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Event Records

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100 Meters
1.11Xavier Coleman10.84 PRMay 9Jesuit @ Sunset
2.10Joseph Alfieri11.52May 9Jesuit @ Sunset
3.9Chase Morrison11.59May 9Jesuit @ Sunset
4.10Bailey Enghouse11.64c PRApr 5Jesuit v. Lincoln
5.11Josh Pierson11.73May 9Jesuit @ Sunset
6.11Joe Dummer11.74c PRMar 14Jesuit v. Canby
7.10Max Dordevic11.77 PR (.8)Jun 2BorderDuel Track Classic - OR
12Dylan Johnson11.77 PRMay 9Jesuit @ Sunset
9.12Ryan Cope11.81 PRMar 21Jesuit @ Southridge
10.9Matthew Sukimoto11.88 PRMay 9Jesuit @ Sunset
11.11Alex Jones11.92 PRMay 11Metro League JV Districts
12.11BaThien Vo12.03 PRMay 9Jesuit @ Sunset
13.12Drew Demarco12.07Apr 5Jesuit v. Lincoln
14.10Nick Ensroth12.31May 9Jesuit @ Sunset
15.10Carlos Coleman12.38Mar 14Jesuit v. Canby
16.10Austin Jahn12.40 PRApr 11Jesuit @ Westview
10Matt Bauer12.40 PRMay 9Jesuit @ Sunset
18.9Justin Heller12.56 PRApr 5Jesuit v. Lincoln
19.9Christian Thurley12.60Apr 11Jesuit @ Westview
11Ben Hartmeier12.60Apr 18Beaverton @ Jesuit
10King Green-Newton12.60 PRMay 11Metro League JV Districts
22.10Alex Bolton12.63Apr 5Jesuit v. Lincoln
23.9Nathan Hartmeier12.64cApr 5Jesuit v. Lincoln
24.9John DeRego12.69 PRMay 11Metro League JV Districts
25.11Sam Ruef12.72Mar 14Jesuit v. Canby
26.12Bryan Shaw12.74cApr 5Jesuit v. Lincoln
27.9Alex Moore12.78 PRMay 2Aloha @ Jesuit
28.10Roman Mori12.80 PRMay 11Metro League JV Districts
29.11Christopher Pozzi13.00 PRMay 11Metro League JV Districts
30.9Paul Vickers13.04c PRApr 5Jesuit v. Lincoln
31.9Kaeden Klein13.14c PRMar 14Jesuit v. Canby
32.10Zach Anctil13.34cMar 14Jesuit v. Canby
33.12Sam Forstag13.44c PRMay 2Aloha @ Jesuit
34.11Richard Day13.49 PRMar 14Jesuit v. Canby
35.9Samuel Brunson13.50 PRMay 9Jesuit @ Sunset
36.10Tim Brunson13.64cApr 5Jesuit v. Lincoln
37.9DJ Sebastian13.84c PRApr 5Jesuit v. Lincoln
38.12Mitchell Anctil14.04c PRApr 18Beaverton @ Jesuit
10Landon Inman14.04cMar 14Jesuit v. Canby
200 Meters
1.11Xavier Coleman21.81 PR (1.5)May 26OSAA 6A State Championships - Day 2
2.10Joseph Alfieri23.52May 9Jesuit @ Sunset
3.9Chase Morrison23.91May 9Jesuit @ Sunset
4.12Drew Demarco23.95 PRMay 2Aloha @ Jesuit
5.11Josh Pierson24.05 PRMay 11Metro League JV Districts
6.11Matthew Nachreiner24.18 PRApr 18Beaverton @ Jesuit
7.11Harrisen Stach24.66 PRMar 14Jesuit v. Canby
8.10Carlos Coleman24.74cApr 25Jesuit Green and Gold
9.11Marcus Yoo24.87 PRMay 2Aloha @ Jesuit
10.11Alex Jones25.16 PRMay 11Metro League JV Districts
11.10George Kingsley25.34c PRApr 25Jesuit Green and Gold
12.9Eric Myers25.35Apr 11Jesuit @ Westview
13.9Christian Thurley25.73 PRMay 2Aloha @ Jesuit
14.11Mathias Aguon25.74c PRApr 25Jesuit Green and Gold
15.9Wyatt Nelson25.84cApr 25Jesuit Green and Gold
16.10King Green-Newton25.89 PRMay 11Metro League JV Districts
17.9Alex Moore25.95 PRMay 2Aloha @ Jesuit
18.10Landon Inman26.11Mar 14Jesuit v. Canby
19.9Nathan Hartmeier26.49 PRMay 2Aloha @ Jesuit
20.10Zach Anctil26.50 PRMay 9Jesuit @ Sunset
21.9John DeRego26.54c PRApr 25Jesuit Green and Gold
22.9Matthew Sukimoto27.20May 9Jesuit @ Sunset
23.11Richard Day27.44 PRApr 11Jesuit @ Westview
24.11Christopher Pozzi27.54c PRApr 25Jesuit Green and Gold
25.10Matt Bauer28.14c PRApr 25Jesuit Green and Gold
9Ryan Feng28.14c PRApr 25Jesuit Green and Gold
27.9DJ Sebastian28.34c PRApr 25Jesuit Green and Gold
28.9Samuel Brunson28.84c PRApr 25Jesuit Green and Gold
400 Meters
1.11Matthew Nachreiner51.64 PRMay 2Aloha @ Jesuit
2.12Mark Petrusich51.94c PRApr 25Jesuit Green and Gold
3.11Xavier Coleman52.04cApr 25Jesuit Green and Gold
4.12Ryan Stevens52.14 PRApr 2848th Centennial Invitational
5.12Ryan Cope52.44c PRApr 25Jesuit Green and Gold
10Joseph Alfieri52.44c PRApr 25Jesuit Green and Gold
7.9Eric Myers54.24c PRApr 25Jesuit Green and Gold
8.10Sahil Doshi54.33Mar 14Jesuit v. Canby
9.12Drew Demarco54.44c PRApr 25Jesuit Green and Gold
10.12Shane Mileham55.41 PRApr 11Jesuit @ Westview
11.12Mark Fleckenstein55.64 PRMay 9Jesuit @ Sunset
12.12Jackson Coleman55.96 PRApr 5Jesuit v. Lincoln
13.9Wyatt Nelson56.16May 11Metro League JV Districts
14.9Isaac Youm57.03 PRMay 2Aloha @ Jesuit
15.12Bryan Shaw57.37 PRMar 14Jesuit v. Canby
16.9Justin Heller58.15 PRMay 9Jesuit @ Sunset
17.12Sam Forstag58.79 PRMay 2Aloha @ Jesuit
18.10Zach Anctil59.36 PRApr 18Beaverton @ Jesuit
19.9David Carbonari1:00.36 PRApr 18Beaverton @ Jesuit
400 Meters - Relay Split
1.11Matthew Nachreiner50.2h PRMay 4Nike/Jesuit Twilight Relays
2.11Xavier Coleman51.0hApr 21Oregon Relays Day 2
3.10Joseph Alfieri51.5h PRApr 2848th Centennial Invitational
4.12Ryan Stevens51.6h PRApr 21Oregon Relays Day 2
10Sam Remington51.6h PRMay 23Jesuit Last Chance
6.12Ryan Cope52.1h PRApr 18Beaverton @ Jesuit
7.11Hunter McGuirk52.4hMay 23Jesuit Last Chance
8.12Mark Petrusich52.5h PRMar 21Jesuit @ Southridge
10Max Dordevic52.5hMay 23Jesuit Last Chance
10.10Michael Godbout52.8hMay 23Jesuit Last Chance
11.12Drew Demarco52.9h PRMay 23Jesuit Last Chance
12.11Patrick Doherty53.4h PRMay 23Jesuit Last Chance
13.10Carlos Coleman53.6hMay 2Aloha @ Jesuit
14.9Eric Myers53.7hApr 18Beaverton @ Jesuit
15.12David Leavy54.2hApr 11Jesuit @ Westview
16.12Mark Fleckenstein54.3h PRMay 11Metro League JV Districts
10Sahil Doshi54.3hApr 11Jesuit @ Westview
18.12Soren Cullivan54.9h PRApr 18Beaverton @ Jesuit
12Shane Mileham54.9h PRMay 11Metro League JV Districts
9Chase Morrison54.9hMay 2Aloha @ Jesuit
21.12Jackson Coleman55.4h PRMay 11Metro League JV Districts
22.10George Kingsley55.6h PRApr 5Jesuit v. Lincoln
9David Carbonari55.6h PRMar 14Jesuit v. Canby
24.12Sam Forstag56.2h PRMar 14Jesuit v. Canby
25.9Wyatt Nelson56.6hApr 18Beaverton @ Jesuit
26.11Joshua Sealand56.7hMay 23Jesuit Last Chance
27.11Matthew Piercy56.8hApr 18Beaverton @ Jesuit
28.11Conor McWeeney57.5h PRMay 9Jesuit @ Sunset
11Brian McDavitt57.5hMay 9Jesuit @ Sunset
30.12David McCaslin57.8hMay 11Metro League JV Districts
11Alex Joseph57.8hMay 23Jesuit Last Chance
32.9Spencer Grant58.0hApr 11Jesuit @ Westview
9Christian Thurley58.0h PRApr 5Jesuit v. Lincoln
34.11Alec Damm58.3h PRApr 18Beaverton @ Jesuit
9Alex Moore58.3h PRMay 2Aloha @ Jesuit
36.12Bryan Shaw59.3h PRMar 14Jesuit v. Canby
37.10Jim Pfluger59.9h PRMay 2Aloha @ Jesuit
38.10Tom Phillips60.0h PRMay 2Aloha @ Jesuit
39.9Nathan Hartmeier1:00.4h PRMay 2Aloha @ Jesuit
40.11Joe Dummer1:00.5h PRMay 2Aloha @ Jesuit
9Logan Scroggy1:00.5hApr 18Beaverton @ Jesuit
11Marcus Yoo1:00.5hMar 14Jesuit v. Canby
43.9Isaac Youm1:01.2h PRApr 18Beaverton @ Jesuit
9Liam Keaney1:01.2h PRMar 14Jesuit v. Canby
45.9David Boss1:01.4hMay 2Aloha @ Jesuit
46.9Tom Murphy1:01.7hMar 14Jesuit v. Canby
47.10Zach Anctil1:01.8h PRApr 18Beaverton @ Jesuit
48.10Luke Phillips1:02.1h PRApr 5Jesuit v. Lincoln
49.10Matthew Goodman1:02.6h PRApr 11Jesuit @ Westview
50.9Kai McPheeters1:02.9hApr 18Beaverton @ Jesuit
51.9Matthew Sukimoto1:03.1h PRMay 2Aloha @ Jesuit
52.11Christopher Pozzi1:03.4h PRMar 14Jesuit v. Canby
53.10Patrick McCarthy1:04.2h PRMay 2Aloha @ Jesuit
54.10Aaron Nitschke1:04.6h PRApr 5Jesuit v. Lincoln
