major District
3.8Abel Nunez Reyes34' 9.00Apr 12CCMS Meet #1
4.8Edgar Gonzales31' 7.00Apr 18EGMS
5.6Anthony Spruth31' 2.00May 2La Pine MS #2
6.8Connor Marleau29' 2.00May 2La Pine MS #2
7.6Tyler Lange26' 8.50Apr 12CCMS Meet #1
8.7Joseph Miller24' 6.00May 12Central Oregon Mid-Major District
9.7Nicholas Katzenberger22' 9.00Apr 12CCMS Meet #1
10.6Stephen Strong20' 1.50May 12Central Oregon Mid-Major District
11.7Dylan Hedge19' 1.00May 12Central Oregon Mid-Major District
12.6Wyatt Hammack18' 4.00Apr 12CCMS Meet #1
13.7Brandon Zurcher17' 5.00Apr 25CCMS MEET #2
Discus - 1kg
1.8Edgar Gonzales111' 2.00Apr 25CCMS MEET #2
2.8Lonnie Belz89' 9.00May 12Central Oregon Mid-Major District
3.6Anthony Spruth86' 11.00May 2La Pine MS #2
4.7Gavin McLean79' 7.00May 12Central Oregon Mid-Major District
5.8Abel Nunez Reyes77' 11.00Apr 18EGMS
6.8Connor Marleau75' 2.00May 12Central Oregon Mid-Major District
7.8Trevyn Smith74' 2.00May 12Central Oregon Mid-Major District
8.7Nicholas Katzenberger72' 8.00Apr 18EGMS
9.8Azariah Becker61' 9.00May 2La Pine MS #2
10.7Joseph Miller59' 9.00Apr 25CCMS MEET #2
11.6Tyler Lange58' 9.50Apr 18EGMS
12.6Stephen Strong57' 4.50Apr 25CCMS MEET #2
13.7Dylan Hedge51' 2.00May 12Central Oregon Mid-Major District
14.6Alexander Feliz49' 6.00May 2La Pine MS #2
15.7Kaden Ritter47' 8.00May 2La Pine MS #2
16.7Preston Madison46' 6.50Apr 25CCMS MEET #2
17.8Isaac Reyes45' 3.50Apr 12CCMS Meet #1
18.7Brandon Zurcher44' 6.00May 2La Pine MS #2
Javelin - 300g TJ
1.8Craig Puckett92' 8.00Apr 12CCMS Meet #1
2.7Gavin McLean91' 4.00Apr 12CCMS Meet #1
3.8Austin Rochelle84' 6.00Apr 12CCMS Meet #1
4.6Jesse Wood76' 11.00Apr 25CCMS MEET #2
5.8Jacobey Hale73' 0.00Apr 12CCMS Meet #1
6.8Isaac Reyes68' 4.00Apr 12CCMS Meet #1
7.7Preston Madison67' 9.00Apr 12CCMS Meet #1
8.8Azariah Becker67' 0.00Apr 12CCMS Meet #1
9.6Anthony Spruth60' 10.00Apr 12CCMS Meet #1
10.6Mason Bush59' 9.00Apr 12CCMS Meet #1
11.7Joshua Knight57' 5.00Apr 12CCMS Meet #1
12.6Alexander Feliz53' 9.00Apr 12CCMS Meet #1
13.6Tyler Lange52' 5.00Apr 25CCMS MEET #2
14.7Brandon Zurcher50' 9.00Apr 12CCMS Meet #1
15.7Kaden Ritter48' 5.00Apr 12CCMS Meet #1
16.6Aiden Morton48' 4.00Apr 25CCMS MEET #2
17.7Joseph Miller46' 0.00Apr 12CCMS Meet #1
18.6Stephen Strong45' 1.00Apr 12CCMS Meet #1
19.7Dylan Hedge42' 11.00Apr 12CCMS Meet #1
20.6Austin Tibbets41' 9.00Apr 12CCMS Meet #1
21.6Gabe Rothenbucher38' 2.00Apr 25CCMS MEET #2
22.6Layton Marshall33' 0.00Apr 12CCMS Meet #1
Javelin - 500g TJ
1.8Craig Puckett107' 0.50Apr 25CCMS MEET #2
