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100 Meters
1.11Blake Moseley11.23awMay 19IHSAA 5A State Championships
2.12Austin Burrell11.50aMay 5HCC Meet
3.10Karson Hastings11.55awApr 8Boise Relays
4.9Carston Christensen11.63aApr 28Tiger/Grizz Invitational
5.10Val Clarke11.83aMay 105A district 5/6 championships
6.10Malachi Valora11.84aApr 8Boise Relays
7.10Yuki Matsumoto11.91aApr 21Rigby Invitational
8.11Noah DellaSilva12.04cMar 10Madison Intersquad
10Cooper Poll12.04aApr 11Sugar-Salem JV Invite
10.12Garrett Murdock12.07aMay 4HCC JV Meet
11.10Tofik Haws12.14cMar 17Highland, Rigby, Madison, Hillcrest
9Luke Robins12.14cApr 5Dist. 93 JV Invite
13.9Gutama Haws12.35aApr 21Rigby Invitational
14.11Mykah Weaver12.44cMar 10Madison Intersquad
15.10David Lawrence12.48aMay 4HCC JV Meet
16.12Jacob Watkins12.54cMar 17Highland, Rigby, Madison, Hillcrest
12Morgan Hansen12.54cMar 10Madison Intersquad
18.9Alexander Thompson12.64cMar 10Madison Intersquad
19.11Zeke Madson12.65aMay 4HCC JV Meet
20.12Kevin Clark12.74cMar 10Madison Intersquad
21.12Ian Roderick12.79aApr 5Dist. 93 JV Invite
22.10Jacob Sutherland12.80aApr 11Sugar-Salem JV Invite
23.10Cole Crummey12.82aApr 5Dist. 93 JV Invite
24.12Crozier Fitzgerald12.84cMar 10Madison Intersquad
12Ignacio Prince12.84cMar 17Highland, Rigby, Madison, Hillcrest
26.10Devin Smith12.92aApr 5Dist. 93 JV Invite
12Justin Olaveson12.92aMar 10Madison Intersquad
28.10Dallin Whitehead12.95aApr 5Dist. 93 JV Invite
29.11Sam Davenport12.99aApr 11Sugar-Salem JV Invite
30.9Spencer Pickering13.00aApr 11Sugar-Salem JV Invite
31.10Jared Coray13.02aMay 4HCC JV Meet
32.10John Zenger13.10aMar 10Madison Intersquad
33.11Jeremy Jacobson13.11aMar 10Madison Intersquad
34.9Ethan Perrine13.32aMar 10Madison Intersquad
35.10Shi Won Kim13.34cMar 17Highland, Rigby, Madison, Hillcrest
36.11Chad Mason13.64cMar 10Madison Intersquad
37.10Jacob Cochran13.78aMar 10Madison Intersquad
38.10Kyson Hill13.84cMar 17Highland, Rigby, Madison, Hillcrest
39.12Randy Masulonis14.12aMar 10Madison Intersquad
40.9Andrew Larimer14.30aApr 5Dist. 93 JV Invite
41.9Joe Hacking14.52aMar 10Madison Intersquad
42.9Swade Mckinlay14.85aMay 4HCC JV Meet
43.9Eric South14.89aApr 11Sugar-Salem JV Invite
44.9Boston Jensen15.11awMar 30Madison Tri--Moved to Wednesday 3/29
45.9Noah Mitchell16.61aMar 10Madison Intersquad
46.9Jackson Bone16.68aMar 10Madison Intersquad
47.10Sammy Cikaitoga16.84cMar 17Highland, Rigby, Madison, Hillcrest
200 Meters
1.11Blake Moseley22.39awApr 28Tiger/Grizz Invitational
2.10Val Clarke23.54aMay 105A district 5/6 championships
3.9Carston Christensen23.63aApr 21Rigby Invitational
4.10Cooper Poll23.67aMay 105A district 5/6 championships
5.10Malachi Valora23.85aApr 21Rigby Invitational
6.9Jacob Moore24.22aMay 5HCC Meet
7.12Garrett Murdock24.68aMay 4HCC JV Meet
8.10Tofik Haws24.74cwMar 30Madison Tri--Moved to Wednesday 3/29
9.10Karson Hastings24.75awMar 30Madison Tri--Moved to Wednesday 3/29
10.10Yuki Matsumoto24.84cMar 17Highland, Rigby, Madison, Hillcrest
11.12Peyton Johnson24.90aMay 5HCC Meet
12.12Jacob Watkins24.94aMay 5HCC Meet
13.10David Lawrence25.23aMay 105A district 5/6 championships
14.12Clay Wasden25.64cMar 17Highland, Rigby, Madison, Hillcrest
15.10Cole Crummey26.17aApr 11Sugar-Salem JV Invite
16.12Morgan Hansen26.65aApr 20Madison JV
17.12Zach Jensen26.69aMar 30Madison Tri--Moved to Wednesday 3/29
18.11Noah DellaSilva26.85aApr 5Dist. 93 JV Invite
19.11Zeke Madson26.99aMar 30Madison Tri--Moved to Wednesday 3/29
20.10Jared Coray27.24aApr 5Dist. 93 JV Invite
21.9Michael Zenger27.35aApr 5Dist. 93 JV Invite
22.12Ignacio Prince27.99aApr 20Madison JV
23.10Jarom Ohran28.93awMar 30Madison Tri--Moved to Wednesday 3/29
24.9Boston Jensen30.66aMar 30Madison Tri--Moved to Wednesday 3/29
400 Meters
1.11Nathan Fullmer52.68aMay 105A district 5/6 championships
2.12Jacob Watkins52.85aMay 105A district 5/6 championships
3.12Peyton Johnson53.83aMay 105A district 5/6 championships
4.12Clay Wasden54.67aMay 5HCC Meet
5.10Jonathan Hunt56.23aMay 105A district 5/6 championships
6.10Ethan Jones56.30aApr 21Rigby Invitational
7.12Morgan Hansen56.41aMay 105A district 5/6 championships
8.12Zach Jensen57.35aApr 11Sugar-Salem JV Invite
