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55 Meter Dash
1.SoChristopher Webb6.67Dec 11RIT vs Rochester
2.JrZachary Loughery6.72Dec 11RIT vs Rochester
3.SoCameron Lee6.79 PRFeb 18Orange and Brown Invitational
4.FrJoshua Norris6.88 PRDec 11RIT vs Rochester
5.FrDerrick Lee6.91 PRDec 11RIT vs Rochester
6.SrBill Caton7.00 PRDec 11RIT vs Rochester
7.SoZach Pfister7.04 PRFeb 18Orange and Brown Invitational
SrMarc Priddy7.04 PRJan 15RIT Invitational
9.JrChris Hartmann7.11Feb 5Hamilton Invitational
10.FrIan Switaj7.12 PRJan 15RIT Invitational
11.JrAnthony Schiavone7.15Dec 11RIT vs Rochester
12.FrBenjamin Kelley7.16 PRFeb 18Orange and Brown Invitational
13.SoScott Hambleton7.22 PRFeb 5Hamilton Invitational
14.FrNate Hall7.32 PRDec 11RIT vs Rochester
15.SoJesse Radzikowski7.41 PRDec 11RIT vs Rochester
60 Meter Dash
1.SoCameron Lee7.29Feb 12Robert Kane Invitational
2.SrBill Caton7.51 PRFeb 12Robert Kane Invitational
200 Meters
1.SoChristopher Webb23.76 PRDec 11RIT vs Rochester
2.JrZachary Loughery23.89Dec 11RIT vs Rochester
3.JrChris Hartmann24.07 PRFeb 12Robert Kane Invitational
4.SrBill Caton24.10 PRFeb 5Hamilton Invitational
5.FrJoshua Norris24.23Dec 11RIT vs Rochester
6.SoZach Pfister24.36Feb 18Orange and Brown Invitational
7.SrDevin Strehle24.41 PRJan 30Empire 8 Championships
FrTristan deJesus24.41 PRDec 11RIT vs Rochester
9.FrIan Switaj24.63 PRJan 30Empire 8 Championships
10.JrAnthony Schiavone24.71Dec 11RIT vs Rochester
11.FrDerrick Lee24.81 PRJan 15RIT Invitational
12.SoScott Hambleton24.90Feb 5Hamilton Invitational
400 Meters
1.SrRyan Warner50.78 PRJan 30Empire 8 Championships
2.SrBrecht Moulin50.96Dec 11RIT vs Rochester
3.SrMarc Priddy53.41 PRJan 30Empire 8 Championships
4.FrIan Switaj53.68 PRJan 30Empire 8 Championships
5.SoScott Hambleton54.53Feb 12Robert Kane Invitational
6.SrDevin Strehle55.02Feb 5Hamilton Invitational
7.SoZach Pfister55.36Feb 12Robert Kane Invitational
8.JrJjvon Hardware56.40 PRDec 11RIT vs Rochester
500 Meters
1.SrMatt Marion1:06.53Feb 26NYSCTC Indoor Championships
2.FrMike Ballow1:07.48 PRFeb 26NYSCTC Indoor Championships
3.SrMarc Priddy1:09.30 PRJan 15RIT Invitational
4.SoCaryl Brunner1:10.72Feb 5Hamilton Invitational
5.SrJohn Holleran1:11.33Dec 11RIT vs Rochester
6.JrAndrew Gotham1:11.55 PRDec 11RIT vs Rochester
7.SoZach Borden1:11.84 PRJan 22St. Lawrence Invitational
800 Meters
1.FrMatt Giannino1:58.59 PRJan 15RIT Invitational
2.FrJohn Quatroche1:58.91 PRFeb 5Hamilton Invitational
3.FrMike Ballow2:00.56Feb 18Orange and Brown Invitational
4.JrAndrew Gotham2:00.77 PRFeb 5Hamilton Invitational
5.SrJohn Holleran2:01.16Jan 30Empire 8 Championships
6.SoZach Borden2:01.60 PRFeb 18Orange and Brown Invitational
7.SoCaryl Brunner2:03.27Jan 15RIT Invitational
8.FrJosh Barber2:04.29 PRFeb 18Orange and Brown Invitational
9.FrJoe Wehrle2:13.64 PRFeb 18Orange and Brown Invitational
1000 Meters
1.SoBrandon Kenny2:32.28 PRMar 5ECAC Division III Indoor Track & Field Championships
2.JrAndrew Gotham2:32.76 PRMar 5ECAC Division III Indoor Track & Field Championships
