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100 Meters
1.12Keanon Lowe10.78 (3.0)May 29OSAA 6A State Championships Day 2
2.12Justin Echevarria11.15 PRMay 12Sunset @ Jesuit
3.9Xavier Coleman11.30May 7Jesuit Twilight Relays
4.11Jordan Talley11.34 PRMar 31Green and Gold Meet
5.12Jordan Lewis11.41 PRMay 5Southridge @ Jesuit
6.11Miles Weatheroy11.45 PRMar 31Green and Gold Meet
7.10Nicholas Rothstein11.53 PRMar 31Green and Gold Meet
8.10Jaima Halliburton11.54c PRMar 31Green and Gold Meet
9.9Cameron Bremner11.62 PRMay 14Metro League JV District Meet
10.9Jake Collins11.73 PRMay 14Metro League JV District Meet
11.11Nigel Rogers11.74cApr 7Westview @ Jesuit
12.10Morgan Sellers11.76Mar 31Green and Gold Meet
13.11Cermak Bland11.84c PRMar 31Green and Gold Meet
9Thien Vo11.84c PRMar 31Green and Gold Meet
12Peter Muessle11.84c PRMar 31Green and Gold Meet
16.11Jack Nelson11.94c PRApr 7Westview @ Jesuit
17.11Joe Wanner12.04 PRMay 14Metro League JV District Meet
18.9Zachary Caballero12.14cMar 31Green and Gold Meet
9Ben Hartmeier12.14cMay 5Southridge @ Jesuit
10Nick Thomson12.14c PRApr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
21.10Drew Demarco12.21May 14Metro League JV District Meet
22.9Malik McCall12.24cMar 31Green and Gold Meet
9Shaka Klang12.24c PRMar 31Green and Gold Meet
10Mark Petrusich12.24c PRApr 7Westview @ Jesuit
25.9Alex Jones12.27May 14Metro League JV District Meet
26.10Jack Graham12.33 PRMar 17Canby v. Jesuit
27.10Joey Graham12.34c PRApr 7Westview @ Jesuit
9Alex Gedrose12.34cMar 31Green and Gold Meet
29.10Devin Hill12.42 PRMay 14Metro League JV District Meet
30.9Devon Olson12.44c PRMar 31Green and Gold Meet
10Jonathan Haley12.44c PRApr 7Westview @ Jesuit
32.9Robbie D'Angelo12.49Apr 21Jesuit @ Beaverton
33.10Collin Jewell12.54c PRMar 31Green and Gold Meet
10Brian Mader12.54c PRMar 31Green and Gold Meet
9Samuel Ruef12.54c PRMay 5Southridge @ Jesuit
36.10Patrick Gonzalez12.59 PRMay 14Metro League JV District Meet
37.11Duncan Lindsay12.63 PRMay 14Metro League JV District Meet
38.11Connor Eddy12.64c PRMar 31Green and Gold Meet
10Richard Porter12.64 PRMay 14Metro League JV District Meet
40.9Mathias Aguon12.69 PRMay 14Metro League JV District Meet
41.9Harrisen Stach12.74c PRMar 31Green and Gold Meet
42.10Jackson Handkins12.84c PRApr 7Westview @ Jesuit
9James Nguyen12.84c PRMar 31Green and Gold Meet
44.9Ben Colley13.04c PRMay 14Metro League JV District Meet
11Alex Sullivan13.04cApr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
9Jack Yung13.04c PRApr 28Green & Gold 2
47.10Dylan Johnson13.14cMay 5Southridge @ Jesuit
48.10Vincent Nguyen13.24cApr 7Westview @ Jesuit
49.10Connor Salzman13.32 PRApr 21Jesuit @ Beaverton
50.12Matt Koontz13.34c PRApr 7Westview @ Jesuit
10Ryan Stevens13.34c PRApr 28Green & Gold 2
52.9Brandon Day13.44cMay 14Metro League JV District Meet
53.10Bryan Shaw13.49Apr 21Jesuit @ Beaverton
54.10Gabe Reyes13.54c PRApr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
11Bryce Notbohm13.54c PRMar 31Green and Gold Meet
56.9Thomas Forman13.64cMar 31Green and Gold Meet
57.10Mark Fleckenstein13.74c PRApr 28Green & Gold 2
58.12John Galati13.84cApr 7Westview @ Jesuit
200 Meters
1.12Keanon Lowe21.93 PR (1.5)May 29OSAA 6A State Championships Day 2
2.12Justin Echevarria22.39 PRMay 12Sunset @ Jesuit
3.10Nicholas Rothstein23.31 PRMay 12Sunset @ Jesuit
4.9Xavier Coleman23.42May 5Southridge @ Jesuit
5.12Joe Dillon23.51Mar 17Canby v. Jesuit
6.10Jaima Halliburton23.85 PRMay 12Sunset @ Jesuit
7.9Cameron Bremner24.03 PRMay 12Sunset @ Jesuit
8.10Morgan Sellers24.08 PRMay 5Southridge @ Jesuit
9.11Jordan Talley24.10 PRApr 21Jesuit @ Beaverton
10.9Zachary Caballero24.20 PRMay 14Metro League JV District Meet
11Joe Wanner24.20May 14Metro League JV District Meet
12.10Drew Demarco24.30May 5Southridge @ Jesuit
13.10JohnPaul Muessle24.42 PRMay 5Southridge @ Jesuit
14.11Xavier Berhanu25.08 PRApr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
15.10Eric Williams25.14 PRMar 17Canby v. Jesuit
16.9Devon Olson25.15 PRMar 17Canby v. Jesuit
17.9Ben Hartmeier25.21Apr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
18.9Jack Yung25.22May 12Sunset @ Jesuit
19.9Harrisen Stach25.31May 12Sunset @ Jesuit
20.12Ryan Fox25.33 PRApr 7Westview @ Jesuit
21.9Alex Gedrose25.40Apr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
22.9Marcus Yoo25.42May 12Sunset @ Jesuit
23.10Nick Thomson25.51 PRMay 14Metro League JV District Meet
24.10Patrick Gonzalez25.63 PRMay 14Metro League JV District Meet
25.9Robbie D'Angelo25.66 PRApr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
26.9Alex Jones26.01May 12Sunset @ Jesuit
27.10Richard Porter26.05 PRMay 5Southridge @ Jesuit
9Shaka Klang26.05 PRMay 5Southridge @ Jesuit
29.10Jonathan Haley26.06 PRMay 5Southridge @ Jesuit
30.10Joey Graham26.07 PRMay 12Sunset @ Jesuit
31.9Nate House26.13 PRMay 12Sunset @ Jesuit
32.9Ben Colley26.68 PRMay 12Sunset @ Jesuit
33.10Brian Mader26.75 PRApr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
34.9Mathias Aguon26.94cMar 17Canby v. Jesuit
35.10Bryan Shaw27.19 PRMay 5Southridge @ Jesuit
36.9Sean Justus27.34cMar 17Canby v. Jesuit
37.9Brandon Day28.04cMay 14Metro League JV District Meet
38.11Bryce Notbohm28.22 PRApr 7Westview @ Jesuit
10Gabe Reyes28.22 PRApr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
40.9Thomas Forman28.81Apr 7Westview @ Jesuit
41.9Uzair Sheikh29.48 PRMay 12Sunset @ Jesuit
42.9Evan Jarvis30.14c PRMar 17Canby v. Jesuit
43.9Joel Schierman30.34c PRMar 17Canby v. Jesuit
400 Meters
1.11Steven Raimondi51.49May 12Sunset @ Jesuit
2.12Connor Seedall52.07 PRMay 12Sunset @ Jesuit
3.12Joe Dillon53.25Apr 7Westview @ Jesuit
4.10Nicholas Rothstein53.38 PRApr 21Jesuit @ Beaverton
5.10Mark Petrusich53.60May 21Metro League Championships Day 2
6.9Ben Hartmeier54.83May 14Metro League JV District Meet
7.9Alex Gedrose55.40 PRMay 14Metro League JV District Meet
8.10Jack Graham55.62 PRMay 5Southridge @ Jesuit
9.12Cornelius Lau56.18Apr 7Westview @ Jesuit
10.9Devon Olson56.30Apr 7Westview @ Jesuit
9Jack Yung56.30 PRMay 14Metro League JV District Meet
12.11Nigel Rogers56.33Mar 17Canby v. Jesuit
13.11Joe Wanner57.12Apr 21Jesuit @ Beaverton
14.10JohnPaul Muessle57.17 PRApr 21Jesuit @ Beaverton
15.9Sean Justus57.42Apr 7Westview @ Jesuit
16.12Ryan Bakken57.50 PRApr 7Westview @ Jesuit
17.9Harrisen Stach57.58Apr 7Westview @ Jesuit
18.9Nate House57.71 PRMay 5Southridge @ Jesuit
19.11Nathan Matsunaga58.04 PRApr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
20.11Ankith Harathi58.36May 14Metro League JV District Meet
21.10Connor Salzman58.38 PRMay 12Sunset @ Jesuit
22.10Bryan Shaw59.59Apr 21Jesuit @ Beaverton
23.11Joey Wallace1:00.41Apr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
24.10Ryan Stevens1:00.84cApr 28Green & Gold 2
25.9Shaka Klang1:00.98 PRApr 7Westview @ Jesuit
26.10Colin Dunn1:01.88 PRApr 7Westview @ Jesuit
27.10Eric Ho1:02.27 PRApr 21Jesuit @ Beaverton
28.10Mark Fleckenstein1:04.14cApr 28Green & Gold 2
29.9Jonathan Li1:07.28 PRMar 17Canby v. Jesuit
30.9Uzair Sheikh1:07.38 PRMay 14Metro League JV District Meet
400 Meters - Relay Split
1.12Keanon Lowe49.8hApr 17Pasco Invitational
2.11Steven Raimondi49.9h PRMay 21Metro League Championships Day 2
3.12Justin Echevarria50.9h PRMay 12Sunset @ Jesuit
4.12Connor Seedall51.3h PRMay 5Southridge @ Jesuit
5.10Nicholas Rothstein51.8h PRMar 31Green and Gold Meet
6.11Jordan Talley51.9h PRMay 146th Centennial Invitational
7.12Ciaran Willis52.8h PRMay 12Sunset @ Jesuit
8.12Joe Dillon53.1hApr 7Westview @ Jesuit
9.12Paul Fleckenstein53.3h PRMay 12Sunset @ Jesuit
10.10Ryan Cope53.9hApr 7Westview @ Jesuit
10Eric Williams53.9hApr 7Westview @ Jesuit
10Mark Petrusich53.9hMay 7Jesuit Twilight Relays
10Jaima Halliburton53.9h PRMay 5Southridge @ Jesuit
14.11Jack Hagler54.0hApr 7Westview @ Jesuit
15.12Ben Demaree54.1h PRApr 7Westview @ Jesuit
16.12Connor Mathews54.2h PRMay 12Sunset @ Jesuit
12Matt Boileau54.2h PRApr 21Jesuit @ Beaverton
18.10Ryan Stevens54.3hMay 12Sunset @ Jesuit
11Ankith Harathi54.3hApr 21Jesuit @ Beaverton
20.10Drew Demarco54.7hMay 5Southridge @ Jesuit
21.11Kasey Richards54.8h PRApr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
22.11Kyle Hagmeier55.1h PRMar 17Canby v. Jesuit
23.11Joe Wanner55.2hMay 5Southridge @ Jesuit
24.12Willie Milam55.5hMar 17Canby v. Jesuit
25.9Malik McCall55.6h PRMay 12Sunset @ Jesuit
10Shane Mileham55.6hMay 12Sunset @ Jesuit
10Jack Graham55.6h PRApr 21Jesuit @ Beaverton
28.9Xavier Coleman55.8hMar 17Canby v. Jesuit
29.10JohnPaul Muessle56.2h PRMay 5Southridge @ Jesuit
30.10Patrick Gonzalez56.5h PRMay 5Southridge @ Jesuit
31.9Alex Gedrose56.6h PRApr 7Westview @ Jesuit
11Branden Kusanto56.6h PRMay 5Southridge @ Jesuit