55.10Matt Bauer1:05.4h PRMar 14Jesuit v. Canby
9Ryan Feng1:05.4h PRMay 2Aloha @ Jesuit
57.12Conor Nistler1:05.6h PRMay 9Jesuit @ Sunset
58.9Alex Nelson1:05.8h PRApr 5Jesuit v. Lincoln
59.10Chaz Olivares1:06.0h PRMar 14Jesuit v. Canby
60.9Andy Langlois1:06.2h PRMar 14Jesuit v. Canby
61.10Kevin Vincent1:07.0h PRApr 11Jesuit @ Westview
9Grant Hjelte1:07.0hApr 5Jesuit v. Lincoln
63.9Chris Conradt1:07.5h PRApr 11Jesuit @ Westview
64.9Matt Freepons1:08.6h PRApr 11Jesuit @ Westview
9Collin Phan1:08.6h PRApr 5Jesuit v. Lincoln
66.9John Dolan1:13.0h PRApr 5Jesuit v. Lincoln
800 Meters
1.10Michael Godbout1:58.15Apr 2848th Centennial Invitational
2.12David Leavy1:58.40 PRApr 2848th Centennial Invitational
3.10Sam Remington1:58.49May 16Metro League Championships - Day 1
4.11Hunter McGuirk1:59.58May 2Aloha @ Jesuit
5.12David McCaslin2:01.07 PRApr 2848th Centennial Invitational
6.12Mark Petrusich2:01.14 PRMay 2Aloha @ Jesuit
7.11Patrick Doherty2:01.50May 9Jesuit @ Sunset
8.11Joshua Sealand2:02.10May 2Aloha @ Jesuit
9.11Brian McDavitt2:02.64May 2Aloha @ Jesuit
10.12Shane Mileham2:04.8h PRApr 25Jesuit Green and Gold
11.12Ryan Stevens2:06.26Mar 14Jesuit v. Canby
12.12Jackson Coleman2:06.79 PRMay 11Metro League JV Districts
13.10Sahil Doshi2:06.81Apr 18Beaverton @ Jesuit
14.12Mark Fleckenstein2:08.70 PRMay 2Aloha @ Jesuit
15.12Bryan Shaw2:10.9h PRApr 11Jesuit @ Westview
16.9Spencer Grant2:11.8hApr 11Jesuit @ Westview
17.11Alex Joseph2:15.60May 11Metro League JV Districts
18.9Isaac Youm2:16.71 PRMay 11Metro League JV Districts
19.10Joshua Tsen2:17.36May 11Metro League JV Districts
20.9Logan Scroggy2:17.94Mar 14Jesuit v. Canby
21.9Andy Langlois2:18.21 PRMay 11Metro League JV Districts
22.11Alec Damm2:18.5h PRApr 11Jesuit @ Westview
23.12Kevin Boehnlein2:21.77Mar 14Jesuit v. Canby
24.12Sam Forstag2:22.36Apr 5Jesuit v. Lincoln
25.9Tom Murphy2:23.08Mar 14Jesuit v. Canby
26.9Kai McPheeters2:23.44Apr 18Beaverton @ Jesuit
27.9David Boss2:23.85May 2Aloha @ Jesuit
28.10Luke Phillips2:24.41 PRMay 11Metro League JV Districts
29.10Tom Phillips2:24.73 PRMay 2Aloha @ Jesuit
30.9David Carbonari2:26.03May 9Jesuit @ Sunset
31.11Brian Boly2:26.2hApr 11Jesuit @ Westview
32.11Richard Day2:26.41 PRApr 18Beaverton @ Jesuit
33.10Jim Pfluger2:26.81 PRMay 9Jesuit @ Sunset
34.10Alex Christensen2:27.79 PRMay 2Aloha @ Jesuit
35.9Alex Nelson2:30.10 PRMay 11Metro League JV Districts
36.10Aaron Nitschke2:30.93May 2Aloha @ Jesuit
37.9Grant Hjelte2:31.14May 2Aloha @ Jesuit
38.10Patrick McCarthy2:34.64 PRMay 2Aloha @ Jesuit
39.9Collin Phan2:35.46May 11Metro League JV Districts
40.9Will Glisson2:36.48 PRMay 2Aloha @ Jesuit
41.10Chaz Olivares2:37.78May 2Aloha @ Jesuit
42.9John Dolan2:39.21May 2Aloha @ Jesuit
43.10Kevin Vincent2:39.62Mar 14Jesuit v. Canby
44.10Matthew Dean2:40.60Apr 18Beaverton @ Jesuit
45.10Matthew Goodman2:42.17 PRMay 2Aloha @ Jesuit
46.9Chris Conradt2:42.81 PRMay 2Aloha @ Jesuit
47.9Matt Freepons2:43.51 PRMay 2Aloha @ Jesuit
48.9Samir Shah2:55.09 PRMay 11Metro League JV Districts
49.9Danny Bugingo2:56.24May 2Aloha @ Jesuit
800 Meters - Relay Split
1.10Michael Godbout1:58.5h PRMay 4Nike/Jesuit Twilight Relays
2.10Sam Remington1:58.9h PRMay 4Nike/Jesuit Twilight Relays
3.11Hunter McGuirk1:59.5hMay 4Nike/Jesuit Twilight Relays
4.12David Leavy2:00.7h PRMay 4Nike/Jesuit Twilight Relays
5.11Patrick Doherty2:01.1h PRMay 4Nike/Jesuit Twilight Relays
6.12Shane Mileham2:03.2h PRMay 4Nike/Jesuit Twilight Relays
7.12Jackson Coleman2:05.9h PRMay 4Nike/Jesuit Twilight Relays
8.12David McCaslin2:07.1h PRMay 4Nike/Jesuit Twilight Relays
9.12Mark Fleckenstein2:08.5h PRMay 4Nike/Jesuit Twilight Relays
1200 Meters - Relay Split
1.11Brian McDavitt3:14.2h PRMay 4Nike/Jesuit Twilight Relays
1500 Meters
1.12David Leavy4:01.70 PRMay 4Nike/Jesuit Twilight Relays
2.10Michael Godbout4:03.98Apr 18Beaverton @ Jesuit
3.11Brian McDavitt4:07.24May 18Metro League Championships - Day 2
4.11Hunter McGuirk4:08.96Apr 11Jesuit @ Westview
5.10Sam Remington4:09.01Apr 2848th Centennial Invitational
6.11Patrick Doherty4:10.61Apr 2848th Centennial Invitational
7.11Joshua Sealand4:10.84May 4Nike/Jesuit Twilight Relays
8.11Conor McWeeney4:14.85May 2Aloha @ Jesuit
9.12Shane Mileham4:15.55 PRMay 2Aloha @ Jesuit
10.11Alex Joseph4:17.28May 4Nike/Jesuit Twilight Relays
11.11Matthew Piercy4:17.79Apr 18Beaverton @ Jesuit
12.12David McCaslin4:19.90May 2Aloha @ Jesuit
13.10Sahil Doshi4:24.84May 11Metro League JV Districts
14.9Spencer Grant4:25.99 PRMay 11Metro League JV Districts
15.12Jackson Coleman4:27.79May 2Aloha @ Jesuit
16.12Bryan Shaw4:27.82 PRMay 2Aloha @ Jesuit
17.9Andy Langlois4:35.79 PRMay 2Aloha @ Jesuit
18.9Tom Murphy4:38.70May 2Aloha @ Jesuit
19.11Alec Damm4:39.29 PRMay 9Jesuit @ Sunset
20.9Liam Keaney4:40.56 PRApr 11Jesuit @ Westview
21.9Logan Scroggy4:40.57Apr 11Jesuit @ Westview
22.9David Boss4:47.89May 2Aloha @ Jesuit
23.12Kevin Boehnlein4:48.90Mar 14Jesuit v. Canby
24.9Kai McPheeters4:53.32May 11Metro League JV Districts
25.9Isaac Youm4:53.62 PRMay 2Aloha @ Jesuit
26.10Tom Phillips4:54.03 PRMay 11Metro League JV Districts
27.9Alex Nelson4:55.13 PRMay 2Aloha @ Jesuit
28.10Luke Phillips5:01.45 PRMay 2Aloha @ Jesuit
29.10Joshua Tsen5:01.69May 9Jesuit @ Sunset
30.10Aaron Nitschke5:02.29May 11Metro League JV Districts
31.9David Carbonari5:02.32May 9Jesuit @ Sunset
32.10Chaz Olivares5:02.68 PRMay 11Metro League JV Districts
33.10Kevin Vincent5:02.91May 9Jesuit @ Sunset
34.9Grant Hjelte5:05.49May 11Metro League JV Districts
35.10Chris Cartasenga5:06.74 PRMar 21Jesuit @ Southridge
36.11Brian Boly5:09.59Apr 5Jesuit v. Lincoln
37.9John Dolan5:11.22 PRApr 18Beaverton @ Jesuit
38.10Alex Christensen5:11.47Apr 5Jesuit v. Lincoln
39.9Rohan Moore5:11.51 PRMay 2Aloha @ Jesuit
40.10Patrick McCarthy5:12.92 PRApr 11Jesuit @ Westview
41.12Conor Nistler5:13.65 PRMay 11Metro League JV Districts
42.10Jim Pfluger5:16.95May 9Jesuit @ Sunset
43.9Collin Phan5:22.11Apr 18Beaverton @ Jesuit
44.9Matt Freepons5:22.89May 11Metro League JV Districts
45.9Will Glisson5:23.08 PRMay 2Aloha @ Jesuit
46.10Matthew Dean5:23.11Apr 18Beaverton @ Jesuit
47.12Mitchell Anctil5:24.99Apr 11Jesuit @ Westview
48.10Matthew Goodman5:33.42 PRMay 2Aloha @ Jesuit
49.9Chris Conradt5:37.02 PRMay 11Metro League JV Districts
50.9Samir Shah5:46.13 PRMay 11Metro League JV Districts
51.9Danny Bugingo5:51.57May 9Jesuit @ Sunset
1600 Meters
1.12David Leavy4:22.8h PRApr 14Pasco Invitational
2.11Hunter McGuirk4:34.00 PRApr 14Pasco Invitational
1600 Meters - Relay Split
1.11Joshua Sealand4:32.8h PRMay 4Nike/Jesuit Twilight Relays
3000 Meters
1.12David Leavy8:46.91 PRApr 21Oregon Relays Day 2
2.11Brian McDavitt8:54.17Apr 2848th Centennial Invitational
3.11Joshua Sealand8:55.47Apr 2848th Centennial Invitational
4.11Hunter McGuirk9:05.67 PRApr 5Jesuit v. Lincoln
5.11Matthew Piercy9:07.77Apr 2848th Centennial Invitational
6.11Conor McWeeney9:09.48 PRMay 4Nike/Jesuit Twilight Relays
7.12David McCaslin9:19.65Apr 11Jesuit @ Westview
8.11Alex Joseph9:20.12May 9Jesuit @ Sunset
9.11Patrick Doherty9:20.37 PRApr 11Jesuit @ Westview
