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55 Meter Dash
1.SoLynn Oyawairi6.44aFeb 27WIAC Indoor Championship
2.FrCasey Goffinet6.53aFeb 27WIAC Indoor Championship
3.FrKelvin Owens6.56aJan 16UD Open #1
4.FrAaron Hrubes6.62aFeb 20Pointer Eastbay Invitational
5.FrJordan Olp6.65aFeb 27WIAC Indoor Championship
6.JrTom Drida6.67aFeb 27WIAC Indoor Championship
7.SrMatt Bischoff6.77aFeb 13UW-Platteville Invite
8.SrCody Egan6.83aFeb 13UW-Platteville Invite
9.FrJordan Thomas6.86aJan 23UWEC Triangular
10.FrJordan Cosby7.06aJan 23UWEC Triangular
11.JrNoah Simon7.14aFeb 6Indoor Select and Multi-event Open
60 Meter Dash
1.SoLynn Oyawairi7.15aMar 6NCAA Qualifier
200 Meters
1.SoLynn Oyawairi22.68aFeb 27WIAC Indoor Championship
FrCasey Goffinet22.68aFeb 27WIAC Indoor Championship
3.SrCody Egan23.28aFeb 13UW-Platteville Invite
FrJordan Thomas23.28aFeb 13UW-Platteville Invite
5.SrMatt Bischoff23.31aFeb 13UW-Platteville Invite
6.FrMatthew Ziegler23.33aFeb 13UW-Platteville Invite
7.FrJordan Olp23.47aFeb 13UW-Platteville Invite
8.FrKelvin Owens23.50aFeb 6Indoor Select and Multi-event Open
9.FrBen Farrell23.92aJan 30UD Open #2
10.FrAaron Hrubes23.99aFeb 6Indoor Select and Multi-event Open
11.FrAaron Loferski24.24aFeb 6Indoor Select and Multi-event Open
12.FrAnthony Stelter24.85aJan 30UD Open #2
400 Meters
1.FrMatthew Ziegler49.40aMar 6NCAA Qualifier
2.FrBen Farrell50.07aMar 6NCAA Qualifier
3.JrBrandon Harms51.61aJan 30UD Open #2
4.JrRobert Cook52.00aFeb 20Pointer Eastbay Invitational
5.SoTravis Hartman52.64aJan 30UD Open #2
6.FrAnthony Stelter53.25aJan 30UD Open #2
7.FrJosh VandenBush55.38aJan 23UWEC Triangular
800 Meters
1.JrPatrick Klein1:52.63aMar 6NCAA Qualifier
2.JrBrandon Harms1:57.42aFeb 20Pointer Eastbay Invitational
3.FrAnthony Stelter1:58.88aFeb 20Pointer Eastbay Invitational
4.FrReese Mersberger2:00.27aFeb 20Pointer Eastbay Invitational
5.FrBenjamin Stuckey2:01.82aJan 16UD Open #1
6.FrAndrew Wright2:02.05aFeb 13UW-Platteville Invite
7.JrRobert Cook2:02.27aJan 30UD Open #2
8.SrTim Dahms2:06.04aJan 16UD Open #1
9.-Frank Kaminski2:06.24aJan 23UWEC Triangular
1 Mile
1.JrPatrick Klein4:10.03aFeb 13UW-Platteville Invite
2.SrTim Dahms4:29.39aFeb 6Indoor Select and Multi-event Open
3.SoScott Clark4:29.62aJan 23UWEC Triangular
4.FrBenjamin Stuckey4:33.65aJan 23UWEC Triangular
5.FrMatt Borneman4:38.77aFeb 6Indoor Select and Multi-event Open
6.SoKyle Klein4:40.85aFeb 20Pointer Eastbay Invitational
7.SoBill Clift4:41.80aFeb 6Indoor Select and Multi-event Open
8.FrJacob James4:46.96aFeb 20Pointer Eastbay Invitational
3000 Meters
1.SoBill Clift8:52.21aJan 23UWEC Triangular
2.JrPatrick Klein8:52.28aJan 16UD Open #1
3.SoScott Clark8:56.36aFeb 13UW-Platteville Invite
