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100 Meters
1.12Adza Botchway11.08aMay 126A-1 PIL District Championship - Day 2
2.11Asher Roster11.73aMay 126A-1 PIL District Championship - Day 2
3.11Michael Forbes11.86aApr 19Lincoln, Roosevelt @ Franklin
4.12Phil Rodgers11.97aMay 3Lincoln, Cleveland @ Grant
5.10Kai Wilson11.99aMay 126A-1 PIL District Championship - Day 2
6.11Kevin Nguyen12.31aApr 8Sandy Invitational
7.10Conner Halversen12.54aMay 2PIL JV Districts Day 1
8.10Brendan Sullivan12.61aApr 11Benson, Wilson @ Lincoln
9.9Joseph Abrams12.86aApr 27PIL JV Classic
10.10Oliver Prince12.95aMar 22Jefferson, Lincoln @ Madison
11.9Ethan Nguyen13.12aApr 11Benson, Wilson @ Lincoln
12.12Jacob Shaver13.22aApr 19Lincoln, Roosevelt @ Franklin
13.10Marshall Hall13.29aMay 2PIL JV Districts Day 1
14.10Jacob Gortmaker13.36aApr 27PIL JV Classic
15.9Jake Gortmaker13.64aApr 11Benson, Wilson @ Lincoln
16.11Derek Busser14.14aApr 11Benson, Wilson @ Lincoln
17.9Blake Leikem14.30aApr 11Benson, Wilson @ Lincoln
18.10Asher Abel17.28aMar 22Jefferson, Lincoln @ Madison
200 Meters
1.12Adza Botchway22.39awMay 19OSAA 6A State Championships
2.11Asher Roster23.70aMay 126A-1 PIL District Championship - Day 2
3.10Andre Gonzales24.07aApr 11Benson, Wilson @ Lincoln
4.12Phil Rodgers24.45aMay 3Lincoln, Cleveland @ Grant
11Kenyatta Adams24.45aApr 11Benson, Wilson @ Lincoln
6.10Kai Wilson24.46aMay 3Lincoln, Cleveland @ Grant
7.9Mozu Ngo24.56aMay 2PIL JV Districts Day 1
8.10Oliver Prince25.52aMar 22Jefferson, Lincoln @ Madison
9.11Kevin Nguyen25.88aApr 19Lincoln, Roosevelt @ Franklin
10.10Grant Miller25.91aMay 2PIL JV Districts Day 1
11.10Conner Halversen26.17aMay 2PIL JV Districts Day 1
12.9Joseph Abrams26.25aApr 19Lincoln, Roosevelt @ Franklin
13.9Ethan Nguyen26.26aApr 19Lincoln, Roosevelt @ Franklin
14.9Ethan Harper26.32aApr 19Lincoln, Roosevelt @ Franklin
15.9JP Neighbors26.78aApr 11Benson, Wilson @ Lincoln
16.9William McCormick26.96aMay 2PIL JV Districts Day 1
17.9Kieran Lyden27.17aApr 19Lincoln, Roosevelt @ Franklin
18.10Jacob Gortmaker27.18aMay 2PIL JV Districts Day 1
400 Meters
1.9Ethan Harper52.19aMay 126A-1 PIL District Championship - Day 2
2.12Adza Botchway53.09aApr 2253rd Annual Centennial Invitational
3.12Christopher Edington53.45aMay 3Lincoln, Cleveland @ Grant
4.10Andre Gonzales54.08aMay 126A-1 PIL District Championship - Day 2
5.10Oliver Prince54.53aApr 27PIL JV Classic
6.11Michael Forbes54.62aMay 3Lincoln, Cleveland @ Grant
7.10Jalen Javurek55.57aApr 19Lincoln, Roosevelt @ Franklin
8.9Mozu Ngo55.79aMay 4PIL JV Districts Day 2
9.10Grant Miller56.29aMay 4PIL JV Districts Day 2
10.9James Litton56.61aApr 8Sandy Invitational
11.11Kenyatta Adams56.90aApr 11Benson, Wilson @ Lincoln
12.9Kieran Lyden58.54aApr 19Lincoln, Roosevelt @ Franklin
13.11David Fuller58.76aApr 19Lincoln, Roosevelt @ Franklin
14.10Roman Smith59.58aMay 2PIL JV Districts Day 1
15.9JP Neighbors59.97aApr 19Lincoln, Roosevelt @ Franklin
16.9William McCormick60.80aMay 2PIL JV Districts Day 1
17.9Riley Easton61.34aApr 19Lincoln, Roosevelt @ Franklin
18.9John Savage66.22aApr 11Benson, Wilson @ Lincoln
800 Meters
1.12Christopher Edington1:59.78aMay 126A-1 PIL District Championship - Day 2
2.12Carson Cohn2:00.72aMay 3Lincoln, Cleveland @ Grant
3.12Dominic Arce2:02.74aMay 3Lincoln, Cleveland @ Grant
4.9Ethan Harper2:04.08aMay 3Lincoln, Cleveland @ Grant
5.12Spencer Hutchinson2:04.81aMay 3Lincoln, Cleveland @ Grant
6.12Walter Williamson2:05.73aMay 126A-1 PIL District Championship - Day 2
7.11Aidan Anastas2:10.22aMay 4PIL JV Districts Day 2