10.10Michael Godbout9:22.90May 9Jesuit @ Sunset
11.12Bryan Shaw9:45.3h PRApr 25Jesuit Green and Gold
12.9Spencer Grant9:52.3hApr 25Jesuit Green and Gold
13.9Tom Murphy9:58.56May 4Nike/Jesuit Twilight Relays
14.9Liam Keaney10:03.53 PRApr 11Jesuit @ Westview
15.9Logan Scroggy10:24.29 PRApr 5Jesuit v. Lincoln
16.11Alec Damm10:31.5hApr 25Jesuit Green and Gold
17.9Kai McPheeters10:32.02May 2Aloha @ Jesuit
18.10Joshua Tsen10:40.1h PRApr 25Jesuit Green and Gold
19.9Rohan Moore10:46.7h PRApr 25Jesuit Green and Gold
20.9David Boss10:53.39Apr 11Jesuit @ Westview
21.9Andy Langlois10:54.4h PRApr 25Jesuit Green and Gold
22.9David Carbonari11:08.6hApr 25Jesuit Green and Gold
23.10Luke Phillips11:09.1h PRApr 25Jesuit Green and Gold
24.9Isaac Youm11:09.25 PRApr 18Beaverton @ Jesuit
25.10Kevin Vincent11:12.86May 9Jesuit @ Sunset
26.10Tom Phillips11:14.2h PRApr 25Jesuit Green and Gold
27.10Chaz Olivares11:22.71 PRMay 9Jesuit @ Sunset
28.12Conor Nistler11:24.46 PRApr 18Beaverton @ Jesuit
29.9Alex Nelson11:33.8h PRApr 25Jesuit Green and Gold
30.10Aaron Nitschke11:42.4hApr 25Jesuit Green and Gold
31.10Alex Christensen11:56.5hApr 25Jesuit Green and Gold
32.10Matthew Dean11:56.8h PRApr 25Jesuit Green and Gold
33.9Collin Phan12:00.6h PRApr 25Jesuit Green and Gold
34.9Matt Freepons12:11.4h PRApr 25Jesuit Green and Gold
35.9John Dolan12:15.1h PRApr 25Jesuit Green and Gold
36.10Jim Pfluger12:18.6h PRApr 25Jesuit Green and Gold
37.10Matthew Goodman12:24.3h PRApr 25Jesuit Green and Gold
38.10Patrick McCarthy12:26.2h PRApr 25Jesuit Green and Gold
39.9Danny Bugingo13:51.4hApr 25Jesuit Green and Gold
3200 Meters
1.12David Leavy9:34.34 PRApr 14Pasco Invitational
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.12Ryan Cope14.75 PRMay 18Metro League Championships - Day 2
2.10Max Dordevic15.68May 9Jesuit @ Sunset
3.10George Kingsley17.18May 9Jesuit @ Sunset
4.11Mathias Aguon17.96 PRMay 2Aloha @ Jesuit
5.10Joseph Alfieri19.87 PRApr 11Jesuit @ Westview
6.9Ryan Feng20.00May 11Metro League JV Districts
7.10Bailey Enghouse21.73 PRApr 5Jesuit v. Lincoln
8.11Christopher Pozzi21.75 PRMay 9Jesuit @ Sunset
9.9Justin Heller21.90 PRMar 14Jesuit v. Canby
10.11Marcus Yoo22.21Mar 21Jesuit @ Southridge
11.9Alex Moore22.86 PRMay 11Metro League JV Districts
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.12Ryan Cope39.14 PRMay 18Metro League Championships - Day 2
2.10Max Dordevic40.77May 18Metro League Championships - Day 2
3.11Mathias Aguon43.89May 16Metro League Championships - Day 1
4.10Carlos Coleman44.68 PRMay 9Jesuit @ Sunset
5.10George Kingsley44.76Apr 18Beaverton @ Jesuit
6.11Marcus Yoo50.41 PRMar 14Jesuit v. Canby
7.9Ryan Feng50.88Apr 18Beaverton @ Jesuit
8.11Christopher Pozzi51.59 PRMay 11Metro League JV Districts
4x100 Relay
1.-Ryan Cope
Joseph Alfieri
Drew Demarco
Xavier Coleman
42.72Apr 11Jesuit @ Westview
2.-Joseph Alfieri
Chase Morrison
Drew Demarco
Ryan Cope
43.34May 18Metro League Championships - Day 2
3.-Joseph Alfieri
Ryan Cope
Drew Demarco
Xavier Coleman
43.68Apr 2848th Centennial Invitational
4.-Ryan Cope
Joseph Alfieri
Chase Morrison
Xavier Coleman
43.82May 2Aloha @ Jesuit
5.-Joseph Alfieri
Chase Morrison
Ryan Cope
Drew Demarco
44.01Apr 14Pasco Invitational
6.-Joseph Alfieri
Xavier Coleman
Chase Morrison
Ryan Cope
44.31May 4Nike/Jesuit Twilight Relays
7.-Ryan Cope
Max Dordevic
Drew Demarco
Xavier Coleman
44.44Mar 14Jesuit v. Canby
8.-Ryan Cope
Max Dordevic
Joseph Alfieri
Xavier Coleman
44.67Apr 5Jesuit v. Lincoln
9.-Harrisen Stach
Chase Morrison
BaThien Vo
Drew Demarco
46.21Apr 5Jesuit v. Lincoln
10.-Harrisen Stach
Chase Morrison
BaThien Vo
Carlos Coleman
46.53Mar 21Jesuit @ Southridge
11.-Zach Anctil
George Kingsley
Alex Jones
Josh Pierson
46.94May 9Jesuit @ Sunset
12.-John DeRego
Nathan Hartmeier
Wyatt Nelson
BaThien Vo
47.63Apr 18Beaverton @ Jesuit
13.-Joseph Alfieri
John DeRego
King Green-Newton
Landon Inman
49.17Mar 14Jesuit v. Canby
14.9Ryan Feng
Alex Moore
Matthew Sukimoto
Christian Thurley
49.66May 11Metro League JV Districts
15.9Ryan Feng
Matthew Sukimoto
Christian Thurley
Alex Moore
49.75Apr 18Beaverton @ Jesuit
16.9Justin Heller
John DeRego
John De Rego
Nathan Hartmeier
49.93Mar 21Jesuit @ Southridge
17.-Relay Team 51.15Apr 11Jesuit @ Westview
4x200 Relay
1.-Joseph Alfieri
Harrisen Stach
Matthew Nachreiner
Chase Morrison
1:33.55May 4Nike/Jesuit Twilight Relays
4x400 Relay
1.-Mark Petrusich
Joseph Alfieri
Ryan Stevens
Xavier Coleman
3:27.81Apr 21Oregon Relays Day 2
2.-Joseph Alfieri
Xavier Coleman
Matthew Nachreiner
Ryan Stevens
3:27.97May 4Nike/Jesuit Twilight Relays
3.-Joseph Alfieri
Xavier Coleman
Sam Remington
Ryan Cope
3:29.02May 18Metro League Championships - Day 2
4.-Joseph Alfieri
Ryan Cope
Ryan Stevens
Xavier Coleman
3:29.73Apr 2848th Centennial Invitational
5.-Mark Petrusich
Drew Demarco
Ryan Cope
Ryan Stevens
3:31.64Apr 18Beaverton @ Jesuit
6.-Joseph Alfieri
Ryan Cope
Mark Petrusich
Ryan Stevens
3:31.69Apr 14Pasco Invitational
7.-Xavier Coleman
Ryan Cope
Mark Petrusich
Ryan Stevens
3:31.98Apr 11Jesuit @ Westview
8.-Ryan Stevens
Joseph Alfieri
Sam Remington
Matthew Nachreiner
3:32.19May 9Jesuit @ Sunset
9.-Drew Demarco
Mark Petrusich
Ryan Cope
Ryan Stevens
3:33.66May 2Aloha @ Jesuit
10.-Michael Godbout
Sam Remington
Ryan Stevens
David Leavy
3:35.17Apr 5Jesuit v. Lincoln
11.-Relay Team 3:35.27Apr 11Jesuit @ Westview
12.-Michael Godbout
Max Dordevic
Sam Remington
Soren Cullivan
3:36.61Mar 14Jesuit v. Canby
13.-Mark Petrusich
Ryan Stevens
Sam Remington
Michael Godbout
3:37.21Mar 21Jesuit @ Southridge
14.-David Leavy
Soren Cullivan
Mark Fleckenstein
Patrick Doherty
3:45.12Apr 11Jesuit @ Westview
15.-Jim Pfluger
Aaron Nitschke
Luke Phillips
Tom Phillips
3:48.57May 9Jesuit @ Sunset
16.-Kevin Vincent
Logan Scroggy
Collin Phan
Alex Nelson
3:50.15Apr 11Jesuit @ Westview
17.-Conor McWeeney
Spencer Grant
Conor Nistler
Jackson Coleman
4:05.81May 9Jesuit @ Sunset
18.-Matthew Goodman
Aaron Nitschke
Tom Phillips
Luke Phillips
4:12.48Apr 11Jesuit @ Westview
19.-Sahil Doshi
Patrick Doherty
David McCaslin
Mark Fleckenstein
4:15.32May 9Jesuit @ Sunset
20.-Chase Morrison
Eric Myers
King Green-Newton
Christian Thurley
4:18.01Apr 11Jesuit @ Westview
21.9David Boss
David Carbonari
Kai McPheeters
Tom Murphy
4:27.28May 9Jesuit @ Sunset
4x800 Relay
1.-Michael Godbout
Sam Remington
Mark Petrusich
David Leavy
7:57.66May 4Nike/Jesuit Twilight Relays
2.-Jackson Coleman
Mark Fleckenstein
Shane Mileham
Sahil Doshi
8:24.65May 4Nike/Jesuit Twilight Relays
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m - [12-4-8-16]
1.-Hunter McGuirk
Sam Remington
Ryan Stevens
David Leavy
10:30.51Apr 14Pasco Invitational
2.-Michael Godbout
Ryan Stevens
Sam Remington
Sahil Doshi
10:35.12Apr 21Oregon Relays Day 2
3.-Patrick Doherty
Brian McDavitt
Joshua Sealand
Mark Petrusich
10:45.03May 4Nike/Jesuit Twilight Relays
Shot Put - 12lb
1.10Henry Mondeaux52' 9.25May 18Metro League Championships - Day 2
2.11Dominic Baldocchi49' 8.5 PRMay 18Metro League Championships - Day 2
3.11Maka Moon45' 0 PRMay 18Metro League Championships - Day 2