4.SoAnthony Swimm8:57.86aFeb 20Pointer Eastbay Invitational
5.FrMatt Borneman8:57.97aFeb 20Pointer Eastbay Invitational
6.SrTim Dahms9:03.67aJan 23UWEC Triangular
7.SoThomas Thornton9:13.53aJan 23UWEC Triangular
8.FrJacob James9:16.49aFeb 6Indoor Select and Multi-event Open
9.SoKyle Klein9:17.73aJan 30UD Open #2
10.JrAaron Whalen9:35.66aJan 16UD Open #1
5000 Meters
1.SrTim Dahms15:31.77aFeb 27WIAC Indoor Championship
2.SoThomas Thornton15:37.71aFeb 13UW-Platteville Invite
3.SoAnthony Swimm15:48.65aJan 23UWEC Triangular
4.FrMatt Borneman15:50.14aFeb 13UW-Platteville Invite
5.JrAaron Whalen16:04.41aFeb 6Indoor Select and Multi-event Open
6.SoKyle Klein16:10.86aFeb 13UW-Platteville Invite
55m Hurdles - 42"
1.FrAaron Loferski7.97aFeb 13UW-Platteville Invite
2.JrNoah Simon8.09aFeb 27WIAC Indoor Championship
3.FrAdam Bolton8.13aJan 16UD Open #1
4x200 Relay
1.-Jordan Thomas
Matt Bischoff
Cody Egan
Jordan Olp
1:31.25aFeb 27WIAC Indoor Championship
2.-Relay Team 1:31.47aFeb 20Pointer Eastbay Invitational
4x400 Relay
1.-Matthew Ziegler
Ben Farrell
Brandon Harms
Robert Cook
3:23.11aFeb 27WIAC Indoor Championship
2.-Relay Team 3:25.62aFeb 20Pointer Eastbay Invitational
3.-Brandon Harms
Ben Farrell
Matthew Ziegler
Robert Cook
3:28.53aFeb 6Indoor Select and Multi-event Open
4.-Reese Mersberger
Travis Hartman
Anthony Stelter
Andrew Wright
3:32.77aFeb 6Indoor Select and Multi-event Open
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m
1.-Reese Mersberger
Travis Hartman
Anthony Stelter
Anthony Swimm
10:37.38aFeb 27WIAC Indoor Championship
Shot Put - 16lb
1.JrTom Friederick14.89m Feb 13UW-Platteville Invite
2.FrKevin Costin14.82m Feb 20Pointer Eastbay Invitational
3.FrJacob Wiederholt14.42m Feb 27WIAC Indoor Championship
4.SrJosh Kalsow14.04m Feb 6Indoor Select and Multi-event Open
5.JrDustin Vandermyde12.71m Feb 20Pointer Eastbay Invitational
6.SoAlex Gooding12.62m Feb 6Indoor Select and Multi-event Open
7.JrJay Moelling10.98m Jan 23UWEC Triangular
8.FrDalton Atwood9.27m Feb 6Indoor Select and Multi-event Open
High Jump
1.FrAndrew Kissner1.92m Jan 23UWEC Triangular
2.FrPreston Baker1.87m Feb 13UW-Platteville Invite
3.FrJohn Egan1.85m Feb 20Pointer Eastbay Invitational
4.SoAaron Brown1.83m Jan 16UD Open #1
Pole Vault
1.SrJon Balciar4.53m Feb 27WIAC Indoor Championship
2.FrJared Bradfish4.42m Feb 20Pointer Eastbay Invitational
3.FrChas Spangenberg4.35m Jan 30UD Open #2
4.FrJake Gregerson4.20m Feb 13UW-Platteville Invite
5.FrJared Hinsenkamp4.05m Feb 6Indoor Select and Multi-event Open
6.FrZach Wiest3.90m Feb 13UW-Platteville Invite
Long Jump
1.JrMichael Fischer6.35m Feb 20Pointer Eastbay Invitational
2.FrJordan Cosby6.26m Jan 30UD Open #2
3.FrAaron Hrubes6.06m Jan 23UWEC Triangular
4.JrJosh Canner6.04m Jan 30UD Open #2