8.11David Fuller2:11.08aApr 8Sandy Invitational
9.10Will Kaigh2:11.53aMay 4PIL JV Districts Day 2
10.10Jalen Javurek2:14.17aApr 19Lincoln, Roosevelt @ Franklin
11.9Riley Easton2:14.88aMay 2PIL JV Districts Day 1
12.9Elisha Hirschfield2:15.80aMay 2PIL JV Districts Day 1
13.12Nicolas Chu2:16.65aMay 2PIL JV Districts Day 1
14.9Christopher Lambert2:19.54aApr 19Lincoln, Roosevelt @ Franklin
15.10Ian Grant2:19.58aApr 19Lincoln, Roosevelt @ Franklin
16.10Max Stearns2:20.24aApr 8Sandy Invitational
17.11Christian Fin2:21.67aApr 11Benson, Wilson @ Lincoln
18.9Socrates Shawn2:22.94aApr 11Benson, Wilson @ Lincoln
19.12John Langford2:22.95aApr 19Lincoln, Roosevelt @ Franklin
20.10Roman Smith2:28.64aApr 27PIL JV Classic
21.9John Savage2:28.79aApr 27PIL JV Classic
22.10Brandon Hendren2:33.72aApr 19Lincoln, Roosevelt @ Franklin
23.10Brendan Sullivan2:37.25aApr 11Benson, Wilson @ Lincoln
1500 Meters
1.12Dominic Arce4:01.46aMay 19OSAA 6A State Championships
2.12Carson Cohn4:11.62aApr 2253rd Annual Centennial Invitational
3.12Spencer Hutchinson4:12.29aApr 2253rd Annual Centennial Invitational
4.12Christopher Edington4:13.33aApr 28Nike/Jesuit Twilight Relays
5.12Walter Williamson4:20.10aApr 28Nike/Jesuit Twilight Relays
6.9Ethan Harper4:23.10aApr 28Nike/Jesuit Twilight Relays
7.10Jalen Javurek4:25.02aApr 11Benson, Wilson @ Lincoln
8.10Connor Campbell4:25.57aApr 19Lincoln, Roosevelt @ Franklin
9.11David Fuller4:26.20aMay 3Lincoln, Cleveland @ Grant
10.11Aidan Anastas4:26.49aMay 2PIL JV Districts Day 1
11.11Ezra Berg4:29.40aMay 2PIL JV Districts Day 1
12.10Will Kaigh4:34.06aMay 2PIL JV Districts Day 1
13.10Max Stearns4:38.90aApr 19Lincoln, Roosevelt @ Franklin
14.10Ian Grant4:48.22aMay 2PIL JV Districts Day 1
15.9Alexander Voutsas4:50.56aApr 27PIL JV Classic
16.12John Langford4:50.97aApr 27PIL JV Classic
17.11Christian Fin4:51.38aApr 19Lincoln, Roosevelt @ Franklin
18.10Joshua Yamanoi4:52.90aMay 2PIL JV Districts Day 1
19.9Christopher Lambert4:55.82aApr 11Benson, Wilson @ Lincoln
20.9Socrates Shawn4:58.39aMay 2PIL JV Districts Day 1
21.9Elisha Hirschfield4:58.77aApr 27PIL JV Classic
22.9Sam Stevens5:03.17aMay 2PIL JV Districts Day 1
23.9Casey Pickett5:09.93aMay 2PIL JV Districts Day 1
24.10Brandon Hendren5:12.91aApr 11Benson, Wilson @ Lincoln
25.12Nicolas Chu5:13.72aApr 11Benson, Wilson @ Lincoln
26.9Antonelias Loebich5:24.24aApr 27PIL JV Classic
27.9Aiden Hendrikson5:28.70aApr 19Lincoln, Roosevelt @ Franklin
28.9Jonathan Zhao5:32.52aApr 11Benson, Wilson @ Lincoln
29.9Jacob Dirkx5:42.22aApr 19Lincoln, Roosevelt @ Franklin
30.9Alex Karnstein6:24.46aApr 11Benson, Wilson @ Lincoln
3000 Meters
1.12Dominic Arce8:49.84aApr 2253rd Annual Centennial Invitational
2.12Spencer Hutchinson8:56.69aApr 14Oregon Relays
3.12Carson Cohn8:56.75aMay 126A-1 PIL District Championship - Day 2
4.10Jalen Javurek9:19.47aApr 14Oregon Relays
5.10Connor Campbell9:30.17aApr 11Benson, Wilson @ Lincoln
6.11Ezra Berg9:49.48aMay 4PIL JV Districts Day 2
7.12Walter Williamson9:49.85aApr 8Sandy Invitational
8.9Ethan Harper10:05.46aMar 22Jefferson, Lincoln @ Madison
9.10Max Stearns10:19.93aApr 27PIL JV Classic
10.12Christopher Edington10:30.19aApr 19Lincoln, Roosevelt @ Franklin
11.10Will Kaigh10:31.55aApr 27PIL JV Classic
12.10Reid Chen10:42.09aApr 27PIL JV Classic
13.10Gustav Baur10:46.29aMar 22Jefferson, Lincoln @ Madison
14.9Sam Stevens11:02.81aMay 4PIL JV Districts Day 2
15.9Casey Pickett11:38.93aMay 4PIL JV Districts Day 2
16.9Antonelias Loebich11:53.74aMar 22Jefferson, Lincoln @ Madison
17.9Aiden Hendrikson12:14.11aMay 4PIL JV Districts Day 2
18.9Jacob Dirkx12:32.72aApr 11Benson, Wilson @ Lincoln