33.9Jack Yung56.9h PRMay 12Sunset @ Jesuit
34.9Zachary Caballero57.1h PRApr 7Westview @ Jesuit
35.11Elliot Connall57.2h PRApr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
36.12Peter Muessle57.3h PRMar 17Canby v. Jesuit
37.12Cornelius Lau57.4hMar 17Canby v. Jesuit
38.10David McCaslin57.5h PRApr 7Westview @ Jesuit
39.9Connor Nielsen57.8h PRMay 12Sunset @ Jesuit
40.10Brian Shaw57.9hApr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
9Nate House57.9h PRMay 12Sunset @ Jesuit
42.9Alex Joseph58.2hApr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
43.9Thien Vo58.3h PRApr 7Westview @ Jesuit
44.9Ben Hartmeier58.4hApr 21Jesuit @ Beaverton
45.9Marcus Yoo58.5h PRMay 12Sunset @ Jesuit
46.9Devon Olson58.9hMar 17Canby v. Jesuit
10David Leavy58.9hApr 7Westview @ Jesuit
48.12Chris Vanderschuere59.1h PRMay 12Sunset @ Jesuit
49.9Shaka Klang59.2h PRMay 12Sunset @ Jesuit
9Sean Justus59.2h PRMay 5Southridge @ Jesuit
10Michael Burger59.2hApr 7Westview @ Jesuit
9Patrick Doherty59.2hApr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
53.9Alex Jones59.4h PRMay 12Sunset @ Jesuit
10Connor Salzman59.4h PRApr 7Westview @ Jesuit
55.9Tarek Wirfs59.6h PRMay 5Southridge @ Jesuit
56.9Harrisen Stach59.8h PRMay 5Southridge @ Jesuit
57.11Sean Alvey59.9h PRApr 21Jesuit @ Beaverton
58.10Eric Ho1:00.5h PRApr 7Westview @ Jesuit
59.12Taka Iguchi1:01.1h PRMar 17Canby v. Jesuit
60.9Joshua Sealand1:01.4hApr 7Westview @ Jesuit
61.11Taylor Johnson1:01.7hMay 5Southridge @ Jesuit
62.9Hunter McGuirk1:01.8hMar 17Canby v. Jesuit
63.10Collin Jewell1:01.9h PRMay 12Sunset @ Jesuit
64.10Mark Fleckenstein1:02.1hApr 21Jesuit @ Beaverton
65.10Kevin Boehnlein1:02.2hApr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
12Erik Purdy1:02.2h PRMar 17Canby v. Jesuit
67.10Derek Pemberton1:02.3h PRApr 7Westview @ Jesuit
68.9Andy Buhler1:02.4h PRApr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
69.11Nigel Rogers1:02.8hMar 17Canby v. Jesuit
70.9Cooper McDonnell1:03.2hApr 7Westview @ Jesuit
71.9Cody Street1:03.8h PRApr 7Westview @ Jesuit
72.9Will Hilton1:03.9h PRMay 12Sunset @ Jesuit
73.11JP Fogarty1:04.3h PRMay 12Sunset @ Jesuit
10Sam Forstag1:04.3hMay 12Sunset @ Jesuit
75.9Fitsum Dejene1:04.5hApr 7Westview @ Jesuit
76.10Kyle Hodge1:04.6hApr 7Westview @ Jesuit
77.9Sunjay Mouli1:04.9h PRApr 7Westview @ Jesuit
78.10Dominic Mori1:05.1hApr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
79.10Noah Wilskey1:05.6hApr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
80.9Josh Pierson1:06.3hApr 7Westview @ Jesuit
81.11Mighten Yip1:06.4hApr 21Jesuit @ Beaverton
82.9Alec Damm1:06.5hApr 7Westview @ Jesuit
11Henry Murphy1:06.5hMar 17Canby v. Jesuit
84.9Jonathan Li1:06.6hApr 7Westview @ Jesuit
85.9Sean Keefer1:06.8h PRApr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
86.9Conor McWeeney1:07.4hMay 12Sunset @ Jesuit
87.10Riku Driscoll1:07.5h PRApr 7Westview @ Jesuit
88.9Michael Mueller1:07.9hMar 17Canby v. Jesuit
89.9Dante Giambrone1:08.3h PRApr 21Jesuit @ Beaverton
90.9Dominic Baldocchi1:08.6h PRApr 21Jesuit @ Beaverton
91.9Braden Nelson1:09.5hApr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
92.10Conor Nistler1:10.3hApr 7Westview @ Jesuit
93.11Nick Rhodes1:10.5h PRApr 21Jesuit @ Beaverton
94.11Jack Nelson1:10.6hApr 21Jesuit @ Beaverton
95.10Austin Brown1:11.8hMar 17Canby v. Jesuit
96.9Joel Schierman1:14.3h PRMar 17Canby v. Jesuit
97.9Cooper Collins1:15.9hMay 12Sunset @ Jesuit
800 Meters
1.12Ciaran Willis1:57.82 PRMay 12Sunset @ Jesuit
2.12Matt Boileau1:58.97 PRMay 21Metro League Championships Day 2
3.11Jack Hagler1:59.30May 12Sunset @ Jesuit
4.12Ben Demaree2:00.15 PRMay 146th Centennial Invitational
5.12Paul Fleckenstein2:00.26 PRMay 5Southridge @ Jesuit
6.11Steven Raimondi2:00.62May 5Southridge @ Jesuit
7.12Willie Milam2:01.15 PRApr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
8.12Connor Mathews2:06.06 PRMay 12Sunset @ Jesuit
9.10Shane Mileham2:07.21May 12Sunset @ Jesuit
10.10Ryan Stevens2:08.22Apr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
11.10David McCaslin2:09.15May 5Southridge @ Jesuit
12.11Ankith Harathi2:10.09 PRApr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
13.9Joshua Sealand2:10.21Mar 17Canby v. Jesuit
14.9Brooks Johnson2:11.08 PRMay 5Southridge @ Jesuit
15.9Hunter McGuirk2:12.0hMay 7Jesuit Twilight Relays
16.9Patrick Doherty2:12.72May 5Southridge @ Jesuit
17.10Mark Petrusich2:13.65May 12Sunset @ Jesuit
18.9Cody Street2:14.36 PRMay 12Sunset @ Jesuit
19.12Taka Iguchi2:15.06 PRMay 5Southridge @ Jesuit
20.10Bryan Shaw2:17.56May 14Metro League JV District Meet
21.10Connor Salzman2:18.66 PRApr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
22.10Eric Ho2:19.40 PRMay 14Metro League JV District Meet
23.10Brian Shaw2:20.75Mar 17Canby v. Jesuit
24.10Sam Forstag2:20.79 PRMay 12Sunset @ Jesuit
25.9Will Hilton2:21.82 PRMay 5Southridge @ Jesuit
26.9Devon Olson2:22.00 PRApr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
27.9Conrad Nilsen2:22.11 PRMay 12Sunset @ Jesuit
28.10Mark Fleckenstein2:22.48Apr 21Jesuit @ Beaverton
29.9Alex Damm2:23.0h PRMar 17Canby v. Jesuit
30.12Erik Purdy2:23.59 PRMay 5Southridge @ Jesuit
31.10Kevin Boehnlein2:23.60May 12Sunset @ Jesuit
32.9Andy Buhler2:24.36May 5Southridge @ Jesuit
33.9Alec Damm2:24.39May 14Metro League JV District Meet
34.9Cooper McDonnell2:24.52May 14Metro League JV District Meet
35.11JP Fogarty2:25.27 PRMay 12Sunset @ Jesuit
36.10Kyle Hodge2:25.66May 5Southridge @ Jesuit
37.10Michael Burger2:27.22 PRApr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
38.12Irvin Seo2:29.45 PRApr 21Jesuit @ Beaverton
39.10Derek Pemberton2:32.36 PRMay 5Southridge @ Jesuit
40.9Sean Keefer2:32.83 PRMay 14Metro League JV District Meet
41.11Jakob Daum2:33.74 PRApr 21Jesuit @ Beaverton
42.9Sunjay Mouli2:33.93 PRMay 5Southridge @ Jesuit
43.11Mighten Yip2:35.75Apr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
44.10Riku Driscoll2:39.47 PRMay 14Metro League JV District Meet
45.9Josh Pierson2:39.50 PRApr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
46.9Favian Rahman2:40.0hMar 17Canby v. Jesuit
47.9Jonathan Li2:43.0hMar 17Canby v. Jesuit
48.10Conor Nistler2:51.61 PRMar 17Canby v. Jesuit
49.9Cooper Collins2:53.09Apr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
50.9Jaret Zellmer2:58.69 PRApr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
51.9Patrick Dolan3:00.84 PRApr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
800 Meters - Relay Split
1.12Paul Fleckenstein2:01.6h PRApr 17Pasco Invitational
1200 Meters - Relay Split
1.11Jack Hagler3:18.7h PRApr 17Pasco Invitational
2.12Ciaran Willis3:21.0h PRMay 7Jesuit Twilight Relays
3.12Taka Iguchi3:29.0h PRMay 7Jesuit Twilight Relays
1500 Meters
1.12Willie Milam4:00.42 PRMay 7Jesuit Twilight Relays
2.12Ben Demaree4:01.19 PRApr 7Westview @ Jesuit
3.12Ciaran Willis4:03.77 PRMay 7Jesuit Twilight Relays
4.12Paul Fleckenstein4:13.60 PRMay 21Metro League Championships Day 2
5.11Jack Hagler4:14.3hMar 17Canby v. Jesuit
6.10David McCaslin4:14.9hApr 17Aloha Relays
7.10David Leavy4:16.20Apr 7Westview @ Jesuit
8.11Steven Raimondi4:17.14 PRApr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
9.11Henry Murphy4:20.61 PRApr 21Jesuit @ Beaverton
10.10Ryan Stevens4:21.55 PRMay 12Sunset @ Jesuit
11.12Connor Mathews4:22.6hMar 17Canby v. Jesuit
12.9Joshua Sealand4:23.1hMar 17Canby v. Jesuit
13.12Matt Boileau4:23.18 PRApr 21Jesuit @ Beaverton
14.10Mark Petrusich4:24.12May 12Sunset @ Jesuit
15.9Brooks Johnson4:24.19 PRMay 12Sunset @ Jesuit
16.12Taka Iguchi4:27.13 PRMay 12Sunset @ Jesuit
17.9Patrick Doherty4:29.28May 14Metro League JV District Meet
18.10Shane Mileham4:33.44Apr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
19.11Taylor Johnson4:33.67 PRMay 5Southridge @ Jesuit
20.9Hunter McGuirk4:34.06May 12Sunset @ Jesuit
21.11Ankith Harathi4:34.5h PRMar 17Canby v. Jesuit
22.10Jackson Coleman4:35.68May 12Sunset @ Jesuit
23.9Cody Street4:37.10 PRMay 14Metro League JV District Meet
24.9Alex Joseph4:39.94Apr 7Westview @ Jesuit
25.9Conor McWeeney4:40.12Apr 7Westview @ Jesuit
26.10Noah Wilskey4:44.68May 5Southridge @ Jesuit
27.9Fitsum Dejene4:46.80May 14Metro League JV District Meet
28.11Elliot Connall4:46.90 PRApr 7Westview @ Jesuit
29.11Nathan Matsunaga4:47.12 PRMay 5Southridge @ Jesuit
30.9Andy Buhler4:48.85May 12Sunset @ Jesuit
31.10Bryan Shaw4:49.62Apr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
32.10Mark Fleckenstein4:50.08Apr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
33.9Alec Damm4:50.44May 12Sunset @ Jesuit
34.10Eric Ho4:50.59 PRApr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
35.10Michael Burger4:50.94 PRMay 12Sunset @ Jesuit
36.9Will Hilton4:53.03 PRApr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