2.7Gavin McLean100' 2.50Apr 25CCMS MEET #2
3.8Austin Rochelle96' 9.00May 12Central Oregon Mid-Major District
4.7Joshua Knight87' 2.00May 12Central Oregon Mid-Major District
5.8Jacobey Hale78' 5.00Apr 25CCMS MEET #2
6.7Preston Madison76' 5.00Apr 18EGMS
7.6Jesse Wood73' 8.00May 2La Pine MS #2
8.8Isaac Reyes67' 8.00May 2La Pine MS #2
9.8Azariah Becker67' 4.00Apr 25CCMS MEET #2
10.6Anthony Spruth63' 5.50Apr 18EGMS
11.8Trevyn Smith60' 3.00Apr 18EGMS
12.7Kaden Ritter59' 0.50Apr 18EGMS
13.7Joseph Miller58' 8.50Apr 25CCMS MEET #2
14.6Alexander Feliz56' 11.00Apr 18EGMS
15.6Mason Bush53' 10.25Apr 18EGMS
16.6Tyler Lange48' 1.50Apr 18EGMS
17.7Brandon Zurcher47' 6.00Apr 25CCMS MEET #2
18.6Stephen Strong46' 6.50Apr 18EGMS
19.6Austin Tibbets46' 0.00Apr 18EGMS
20.7Dylan Hedge45' 2.00Apr 25CCMS MEET #2
21.6Aiden Morton42' 9.00Apr 18EGMS
22.6Gabe Rothenbucher37' 11.50Apr 18EGMS
23.6Layton Marshall37' 4.00Apr 18EGMS
High Jump
1.8Craig Puckett5' 2.00Apr 18EGMS
2.8Alden Day4' 10.00May 2La Pine MS #2
7Triston Fischer4' 10.00Apr 12CCMS Meet #1
7Joshua Knight4' 10.00Apr 25CCMS MEET #2
5.7Nathaniel Littrell4' 4.00Apr 12CCMS Meet #1
8Cayden Lowenbach4' 4.00Apr 25CCMS MEET #2
8Alec Carne4' 4.00Apr 18EGMS
8.6Wyatt Gray4' 2.00May 2La Pine MS #2
9.6Eric Walker4' 0.00May 2La Pine MS #2
7Grey Shinkle4' 0.00May 2La Pine MS #2
7Preston Madison4' 0.00Apr 12CCMS Meet #1
7Julian Kutsev4' 0.00Apr 25CCMS MEET #2
7Cameron Whitney4' 0.00Apr 25CCMS MEET #2
14.7Kevin Arroyo3' 10.00Apr 25CCMS MEET #2
15.6Mason Bush3' 8.00Apr 12CCMS Meet #1
6Isaac Anderson3' 8.00Apr 18EGMS
7Kayden York3' 8.00May 2La Pine MS #2
6Joeden Nelson3' 8.00Apr 18EGMS
6Gabe Rothenbucher3' 8.00Apr 18EGMS
Pole Vault
1.8Jacobey Hale8' 6.00May 12Central Oregon Mid-Major District
2.6Jesse Wood7' 9.00May 12Central Oregon Mid-Major District
3.7Nathaniel Littrell7' 6.00May 12Central Oregon Mid-Major District
4.8Craig Puckett7' 3.00Apr 18EGMS
5.7Cameron Whitney6' 2.00Apr 18EGMS
6.6Austin Tibbets6' 0.00Apr 25CCMS MEET #2
Long Jump
1.8Zachary Guthrie20' 0.00Apr 18EGMS
2.8Hogan Smith16' 4.75May 12Central Oregon Mid-Major District
3.7Triston Fischer16' 1.50May 12Central Oregon Mid-Major District
4.6Westley Ossenkop14' 3.50May 12Central Oregon Mid-Major District
5.7Kayden York13' 8.00May 2La Pine MS #2
6.7Joshua Knight13' 7.50May 2La Pine MS #2
7.7Kevin Arroyo13' 5.00May 2La Pine MS #2
8.7Preston Madison12' 3.50Apr 12CCMS Meet #1
9.8Ian Mansur12' 3.00Apr 12CCMS Meet #1
10.6Hayden Shaw11' 11.50Apr 12CCMS Meet #1
11.8Alexander Rodriguez11' 8.00Apr 18EGMS