19.9Alex Karnstein13:26.12aMar 22Jefferson, Lincoln @ Madison
5000 Meters
1.12Carson Cohn16:02.90aMay 26Axemen Distance Festival
2.11David Fuller18:08.84aMay 26Axemen Distance Festival
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.11Michael Forbes16.45aMay 126A-1 PIL District Championship - Day 2
2.11Hawkins Lape18.19aMay 3Lincoln, Cleveland @ Grant
3.11Derek Busser19.05aMay 3Lincoln, Cleveland @ Grant
4.12Srinik Chinnam20.86aApr 19Lincoln, Roosevelt @ Franklin
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.11Michael Forbes41.55aMay 126A-1 PIL District Championship - Day 2
2.11David Fuller44.77aMay 126A-1 PIL District Championship - Day 2
3.11Hawkins Lape47.72aApr 27PIL JV Classic
4.11Derek Busser49.70aApr 27PIL JV Classic
5.12Srinik Chinnam50.50aApr 11Benson, Wilson @ Lincoln
4x100 Relay
1.Phil Rodgers
Asher Roster
Michael Forbes
Adza Botchway
43.04aMay 19OSAA 6A State Championships
2.Relay Team 44.56aMar 22Jefferson, Lincoln @ Madison
3.Kevin Nguyen
Michael Forbes
Andre Gonzales
Adza Botchway
44.62aApr 5PIL Varsity Relays
4.Kevin Nguyen
Asher Roster
Michael Forbes
Adza Botchway
44.66aApr 2253rd Annual Centennial Invitational
5.Andre Gonzales
Asher Roster
Michael Forbes
Adza Botchway
45.09aApr 19Lincoln, Roosevelt @ Franklin
6.Andre Gonzales
Kai Wilson
Michael Forbes
Adza Botchway
45.21aApr 8Sandy Invitational
7.Andre Gonzales
Kai Wilson
Asher Roster
Adza Botchway
45.94aApr 11Benson, Wilson @ Lincoln
8.Joseph Abrams
Kenyatta Adams
Grant Miller
Mozu Ngo
47.63aMay 4PIL JV Districts Day 2
9.Joseph Abrams
Mozu Ngo
JP Neighbors
Grant Miller
48.09aApr 27PIL JV Classic
4x200 Relay
1.Andre Gonzales
Michael Forbes
Kai Wilson
Adza Botchway
1:34.89aApr 5PIL Varsity Relays
2.Andre Gonzales
Michael Forbes
Kenyatta Adams
Adza Botchway
1:35.73aApr 28Nike/Jesuit Twilight Relays
3.Andre Gonzales
Kai Wilson
Asher Roster
Adza Botchway
1:36.95aApr 14Oregon Relays
4.Kevin Nguyen
Phil Rodgers
Asher Roster
Kenyatta Adams
1:44.78aApr 5PIL Varsity Relays
4x400 Relay
1.Ethan Harper
Christopher Edington
Dominic Arce
Adza Botchway
3:29.71aMay 3Lincoln, Cleveland @ Grant
2.Ethan Harper
Dominic Arce
Christopher Edington
Adza Botchway
3:30.18aMay 126A-1 PIL District Championship - Day 2
3.Ethan Harper
Dominic Arce
Michael Forbes
Adza Botchway
3:33.84aApr 28Nike/Jesuit Twilight Relays
4.Ethan Harper
Andre Gonzales
Dominic Arce
Adza Botchway
3:34.10aApr 11Benson, Wilson @ Lincoln
5.Ethan Harper
Michael Forbes
Andre Gonzales
Adza Botchway
3:35.41aApr 5PIL Varsity Relays
6.Ethan Harper
Michael Forbes
Dominic Arce
Adza Botchway
3:36.74aApr 14Oregon Relays
7.Carson Cohn
Spencer Hutchinson
Jalen Javurek
Walter Williamson
3:44.15aMay 3Lincoln, Cleveland @ Grant
8.Grant Miller
Kenyatta Adams
Joseph Abrams
Mozu Ngo
3:46.38aMay 4PIL JV Districts Day 2
9.Relay Team 3:47.88aMar 22Jefferson, Lincoln @ Madison
10.Oliver Prince
Mozu Ngo
Joseph Abrams
Grant Miller
3:50.19aApr 27PIL JV Classic
11.Andre Gonzales
Ethan Harper
Michael Forbes
Adza Botchway
3:50.66aApr 8Sandy Invitational
12.Ethan Harper
Michael Forbes
Kenyatta Adams
Adza Botchway
4:09.37aApr 19Lincoln, Roosevelt @ Franklin
4x800 Relay
1.Dominic Arce
Ethan Harper
Christopher Edington
Spencer Hutchinson
8:17.63aApr 5PIL Varsity Relays
2.Walter Williamson
Jalen Javurek
Carson Cohn
David Fuller
8:38.05aApr 28Nike/Jesuit Twilight Relays
3.Christopher Lambert
Riley Easton
John Savage
Will Kaigh
9:38.98aApr 5PIL Varsity Relays
4.Riley Easton
John Savage
Socrates Shawn
Ian Grant
9:39.64aApr 8Sandy Invitational
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m