37.10Kevin Boehnlein4:54.22May 12Sunset @ Jesuit
38.12Erik Purdy4:54.95 PRMay 12Sunset @ Jesuit
39.10Sam Forstag4:56.01 PRMay 5Southridge @ Jesuit
40.10Connor Salzman4:57.39Apr 7Westview @ Jesuit
41.10Kyle Hodge4:57.40May 5Southridge @ Jesuit
42.10Brian Shaw4:58.0hMar 17Canby v. Jesuit
43.11JP Fogarty4:59.05 PRMay 12Sunset @ Jesuit
44.9Alex Damm5:00.9h PRMar 17Canby v. Jesuit
45.9Conrad Nilsen5:02.12 PRApr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
46.9Sean Keefer5:04.60 PRMay 14Metro League JV District Meet
47.9Sunjay Mouli5:06.72 PRMay 14Metro League JV District Meet
48.10Austin Brown5:08.87May 14Metro League JV District Meet
49.11Jakob Daum5:09.00 PRApr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
50.9Josh Pierson5:14.41 PRMay 5Southridge @ Jesuit
51.9Cooper McDonnell5:21.2h PRMar 17Canby v. Jesuit
52.11Mighten Yip5:24.51May 5Southridge @ Jesuit
53.9Tim Fellin5:25.05 PRMay 5Southridge @ Jesuit
54.10Riku Driscoll5:27.40 PRMay 14Metro League JV District Meet
55.9Michael Guzman5:27.71 PRApr 21Jesuit @ Beaverton
56.10Derek Pemberton5:27.85 PRApr 21Jesuit @ Beaverton
57.9Favian Rahman5:31.32May 5Southridge @ Jesuit
58.9Cooper Collins5:40.75 PRApr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
59.9Jonathan Li5:48.78 PRApr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
60.10Conor Nistler5:55.86May 12Sunset @ Jesuit
61.9Patrick Dolan5:57.72 PRApr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
62.9Jaret Zellmer6:08.15 PRApr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
1600 Meters
1.12Ben Demaree4:21.59 PRApr 17Pasco Invitational
1600 Meters - Relay Split
1.12Ben Demaree4:18.7h PRApr 17Pasco Invitational
2.10David Leavy4:42.0h PRMay 7Jesuit Twilight Relays
3.9Joshua Sealand4:52.0hMay 7Jesuit Twilight Relays
3000 Meters
1.12Ben Demaree8:45.32 PRMay 1Oregon Relays
2.12Willie Milam8:46.19 PRMay 21Metro League Championships Day 2
3.10David Leavy9:11.66May 12Sunset @ Jesuit
4.10David McCaslin9:12.30May 12Sunset @ Jesuit
5.11Henry Murphy9:19.91 PRMay 12Sunset @ Jesuit
6.11Jack Hagler9:23.2h PRMar 31Green and Gold Meet
7.12Ciaran Willis9:25.80 PRApr 7Westview @ Jesuit
8.10Ryan Stevens9:29.16 PRMay 5Southridge @ Jesuit
9.9Joshua Sealand9:30.97Apr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
10.11Steven Raimondi9:37.5h PRMar 31Green and Gold Meet
11.9Conor McWeeney9:46.54May 12Sunset @ Jesuit
11Taylor Johnson9:46.54 PRMay 12Sunset @ Jesuit
13.10Jackson Coleman9:49.76May 14Metro League JV District Meet
14.9Hunter McGuirk9:53.23May 1Oregon Relays
15.10Noah Wilskey9:53.41May 14Metro League JV District Meet
16.9Alex Joseph9:54.42May 1Oregon Relays
17.12Paul Fleckenstein9:55.3h PRMar 31Green and Gold Meet
18.11Ankith Harathi9:56.59 PRApr 28Green & Gold 2
19.12Matt Boileau9:58.16 PRApr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
20.10Mark Petrusich10:00.81Apr 21Jesuit @ Beaverton
21.12Connor Seedall10:00.9h PRMar 31Green and Gold Meet
22.10Shane Mileham10:02.69Apr 28Green & Gold 2
23.12Taka Iguchi10:05.9h PRMar 31Green and Gold Meet
24.9Patrick Doherty10:32.1hMar 31Green and Gold Meet
25.11Nathan Matsunaga10:43.21May 5Southridge @ Jesuit
26.10Mark Fleckenstein10:46.50 PRApr 28Green & Gold 2
27.10Kyle Hodge10:49.92May 14Metro League JV District Meet
28.9Cody Street10:50.51 PRApr 28Green & Gold 2
29.9Andy Buhler10:55.33 PRApr 28Green & Gold 2
30.10Brian Shaw10:55.6h PRMar 31Green and Gold Meet
31.10Eric Ho10:55.9h PRMar 31Green and Gold Meet
32.11Elliot Connall10:59.8h PRMar 31Green and Gold Meet
33.10Michael Burger11:01.65 PRApr 28Green & Gold 2
34.10Sam Forstag11:03.6h PRMar 31Green and Gold Meet
35.10Connor Salzman11:05.1hMar 31Green and Gold Meet
36.9Alec Damm11:05.17Apr 28Green & Gold 2
37.9Will Hilton11:07.36 PRApr 28Green & Gold 2
38.12Erik Purdy11:11.14 PRApr 28Green & Gold 2
39.12Ryan Bakken11:11.4h PRMar 31Green and Gold Meet
40.11JP Fogarty11:23.60 PRApr 28Green & Gold 2
41.11Jakob Daum11:28.79 PRApr 28Green & Gold 2
42.9Sean Keefer11:29.59Apr 28Green & Gold 2
43.10Kevin Boehnlein11:29.6hMar 31Green and Gold Meet
44.9Conrad Nilsen11:35.91 PRApr 28Green & Gold 2
45.9Alex Damm11:37.1h PRMar 31Green and Gold Meet
46.9Josh Pierson11:43.35 PRApr 28Green & Gold 2
47.9Michael Guzman11:46.8h PRMar 31Green and Gold Meet
48.10Austin Brown12:06.3h PRMar 17Canby v. Jesuit
49.9Sunjay Mouli12:16.1h PRMar 31Green and Gold Meet
50.9Favian Rahman12:25.4h PRMar 31Green and Gold Meet
51.11Mighten Yip12:31.12Apr 28Green & Gold 2
52.9Cooper Collins12:35.59 PRApr 28Green & Gold 2
53.10Riku Driscoll12:36.90 PRApr 28Green & Gold 2
54.9Cooper McDonnell12:37.1hMar 31Green and Gold Meet
55.10Derek Pemberton12:42.61 PRApr 28Green & Gold 2
56.10Conor Nistler13:11.52Apr 28Green & Gold 2
57.9Patrick Dolan13:17.05 PRApr 28Green & Gold 2
58.9Jonathan Li13:23.5h PRMar 31Green and Gold Meet
59.9Jaret Zellmer14:26.1h PRMar 31Green and Gold Meet
100m Hurdles - 39"
1.11Branden Kusanto17.84c PRMar 31Green and Gold Meet
2.9Mathias Aguon20.54c PRMar 31Green and Gold Meet
3.9Fitsum Dejene20.84c PRMar 31Green and Gold Meet
4.9Sean Justus21.94c PRMar 31Green and Gold Meet
5.9Joel Schierman24.54c PRMar 31Green and Gold Meet
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.10Ryan Cope15.31May 21Metro League Championships Day 2
2.12Irvin Seo15.71 PRMay 12Sunset @ Jesuit
3.11Kasey Richards16.57 PRApr 7Westview @ Jesuit
4.11Branden Kusanto17.05May 7Jesuit Twilight Relays
5.9Malik McCall17.87May 14Metro League JV District Meet
6.9Mathias Aguon18.74May 14Metro League JV District Meet
7.9Fitsum Dejene21.38 PRApr 7Westview @ Jesuit
8.9Sean Justus22.47 PRApr 7Westview @ Jesuit
9.9Joel Schierman22.96 PRApr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.10Ryan Cope41.59Apr 17Pasco Invitational
2.11Kasey Richards43.24c PRMar 31Green and Gold Meet
3.12Cornelius Lau43.74 PRApr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
4.11Branden Kusanto44.36Apr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
5.10Jack Graham45.50 PRMay 5Southridge @ Jesuit
6.11Elliot Connall45.58Apr 7Westview @ Jesuit
7.11Kyle Hagmeier45.70 PRApr 7Westview @ Jesuit
8.9Harrisen Stach45.84 PRMay 14Metro League JV District Meet
9.9Mathias Aguon46.95Apr 21Jesuit @ Beaverton
10.10Shane Mileham47.65 PRMay 14Metro League JV District Meet
11.9Malik McCall48.09Apr 21Jesuit @ Beaverton
12.9Joel Schierman49.14 PRMay 14Metro League JV District Meet
13.11Henry Murphy49.74Apr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
14.9Sean Justus50.02 PRApr 7Westview @ Jesuit
15.9Fitsum Dejene50.23 PRApr 7Westview @ Jesuit
16.11Nathan Matsunaga51.82 PRMay 12Sunset @ Jesuit
17.10Michael Burger55.85 PRMay 12Sunset @ Jesuit
4x100 Relay
1.-Jordan Lewis
Justin Echevarria
Jordan Talley
Keanon Lowe
41.92May 29OSAA 6A State Championships Day 2
2.-Justin Echevarria
Keanon Lowe
Jordan Lewis
Jordan Talley
42.39May 7Jesuit Twilight Relays
3.-Joe Dillon
Keanon Lowe
Jordan Talley
Justin Echevarria
43.14Apr 17Pasco Invitational
4.-Justin Echevarria
Joe Dillon
Keanon Lowe
Jordan Talley
43.43Apr 7Westview @ Jesuit
5.-Jordan Lewis
Justin Echevarria
Jordan Talley
Xavier Coleman
43.61Apr 21Jesuit @ Beaverton
6.-Joe Dillon
Justin Echevarria
Keanon Lowe
Jordan Talley
43.81Mar 17Canby v. Jesuit
7.-Cermak Bland
Justin Echevarria
Jordan Talley
Keanon Lowe
43.99Mar 31Green and Gold Meet
8.-Cermak Bland
Miles Weatheroy
Xavier Coleman
Nicholas Rothstein
44.70Apr 7Westview @ Jesuit
9.-Cermak Bland
Xavier Coleman
Jaima Halliburton
Morgan Sellers
45.02Apr 17Aloha Relays
10.-Relay Team 45.18May 12Sunset @ Jesuit
11.-Drew Demarco
Morgan Sellers
Jaima Halliburton
Nicholas Rothstein
45.28May 12Sunset @ Jesuit
12.-Cermak Bland
Jack Nelson
Joe Wanner
Miles Weatheroy
45.35May 12Sunset @ Jesuit
13.-Jaima Halliburton
Morgan Sellers
Cameron Bremner
Ben Hartmeier
45.59May 14Metro League JV District Meet
14.-Nick Thomson
Joe Wanner
Kasey Richards
Peter Muessle
46.81Apr 7Westview @ Jesuit
15.-Nick Thomson
Kyle Hagmeier
Kasey Richards
Peter Muessle
47.24Apr 21Jesuit @ Beaverton
16.-Peter Muessle
Kasey Richards
Nick Thomson
Joe Wanner
47.41Mar 17Canby v. Jesuit
17.9Ben Hartmeier
Malik McCall
Samuel Ruef
Thien Vo
47.66Apr 21Jesuit @ Beaverton
18.9Shaka Klang
Sean Justus
Jake Collins
Zach Caballero
47.90May 5Southridge @ Jesuit
19.9Jake Collins
Shaka Klang
Sean Justus
Alex Gedrose
48.82May 12Sunset @ Jesuit
20.9Cameron Bremner
Xavier Coleman
Ben Hartmeier
Samuel Ruef
50.65Mar 17Canby v. Jesuit
4x200 Relay
1.-Justin Echevarria
Keanon Lowe
Jordan Talley
Jordan Lewis
1:30.24May 7Jesuit Twilight Relays
2.-Xavier Coleman
Jaima Halliburton
Nicholas Rothstein
Morgan Sellers
1:34.53May 7Jesuit Twilight Relays
3.-Xavier Coleman
Josh DeMarco