9.9Matt Butler57.54cMar 17Highland, Rigby, Madison, Hillcrest
10.12Garrett Murdock58.75aApr 11Sugar-Salem JV Invite
11.12Matt Fluckiger59.27aApr 5Dist. 93 JV Invite
12.9Ethan Perrine60.77aApr 11Sugar-Salem JV Invite
13.10Jarom Ohran62.39aMay 4HCC JV Meet
14.10Caleb Haacke62.47aApr 5Dist. 93 JV Invite
15.9Bridger Allen63.54cApr 5Dist. 93 JV Invite
16.9Alex Tietjen65.93aApr 21Rigby Invitational
17.10Shi Won Kim66.14cMar 17Highland, Rigby, Madison, Hillcrest
18.9Ronin Sheetz70.64aApr 11Sugar-Salem JV Invite
19.9Jackson Bone81.92aApr 11Sugar-Salem JV Invite
400 Meters - Relay Split
1.11Jeremy Jacobson54.60Mar 17Highland, Rigby, Madison, Hillcrest
2.9Michael Brugger57.10Mar 17Highland, Rigby, Madison, Hillcrest
3.9Matt Butler59.90Mar 17Highland, Rigby, Madison, Hillcrest
4.12Everett Slagle62.70Mar 17Highland, Rigby, Madison, Hillcrest
800 Meters
1.12Hunter Manner2:00.38aMay 19IHSAA 5A State Championships
2.12Stephen Stutz2:01.29aMay 105A district 5/6 championships
3.10Spencer Stutz2:04.29aApr 21Rigby Invitational
4.12Brandon Lemon2:06.18aApr 28Tiger/Grizz Invitational
5.9Michael Brugger2:08.18aMay 5HCC Meet
6.12Everett Slagle2:10.33aMar 10Madison Intersquad
7.12Zach Jensen2:12.85aMay 105A district 5/6 championships
8.12Peyton Johnson2:12.92aApr 20Madison JV
9.11Patrick Averill2:13.48aMay 105A district 5/6 championships
10.11Bennett Baiamonte2:13.90Apr 5Dist. 93 JV Invite
11.9Matt Butler2:14.86aMar 10Madison Intersquad
12.11Tyler Cochran2:16.01aApr 20Madison JV
13.12Matt Fluckiger2:16.55aMar 30Madison Tri--Moved to Wednesday 3/29
14.11Solomon Cluff2:18.52aApr 20Madison JV
15.11Josh Clark2:20.08aApr 11Sugar-Salem JV Invite
16.11Aaron Saunders2:22.49aApr 20Madison JV
17.9Chance Sleight2:23.84aMar 30Madison Tri--Moved to Wednesday 3/29
18.10Ethan Jones2:26.03aApr 11Sugar-Salem JV Invite
19.9Ethan Smith2:26.55aApr 11Sugar-Salem JV Invite
20.10Jared Miskin2:27.25aMay 4HCC JV Meet
21.10Jacob Higgins2:29.33aApr 11Sugar-Salem JV Invite
22.10Caleb Muhlestein2:29.90Mar 17Highland, Rigby, Madison, Hillcrest
23.9Hamilton Hardy2:31.36aMay 4HCC JV Meet
24.10Austin Morris2:32.40Mar 17Highland, Rigby, Madison, Hillcrest
25.10Caleb Haacke2:32.94aApr 11Sugar-Salem JV Invite
26.11Matt Kinney2:37.23aApr 20Madison JV
27.9Christian Stewart2:49.05aApr 20Madison JV
1600 Meters
1.12Brandon Lemon4:33.98aMay 19IHSAA 5A State Championships
2.10Spencer Stutz4:34.23aMay 19IHSAA 5A State Championships
3.12Stephen Stutz4:41.57aApr 28Tiger/Grizz Invitational
4.9Michael Brugger4:49.42aApr 28Tiger/Grizz Invitational
5.12Hunter Manner4:51.35aApr 13Bonneville Invite
6.12Matt Fluckiger4:53.32aApr 21Rigby Invitational
7.11Patrick Averill4:57.87aApr 21Rigby Invitational
8.11Tyler Cochran4:59.37aApr 21Rigby Invitational
9.9Matt Butler4:59.51aApr 21Rigby Invitational
10.9Chance Sleight4:59.72aApr 28Tiger/Grizz Invitational
11.11Josh Clark5:11.46aMay 4HCC JV Meet
12.11Bennett Baiamonte5:11.83aApr 11Sugar-Salem JV Invite
13.12Everett Slagle5:14.36aMar 30Madison Tri--Moved to Wednesday 3/29
14.11Solomon Cluff5:15.03aMay 4HCC JV Meet
15.11Aaron Saunders5:19.40Apr 5Dist. 93 JV Invite
16.12Zach Jensen5:21.31aMay 5HCC Meet
17.10Austin Morris5:24.60Apr 5Dist. 93 JV Invite
18.9Ethan Smith5:24.71aMar 30Madison Tri--Moved to Wednesday 3/29
19.10Jacob Higgins5:27.32aApr 20Madison JV
20.10Caleb Haacke5:27.70Apr 5Dist. 93 JV Invite
21.10John Zenger5:28.74aApr 20Madison JV
22.9Alex Tietjen5:30.88aApr 28Tiger/Grizz Invitational
23.9Joe Hacking5:42.67aApr 20Madison JV
24.10Caleb Muhlestein5:43.40Mar 17Highland, Rigby, Madison, Hillcrest
25.9Hamilton Hardy5:50.64aMay 4HCC JV Meet
26.9Christian Stewart6:05.62aMay 4HCC JV Meet
27.11Matt Kinney6:05.66aMar 30Madison Tri--Moved to Wednesday 3/29
28.10Jared Miskin6:08.90Apr 5Dist. 93 JV Invite
3200 Meters
1.12Matt Fluckiger10:17.24aMay 19IHSAA 5A State Championships
2.12Stephen Stutz10:27.20aApr 13Bonneville Invite
3.12Brandon Lemon10:30.47aMar 30Madison Tri--Moved to Wednesday 3/29
4.12Hunter Manner10:54.20Mar 17Highland, Rigby, Madison, Hillcrest
5.10Spencer Stutz10:54.70aApr 13Bonneville Invite
6.9Chance Sleight11:06.67aMay 105A district 5/6 championships
7.11Tyler Cochran11:11.90aMay 105A district 5/6 championships