1.Spencer Hutchinson
Ethan Harper
Christopher Edington
Dominic Arce
10:42.69aApr 28Nike/Jesuit Twilight Relays
2.Christopher Edington
Adza Botchway
Ethan Harper
Dominic Arce
10:45.44aApr 14Oregon Relays
3.Jalen Javurek
Kenyatta Adams
Walter Williamson
Ezra Berg
11:41.13aApr 5PIL Varsity Relays
4.Connor Campbell
Grant Miller
Max Stearns
Aidan Anastas
11:56.65aApr 5PIL Varsity Relays
Shot Put - 12lb
1.12Phil Rodgers41' 5.00May 126A-1 PIL District Championship - Day 2
2.10Jack Plew38' 1.00May 126A-1 PIL District Championship - Day 2
3.12Jacob Shaver37' 1.50May 126A-1 PIL District Championship - Day 2
4.10Jacob Mesch33' 5.50Apr 27PIL JV Classic
5.11Andrew Crawford31' 1.00Apr 27PIL JV Classic
6.12Seth Daniel30' 4.50Mar 22Jefferson, Lincoln @ Madison
7.10Caleb Kono28' 9.00May 4PIL JV Districts Day 2
8.10Asher Abel17' 9.00Apr 27PIL JV Classic
9.10Robert Menezes17' 1.00Mar 22Jefferson, Lincoln @ Madison
Discus - 1.6kg
1.11Sawyer Christopher140' 8.00May 19OSAA 6A State Championships
2.10Jack Plew97' 2.00May 126A-1 PIL District Championship - Day 2
3.12Seth Daniel83' 7.00Mar 22Jefferson, Lincoln @ Madison
4.11Andrew Crawford76' 10.00Apr 11Benson, Wilson @ Lincoln
5.10Spencer Page76' 4.00Apr 8Sandy Invitational
6.10Caleb Kono72' 0.00May 4PIL JV Districts Day 2
7.10Jacob Mesch61' 10.00Apr 27PIL JV Classic
8.10Robert Menezes46' 0.00May 4PIL JV Districts Day 2
Javelin - 800g
1.11Sawyer Christopher189' 11.00Apr 28Nike/Jesuit Twilight Relays
2.10Spencer Page133' 5.00Apr 5PIL Varsity Relays
3.12Srinik Chinnam107' 6.00Apr 8Sandy Invitational
4.11Aidan Anastas102' 10.00Apr 19Lincoln, Roosevelt @ Franklin
5.12Seth Daniel93' 9.00Apr 11Benson, Wilson @ Lincoln
6.12Jacob Shaver79' 8.00Apr 19Lincoln, Roosevelt @ Franklin
High Jump
1.10Kai Wilson5' 10.00Mar 22Jefferson, Lincoln @ Madison
11Sawyer Christopher5' 10.00May 3Lincoln, Cleveland @ Grant
11Nolan Ludiker5' 10.00Apr 27PIL JV Classic
4.11Aidan Anastas5' 6.00Apr 19Lincoln, Roosevelt @ Franklin
10Gardner Terrell Howe5' 6.00Apr 11Benson, Wilson @ Lincoln
12Tucker Holstun5' 6.00Apr 8Sandy Invitational
7.10Brendan Sullivan5' 2.00Apr 11Benson, Wilson @ Lincoln
Pole Vault
1.11Lukas Weinbach14' 6.00Apr 2253rd Annual Centennial Invitational
2.10Jordan Johnson11' 6.00May 3Lincoln, Cleveland @ Grant
3.10Sam Piesner10' 0.00Apr 5PIL Varsity Relays
4.9Christopher Lambert9' 0.00Apr 19Lincoln, Roosevelt @ Franklin
5.11Gabriel Servo8' 6.00Apr 27PIL JV Classic
6.9Casey Pickett7' 6.00Apr 27PIL JV Classic
Long Jump
1.11Kevin Nguyen18' 6.00Mar 22Jefferson, Lincoln @ Madison
2.12Brock Rice18' 4.50May 3Lincoln, Cleveland @ Grant
3.9James Litton17' 8.00Mar 22Jefferson, Lincoln @ Madison
4.11Lukas Weinbach17' 7.50Apr 11Benson, Wilson @ Lincoln
5.11Nolan Ludiker17' 5.00Apr 5PIL Varsity Relays
6.10Gardner Terrell Howe17' 3.00May 2PIL JV Districts Day 1
7.11Michael Forbes16' 8.50Apr 27PIL JV Classic
8.9Benjamin Reynolds16' 6.50Apr 27PIL JV Classic
9.10Brendan Sullivan16' 1.75May 2PIL JV Districts Day 1
10.10Roman Smith15' 9.00Mar 22Jefferson, Lincoln @ Madison
11.10Sam Piesner15' 8.50Apr 27PIL JV Classic
12.10Marshall Hall14' 10.00Apr 11Benson, Wilson @ Lincoln
13.10Conner Halversen14' 9.00Mar 22Jefferson, Lincoln @ Madison
14.10Spencer Page14' 8.50Apr 19Lincoln, Roosevelt @ Franklin
15.10Michael Aaby14' 5.00Mar 22Jefferson, Lincoln @ Madison
16.9Blake Leikem14' 4.00Mar 22Jefferson, Lincoln @ Madison
17.11Semeredin Kundin12' 7.00Mar 22Jefferson, Lincoln @ Madison
18.9Ryan Flinders12' 5.00Apr 27PIL JV Classic
Triple Jump
1.11Kevin Nguyen34' 5.50Apr 11Benson, Wilson @ Lincoln