4.11Andrew Kirkland44' 7Apr 18Beaverton @ Jesuit
5.12Dominic Mori44' 1.5 PRMar 14Jesuit v. Canby
6.10Nate Alvey39' 5Apr 18Beaverton @ Jesuit
7.11Tristen Rude38' 4 PRMar 14Jesuit v. Canby
8.9Mike Miller38' 2.5May 11Metro League JV Districts
9.10Nick Ensroth37' 6Apr 18Beaverton @ Jesuit
10.9Kaeden Klein37' 5Apr 18Beaverton @ Jesuit
11.10Charlie Landgraf36' 9.5May 11Metro League JV Districts
12.11Ryan Brown36' 2.5 PRMay 2Aloha @ Jesuit
13.9Paul Vickers35' 5May 9Jesuit @ Sunset
14.9Jack Rees35' 4.5May 11Metro League JV Districts
15.9Samuel Brunson35' 2May 2Aloha @ Jesuit
16.10David Brugato35' 0Apr 11Jesuit @ Westview
17.10Matt Zweber34' 0.5 PRMay 2Aloha @ Jesuit
18.10Nick Becic33' 0 PRMay 2Aloha @ Jesuit
19.9Eric Fellin32' 9.5Apr 18Beaverton @ Jesuit
20.11Tim Fellin32' 9Mar 14Jesuit v. Canby
21.11Matthew Nachreiner32' 7 PRMar 14Jesuit v. Canby
22.10Andrew Shaw31' 11Apr 18Beaverton @ Jesuit
23.10Travis Kamerer31' 7 PRApr 5Jesuit v. Lincoln
24.10Chris Cartasenga31' 3 PRMay 11Metro League JV Districts
25.10Erik Klee30' 8 PRMar 14Jesuit v. Canby
26.10Tyler Colson30' 6.5 PRMay 9Jesuit @ Sunset
27.10Josh Penaflor28' 8 PRMar 14Jesuit v. Canby
28.10Evan Pham28' 5 PRMay 2Aloha @ Jesuit
29.10Jason Zhang28' 1 PRMar 14Jesuit v. Canby
30.10Matt Robinson27' 3.5 PRMay 11Metro League JV Districts
31.11Justin Galati27' 1 PRMar 14Jesuit v. Canby
32.9Darius Mianji26' 6Apr 18Beaverton @ Jesuit
33.11Joshua Braunstein25' 9 PRMay 9Jesuit @ Sunset
34.9Griffin Fogarty24' 3 PRMay 11Metro League JV Districts
35.9Sean Glackin23' 6.5May 9Jesuit @ Sunset
36.9Blake Hilary23' 0.5 PRMar 21Jesuit @ Southridge
37.9Chris Gray21' 11.5 PRApr 5Jesuit v. Lincoln
38.9Jake Jacobson19' 2 PRApr 11Jesuit @ Westview
39.9Yunis Omer17' 9.5Apr 18Beaverton @ Jesuit
Discus - 1.6kg
1.11Andrew Kirkland137' 9May 9Jesuit @ Sunset
2.12Soren Cullivan133' 7 PRMay 16Metro League Championships - Day 1
3.10Henry Mondeaux129' 4May 9Jesuit @ Sunset
4.11Dominic Baldocchi123' 10 PRApr 18Beaverton @ Jesuit
5.11Tristen Rude117' 0 PRMay 11Metro League JV Districts
6.11Maka Moon111' 6 PRApr 18Beaverton @ Jesuit
7.10Nate Alvey108' 11Apr 18Beaverton @ Jesuit
8.11Ryan Brown102' 8May 2Aloha @ Jesuit
9.10Charlie Landgraf92' 9 PRMay 11Metro League JV Districts
10.9Jack Rees90' 10Apr 18Beaverton @ Jesuit
11.10Erik Klee84' 8 PRApr 11Jesuit @ Westview
12.9Mason Axelson84' 0May 2Aloha @ Jesuit
9Samuel Brunson84' 0Apr 11Jesuit @ Westview
14.9Paul Vickers83' 2 PRMay 9Jesuit @ Sunset
15.10Matt Zweber79' 2 PRMay 9Jesuit @ Sunset
16.10Chris Cartasenga79' 0 PRMay 11Metro League JV Districts
17.10Jesse Jimerson77' 7 PRApr 5Jesuit v. Lincoln
18.10Andrew Shaw72' 7 PRMay 2Aloha @ Jesuit
19.9Eric Fellin68' 5May 9Jesuit @ Sunset
20.9Darius Mianji64' 6Apr 18Beaverton @ Jesuit
21.11Joshua Braunstein64' 5 PRMay 9Jesuit @ Sunset
22.10Zachary Grubb64' 3 PRApr 5Jesuit v. Lincoln
23.9Griffin Fogarty63' 6 PRMay 9Jesuit @ Sunset
24.9Quinn Schmidt60' 6 PRMar 14Jesuit v. Canby
25.9Jamison Cozart59' 10 PRMar 14Jesuit v. Canby
26.9Naod Aynalem54' 7May 9Jesuit @ Sunset
27.9Chris Gray54' 4 PRMar 21Jesuit @ Southridge
28.9Sean Glackin49' 11Apr 5Jesuit v. Lincoln
29.9Jake Jacobson48' 3 PRApr 5Jesuit v. Lincoln
30.9Blake Hilary47' 9 PRMar 14Jesuit v. Canby
31.9Yunis Omer41' 2May 11Metro League JV Districts
Javelin - 800g
1.11Tarek Wirfs175' 6May 26OSAA 6A State Championships - Day 2
2.11Braden Nelson171' 3Mar 14Jesuit v. Canby
3.12Soren Cullivan163' 5 PRMar 14Jesuit v. Canby
4.11Ken Timmins136' 6May 11Metro League JV Districts
5.10Zachary Grubb133' 11May 11Metro League JV Districts
6.10Jesse Jimerson130' 5 PRMay 2Aloha @ Jesuit
7.10Matt Zweber125' 9 PRMay 11Metro League JV Districts
8.9Eric Fellin123' 3May 11Metro League JV Districts
9.10Erik Klee121' 4May 2Aloha @ Jesuit
10.10Matt Bauer118' 0May 11Metro League JV Districts
11.10Evan Pham115' 3May 9Jesuit @ Sunset
12.9Mason Axelson111' 2Apr 25Jesuit Green and Gold
13.10Nick Ensroth110' 3 PRApr 18Beaverton @ Jesuit
14.11Tim Fellin106' 0 PRMar 14Jesuit v. Canby
15.10Jason Zhang105' 11Apr 18Beaverton @ Jesuit
16.9Jamison Cozart98' 0 PRApr 18Beaverton @ Jesuit
17.9Kaeden Klein96' 7 PRApr 18Beaverton @ Jesuit
18.9Samuel Brunson96' 2 PRMay 2Aloha @ Jesuit
19.9DJ Sebastian95' 11 PRApr 11Jesuit @ Westview
20.9Michael Paino94' 7May 9Jesuit @ Sunset
21.11Justin Galati90' 9Mar 14Jesuit v. Canby
22.9Naod Aynalem82' 2May 9Jesuit @ Sunset
23.9Griffin Fogarty81' 9Mar 14Jesuit v. Canby
24.9Darius Mianji81' 1 PRMay 11Metro League JV Districts
25.10Chris Cartasenga80' 0 PRApr 5Jesuit v. Lincoln
26.10Roman Mori79' 11 PRApr 11Jesuit @ Westview
27.10Josh Penaflor76' 11Mar 14Jesuit v. Canby
28.10Nick Becic72' 0 PRApr 11Jesuit @ Westview
29.10Tyler Colson68' 1 PRApr 11Jesuit @ Westview
30.9Blake Hilary62' 11 PRMar 14Jesuit v. Canby
31.9Quinn Schmidt62' 3 PRMar 14Jesuit v. Canby
32.9Jake Jacobson59' 9 PRApr 11Jesuit @ Westview
33.11Matthew Nachreiner57' 11 PRMar 14Jesuit v. Canby
34.10Travis Kamerer54' 7 PRMar 14Jesuit v. Canby
35.9David Carbonari51' 8 PRMar 21Jesuit @ Southridge
36.9Sean Glackin36' 5Apr 5Jesuit v. Lincoln
High Jump
1.11Marcus Yoo6' 2Apr 11Jesuit @ Westview
2.9Eric Myers5' 8Apr 5Jesuit v. Lincoln
10Carlos Coleman5' 8Apr 11Jesuit @ Westview
4.10Tim Brunson5' 4Apr 5Jesuit v. Lincoln
5.12Soren Cullivan5' 2Mar 14Jesuit v. Canby
10Bailey Enghouse5' 2 PRApr 5Jesuit v. Lincoln
7.9John DeRego5' 0 PRApr 5Jesuit v. Lincoln
8.9Wyatt Nelson4' 8 PRApr 5Jesuit v. Lincoln
9.9Nathan Hartmeier4' 6 PRMar 14Jesuit v. Canby
Pole Vault
1.12Dylan Johnson15' 3 PRMay 26OSAA 6A State Championships - Day 2
2.12Jackson Handkins12' 4 PRMay 16Metro League Championships - Day 1
3.11Joe Dummer11' 4 PRMay 16Metro League Championships - Day 1
4.10Alex Bolton11' 0May 11Metro League JV Districts
5.9Justin Heller9' 1 PRJul 7Alki Swashbuckler Beach Vault
6.10Matt Zweber8' 6May 11Metro League JV Districts
7.10Austin Jahn8' 0May 11Metro League JV Districts
8.10Erik Klee6' 6 PRMay 2Aloha @ Jesuit
Long Jump
1.11Xavier Coleman21' 3Mar 14Jesuit v. Canby
2.12Drew Demarco20' 6.25 PRApr 18Beaverton @ Jesuit
3.11Harrisen Stach19' 2.5Mar 14Jesuit v. Canby
4.9Eric Myers19' 2Apr 5Jesuit v. Lincoln
5.11Sam Ruef18' 9.5May 2Aloha @ Jesuit
6.11Ben Hartmeier18' 5 PRApr 5Jesuit v. Lincoln
7.11BaThien Vo17' 3.5May 2Aloha @ Jesuit
8.9Nathan Hartmeier16' 7.5 PRApr 11Jesuit @ Westview
9.10Alex Bolton16' 7 PRApr 5Jesuit v. Lincoln
10.9Christian Thurley16' 3.5May 11Metro League JV Districts
11.9John DeRego16' 3May 9Jesuit @ Sunset
12.9Wyatt Nelson16' 0Mar 14Jesuit v. Canby
13.9Ryan Feng14' 11Mar 14Jesuit v. Canby
14.9Chase Morrison14' 1 PRMar 21Jesuit @ Southridge
15.9Griffin Fogarty13' 8Apr 5Jesuit v. Lincoln
Triple Jump
1.11Harrisen Stach40' 0.75 PRMay 2Aloha @ Jesuit
11Mathias Aguon40' 0.75May 18Metro League Championships - Day 2
3.11Sam Ruef39' 3.25May 2Aloha @ Jesuit
4.10Carlos Coleman38' 4.5 PRApr 11Jesuit @ Westview
5.11Ben Hartmeier37' 4.5Apr 5Jesuit v. Lincoln
6.9Nathan Hartmeier34' 5 PRApr 11Jesuit @ Westview
7.11BaThien Vo33' 9Apr 5Jesuit v. Lincoln
8.9Kai McPheeters32' 9.5 PRMay 11Metro League JV Districts