Morgan Sellers
Jaima Halliburton
1:34.75Apr 17Aloha Relays
4x400 Relay
1.-Steven Raimondi
Justin Echevarria
Connor Seedall
Keanon Lowe
3:24.18May 21Metro League Championships Day 2
2.-Steven Raimondi
Connor Seedall
Justin Echevarria
Keanon Lowe
3:24.59May 28OSAA 6A State Championships Day 1
3.-Keanon Lowe
Justin Echevarria
Connor Seedall
Xavier Coleman
3:24.99May 12Sunset @ Jesuit
4.-Connor Seedall
Jordan Talley
Steven Raimondi
Keanon Lowe
3:27.40May 146th Centennial Invitational
5.-Nicholas Rothstein
Keanon Lowe
Connor Seedall
Jordan Talley
3:27.99Apr 17Pasco Invitational
6.-Justin Echevarria
Keanon Lowe
Connor Seedall
Jordan Talley
3:29.24May 7Jesuit Twilight Relays
7.-Connor Seedall
Nicholas Rothstein
Jordan Talley
Keanon Lowe
3:30.94Mar 31Green and Gold Meet
8.-Joe Dillon
Nicholas Rothstein
Jordan Talley
Keanon Lowe
3:31.03Apr 7Westview @ Jesuit
9.-Nicholas Rothstein
Steven Raimondi
Keanon Lowe
Connor Seedall
3:31.57May 5Southridge @ Jesuit
10.-Connor Seedall
Nicholas Rothstein
Jordan Talley
Jack Hagler
3:33.58Apr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
11.-Mark Petrusich
Cornelius Lau
Fitsum Dejene
Shaka Klang
3:35.65May 12Sunset @ Jesuit
12.-Jack Hagler
Kyle Hagmeier
Ryan Cope
Ryan Stevens
3:36.75May 12Sunset @ Jesuit
13.-Eric Williams
Jack Hagler
Joe Dillon
Keanon Lowe
3:37.07Mar 17Canby v. Jesuit
14.-Connor Seedall
Keanon Lowe
Justin Echevarria
Nicholas Rothstein
3:38.55Apr 21Jesuit @ Beaverton
15.-Jaima Halliburton
Connor Mathews
Ryan Stevens
Drew Demarco
3:39.05May 14Metro League JV District Meet
16.-Ryan Cope
Kyle Hagmeier
Ryan Stevens
JohnPaul Muessle
3:41.00Apr 21Jesuit @ Beaverton
17.-Steven Raimondi
Paul Fleckenstein
Willie Milam
Ryan Bakken
3:41.28Mar 17Canby v. Jesuit
18.-Marcus Yoo
Jack Graham
Kasey Richards
Cornelius Lau
3:42.81Apr 21Jesuit @ Beaverton
19.-Connor Seedall
Ryan Cope
Kyle Hagmeier
Ryan Stevens
3:43.28Apr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
20.-Eric Williams
Kasey Richards
Kyle Hagmeier
Ryan Stevens
3:43.8hApr 17Aloha Relays
21.-Jordan Talley
Ryan Cope
Cornelius Lau
Nicholas Rothstein
3:47.97Mar 17Canby v. Jesuit
22.-Shane Mileham
Bryan Shaw
Ankith Harathi
Elliot Connall
3:53.89May 12Sunset @ Jesuit
23.-Taka Iguchi
Erik Purdy
Connor Seedall
Ciaran Willis
3:56.72Mar 17Canby v. Jesuit
24.-Relay Team 3:57.62Apr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
25.-Shane Mileham
Ryan Stevens
Brian Shaw
Elliot Connall
3:58.85Mar 17Canby v. Jesuit
26.9Xavier Coleman
Devon Olson
Jack Yung
Harrisen Stach
4:00.15Apr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
27.-Hunter McGuirk
Ankith Harathi
David Leavy
Henry Murphy
4:00.62Mar 17Canby v. Jesuit
28.-Mark Fleckenstein
Devon Olson
Jack Yung
Marcus Yoo
4:01.60May 12Sunset @ Jesuit
29.-Noah Wilskey
Ankith Harathi
Mark Petrusich
Mighten Yip
4:02.08Apr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
30.-JP Fogarty
Jakob Daum
Uzair Sheikh
Nate House
4:02.52May 12Sunset @ Jesuit
31.-Ciaran Willis
Connor Mathews
Paul Fleckenstein
Taylor Johnson
4:03.85May 12Sunset @ Jesuit
32.9Patrick Doherty
Alex Joseph
Conor McWeeney
Cody Street
4:06.71Apr 21Jesuit @ Beaverton
33.-Peter Muessle
Joe Wanner
Colin Dunn
Chris Vanderschuere
4:06.82Mar 17Canby v. Jesuit
34.-Ben Demaree
Jack Hagler
Paul Fleckenstein
Steve Raimondi
4:10.31Apr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
35.9Sean Keefer
Cooper McDonnell
Sunjay Mouli
Jonathan Li
4:15.75Apr 21Jesuit @ Beaverton
36.-Andy Buhler
Eric Ho
Alec Damm
Will Hilton
4:17.50Apr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
37.-Kevin Boehnlein
Riku Driscoll
Kyle Hodge
Connor Salzman
4:20.28Apr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
38.9Sean Keefer
Cooper McDonnell
Jonathan Li
Sunjay Mouli
4:25.69Apr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
39.-Andy Buhler
Will Hilton
Alec Damm
Eric Ho
4:31.96Apr 21Jesuit @ Beaverton
40.-Austin Brown
Riku Driscoll
Kyle Hodge
Connor Salzman
4:32.38Mar 17Canby v. Jesuit
41.-Eric Ho
Andy Buhler
Alec Damm
Will Hilton
4:44.93May 12Sunset @ Jesuit
42.-Conor Nistler
Derek Pemberton
JP Fogarty
Michael Burger
4:46.62Mar 17Canby v. Jesuit
4x800 Relay
1.-Ryan Stevens
Jack Hagler
Paul Fleckenstein
Matt Boileau
8:12.32May 7Jesuit Twilight Relays
2.-Matt Boileau
Ciaran Willis
Henry Murphy
Ryan Stevens
8:29.0hApr 17Aloha Relays
3.-Ankith Harathi
Taylor Johnson
Connor Mathews
Shane Mileham
8:44.82May 7Jesuit Twilight Relays
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m - [12-4-8-16]
1.-Willie Milam
Paul Fleckenstein
Steven Raimondi
Ben Demaree
10:31.73Apr 17Pasco Invitational
2.-Jack Hagler
Steven Raimondi
Paul Fleckenstein
Ciaran Willis
10:45.16May 1Oregon Relays
3.-Paul Fleckenstein
David Leavy
Steven Raimondi
Ciaran Willis
11:01.16May 7Jesuit Twilight Relays
4.-David Leavy
Eric Williams
Joshua Sealand
Ciaran Willis
11:04.3hApr 17Aloha Relays
5.-Taka Iguchi
Mark Petrusich
Hunter McGuirk
Joshua Sealand
11:27.81May 7Jesuit Twilight Relays
Shot Put - 12lb
1.12Tommy Matschiner46' 10.75 PRMay 12Sunset @ Jesuit
2.11Sean Alvey43' 0May 12Sunset @ Jesuit
3.12Dominic Wilmes41' 9 PRApr 21Jesuit @ Beaverton
4.11Michael Boshears39' 4.5 PRMay 14Metro League JV District Meet
5.9Dominic Baldocchi38' 4.25Mar 17Canby v. Jesuit
6.11Nick Rhodes36' 7 PRMar 31Green and Gold Meet
7.9Andrew Kirkland36' 0May 5Southridge @ Jesuit
8.10Dominic Mori35' 11Apr 28Green & Gold 2
9.11Brock Nelson34' 7 PRApr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
10.12Luke Hermens34' 1.5 PRApr 7Westview @ Jesuit
11.12Eric Walters33' 10.5 PRApr 21Jesuit @ Beaverton
12.12Lucas Meier33' 6Apr 21Jesuit @ Beaverton
13.10David Louie33' 5.25Mar 17Canby v. Jesuit
14.9Maka Moon33' 3May 5Southridge @ Jesuit
15.9Jake Grant32' 11.5Apr 7Westview @ Jesuit
9Braden Nelson32' 11.5Apr 7Westview @ Jesuit
17.9Tim Fellin32' 7.5Apr 7Westview @ Jesuit
18.9Ken Timmins32' 5 PRMar 17Canby v. Jesuit
19.9Tristen Rude31' 10.5Apr 21Jesuit @ Beaverton
20.9Ryan Brown31' 0.5Apr 7Westview @ Jesuit
21.10Kyle Kern30' 6 PRMar 17Canby v. Jesuit
22.12Joey Ulring29' 11 PRMar 31Green and Gold Meet
23.10Matt Weivoda29' 10.5 PRMar 17Canby v. Jesuit
24.11Robert Krause29' 1.25 PRMar 17Canby v. Jesuit
25.11Zachary He28' 11Apr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
26.9Dante Giambrone28' 0 PRMay 14Metro League JV District Meet
9Michael Mueller28' 0May 14Metro League JV District Meet
28.9James Nguyen27' 4Apr 21Jesuit @ Beaverton
29.9Patrick McClain27' 2 PRMar 17Canby v. Jesuit
30.9Colin McKeen26' 7 PRApr 7Westview @ Jesuit
31.9Connor Nielsen23' 10 PRApr 7Westview @ Jesuit
32.9Richard Pfluger23' 8.5 PRMay 5Southridge @ Jesuit
33.9Joseph Rebagliati23' 1 PRMar 31Green and Gold Meet
34.12Richard McDonough21' 8 PRMar 31Green and Gold Meet
35.9Stuart Moss20' 4.5 PRMay 5Southridge @ Jesuit
36.9Patrick Combine20' 2.5 PRMay 5Southridge @ Jesuit
Discus - 1.6kg
1.12Kenneth Ulrich132' 8 PRMay 7Jesuit Twilight Relays
2.12Dominic Wilmes130' 4May 5Southridge @ Jesuit
3.12Eric Walters123' 4 PRMay 21Metro League Championships Day 2
4.11Brock Nelson110' 7 PRMay 5Southridge @ Jesuit
5.12Luke Hermens108' 6May 14Metro League JV District Meet
6.10Soren Cullivan106' 2Apr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
7.11Michael Boshears102' 3May 14Metro League JV District Meet
8.9Maka Moon96' 1Apr 21Jesuit @ Beaverton
9.9Tristen Rude95' 3May 14Metro League JV District Meet
10.12Tien-Ju Yu91' 7Apr 7Westview @ Jesuit
11.9Andrew Kirkland88' 5May 5Southridge @ Jesuit
12.10Dominic Mori87' 8 PRApr 21Jesuit @ Beaverton
13.11Ben Schouten87' 7 PRMar 31Green and Gold Meet
14.9Braden Nelson84' 4Apr 7Westview @ Jesuit
15.9Lauren Groves83' 9.5 PRMar 17Canby v. Jesuit
16.9Ryan Brown81' 0Apr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
17.11Zachary He80' 2May 12Sunset @ Jesuit
18.9Jake Grant78' 2Mar 17Canby v. Jesuit
19.9Dominic Baldocchi78' 0.5Mar 17Canby v. Jesuit
20.11Robert Krause77' 7 PRApr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
21.9Tim Fellin75' 8 PRApr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
22.10Calvin Schneck73' 3 PRApr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
23.10Eddie McGrath73' 0 PRApr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
24.10David Louie72' 2 PRMar 17Canby v. Jesuit
10Jacob Thiele72' 2 PRMay 14Metro League JV District Meet
26.9Antonio Banta66' 5Mar 17Canby v. Jesuit
27.10Richard Hunnicutt64' 5 PRApr 28Green & Gold 2
28.9Ken Timmins64' 2 PRMar 17Canby v. Jesuit
29.10Matt Weivoda62' 3 PRMay 5Southridge @ Jesuit
30.10Alexander Varde-Gallegos61' 9 PRMay 5Southridge @ Jesuit
31.9Patrick McClain61' 7 PRMay 5Southridge @ Jesuit
32.9Leo Gladkov61' 0Apr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