2.11Gabriel Servo32' 10.00Apr 11Benson, Wilson @ Lincoln
3.9Benjamin Reynolds29' 3.50May 4PIL JV Districts Day 2


100 Meters
1.10Ella Andoh12.87aMay 126A-1 PIL District Championship - Day 2
2.12Sarah Nasson13.21aMay 126A-1 PIL District Championship - Day 2
3.12Keauna Cobb13.24aMay 126A-1 PIL District Championship - Day 2
4.10Madison Fassiotto13.45aMay 3Lincoln, Cleveland @ Grant
5.9Nya Wilson13.56aApr 27PIL JV Classic
6.12Breauna Cobb13.69aApr 27PIL JV Classic
7.9Alexa Marandas14.04aMay 2PIL JV Districts Day 1
8.11Megan Richardson14.05aApr 19Lincoln, Roosevelt @ Franklin
9.10Brianna Webb14.96aApr 27PIL JV Classic
10.10Leah Eden15.01aApr 27PIL JV Classic
11.11Katarina Abrams15.03aMar 22Jefferson, Lincoln @ Madison
12.10Katherine Kim15.21aApr 11Benson, Wilson @ Lincoln
13.9Zoe Greenwald15.43aApr 27PIL JV Classic
14.10Momoko Omori16.00aApr 27PIL JV Classic
15.10Audrey Taylor16.51aApr 19Lincoln, Roosevelt @ Franklin
200 Meters
1.10Madison Fassiotto26.96aMay 126A-1 PIL District Championship - Day 2
2.10Ella Andoh27.17aMay 126A-1 PIL District Championship - Day 2
3.12Sarah Nasson27.24aMay 126A-1 PIL District Championship - Day 2
4.9Maya Kaizuka Smith28.06aApr 19Lincoln, Roosevelt @ Franklin
5.9Nya Wilson28.41aMay 2PIL JV Districts Day 1
6.12Keauna Cobb28.42aApr 19Lincoln, Roosevelt @ Franklin
7.12Ciara Williams28.78aMay 3Lincoln, Cleveland @ Grant
8.9Kaitlyn Auth28.92aApr 27PIL JV Classic
9.11Katarina Abrams29.12aApr 8Sandy Invitational
10.9Alexa Marandas29.35aApr 11Benson, Wilson @ Lincoln
11.9Ellie Whitworth29.53aMay 2PIL JV Districts Day 1
12.10Brianna Webb30.46aMay 2PIL JV Districts Day 1
13.10Katherine Kim31.33aApr 11Benson, Wilson @ Lincoln
14.10Leah Eden31.44aApr 11Benson, Wilson @ Lincoln
15.10Sydney Dunn32.62aMar 22Jefferson, Lincoln @ Madison
16.9Zoe Greenwald32.81aApr 19Lincoln, Roosevelt @ Franklin
17.9Amara Halverson33.25aApr 27PIL JV Classic
18.10Momoko Omori35.12aApr 19Lincoln, Roosevelt @ Franklin
400 Meters
1.11Natalie Swope60.01aMay 126A-1 PIL District Championship - Day 2
2.11Stephanie Lair60.42aMay 3Lincoln, Cleveland @ Grant
3.9Maya Kaizuka Smith61.00aMay 126A-1 PIL District Championship - Day 2
4.10Kendall Accetta63.37aMay 3Lincoln, Cleveland @ Grant
5.9Kaitlyn Auth63.96aApr 27PIL JV Classic
6.11Claire Winthrop65.27aApr 27PIL JV Classic
7.12Ciara Williams65.35aMay 3Lincoln, Cleveland @ Grant
8.9Ellie Whitworth65.49aApr 27PIL JV Classic
9.10Ella Andoh65.81aApr 8Sandy Invitational
10.12Stephanie Hamilton66.93aApr 11Benson, Wilson @ Lincoln
11.9Mina Boyd67.22aMay 4PIL JV Districts Day 2
12.11Katarina Abrams67.81aApr 19Lincoln, Roosevelt @ Franklin
13.9Jasmine Schimpfoessl69.71aApr 27PIL JV Classic
14.9Audrey Walker76.12aMar 22Jefferson, Lincoln @ Madison
800 Meters
1.11Stephanie Lair2:17.39aMay 126A-1 PIL District Championship - Day 2
2.10Kendall Accetta2:22.10aApr 2253rd Annual Centennial Invitational
3.10Kyla Becker2:23.32aMay 3Lincoln, Cleveland @ Grant
4.10Bridget Price2:24.77aApr 2253rd Annual Centennial Invitational
5.9Isabel Homsi2:33.67aApr 27PIL JV Classic
6.9Kaitlyn Auth2:33.87aApr 11Benson, Wilson @ Lincoln
7.9Fiona Courogen2:34.30aMay 3Lincoln, Cleveland @ Grant
8.9Alison Thigpen2:34.57aMay 2PIL JV Districts Day 1
9.12Abigail Dalke2:39.34aMay 3Lincoln, Cleveland @ Grant
10.12Annika Steele2:45.39aMay 3Lincoln, Cleveland @ Grant
11.9Emily Prince2:47.91aMar 22Jefferson, Lincoln @ Madison
12.11Hali Barefoot2:49.18aMar 22Jefferson, Lincoln @ Madison
13.9Ailey Johnson2:51.97aMay 2PIL JV Districts Day 1
14.11Trinity Norriss2:53.89aApr 27PIL JV Classic
15.11Kristina Belasova2:55.35aMay 2PIL JV Districts Day 1