9.9Ryan Feng32' 5Apr 18Beaverton @ Jesuit
10.9Griffin Fogarty30' 8.5May 9Jesuit @ Sunset


100 Meters
1.12Mackenzie Mathews12.52 PRMay 9Jesuit @ Sunset
2.9Alexa Dixon12.62May 9Jesuit @ Sunset
3.10Abby Wachter12.77 PRMay 9Jesuit @ Sunset
4.9Chloe Smith13.19Apr 14Pasco Invitational
5.11Elle Halliburton13.28Apr 5Jesuit v. Lincoln
6.9Brooke Dunahugh13.34c PRMar 14Jesuit v. Canby
10Kathrina Slater13.34May 11Metro League JV Districts
9Keara Vu13.34cMar 14Jesuit v. Canby
9.9Marianne Smith13.37 PRMay 2Aloha @ Jesuit
10.11Mackenzie Croy13.48May 11Metro League JV Districts
11.10Alexandra Griffin13.49Mar 14Jesuit v. Canby
12.12Olivia Kantor13.51Apr 5Jesuit v. Lincoln
13.11Hayley Matson13.64c PRApr 5Jesuit v. Lincoln
9Akouvi Ananouko13.64c PRApr 5Jesuit v. Lincoln
15.9Kylie Rickman13.66May 9Jesuit @ Sunset
16.10Maddy Houdrage13.68May 11Metro League JV Districts
17.9Shannen Burton13.74c PRApr 5Jesuit v. Lincoln
10Ellie Hoppes13.74c PRApr 5Jesuit v. Lincoln
19.9Emily Pozzi13.84c PRApr 5Jesuit v. Lincoln
11Claire Alexander13.84cMar 14Jesuit v. Canby
21.9Ryen Maulsby13.90 PRMay 11Metro League JV Districts
22.10Jackie Borok13.94May 11Metro League JV Districts
23.9Coco Pool14.04cApr 18Beaverton @ Jesuit
10Mollie Handkins14.04cMar 14Jesuit v. Canby
25.10Leda O'Connor14.05May 9Jesuit @ Sunset
11Rachel Shaw14.05 PRMar 14Jesuit v. Canby
27.11Amanda Carbonari14.09 PRMay 9Jesuit @ Sunset
28.10Carly Gray14.14cApr 5Jesuit v. Lincoln
12Brianna Dixon14.14cMar 14Jesuit v. Canby
30.10Logan Schwartz14.21May 9Jesuit @ Sunset
31.9Emma Hoppes14.24c PRMar 14Jesuit v. Canby
32.9Sydney Parham14.31 PRMay 9Jesuit @ Sunset
33.9Dara Ajose14.34c PRMar 14Jesuit v. Canby
34.11Ana Sofia Mello14.37Mar 21Jesuit @ Southridge
35.9Madeline Cook14.44c PRMar 14Jesuit v. Canby
10Elizabeth Zhao14.44c PRApr 18Beaverton @ Jesuit
10Taryn Thompson14.44c PRMar 14Jesuit v. Canby
38.9Sylvia Zahariev14.54cMar 14Jesuit v. Canby
39.9Catherine Wineman14.64c PRApr 5Jesuit v. Lincoln
40.10Josie Yanzick14.70Mar 14Jesuit v. Canby
41.11Anne Elorriaga14.74c PRApr 5Jesuit v. Lincoln
11Mary-Beth Carroll14.74cApr 5Jesuit v. Lincoln
43.11Lindsay McIntyre14.94May 9Jesuit @ Sunset
44.10Rachel Dulcich15.02Mar 21Jesuit @ Southridge
45.9Marlee Leonard15.04c PRMar 14Jesuit v. Canby
46.9Molly Nistler15.12 PRMar 21Jesuit @ Southridge
47.9Cali Cunningham15.24May 9Jesuit @ Sunset
48.9Kealani Shand15.34c PRApr 5Jesuit v. Lincoln
49.9Marquis Golik15.44c PRMar 14Jesuit v. Canby
10Emma Parker15.44c PRApr 5Jesuit v. Lincoln
51.9Aliyah Chance15.54 PRMar 21Jesuit @ Southridge
10Carly Seedall15.54c PRMar 14Jesuit v. Canby
53.10Magen Miller15.57 PRMay 11Metro League JV Districts
54.9Charvi Bhargava15.64cMar 14Jesuit v. Canby
55.9Laura Parker15.74c PRMar 14Jesuit v. Canby
9Lia Shaw15.74c PRApr 5Jesuit v. Lincoln
57.9Kendall Scott15.94c PRMar 14Jesuit v. Canby
58.9Tarea Green16.09 PRMar 21Jesuit @ Southridge
59.9Helen Hansen16.94c PRApr 5Jesuit v. Lincoln
60.9Brooke Starr17.04c PRMar 14Jesuit v. Canby
200 Meters
1.12Sierra Arlauskas26.15 PRMay 2Aloha @ Jesuit
2.9Alexa Dixon26.16May 18Metro League Championships - Day 2
3.10Abby Wachter26.44 PRMay 2Aloha @ Jesuit
4.12Mackenzie Mathews26.80 PRApr 11Jesuit @ Westview
5.9Chloe Smith26.89Apr 2848th Centennial Invitational
6.9Keara Vu27.73May 2Aloha @ Jesuit
7.11Natalie Johnson28.01 PRMay 9Jesuit @ Sunset
8.9Emma Hoppes28.05 PRMay 9Jesuit @ Sunset
9.10Alexandra Griffin28.19Mar 14Jesuit v. Canby
10.11Mackenzie Croy28.34May 11Metro League JV Districts
9Marlee Leonard28.34c PRApr 25Jesuit Green and Gold
12.10Jackie Borok28.46 PRMay 9Jesuit @ Sunset
13.11Elle Halliburton28.50May 2Aloha @ Jesuit
14.10Ellie Hoppes28.74c PRApr 25Jesuit Green and Gold
15.10Rachel Dulcich29.05 PRMay 9Jesuit @ Sunset
16.9Marianne Smith29.14c PRApr 25Jesuit Green and Gold
17.11Ana Sofia Mello29.23 PRApr 18Beaverton @ Jesuit
18.9Coco Pool29.44c PRApr 25Jesuit Green and Gold
19.11Megan Ferguson29.45Apr 5Jesuit v. Lincoln
11Amanda Carbonari29.45May 9Jesuit @ Sunset
21.9Sophia Scearce29.64 PRMay 9Jesuit @ Sunset
22.9Brooke Dunahugh29.66 PRMay 9Jesuit @ Sunset
23.9Shannen Burton29.75 PRMay 9Jesuit @ Sunset
24.9Ryen Maulsby29.84c PRApr 25Jesuit Green and Gold
12Brianna Dixon29.84c PRApr 25Jesuit Green and Gold
26.10Logan Schwartz30.09Mar 14Jesuit v. Canby
27.9Wendall Tseng30.15 PRMay 9Jesuit @ Sunset
28.9Molly Nistler30.54c PRApr 25Jesuit Green and Gold
29.9Sylvia Zahariev30.74c PRApr 25Jesuit Green and Gold
30.9Catherine Wineman30.88 PRMar 14Jesuit v. Canby
31.9Sydney Parham30.92 PRApr 5Jesuit v. Lincoln
32.11Rachel Shaw30.94c PRApr 25Jesuit Green and Gold
12Laurel Skinner30.94c PRApr 25Jesuit Green and Gold
34.11Mary-Beth Carroll30.99May 2Aloha @ Jesuit
35.10Emma Marquard31.24c PRApr 25Jesuit Green and Gold
36.10Josie Yanzick31.46Mar 14Jesuit v. Canby
37.11Elizabeth Edwards31.54 PRApr 5Jesuit v. Lincoln
38.9Hailey Sears31.62May 2Aloha @ Jesuit
39.10Carly Seedall31.64c PRApr 25Jesuit Green and Gold
9Kendall Scott31.64c PRApr 25Jesuit Green and Gold
41.9Cailin Osborne31.94c PRApr 25Jesuit Green and Gold
42.11Franny Rogers32.04c PRApr 25Jesuit Green and Gold
43.9Lia Shaw32.14c PRApr 25Jesuit Green and Gold
44.9Madeline Cook32.44 PRMar 14Jesuit v. Canby
45.9Charvi Bhargava33.31 PRMar 14Jesuit v. Canby
46.9Cali Cunningham33.74c PRApr 25Jesuit Green and Gold
47.9Kealani Shand34.05 PRMar 14Jesuit v. Canby
48.9Marquis Golik34.23 PRMar 14Jesuit v. Canby
49.9Paige Tomlinson34.62 PRMar 14Jesuit v. Canby
50.9Emily Pozzi37.40 PRMay 11Metro League JV Districts
51.9Abbiegail Owen37.44 PRMar 14Jesuit v. Canby
400 Meters - Relay Split
1.10Taylor Moscoe1:04.8h PRMay 4Nike/Jesuit Twilight Relays
400 Meters
1.12Olivia Artaiz58.94cApr 25Jesuit Green and Gold
2.11Lindsay Sheaffer60.00 PRMay 18Metro League Championships - Day 2
3.11Megan Mullaney1:00.93 PRMay 2Aloha @ Jesuit
4.9Chloe Smith1:01.85May 2Aloha @ Jesuit
5.11Natalie Johnson1:01.94 PRMay 18Metro League Championships - Day 2
6.10Abby Wachter1:02.24c PRApr 25Jesuit Green and Gold
7.12Mackenzie Mathews1:03.14c PRApr 25Jesuit Green and Gold
8.10Natalie MacMillan1:03.33May 16Metro League Championships - Day 1
9.9Eleanor Valentine1:03.65May 11Metro League JV Districts
10.9Marlee Leonard1:04.44 PRMay 9Jesuit @ Sunset
11.9Keara Vu1:04.92 PRMay 9Jesuit @ Sunset
12.9Hannah Harkness1:05.24 PRMay 9Jesuit @ Sunset
13.11Molly Hagler1:05.51 PRApr 18Beaverton @ Jesuit
14.9Emily Mandell1:06.55 PRApr 18Beaverton @ Jesuit
15.11Melange Gavin1:06.81Apr 18Beaverton @ Jesuit
16.10Carly Seedall1:08.05May 2Aloha @ Jesuit
17.12Emily Bednark1:08.11Apr 11Jesuit @ Westview
18.9Kylie Rickman1:08.36 PRApr 5Jesuit v. Lincoln
19.11Franny Rogers1:08.48 PRApr 18Beaverton @ Jesuit
20.10Catherine Skinner1:08.88 PRMay 9Jesuit @ Sunset
21.10Emma Marquard1:08.92Apr 11Jesuit @ Westview
22.11Hayley Matson1:09.02 PRApr 5Jesuit v. Lincoln
23.9Laura Heinze1:09.92 PRApr 18Beaverton @ Jesuit
24.9Hailey Sears1:11.07Apr 18Beaverton @ Jesuit
25.9Sophia Scearce1:11.73 PRMar 21Jesuit @ Southridge
26.9Cailin Osborne1:14.98 PRMar 21Jesuit @ Southridge
27.9Sydney Parham1:16.01 PRMar 14Jesuit v. Canby