8.11Aaron Saunders11:16.70aMay 105A district 5/6 championships
9.10Austin Morris11:42.53aApr 11Sugar-Salem JV Invite
10.11Solomon Cluff11:47.17aApr 21Rigby Invitational
11.11Bennett Baiamonte11:49.77aMay 5HCC Meet
12.9Alex Tietjen12:07.80Mar 17Highland, Rigby, Madison, Hillcrest
13.9Ethan Smith12:20.19aMar 30Madison Tri--Moved to Wednesday 3/29
14.10Caleb Muhlestein12:45.78aMar 30Madison Tri--Moved to Wednesday 3/29
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.11Hunter Madsen16.29awApr 8Boise Relays
2.9Jacob Moore16.57aMay 105A district 5/6 championships
3.12Sam Fisher17.70aMay 105A district 5/6 championships
4.9Braderick Wasden18.51awApr 28Tiger/Grizz Invitational
5.9Michael Zenger19.23aApr 21Rigby Invitational
6.9Brandon Garrett19.34aMay 105A district 5/6 championships
7.10Kyson Hill19.62aMay 4HCC JV Meet
9Eric South19.62aMay 4HCC JV Meet
9.9Spencer Pickering22.32aMar 10Madison Intersquad
10.9Alex Tietjen23.34awMar 30Madison Tri--Moved to Wednesday 3/29
11.9Swade Mckinlay30.29aMar 10Madison Intersquad
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.11Jeremy Jacobson41.54aMay 105A district 5/6 championships
2.9Jacob Moore42.46aMay 105A district 5/6 championships
3.12Sam Fisher43.17aMay 105A district 5/6 championships
4.12Jacob Watkins44.15aApr 8Boise Relays
4x100 Relay
1.Carston Christensen
Austin Burrell
Karson Hastings
Blake Moseley
42.93aMay 105A district 5/6 championships
2.Karson Hastings
Blake Moseley
Carston Christensen
Austin Burrell
43.55aMay 5HCC Meet
3.Blake Moseley
Karson Hastings
Malachi Valora
Austin Burrell
44.28aApr 21Rigby Invitational
4.Malachi Valora
Austin Burrell
Blake Moseley
Karson Hastings
44.32aApr 28Tiger/Grizz Invitational
5.Blake Moseley
Austin Burrell
Karson Hastings
Malachi Valora
44.91aApr 8Boise Relays
6.Austin Burrell
Blake Moseley
Karson Hastings
Malachi Valora
45.07aApr 13Bonneville Invite
7.Karson Hastings
Yuki Matsumoto
Austin Burrell
Blake Moseley
45.14aMar 30Madison Tri--Moved to Wednesday 3/29
8.Cooper Poll
Tofik Haws
Yuki Matsumoto
Austin Burrell
45.24cMar 17Highland, Rigby, Madison, Hillcrest
9.Karson Hastings
Gutama Haws
Carston Christensen
Malachi Valora
45.54cMar 17Highland, Rigby, Madison, Hillcrest
10.Tofik Haws
Cooper Poll
Carston Christensen
Malachi Valora
45.70aMar 30Madison Tri--Moved to Wednesday 3/29
11.Austin Burrell
Yuki Matsumoto
Blake Moseley
Cooper Poll
46.33aMar 10Madison Intersquad
12.Carston Christensen
Michael Zenger
Jacob Moore
Gutama Haws
46.47aApr 28Tiger/Grizz Invitational
13.Michael Zenger
Carston Christensen
Gutama Haws
Jacob Moore
47.04aApr 21Rigby Invitational
14.Noah DellaSilva
Devin Smith
Cooper Poll
Gutama Haws
47.65aApr 11Sugar-Salem JV Invite
15.Val Clarke
Gutama Haws
Camden Lee
Zeke Madson
47.90aApr 5Dist. 93 JV Invite
16.Jacob Moore
Mykah Weaver
Crozier Fitzgerald
Tofik Haws
48.04aMar 10Madison Intersquad
17.Devin Smith
Jacob Sutherland
Garrett Murdock
Kevin Clark
48.41aApr 5Dist. 93 JV Invite
18.Devin Smith
Brandon Garrett
Garrett Murdock
Spencer Pickering
48.93aMar 30Madison Tri--Moved to Wednesday 3/29
19.Relay Team 49.10aApr 28Tiger/Grizz Invitational
20.Stephen Stutz
Hunter Manner
Everett Slagle
Brandon Lemon
49.45aMar 10Madison Intersquad
21.Gutama Haws
Devin Smith
Zeke Madson
David Lawrence
49.55aMay 4HCC JV Meet
22.Dallin Whitehead
Noah DellaSilva
Anthony Nicolosi
Jared Coray
49.64cMar 17Highland, Rigby, Madison, Hillcrest
23.Cooper Poll
Devin Smith
Jacob Sutherland
Cole Crummey
49.67aApr 20Madison JV
24.Sam Davenport
Kevin Clark
Anthony Nicolosi
Justin Olaveson
50.19aMar 10Madison Intersquad
25.Joe Hacking
Val Clarke
Jared Coray
Cole Crummey
51.40aMar 10Madison Intersquad
26.Alexander Thompson
Dallin Whitehead
Kyson Hill
David Jacobson
51.77aMar 10Madison Intersquad
27.Eric South
Ammon March
Noah Mitchell
Michael Zenger
58.59aMar 10Madison Intersquad
4x200 Relay
1.Relay Team 89.88aMay 19IHSAA 5A State Championships
2.Carston Christensen
Val Clarke
Karson Hastings
Blake Moseley
1:30.32aMay 105A district 5/6 championships
3.Blake Moseley
Val Clarke
Karson Hastings
Malachi Valora
1:32.46aApr 28Tiger/Grizz Invitational
4.Val Clarke
Yuki Matsumoto
Malachi Valora
Carston Christensen