16.9Audrey Walker2:56.59aApr 27PIL JV Classic
17.9Ella Williamson3:02.50aMar 22Jefferson, Lincoln @ Madison
18.9Tina Fotouhi3:12.99aMay 2PIL JV Districts Day 1
1500 Meters
1.10Kyla Becker4:43.08aApr 28Nike/Jesuit Twilight Relays
2.10Bridget Price4:48.87aMay 126A-1 PIL District Championship - Day 2
3.10Kendall Accetta4:48.89aMay 126A-1 PIL District Championship - Day 2
4.11Ellie Kobak5:01.32aApr 2253rd Annual Centennial Invitational
5.9Maddie Dolich5:11.28aApr 27PIL JV Classic
6.12Abigail Dalke5:15.12aApr 11Benson, Wilson @ Lincoln
7.11Mia Yerton5:16.61aApr 27PIL JV Classic
8.9Alison Thigpen5:20.53aApr 19Lincoln, Roosevelt @ Franklin
9.12Katherine Renner5:27.85aMar 22Jefferson, Lincoln @ Madison
10.11Hali Barefoot5:33.22aMay 4PIL JV Districts Day 2
11.12Haile Peveto5:33.88aApr 19Lincoln, Roosevelt @ Franklin
12.9Celeste Ortiz5:39.07aMay 4PIL JV Districts Day 2
13.10Sarah Campbell5:42.25aMay 4PIL JV Districts Day 2
14.9Emily Prince5:42.58aApr 11Benson, Wilson @ Lincoln
15.9Orly Meyer5:54.23aApr 19Lincoln, Roosevelt @ Franklin
16.9Ella Williamson5:58.00aApr 19Lincoln, Roosevelt @ Franklin
17.9Fiona Courogen6:02.31aApr 19Lincoln, Roosevelt @ Franklin
18.12Chelsea Goldsmith6:04.75aApr 27PIL JV Classic
19.11Kristina Belasova6:08.88aApr 11Benson, Wilson @ Lincoln
20.10Sara Grace Wamsley6:12.00aMar 22Jefferson, Lincoln @ Madison
21.11You Lian Weiner6:14.54aApr 19Lincoln, Roosevelt @ Franklin
22.9Audrey Walker6:36.84aApr 11Benson, Wilson @ Lincoln
3000 Meters
1.10Kyla Becker10:10.95aMay 19OSAA 6A State Championships
2.11Ellie Kobak10:52.47aMay 126A-1 PIL District Championship - Day 2
3.12Abigail Dalke10:52.75aApr 28Nike/Jesuit Twilight Relays
4.12Annika Steele11:05.55aApr 2253rd Annual Centennial Invitational
5.9Maddie Dolich11:26.05aMay 2PIL JV Districts Day 1
6.11Mia Yerton11:31.91aMay 2PIL JV Districts Day 1
7.10Bridget Price11:50.36aMar 22Jefferson, Lincoln @ Madison
8.10Sarah Campbell12:28.11aMay 2PIL JV Districts Day 1
9.9Orly Meyer13:23.22aMay 2PIL JV Districts Day 1
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.11Megan Richardson16.16aMay 126A-1 PIL District Championship - Day 2
2.11Kate Lambert16.61aMay 126A-1 PIL District Championship - Day 2
3.11Rose Saltveit18.71aMay 126A-1 PIL District Championship - Day 2
4.9Amara Halverson21.12aMay 4PIL JV Districts Day 2
5.10Brianna Webb26.24aMar 22Jefferson, Lincoln @ Madison
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.11Megan Richardson48.49aMay 126A-1 PIL District Championship - Day 2
2.11Claire Winthrop49.89aMay 126A-1 PIL District Championship - Day 2
3.11Kate Lambert51.82aMay 126A-1 PIL District Championship - Day 2
4.11Rose Saltveit57.18aApr 27PIL JV Classic
4x100 Relay
1.Keauna Cobb
Madison Fassiotto
Ella Andoh
Sarah Nasson
50.28aMay 19OSAA 6A State Championships
2.Keauna Cobb
Kate Lambert
Ella Andoh
Sarah Nasson
50.74aMay 3Lincoln, Cleveland @ Grant
3.Keauna Cobb
Nya Wilson
Ella Andoh
Sarah Nasson
50.81aMay 126A-1 PIL District Championship - Day 2
4.Keauna Cobb
Natalie Swope
Ella Andoh
Sarah Nasson
50.99aApr 28Nike/Jesuit Twilight Relays
5.Ella Andoh
Keauna Cobb
Kate Lambert
Sarah Nasson
51.93aApr 5PIL Varsity Relays
6.Madison Fassiotto
Maya Kaizuka Smith
Ella Andoh
Nya Wilson
52.09aApr 2253rd Annual Centennial Invitational
7.Relay Team 52.56aMar 22Jefferson, Lincoln @ Madison
8.Breauna Cobb
Madison Fassiotto
Katarina Abrams
Maya Kaizuka Smith
52.57aApr 19Lincoln, Roosevelt @ Franklin
9.Breauna Cobb
Katarina Abrams
Alexa Marandas
Nya Wilson
52.69aMay 4PIL JV Districts Day 2
10.Breauna Cobb
Nya Wilson