28.9Lucile Beckett1:16.45 PRMar 21Jesuit @ Southridge
400 Meters - Relay Split
1.11Lindsay Sheaffer59.5h PRMay 26OSAA 6A State Championships - Day 2
2.9Chloe Smith1:00.3hApr 21Oregon Relays Day 2
3.11Megan Mullaney1:00.7h PRMay 26OSAA 6A State Championships - Day 2
12Olivia Artaiz1:00.7hApr 2848th Centennial Invitational
5.11Natalie Johnson1:01.7h PRMay 26OSAA 6A State Championships - Day 2
6.9Eleanor Valentine1:02.7h PRMay 11Metro League JV Districts
7.9Zani Moore1:02.9h PRApr 14Pasco Invitational
8.9Hannah Harkness1:03.1h PRMay 11Metro League JV Districts
9.12Mackenzie Mathews1:03.5hApr 21Oregon Relays Day 2
10.9Keara Vu1:03.9hMay 2Aloha @ Jesuit
11.10Abby Wachter1:04.4hApr 14Pasco Invitational
12.9Marlee Leonard1:04.5h PRApr 18Beaverton @ Jesuit
13.9Kelley Qu1:04.7hMay 11Metro League JV Districts
9Alexa Dixon1:04.7hMay 2Aloha @ Jesuit
15.9Dylan Hite1:05.0h PRMay 2Aloha @ Jesuit
16.12Olivia Kantor1:05.5h PRMay 9Jesuit @ Sunset
17.10Natalie MacMillan1:05.8hApr 5Jesuit v. Lincoln
18.12Euphemia Frie1:06.0h PRMay 11Metro League JV Districts
10Taylor Moscoe1:06.0hApr 5Jesuit v. Lincoln
9Sophia Schnitzer1:06.0hApr 5Jesuit v. Lincoln
21.11Melange Gavin1:06.6h PRMay 2Aloha @ Jesuit
22.11Molly Hagler1:06.8hMay 9Jesuit @ Sunset
23.10Emma Marquard1:06.9h PRMar 14Jesuit v. Canby
24.9Melisande Gavin1:07.0h PRMar 14Jesuit v. Canby
25.12Emily Bednark1:07.1h PRApr 18Beaverton @ Jesuit
26.11Mary-Beth Carroll1:07.5h PRApr 11Jesuit @ Westview
27.9Emily Mandell1:07.6h PRApr 18Beaverton @ Jesuit
28.9Sophia Scearce1:08.0h PRApr 5Jesuit v. Lincoln
9Jillian Rix1:08.0h PRMay 11Metro League JV Districts
30.9Cailin Osborne1:08.2h PRMay 11Metro League JV Districts
11Ellen Krippaehne1:08.2hMar 14Jesuit v. Canby
32.9Lucile Beckett1:08.3h PRApr 5Jesuit v. Lincoln
33.11Meaghan Bogart1:08.6hMay 2Aloha @ Jesuit
34.9Isabel Klein1:09.0h PRApr 5Jesuit v. Lincoln
35.11Stephanie Hastings1:09.2h PRApr 5Jesuit v. Lincoln
11Ellie Coleman1:09.2hMay 9Jesuit @ Sunset
37.9Emily Heinze1:09.8hMay 2Aloha @ Jesuit
38.9Kylie Rickman1:10.9hApr 18Beaverton @ Jesuit
39.9Ryen Maulsby1:11.0h PRMar 14Jesuit v. Canby
40.11Franny Rogers1:11.4hMar 21Jesuit @ Southridge
41.9Ellie Kallgren1:11.5hMar 14Jesuit v. Canby
42.11Brittney Johnson1:12.3h PRMar 14Jesuit v. Canby
43.9Laura Heinze1:12.5h PRMay 9Jesuit @ Sunset
44.11Amanda Carbonari1:12.8hMar 14Jesuit v. Canby
45.11Mackenzie Croy1:12.9h PRMar 14Jesuit v. Canby
46.9Kendall Scott1:13.2h PRMar 14Jesuit v. Canby
47.10Colleen Sullivan1:13.3hMar 21Jesuit @ Southridge
48.9Hailey Sears1:13.8hApr 18Beaverton @ Jesuit
49.9Sydney Damm1:23.0h PRMar 14Jesuit v. Canby
800 Meters
1.12Olivia Artaiz2:15.14 PRMay 18Metro League Championships - Day 2
2.11Megan Mullaney2:15.7h PRMay 23Jesuit Last Chance
3.9Ellie Kallgren2:20.24 PRMay 16Metro League Championships - Day 1
4.11Lindsay Sheaffer2:22.05Apr 18Beaverton @ Jesuit
5.9Zani Moore2:24.60May 18Metro League Championships - Day 2
6.10Taylor Moscoe2:28.07 PRMay 2Aloha @ Jesuit
7.11Meaghan Bogart2:28.72May 11Metro League JV Districts
8.9Kelley Qu2:30.47May 11Metro League JV Districts
9.9Melisande Gavin2:32.94 PRMay 11Metro League JV Districts
10.9Sophia Schnitzer2:33.39May 2Aloha @ Jesuit
11.12Euphemia Frie2:33.74Apr 18Beaverton @ Jesuit
12.11Melange Gavin2:35.02 PRMay 9Jesuit @ Sunset
13.9Jillian Rix2:35.72 PRMay 2Aloha @ Jesuit
14.11Natalie Johnson2:36.14Apr 14Pasco Invitational
15.9Hannah Harkness2:38.23May 2Aloha @ Jesuit
16.11Molly Hagler2:39.18Apr 5Jesuit v. Lincoln
17.9Cailin Osborne2:39.60 PRMay 2Aloha @ Jesuit
18.10Colleen Sullivan2:40.39Mar 21Jesuit @ Southridge
19.9Kylie Rickman2:42.78 PRApr 18Beaverton @ Jesuit
20.11Ellen Krippaehne2:43.14Mar 14Jesuit v. Canby
21.9Laura Heinze2:46.96 PRMay 11Metro League JV Districts
22.9Emily Mandell2:48.30Mar 14Jesuit v. Canby
23.11Brittney Johnson2:58.64 PRMar 14Jesuit v. Canby
24.12Ruth Manthey3:06.64Mar 14Jesuit v. Canby
25.9Lucile Beckett3:09.80Mar 14Jesuit v. Canby
26.9Sydney Damm3:11.07 PRMar 14Jesuit v. Canby
800 Meters - Relay Split
1.11Lindsay Sheaffer2:21.3h PRMay 4Nike/Jesuit Twilight Relays
2.11Megan Mullaney2:21.8h PRMay 4Nike/Jesuit Twilight Relays
3.12Olivia Artaiz2:22.1hMay 4Nike/Jesuit Twilight Relays
4.9Ellie Kallgren2:23.5h PRMay 4Nike/Jesuit Twilight Relays
5.9Zani Moore2:26.8h PRMay 4Nike/Jesuit Twilight Relays
6.10Taylor Moscoe2:31.8h PRApr 14Pasco Invitational
7.12Euphemia Frie2:32.1h PRMay 4Nike/Jesuit Twilight Relays
8.9Sophia Schnitzer2:35.2hMay 4Nike/Jesuit Twilight Relays
9.9Kelley Qu2:35.4hMay 4Nike/Jesuit Twilight Relays
10.11Melange Gavin2:39.5h PRMay 4Nike/Jesuit Twilight Relays
1200 Meters - Relay Split
1.9Dylan Hite3:50.1h PRApr 14Pasco Invitational
1500 Meters
1.11Megan Mullaney4:38.07 PRMay 26OSAA 6A State Championships - Day 2
2.12Olivia Artaiz4:40.52 PRMay 26OSAA 6A State Championships - Day 2
3.12Adrienne Demaree4:43.98 PRMay 4Nike/Jesuit Twilight Relays
4.9Dylan Hite4:52.96May 2Aloha @ Jesuit
5.9Ellie Kallgren4:54.30Apr 2848th Centennial Invitational
6.11Meaghan Bogart5:00.18May 9Jesuit @ Sunset
7.11Lindsay Sheaffer5:03.62Apr 11Jesuit @ Westview
8.10Taylor Moscoe5:04.88May 9Jesuit @ Sunset
9.9Zani Moore5:06.04May 4Nike/Jesuit Twilight Relays
10.9Jillian Rix5:06.28 PRMay 11Metro League JV Districts
11.9Hannah Harkness5:12.79Apr 5Jesuit v. Lincoln
12.10Colleen Sullivan5:12.99Apr 5Jesuit v. Lincoln
13.12Euphemia Frie5:14.05 PRMay 2Aloha @ Jesuit
14.11Katie Arndorfer5:21.15 PRMar 14Jesuit v. Canby
15.9Kelley Qu5:21.37May 2Aloha @ Jesuit
16.9Sophia Schnitzer5:25.52Apr 18Beaverton @ Jesuit
17.11Molly Hagler5:26.66Apr 5Jesuit v. Lincoln
18.9Melisande Gavin5:29.44Mar 14Jesuit v. Canby
19.12Marissa McBride5:35.86May 2Aloha @ Jesuit
20.11Ellen Krippaehne5:36.30Apr 18Beaverton @ Jesuit
21.11Melange Gavin5:36.42Apr 5Jesuit v. Lincoln
22.9Laura Heinze5:36.45 PRMay 9Jesuit @ Sunset
23.9Lucile Beckett5:36.62 PRMay 2Aloha @ Jesuit
24.12Ruth Manthey5:37.09 PRMay 11Metro League JV Districts
25.9Anika Raghuvanshi5:40.49May 2Aloha @ Jesuit
26.11Dani Bridges5:41.90May 11Metro League JV Districts
27.9Sophia Forstag5:44.54 PRMay 2Aloha @ Jesuit
28.9Sydney Bogen5:47.08 PRMay 11Metro League JV Districts
29.9Elena Hoffman5:52.80 PRMay 11Metro League JV Districts
30.11Brittney Johnson5:54.67 PRApr 18Beaverton @ Jesuit
31.11Jacquelyn Ulum6:11.12Mar 21Jesuit @ Southridge
32.9Sydney Damm6:15.42 PRMay 2Aloha @ Jesuit
33.10Megan Forster6:38.84Mar 14Jesuit v. Canby
1600 Meters
1.9Dylan Hite5:24.16Apr 14Pasco Invitational
1600 Meters - Relay Split
1.12Adrienne Demaree5:13.5h PRMay 4Nike/Jesuit Twilight Relays
1 Mile
1.12Olivia Artaiz5:12.22 PRApr 14Pasco Invitational
3000 Meters
1.12Adrienne Demaree10:14.48 PRApr 2848th Centennial Invitational
2.9Dylan Hite10:35.93May 16Metro League Championships - Day 1
3.10Taylor Moscoe10:52.16May 9Jesuit @ Sunset
4.9Zani Moore11:03.57Apr 21Oregon Relays Day 2
5.9Ellie Kallgren11:08.34May 9Jesuit @ Sunset
6.10Colleen Sullivan11:11.79May 2Aloha @ Jesuit
7.11Molly Hagler11:20.35May 4Nike/Jesuit Twilight Relays
8.9Kelley Qu11:27.24 PRMay 4Nike/Jesuit Twilight Relays