1:34.55aApr 13Bonneville Invite
5.Tofik Haws
Yuki Matsumoto
Val Clarke
Malachi Valora
1:35.04aApr 21Rigby Invitational
6.Mykah Weaver
Ignacio Prince
Sam Fisher
Jacob Moore
1:39.48aMar 30Madison Tri--Moved to Wednesday 3/29
7.Ignacio Prince
Alexander Thompson
Zeke Madson
Spencer Pickering
1:41.90Mar 17Highland, Rigby, Madison, Hillcrest
8.Zeke Madson
Garrett Murdock
Jared Coray
Morgan Hansen
1:41.94aApr 11Sugar-Salem JV Invite
9.Jared Coray
Garrett Murdock
Morgan Hansen
Kyson Hill
1:41.97aMay 4HCC JV Meet
10.Jared Coray
Noah DellaSilva
Jonathan Hunt
Ethan Jones
1:43.39aMar 30Madison Tri--Moved to Wednesday 3/29
11.Randy Masulonis
Clay Wasden
Michael Zenger
Jarom Ohran
1:48.04aMar 30Madison Tri--Moved to Wednesday 3/29
4x400 Relay
1.Jacob Watkins
Peyton Johnson
Jacob Moore
Jeremy Jacobson
3:30.80aMay 105A district 5/6 championships
2.Jacob Moore
Jeremy Jacobson
Jacob Watkins
Peyton Johnson
3:37.36aApr 28Tiger/Grizz Invitational
3.Jacob Watkins
Clay Wasden
Jeremy Jacobson
Peyton Johnson
3:40.29aApr 21Rigby Invitational
4.Jeremy Jacobson
Hunter Manner
Peyton Johnson
Jacob Watkins
3:41.91aApr 8Boise Relays
5.Nathan Fullmer
Peyton Johnson
Zach Jensen
Hunter Manner
3:44.52aMar 30Madison Tri--Moved to Wednesday 3/29
6.Jeremy Jacobson
Clay Wasden
Jacob Moore
Nathan Fullmer
3:50.62aApr 13Bonneville Invite
7.Matt Butler
Jeremy Jacobson
Everett Slagle
Michael Brugger
3:52.00Mar 17Highland, Rigby, Madison, Hillcrest
8.Zach Jensen
Shi Won Kim
Tyler Cochran
Everett Slagle
3:55.45aApr 5Dist. 93 JV Invite
9.Relay Team 3:56.21aMar 30Madison Tri--Moved to Wednesday 3/29
10.Spencer Stutz
Matt Butler
Chance Sleight
Jeremy Jacobson
3:57.23aMar 10Madison Intersquad
11.Zach Jensen
Morgan Hansen
Ethan Jones
Michael Brugger
3:58.53aApr 20Madison JV
12.Brandon Lemon
Hunter Manner
Everett Slagle
Stephen Stutz
4:01.06aMar 10Madison Intersquad
13.Zach Jensen
Peyton Johnson
Caleb Muhlestein
Caleb Haacke
4:11.48aMar 10Madison Intersquad
14.Luke Robins
Aaron Saunders
Noah DellaSilva
Nathan Fullmer
4:14.17aMar 10Madison Intersquad
15.Solomon Cluff
Tyler Cochran
Alex Tietjen
Clay Wasden
4:14.74aMar 10Madison Intersquad
16.Brandon Garrett
Gavin Griffith
Morgan Hansen
Jonathan Hunt
4:18.17aMar 10Madison Intersquad
17.Patrick Averill
Bennett Baiamonte
Josh Clark
Randy Masulonis
4:20.35aMar 10Madison Intersquad
18.Jarom Ohran
Shi Won Kim
Matt Kinney
Matt Fluckiger
4:30.25aMar 10Madison Intersquad
4x800 Relay
1.Relay Team 8:06.92aMay 19IHSAA 5A State Championships
2.Brandon Lemon
Hunter Manner
Spencer Stutz
Stephen Stutz
8:17.12aMay 105A district 5/6 championships
3.Spencer Stutz
Brandon Lemon
Stephen Stutz
Hunter Manner
8:26.98aApr 28Tiger/Grizz Invitational
4.Stephen Stutz
Spencer Stutz
Brandon Lemon
Hunter Manner
8:33.15aApr 21Rigby Invitational
5.Zach Jensen
Peyton Johnson
Michael Brugger
Brandon Lemon
8:53.60aApr 13Bonneville Invite
6.Hunter Manner
Brandon Lemon
Austin Morris
Aaron Saunders
9:18.77aMar 30Madison Tri--Moved to Wednesday 3/29
SMR 100-100-200-400m
1.Relay Team 1:45.38aApr 28Tiger/Grizz Invitational
Shot Put - 12lb
1.12Zeke Birch47' 0.00May 105A district 5/6 championships
2.11Hunter Proctor43' 8.75May 105A district 5/6 championships
3.12Sean Walker40' 10.50May 5HCC Meet
4.12Taylor Martindale40' 6.00Apr 11Sugar-Salem JV Invite
5.12Crozier Fitzgerald37' 10.00May 5HCC Meet
6.10Nathan Sanders37' 3.00Mar 30Madison Tri--Moved to Wednesday 3/29
7.12Ian Roderick37' 1.00Apr 20Madison JV
8.12Brandon Hargrave36' 10.50May 105A district 5/6 championships
9.9Ezra Rasmussen34' 6.50Apr 21Rigby Invitational
10.11Lynn Morgan33' 6.00Mar 30Madison Tri--Moved to Wednesday 3/29
11.10Walker Wood31' 8.00Apr 20Madison JV
12.12Aaron Reinwand30' 5.00Mar 17Highland, Rigby, Madison, Hillcrest
13.10Sammy Cikaitoga25' 10.00Apr 11Sugar-Salem JV Invite
14.9Daniel Jarvis25' 7.00May 4HCC JV Meet
15.9Jackson Bone24' 5.00Apr 21Rigby Invitational
Discus - 1.6kg
1.12Zeke Birch146' 5.00Apr 13Bonneville Invite
2.12Crozier Fitzgerald128' 3.00May 5HCC Meet
3.12Sean Walker127' 3.00May 105A district 5/6 championships
4.12Taylor Martindale121' 10.00Mar 30Madison Tri--Moved to Wednesday 3/29
5.12Ian Roderick121' 9.00Mar 30Madison Tri--Moved to Wednesday 3/29