Katarina Abrams
Ella Andoh
52.76aApr 27PIL JV Classic
11.Megan Richardson
Kate Lambert
Rose Saltveit
Claire Winthrop
55.63aApr 5PIL Varsity Relays
4x200 Relay
1.Ella Andoh
Maya Kaizuka Smith
Natalie Swope
Sarah Nasson
1:48.50aApr 28Nike/Jesuit Twilight Relays
2.Ella Andoh
Keauna Cobb
Maya Kaizuka Smith
Sarah Nasson
1:50.57aApr 5PIL Varsity Relays
3.Katarina Abrams
Breauna Cobb
Megan Richardson
Kate Lambert
2:05.21aApr 5PIL Varsity Relays
4x400 Relay
1.Natalie Swope
Maya Kaizuka Smith
Ella Andoh
Stephanie Lair
4:04.61aMay 19OSAA 6A State Championships
2.Maya Kaizuka Smith
Natalie Swope
Stephanie Lair
Ella Andoh
4:05.66aMay 126A-1 PIL District Championship - Day 2
3.Kendall Accetta
Ella Andoh
Natalie Swope
Stephanie Lair
4:06.18aMay 3Lincoln, Cleveland @ Grant
4.Ella Andoh
Stephanie Lair
Kendall Accetta
Maya Kaizuka Smith
4:11.02aApr 2253rd Annual Centennial Invitational
5.Kendall Accetta
Stephanie Lair
Maya Kaizuka Smith
Natalie Swope
4:11.80aApr 28Nike/Jesuit Twilight Relays
6.Maya Kaizuka Smith
Stephanie Lair
Kendall Accetta
Natalie Swope
4:12.97aApr 14Oregon Relays
7.Maya Kaizuka Smith
Ciara Williams
Stephanie Lair
Claire Winthrop
4:19.95aApr 5PIL Varsity Relays
8.Maya Kaizuka Smith
Sarah Nasson
Kendall Accetta
Stephanie Lair
4:23.75aApr 19Lincoln, Roosevelt @ Franklin
9.Ella Andoh
Madison Fassiotto
Katarina Abrams
Claire Winthrop
4:25.02aApr 19Lincoln, Roosevelt @ Franklin
10.Relay Team 4:26.02aMar 22Jefferson, Lincoln @ Madison
11.Bridget Price
Kaitlyn Auth
Ciara Williams
Kyla Becker
4:26.68aMay 3Lincoln, Cleveland @ Grant
12.Mina Boyd
Ellie Whitworth
Jasmine Schimpfoessl
Nya Wilson
4:33.10aMay 4PIL JV Districts Day 2
13.Emily Prince
Alexa Marandas
Mina Boyd
Katarina Abrams
4:33.64aApr 27PIL JV Classic
14.Kyla Becker
Bridget Price
Ciara Williams
Ellie Whitworth
4:42.55aApr 19Lincoln, Roosevelt @ Franklin
15.Natalie Swope
Stephanie Lair
Kendall Accetta
Maya Kaizuka Smith
4:42.57aApr 11Benson, Wilson @ Lincoln
16.Ellie Kobak
Kaitlyn Auth
Alison Thigpen
Bridget Price
4:51.61aApr 11Benson, Wilson @ Lincoln
4x800 Relay
1.Stephanie Lair
Bridget Price
Kendall Accetta
Kyla Becker
9:40.96aApr 28Nike/Jesuit Twilight Relays
2.Stephanie Lair
Bridget Price
Kyla Becker
Ellie Kobak
9:49.21aApr 14Oregon Relays
3.Kendall Accetta
Ciara Williams
Bridget Price
Stephanie Lair
10:01.63aApr 7MVP Performance Chehalem Field and Track Classic
4.Stephanie Lair
Ciara Williams
Bridget Price
Kendall Accetta
10:16.75aApr 5PIL Varsity Relays
5.Alison Thigpen
Isabel Homsi
Maddie Dolich
Kaitlyn Auth
10:57.34aApr 5PIL Varsity Relays
6.Alison Thigpen
Isabel Homsi
Kaitlyn Auth
Emily Prince
10:59.72aApr 8Sandy Invitational
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m
1.Kendall Accetta
Stephanie Lair
Natalie Swope
Kyla Becker
12:32.17aApr 14Oregon Relays
2.Ellie Kobak
Stephanie Hamilton
Claire Winthrop
Kyla Becker
13:04.92aApr 5PIL Varsity Relays
3.Alison Thigpen
Ciara Williams
Kaitlyn Auth
Maddie Dolich
13:36.26aApr 28Nike/Jesuit Twilight Relays
4.Abigail Dalke
Kendall Accetta
Maddie Dolich
Mia Yerton
13:46.07aApr 5PIL Varsity Relays
Shot Put - 4kg
1.10Piper Christopher29' 4.00Apr 5PIL Varsity Relays
2.12Rachael Frankovic29' 1.00Apr 28Nike/Jesuit Twilight Relays
3.11Harley Huard29' 0.00May 126A-1 PIL District Championship - Day 2
4.10Charlotte Anderson26' 1.00May 126A-1 PIL District Championship - Day 2
5.9Mia Anastas24' 2.25May 4PIL JV Districts Day 2
6.11Sarah Kanzaki24' 1.00Apr 11Benson, Wilson @ Lincoln
7.10Evelyn Babbie23' 5.50May 4PIL JV Districts Day 2
8.11Elizabeth Wood22' 1.00Apr 11Benson, Wilson @ Lincoln