12.6Eric Walker11' 7.00Apr 18EGMS
13.6Joeden Nelson11' 5.00Apr 18EGMS
14.7Kaden Ritter10' 7.00Apr 25CCMS MEET #2
15.7Kevin Chu9' 9.50May 2La Pine MS #2
16.6Austin Tibbets8' 6.50Apr 18EGMS
17.6Alexander Feliz8' 4.00Apr 25CCMS MEET #2
6Layton Marshall8' 4.00Apr 25CCMS MEET #2
19.7Bennie Fall7' 3.00Apr 18EGMS
20.7Brandon Zurcher7' 2.00May 2La Pine MS #2


100 Meters
1.8Maggie Ramoss13.24cMay 2La Pine MS #2
2.8Zoe Guthrie13.64cMay 2La Pine MS #2
3.7Kacie Wickersheim14.04cApr 18EGMS
4.8Syrie Ossenkop14.14cMay 2La Pine MS #2
5.8Olivia Kerr14.44cMay 2La Pine MS #2
8Aubrey Love14.44cMay 2La Pine MS #2
7.6Madelyn Fuentes14.68aMay 12Central Oregon Mid-Major District
8.7Lauren Papke14.73aMay 12Central Oregon Mid-Major District
9.8Kilee Noland14.84cMay 2La Pine MS #2
10.7Ashley Mundt15.24cApr 18EGMS
7Aurora Duran15.24cApr 18EGMS
12.6Jordan Phillips15.34cMay 2La Pine MS #2
7Jewel Espinosa15.34cMay 2La Pine MS #2
14.8Isabelle Church15.44cMay 2La Pine MS #2
15.6Jenna Seber15.58aApr 12CCMS Meet #1
16.6McKenzie Jonas15.71aApr 12CCMS Meet #1
17.7Jaidyn Hammack15.74cMay 2La Pine MS #2
18.7Mackenzie Powell15.84cMay 2La Pine MS #2
19.6Ria Guana16.04cMay 2La Pine MS #2
6Taylor Joyce16.04cMay 2La Pine MS #2
21.7Emmah Barnes16.35aApr 25CCMS MEET #2
22.6Justyce Patana16.44cMay 2La Pine MS #2
23.7Astrid Story16.74cApr 18EGMS
7Kynsie Ramos16.74cMay 2La Pine MS #2
25.6Petra Becker18.04cMay 2La Pine MS #2
6Lyra Kimler18.04aApr 12CCMS Meet #1
27.6Monique Prieto18.14cApr 18EGMS
28.6Avery LeFevre18.56aApr 25CCMS MEET #2
200 Meters
1.8Maggie Ramoss27.84awMay 25Oregon Middle School Meet of Champions
2.8Syrie Ossenkop30.09aMay 12Central Oregon Mid-Major District
3.7Messina McClellan30.65aMay 12Central Oregon Mid-Major District
4.7Lauren Papke30.77aMay 12Central Oregon Mid-Major District
5.7Sofia Langley30.85aMay 12Central Oregon Mid-Major District
6.6Jacey Ramoss30.95aMay 2La Pine MS #2
7.8Kilee Noland31.07aMay 12Central Oregon Mid-Major District
8.8Alena McCabe32.44aApr 25CCMS MEET #2
9.6Jenna Seber32.45aMay 2La Pine MS #2
10.8Olivia Kerr32.61aApr 25CCMS MEET #2
11.7Jewel Espinosa32.92aApr 25CCMS MEET #2
12.8Taylor Bottoms33.35aMay 2La Pine MS #2
13.6Rachel Lester33.42aApr 12CCMS Meet #1
14.7Ashley Mundt33.50aApr 25CCMS MEET #2
15.7Emmah Barnes33.77aApr 12CCMS Meet #1
16.8Amelia Tanner34.22aApr 12CCMS Meet #1
17.7Mackenzie Powell34.44cApr 18EGMS
18.7Jaidyn Hammack35.26aMay 2La Pine MS #2
19.6Avery LeFevre36.78aMay 2La Pine MS #2
20.7Kaylee Weygandt37.34cApr 18EGMS
21.7Kynsie Ramos38.41aApr 12CCMS Meet #1