9.11Meaghan Bogart11:32.7hApr 25Jesuit Green and Gold
10.11Katie Arndorfer11:33.28 PRMar 21Jesuit @ Southridge
11.9Jillian Rix11:34.62 PRApr 11Jesuit @ Westview
12.12Euphemia Frie11:44.4hApr 25Jesuit Green and Gold
13.9Hannah Harkness11:44.69Apr 11Jesuit @ Westview
14.12Marissa McBride11:54.47May 9Jesuit @ Sunset
15.9Anika Raghuvanshi11:56.0hApr 25Jesuit Green and Gold
16.9Sophia Schnitzer12:04.97 PRMar 14Jesuit v. Canby
17.12Ruth Manthey12:09.72 PRApr 11Jesuit @ Westview
18.11Ellen Krippaehne12:10.09Apr 11Jesuit @ Westview
19.11Melange Gavin12:21.2hApr 25Jesuit Green and Gold
20.11Dani Bridges12:21.65Apr 11Jesuit @ Westview
21.9Laura Heinze12:35.62 PRApr 18Beaverton @ Jesuit
22.9Emily Mandell13:12.8hApr 25Jesuit Green and Gold
23.9Lucile Beckett13:28.2h PRApr 25Jesuit Green and Gold
24.9Elena Hoffman13:28.28 PRApr 11Jesuit @ Westview
25.11Jacquelyn Ulum13:30.58May 9Jesuit @ Sunset
3200 Meters
1.12Adrienne Demaree11:18.24 PRApr 14Pasco Invitational
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.12Mackenzie Mathews14.37 PRMay 18Metro League Championships - Day 2
2.11Mariah Gibbs15.42May 18Metro League Championships - Day 2
3.12Olivia Kantor16.84 PRMay 9Jesuit @ Sunset
4.12Jill Doyle17.15Apr 5Jesuit v. Lincoln
5.10Abby Wachter17.45May 2Aloha @ Jesuit
6.11Ana Sofia Mello18.40May 11Metro League JV Districts
7.9Kylie Rickman18.43May 11Metro League JV Districts
8.10Catherine Skinner18.49 PRMay 11Metro League JV Districts
9.10Rachel Dulcich18.73May 11Metro League JV Districts
10.12Laurel Skinner18.74Apr 5Jesuit v. Lincoln
11.9Coco Pool18.83Apr 18Beaverton @ Jesuit
12.9Emma Hoppes18.97 PRApr 11Jesuit @ Westview
13.9Cailin Osborne19.08 PRMay 11Metro League JV Districts
14.9Wendall Tseng19.13 PRMay 9Jesuit @ Sunset
15.9Dara Ajose20.76 PRApr 11Jesuit @ Westview
16.9Molly Nistler20.85 PRMay 9Jesuit @ Sunset
17.9Kendall Scott23.02 PRMay 11Metro League JV Districts
18.10Elizabeth Zhao23.43 PRMar 14Jesuit v. Canby
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.12Mackenzie Mathews45.08May 26OSAA 6A State Championships - Day 2
2.10Abby Wachter46.35May 18Metro League Championships - Day 2
3.11Mariah Gibbs46.79 PRApr 14Pasco Invitational
4.12Olivia Kantor47.70 PRMay 18Metro League Championships - Day 2
5.12Brianna Dixon50.48May 2Aloha @ Jesuit
6.11Ana Sofia Mello51.90May 11Metro League JV Districts
7.9Cailin Osborne52.36 PRMay 11Metro League JV Districts
8.10Catherine Skinner52.64c PRMay 11Metro League JV Districts
9.12Laurel Skinner53.58Mar 14Jesuit v. Canby
10.9Wendall Tseng56.03Apr 11Jesuit @ Westview
11.10Carly Seedall56.29 PRMay 11Metro League JV Districts
12.9Grace Curran57.05 PRMar 14Jesuit v. Canby
4x100 Relay
1.-Sierra Arlauskas
Abby Wachter
Alexa Dixon
Chloe Smith
48.76May 18Metro League Championships - Day 2
2.-Mackenzie Mathews
Sierra Arlauskas
Alexa Dixon
Abby Wachter
49.29May 9Jesuit @ Sunset
3.-Abby Wachter
Mackenzie Mathews
Keara Vu
Sierra Arlauskas
49.30Apr 21Oregon Relays Day 2
4.-Sierra Arlauskas
Mackenzie Mathews
Abby Wachter
Keara Vu
49.50Apr 18Beaverton @ Jesuit
5.-Sierra Arlauskas
Mackenzie Mathews
Keara Vu
Alexa Dixon
49.55May 4Nike/Jesuit Twilight Relays
6.-Jill Doyle
Abby Wachter
Mackenzie Mathews
Sierra Arlauskas
49.59Apr 11Jesuit @ Westview
7.-Sierra Arlauskas
Abby Wachter
Mackenzie Mathews
Alexa Dixon
50.10Apr 2848th Centennial Invitational
8.-Abby Wachter
Jill Doyle
Olivia Kantor
Mackenzie Mathews
50.13Mar 14Jesuit v. Canby
9.-Abby Wachter
Alexa Dixon
Mackenzie Mathews
Jill Doyle
50.16Apr 5Jesuit v. Lincoln
10.-Jill Doyle
Mackenzie Mathews
Olivia Kantor
Abby Wachter
50.34Apr 14Pasco Invitational
11.-Mackenzie Mathews
Jill Doyle
Abby Wachter
Alexa Dixon
51.00Mar 21Jesuit @ Southridge
12.-Coco Pool
Brianna Dixon
Keara Vu
Akouvi Ananouko
52.04Apr 5Jesuit v. Lincoln
13.-Marianne Smith
Natalie MacMillan
Brianna Dixon
Keara Vu
52.22Apr 11Jesuit @ Westview
14.9Coco Pool
Alexa Dixon
Keara Vu
Akouvi Ananouko
52.83Mar 14Jesuit v. Canby
15.-Relay Team 52.97Apr 18Beaverton @ Jesuit
16.-Elle Halliburton
Kathrina Slater
Megan Ferguson
Alexandra Griffin
53.29Mar 14Jesuit v. Canby
17.-Marianne Smith
Brianna Dixon
Coco Pool
Akouvi Ananouko
53.40May 2Aloha @ Jesuit
18.-Mackenzie Croy
Cece Wehrley
Mollie Handkins
Rachel Dulcich
53.82May 11Metro League JV Districts
19.-Kathrina Slater
Elle Halliburton
Megan Ferguson
Alexandra Griffin
54.22Mar 21Jesuit @ Southridge
20.-Marianne Smith
Brianna Dixon
Keara Vu
Akouvi Ananouko
54.28May 9Jesuit @ Sunset
21.-Logan Schwartz
Mackenzie Croy
Rachel Dulcich
Cece Wehrley
54.35May 9Jesuit @ Sunset
22.9Isabel Klein
Brooke Dunahugh
Emma Hoppes
Sophia Scearce
54.63May 2Aloha @ Jesuit
23.-Rachel Dulcich
Mollie Handkins
Cece Wehrley
Logan Schwartz
54.65May 2Aloha @ Jesuit
24.-Kathrina Slater
Sophia Scearce
Kylie Rickman
Isabel Klein
54.83May 11Metro League JV Districts
25.-Josie Yanzick
Maddy Houdrage
Ana Sofia Mello
Mackenzie Croy
54.90Mar 14Jesuit v. Canby
26.-Abby Wachter
Mackenzie Mathews
Alexa Dixon
Sierra Arlauskas
55.25May 26OSAA 6A State Championships - Day 2
27.9Sophia Scearce
Brooke Dunahugh
Emma Hoppes
Isabel Klein
55.41May 9Jesuit @ Sunset
28.9Cailin Osborne
Ryen Maulsby
Eleanor Valentine
Wendall Tseng
55.69Apr 18Beaverton @ Jesuit
29.-Mackenzie Croy
Hayley Matson
Maddy Houdrage
Josie Yanzick
55.96Apr 11Jesuit @ Westview
30.-Jackie Borok
Ellie Hoppes
Leda O'Connor
Carly Gray
56.58Mar 14Jesuit v. Canby
31.9Catherine Wineman
Wendall Tseng
Molly Nistler
Eleanor Valentine
57.08Mar 21Jesuit @ Southridge
32.-Sydney Parham
Wendall Tseng
Molly Nistler
Nichole Wahlers
57.19Mar 14Jesuit v. Canby
33.9Sylvia Zahariev
Shannen Burton
Cali Cunningham
Molly Nistler
59.05Apr 11Jesuit @ Westview
34.9Sydney Damm
Brooke Starr
Abbiegail Owen
Marquis Golik
1:04.91Apr 18Beaverton @ Jesuit
35.9Sydney Damm
Brooke Starr
Marquis Golik
Abbiegail Owen
1:06.05May 2Aloha @ Jesuit
36.9Abbiegail Owen
Brooke Starr
Sydney Damm
Marquis Golik
1:06.11Mar 21Jesuit @ Southridge
37.9Marquis Golik
Sydney Damm
Brooke Starr
Abbiegail Owen
1:06.60May 11Metro League JV Districts
38.9Sydney Damm
Marquis Golik
Brooke Starr
Abbiegail Owen
1:06.66Apr 11Jesuit @ Westview
4x400 Relay
1.-Olivia Artaiz
Megan Mullaney
Chloe Smith
Lindsay Sheaffer
4:02.50May 4Nike/Jesuit Twilight Relays
2.-Megan Mullaney
Natalie Johnson
Chloe Smith
Lindsay Sheaffer
4:03.74May 26OSAA 6A State Championships - Day 2
3.-Olivia Artaiz
Chloe Smith
Megan Mullaney
Natalie Johnson
4:04.69Apr 2848th Centennial Invitational
4.-Olivia Artaiz
Chloe Smith
Zani Moore
Megan Mullaney
4:05.24May 18Metro League Championships - Day 2
5.-Chloe Smith
Abby Wachter
Natalie Johnson
Lindsay Sheaffer
4:06.65Apr 21Oregon Relays Day 2
6.-Olivia Artaiz
Megan Mullaney
Natalie Johnson
Lindsay Sheaffer
4:08.60Apr 18Beaverton @ Jesuit
7.-Megan Mullaney
Natalie Johnson
Lindsay Sheaffer
Olivia Artaiz
4:10.65Apr 11Jesuit @ Westview
8.-Zani Moore
Natalie Johnson
Lindsay Sheaffer
Megan Mullaney
4:10.86Apr 5Jesuit v. Lincoln
9.-Olivia Artaiz
Natalie Johnson
Lindsay Sheaffer
Megan Mullaney
4:12.12May 9Jesuit @ Sunset
10.-Lindsay Sheaffer
Natalie Johnson
Megan Mullaney