33.10Conor Nistler59' 8Mar 31Green and Gold Meet
34.10David Wanner59' 0Mar 17Canby v. Jesuit
35.9Joe Dummer50' 6 PRMar 31Green and Gold Meet
36.9Joseph Rebagliati50' 3 PRMay 12Sunset @ Jesuit
37.9Richard Pfluger45' 9 PRApr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
38.11Nick Rhodes43' 8 PRMar 17Canby v. Jesuit
39.10Nick Rohlman39' 6 PRMar 31Green and Gold Meet
40.9Colin McKeen37' 5 PRMar 31Green and Gold Meet
Javelin - 800g
1.12Tommy Matschiner162' 3 PRMay 1Oregon Relays
2.9Tarek Wirfs157' 9May 12Sunset @ Jesuit
3.11Nick Rhodes151' 9Apr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
4.10Soren Cullivan145' 4May 12Sunset @ Jesuit
5.12Timmy Reilly141' 4 PRApr 7Westview @ Jesuit
6.9Braden Nelson140' 10Apr 21Jesuit @ Beaverton
7.12Austin Zuck139' 10 PRMay 12Sunset @ Jesuit
8.9Hayden Flake139' 1Apr 7Westview @ Jesuit
9.9Antonio Banta133' 9Apr 21Jesuit @ Beaverton
10.9Dominic Baldocchi132' 8 PRApr 21Jesuit @ Beaverton
11.10David Wanner127' 4 PRMay 12Sunset @ Jesuit
12.12Joey Ulring125' 11 PRMay 5Southridge @ Jesuit
13.11Brock Nelson120' 0Apr 7Westview @ Jesuit
14.9Jake Grant117' 4 PRMay 12Sunset @ Jesuit
15.11Ben Schouten112' 8 PRMay 14Metro League JV District Meet
16.12Luke Hermens106' 7Mar 17Canby v. Jesuit
17.9Cooper Sprunk101' 3May 5Southridge @ Jesuit
18.10Kyle Kern98' 7 PRMay 12Sunset @ Jesuit
19.9Tim Fellin95' 0May 5Southridge @ Jesuit
20.11Sean Alvey94' 11 PRApr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
21.10Eddie McGrath94' 8 PRMay 14Metro League JV District Meet
9Ken Timmins94' 8Mar 31Green and Gold Meet
23.9Tristen Rude93' 9 PRMar 17Canby v. Jesuit
24.10Conor Nistler93' 8Apr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
25.9Andrew Pollard90' 5Apr 7Westview @ Jesuit
26.9Richard Pfluger87' 8 PRMay 12Sunset @ Jesuit
27.9Michael Mueller85' 7May 12Sunset @ Jesuit
28.9James Nguyen85' 0 PRApr 21Jesuit @ Beaverton
29.9Justin Galati83' 11May 12Sunset @ Jesuit
30.10Jacob Thiele83' 9 PRMay 12Sunset @ Jesuit
31.9Josh DeMarco82' 8Apr 21Jesuit @ Beaverton
32.12John Galati82' 1 PRMay 14Metro League JV District Meet
33.9Leo Gladkov79' 10Apr 21Jesuit @ Beaverton
34.10Richard Hunnicutt79' 6Apr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
35.10Nick Rohlman77' 3 PRMar 31Green and Gold Meet
36.9Robert Shannon74' 7 PRMay 14Metro League JV District Meet
37.9Andrew Kirkland74' 0 PRMar 31Green and Gold Meet
38.9Colin McKeen72' 6 PRMay 14Metro League JV District Meet
39.10Alexander Varde-Gallegos72' 0 PRApr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
40.9Jake Olson67' 0May 12Sunset @ Jesuit
41.9Joseph Rebagliati66' 2 PRMay 14Metro League JV District Meet
42.10Drew Demarco62' 2 PRMar 31Green and Gold Meet
43.9Patrick Combine61' 5 PRMay 14Metro League JV District Meet
44.9Connor Nielsen56' 0 PRApr 21Jesuit @ Beaverton
45.9Devon Olson53' 1 PRMar 31Green and Gold Meet
46.9Stuart Moss51' 2 PRApr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
High Jump
1.9Marcus Yoo5' 10Apr 7Westview @ Jesuit
2.10Eric Williams5' 8 PRMar 17Canby v. Jesuit
3.10Jackson Handkins5' 6 PRApr 21Jesuit @ Beaverton
9Xavier Coleman5' 6 PRMay 12Sunset @ Jesuit
5.9Malik McCall5' 4 PRApr 21Jesuit @ Beaverton
10Devin Hill5' 4 PRMay 12Sunset @ Jesuit
7.12Chris Vanderschuere5' 2May 5Southridge @ Jesuit
10Soren Cullivan5' 2 PRMay 5Southridge @ Jesuit
11Alex Sullivan5' 2Apr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
10Vincent Nguyen5' 2 PRApr 21Jesuit @ Beaverton
10Joey Graham5' 2 PRMay 12Sunset @ Jesuit
12.10Colin Dunn5' 0 PRApr 21Jesuit @ Beaverton
9Samuel Ruef5' 0 PRMay 12Sunset @ Jesuit
10Collin Jewell5' 0 PRMar 31Green and Gold Meet
11Nathan Matsunaga5' 0 PRMar 31Green and Gold Meet
10Ryan Stevens5' 0 PRMay 12Sunset @ Jesuit
17.11Duncan Lindsay4' 10 PRMay 14Metro League JV District Meet
10Samuel Mariucci4' 10 PRMay 12Sunset @ Jesuit
9Sean Justus4' 10 PRApr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
9Mathias Aguon4' 10Mar 17Canby v. Jesuit
9James Nguyen4' 10 PRMar 31Green and Gold Meet
22.9Joel Schierman4' 8 PRMay 5Southridge @ Jesuit
9Fitsum Dejene4' 8 PRApr 21Jesuit @ Beaverton
11Connor Eddy4' 8 PRMar 31Green and Gold Meet
25.10Patrick Gonzalez4' 6 PRMay 12Sunset @ Jesuit
Pole Vault
1.12Irvin Seo14' 0 PRMay 12Sunset @ Jesuit
2.10Dylan Johnson13' 0May 12Sunset @ Jesuit
11Kyle Hagmeier13' 0 PRMay 5Southridge @ Jesuit
4.12Timmy Reilly11' 0 PRApr 7Westview @ Jesuit
5.11Joe Kushner10' 6 PRMay 5Southridge @ Jesuit
6.11Joey Grimmer10' 0 PRApr 28Green & Gold 2
7.12Matt Koontz9' 0 PRApr 28Green & Gold 2
8.9Joe Dummer8' 0Apr 21Jesuit @ Beaverton
9.10Vincent Nguyen7' 6 PRMay 14Metro League JV District Meet
10Brett Strader7' 6 PRApr 21Jesuit @ Beaverton
9Evan Jarvis7' 6 PRApr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
12.9Robert Shannon6' 0 PRApr 28Green & Gold 2
Long Jump
1.11Jordan Talley22' 6.5 PR (2.6)May 29OSAA 6A State Championships Day 2
2.12Peter Muessle20' 8 PRMay 146th Centennial Invitational
3.12Colin Boehnlein20' 3.75 PRMay 21Metro League Championships Day 2
4.11Miles Weatheroy19' 10.5 PRApr 7Westview @ Jesuit
5.12Michael Link19' 6.75May 12Sunset @ Jesuit
6.12Ryan Fox18' 8 PRMay 14Metro League JV District Meet
7.10Devin Hill18' 1.5 PRMay 12Sunset @ Jesuit
8.10Joey Graham17' 8 PRMay 5Southridge @ Jesuit
9Harrisen Stach17' 8May 12Sunset @ Jesuit
10.9Samuel Ruef17' 3.25 PRApr 7Westview @ Jesuit
11.9Malik McCall17' 2.5May 14Metro League JV District Meet
12.12Jordan Lewis17' 1Mar 17Canby v. Jesuit
13.9Ben Hartmeier16' 10Apr 21Jesuit @ Beaverton
14.11Cermak Bland16' 9.25 PRMar 17Canby v. Jesuit
15.9Cameron Bremner16' 8 PRMay 5Southridge @ Jesuit
16.10Jonathan Haley16' 7.5 PRApr 21Jesuit @ Beaverton
17.9Marcus Yoo16' 0.5 PRMar 17Canby v. Jesuit
18.12Chris Vanderschuere15' 5 PRMay 14Metro League JV District Meet
19.9Alex Jones15' 2 PRMar 17Canby v. Jesuit
20.9Joel Schierman14' 7 PRMay 14Metro League JV District Meet
Triple Jump
1.11Miles Weatheroy43' 2.5Apr 21Jesuit @ Beaverton
2.12Jordan Lewis41' 0 PRMay 146th Centennial Invitational
3.11Cermak Bland39' 8 PRMay 12Sunset @ Jesuit
4.11Alex Sullivan39' 2.5 PRMay 12Sunset @ Jesuit
5.9Ben Hartmeier39' 1May 14Metro League JV District Meet
6.12Michael Link38' 9.5May 12Sunset @ Jesuit
7.10Devin Hill38' 3 PRMay 14Metro League JV District Meet
8.9Samuel Ruef37' 3 PRApr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
9.12Colin Boehnlein37' 0 PRMar 31Green and Gold Meet
10.10Joey Graham36' 3 PRMay 5Southridge @ Jesuit
11.9Harrisen Stach36' 0Mar 31Green and Gold Meet
12.10Nicholas Rothstein35' 9 PRMar 31Green and Gold Meet
13.9Devon Olson34' 1 PRMar 31Green and Gold Meet
14.12Chris Vanderschuere33' 4 PRMay 14Metro League JV District Meet
9Marcus Yoo33' 4 PRMar 31Green and Gold Meet
16.12Ryan Fox32' 7 PRMar 31Green and Gold Meet
17.9Alexander LaRue32' 4 PRMar 31Green and Gold Meet
18.11Sean Alvey31' 6 PRMar 17Canby v. Jesuit


100 Meters
1.11Jacki Ritacco12.61May 12Sunset @ Jesuit
2.11Molly Gambee12.77 PRApr 21Jesuit @ Beaverton
3.11Garmai Gorlorwulu12.81May 12Sunset @ Jesuit
4.9Elle Halliburton12.99 PRMar 17Canby v. Jesuit
5.10Sierra Arlauskas13.14c PRMar 31Green and Gold Meet
10Jill Doyle13.14c PRMar 31Green and Gold Meet
7.9Ana Sofia Mello13.29 PR (2.0)May 146th Centennial Invitational
8.9Mackenzie Croy13.30 PRMay 14Metro League JV District Meet
9.10Anna Delaporte13.34c PRMar 31Green and Gold Meet
10.9Jasmine Leewong13.40 PRMay 12Sunset @ Jesuit
11.9Megan Ferguson13.47 PRMay 12Sunset @ Jesuit
12.9Claire Alexander13.62Mar 17Canby v. Jesuit
13.12Julia Sattler13.64 PRMay 5Southridge @ Jesuit
14.9Mariah Gibbs13.73 PRApr 21Jesuit @ Beaverton
15.9Sara Schouten13.74c PRMar 31Green and Gold Meet
10Casey Jones13.74c PRMar 31Green and Gold Meet
17.11Grace Culhane13.84cMar 31Green and Gold Meet
9Mariel Klein13.84cApr 7Westview @ Jesuit
19.10Olivia Kantor13.94cApr 7Westview @ Jesuit
20.10Laurel Skinner14.04c PRMay 5Southridge @ Jesuit
21.9Ellie Coleman14.09 PRMar 17Canby v. Jesuit
22.9Amanda Carbonari14.14May 12Sunset @ Jesuit
23.11Jane Endres14.17 PRMar 17Canby v. Jesuit
24.9Franny Rogers14.24Apr 21Jesuit @ Beaverton
12Heather Hamilton14.24c PRMar 31Green and Gold Meet
10Natalie Sajal14.24cApr 7Westview @ Jesuit
27.11Pauline Huynh14.34c PRMar 31Green and Gold Meet
10Jessica Timm14.34cMar 31Green and Gold Meet
9Kelly Kramer14.34cMay 5Southridge @ Jesuit
30.9Melange Gavin14.44c PRMar 31Green and Gold Meet
9Kelly Murphy14.44c PRApr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
32.9Samantha Murphy14.54c PRMar 31Green and Gold Meet
11Maria Mai14.54c PRMar 31Green and Gold Meet
9Rachel Shaw14.54cMay 5Southridge @ Jesuit
35.9Shaunda O'Halloran14.63 PRMay 14Metro League JV District Meet
36.10Mackenzie Mathews14.67May 12Sunset @ Jesuit