3.FrJohn Quatroche2:33.02 PRMar 5ECAC Division III Indoor Track & Field Championships
4.SrJohn Holleran2:33.03 PRMar 5ECAC Division III Indoor Track & Field Championships
5.SrMatt Marion2:34.44 PRMar 5ECAC Division III Indoor Track & Field Championships
6.FrMatt Giannino2:34.54Feb 18Orange and Brown Invitational
7.SrNick Meeker2:36.28Feb 18Orange and Brown Invitational
8.SoCaryl Brunner2:38.29 PRFeb 26NYSCTC Indoor Championships
9.SoAdam Irr2:38.48Feb 26NYSCTC Indoor Championships
10.JrThomas Benner2:38.80Jan 15RIT Invitational
11.SoZach Borden2:40.83Feb 5Hamilton Invitational
12.SrJeremy Cook2:41.98 PRDec 11RIT vs Rochester
13.FrKenneth Wamui2:42.75 PRFeb 18Orange and Brown Invitational
14.FrJosh Barber2:44.29 PRFeb 5Hamilton Invitational
15.SrJonathan Podeszek2:46.75Feb 5Hamilton Invitational
16.FrGuerin Gagliastri2:51.40 PRFeb 5Hamilton Invitational
17.FrMichael Peterson2:53.83 PRFeb 5Hamilton Invitational
1 Mile
1.JrMike Kurvach4:22.76 PRJan 15RIT Invitational
2.FrMatt Giannino4:25.88Feb 12Robert Kane Invitational
3.SoAdam Irr4:26.07Feb 26NYSCTC Indoor Championships
4.SrNick Meeker4:29.37 PRJan 30Empire 8 Championships
5.JrThomas Benner4:31.59 PRFeb 26NYSCTC Indoor Championships
6.SoBrandon Kenny4:35.93 PRFeb 5Hamilton Invitational
7.SrJeremy Cook4:36.57 PRJan 15RIT Invitational
8.FrJosh Barber4:38.86Jan 15RIT Invitational
9.SrTodd Butters4:39.34 PRDec 11RIT vs Rochester
10.FrKenneth Wamui4:41.32 PRFeb 5Hamilton Invitational
11.FrGuerin Gagliastri4:43.06 PRFeb 5Hamilton Invitational
12.SrJonathan Podeszek4:45.55Jan 15RIT Invitational
13.FrMichael Peterson4:51.27 PRFeb 5Hamilton Invitational
14.FrJoe Wehrle5:06.45 PRDec 11RIT vs Rochester
3000 Meters
1.JrMike Kurvach8:32.69 PRFeb 5New Balance Collegiate Invitational
2.JrMichael Bradley8:55.91Feb 26NYSCTC Indoor Championships
3.SoKenny Miller9:02.57 PRFeb 18Orange and Brown Invitational
4.FrMatt Giannino9:07.99 PRFeb 5Hamilton Invitational
5.FrGuerin Gagliastri9:22.33 PRFeb 12Robert Kane Invitational
6.FrMichael Peterson9:22.56 PRFeb 12Robert Kane Invitational
7.SoMichael Krenzer9:32.34Feb 12Robert Kane Invitational
8.FrAndrew Bogdan9:33.86 PRFeb 18Orange and Brown Invitational
9.SrJonathan Lueders9:41.25Feb 5Hamilton Invitational
10.FrSamuel Rondeau10:06.56Jan 15RIT Invitational
11.FrSam Miller11:54.75 PRJan 15RIT Invitational
5000 Meters
1.JrMike Kurvach14:51.20 PRMar 5ECAC Division III Indoor Track & Field Championships
2.JrMichael Bradley15:22.18Feb 12Robert Kane Invitational
3.JrZachary Miller15:32.06 PRJan 30Empire 8 Championships
4.SoKenny Miller15:46.32 PRFeb 26NYSCTC Indoor Championships
5.FrGuerin Gagliastri16:11.41 PRFeb 18Orange and Brown Invitational
6.FrMichael Peterson16:16.43 PRJan 30Empire 8 Championships
7.SoMichael Krenzer16:42.16Feb 5Hamilton Invitational
8.FrKenneth Wamui16:49.44 PRJan 15RIT Invitational
9.FrSamuel Rondeau17:11.48Feb 18Orange and Brown Invitational
10.FrAndrew Bogdan17:24.21Dec 11RIT vs Rochester
11.FrSam Miller19:14.20 PRDec 11RIT vs Rochester
55m Hurdles - 42"