6.10Nathan Sanders119' 3.00Mar 30Madison Tri--Moved to Wednesday 3/29
7.12Brandon Hargrave112' 2.00May 4HCC JV Meet
8.12Aaron Reinwand102' 8.00Apr 11Sugar-Salem JV Invite
9.11Lynn Morgan100' 4.00Mar 30Madison Tri--Moved to Wednesday 3/29
10.11Hunter Proctor100' 3.00Apr 20Madison JV
11.9Ezra Rasmussen92' 11.00Apr 5Dist. 93 JV Invite
12.11David Jacobson86' 6.00Mar 17Highland, Rigby, Madison, Hillcrest
13.10Walker Wood85' 5.00Apr 11Sugar-Salem JV Invite
14.9Daniel Jarvis83' 1.00Mar 17Highland, Rigby, Madison, Hillcrest
15.9Alexander Thompson70' 2.00Apr 5Dist. 93 JV Invite
16.9Jackson Bone63' 3.00Apr 5Dist. 93 JV Invite
High Jump
1.11Hunter Madsen5' 10.00May 105A district 5/6 championships
12Kevin Clark5' 10.00Mar 30Madison Tri--Moved to Wednesday 3/29
11Nathan Fullmer5' 10.00Mar 17Highland, Rigby, Madison, Hillcrest
9Matt Butler5' 10.00Mar 30Madison Tri--Moved to Wednesday 3/29
5.11Sam Davenport5' 8.00Apr 5Dist. 93 JV Invite
6.10Camden Lee5' 2.00Mar 10Madison Intersquad
7.9Gavin Griffith5' 0.00Apr 5Dist. 93 JV Invite
Pole Vault
1.12Justin Olaveson13' 6.00Apr 28Tiger/Grizz Invitational
2.11David Jacobson12' 6.00Apr 28Tiger/Grizz Invitational
3.10John Zenger12' 0.00May 4HCC JV Meet
4.10Parker Ballard11' 6.00May 5HCC Meet
5.10Devin Smith11' 0.00May 105A district 5/6 championships
6.10Jacob Sutherland9' 0.00Mar 17Highland, Rigby, Madison, Hillcrest
Long Jump
1.10Karson Hastings20' 8.00May 105A district 5/6 championships
2.12Austin Burrell19' 10.25Apr 8Boise Relays
3.11Sam Davenport19' 10.00Apr 21Rigby Invitational
4.11Hunter Madsen19' 6.75Mar 17Highland, Rigby, Madison, Hillcrest
5.9Carston Christensen19' 3.50Mar 17Highland, Rigby, Madison, Hillcrest
6.11Mykah Weaver19' 1.50Apr 13Bonneville Invite
7.10Tofik Haws18' 10.75Mar 17Highland, Rigby, Madison, Hillcrest
8.9Gutama Haws18' 6.25Apr 21Rigby Invitational
9.10Jacob Sutherland18' 2.75Apr 20Madison JV
10.11Nathan Fullmer18' 2.25Mar 30Madison Tri--Moved to Wednesday 3/29
11.10Cooper Poll17' 10.75Apr 20Madison JV
12.9Jacob Moore17' 8.25Apr 21Rigby Invitational
13.10Jacob Cochran17' 2.25Mar 10Madison Intersquad
14.10Jonathan Hunt16' 8.00Mar 10Madison Intersquad
15.12Ian Roderick16' 5.00Mar 30Madison Tri--Moved to Wednesday 3/29
16.12Randy Masulonis16' 2.50Mar 30Madison Tri--Moved to Wednesday 3/29
17.9Chance Sleight15' 4.50Mar 10Madison Intersquad
18.10Camden Lee13' 5.50Mar 10Madison Intersquad
11Anthony Nicolosi13' 5.50Mar 10Madison Intersquad
20.9Ammon March11' 7.50Mar 10Madison Intersquad
Triple Jump
1.11Hunter Madsen42' 0.00May 5HCC Meet
2.10Jonathan Hunt40' 10.00May 105A district 5/6 championships
3.11Mykah Weaver39' 5.50May 105A district 5/6 championships
4.10Val Clarke35' 9.50Apr 13Bonneville Invite
5.10Jacob Cochran35' 6.50May 4HCC JV Meet
6.10Cooper Poll31' 4.75Mar 30Madison Tri--Moved to Wednesday 3/29


100 Meters
1.12Kayla Horne12.67awApr 8Boise Relays
2.10Rayven Nealey12.80aMay 19IHSAA 5A State Championships
3.10Kayeli Wasden13.03awApr 8Boise Relays
4.12Hannah Moore13.19aMay 5HCC Meet
5.10Alexess Spaulding14.18aMay 4HCC JV Meet
6.10McCall Dewey14.26awMar 30Madison Tri--Moved to Wednesday 3/29
7.11Lexi Wightman14.35aApr 13Bonneville Invite
8.9Macie Ellsworth14.52aApr 21Rigby Invitational
9.12Caitlin Brizee14.54aMar 10Madison Intersquad
10.10Morgan Hurst14.66aMar 10Madison Intersquad
11Lorien Smith14.66aMay 4HCC JV Meet
12.9Grace Bair14.80aApr 21Rigby Invitational
13.9Lyndie Hansen14.81aMay 4HCC JV Meet
14.10Kayleigh Williams14.91aApr 5Dist. 93 JV Invite
15.9Emma Vallecillos15.06aMay 4HCC JV Meet
16.9Arianna Wahlquist15.14cMar 17Highland, Rigby, Madison, Hillcrest
17.11Jaylyn Busby15.24cMar 17Highland, Rigby, Madison, Hillcrest
18.10Haley Moore15.54aApr 11Sugar-Salem JV Invite
19.9Sariah Gamez15.59aMay 4HCC JV Meet
20.9Chloe Thayne15.84aMay 4HCC JV Meet
9Madison Severn15.84cMar 17Highland, Rigby, Madison, Hillcrest
22.11Marissa Bunnell15.87aMay 4HCC JV Meet
23.9Liberty Smith15.91aApr 11Sugar-Salem JV Invite
24.9Lillie Wodskow15.99aMay 4HCC JV Meet
25.9Afton Crummey16.01aMay 4HCC JV Meet
26.9Allison Thayne16.34aApr 11Sugar-Salem JV Invite
27.10Jenny Perkins16.62aMay 4HCC JV Meet
28.9Bethany Horner16.79aMar 10Madison Intersquad
200 Meters