22.6Lyra Kimler41.88aApr 12CCMS Meet #1
400 Meters
1.8Alena McCabe72.58aMay 12Central Oregon Mid-Major District
2.6Rachel Lester73.59aMay 2La Pine MS #2
3.6Jenna Seber74.51aMay 2La Pine MS #2
4.6Anavanessa Ortiz75.04cApr 18EGMS
5.7Malorie Thompson75.23aMay 12Central Oregon Mid-Major District
6.8Taylor Bottoms76.11aMay 12Central Oregon Mid-Major District
7.7Messina McClellan77.44cApr 18EGMS
8.8Amelia Tanner77.67aApr 12CCMS Meet #1
9.7Lindsey Mode78.90aApr 12CCMS Meet #1
10.7Mackenzie Powell79.00aApr 25CCMS MEET #2
11.7Marli McClellan79.26aApr 12CCMS Meet #1
12.8Kaiya Eller79.94cApr 18EGMS
13.7Emma Stonebraker1:37.72aApr 12CCMS Meet #1
800 Meters
1.6Savannah Jessee2:49.65aJun 3Middle School Statewide Championships
2.7Elizabeth Woodward2:53.87aMay 12Central Oregon Mid-Major District
3.7Grace Brooks2:56.20Apr 12CCMS Meet #1
4.6Abigail Barker2:57.30Apr 18EGMS
5.7Aniha Wilber2:59.90Apr 12CCMS Meet #1
6.8Kelcie Ames3:01.81aMay 12Central Oregon Mid-Major District
7.6Rachel Lester3:02.00Apr 25CCMS MEET #2
8.8Aimee Slawter3:02.95aMay 12Central Oregon Mid-Major District
9.7Marli McClellan3:03.80Apr 12CCMS Meet #1
10.7Lindsey Mode3:07.40Apr 25CCMS MEET #2
11.6Anne Carne3:08.10Apr 25CCMS MEET #2
12.6Anavanessa Ortiz3:08.70Apr 25CCMS MEET #2
13.6Ria Guana3:11.40Apr 12CCMS Meet #1
1500 Meters
1.6Savannah Jessee5:22.39aJun 3Middle School Statewide Championships
2.7Elizabeth Woodward5:43.00May 2La Pine MS #2
3.7Aniha Wilber5:53.70Apr 12CCMS Meet #1
4.7Lindsey Mode6:03.50May 2La Pine MS #2
5.8Kelcie Ames6:03.65aMay 12Central Oregon Mid-Major District
6.6Abigail Barker6:10.80Apr 12CCMS Meet #1
7.7Messina McClellan6:14.50Apr 18EGMS
8.7Meredith Cooper6:33.00May 2La Pine MS #2
9.6Lillian Hoffman6:34.80May 2La Pine MS #2
3000 Meters
1.6Savannah Jessee12:27.79aMay 15Blue and Gold Meet
100m Hurdles - 30"
1.8Maggie Ramoss17.29aMay 12Central Oregon Mid-Major District
2.8Syrie Ossenkop18.32aApr 25CCMS MEET #2
3.8Marjorie Hutchins18.35aApr 25CCMS MEET #2
4.7Messina McClellan19.85aMay 12Central Oregon Mid-Major District
5.7Emmah Barnes20.85aMay 12Central Oregon Mid-Major District
6.7Elizabeth Woodward20.99aMay 12Central Oregon Mid-Major District
7.8Maria Knight21.10aMay 2La Pine MS #2
8.6McKenzie Jonas21.43aMay 2La Pine MS #2
9.8Kelcie Ames21.48aApr 25CCMS MEET #2
10.7Ashley Mundt21.61aMay 2La Pine MS #2
11.7Josie Kasberger21.63aMay 2La Pine MS #2
12.7Kacie Wickersheim21.76aApr 12CCMS Meet #1
13.7Aniha Wilber22.02aApr 12CCMS Meet #1
14.8Aimee Slawter22.55aApr 12CCMS Meet #1