Olivia Artaiz
4:13.52Mar 14Jesuit v. Canby
11.-Olivia Artaiz
Mackenzie Mathews
Zani Moore
Abby Wachter
4:17.48Apr 14Pasco Invitational
12.-Meaghan Bogart
Isabel Klein
Emily Bednark
Amanda Carbonari
4:20.2hMar 21Jesuit @ Southridge
13.-Olivia Artaiz
Natalie MacMillan
Zani Moore
Megan Mullaney
4:21.97May 2Aloha @ Jesuit
14.9Sophia Scearce
Grace Curran
Eleanor Valentine
Lia Shaw
4:30.64Mar 21Jesuit @ Southridge
15.-Jillian Rix
Laura Heinze
Emily Mandell
Meaghan Bogart
4:32.18May 9Jesuit @ Sunset
16.-Relay Team 4:32.28May 11Metro League JV Districts
17.-Dylan Hite
Zani Moore
Ellie Coleman
Emma Marquard
4:33.68May 9Jesuit @ Sunset
18.-Mary-Beth Carroll
Molly Hagler
Hayley Matson
Emily Bednark
4:35.85Apr 11Jesuit @ Westview
19.-Sophia Schnitzer
Brittney Johnson
Emily Mandell
Hailey Sears
4:41.87Apr 11Jesuit @ Westview
20.9Lucile Beckett
Chloe Smith
Sophia Scearce
Keara Vu
4:42.75May 9Jesuit @ Sunset
21.-Lucile Beckett
Isabel Klein
Sophia Scearce
Natalie MacMillan
4:43.47Apr 11Jesuit @ Westview
4x800 Relay
1.-Olivia Artaiz
Lindsay Sheaffer
Megan Mullaney
Gabrielle Kallgren
9:42.62May 4Nike/Jesuit Twilight Relays
2.-Euphemia Frie
Kelley Qu
Melange Gavin
Sophia Schnitzer
10:22.64May 4Nike/Jesuit Twilight Relays
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m - [12-4-8-16]
1.-Megan Mullaney
Natalie Johnson
Colleen Sullivan
Olivia Artaiz
12:38.76Apr 21Oregon Relays Day 2
2.-Dylan Hite
Zani Moore
Adrienne Demaree
Taylor Moscoe
12:41.16May 4Nike/Jesuit Twilight Relays
3.-Adrienne Demaree
Taylor Moscoe
Dylan Hite
Zani Moore
12:43.58Apr 14Pasco Invitational
Shot Put - 4kg
1.12Brianna Dixon34' 5.25 PRMay 16Metro League Championships - Day 1
2.9Akouvi Ananouko30' 10.5 PRMay 9Jesuit @ Sunset
10Claire McCarthy 201430' 10.5May 9Jesuit @ Sunset
4.9Tarea Green29' 11.5Apr 18Beaverton @ Jesuit
5.10Natalie MacMillan28' 5.75 PRMay 9Jesuit @ Sunset
6.11Elizabeth Edwards27' 8.5 PRApr 5Jesuit v. Lincoln
7.9Anna Pfluger24' 8May 9Jesuit @ Sunset
8.9Laura Parker24' 2 PRApr 18Beaverton @ Jesuit
9.10Katherine Ollenbrook22' 1May 9Jesuit @ Sunset
10.9Jenna Fortner21' 0.75May 2Aloha @ Jesuit
11.10Magen Miller19' 10.75 PRMar 21Jesuit @ Southridge
12.10Elizabeth Zhao18' 10 PRMay 11Metro League JV Districts
Discus - 1kg
1.10Claire McCarthy 2014102' 9May 18Metro League Championships - Day 2
2.9Tarea Green84' 2Apr 18Beaverton @ Jesuit
3.10Katherine Ollenbrook69' 5 PRApr 18Beaverton @ Jesuit
4.9Jenna Fortner68' 4May 9Jesuit @ Sunset
5.9Anna Pfluger64' 10May 2Aloha @ Jesuit
6.10Carly Seedall62' 10 PRMay 11Metro League JV Districts
7.10Emma Marquard53' 2 PRApr 18Beaverton @ Jesuit
8.10Magen Miller49' 11 PRMar 21Jesuit @ Southridge
Javelin - 600g
1.9Akouvi Ananouko110' 11 PRMay 16Metro League Championships - Day 1
2.11Jasmine Leewong107' 1May 2Aloha @ Jesuit
3.10Jessica Finn98' 0May 4Nike/Jesuit Twilight Relays
4.11Macy Naughton73' 8 PRApr 11Jesuit @ Westview
5.11Megan Ferguson69' 8 PRApr 11Jesuit @ Westview
6.9Cailin Osborne69' 5 PRApr 11Jesuit @ Westview
7.11Amanda Carbonari63' 11May 11Metro League JV Districts
8.9Tarea Green61' 3 PRApr 18Beaverton @ Jesuit
9.9Brooke Starr55' 2 PRMay 2Aloha @ Jesuit
10.9Marquis Golik54' 10 PRMay 11Metro League JV Districts
11.9Anna Pfluger53' 9 PRMay 2Aloha @ Jesuit
12.9Sydney Damm46' 9 PRMay 9Jesuit @ Sunset
13.9Jenna Fortner43' 2 PRApr 25Jesuit Green and Gold
14.9Abbiegail Owen41' 4 PRMay 9Jesuit @ Sunset
High Jump
1.11Claire Alexander5' 4 PRApr 18Beaverton @ Jesuit
2.9Marianne Smith4' 8 PRApr 11Jesuit @ Westview
10Carly Gray4' 8 PRMay 2Aloha @ Jesuit
4.11Shaunda O'Halloran4' 6 PRMar 21Jesuit @ Southridge
9Isabel Klein4' 6May 9Jesuit @ Sunset
11Macy Naughton4' 6 PRMar 14Jesuit v. Canby
7.9Grace Curran4' 4 PRMar 14Jesuit v. Canby
Pole Vault
1.12Jill Doyle11' 7Mar 14Jesuit v. Canby
2.11Rachel Shaw9' 10May 18Metro League Championships - Day 2
3.12Laurel Skinner9' 0 PRMay 4Nike/Jesuit Twilight Relays
4.11Franny Rogers8' 0May 11Metro League JV Districts
10Kathrina Slater8' 0May 9Jesuit @ Sunset
6.9Sylvia Zahariev7' 6May 2Aloha @ Jesuit
11Natalie Johnson7' 6Apr 18Beaverton @ Jesuit
8.9Isabel Klein6' 6May 9Jesuit @ Sunset
9Cali Cunningham6' 6May 2Aloha @ Jesuit
9Sophia Scearce6' 6Apr 18Beaverton @ Jesuit
Long Jump
1.12Sierra Arlauskas18' 2.75May 16Metro League Championships - Day 1
2.11Jasmine Leewong16' 3.5May 9Jesuit @ Sunset
3.10Carly Gray15' 10May 16Metro League Championships - Day 1
4.9Melisande Gavin15' 5.5May 11Metro League JV Districts
5.11Megan Ferguson15' 0.5Apr 5Jesuit v. Lincoln
6.10Jackie Borok15' 0 PRApr 18Beaverton @ Jesuit
10Mollie Handkins15' 0 PRApr 18Beaverton @ Jesuit
8.9Emma Hoppes14' 11 PRMay 9Jesuit @ Sunset
9.10Maddy Houdrage14' 9 PRApr 18Beaverton @ Jesuit
10.9Coco Pool14' 8.5Mar 14Jesuit v. Canby
11.9Ryen Maulsby14' 7 PRApr 18Beaverton @ Jesuit
12.10Rachel Dulcich14' 6 PRMay 9Jesuit @ Sunset
10Ellie Hoppes14' 6 PRApr 18Beaverton @ Jesuit
14.10Cece Wehrley14' 5.5May 2Aloha @ Jesuit
15.9Marlee Leonard14' 5 PRApr 5Jesuit v. Lincoln
16.9Wendall Tseng14' 4 PRMay 2Aloha @ Jesuit
17.9Shannen Burton14' 3.5May 11Metro League JV Districts
18.11Shaunda O'Halloran14' 3 PRApr 18Beaverton @ Jesuit
19.10Josie Yanzick14' 2Apr 18Beaverton @ Jesuit
20.9Eleanor Valentine13' 11.5 PRMay 9Jesuit @ Sunset
21.9Hannah Harkness13' 11 PRMay 11Metro League JV Districts
9Isabel Klein13' 11 PRApr 5Jesuit v. Lincoln
23.9Kylie Rickman13' 8.5 PRMar 14Jesuit v. Canby
24.9Aliyah Chance13' 8 PRMar 14Jesuit v. Canby
25.11Macy Naughton13' 7 PRApr 5Jesuit v. Lincoln
26.10Taryn Thompson13' 4 PRApr 18Beaverton @ Jesuit
11Lindsay McIntyre13' 4May 9Jesuit @ Sunset
28.11Anne Elorriaga13' 1.5 PRApr 5Jesuit v. Lincoln
29.10Leda O'Connor13' 0Apr 5Jesuit v. Lincoln
30.9Cailin Osborne12' 4 PRMar 14Jesuit v. Canby
31.9Grace Curran12' 2 PRMar 21Jesuit @ Southridge
32.10Carly Seedall12' 1.5 PRMar 14Jesuit v. Canby
33.11Mackenzie Croy11' 9Mar 14Jesuit v. Canby
34.9Sydney Parham11' 8 PRApr 11Jesuit @ Westview
9Lia Shaw11' 8 PRApr 18Beaverton @ Jesuit
36.10Emma Parker11' 7 PRApr 5Jesuit v. Lincoln
37.10Magen Miller11' 5Apr 18Beaverton @ Jesuit
38.10Elizabeth Zhao11' 4 PRApr 18Beaverton @ Jesuit
39.11Stephanie Hastings11' 2Apr 5Jesuit v. Lincoln
40.9Brooke Dunahugh10' 10 PRMar 14Jesuit v. Canby
41.9Helen Hansen7' 4 PRMar 21Jesuit @ Southridge
Triple Jump
1.12Sierra Arlauskas36' 11May 18Metro League Championships - Day 2
2.11Mariah Gibbs35' 10 PRMay 18Metro League Championships - Day 2
3.9Emma Hoppes33' 9May 2Aloha @ Jesuit
4.10Mollie Handkins32' 6May 9Jesuit @ Sunset
5.10Ellie Hoppes31' 11 PRMay 11Metro League JV Districts
6.9Ryen Maulsby31' 10.5 PRMay 11Metro League JV Districts
7.10Carly Gray31' 8May 2Aloha @ Jesuit
8.11Megan Ferguson31' 7Apr 5Jesuit v. Lincoln
9.10Josie Yanzick29' 5Apr 18Beaverton @ Jesuit
10.10Cece Wehrley29' 3Apr 18Beaverton @ Jesuit
11.11Lindsay McIntyre29' 2 PRMay 11Metro League JV Districts
12.10Catherine Skinner28' 7Mar 14Jesuit v. Canby
13.9Eleanor Valentine27' 11 PRMay 9Jesuit @ Sunset
14.9Isabel Klein26' 8 PRMay 2Aloha @ Jesuit
15.10Leda O'Connor25' 6.75 PRApr 11Jesuit @ Westview

*Recent improvement