9.11Angela Chow22' 0.50Mar 22Jefferson, Lincoln @ Madison
10.11Peyton Roberts21' 10.00Apr 27PIL JV Classic
11.9Amara Halverson19' 0.00May 4PIL JV Districts Day 2
12.10Tess Beekley15' 4.50Apr 27PIL JV Classic
Discus - 1kg
1.10Piper Christopher102' 3.00Apr 2253rd Annual Centennial Invitational
2.12Colette Jesson84' 6.00Apr 11Benson, Wilson @ Lincoln
3.11Elizabeth Wood74' 0.00May 3Lincoln, Cleveland @ Grant
4.9Mia Anastas71' 3.00Apr 11Benson, Wilson @ Lincoln
5.11Peyton Roberts70' 8.00Apr 19Lincoln, Roosevelt @ Franklin
6.11Angela Chow67' 3.00May 2PIL JV Districts Day 1
7.11Harley Huard66' 7.00Apr 19Lincoln, Roosevelt @ Franklin
8.12Rachael Frankovic64' 3.00Mar 22Jefferson, Lincoln @ Madison
9.11Kiomi Pavlock61' 4.00Apr 19Lincoln, Roosevelt @ Franklin
10.10Evelyn Babbie56' 8.00May 2PIL JV Districts Day 1
11.10Caitlin Bui48' 9.00Apr 11Benson, Wilson @ Lincoln
12.10Emily Mena-Rangel48' 2.00May 2PIL JV Districts Day 1
13.10Tess Beekley45' 10.00May 2PIL JV Districts Day 1
14.10Audrey Taylor39' 8.50Apr 19Lincoln, Roosevelt @ Franklin
15.9Zoe Greenwald36' 2.00May 2PIL JV Districts Day 1
Javelin - 600g
1.10Charlotte Anderson138' 11.00May 19OSAA 6A State Championships
2.12Colette Jesson123' 9.00May 19OSAA 6A State Championships
3.11Sadie Schreiter78' 2.00Apr 19Lincoln, Roosevelt @ Franklin
4.11Angela Chow71' 9.00Apr 11Benson, Wilson @ Lincoln
5.9Mia Anastas62' 9.00May 4PIL JV Districts Day 2
6.11Peyton Roberts62' 7.00May 4PIL JV Districts Day 2
7.12Sydney Denham50' 7.00Mar 22Jefferson, Lincoln @ Madison
8.11Elizabeth Wood41' 1.00Mar 22Jefferson, Lincoln @ Madison
9.10Alexandra Melville41' 0.00Apr 11Benson, Wilson @ Lincoln
High Jump
1.12Sydney Denham5' 6.00May 3Lincoln, Cleveland @ Grant
2.12Stephanie Hamilton5' 2.00Apr 8Sandy Invitational
10Adia Baines5' 2.00May 3Lincoln, Cleveland @ Grant
4.9Fiona Hutchinson4' 9.00Apr 19Lincoln, Roosevelt @ Franklin
5.9Ellie Whitworth4' 8.00May 2PIL JV Districts Day 1
11Sadie Schreiter4' 8.00Apr 19Lincoln, Roosevelt @ Franklin
7.9Kaitlyn Auth4' 6.00Mar 22Jefferson, Lincoln @ Madison
9Mina Boyd4' 6.00Apr 19Lincoln, Roosevelt @ Franklin
9.9Fiona Courogen4' 4.00Mar 22Jefferson, Lincoln @ Madison
10.9Amara Halverson4' 0.00May 2PIL JV Districts Day 1
11.9Alison Thigpen3' 10.00Apr 11Benson, Wilson @ Lincoln
9Ella Williamson3' 10.00Mar 22Jefferson, Lincoln @ Madison
Pole Vault
1.12Maya Fine10' 0.00Apr 8Sandy Invitational
2.11Kiomi Pavlock9' 6.00May 3Lincoln, Cleveland @ Grant
3.11Emilie Kono9' 0.00May 3Lincoln, Cleveland @ Grant
4.10Samantha Bauer8' 0.00Apr 11Benson, Wilson @ Lincoln
5.10Senna Titcomb7' 6.00May 4PIL JV Districts Day 2
6.9Mckenzie Carnes6' 6.00May 4PIL JV Districts Day 2
9Kayla Donnelly6' 6.00May 4PIL JV Districts Day 2
11Sarah Kanzaki6' 6.00Apr 11Benson, Wilson @ Lincoln
10Sarah Frankhouse6' 6.00May 4PIL JV Districts Day 2
10.10Megan Duong6' 0.00Apr 11Benson, Wilson @ Lincoln
Long Jump
1.12Stephanie Hamilton15' 6.50May 126A-1 PIL District Championship - Day 2
2.11Nathalia Leon15' 2.50May 3Lincoln, Cleveland @ Grant
3.12Sarah Nasson14' 11.00Mar 22Jefferson, Lincoln @ Madison
4.11Rose Saltveit14' 7.00May 3Lincoln, Cleveland @ Grant
5.9Fiona Hutchinson13' 9.00Apr 11Benson, Wilson @ Lincoln
6.9Isabel Homsi13' 0.50Apr 19Lincoln, Roosevelt @ Franklin
7.9Mina Boyd12' 11.50Mar 22Jefferson, Lincoln @ Madison
8.9Fiona Courogen12' 0.00Mar 22Jefferson, Lincoln @ Madison
9.9Michelle Lu9' 11.00Apr 11Benson, Wilson @ Lincoln
Triple Jump
1.12Maya Fine32' 0.00Mar 22Jefferson, Lincoln @ Madison
2.11Emilie Kono31' 11.50Apr 5PIL Varsity Relays

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