1.SoCameron Lee7.83 PRMar 5ECAC Division III Indoor Track & Field Championships
2.SrMatt Marion7.95 PRMar 5ECAC Division III Indoor Track & Field Championships
3.FrBenjamin Kelley8.11 PRFeb 26NYSCTC Indoor Championships
4.SoZach Pfister8.34Feb 5Hamilton Invitational
5.SrDevin Strehle8.75Jan 15RIT Invitational
6.SrMike Lewis9.08Dec 11RIT vs Rochester
7.SoJesse Radzikowski9.19 PRJan 30Empire 8 Championships
60m Hurdles - 42"
1.SoCameron Lee8.72Feb 5New Balance Collegiate Invitational
SrMatt Marion8.72 PRFeb 12Robert Kane Invitational
3.FrBenjamin Kelley9.00Feb 12Robert Kane Invitational
4x200 Relay
1.-Bill Caton
Ian Switaj
Cameron Lee
Brecht Moulin
1:32.66Mar 5ECAC Division III Indoor Track & Field Championships
2.-Cameron Lee
Bill Caton
Ian Switaj
Chris Hartmann
1:34.40Feb 26NYSCTC Indoor Championships
3.-Bill Caton
Chris Hartmann
Devin Strehle
Ian Switaj
1:34.69Feb 5Hamilton Invitational
4.-Relay Team 1:35.36Feb 18Orange and Brown Invitational
4x400 Relay
1.-Cameron Lee
Matt Marion
Mike Ballow
Brecht Moulin
3:20.51Mar 5ECAC Division III Indoor Track & Field Championships
2.-Matt Marion
Cameron Lee
Marc Priddy
Ryan Warner
3:26.05Jan 30Empire 8 Championships
3.-Relay Team 3:27.79Jan 15RIT Invitational
4.-Cameron Lee
Matt Marion
Ian Switaj
Mike Ballow
3:30.17Feb 12Robert Kane Invitational
5.-Caryl Brunner
Andrew Gotham
John Quatroche
John Holleran
3:36.56Feb 5Hamilton Invitational
6.-Scott Hambleton
Zach Pfister
Chris Hartmann
Bill Caton
3:37.90Feb 12Robert Kane Invitational
4x800 Relay
1.-John Holleran
Matt Giannino
Brandon Kenny
Adam Irr
8:14.39Feb 26NYSCTC Indoor Championships
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m - [12-4-8-16]
1.-Matt Giannino
Mike Ballow
John Holleran
Adam Irr
10:19.94Mar 5ECAC Division III Indoor Track & Field Championships
2.-John Quatroche
Mike Ballow
Matt Giannino
Mike Kurvach
10:24.86Feb 26NYSCTC Indoor Championships
3.-John Quatroche
Mike Ballow
John Holleran
Thomas Benner
10:39.90Jan 30Empire 8 Championships
4.-Adam Irr
Mike Ballow
John Quatroche
Nick Meeker
10:52.39Feb 5Hamilton Invitational
5.-Zach Borden
Caryl Brunner
Mike Ballow
Josh Barber
11:17.25Jan 22St. Lawrence Invitational
Shot Put - 16lb
1.SrBrian Walker14.41m PRFeb 18Orange and Brown Invitational
2.SoTroy Johnson13.36m PRJan 15RIT Invitational
3.SoMichael Haynes12.88mFeb 26NYSCTC Indoor Championships
4.SoSteven Arni11.65mFeb 18Orange and Brown Invitational
5.SrCasey Doty11.54m PRJan 15RIT Invitational
6.FrChristopher Chippero11.00m PRFeb 18Orange and Brown Invitational
7.FrMatthew de Novio9.76mDec 11RIT vs Rochester
8.SrMatt Marion9.60m PRFeb 18Orange and Brown Invitational
High Jump
1.SrSeth Kane1.93m PRFeb 5Hamilton Invitational
2.SrMike Lewis1.83m PRFeb 26NYSCTC Indoor Championships
3.SrMatt Marion1.81m PRMar 5ECAC Division III Indoor Track & Field Championships
4.FrJake Calabrese1.78mJan 30Empire 8 Championships
Pole Vault
1.SrMichael Dempsey5.16m PRMar 5ECAC Division III Indoor Track & Field Championships
2.FrCaleb Brochu4.10mJan 15RIT Invitational
3.FrRyan Baptiste3.65m PRJan 22St. Lawrence Invitational