1.12Kayla Horne25.69awApr 28Tiger/Grizz Invitational
2.12Hannah Moore26.56awApr 28Tiger/Grizz Invitational
3.10McCall Dewey27.66aMay 4HCC JV Meet
12Caitlin Brizee27.66aMay 5HCC Meet
5.11Lexi Wightman28.28aMay 5HCC Meet
6.9Hannah Bolingbroke28.55aMay 5HCC Meet
7.12Allison Rigby28.71aApr 8Boise Relays
8.9Lyndie Hansen30.68aMay 4HCC JV Meet
9.9Bethany Horner31.24aMay 4HCC JV Meet
10.11Lorien Smith31.26aMay 4HCC JV Meet
11.10Jenny Perkins32.05aApr 11Sugar-Salem JV Invite
12.9Arianna Wahlquist32.24cMar 17Highland, Rigby, Madison, Hillcrest
13.10Haley Moore32.35aMay 4HCC JV Meet
14.9Sariah Gamez32.67aApr 5Dist. 93 JV Invite
15.9Afton Crummey32.75aMay 4HCC JV Meet
16.9Emma Vallecillos34.35aApr 5Dist. 93 JV Invite
400 Meters
1.10Kayeli Wasden60.88aMay 105A district 5/6 championships
2.9Annalise Brunson62.56aApr 28Tiger/Grizz Invitational
3.9Ali Dummar63.68aApr 28Tiger/Grizz Invitational
4.10Morgan Hurst64.73aMay 5HCC Meet
5.12Allison Rigby65.64aMar 30Madison Tri--Moved to Wednesday 3/29
6.10Kayleigh Williams65.96aMay 5HCC Meet
7.11Kiley Moldenhauer66.15aApr 13Bonneville Invite
8.10Meranda Mortensen69.86aApr 5Dist. 93 JV Invite
9.11Jessica Sutton71.20aApr 5Dist. 93 JV Invite
10.9Megan Brugger74.89aMar 30Madison Tri--Moved to Wednesday 3/29
11.10Eden Whoolery74.96aApr 5Dist. 93 JV Invite
12.10Sydney Dustin77.89aApr 5Dist. 93 JV Invite
13.9Samantha White86.53aApr 11Sugar-Salem JV Invite
14.10Emily Call1:33.93aMar 30Madison Tri--Moved to Wednesday 3/29
400 Meters - Relay Split
1.9Annalise Brunson65.50Mar 17Highland, Rigby, Madison, Hillcrest
2.12Emma Cromar66.00Mar 17Highland, Rigby, Madison, Hillcrest
3.11Kiley Moldenhauer67.10Mar 17Highland, Rigby, Madison, Hillcrest
4.11Jessica Sutton68.00Mar 17Highland, Rigby, Madison, Hillcrest
5.9Janessa Lemon68.30Mar 17Highland, Rigby, Madison, Hillcrest
6.9Ali Dummar69.10Mar 17Highland, Rigby, Madison, Hillcrest
7.9Witlee Manner74.00Mar 17Highland, Rigby, Madison, Hillcrest
8.12Isabella Maire81.00Mar 17Highland, Rigby, Madison, Hillcrest
800 Meters
1.9Annalise Brunson2:21.21aMay 19IHSAA 5A State Championships
2.9Janessa Lemon2:24.74aApr 21Rigby Invitational
3.11Kiley Moldenhauer2:28.27aMay 19IHSAA 5A State Championships
4.11Rachel Morrin2:28.78aMay 19IHSAA 5A State Championships
5.11Sara Lemon2:34.01aApr 21Rigby Invitational
6.12Mykala Wright2:38.45aApr 28Tiger/Grizz Invitational
7.9Witlee Manner2:41.20Apr 5Dist. 93 JV Invite
8.11Jessica Sutton2:41.42aMay 5HCC Meet
9.12Emma Cromar2:44.04aMar 10Madison Intersquad
10.10Meranda Mortensen2:47.87aMay 105A district 5/6 championships
11.10Ashley Nielsen2:49.23aApr 20Madison JV
12.10Sydney Dustin2:53.90aApr 11Sugar-Salem JV Invite
13.12Isabella Maire2:56.20Apr 5Dist. 93 JV Invite
14.12Kate Lemon2:58.00Mar 17Highland, Rigby, Madison, Hillcrest
15.9Sabrina Horne2:59.69aApr 20Madison JV
16.9Megan Brugger3:02.40Apr 5Dist. 93 JV Invite
17.10Emily Call3:20.57aApr 11Sugar-Salem JV Invite
18.9Samantha White3:37.78aMar 30Madison Tri--Moved to Wednesday 3/29
1600 Meters
1.9Janessa Lemon5:15.00aMay 19IHSAA 5A State Championships
2.11Rachel Morrin5:18.89aMar 30Madison Tri--Moved to Wednesday 3/29
3.11Kiley Moldenhauer5:24.15aMay 19IHSAA 5A State Championships
4.11Sara Lemon5:38.08aApr 28Tiger/Grizz Invitational
5.11Jessica Sutton6:02.48aMay 105A district 5/6 championships
6.9Witlee Manner6:04.34aMay 105A district 5/6 championships
7.12Mykala Wright6:08.37aMar 30Madison Tri--Moved to Wednesday 3/29
8.10Ashley Nielsen6:12.06aMay 5HCC Meet
9.12Isabella Maire6:17.41aApr 20Madison JV
10.12Kate Lemon6:21.56aMar 10Madison Intersquad
11.10Sydney Dustin6:23.51aApr 20Madison JV
12.9Allison Thayne6:40.66aMar 10Madison Intersquad
13.9Megan Brugger6:40.96aApr 28Tiger/Grizz Invitational
14.10Meranda Mortensen6:55.40Apr 5Dist. 93 JV Invite
3200 Meters
1.11Rachel Morrin11:16.45aApr 7Arcadia Invitational (Fri/Sat)
2.11Sara Lemon12:17.15aApr 8Boise Relays
3.12Kate Lemon12:27.65aMay 105A district 5/6 championships
4.9Janessa Lemon12:44.80aApr 13Bonneville Invite
5.10Ashley Nielsen13:31.46aMay 105A district 5/6 championships
6.12Isabella Maire13:37.78aMar 30Madison Tri--Moved to Wednesday 3/29
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.9Hannah Bolingbroke15.75awMay 19IHSAA 5A State Championships