5.FrJordan Olp5.83m Jan 30UD Open #2
6.FrMatthew Ziegler5.82m Jan 30UD Open #2
Triple Jump
1.JrMichael Fischer12.84m Jan 16UD Open #1
2.FrMatthew Ziegler12.78m Jan 30UD Open #2
3.FrAaron Hrubes12.75m Jan 23UWEC Triangular
4.FrJosh VandenBush12.74m Feb 27WIAC Indoor Championship
5.FrJordan Cosby12.36m Feb 13UW-Platteville Invite
6.FrPreston Baker12.21m Jan 30UD Open #2
7.FrJared Hinsenkamp11.75m Jan 30UD Open #2
Weight Throw - 35lb
1.JrTom Friederick15.05m Jan 16UD Open #1
2.FrKevin Costin14.48m Feb 13UW-Platteville Invite
3.JrDustin Vandermyde14.43m Jan 30UD Open #2
4.SrJosh Kalsow14.32m Jan 30UD Open #2
5.SoAlex Gooding13.50m Feb 13UW-Platteville Invite
6.FrJacob Wiederholt13.16m Feb 6Indoor Select and Multi-event Open
7.JrJay Moelling11.25m Feb 13UW-Platteville Invite
8.FrDalton Atwood9.40m Jan 30UD Open #2


55 Meter Dash
1.SrCarshella Porter7.27aFeb 27WIAC Indoor Championship
2.SrElizabeth Baker7.51aFeb 13UW-Platteville Invite
3.JrElizabeth Wessels7.62aFeb 13UW-Platteville Invite
4.JrGabrielle Ethier8.04aFeb 6Indoor Select and Multi-event Open
5.SrTracey Gronowski8.23aFeb 6Indoor Select and Multi-event Open
6.JrBrittany Orris8.69aJan 23UWEC Triangular
60 Meter Dash
1.SrCarshella Porter7.83aMar 6NCAA Qualifier
200 Meters
1.SrCarshella Porter26.16aFeb 27WIAC Indoor Championship
2.JrCassie Schneider26.89aFeb 6Indoor Select and Multi-event Open
3.SrElizabeth Baker27.74aJan 30UD Open #2
4.JrShea Bierman27.85aFeb 6Indoor Select and Multi-event Open
5.FrKeturah Vangen28.06aFeb 20Pointer Eastbay Invitational
SrSara Weisman28.06aFeb 6Indoor Select and Multi-event Open
7.JrElizabeth Wessels28.07aFeb 20Pointer Eastbay Invitational
8.JrGabrielle Ethier29.21aJan 23UWEC Triangular
9.FrMorgan Hoover29.36aFeb 20Pointer Eastbay Invitational
10.FrKaren Welsh29.63aFeb 20Pointer Eastbay Invitational
11.SrTracey Gronowski30.13aJan 23UWEC Triangular
12.SoEllyssa Moll32.09aJan 23UWEC Triangular
400 Meters
1.SrElizabeth Baker61.02aFeb 6Indoor Select and Multi-event Open
2.SrSara Weisman61.17aFeb 27WIAC Indoor Championship
3.JrShea Bierman62.20aFeb 13UW-Platteville Invite
4.FrNatalie Jozik66.98aJan 23UWEC Triangular
800 Meters
1.SoAnn Tank2:11.92aMar 6NCAA Qualifier
2.SrEmma Dreis2:22.37aFeb 13UW-Platteville Invite
3.JrGina Smith2:22.38aFeb 13UW-Platteville Invite
4.SrKristy Curry2:22.97aJan 30UD Open #2
5.SrSara Weisman2:24.81aFeb 13UW-Platteville Invite
6.FrNatalie Jozik2:31.14aFeb 20Pointer Eastbay Invitational
1000 Meters
1.JrBecky Kempfert3:17.15aJan 30UD Open #2
1 Mile
1.SoAnn Tank5:04.62aFeb 13UW-Platteville Invite
2.JrGina Smith5:12.85aJan 30UD Open #2
3.SrEmma Dreis5:23.26aFeb 6Indoor Select and Multi-event Open
4.JrBecky Kempfert5:23.29aFeb 20Pointer Eastbay Invitational