4.SoSteven DiGerardo3.50mDec 11RIT vs Rochester
Long Jump
1.SrMatt Marion6.50m PRFeb 26NYSCTC Indoor Championships
2.FrTristan deJesus6.33m PRJan 30Empire 8 Championships
3.JrChris Hartmann6.22m PRFeb 18Orange and Brown Invitational
4.SrMatt DeRosa5.97m PRFeb 5Hamilton Invitational
5.FrJason DiNola5.94m PRFeb 18Orange and Brown Invitational
6.SrMike Lewis5.79mDec 11RIT vs Rochester
Triple Jump
1.SrMatt DeRosa12.84m PRFeb 5Hamilton Invitational
2.FrJason DiNola12.08m PRFeb 18Orange and Brown Invitational
Weight Throw - 35lb
1.SrBrian Walker17.08m PRFeb 12Robert Kane Invitational
2.SoMichael Haynes14.76m PRJan 30Empire 8 Championships
3.SrCasey Doty14.63mFeb 5Hamilton Invitational
4.SoTroy Johnson14.24mJan 30Empire 8 Championships
5.SoSteven Arni11.86m PRJan 15RIT Invitational
6.FrChristopher Chippero11.28m PRJan 30Empire 8 Championships
Pentathlon Score (Indoor)
1.SrMatt Marion3496 PRMar 5ECAC Division III Indoor Track & Field Championships


55 Meter Dash
1.FrMackenzie Neal7.71 PRFeb 5Hamilton Invitational
2.SoLisa Powers7.93 PRFeb 18Orange and Brown Invitational
3.SoAmanda Gordon7.98 PRJan 30Empire 8 Championships
4.SoMadeline Darden8.16 PRJan 15RIT Invitational
5.SrAlexandra Bush8.28 PRDec 11RIT vs Rochester
6.SoDanielle Breslin8.69Dec 11RIT vs Rochester
60 Meter Dash
1.SoLisa Powers8.61 PRFeb 12Robert Kane Invitational
2.SoAmanda Gordon8.62 PRFeb 12Robert Kane Invitational
3.SoMadeline Darden8.71 PRFeb 12Robert Kane Invitational
200 Meters
1.SrJasmine Maisonet27.85 PRJan 15RIT Invitational
2.SoAmanda Gordon28.53 PRFeb 18Orange and Brown Invitational
3.SoLisa Powers28.82 PRFeb 12Robert Kane Invitational
4.JrLauren Rock29.16 PRFeb 18Orange and Brown Invitational
5.SoMadeline Darden29.35 PRJan 30Empire 8 Championships
6.SrAlexandra Bush29.54Dec 11RIT vs Rochester
7.SoDanielle Breslin31.12Feb 18Orange and Brown Invitational
400 Meters
1.SoMadeline Darden1:05.09 PRFeb 5Hamilton Invitational
2.JrLauren Rock1:05.73 PRJan 30Empire 8 Championships
3.SrAlexandra Bush1:09.41Feb 18Orange and Brown Invitational
4.SoDanielle Breslin1:10.79 PRFeb 5Hamilton Invitational
500 Meters
1.SrNicole Varble1:19.99 PRDec 11RIT vs Rochester
2.SoBrianne Yannotta1:24.76 PRJan 15RIT Invitational
3.SoJennie Springer1:26.46Feb 18Orange and Brown Invitational
4.FrCarly Strods1:26.94 PRJan 15RIT Invitational
5.SrAlexandra Bush1:28.43Feb 5Hamilton Invitational
6.JrGrissel Gutierrez1:28.67 PRDec 11RIT vs Rochester
800 Meters
1.SrNicole Varble2:15.75 PRMar 5ECAC Division III Indoor Track & Field Championships
2.SoBrianne Yannotta2:26.36 PRJan 30Empire 8 Championships
3.FrCarly Strods2:32.69 PRFeb 12Robert Kane Invitational
4.SoJennie Springer2:32.96Feb 12Robert Kane Invitational
5.JrKate Dubuisson2:34.52 PRJan 30Empire 8 Championships
1000 Meters
1.SrNicole Varble3:01.24 PRJan 15RIT Invitational
2.SrJouhan Allende3:09.29 PRFeb 26NYSCTC Indoor Championships
3.JrKate Dubuisson3:10.43 PRFeb 5Hamilton Invitational
4.SoKatrijn Moulin3:21.08Feb 5Hamilton Invitational