2.10Amber Helfrich17.87aMay 105A district 5/6 championships
3.12Emma Cromar18.03aMay 5HCC Meet
4.9Maddie Fryar18.12aMay 5HCC Meet
5.10Jenna Allen18.16aMay 5HCC Meet
6.9Madison Severn19.00aMay 105A district 5/6 championships
7.10Eden Whoolery19.40aApr 21Rigby Invitational
8.9McKayla Price19.57aMay 105A district 5/6 championships
9.9Liberty Smith20.16aMay 105A district 5/6 championships
10.9Ali Dummar20.77aMar 10Madison Intersquad
9Lillie Wodskow20.77aApr 11Sugar-Salem JV Invite
12.9Emma Vallecillos21.30aApr 5Dist. 93 JV Invite
13.9Sariah Gamez22.06aApr 5Dist. 93 JV Invite
14.9Afton Crummey22.71aMay 4HCC JV Meet
15.10Jenny Perkins34.14aMar 10Madison Intersquad
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.9Hannah Bolingbroke46.29aMay 19IHSAA 5A State Championships
2.12Emma Cromar49.88aApr 28Tiger/Grizz Invitational
3.10Amber Helfrich52.20aMay 105A district 5/6 championships
4.10Jenna Allen57.94cMar 17Highland, Rigby, Madison, Hillcrest
5.10Eden Whoolery60.59aMay 5HCC Meet
4x100 Relay
1.Relay Team 48.51aMay 19IHSAA 5A State Championships
2.Kayla Horne
Rayven Nealey
Kayeli Wasden
Hannah Moore
48.98aMay 105A district 5/6 championships
3.Kayeli Wasden
Rayven Nealey
McCall Dewey
Kayla Horne
49.48aApr 28Tiger/Grizz Invitational
4.Hannah Moore
Kayla Horne
Rayven Nealey
Kayeli Wasden
50.43aApr 8Boise Relays
5.Rayven Nealey
Kayla Horne
Kayeli Wasden
Hannah Moore
51.05aMar 30Madison Tri--Moved to Wednesday 3/29
6.Kayla Horne
Lexi Wightman
Kayeli Wasden
McCall Dewey
51.14aApr 21Rigby Invitational
7.Rayven Nealey
Kayeli Wasden
Kayla Horne
McCall Dewey
51.26aApr 13Bonneville Invite
8.Hannah Bolingbroke
Ali Dummar
Annalise Brunson
Macie Ellsworth
53.86aApr 28Tiger/Grizz Invitational
9.Macie Ellsworth
Hannah Bolingbroke
Annalise Brunson
Ali Dummar
54.42aApr 21Rigby Invitational
10.Alexess Spaulding
Lorien Smith
Lyndie Hansen
Grace Bair
56.83aMay 4HCC JV Meet
11.Jaylyn Busby
Kayeli Wasden
Caitlin Brizee
Ali Dummar
56.94cMar 17Highland, Rigby, Madison, Hillcrest
12.Macie Ellsworth
Lorien Smith
Jaylyn Busby
Alexess Spaulding
56.95aApr 11Sugar-Salem JV Invite
13.Macie Ellsworth
Hannah Bolingbroke
Makenzie Johnson
Amber Helfrich
57.24cMar 17Highland, Rigby, Madison, Hillcrest
14.Jenna Allen
Lorien Smith
Kelsie Stowers
Lyndie Hansen
57.54cMar 17Highland, Rigby, Madison, Hillcrest
15.Marissa Bunnell
Kayleigh Williams
Jenny Perkins
Haley Moore
59.34aApr 5Dist. 93 JV Invite
16.Lorien Smith
Marissa Bunnell
Haley Moore
Alexess Spaulding
59.70aApr 20Madison JV
17.Kayleigh Williams
Lillie Wodskow
Allison Thayne
Chloe Thayne
61.91aMar 10Madison Intersquad
18.Maddie Fryar
Madison Severn
Sariah Gamez
Emma Vallecillos
66.20aApr 5Dist. 93 JV Invite
4x200 Relay
1.Relay Team 1:46.02aMay 19IHSAA 5A State Championships
2.Kayla Horne
McCall Dewey
Caitlin Brizee
Hannah Moore
1:46.06aMay 105A district 5/6 championships
3.Kayla Horne
Caitlin Brizee
McCall Dewey
Hannah Bolingbroke
1:48.46aApr 13Bonneville Invite
4.Kayla Horne
McCall Dewey
Caitlin Brizee
Allison Rigby
1:48.92aApr 28Tiger/Grizz Invitational
5.Kayla Horne
Hannah Moore
Caitlin Brizee
McCall Dewey
1:51.78aMar 30Madison Tri--Moved to Wednesday 3/29
6.Caitlin Brizee
Allison Rigby
Ali Dummar
Macie Ellsworth
1:52.63aMay 5HCC Meet
7.Jaylyn Busby
Kayleigh Williams
Lorien Smith
Lyndie Hansen
2:00.34aMar 30Madison Tri--Moved to Wednesday 3/29
8.Marissa Bunnell
Haley Moore
Emma Vallecillos
Arianna Wahlquist
2:09.30aMay 4HCC JV Meet
4x400 Relay
1.Relay Team 4:09.57aMay 19IHSAA 5A State Championships
2.Kayeli Wasden
Lexi Wightman
Morgan Hurst
Annalise Brunson
4:10.66aMay 105A district 5/6 championships
3.Emma Cromar
Kiley Moldenhauer
Kayeli Wasden
Lexi Wightman
4:15.13aApr 28Tiger/Grizz Invitational
4.Kayeli Wasden
Annalise Brunson
Allison Rigby
Emma Cromar
4:16.40aApr 21Rigby Invitational
5.Annalise Brunson
Rachel Morrin
Ali Dummar
Allison Rigby
4:21.64aMay 5HCC Meet
6.Kayeli Wasden
Annalise Brunson
Emma Cromar
Rachel Morrin
4:22.00aMar 30Madison Tri--Moved to Wednesday 3/29
7.Annalise Brunson
Kiley Moldenhauer
Kayeli Wasden
Lexi Wightman
4:25.26aApr 8Boise Relays
8.Kayeli Wasden
Janessa Lemon
Hannah Bolingbroke