15.6Savannah Jessee22.80aMay 2La Pine MS #2
16.6Anne Carne22.91aApr 25CCMS MEET #2
17.6Ria Guana23.17aMay 2La Pine MS #2
18.7Lindsey Mode23.49aMay 2La Pine MS #2
19.6Taylor Joyce23.82aMay 2La Pine MS #2
20.7Kaylee Weygandt24.04cApr 18EGMS
4x100 Relay
1.Maggie Ramoss
Marjorie Hutchins
Olivia Kerr
Zoe Guthrie
53.36aMay 12Central Oregon Mid-Major District
2.Elizabeth Barker
Olivia Kerr
Marjorie Hutchins
Maggie Ramoss
55.14cMay 2La Pine MS #2
3.Maggie Ramoss
Zoe Guthrie
Marjorie Hutchins
Elizabeth Barker
56.98aApr 12CCMS Meet #1
4.Aurora Duran
Messina McClellan
Lauren Papke
Sofia Langley
57.09aMay 12Central Oregon Mid-Major District
5.Aurora Duran
Messina McClellan
Lauren Papke
Kacie Wickersheim
58.14cMay 2La Pine MS #2
6.Lauren Papke
Messina McClellan
Kacie Wickersheim
Aurora Duran
58.45aApr 12CCMS Meet #1
7.Madelyn Fuentes
McKenzie Jonas
Jordan Phillips
Jacey Ramoss
61.01aApr 25CCMS MEET #2
8.Petra Becker
Taylor Joyce
Justyce Patana
Ria Guana
62.34cMay 2La Pine MS #2
4x200 Relay
1.Taylor Bottoms
Alena McCabe
Aimee Slawter
Syrie Ossenkop
2:03.62aMay 12Central Oregon Mid-Major District
2.Taylor Bottoms
Alena McCabe
Syrie Ossenkop
Aimee Slawter
2:05.70Apr 25CCMS MEET #2
3.Amelia Tanner
Alena McCabe
Syrie Ossenkop
Taylor Bottoms
2:09.16aApr 12CCMS Meet #1
4.Kelcie Ames
Taylor Bottoms
Kaiya Eller
Maria Knight
2:09.30Apr 18EGMS
5.Kelcie Ames
Kilee Noland
Kaiya Eller
Maria Knight
2:11.70May 2La Pine MS #2
6.Abigail Barker
Ria Guana
Savannah Jessee
Anavanessa Ortiz
2:12.20May 2La Pine MS #2
7.Alena McCabe
Kilee Noland
Elizabeth Barker
Amelia Tanner
2:12.90Apr 18EGMS
8.Jordan Phillips
Madelyn Fuentes
Elise Rice
Taylor Joyce
2:13.77aMay 12Central Oregon Mid-Major District
9.Grace Brooks
Emmah Barnes
Isabelle Kump
Elise Rice
2:14.60May 2La Pine MS #2
10.Emmah Barnes
Grace Brooks
Isabelle Kump
Elise Rice
2:17.00Apr 25CCMS MEET #2
11.Kilee Noland
Kaiya Eller
Kelcie Ames
Maria Knight
2:18.06aApr 12CCMS Meet #1
12.Grace Brooks
Isabelle Kump
Elise Rice
Emmah Barnes
2:19.32aApr 12CCMS Meet #1
13.Ria Guana
Savannah Jessee
Abigail Barker
Anavanessa Ortiz
2:26.68aApr 12CCMS Meet #1
Shot Put - 6lb
1.8Elizabeth Barker39' 0.25May 25Oregon Middle School Meet of Champions
2.7Josie Kasberger22' 10.50Apr 12CCMS Meet #1
3.7Hannah Jones22' 2.00Apr 12CCMS Meet #1
4.7Malorie Thompson22' 1.00Apr 12CCMS Meet #1
5.6Lakyra Walker20' 8.00Apr 12CCMS Meet #1
6.7Lauren Papke18' 10.00Apr 12CCMS Meet #1
7.8Isabelle Church18' 4.00Apr 25CCMS MEET #2
8.7Sofia Langley18' 2.25Apr 12CCMS Meet #1
9.7Astrid Story17' 10.00Apr 12CCMS Meet #1