5.SoAnna Bower3:31.43Dec 11RIT vs Rochester
6.SrAbigal Aker3:43.77Jan 15RIT Invitational
7.FrZoe Catalano3:49.45 PRJan 22St. Lawrence Invitational
1 Mile
1.JrKate Dubuisson5:29.11 PRJan 30Empire 8 Championships
2.SrJouhan Allende5:31.44 PRJan 30Empire 8 Championships
3.SoKatrijn Moulin5:35.75Feb 26NYSCTC Indoor Championships
4.SoRachel Zoyhofski5:37.73Jan 30Empire 8 Championships
5.SoAnna Bower5:54.86Jan 30Empire 8 Championships
6.SrAbigal Aker6:04.24Jan 15RIT Invitational
7.FrZoe Catalano6:12.96 PRJan 30Empire 8 Championships
3000 Meters
1.SoRachel Zoyhofski11:11.96Feb 26NYSCTC Indoor Championships
2.SoAnna Bower12:18.78Jan 15RIT Invitational
3.FrZoe Catalano12:35.86 PRFeb 18Orange and Brown Invitational
5000 Meters
1.SoAnna Bower21:24.32 PRFeb 18Orange and Brown Invitational
4x200 Relay
1.-Mackenzie Neal
Katherine Sessions
Nicole Varble
Jasmine Maisonet
1:48.66Feb 26NYSCTC Indoor Championships
2.-Relay Team 1:51.64Feb 18Orange and Brown Invitational
3.-Alexandra Bush
Madeline Darden
Amanda Gordon
Lisa Powers
1:53.86Feb 5Hamilton Invitational
4x400 Relay
1.-Brianne Yannotta
Jouhan Allende
Amanda Gordon
Nicole Varble
4:13.46Jan 30Empire 8 Championships
2.-Relay Team 4:14.89Jan 15RIT Invitational
3.-Nicole Varble
Lisa Powers
Amanda Gordon
Madeline Darden
4:16.09Feb 12Robert Kane Invitational
4.-Jouhan Allende
Nicole Varble
Brianne Yannotta
Jasmine Maisonet
4:16.76Feb 26NYSCTC Indoor Championships
4x800 Relay
1.-Kate Dubuisson
Jennie Springer
Carly Strods
Katrijn Moulin
10:32.46Feb 26NYSCTC Indoor Championships
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m - [12-4-8-16]
1.-Jouhan Allende
Nicole Varble
Brianne Yannotta
Kate Dubuisson
12:47.46Feb 26NYSCTC Indoor Championships
2.-Jouhan Allende
Brianne Yannotta
Katrijn Moulin
Kate Dubuisson
13:31.05Feb 5Hamilton Invitational
3.-Anna Bower
Alexandra Bush
Carly Strods
Katrijn Moulin
13:32.15Jan 30Empire 8 Championships
Shot Put - 4kg
1.SoSamantha Ramos11.34m PRJan 30Empire 8 Championships
2.FrTeysia Parks10.39m PRFeb 12Robert Kane Invitational
3.FrElizabeth Sofia9.37mFeb 5Hamilton Invitational
High Jump
1.FrBeitris McKeon1.43m PRFeb 5Hamilton Invitational
Pole Vault
1.SoEmily Valle2.75mJan 30Empire 8 Championships
Long Jump
1.SrJasmine Maisonet5.44m PRFeb 18Orange and Brown Invitational
2.JrJennifer Adams5.31mJan 15RIT Invitational
3.SoKatherine Sessions5.17m PRFeb 26NYSCTC Indoor Championships
4.FrMackenzie Neal5.07m PRFeb 18Orange and Brown Invitational
5.SoNatalie May4.26m PRDec 11RIT vs Rochester
Triple Jump
1.SoKatherine Sessions11.01m PRFeb 26NYSCTC Indoor Championships
2.SrJasmine Maisonet10.96m PRDec 11RIT vs Rochester
3.FrMackenzie Neal10.31m PRJan 30Empire 8 Championships
4.SoNatalie May9.88m PRJan 22St. Lawrence Invitational
Weight Throw - 20lb
1.SoSamantha Ramos13.94m PRFeb 26NYSCTC Indoor Championships
2.SrLindsey Clark12.73m PRFeb 18Orange and Brown Invitational
3.FrElizabeth Sofia11.07mFeb 12Robert Kane Invitational
4.FrTeysia Parks8.35m PRFeb 18Orange and Brown Invitational

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