Emma Cromar
4:27.56aApr 13Bonneville Invite
9.Emma Cromar
Kate Lemon
Ali Dummar
Allison Thayne
4:30.00Mar 17Highland, Rigby, Madison, Hillcrest
10.Kayeli Wasden
Janessa Lemon
Kate Lemon
Rachel Morrin
4:39.77aMar 10Madison Intersquad
11.Maegen Brown
Ali Dummar
Annalise Brunson
Emma Cromar
4:52.94aMar 10Madison Intersquad
12.Jessica Sutton
Sara Lemon
Kiley Moldenhauer
Mykala Wright
4:58.37aMar 10Madison Intersquad
13.Sabrina Horne
Emily Call
Ashley Nielsen
Sydney Dustin
5:54.31aMar 10Madison Intersquad
4x800 Relay
1.Relay Team 9:48.72aMay 19IHSAA 5A State Championships
2.Mykala Wright
Kiley Moldenhauer
Annalise Brunson
Janessa Lemon
9:53.12aMay 105A district 5/6 championships
3.Kiley Moldenhauer
Sara Lemon
Annalise Brunson
Janessa Lemon
10:08.69aApr 28Tiger/Grizz Invitational
4.Kiley Moldenhauer
Mykala Wright
Janessa Lemon
Annalise Brunson
10:17.25aApr 21Rigby Invitational
5.Kate Lemon
Witlee Manner
Jessica Sutton
Annalise Brunson
11:01.44aApr 13Bonneville Invite
6.Emily Call
Meranda Mortensen
Megan Brugger
Annalise Brunson
11:28.42aMar 30Madison Tri--Moved to Wednesday 3/29
7.Ashley Nielsen
Emma Cromar
Sabrina Horne
Jessica Sutton
12:16.38aMar 30Madison Tri--Moved to Wednesday 3/29
SMR 100-100-200-400m
1.Caitlin Brizee
Allison Rigby
McCall Dewey
Emma Cromar
1:59.70aApr 8Boise Relays
2.Relay Team 2:16.56aApr 11Sugar-Salem JV Invite
Shot Put - 4kg
1.10Alydia Grover29' 10.00Mar 10Madison Intersquad
2.10Aspen Jensen29' 8.00Mar 17Highland, Rigby, Madison, Hillcrest
3.10Sydney Johnson28' 11.00Mar 10Madison Intersquad
4.10Madi Berry27' 1.00Mar 30Madison Tri--Moved to Wednesday 3/29
5.12Hannah Mocke25' 10.00Mar 30Madison Tri--Moved to Wednesday 3/29
6.9Ashlyn Williams23' 5.00May 105A district 5/6 championships
7.12Mikayla Lords21' 11.00Mar 30Madison Tri--Moved to Wednesday 3/29
8.12Michelle Rossi21' 8.00Mar 10Madison Intersquad
9.9Eliza Ballard21' 0.00Mar 17Highland, Rigby, Madison, Hillcrest
10CeCelia Pooley21' 0.00May 4HCC JV Meet
11.9Grace Bair20' 8.00Mar 10Madison Intersquad
12.9Macey Bunnell20' 7.00Apr 21Rigby Invitational
13.11Yosita Prasatbundith20' 6.00May 4HCC JV Meet
14.11Nichole Perez20' 4.00Mar 30Madison Tri--Moved to Wednesday 3/29
Discus - 1kg
1.10Aspen Jensen90' 0.00Mar 30Madison Tri--Moved to Wednesday 3/29
2.10Alydia Grover88' 4.00Apr 21Rigby Invitational
3.12Hannah Mocke80' 6.00Apr 5Dist. 93 JV Invite
4.10Sydney Johnson78' 4.00Apr 13Bonneville Invite
5.10Madi Berry75' 6.00May 105A district 5/6 championships
6.11Nichole Perez71' 5.00May 4HCC JV Meet
7.9Ashlyn Williams70' 1.00May 4HCC JV Meet
8.9Eliza Ballard62' 11.00May 105A district 5/6 championships
9.9Macey Bunnell58' 11.00Apr 5Dist. 93 JV Invite
10.11Yosita Prasatbundith58' 1.00Apr 20Madison JV
11.9Grace Bair57' 7.00Apr 5Dist. 93 JV Invite
12.9Bethany Horner56' 4.00May 4HCC JV Meet
13.12Michelle Rossi53' 11.00Apr 20Madison JV
14.12Mikayla Lords53' 0.00Mar 17Highland, Rigby, Madison, Hillcrest
15.9Arianna Wahlquist52' 0.00May 4HCC JV Meet
16.10CeCelia Pooley46' 9.00Mar 17Highland, Rigby, Madison, Hillcrest
17.9Allison Thayne36' 4.00May 4HCC JV Meet
High Jump
1.9Maddie Fryar4' 8.00Apr 13Bonneville Invite
9Makenzie Johnson4' 8.00Mar 10Madison Intersquad
3.10Lexi Garner4' 6.00May 5HCC Meet
10Amber Helfrich4' 6.00May 5HCC Meet
5.11Jaylyn Busby4' 4.00Apr 11Sugar-Salem JV Invite
6.9McKayla Price4' 2.00Mar 10Madison Intersquad
Pole Vault
1.11Lexi Wightman11' 6.00May 5HCC Meet
2.10Morgan Hurst10' 0.00May 4HCC JV Meet
3.10Eden Whoolery7' 0.00Mar 17Highland, Rigby, Madison, Hillcrest
10Jenny Perkins7' 0.00May 4HCC JV Meet
Long Jump
1.10Rayven Nealey17' 8.25May 19IHSAA 5A State Championships
2.12Hannah Moore16' 11.25May 5HCC Meet
3.12Kelsie Stowers13' 9.25Mar 17Highland, Rigby, Madison, Hillcrest
4.9Liberty Smith12' 11.00May 4HCC JV Meet
5.9Arianna Wahlquist12' 7.25May 4HCC JV Meet
6.9Chloe Thayne12' 0.25Apr 5Dist. 93 JV Invite
7.11Marissa Bunnell11' 11.00Apr 11Sugar-Salem JV Invite
8.9McKayla Price9' 5.50Mar 10Madison Intersquad
Triple Jump
1.10Rayven Nealey39' 5.50Apr 28Tiger/Grizz Invitational
2.10McCall Dewey31' 10.50May 4HCC JV Meet
3.9Arianna Wahlquist24' 6.75Apr 11Sugar-Salem JV Invite

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