37.9Kelsey Schaefer14.70 PRMay 14Metro League JV District Meet
38.10Anna Mai14.74c PRApr 7Westview @ Jesuit
39.9Katie Ghiorso14.84c PRApr 7Westview @ Jesuit
40.10Natalia Redyk14.92May 14Metro League JV District Meet
41.11Shannon Balk14.94 PRMar 17Canby v. Jesuit
42.10Kirsten Bell15.04c PRMar 31Green and Gold Meet
9Mary Beth Carroll15.04c PRMay 5Southridge @ Jesuit
9Lindsay McIntyre15.04cApr 7Westview @ Jesuit
45.10Emily Brugato15.08Apr 21Jesuit @ Beaverton
46.10Catherine Strauser15.14c PRApr 7Westview @ Jesuit
11Madi Specht15.14cMar 17Canby v. Jesuit
10Kristin Beyrle15.14c PRMar 31Green and Gold Meet
49.9Aly Zahariev15.28 PRMay 14Metro League JV District Meet
50.9Stephanie Hastings15.34c PRMay 5Southridge @ Jesuit
11Christine Ngan15.34c PRMar 31Green and Gold Meet
10Maddie Regan15.34c PRMar 17Canby v. Jesuit
53.10Victoria Lindsay15.47 PRMar 17Canby v. Jesuit
54.10Caitlin Monahan15.53Apr 21Jesuit @ Beaverton
55.10Kelly Culleton15.63 PRApr 21Jesuit @ Beaverton
56.9Christine Seo15.66 PRMay 14Metro League JV District Meet
57.10Natalie Auger15.69Mar 17Canby v. Jesuit
58.9Anna Wallace15.94c PRApr 7Westview @ Jesuit
59.10Catherine Landgraf16.14c PRMar 31Green and Gold Meet
200 Meters
1.11Molly Gambee25.73May 12Sunset @ Jesuit
2.11Jacki Ritacco26.19May 12Sunset @ Jesuit
3.9Elle Halliburton26.70 PRMay 5Southridge @ Jesuit
4.10Jill Doyle27.38 PRApr 7Westview @ Jesuit
5.11Colleen Tercek27.61 PRMay 12Sunset @ Jesuit
6.9Claire Alexander28.42 PRApr 7Westview @ Jesuit
7.9Mackenzie Croy28.49May 14Metro League JV District Meet
8.12Julia Sattler28.69 PRMay 14Metro League JV District Meet
9.9Amanda Carbonari29.01 PRMay 14Metro League JV District Meet
10.10Emily Bednark29.29 PRApr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
11.10Jessica Timm29.80May 5Southridge @ Jesuit
12.10Natalie Sajal30.56 PRMay 5Southridge @ Jesuit
13.11Christine Ngan30.80May 5Southridge @ Jesuit
14.10Anna Delaporte31.00 PRApr 7Westview @ Jesuit
15.9Mary Beth Carroll31.21 PRMay 5Southridge @ Jesuit
16.9Lindsay McIntyre31.65 PRMay 12Sunset @ Jesuit
17.9Aly Zahariev31.75 PRMay 14Metro League JV District Meet
18.10Caitlin Monahan31.87 PRMay 5Southridge @ Jesuit
19.10Catherine Strauser32.11 PRApr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
20.10Victoria Lindsay32.63 PRApr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
21.10Emily Brugato33.31Apr 7Westview @ Jesuit
22.9Stephanie Hastings33.46 PRMar 17Canby v. Jesuit
23.10Catherine Landgraf34.83 PRApr 7Westview @ Jesuit
400 Meters
1.11Molly Gambee58.12May 21Metro League Championships Day 2
2.11Jacki Ritacco1:00.52Apr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
3.11Colleen Tercek1:01.35 PRMay 12Sunset @ Jesuit
4.9Megan Mullaney1:01.67May 21Metro League Championships Day 2
5.12Lindsay Cameron1:03.32Apr 7Westview @ Jesuit
6.10Emily Bednark1:04.57 PRMay 12Sunset @ Jesuit
7.9Melange Gavin1:04.88 PRMay 12Sunset @ Jesuit
8.9Ellie Coleman1:05.38Apr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
9.9Ellen Krippaehne1:05.70 PRMar 17Canby v. Jesuit
10.9Amanda Carbonari1:05.99 PRMay 14Metro League JV District Meet
11.12Julia Sattler1:07.54 PRApr 7Westview @ Jesuit
12.10Euphemia Frie1:07.70Mar 17Canby v. Jesuit
13.9Mariah Gibbs1:08.94c PRApr 28Green & Gold 2
14.10Cate Waldram1:09.67 PRApr 21Jesuit @ Beaverton
15.10Dani Brown1:10.67 PRMay 12Sunset @ Jesuit
16.9Aly Zahariev1:12.36 PRApr 7Westview @ Jesuit
17.9Danielle Bridges1:13.36 PRApr 21Jesuit @ Beaverton
18.11Kelly Crowley1:13.55Apr 7Westview @ Jesuit
19.9Kelsey Schaefer1:16.31 PRMar 17Canby v. Jesuit
400 Meters - Relay Split
1.11Molly Gambee57.5h PRApr 17Pasco Invitational
2.11Annamarie Maag59.4h PRMay 12Sunset @ Jesuit
3.11Payton Schutte59.9h PRMay 12Sunset @ Jesuit
4.11Jacki Ritacco1:00.1hApr 17Pasco Invitational
5.12Lindsay Cameron1:00.9hMay 12Sunset @ Jesuit
6.10Olivia Artaiz1:01.3hMar 17Canby v. Jesuit
7.11Colleen Tercek1:01.5h PRMay 7Jesuit Twilight Relays
8.9Megan Mullaney1:03.4hMay 12Sunset @ Jesuit
9.9Lindsay Sheaffer1:04.3hApr 21Jesuit @ Beaverton
10.12Julie Wachter1:05.1hApr 21Jesuit @ Beaverton
11.11Shannon Mahoney1:06.1hMar 17Canby v. Jesuit
12.10Euphemia Frie1:06.3hApr 7Westview @ Jesuit
13.9Ellen Krippaehne1:06.4h PRApr 21Jesuit @ Beaverton
14.11Amira Joseph1:07.0h PRMar 17Canby v. Jesuit
15.10Jenna White1:07.8h PRMar 17Canby v. Jesuit
11Bridget Wilmes1:07.8h PRMay 12Sunset @ Jesuit
17.10Catherine Strauser1:07.8h PRMar 31Green and Gold Meet
18.9Laura Bogart1:08.6h PRMay 12Sunset @ Jesuit
19.10Mackenzie Mathews1:09.5hApr 7Westview @ Jesuit
20.9Clare Manthey1:11.7h PRMar 31Green and Gold Meet
21.11Arushi Raghuvanshi1:12.7hApr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
22.9Danielle Bridges1:13.6h PRApr 7Westview @ Jesuit
23.12Carly Wellington1:14.4h PRMay 12Sunset @ Jesuit
10Dani Brown1:14.4hApr 7Westview @ Jesuit
25.11Elizabeth Brenner1:15.6h PRMay 12Sunset @ Jesuit
26.10Jean Parker1:16.9h PRMay 12Sunset @ Jesuit
27.10Kelly Culleton1:17.2h PRApr 21Jesuit @ Beaverton
28.10Taylor Murphy1:20.0h PRApr 7Westview @ Jesuit
29.11Ruth Manthy1:20.4h PRApr 7Westview @ Jesuit
30.9Alex Ius1:20.4h PRMar 31Green and Gold Meet
31.9Jacquelyn Ulum1:23.5h PRMar 31Green and Gold Meet
32.9Josie Todd1:24.2hMar 31Green and Gold Meet
800 Meters
1.11Annamarie Maag2:14.45 PRMay 146th Centennial Invitational
2.11Payton Schutte2:18.43 PRMay 12Sunset @ Jesuit
3.9Lindsay Sheaffer2:22.75May 21Metro League Championships Day 2
4.10Olivia Artaiz2:22.81Mar 17Canby v. Jesuit
5.12Lindsay Cameron2:22.91May 5Southridge @ Jesuit
6.11Shannon Mahoney2:23.39 PRMay 21Metro League Championships Day 2
7.12Julie Wachter2:25.93May 12Sunset @ Jesuit
8.9Megan Mullaney2:27.46May 12Sunset @ Jesuit
9.9Natalie Johnson2:27.79 PRMay 5Southridge @ Jesuit
10.10Adrienne Demaree2:28.30 PRMay 5Southridge @ Jesuit
11.9Ellen Krippaehne2:28.31 PRMay 12Sunset @ Jesuit
12.10Jenna White2:33.41 PRApr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
13.11Genevieve Reaume2:35.27 PRApr 21Jesuit @ Beaverton
14.9Laura Bogart2:36.93 PRMay 14Metro League JV District Meet
15.10Natalie Sajal2:38.07 PRMay 12Sunset @ Jesuit
16.10Cate Waldram2:38.91 PRMay 12Sunset @ Jesuit
17.9Melange Gavin2:39.32Mar 17Canby v. Jesuit
18.10Euphemia Frie2:40.12Apr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
19.10Marissa McBride2:40.44 PRApr 21Jesuit @ Beaverton
20.11Arushi Raghuvanshi2:41.78Apr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
21.9Clare Manthey2:43.27 PRMay 12Sunset @ Jesuit
22.9Danielle Bridges2:43.56 PRMay 12Sunset @ Jesuit
23.11Nandi Vanka2:49.09 PRApr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
24.9Jacquelyn Ulum2:54.52 PRMay 5Southridge @ Jesuit
25.9Megan Wheeler2:55.41 PRMar 17Canby v. Jesuit
26.11Briana Jones2:56.22 PRApr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
27.9Josie Todd2:56.26May 5Southridge @ Jesuit
28.9Alissa Fernandez2:57.87May 14Metro League JV District Meet
29.10Dani Brown2:58.85 PRMay 14Metro League JV District Meet
30.9Alex Ius3:02.64 PRMar 17Canby v. Jesuit
31.9Aly Zahariev3:10.69 PRMar 17Canby v. Jesuit
32.10Kelly Culleton3:20.08 PRApr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
800 Meters - Relay Split
1.12Lindsay Cameron2:27.5hApr 17Pasco Invitational
1200 Meters - Relay Split
1.11Payton Schutte3:47.5h PRApr 17Pasco Invitational
2.12Julie Wachter3:52.0h PRMay 7Jesuit Twilight Relays
3.9Ellen Krippaehne4:00.0h PRMay 7Jesuit Twilight Relays
1500 Meters
1.11Annamarie Maag4:37.87May 7Jesuit Twilight Relays
2.11Payton Schutte4:42.27May 29OSAA 6A State Championships Day 2
3.11Amira Joseph4:46.89 PRMay 7Jesuit Twilight Relays
4.11Shannon Mahoney4:56.76Apr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
5.12Julie Wachter4:57.30 PRMay 5Southridge @ Jesuit
6.10Adrienne Demaree4:59.52May 146th Centennial Invitational
7.9Lindsay Sheaffer5:01.35 PRMay 12Sunset @ Jesuit
8.9Megan Mullaney5:01.95May 12Sunset @ Jesuit
9.11Genevieve Reaume5:04.72May 5Southridge @ Jesuit
10.9Natalie Johnson5:06.78 PRApr 21Jesuit @ Beaverton
11.10Marissa McBride5:17.13May 12Sunset @ Jesuit
12.11Arushi Raghuvanshi5:17.38 PRMay 12Sunset @ Jesuit
13.9Ellen Krippaehne5:18.05 PRApr 7Westview @ Jesuit
14.9Laura Bogart5:20.89 PRApr 7Westview @ Jesuit
15.11Meredith Yung5:21.16 PRMay 12Sunset @ Jesuit
16.10Euphemia Frie5:22.59May 12Sunset @ Jesuit
17.10Cate Waldram5:34.5h PRMar 17Canby v. Jesuit
18.9Danielle Bridges5:35.98 PRMay 14Metro League JV District Meet
19.9Clare Manthey5:39.51 PRMay 12Sunset @ Jesuit
20.9Josie Todd5:50.86May 5Southridge @ Jesuit
21.11Nandi Vanka5:52.08May 5Southridge @ Jesuit
22.9Megan Wheeler5:53.2h PRMar 17Canby v. Jesuit
23.10Taylor Murphy5:53.46 PRMay 14Metro League JV District Meet