10.7Joanna Andaluz17' 9.50Apr 12CCMS Meet #1
11.8Abby Chaney17' 2.00Apr 12CCMS Meet #1
12.6Zoe Wyke12' 0.00Apr 12CCMS Meet #1
13.6Cecily Cooper11' 8.00Apr 12CCMS Meet #1
Shot Put - 8lb
1.8Elizabeth Barker33' 6.00May 12Central Oregon Mid-Major District
2.7Josie Kasberger25' 6.00May 12Central Oregon Mid-Major District
3.7Hannah Jones25' 1.00May 2La Pine MS #2
4.7Malorie Thompson24' 7.50May 12Central Oregon Mid-Major District
5.6Lakyra Walker22' 4.50Apr 25CCMS MEET #2
6.7Lauren Papke20' 5.00Apr 18EGMS
7.8Isabelle Church18' 9.75Apr 18EGMS
8.7Astrid Story18' 5.00Apr 25CCMS MEET #2
8Abby Chaney18' 5.00May 2La Pine MS #2
10.7Joanna Andaluz17' 7.00Apr 25CCMS MEET #2
11.7Sofia Langley17' 4.50Apr 25CCMS MEET #2
12.6Balsoma Taylor15' 4.25Apr 18EGMS
13.6Zoe Wyke13' 8.50Apr 25CCMS MEET #2
14.6Cecily Cooper12' 10.00May 2La Pine MS #2
Discus - 1kg
1.8Elizabeth Barker92' 2.00May 25Oregon Middle School Meet of Champions
2.7Hannah Jones67' 0.00May 12Central Oregon Mid-Major District
3.7Josie Kasberger61' 9.00May 12Central Oregon Mid-Major District
4.6Lakyra Walker59' 10.50Apr 18EGMS
5.7Isabelle Kump57' 4.00Apr 25CCMS MEET #2
6.8Abby Chaney53' 1.00May 12Central Oregon Mid-Major District
7.7Joanna Andaluz52' 6.00May 2La Pine MS #2
8.7Malorie Thompson51' 4.00May 2La Pine MS #2
9.7Grace Brooks45' 9.00Apr 25CCMS MEET #2
10.6Cecily Cooper34' 7.00May 2La Pine MS #2
11.6Balsoma Taylor33' 5.50Apr 18EGMS
12.6Zoe Wyke31' 6.00May 2La Pine MS #2
13.7Astrid Story28' 1.00Apr 18EGMS
Javelin - 300g TJ
1.8Maria Knight71' 8.00Apr 12CCMS Meet #1
2.7Isabelle Kump57' 5.00Apr 12CCMS Meet #1
3.7Aurora Duran55' 4.00Apr 12CCMS Meet #1
4.8Kaiya Eller53' 2.00Apr 12CCMS Meet #1
5.7Josie Kasberger53' 0.00Apr 12CCMS Meet #1
6.7Grace Brooks46' 7.50Apr 12CCMS Meet #1
7.8Olivia Kerr46' 0.00Apr 12CCMS Meet #1
8.8Aimee Slawter45' 0.00Apr 12CCMS Meet #1
9.7Joanna Andaluz39' 2.00Apr 12CCMS Meet #1
10.7Sofia Langley33' 5.00Apr 12CCMS Meet #1
11.7Hannah Jones29' 5.00Apr 12CCMS Meet #1
Javelin - 500g TJ
1.8Maria Knight84' 7.00May 12Central Oregon Mid-Major District
2.7Aurora Duran69' 11.50May 12Central Oregon Mid-Major District
3.7Isabelle Kump69' 5.00May 12Central Oregon Mid-Major District
4.7Josie Kasberger59' 10.00May 2La Pine MS #2
5.8Kaiya Eller58' 11.50Apr 18EGMS
6.7Grace Brooks56' 1.50Apr 18EGMS
7.8Aimee Slawter49' 5.50Apr 18EGMS
8.7Joanna Andaluz47' 3.50Apr 25CCMS MEET #2
9.7Sofia Langley45' 0.00Apr 18EGMS
10.8Olivia Kerr41' 10.00Apr 18EGMS
11.7Hannah Jones31' 8.50Apr 18EGMS
Javelin - 500g