5.SrKristy Curry5:34.54aFeb 6Indoor Select and Multi-event Open
6.SrMolli Springer5:39.38aFeb 6Indoor Select and Multi-event Open
7.SoKirsten Recupero6:11.17aFeb 13UW-Platteville Invite
3000 Meters
1.SrEileen McGuine11:13.43aJan 16UD Open #1
2.SrMolli Springer11:21.59aFeb 13UW-Platteville Invite
3.FrStephanie Dorton11:42.86aFeb 6Indoor Select and Multi-event Open
4.SrEmma Dreis11:52.92aJan 23UWEC Triangular
5.FrCarin Lowe12:02.94aJan 23UWEC Triangular
6.FrLaura Benson12:16.50Feb 13UW-Platteville Invite
7.FrHolly Smith12:41.33aJan 16UD Open #1
8.FrMegan Knutson12:42.68aJan 23UWEC Triangular
5000 Meters
1.FrStephanie Dorton19:46.35aFeb 27WIAC Indoor Championship
55m Hurdles - 33"
1.JrGabrielle Ethier8.84aFeb 20Pointer Eastbay Invitational
2.FrKeturah Vangen9.30aFeb 6Indoor Select and Multi-event Open
3.SoNiki Parker9.34aJan 16UD Open #1
4.SrTracey Gronowski9.48aFeb 20Pointer Eastbay Invitational
5.FrKaren Welsh10.16aJan 23UWEC Triangular
4x200 Relay
1.-Relay Team 1:49.27aJan 16UD Open #1
2.-Lizzie Wessels
Shea Bierman
Gabrielle Ethier
Keturah Vangen
1:50.09aFeb 27WIAC Indoor Championship
4x400 Relay
1.-Carshella Porter
Shea Bierman
Cassie Schneider
Ann Tank
3:54.89aMar 6NCAA Qualifier
2.-Relay Team 3:58.43aFeb 13UW-Platteville Invite
3.-Cassie Schneider
Shea Bierman
Carshella Porter
Ann Tank
4:00.22aFeb 27WIAC Indoor Championship
4.-Shea Bierman
Liz Baker
Sara Weisman
Ann Tank
4:03.53aFeb 6Indoor Select and Multi-event Open
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m
1.-Becky Kempfert
Sara Weisman
Kristy Curry
Gina Smith
12:48.78aFeb 27WIAC Indoor Championship
Shot Put - 4kg
1.SoRachel Oppriecht11.98m Feb 13UW-Platteville Invite
2.FrArlyn Maas9.79m Jan 16UD Open #1
3.SoBrianna Luebke9.19m Jan 30UD Open #2
4.FrJanice Rasmussen8.37m Feb 13UW-Platteville Invite
High Jump
1.JrSadie Sime1.47m Feb 20Pointer Eastbay Invitational
2.SoMegan Bruckschen1.47m Jan 16UD Open #1
Pole Vault
1.SoAmber Witthuhn3.13m Feb 27WIAC Indoor Championship
2.FrKim Singer2.60m Jan 16UD Open #1
3.FrKallie Schoessow2.35m Feb 13UW-Platteville Invite
Long Jump
1.JrCassie Schneider5.38m Jan 16UD Open #1
2.FrMorgan Hoover5.01m Feb 20Pointer Eastbay Invitational
Triple Jump
1.FrKristin Wiley10.54m Feb 27WIAC Indoor Championship
2.JrGabrielle Ethier10.54m Feb 13UW-Platteville Invite
3.FrMorgan Hoover10.11m Feb 13UW-Platteville Invite
4.FrKami Miles9.73m Feb 20Pointer Eastbay Invitational
5.SoEllyssa Moll9.54m Feb 13UW-Platteville Invite
6.FrTarah Crary9.12m Jan 16UD Open #1
Weight Throw - 20lb
1.SoRachel Oppriecht12.00m Feb 20Pointer Eastbay Invitational
2.SoBrianna Luebke10.74m Jan 30UD Open #2
3.FrArlyn Maas9.78m Feb 13UW-Platteville Invite

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