24.11Briana Jones5:55.01 PRMay 14Metro League JV District Meet
25.11Ruth Manthy5:55.83May 14Metro League JV District Meet
26.9Alissa Fernandez5:56.80May 5Southridge @ Jesuit
27.9Jacquelyn Ulum6:02.13Apr 7Westview @ Jesuit
28.9Alex Ius6:09.6h PRMar 17Canby v. Jesuit
29.9Kelsey Schaefer6:41.99 PRApr 7Westview @ Jesuit
30.9Nikita Gaurav6:44.84 PRApr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
31.10Kelly Culleton7:19.23 PRApr 7Westview @ Jesuit
1600 Meters
1.11Annamarie Maag5:02.90Apr 17Pasco Invitational
2.11Payton Schutte5:08.36 PRApr 17Pasco Invitational
1600 Meters - Relay Split
1.11Annamarie Maag5:01.5h PRApr 17Pasco Invitational
2.10Adrienne Demaree5:17.0hMay 7Jesuit Twilight Relays
3.11Genevieve Reaume5:43.0h PRMay 7Jesuit Twilight Relays
3000 Meters
1.11Annamarie Maag9:56.55May 1Oregon Relays
2.11Payton Schutte10:06.95 PRMay 28OSAA 6A State Championships Day 1
3.11Amira Joseph10:20.9h PRApr 17Pasco Invitational
4.10Adrienne Demaree10:33.11May 1Oregon Relays
5.12Julie Wachter10:47.10 PRMay 146th Centennial Invitational
6.11Genevieve Reaume10:55.41May 12Sunset @ Jesuit
7.11Shannon Mahoney10:56.2hMar 31Green and Gold Meet
8.9Lindsay Sheaffer11:00.38 PRMay 1Oregon Relays
9.9Ellen Krippaehne11:12.91 PRMay 1Oregon Relays
10.9Megan Mullaney11:14.09 PRApr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
11.9Natalie Johnson11:15.08 PRMay 1Oregon Relays
12.10Marissa McBride11:44.46Apr 28Green & Gold 2
13.9Danielle Bridges11:44.65 PRMar 17Canby v. Jesuit
14.9Laura Bogart11:44.72 PRApr 28Green & Gold 2
15.10Euphemia Frie11:47.82Apr 28Green & Gold 2
16.11Arushi Raghuvanshi11:47.88May 12Sunset @ Jesuit
17.10Jenna White12:23.22 PRApr 28Green & Gold 2
18.10Taylor Murphy12:28.44 PRMay 14Metro League JV District Meet
19.11Meredith Yung12:30.83 PRApr 28Green & Gold 2
20.9Jacquelyn Ulum12:36.02 PRMay 12Sunset @ Jesuit
21.11Ruth Manthy12:41.73 PRMay 14Metro League JV District Meet
22.9Clare Manthey12:47.56Apr 28Green & Gold 2
23.10Cate Waldram13:00.86 PRApr 28Green & Gold 2
24.9Josie Todd13:20.81Apr 28Green & Gold 2
25.9Alissa Fernandez13:24.52Apr 28Green & Gold 2
26.11Nandi Vanka13:26.8hMar 31Green and Gold Meet
27.11Briana Jones13:31.6h PRMar 31Green and Gold Meet
28.9Alex Ius13:40.18 PRApr 28Green & Gold 2
29.10Dani Brown13:49.57 PRApr 28Green & Gold 2
30.9Nikita Gaurav14:06.1h PRMar 31Green and Gold Meet
31.9Megan Wheeler14:14.1hMar 31Green and Gold Meet
32.9Aly Zahariev14:42.5h PRMar 31Green and Gold Meet
33.10Kelly Culleton16:22.2h PRMar 31Green and Gold Meet
3200 Meters
1.11Amira Joseph11:06.51 PRApr 17Pasco Invitational
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.11Garmai Gorlorwulu14.74May 21Metro League Championships Day 2
2.10Mackenzie Mathews15.29 (.1)May 29OSAA 6A State Championships Day 2
3.11Elaina Kim17.42May 12Sunset @ Jesuit
4.12Heather Hamilton17.98 PRMay 5Southridge @ Jesuit
5.11Christine Ngan18.42May 14Metro League JV District Meet
6.10Jill Doyle18.50May 12Sunset @ Jesuit
7.10Olivia Kantor18.76May 14Metro League JV District Meet
8.10Brianna Dixon18.87May 5Southridge @ Jesuit
9.9Mariah Gibbs19.14cMar 31Green and Gold Meet
10.10Laurel Skinner19.38May 12Sunset @ Jesuit
11.9Lindsay McIntyre20.76 PRApr 21Jesuit @ Beaverton
12.9Ana Sofia Mello21.19Mar 17Canby v. Jesuit
13.9Katie Ghiorso21.29May 14Metro League JV District Meet
14.10Natalie Sajal21.89 PRApr 21Jesuit @ Beaverton
15.10Kirsten Bell25.65 PRMar 17Canby v. Jesuit
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.9Mariah Gibbs47.84May 21Metro League Championships Day 2
2.11Garmai Gorlorwulu47.85May 21Metro League Championships Day 2
3.10Sierra Arlauskas48.31 PRMay 5Southridge @ Jesuit
4.12Lindsay Cameron50.14cMar 31Green and Gold Meet
5.9Ana Sofia Mello50.68May 21Metro League Championships Day 2
6.10Brianna Dixon51.24cMar 31Green and Gold Meet
7.10Mackenzie Mathews52.50Apr 21Jesuit @ Beaverton
8.12Heather Hamilton52.88 PRApr 21Jesuit @ Beaverton
9.11Grace Culhane54.39Apr 7Westview @ Jesuit
10.11Elaina Kim56.84 PRMar 17Canby v. Jesuit
11.10Natalie Sajal58.69 PRApr 7Westview @ Jesuit
12.9Lindsay McIntyre1:00.97 PRMar 17Canby v. Jesuit
13.11Arushi Raghuvanshi1:01.18 PRMay 5Southridge @ Jesuit
14.10Kirsten Bell1:03.57 PRApr 7Westview @ Jesuit
4x100 Relay
1.-Garmai Gorlorwulu
Elle Halliburton
Jacki Ritacco
Molly Gambee
48.32May 29OSAA 6A State Championships Day 2
2.-Molly Gambee
Garmai Gorlorwulu
Jacki Ritacco
Elle Halliburton
48.61May 12Sunset @ Jesuit
3.-Molly Gambee
Garmai Gorlorwulu
Jacki Ritacco
Anna Sofia Mello
49.14May 21Metro League Championships Day 2
4.-Molly Gambee
Jacki Ritacco
Garmai Gorlorwulu
Elle Halliburton
49.19Apr 21Jesuit @ Beaverton
5.-Garmai Gorlorwulu
Jacki Ritacco
Molly Gambee
Elle Halliburton
49.25Apr 17Pasco Invitational
6.-Elle Halliburton
Jacki Ritacco
Garmai Gorlorwulu
Molly Gambee
49.52Apr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
7.-Garmai Gorlorwulu
Jill Doyle
Jacki Ritacco
Molly Gambee
49.90May 146th Centennial Invitational
8.-Elle Halliburton
Garmai Gorlorwulu
Jacki Ritacco
Molly Gambee
49.92Apr 7Westview @ Jesuit
9.-Molly Gambee
Ellen Halliburton
Garmai Gorlorwulu
Colleen Tercek
50.73Mar 17Canby v. Jesuit
10.-Jill Doyle
Mackenzie Mathews
Jessica Timm
Olivia Kantor
52.41May 5Southridge @ Jesuit
11.-Brianna Dixon
Olivia Kantor
Jasmine Leewong
Anna Sofia Mello
52.92Apr 17Aloha Relays
12.-Jessica Timm
Jill Doyle
Olivia Kantor
Mackenzie Mathews
53.06May 12Sunset @ Jesuit
13.-Colleen Tercek
Julia Sattler
Emily Bednark
Jasmine Leewong
53.12Apr 21Jesuit @ Beaverton
14.-Olivia Kantor
Mackenzie Mathews
Jill Doyle
Jessica Timm
53.38Apr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
15.-Mackenzie Croy
Claire Alexander
Franny Rogers
Brianna Dixon
53.46May 12Sunset @ Jesuit
16.-Mackenzie Croy
Melange Gavin
Brianna Dixon
Ellie Coleman
53.52May 14Metro League JV District Meet
17.-Jill Doyle
Mackenzie Mathews
Jessica Timm
Colleen Tercek
53.64Mar 31Green and Gold Meet
18.-Jill Doyle
Olivia Kantor
Mackenzie Mathews
Jessica Timm
53.88Mar 17Canby v. Jesuit
19.-Emily Bednark
Julia Sattler
Colleen Tercek
Jasmine Leewong
53.95Apr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
20.-Jill Doyle
Jessica Timm
Olivia Kantor
Mackenzie Mathews
54.07Apr 7Westview @ Jesuit
21.-Grace Culhane
Emily Bednark
Colleen Tercek
Jasmine Leewong
54.23Apr 7Westview @ Jesuit
22.-Pauline Huynh
Anna Sofia Mello
Megan Ferguson
Shannon Balk
54.28May 12Sunset @ Jesuit
23.-Mackenzie Croy
Franny Rogers
Brianna Dixon
Claire Alexander
54.30May 5Southridge @ Jesuit
24.-Franny Rogers
Claire Alexander
Mackenzie Croy
Brianna Dixon
54.47Apr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
25.9Melange Gavin
Shaunda O'Halloran
Ellie Coleman
Sara Schouten
54.67May 12Sunset @ Jesuit
26.-Shannon Balk
Pauline Huynh
Anna Sofia Mello
Megan Ferguson
54.88May 5Southridge @ Jesuit
27.-Mackenzie Croy
Franny Rogers
Claire Alexander
Brianna Dixon
54.96Apr 7Westview @ Jesuit
28.-Shannon Balk
Megan Ferguson
Pauline Huynh
Anna Sofia Mello
55.04Mar 31Green and Gold Meet
29.9Shaunda O'Halloran
Melange Gavin
Ellie Coleman
Sara Schouten
55.44May 5Southridge @ Jesuit
30.-Anna Sofia Mello
Megan Ferguson
Shannon Balk
Pauline Huynh
55.58Apr 7Westview @ Jesuit
31.-Kelly Crowley
Jane Endres
Madi Specht
Meghan Link
55.67Apr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
32.-Madi Specht
Jane Endres
Meghan Link
Kelly Crowley
55.68Apr 7Westview @ Jesuit
33.-Kelly Crowley
Meghan Link
Madi Specht
Jane Endres
55.98Mar 17Canby v. Jesuit
34.-Pauline Huynh
Megan Ferguson
Anna Sofia Mello
Shannon Balk
56.17Apr 21Jesuit @ Beaverton
35.-Catherine Strauser
Kristin Beyrle
Victoria Lindsay
Casey Jones
56.68Apr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
36.-Catherine Strauser
Casey Jones
Kristin Beyrle
Victoria Lindsay
56.86Apr 21Jesuit @ Beaverton
37.9Claire Alexander
Mackenzie Croy
Franny Rogers
Anna Wallace
58.42Mar 17Canby v. Jesuit
38.-Casey Jones
Catherine Strauser
Victoria Lindsay
Kristin Beyrle
58.64Apr 7Westview @ Jesuit
39.-Kristin Beyrle
Casey Jones
Victoria Lindsay
Catherine Strauser
1:04.59Mar 17Canby v. Jesuit
4x200 Relay
1.-Julia Sattler
Megan Ferguson
Jasmine Leewong
Anna Sofia Mai
1:50.82May 7Jesuit Twilight Relays
4x400 Relay
1.-Molly Gambee
Lindsay Cameron
Payton Schutte
Annamarie Maag
3:59.68May 12Sunset @ Jesuit
2.-Molly Gambee
Payton Schutte
Lindsay Cameron
Jacki Ritacco
4:00.03May 21Metro League Championships Day 2
3.-Jacki Ritacco
Annamarie Maag
Payton Schutte
Molly Gambee
4:01.42May 146th Centennial Invitational
4.-Molly Gambee
Lindsay Cameron
Jacki Ritacco
Colleen Tercek
4:01.45May 7Jesuit Twilight Relays
5.-Lindsay Cameron
Molly Gambee
Jacki Ritacco
Colleen Tercek
4:02.94Apr 17Pasco Invitational
6.-Jacki Ritacco