1.8Maria Knight84' 4.50Apr 25CCMS MEET #2
2.8Kaiya Eller58' 10.50Apr 25CCMS MEET #2
3.8Aimee Slawter48' 5.00Apr 25CCMS MEET #2
High Jump
1.6Rachel Lester4' 2.00May 2La Pine MS #2
6McKenzie Jonas4' 2.00Apr 18EGMS
3.6Jacey Ramoss4' 0.00Apr 18EGMS
7Elizabeth Woodward4' 0.00Apr 12CCMS Meet #1
6Madelyn Fuentes4' 0.00Apr 12CCMS Meet #1
6Jordan Phillips4' 0.00Apr 12CCMS Meet #1
7Meredith Cooper4' 0.00Apr 18EGMS
8.7Malorie Thompson3' 10.00Apr 25CCMS MEET #2
6Jenna Seber3' 10.00Apr 12CCMS Meet #1
8Isabelle Church3' 10.00Apr 12CCMS Meet #1
7Elise Rice3' 10.00Apr 12CCMS Meet #1
7Aurora Duran3' 10.00May 2La Pine MS #2
13.7Jewel Espinosa3' 8.00Apr 12CCMS Meet #1
14.7Jaidyn Hammack3' 6.00Apr 25CCMS MEET #2
6Anne Carne3' 6.00Apr 18EGMS
7Kynsie Ramos3' 6.00May 2La Pine MS #2
Pole Vault
1.8Aubrey Love7' 3.00May 12Central Oregon Mid-Major District
2.6Jordan Phillips6' 6.00Apr 25CCMS MEET #2
7Elise Rice6' 6.00Apr 25CCMS MEET #2
4.6Taylor Joyce6' 0.00Apr 25CCMS MEET #2
8Abby Chaney6' 0.00Apr 12CCMS Meet #1
6.6Petra Becker5' 0.00Apr 25CCMS MEET #2
Long Jump
1.8Marjorie Hutchins15' 5.50May 12Central Oregon Mid-Major District
2.8Zoe Guthrie14' 5.00May 12Central Oregon Mid-Major District
3.7Messina McClellan13' 2.50May 12Central Oregon Mid-Major District
4.7Elise Rice12' 11.50Apr 12CCMS Meet #1
5.7Kaylee Weygandt12' 6.00Apr 25CCMS MEET #2
6.8Kilee Noland12' 3.50May 12Central Oregon Mid-Major District
7.7Isabelle Kump12' 0.00May 2La Pine MS #2
8.6Jacey Ramoss11' 10.00Apr 18EGMS
9.7Aniha Wilber11' 9.00May 2La Pine MS #2
10.7Mackenzie Powell11' 7.00May 2La Pine MS #2
11.8Aimee Slawter11' 6.00May 2La Pine MS #2
12.8Maria Knight11' 5.00Apr 18EGMS
13.8Taylor Bottoms11' 1.50Apr 18EGMS
14.6Abigail Barker11' 0.00Apr 12CCMS Meet #1
15.6Justyce Patana10' 11.00Apr 25CCMS MEET #2
16.8Olivia Kerr10' 8.00May 2La Pine MS #2
17.6Balsoma Taylor10' 5.00Apr 18EGMS
7Marli McClellan10' 5.00Apr 25CCMS MEET #2
19.7Meredith Cooper10' 3.25Apr 18EGMS
20.8Amelia Tanner10' 1.00Apr 12CCMS Meet #1
21.6Lyra Kimler9' 11.00Apr 12CCMS Meet #1
22.6Lakyra Walker9' 10.50Apr 18EGMS
23.8Kaiya Eller9' 5.00May 2La Pine MS #2
24.8Abby Chaney9' 1.00Apr 12CCMS Meet #1
7Kynsie Ramos9' 1.00Apr 18EGMS
26.6Anne Carne9' 0.00Apr 25CCMS MEET #2
27.8Alena McCabe8' 10.00Apr 12CCMS Meet #1
28.6Petra Becker8' 8.00Apr 18EGMS
29.6Jordan Phillips8' 7.00Apr 12CCMS Meet #1
30.6Lillian Hoffman7' 6.00Apr 12CCMS Meet #1
31.6Zoe Wyke7' 3.00Apr 12CCMS Meet #1
32.6Monique Prieto6' 11.00Apr 25CCMS MEET #2
33.6Cecily Cooper6' 4.00Apr 12CCMS Meet #1

*Recent improvement