Colleen Tercek
Molly Gambee
Lindsay Cameron
4:06.15Apr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
7.-Molly Gambee
Shannon Mahoney
Payton Schutte
Lindsay Cameron
4:08.80Apr 21Jesuit @ Beaverton
8.-Molly Gambee
Colleen Tercek
Jacki Ritacco
Lindsay Cameron
4:09.32May 5Southridge @ Jesuit
9.-Olivia Artaiz
Lindsay Cameron
Colleen Tercek
Molly Gambee
4:11.29Mar 17Canby v. Jesuit
10.-Jenna White
Payton Schutte
Shannon Mahoney
Annamarie Maag
4:16.97Apr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
11.-Amira Joseph
Annamarie Maag
Shannon Mahoney
Payton Schutte
4:18.81Mar 17Canby v. Jesuit
12.9Laura Bogart
Megan Mullaney
Ellen Krippaehne
Lindsay Sheaffer
4:23.80May 12Sunset @ Jesuit
13.-Relay Team 4:25.18Apr 21Jesuit @ Beaverton
14.-Melange Gavin
Ellen Krippaehne
Emily Bednark
Ellie Coleman
4:26.35May 14Metro League JV District Meet
15.9Megan Mullaney
Danielle Bridges
Kelly Kramer
Rachel Shaw
4:34.42Mar 17Canby v. Jesuit
16.-Kelly Culleton
Meredith Yung
Ruth Manthy
Taylor Murphy
4:37.80May 5Southridge @ Jesuit
17.-Kelly Culleton
Euphemia Frie
Ruth Manthy
Taylor Murphy
4:44.00Apr 21Jesuit @ Beaverton
18.-Jean Parker
Elizabeth Brenner
Bridget Wilmes
Carly Wellington
4:55.09May 12Sunset @ Jesuit
19.-Kelly Culleton
Euphemia Frie
Taylor Murphy
Arushi Raghuvanshi
5:03.34Apr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
4x800 Relay
1.-Lindsay Cameron
Natalie Johnson
Lindsay Sheaffer
Megan Mullaney
9:47.62May 7Jesuit Twilight Relays
2.-Euphemia Frie
Arushi Raghuvanshi
Melange Gavin
Marissa McBride
10:19.87May 7Jesuit Twilight Relays
3.-Megan Mullaney
Jenna White
Lindsay Sheaffer
Genevieve Reaume
10:24.2hApr 17Aloha Relays
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m - [12-4-8-16]
1.-Payton Schutte
Molly Gambee
Annamarie Maag
Lindsay Cameron
12:20.12Apr 17Pasco Invitational
2.-Lindsay Cameron
Shannon Mahoney
Adrienne Demaree
Julie Wachter
12:41.86May 7Jesuit Twilight Relays
3.-Shannon Mahoney
Colleen Tercek
Lindsay Cameron
Julie Wachter
12:46.69May 1Oregon Relays
4.-Ellen Krippaehne
Jenna White
Megan Mullaney
Genevieve Reaume
13:26.12May 7Jesuit Twilight Relays
Shot Put - 4kg
1.11Elizabeth Brenner43' 2.25May 28OSAA 6A State Championships Day 1
2.12Carly Wellington37' 11 PRApr 21Jesuit @ Beaverton
3.10Jean Parker30' 9 PRApr 21Jesuit @ Beaverton
4.11Bridget Wilmes29' 10 PRMay 7Jesuit Twilight Relays
5.9Elizabeth Edwards26' 6Apr 17Aloha Relays
6.10Cassie Heller23' 10.5 PRApr 7Westview @ Jesuit
7.12Stephanie Rothstein23' 1 PRApr 7Westview @ Jesuit
8.10Amelia Karakas22' 7 PRApr 21Jesuit @ Beaverton
9.10Samantha Wellington21' 10 PRMay 12Sunset @ Jesuit
10.9Mary Ferguson21' 9 PRApr 28Green & Gold 2
11.11Kayla Pollard21' 2 PRApr 7Westview @ Jesuit
12.10Gabriella Shirazi20' 9May 5Southridge @ Jesuit
13.10Laura Ritacco20' 5 PRApr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
14.11Lindsay Breweis20' 4 PRApr 21Jesuit @ Beaverton
15.10Brin Gabo18' 2.5May 12Sunset @ Jesuit
16.10Erin Butler17' 5 PRApr 21Jesuit @ Beaverton
17.10Katrina Penaflor17' 4 PRApr 28Green & Gold 2
18.10Casey Jones17' 1 PRApr 7Westview @ Jesuit
19.10Virginia Gabo15' 11.5 PRMay 5Southridge @ Jesuit
20.11Grace Stevenson13' 4.5 PRMay 12Sunset @ Jesuit
Discus - 1kg
1.12Carly Wellington100' 6 PRApr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
2.11Bridget Wilmes92' 4Apr 21Jesuit @ Beaverton
3.11Elizabeth Brenner86' 5 PRMay 7Jesuit Twilight Relays
4.10Jean Parker76' 8Apr 21Jesuit @ Beaverton
5.10Mackenzie Mathews70' 4 PRApr 7Westview @ Jesuit
6.12Stephanie Rothstein69' 10 PRApr 21Jesuit @ Beaverton
7.9Elizabeth Edwards68' 8 PRApr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
8.10Katrina Penaflor62' 7 PRMay 5Southridge @ Jesuit
9.9Mary Ferguson58' 3May 14Metro League JV District Meet
10.9Katie Ghiorso58' 2 PRApr 7Westview @ Jesuit
11.10Cassie Heller53' 5 PRApr 7Westview @ Jesuit
12.10Samantha Wellington49' 9 PRMay 5Southridge @ Jesuit
13.11Lindsay Breweis48' 8 PRApr 21Jesuit @ Beaverton
14.10Amelia Karakas47' 0 PRApr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
15.10Gabriella Shirazi46' 8Apr 21Jesuit @ Beaverton
16.10Erin Butler40' 0 PRApr 7Westview @ Jesuit
17.11Kayla Pollard39' 11 PRApr 7Westview @ Jesuit
18.11Grace Stevenson36' 3 PRApr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
Javelin - 600g
1.11Elizabeth Brenner150' 6May 12Sunset @ Jesuit
2.10Mackenzie Mathews104' 7 PRApr 21Jesuit @ Beaverton
3.10Jean Parker99' 3 PRMay 12Sunset @ Jesuit
4.9Mary Ferguson90' 5May 7Jesuit Twilight Relays
5.9Elizabeth Edwards81' 1 PRApr 21Jesuit @ Beaverton
6.10Aily Grimaldi72' 6 PRApr 21Jesuit @ Beaverton
7.12Stephanie Rothstein69' 4 PRApr 7Westview @ Jesuit
8.10Casey Jones57' 7 PRMay 5Southridge @ Jesuit
9.10Samantha Wellington56' 1 PRMay 12Sunset @ Jesuit
10.10Laura Ritacco56' 0 PRMay 12Sunset @ Jesuit
11.11Lindsay Breweis52' 6 PRApr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
12.12Carly Wellington49' 11Mar 31Green and Gold Meet
13.10Erin Butler43' 7 PRApr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
14.11Grace Stevenson36' 5 PRApr 7Westview @ Jesuit
15.10Virginia Gabo35' 8 PRApr 7Westview @ Jesuit
High Jump
1.9Claire Alexander5' 0Apr 21Jesuit @ Beaverton
11Meghan Link5' 0 PRMay 12Sunset @ Jesuit
3.9Mariel Klein4' 11May 21Metro League Championships Day 2
4.9Samantha Murphy4' 10 PRMay 5Southridge @ Jesuit
11Madi Specht4' 10Mar 31Green and Gold Meet
10Sierra Arlauskas4' 10Mar 17Canby v. Jesuit
7.9Mariah Gibbs4' 6 PRApr 7Westview @ Jesuit
8.10Gabriella Shirazi4' 4May 12Sunset @ Jesuit
9Sara Schouten4' 4 PRMar 31Green and Gold Meet
10.9Megan Ferguson4' 2 PRMar 17Canby v. Jesuit
9Jasmine Leewong4' 2 PRMar 31Green and Gold Meet
12.9Elle Halliburton4' 0 PRMar 17Canby v. Jesuit
13.9Mary Beth Carroll3' 10 PRApr 21Jesuit @ Beaverton
Pole Vault
1.10Jill Doyle11' 3May 21Metro League Championships Day 2
2.11Elaina Kim10' 6May 7Jesuit Twilight Relays
3.10Laurel Skinner8' 8May 21Metro League Championships Day 2
4.9Franny Rogers8' 0May 14Metro League JV District Meet
9Natalie Johnson8' 0May 14Metro League JV District Meet
6.9Rachel Shaw7' 6May 5Southridge @ Jesuit
9Laura Bogart7' 6 PRApr 28Green & Gold 2
10Anna Mai7' 6 PRMay 14Metro League JV District Meet
9.10Natalia Redyk7' 0Apr 21Jesuit @ Beaverton
10.9Kelly Murphy6' 6 PRMay 12Sunset @ Jesuit
Long Jump
1.9Megan Ferguson16' 2Apr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
2.9Samantha Murphy15' 9.5 PRMay 7Jesuit Twilight Relays
3.9Elle Halliburton15' 8 PRMay 21Metro League Championships Day 2
4.9Jasmine Leewong15' 6.25May 14Metro League JV District Meet
5.9Mackenzie Croy14' 11.25 PRMay 14Metro League JV District Meet
6.9Mariel Klein14' 11Apr 7Westview @ Jesuit
7.9Sara Schouten14' 3.5 PRMar 17Canby v. Jesuit
8.11Jane Endres13' 8Mar 17Canby v. Jesuit
9.9Lindsay McIntyre13' 4.5May 14Metro League JV District Meet
11Maria Mai13' 4.5 PRMay 5Southridge @ Jesuit
11.9Melange Gavin13' 3.25 PRMar 17Canby v. Jesuit
12.9Rachel Shaw13' 0.25 PRMay 12Sunset @ Jesuit
13.9Kelly Murphy12' 11 PRMay 12Sunset @ Jesuit
14.11Kelly Crowley12' 9 PRApr 21Jesuit @ Beaverton
15.9Franny Rogers12' 6.5 PRApr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
16.9Ana Sofia Mello12' 3.5 PRApr 7Westview @ Jesuit
17.10Anna Delaporte12' 1 PRApr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
18.10Kristin Beyrle11' 11 PRApr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
11Pauline Huynh11' 11Apr 7Westview @ Jesuit
20.11Shannon Balk11' 8 PRApr 21Jesuit @ Beaverton
21.9Stephanie Hastings11' 7.25 PRMay 12Sunset @ Jesuit
22.10Emily Brugato11' 6.5 PRApr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
23.10Virginia Gabo10' 7 PRApr 7Westview @ Jesuit
24.10Catherine Landgraf10' 1.75 PRApr 7Westview @ Jesuit
25.10Brin Gabo9' 11Mar 17Canby v. Jesuit
Triple Jump
1.10Sierra Arlauskas34' 5.75Apr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
2.9Megan Ferguson32' 9.5 PRMay 5Southridge @ Jesuit
3.9Mariel Klein32' 2.5May 5Southridge @ Jesuit
4.9Mariah Gibbs31' 6.25Apr 14Jesuit @ Aloha
5.11Madi Specht31' 0.5 PRMay 14Metro League JV District Meet
6.10Olivia Kantor30' 1 PRMay 12Sunset @ Jesuit
7.11Christine Ngan29' 4Apr 17Aloha Relays
8.9Ana Sofia Mello29' 2 PRApr 7Westview @ Jesuit
9.9Lindsay McIntyre28' 5.5May 14Metro League JV District Meet
10.11Maria Mai28' 4.5 PRMay 5Southridge @ Jesuit
11.9Jasmine Leewong28' 0Mar 31Green and Gold Meet
12.9Samantha Murphy26' 0 PRMar 31Green and Gold Meet
13.10Kristin Beyrle25' 3 PRMar 31Green and Gold Meet
14.11Pauline Huynh25' 0 PRMar 31Green and Gold Meet
15.11Shannon Balk24' 4 PRMar 31Green and Gold Meet
16.10Caitlin Monahan23' 0 PRMar 17Canby v. Jesuit
17.10Brin Gabo22' 9Mar 17Canby v. Jesuit

*Recent improvement